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Sneak Preview: Nancy Grace

Aired February 20, 2005 - 20:00   ET


NANCY GRACE, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good evening. Thank you for being with us. I'm Nancy Grace. Thirty-year-old Belinda Temple was found shot to death hiding in her bedroom closet.
You know, in Katy, Texas, high school football is not just a game, oh, no. It's a lifestyle. In fact Hollywood just released a blockbuster movie about football obsession, "Friday Night Lights." Well on the real football field, David Temple was nicknamed the Temple of Doom and turned into a local football hero, but now police believe he's not only the victim's husband, but could be a cold blooded killer who has walked free for six years.

Right now we are going straight out to Katy, Texas and standing by Mark Lloyd with all the latest. Thank you for being with us. What can you tell me?

MARK LLOYD: Thank you Nancy. The latest update in the case, I understand today the family, the Temple family had a memorial service of sorts and released a statement for the first time on this case and in the statement, CNN producers were able to review that statement with me. I was not present for it and I had not seen a copy of the statement, but I had it read to me by a producer. They vehemently defended their son and brother and proclaimed his innocence and are looking forward to the justice system seeing that, seeing that through.

GRACE: Mark, everyone, Mark is the editor of the "Katy Times" in Houston, Texas. I've got a copy verbatim of the statement that was read today and I'm a little concerned. Mark, is this the first time in six years they have had a press conference or a vigil of any sort for Belinda?

LLOYD: Well, I can't speak to, I can't speak back to six years. I've been the editor at the paper for two and I know that this is the first time since Mr. Temple was arrested that the family, as far as I know, has come out and spoken about the incident.

GRACE: Mark, let me give you a headline. This is the first press conference or vigil or statement the defendant's family has given since Belinda was murdered and coincidentally, it's when Belinda's parents were flying up in the air to come be with me on the set today. They knew we were spotlighting the case and decided coincidentally for the first time in six years to make a statement. Now Mark, you're the editor of the local news, do you find that a tiny bit coincidental?

LLOYD: Perhaps, but they were well within their rights to speak or not speak. There's no one twisting their arm and if they decide that they don't want to speak on the issue, that's a matter for them to decide.

GRACE: Well, we all know about the First Amendment. You can speak or not speak whenever you want to, but let me move onto the next question. What can you tell me about why it's taken so long for an arrest to be made of this local football coach?

LLOYD: That has been sort of a mystery for us in the media or at least...

GRACE: Six years.

LLOYD: Six years and I'm not sure how this came about. We haven't heard, there haven't been any leaks that I know of for people to even speculate on why the arrest came about, so with that much time passing.

GRACE: Mark Lloyd joining us, he's the editor of the "Katy Times" there in Houston, Texas. Mark has just told us about a very unusual press conference. They called it a vigil at one point, but I got the hard copy of exactly what was said today and there's nothing in here, not one word, about the dead victim, Belinda, the mother of one, expecting another, a little girl on the way. Here on the set with me are Belinda's parents, who have stood by for six years waiting for justice. I know you've got a lot to say Mr. and Mrs. Lucas, but take a listen to what went down while you were up in the air coming here to New York.


DARREN TEMPLE: My brother, David Mark Temple, is completely innocent of the charge brought against him and we have complete confidence that the justice system will continue to indict likewise.


GRACE: Mr. and Mrs. Lucas, I noticed that David Temple, your former son in law, was not at the press conference, which was held right on top of Belinda's grave today. Did you know about the press conference?

TOM LUCAS: No, we didn't know about it. I didn't find out about it until I got here today.

GRACE: Were you invited to go to it?


GRACE: I find that very odd, that the dead victim's parents were not invited to the press conference. I also found it odd that David Temple was not at the grave begging for the real killer to be apprehended. Has he ever come forward and - I know that rewards were offered. I learned that when I met you too a year ago. Did the family ever offer a reward? Did Temple ever go on TV begging for clues?



CAROL LUCAS: I don't think any of his family...

TOM LUCAS: Not that we're aware of.

GRACE: Let me ask you this Mr. Lucas, you told a story about when Belinda was born. Do you remember that day?

TOM LUCAS: One of the happiest days of my life, December 30th, 1968. It was a cold winter day in the eastern Ohio where we lived. It's a town (ph). I loaded Carol up in my little VW square back and we went across the country roads, across through the strip (ph) fields of eastern Ohio to get her to the hospital. We were expecting just another big old baby boy. We got there. They got her on the emergency room table, the cart and that's where the babies were born. I got here there about 10 minutes before they were born. While I was checking her in, she had twin daughters for me. We were not expecting twins at that time. They didn't do the sonograms and all like they do now. I got weak in my knees. I took my broad rimmed hat off. I threw it down the hall. I was very excited. We had been just figuring on - the doctor came out and said Tom.

