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Canton Police Recover A Body, Believed To Be That Of Jessie Davis, The Pregnant Woman, Missing For 10 Days

Aired June 24, 2007 - 20:00:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: On Thursday at 8:15 a.m., a worried co-worker sent Jessie a text message, but got no reply. Throughout the day Jessie's mom repeatedly tried to reach her daughter. By Friday growing increasingly concerned, Jessie's mother headed to her home. What she saw there led to this 911 call.
PATTY PORTER: We need help at 8696 Essex.

911 DISPATCHER: 8686 what street?

PORTER: Essex.

911 DISPATCHER: What's the problem?

PORTER: My -- my daughter's gone, she's due in two weeks and my grandson's alone and this whole house has been ransacked.

911 DISPATCHER: How old is your -- ?

PORTER: My grandson's two.

911 DISPATCHER: And he's gone?

PORTER: He's here alone.

911 DISPATCHER: OK and how old is the child that was alone?

PORTER: She didn't leave him alone, my god, something's wrong. She's due in two weeks and she's just missing. Her car's here, her purse, her house is trashed and she's not here.

COOPER: This is Jessie's son, Blake. He was found by himself on the first floor. Upstairs, in the master bedroom, the scene was chilling.

PORTER: Her comforter was off and her mattress was pushed over. Her night stand was knocked over. The lamp was knocked over. And somebody had poured bleach all over her carpet.

COOPER: The evidence is disturbing. So are the words of two- year-old Blake. During a local TV interview with the grandmother, Blake can be heard in the background saying, "Mommy's in the rug." Listen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mommy's in the rug.

PORTER: Mommy's in the rug, he keeps saying.

COOPER: Police are still treating the case as a disappearance, but say foul play is suspected.

WHITNEY DAVIS, SISTER OF MISSING WOMAN: There's a hole there -- and it just -- it hurts my heart, because I -- I mean, you know, she's the one that you look up to. She's your big sister. And she's such a strong person. And you can't imagine that anything would ever happen to her. She didn't have any enemies. She didn't -- can she's never done anything wrong.

COOPER: By Saturday, volunteers were out looking for Jessie, putting posters up across the neighborhood. On Sunday, the search continued and officials said the father of the boy and the unborn child, Police Officer Bobby Cutts, Jr., as well as his estranged wife, are cooperating with the investigation. Tonight there is still no sign of Jessie. And as the desperate hunt goes on, a plea no mother should ever have to make.

PORTER: I just want my daughter to come home.

COOPER: Anderson Cooper, CNN, New York.


BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN ANCHOR, NEWSROOM: For those of you joining us now, it's now shortly after the top of the hour and some unfortunate news to bring to you is there is now a sign of Jessie Davis. Authorities there, in Ohio, have found a body that they believe to be Jessie Davis. They have also arrested Bobby Cutts, Jr., her boyfriend, charging him with two counts of murder.

And let's bring in CNN's Jim Acosta now. He's standing by live there in Canton. Jim, you sat through this press conference. Can you just recap what happened for us?

JIM ACOSTA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Sure. At about 3:30 this afternoon, authorities here in Ohio did recover the body that they believe to be Jessie Marie Davis, the 26-year-old pregnant mother, who was missing since late last week.

And sometime during the day today -- it's not certain if it was before or after this discovery -- they arrested and took into custody Bobby Cutts, Jr., this Canton police officer and the man who is believed to be the father of her two children. And he is now in jail awaiting an arraignment hearing in the sheriff's department jail behind me.

And he will face two counts of murder, one for Jessie Marie Davis and one for her unborn daughter, who was about to be born the first week of July, July 3rd, I believe, and was supposed to be named Chloe.

The family of Jessie Davis has now decided to stay out of the limelight. They're not doing any interviews for the moment. An attorney for that family talked to reporters after the press conference today and asked that we respect the family's privacy during this difficult time. And that now they are planning some funeral arrangements not just for Jessie Marie Davis but for also this unborn child -- Brianna.

KEILAR: And, Jim, we're going to be hearing from the attorney of the family of Jessie Davis here in just a short while. Stay with us. We're going to take a quick break and we'll be right back.


