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Police Brief On Spree Murder Investigation In Florida

Aired August 7, 2004 - 14:32   ET


FEYERICK: Police in Florida are keeping up their search for the suspects in a gruesome killing spree. The bodies of six adults were found yesterday in a house in Deltona near Orlando. We are told that two people are in custody. They have not been charged.
We go to a police briefing just getting underway.


SGT. BOB KELLEY, VOLUSIA COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT.: ... with each other. These -- the two individuals that we're talking do know this group and they are...

QUESTION: Do they know what happened to (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KELLEY: Well, we don't know that yet. That's something we want to find out.

QUESTION: When you say this group, you speak specifically of the six victims inside.

KELLEY: I'm sorry.

QUESTION: You said these two individuals knew this group.

KELLEY: We know they at least had some knowledge of some of the members of this group.

QUESTION: The victims.


QUESTION: When were they taken?

QUESTION: Sheriff, how did you encounter these people.

KELLEY: I'm sorry.

QUESTION: How did you encounter these (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KELLEY: We were looking for them. We actually wanted it. We actually wanted to speak to them in reference to this crime. And one of them we have an unrelated warrant for, for violation of probation. So, he was taken into custody on an unrelated warrant. But we wanted to talk to them anyway in reference to this incident.

QUESTION: Are these two involved in the disturbance at the Telford home over the weekend.

KELLEY: I can't give you that answer at the moment. I'm not sure whether they were involved or not.

QUESTION: Were they cooperative?

QUESTION: When did you (UNINTELLIGIBLE) custody?

KELLEY: This morning, in the last several hours.

QUESTION: Were they cooperative, sir?

KELLEY: Somewhat.

QUESTION: Sheriff, are these two men that you -- two males?

KELLEY: That we're talking to?



QUESTION: OK, when you say taken in custody, they're not arrested, right.

KELLEY: Well, one of them's been arrested on an unrelated warrant and the other one at this time is just being spoken to.

QUESTION: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) are you releasing information about (UNINTELLIGIBLE)?

KELLEY: No, because they may not want to be involved. And I don't want to take and put their name out as potential suspects or involved, if in fact, they weren't. So, we want to know first before we say anything, were they involved. It wouldn't be right to drag them through the media if they're innocent.

QUESTION: Were they picked up at the same place?


QUESTION: Has anything been seized, either at this home or (UNINTELLIGIBLE) home?

KELLEY: Well, this home we've taken a world of evidence out of it. Evidence is still being collected. We're looking for all trace evidence. Anything we may find. It's going to be a very slow thing.

As for any other evidence, at the moment, to the best of my knowledge, no, not from anywhere else besides the two places we searched yesterday or last night and this morning.

QUESTION: At the place where you arrested or took in custody or questioned these people, these two men, would you say did you make (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

KELLEY: To the best of my knowledge, no evidence was taken from there. That's to the best of my knowledge.

QUESTION: Are you closer to a motive here or can you tell us anything else about why you think this may have happened.

KELLEY: At the moment, we're no closer to motive until we find out who may have done or find somebody to come forward. So, we're still motive -- it would be sheer speculation.

QUESTION: Has the -- has the time of death been established yet?

KELLEY: I don't know. Autopsies are still going on. And -- you know, we're narrowing it down, but I can't give you that answer at the moment.

QUESTION: How close are you to identifying the victims.

KELLEY: Identify...

QUESTION: The victims.

KELLEY: Two of them, all we're waiting on is to be able to make sure that the family members have been notified. The last thing in this world I want is a family member to see it on the news. So we're looking for them and hopefully after the other autopsies are done, we'll be able to identify the other individuals, because we want to notify the families as quick as possible. This is rough on a family to not know where their family member is, to feel like they may be in the house. They know they've been in the houses and not known. So, it's very important to us to make sure as soon as we can to notify them of it.

QUESTION: The families say they haven't heard much, you all. They understand you're trying to do your job, but what's the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) given to them and how much contact have you had with the families letting them know what's going on.

KELLEY: Well, the majority of the contact is from family members who were here yesterday. And we've tried to give them as much as we can, between chaplains, victim advocates, whatever we can give them, any support we can. Some of the times we're here sporadicly, and we'll do anything we can to help them.

Also upon contact with confirmation who we have in the house, we'll also offer them any kind of assistance we can through our department and through the victim advocate fund, whatever it may take. Because we want to help them in any way possible. That's -- that now, our two main goals. There's one is identify the perpetrators and get them in jail. And no. 2 is to help the families in any manner that we can. They are the victims.

FEYERICK: That was Sergeant Bob Kelley, of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office telling everyone that two people are in custody in the grizzly Florida murders. They were picked up this morning. One was arrested on an unrelated warrant. It is not clear though whether they were actually involved in the murders. No charges brought so far. And the sheriff -- the spokesman from the sheriff's office did not mention any motive for these killings. We will be back after this.


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