CAROL LUCAS: Another boy, another boy.

GRACE: I can just imagine you taking that hat off and throwing it down the hall.

TOM LUCAS: I was so excited. I was so excited to get girls and two. We didn't know they were coming.

GRACE: It's so hard for me to hear that story and then I know the night you found out about Belinda's murder. You were at the hospital checking on your own father and had to turn around and you got that call. When was the first time you saw David Temple after you learned Belinda had been murdered?

TOM LUCAS: I saw David Temple at the funeral home the night before the funeral.

GRACE: Now that strikes me as very unusual, that you - that he didn't come to you or did he call you maybe.


GRACE: Nothing. How did he act at the funeral, Mrs. Lucas?

CAROL LUCAS: Just like any day of the week I'd say, didn't seem to be sad or anything.

GRACE: What was he like at the funeral?

TOM LUCAS: No tears were shed.

GRACE: Not a tear.

TOM LUCAS: I never saw a tear shed. David Temple's never looked us in the eye since our daughter was married or murdered, excuse me.

GRACE: Never has looked you in the eye?


GRACE: Has he ever tried to comfort you or be comforted by you after her murder?


GRACE: No. Do you think Belinda knew he was having an affair during the marriage?

TOM LUCAS: I think she had become aware of it.

GRACE: Do you think that was what led to her death?

TOM LUCAS: I feel that that could have been part of the reason.

GRACE: When you look at all the facts, do you think David Temple murdered your daughter?

TOM LUCAS: After looking at all the facts and reading what I've read, I believe David Temple killed Belinda.

GRACE: What have these six years done to you? How have you gotten through six years past her murder?

TOM LUCAS: Nancy, it's been hell. I'm sorry, but you know, we went through a lot of - we went through the grief and then the bitterness set in, the frustrations of nothing, not getting any arrest being made. Everything just kept pointing towards David, no other, nobody else was even a suspect and we've had to have our counseling. We've had our medications and all just to keep going. We've had to - we even tried helping with other people after a while, tried to - because we've been through what we've been through.

GRACE: Here with me the parents of Belinda Lucas Temple, Belinda shot dead in the closet of her bedroom as she was trying to hide. Beautiful, there's her son. There's her husband. What you can't see is the little baby girl she was carrying, eight months pregnant. The Temples went to Belinda's grave today and gave a press release about their son, about how he has been mistreated. At least they can see their son. If the Lucas' want to see their daughter, they've got to go here to the Katy memorial cemetery.



DARREN TEMPLE: I'm here today to state clearly and emphatically that my brother, David Mark Temple, is completely innocent of the charge brought against him.

(END VIDEO CLIP) GRACE: That was Darren Temple. A press conference was held today by the David Temple family at Belinda Lucas Temple's grave. And joining us tonight, Mr. and Mrs. Temple, Maureen and Kenneth, the parents of David Temple. Thank you both for being with us.

KENNETH TEMPLE: Thank you for inviting us.

GRACE: I know that you have been through a very, very difficult time following Belinda's death, the funeral, the ongoing investigation and now the arrest of your son. My first question is, why did you guys decide to do a press conference at her grave?

KENNETH TEMPLE: Actually we could not think of a better place to do it. That little piece of real estate, it's very precious to us. We are the ones who care for it and have a very sentimental draw to that area and the more we thought about selecting a spot for a statement, this is our very public statement in six years.

GRACE: Right.

KENNETH TEMPLE: We felt comfortable being there.

GRACE: Well, the reason I ask is because I've read very carefully what was said today and there's nothing in her about Belinda. It's all about your son and his innocence and how he has been mistreated. And I'm just wondering if you're going to talk about his murder case, why not do it on the courthouse steps instead of at her grave?

KENNETH TEMPLE: Well, I guess you could debate any location you want to. We don't have any attachment to the courthouse steps.

GRACE: Well, I mean because nothing was said about Belinda. That was why I was asking. Was David there today?

KENNETHY TEMPLE: No he was not.


KENNETH TEMPLE: He was in church at that time.

GRACE: Was there...

KENNETH TEMPLE: This was a family statement, statement was drawn up and was conducted by David's older brother Darren.

GRACE: Right. My question is, why wasn't he there today if it was inconvenient to be in church? I was in church this morning and my question is, why, if he is so concerned about finding the real killer, was he not there today and has never had another vigil, another press conference until today, coincidentally the day that our show is having Belinda's parents on?