KEILAR: For those of you just joining us here in the CNN NEWSROOM, we want to catch you up on some details that are just coming into the NEWSROOM, on the case of Jessie Davis, the Ohio woman, she was nine months pregnant when she went missing on June 13th. Police there have found a body. They believe it is the body of Jessie Davis. And they have arrested Bobby Cutts, Jr., the boyfriend of Davis, also a Canton police officer.

And as you can imagine, this is just a terrible time for the people in this community. Thousands of people have come out looking for Davis over the past days. And it's also, of course, a very difficult time for the family. This is what we heard from the family attorney, the attorney for Jessie Davis, Rick Pitinii, just a short while ago at a news conference.


RICK PITINII, DAVIS FAMILY ATTORNEY: On behalf of the family, they are not going to make themselves available today, for obvious reasons. They're grieving in private.

They wanted to express to all of you their deepest gratitude for allowing them to come on your various shows and programs and to get this matter out. At the same time, I would ask you all kindly to please leave them alone for a little bit. They need their space. They need to grieve in private.

Please do not call tonight. Please do not call tomorrow. Their phones will be off, for obvious reasons.

They do thank each and every one of you and the thousands of volunteers that showed up. To you out there, if you're watching, thank you, on behalf of the family. I will try and do my best to answer any questions you have.

QUESTION: Were you with the family when they found out?




QUESTION: Can you describe how it happened? How did they receive the news? How did they take it? Can you describe it for us?

PITINII: Huh. Next question. QUESTION: Will they attend the hearing on Monday for Bobby?

PITINII: I'm sorry?

QUESTION: Will any of the family attend the hearing?

PITINII: I doubt it. I'll be there. I doubt that they'll be there.

QUESTION: What time did they find out, and who told them?

PITINII: This afternoon. They were provided information by the law enforcement agencies.

QUESTION: Any funeral arrangements ready?

PITINII: No. At this time, I think that's -- the body is still being processed, so I can't answer that right now.

QUESTION: You're obviously taking this pretty hard. Is it because of your close connection? And how did you find out?

PITINII: Somebody -- you don't want to see this in your community.

QUESTION: On behalf of (INAUDIBLE) would you please extend our condolences to the family?

PITINII: Thank you.

QUESTION: Rick, the family initially did not want to believe that Bobby Cutts was responsible for this. Now that they've come to realize that he is now a suspect in this case and being held in this case, it must be awfully difficult for them. Was there ever a time up until this point that their minds started to change?

PITINII: You know, I think that they have -- again, not to be repetitive, but they have gone through an absolute rollercoaster of emotions. I've seen them laugh. I've seen them cry. I've seen them be angry, upset. Everything you can imagine. So I don't know. I don't know. I've never had to deal with anything like this before. I hope I never do again. It's tough.

QUESTION: Can you set the scene how they were told? (OFF MIC)

PITINII: They were all told together. They were all told together.

QUESTION: Who was all there?

PITINII: All the family members were contacted and they were told.

QUESTION: Phone call, or someone stop by?

PITINII: No. They were here. They were here. QUESTION: The sheriff's office?



RICK SANCHEZ, CNN ANCHOR, CNN NEWSROOM: That's Rick Pitinii. He's the attorney for the family, for the Davis family, obviously, trying to express what they're going through right now. And understandably so asking reporters to give them a little space.

We should add, by the way, as a caveat, that the family was not at the news conference. There was some question whether they would be at this hastily called news conference by the police. The family was not represented at the news conference where the police made the announcement, A, we have found the body of Ms. Davis. B, we have arrested Mr. Cutts and charged him with two counts of murder.

There you're seeing some of the pictures now of the area the police have been searching since finding the body, reportedly led there by Cutts himself, this coming from at least one source at WOIO, as in Ohio.

Speaking of that station, let's go to Denise Strzelczyk. She is at the Cutts home, where she saw a lot of activity today leading a lot of folks to believe that this story was about to break and in a very big way.

Denise, to you.

DENISE STRZELCZYK, REPORTER, WOIO TV: Yeah, the big tip was that family and friends and supporters of Bobby Cutts, Jr., that had been there since Jessie Davis went missing suddenly at 1:30 this afternoon began packing everything up, their food, their water -- and, interestingly enough, they were taking electronics out of Bobby Cutts, Jr.'s house, packing all this stuff up, putting it into their cars. And they left. Everyone left.