KENNETH TEMPLE: Well, I guess because you called and invited us to be a part of this program.

GRACE: Yes sir. KENNETH TEMPLE: We had no idea the Lucas were going to New York.

GRACE: But why the press conference today, the first time in six years?

KENNETH TEMPLE: Because we know that it's time for a third grand jury to be selected. There's only a week left for the district attorney to again attempt to get an indictment and we thought this was good timing. We've remained quiet a very long time. We've suffered. We've grieved silently and we came to a point where we thought this was good time and this was the time to do it.

GRACE: I noticed that many other people had offered rewards to find the killer of Belinda Lucas Temple. Did you son or your church or your family ever offer a reward?

KENNETH TEMPLE: Not directly, no.

GRACE: Or in any way?

KENNETH TEMPLE: In any way, no, we did not offer a reward. I guess we were relying on the judicial system to do that and to investigate.

GRACE: I have a tough question for you and I want to know, why is it that Belinda's own son has not been able to see his maternal grandparents in about four years?

KENNETH TEMPLE: Well, that's very easy to answer. They have never at any time requested to see Evan (ph).

GRACE: That's different from what they told me. They told me that they have sent your son e-mails and requests, that he's got an unlisted phone number that he won't give them and they want very much to see her son, their blood grandchild.

KENNETH TEMPLE: David has never had an unlisted. The Lucas family has known my telephone number and my residence. They've been there any number of times. In all of the years since Belinda's death, when they have made trips to Katy to see the newspaper, detectives...

GRACE: Well, don't you think they'd want to see their grandson? (INAUDIBLE) daughter. While I've got you, let me ask you a couple more questions. Has your son ever taken a polygraph and if so did he pass?

KENNETH TEMPLE: I'm not aware that he did take a polygraph, no.

GRACE: Another question I was curious about and I think you could clear it up for me. The day of Belinda's murder, your grandson had been taken out of school, age three, out of day care, I guess, sick with a fever. But...

KENNETH TEMPLE: No he was not sick with a fever. He had a degree of fever and the day care did not allow him to stay there and asked that he be picked up. GRACE: So he had a fever and he had to be taken home out of day care. Why did your son take him out to a park? That served as his alibi, in the middle of January, a three-year old with a fever.

KENNETH TEMPLE: He had one degree of fever. He had done that previously. He was not ill. He was not sick. Nobody jeopardized his well being.

GRACE: Yes sir.

KENNETH TEMPLE: David simply took him where he asked to go and they were out at the time while Belinda was laying down and resting.

MAUREEN TEMPLE: Evan had had a nap and was feeling fine. He always wanted to go with his father when he running errands. It was a chance for them to be together.

KENNETH TEMPLE: Please don't confuse the difference between a degree of fever.

GRACE: And a fever.

KENNETH TEMPLE: And being sick.

GRACE: Well, sir, all I know, is the nurses still asked for him to go home because he was sick. And your son says he took him outdoors January 11th to a park to play. That's why I was asking you about it. My last question before you guys have to go is some people have told me that they are afraid of your son. What do you have to say? You're here to defend him? What do you have to say in response to allegations he's got a bad temper?

KENNETH TEMPLE: I am not aware of any of those allegations. I don't know those people. I don't know of any of the contacts that they have had with David. I'm not afraid of David. I don't know anybody within our family unit or close family ties, I don't know any of the boys on the baseball teams that he coaches. I don't know any of the other coaches on those baseball teams who are afraid for their children to be around David or that have voiced any (INAUDIBLE) I don't know who you're talking to.

GRACE: Thank you for being with us and as I go, I want to tell you that, if I were on trial or charged with a crime, my parents would fight tooth and nail just as you are to defend me and I thank you for answering those very tough questions. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Temple.

KENNETH TEMPLE: Is that all we get to say?

GRACE: No, go ahead, go ahead.

KENNETH TEMPLE: I think it's very important that people understand exactly how much we loved Belinda and how much she loved us. She burst into our lives like a bolt of lightening. We never had to decide, are we going to like this girl or is she the right girl for David? David chose Belinda. Belinda chose to be a Temple. She chose to be with us on every opportunity that she had, every holiday (ph). GRACE: Mr. Temple, Mr. Temple, I have no doubt in my mind that you loved Belinda.

KENNETH TEMPLE: Will you let me finish my statement?

GRACE: I believe that. Yes.

KENNETH TEMPLE: If you agree how much I loved her and the fact that when I stepped into the closet where she was murdered six weeks after her death, I had a heart attack from grief. That's how much I loved her and do you think that I'm here today to defend her murderer? No, I'm not because my son had nothing to do with it.

GRACE: Well, if your son had nothing to do with it, sir, could you explain to me why his arrest affidavit says the gunshot residue on her body matched the gunshot residue on his clothes.

KENNETH TEMPLE: That's the first time I've heard that.

GRACE: Well, go check out the arrest affidavit because it's in the last paragraph.

MAUREEN TEMPLE: Our attorney, Dick Deguerin has asked for that evidence and it has not been provided to us. David found Belinda. He checked her pulse. Something could have possibly been on his body.

GRACE: Ma'am there was no blood on his clothes. None of her blood was on his clothes.

MAUREEN TEMPLE: The detectives as soon as they got to the house.

KENNETH TEMPLE: Thank you though for verifying that.


MAUREEN TEMPLE: And they swabbed his arms. There was nothing, no blow back on his arm. It was all negative. My son is innocent and that's what we want to say today. You have not given us a chance to say what we wanted to say.

GRACE: Is that what you wanted to say, that he's innocent?

MAUREEN TEMPLE: That's one thing.

KENNETH TEMPLE: We want to say that he's innocent.

MAUREEN TEMPLE: We want to say that, how much we loved Belinda, that she was our daughter in every way and we are proud of our son today.

KENNETH TEMPLE: Belinda chose our family. She chose Katy to be her home and her workplace. We have unconditional love for her and you need to understand that to realize that I would never defend her murdered.

GRACE: Well, sir, apparently you don't know all the facts and neither do I, but I do know about the gunshot residue.

KENNETH TEMPLE: Please make sure that you reiterated that you don't know very much at all about this case.

GRACE: Well is there something I've missed other than gunshot residue matches what was on your son's clothes?

KENNETH TEMPLE: There's a lot of evidence, all of which came back negative that obviously you're not aware of.

GRACE: I have that. I have it. There's no blow back.

KENNETH TEMPLE: You have more than I have.

GRACE: OK, thank you very much Mr. and Ms. Temple. We will be covering this story as it progresses if it does and your voice will be heard. Thank you.



DARREN TEMPLE: On January 11th, 1999, my sister in law, Belinda Temple and unborn niece were brutally murdered in a master bedroom closet in David and Belinda's home. All we have ever asked for is that justice be served and Belinda's killer be brought to just. That is still our demand even today.


GRACE: Well local police say there is justice, because that guy, Darren Temple's brother, David Temple, was arrested for the murder of his wife Belinda Lucas. Welcome back. I'm Nancy Grace. Thank you for being with us. Right now, let's break it down. We've got an all-star panel lined up to explain the whole thing. With me, special guest, the defense attorney for David Temple. You know him well. He's no stranger to a courtroom. This is Dick Deguerin and don't be tricked by those good looks. Remember the multi-millionaire Robert Durst (ph)? He admitted to a jury he chopped the head off of the victim and this guy right here Dick Deguerin got a not guilty. OK, so I guess I should say congratulations. Also...

DICK DEGUERIN, DAVID TEMPLE'S DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Thank you Nancy and thanks for having me on your first program. Congratulations.

GRACE: Thank you. Let's see if you say that when the program is over. Here on the set with me former prosecutor and Court TV anchor, you know her well, Kimberly Guilfoil Newsome (ph). Also with me defense attorney in San Francisco, Daniel Horowitz and here on the set, psychologist and boy do we need a shrink, Dr. Ann Renee Testa (ph), Dick Deguerin, buckle up. Was there insurance money?

DEGUERIN: Yeah, there was insurance money. It all went, almost all went to Evan, the young boy.

GRACE: Really, because I heard only $60,000 of the $200,000 went to a trust and that was after twisting somebody's arm.

DEGUERIN: No, that's not right. The Temple family and David sought to have it put into trust and part of it went to the original attorney in the case, but that's because from the very beginning, the police were falsely accusing David.

GRACE: Well, he just got arrested a couple of months ago, so why did he need a defense lawyer there at the house the night before the funeral? He lawyered up pretty fast Dick.

DEGUERIN: He sure did because they were accusing him from the beginning and they were accusing him only because they say that when a wife is murdered, the husband is always the suspect. They didn't have any evidence then.

GRACE: What about the gunshot powder?

DEGUERIN: They don't have any evidence now. I don't believe that stuff Nancy. In the first place, they won't give it to us. They won't...

GRACE: I got the arrest affidavit right here.

DEGUERIN: Yes, you got the affidavit but you don't have the test.

GRACE: You think they're lying.

DEGUERIN: And we've been asking for the test. We filed a motion asking that they give us the test, let us independently test it. It came from their test. It came from a questionable source, the FBI lab.

GRACE: Are you going to say cross-contamination because I haven't heard that...


GRACE: ...since Cochran said it in the O.J. Simpson trial?

DEGUERIN: Yes, well but it happens, Nancy.

GRACE: All right.

DEGUERIN: This was a sloppy investigation. Do you know they didn't even take the clothes that David Temple was wearing all day long and when he discovered her body didn't take those clothes? They swabbed his hands the night, within an hour of the time he found the body. There was nothing whatsoever on his hands. They've done DNA, hair testing. They've done all kinds of analysis and absolutely nothing.

GRACE: OK, beautifully put -- Kimberly.

GUILFOYLE: Well, I've got a response for that. We also have a copy of the test done for the gunshot residue and it is consistent. It does match what was on your client, a jacket...

DEGUERIN: Match -- wait a minute inconsistent are not the same thing.

GUILFOYLE: Let me just tell you because we have a copy of it. OK, well I'm telling you it matches what was on Belinda, matches what was on David Temple, a shoe, a jacket and a shirt.

GRACE: What about the glass? Hold on guys.

GUILFOYLE: That is a fact.

GRACE: I'm concerned about the glass.

DEGUERIN: Wait a minute, you know better than that. Hold on. Match is not the same thing as consistent with, plus if you've got the test, where did you get it? We filed a motion in court trying to get it and they wouldn't give it to us.

GRACE: Well, Dick, the arrest affidavit is public record, so trot on down to the courthouse.

DEGUERIN: I've got the affidavit. I'm talking about the actual test results themselves, Nancy. You know that's a lot different than what some detective writes down.

GUILFOYLE: And where's the blood then? If he got it from transference from holding his wife or repositioning the body, then why isn't the blood on his clothing if you claim that is how the gunshot residue particles ended up deposited on his clothing?

DEGUERIN: Well, I don't even know that there were...

GUILFOYLE: Do you have an explanation for that?

DEGUERIN: I don't even know that there were gunshot residue on his clothes.

GRACE: OK, hold on.

DEGUERIN: Because I haven't seen the test.

GRACE: We can argue gunshot residue all night. We get it. You haven't seen the test. I'll fax you this affidavit, Dick, OK?

DEGUERIN: I've got the affidavit, Nancy. The affidavit is not the test results.

GRACE: Hey, has your guy taken a polygraph?

DEGUERIN: Look, polygraph is voodoo and you know it as well as I do.

GRACE: I believe in polygraphs.

DEGUERIN: Well, you believe in the tooth fairy also don't you? GRACE: So, I take it that means that he has not. I'll X that off my list. OK, let me ask you, you know, I'm going to throw this to Daniel Horowitz. Daniel Horowitz, what about the affair?

The whole school knew Temple was having an affair with an English literature teacher. You know what, surprise me have an affair with somebody you don't work with maybe not the next door neighbor just once. How big will the affair play with the grand jury?

HOROWITZ: Nancy, this is what America has come to. Scott Peterson has changed the whole dynamic of the courtroom and of our legal system. Now a man who has an affair...

GRACE: Just answer.

HOROWITZ: the number one suspect. This young man was at the grocery store when the killing shot was fired.

GRACE: Daniel.

HOROWITZ: That's a fact and now because he had an affair we're saying he did it. He's under arrest years later. It's totally unfair, Nancy.

GRACE: OK, you know what, I was going to ask you how big of a role that will play with the grand jury. Now, Dick, Dick Deguerin, high profile defense attorney, won a lot of cases, Dick you say they broke it off a full six days before the murder but isn't it true three days before the murder he says "You know I'm totally in love with you" and she says "I'm in love with you too?" Three days later the wife is dead.

DEGUERIN: That's not exactly what was said at all. They mutually broke off their relationship.

GRACE: Why because of the marriage, the little marriage problem, the baby problem?

DEGUERIN: Yes, that was a problem. You know it wasn't right but, you know, if every person that had an affair was a murder suspect than half...

GRACE: Well, the jail would be full.

DEGUERIN: Wait a minute, Nancy. Half of the district attorney's office would be under suspicion for murder.

GRACE: Much less the defense bar.

DEGUERIN: Well, sure.

GRACE: OK, guys, we are going to a quick break.

In a moment we're going to hear from our local shrink, Dr. Anne Renee Testa. Stay with us.



DARREN TEMPLE: However, this district attorney's office has decided to choreograph its ill-fated prosecution against David around other high profile national media cases. It is no coincidence that David's arrest was only a few days after the Laci Peterson verdict.


GRACE: Well, apparently Laci Peterson is going to be blamed for Belinda Lucas' murder.

Welcome back, I'm Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us tonight.

Dr. Anne Renee Testa, I was surprised to learn the number one cause of death amongst pregnant women, I didn't believe it when I first heard it, I had to go look up the study myself, is murder, number one cause of death amongst pregnant women. What's the motivation?

ANNE RENEE TESTA, PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, it's not the next door neighbor, Nancy. It's usually the husband and there's a reason for it and it's not an excuse, Nancy. I can tell you that.

But what happens to a guy when his wife gets pregnant and he's really filled with rage and he's an insecure guy to begin with and that's what we're talking about here and he has a short fuse, what happens is they feel abandoned, alone, you know. Before they were the king, Nancy, and now they're not the king anymore.

GRACE: You know that reminds me of something.

TESTA: There's a baby. There's everything. And she had to paint the room herself. She had to do everything herself. He had nothing to do with it.

GRACE: Well, you know, Dick Deguerin, that is not a good look for a woman seven months pregnant having to paint the nursery all by herself and put up the shelves all by herself. But, you know what, you got me over a barrel on that one. That doesn't prove murder. But I do have to ask you a question.

DEGUERIN: Wait a minute, Nancy, let me respond to that.


DEGUERIN: Where David was with his son that very day was at Home Depot. He's videotaped there. He was there to buy shelves for the new baby's room.

TESTA: And what did he do before?

DEGUERIN: He wanted this baby. He wanted this baby.

TESTA: Let me ask what did he do before? I'd like to know that.

GRACE: Got to ask you a quick question regarding David Temple.

DEGUERIN: Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Hold on. Let me ask you something. Is this some kind of pre-partum depression? Is this some kind of new junk science deal? I've never heard of that.

GRACE: I don't know what you're talking about but my question is I know that Temple had an arrest in his early years for vandalizing cars. Another football players on his team said the money for the stolen items went to buy steroids. I'm reading the "Houston Chronicle." Did your client use steroids?

DEGUERIN: So, is Barry Bonds a murder suspect?


DEGUERIN: You know that was years and years ago.

GRACE: Well, just tell me the truth.

DEGUERIN: Yes, David Temple -- wait a minute. David Temple was a star football player and he's -- he's very proud of that fact, his family, his friends.

GRACE: Steroids.

DEGUERIN: His whole community is proud of David. He was a star football player.

GRACE: Steroids.

DEGUERIN: Does that make him a murderer, no.

GRACE: No. Hey, I was a football cheerleader but I didn't need steroids. Did your guy, yes, no, use steroids?

DEGUERIN: I didn't know you were a cheerleader, Nancy.

GRACE: Oh, yes.

DEGUERIN: I've married three cheerleaders.

GRACE: Well that's quite a record. Did he use steroids or not?

DEGUERIN: I have no idea.

GRACE: All right. All right. All right. And, also in Deguerin's defense that was an old arrest but I'm still wondering.

DEGUERIN: That was a juvenile arrest, Nancy.

GRACE: Elizabeth, let me ask my producer, throw me up a picture of David Temple, if you could. David Temple noticeably was absent, the single shot Liz, was absent at the press conference today that was held on Belinda's grave. Response? GUILFOYLE: Well, you know, it reminds me again of someone else who didn't want to attend a vigil for his wife, Scott Peterson.

GRACE: You're not going to blame Laci (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

TESTA: Oh, please.

GUILFOYLE: Oh, I'm absolutely not going to. The reason why we're focusing on David Temple is because he is the prime suspect because there has been no other reasonable suspects because the evidence points to him.

GRACE: Can we go ahead and clear Laci Peterson?

GUILFOYLE: We absolutely can.

GRACE: Can we clear Laci, Dick Deguerin? Do you think we can do that? Can we take her out of the photo lineup? Because I'm reading this statement your people gave today at Belinda's grave and they actually fixed themselves to say that your guy was arrested because of the Laci Peterson case.

DEGUERIN: No. If you read it correctly, I think that did encourage the D.A.'s office to dredge up this old case with no additional evidence, no new evidence and file the case. I think that did encourage it.

GRACE: OK, I'll let you explain that when we get back.

DEGUERIN: This is not -- this is not anything like the Peterson case. This is...

GRACE: OK, hold on, hold on. Dick, I'm going to give you a full airing of why Laci Peterson is not guilty tonight.


GRACE: But I want to...

DEGUERIN: No, I'm not here to defend Scott Peterson.

GRACE: I got to go to break, Dick.

But as I go out, I want you to know that we here at NANCY GRACE want desperately to help solve unsolved homicides, find missing people. Tonight, we are looking for Marisol Hernandez. Take a look, went missing January 16, 2004, San Antonio, Texas. If you have any information, Marisol Hernandez, please call the Carole Sund Carrington Foundation, 888-813-8389, could be a reward. Please help us.



TOM LUCAS, SON-IN-LAW CHARGED IN MURDER OF DAUGHTER: After looking at all the facts and reading what I've read I believe David Temple killed Belinda.


GRACE: Welcome back to NANCY GRACE. Thank you for being with us tonight.

Right now the other side will be heard, in addition to defense attorney, high profile defense attorney Dick Deguerin. With us now is David Temple's brother, Darren, who was there at that press conference today, welcome sir. Is this the first press conference you have had since Belinda was murdered?

TEMPLE: It was not a press conference.

GRACE: What was it?

TEMPLE: It was the first time our family made a statement. We made a statement today and, yes, it was the first one.

GRACE: I noticed the statement was largely about your brother, David Temple, his mistreatment and his innocence. Nothing was said. You were at Belinda's grave. You gave the statement, as you call it, at her grave in front of the cameras and you didn't even talk about her.

TEMPLE: Let me -- that's not true. You just played a segment a few minutes ago that had me talking about Belinda. The comment was the first thing and the only thing we ever wanted was Belinda's killer to be brought to justice. That's what we wanted.

GRACE: What does that have to do with Belinda?

TEMPLE: She's dead.

GRACE: Yes, I know.

TEMPLE: We want to find her killer and we don't have the killer. The killer has not been arrested and the reason we were at the graveyard is the name on the tombstone was Temple. That's our last name. That's David's last name. That is where we felt comfortable doing this.

GRACE: OK. Where was David today?

TEMPLE: Listen, we understand, I understand that David can't win in the press. If you put him on a camera...

GRACE: I just want to know why he wasn't there.

TEMPLE: And let me tell you. If he cries, it means something. If he doesn't cry, it doesn't mean something.

GRACE: That's why he wasn't there? Is that your answer?

TEMPLE: That's why he was not there.


TEMPLE: He was at church. He was with us the entire time in our hearts and souls. He would have been there had we let him go.

GRACE: Question to you, I noticed that media...

TEMPLE: I'd like to clear up a couple of things that you said first.


TEMPLE: You started opening with this insurance question and I want to -- I want to give you the facts because I don't think you have them. One hundred and fifty thousand dollars of insurance money was given. Forty-five percent of that went to the court. That left about $60,000. Every penny went into a trust for Evan (ph), every penny. Not one dollar of insurance money got in David's pockets or hands in any way, so let's clear that up right now so you understand.

GRACE: What do you mean to the court?

TEMPLE: The court process, the administrative fees, the lawyer to get that. I don't understand all of it but that's all been documented and we can prove that, that none of this money this did not go to David.

GRACE: Well, the other guest said it went to the defense lawyers.

TEMPLE: It may have gone to the defense lawyers and the court.

GRACE: Well, that's a lot different than administrative fees. Why did he need a defense lawyer the night before the funeral?

TEMPLE: It did not -- it did not go to David and that's the only point we need to make on that. It did not go to David.

GRACE: OK, sir. Sir, has your brother taken a polygraph?

TEMPLE: No, because you can't allow them in court. You can't win on a polygraph. If he takes it, they're going to find something wrong and because you can't -- it's not in court...

GRACE: But what if he passed wouldn't that be great?

TEMPLE: You can't admit it in court so what was the benefit of having it if you can't put it in court? His attorney at the time said "Do not take a polygraph" and that's what we did.

GRACE: Sir, can I ask you a question.


GRACE: The police reports state that nothing was stolen from the home.

TEMPLE: That's wrong.

GRACE: So, this...

TEMPLE: That's wrong.

GRACE: As I was trying to say, several days later after your brother got a defense lawyer they faxed over a list of items that they stay was stolen, none of them belonging to David, your brother. What was taken from the home?

TEMPLE: I don't know. I know that it was basically jewelry and there was...

GRACE: Really because there was jewelry on her body and laying out in plain view that was not taken.

TEMPLE: I understand. I don't know why Belinda was killed so I don't know why the jewelry wasn't taken.

GRACE: And something I found that was peculiar was this unknown assailant, this intruder took the time to rearrange the clothes in the closet before he left to hide the brain matter on the wall.

TEMPLE: That's -- you're reading an (UNINTELLIGIBLE). We heard that and saw that as well. It doesn't make sense.

GRACE: No, it doesn't for a random killer to want to rearrange a closet to hide evidence.

TEMPLE: I don't know if that happened. The detectives were rearranging clothes. I don't really know how to speak to that but it bothered us as well but I don't know that to be true.

GRACE: You know when I visited Houston with parents of murdered children in Justice for All and met the Lucases over a year ago I noticed that other people, even businesses had put up rewards and made public pleas to find Belinda's killer. Did your husband -- excuse me, did your brother ever go public asking to find the killer?

TEMPLE: I want to clear this up once and for all and you've been hinting around the entire time this statement. Let me tell you why we went today.

GRACE: No, did your brother ever put up a reward?


GRACE: That's what I'm asking.

TEMPLE: No. No. He did not but if we thought for a minute that it would get Belinda's killer, we would give every dime we have.

GRACE: Well, a lot of people do.

TEMPLE: We relied on the Harris County Sheriff's Department to do that and they've yet to come through on that. GRACE: Sir, how long after Belinda was murdered did your brother marry his mistress?

TEMPLE: Two and a half years.


TEMPLE: Two and a half years and they went a long time where they didn't even talk.

GRACE: Well, I give them all the credit for that but doesn't it hit you in the head that just three days before the murder the mistress was saying "I'm still in love with you. You're in love with me but your wife is a problem?"

TEMPLE: This affair...

GRACE: And then she's dead.

TEMPLE: This affair was wrong. David knows it was wrong. We knew it was wrong.


TEMPLE: David knows the difference between right and wrong. He has paid for this in a price that you cannot imagine.

GRACE: OK, you know what...

TEMPLE: He has paid the price for that short infidelity.

GRACE: ...the Lucases are here and they're the ones that are paying for it.

TEMPLE: Wrong.

GRACE: We'll be right back. With me is Darren Temple.

TEMPLE: I'd like to come back to that.



KENNETH TEMPLE, SON CHARGED WITH KILLING PREGNANT WIFE: We have unconditional love for her and you need to understand that to realize that I would never defend her murderer.


GRACE: Welcome back. Thank you for being with us.

Here again on the set two very special guests, Belinda's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lucas. Hearing all that you've heard now, now that you know about the vigil that took place, what are you feelings tonight? T. LUCAS: I can't understand why they haven't tried to do something before this time, you know, made any statements or contacted the sheriff's department to inquire.

GRACE: (UNINTELLIGIBLE) what about your grandson, have you tried to see him?

T. LUCAS: I have tried to see Evan. I've made contact with David through e-mails and so forth. He moved.

GRACE: Have you tried to call him?

T. LUCAS: I have no phone number for him. He, you know, moved to a different address somewhere.

GRACE: It's hard for me to imagine that in four years you haven't tried to see that baby boy.

T. LUCAS: Yes, I have tried to see him. Even on the occasions that we did get to see him we never got a chance to be alone with him.

GRACE: Haven't you tried to take him to family reunions and let him know Belinda's family, his mother's, his blood mother's family?

T. LUCAS: We have asked for this, yes.

GRACE: And what did they say?



GRACE: Are you ready for this to go forward? Are you ready to settle in for a jury trial? You see what's going to happen. This is just a taste tonight of what happens in a jury trial. It ain't pretty.

T. LUCAS: We've waited a long time. We'd like to have some kind of closure on this, you know. We never wanted to think at first especially that David would do such a thing like this but, like I said a while ago, you know, everything points that he did it, you know, and I know he doesn't have contact with us, you know.

GRACE: When you think back, when you think back tonight, when you put your head to your pillow, what do you remember about Belinda?

C. LUCAS: Nancy, she was such a good person. She always found the good in other people no matter how bad they seemed or things they'd done she'd always find the better -- better things.

GRACE: When I think of her painting that nursery about seven months by herself and trying to put up those shelves by herself.

C. LUCAS: She -- I believe it was New Year's Day when David was supposed to be hunting or something.

GRACE: Right, New Year's Day.

C. LUCAS: She hung -- she hung mini blinds, up on a ladder hanging mini blinds.

GRACE: And now we know that that New Year's Eve, ten days before her death he was slung up with his mistress for the whole weekend.

C. LUCAS: Right.

GRACE: Did you guys have any idea the affair was going on?


T. LUCAS: No. No.

C. LUCAS: We didn't.

T. LUCAS: We heard things later, you know, but before the murder, no, we did not know of this. We did not know of this.

GRACE: Thank you.

I'm Nancy Grace signing off for tonight. Thank you for being with us and inviting us into your home this evening.

Stay tuned for Larry King.

I'll see you tomorrow night at my new home, Headline Prime, 8:00 p.m. Eastern. And, until then, goodnight friends.


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