SANCHEZ: As if -- almost as if they had received word from him?

STRZELCZYK: Well, Sharon can fill you in more on that. We knew something was up. I thought maybe, possibly, they were going to another location, because they were getting very agitated with the media asking for interviews.

SHARON REED, REPORTER, WOIO TV: Well, I do know, Rick and Denise, that they did go to another location, another family home, to hold up. Why did they remove electronics and other things? I have information on that as well.

SANCHEZ: What is it?

REED: My source, inside the Cutts family, tells me that they -- Bobby in particular -- started to get death threats from Cleveland, particularly from the Klan, the threats said, saying to the effect, that you take our women, you take our homes, and neighborhoods and we that will castrate you, we will bomb, we will blow up your home.

And so they felt that now that this thing had reached its conclusion. And, as I told you earlier, I did have what is purported to be a confession, Bobby Cutts apologizing to family and friends today just before seeking out the FBI and leading them to the body, we believe, that he did --

SANCHEZ: Was your source -- Sharon, we've got to go to a break, but just one quick question. Was your source in that home in the Cutts' home?

REED: Absolutely.

SANCHEZ: He's one of the folks who was in there?

REED: Absolutely.

SANCHEZ: So the phone call, from Cutts, came from the outside to them in the home?

REED: Cutts was with them.

SANCHEZ: Oh, so he was still in the home at the time?

REED: Began apologizing, began --

SANCHEZ: So at what point did he contact police and tell them that?

REED: I don't know what time he contacted police, but we have exclusive video of him leaving the home around 1:20, 1:30 p.m. today.

SANCHEZ: So that conversation with his friends telling them what he is purported -- was earlier than that?

REED: Right. A little bit earlier. Then I got a call about 25 minutes after he left.

SANCHEZ: Sharon Reed, amazing information to really put this whole thing together for us, as we continue to follow developments on this breaking story.

KEILAR: Both Sharon Reed and Denise Strzelczyk with us from WOIO.

Ladies, if you can just hang with us for a few moments, we're going to a break right now, and then we'll bring you back in. Let's take a break real quick. Stay with us.


KEILAR: Coming up at 9 o'clock Eastern, 6:00 Pacific, here on CNN, Larry King will be bringing a special edition of "Larry King Live," talking, of course, about Jessie Davis, the missing Ohio woman, whose missing body has been found.

SANCHEZ: Boy, what a story.

Rick Sanchez, back here in the CNN NEWSROOM, along with Brianna Keilar.

When we first heard police would have a news conference, now several hours ago, there was some talk they might have an announcement, given the fact they've been interviewing their suspect, or target, throughout the course of the morning and part of the afternoon.

Then they went ahead and said, we've not only charged him with two counts of murder, but we've now found the body. And as we delved into this story the past couple of hours, there may now be reason to believe that he himself may have told police where the body was. And, in fact, led police, physically, to the body after what would amount to a relative confession at this point. Giving police details about what happened there.

Now, whether that includes -- we'll get into our attorneys here in a moment, as to what the defense might be because at least according to Sharon Reed, the information he gave at least one of his friends is that she just died, somewhat mysteriously in his presence, which obviously sounds mysterious to anybody who hears it. And we're going to be going back over that as well.

KEILAR: We have a few people on the phone right now. Avery Friedman, a lawyer out of Cleveland, as well as Sharon Reed and Denise Strzelczyk, both reporters with WOIO, who have been following this story very closely on the ground.

Sharon, I want to bring you in first. You have a source who you say is one of the best friends of Bobby Cutts and you say that he called you early this afternoon and told you he did it. That Bobby Cutts did it.

He told you, you say, that Bobby had started to apologize for what he was putting his friends and family through. And then this best friend saying that Bobby told him that he found Jessie just laying there, pulling on the clothes, and that he called a female friend, someone he knew from high school, and asked her help to remove the body.

REED: That's right.

KEILAR: What I want to ask you, Sharon, is who is -- what can you tell us about this woman, that this best friend told you about?

REED: Well, I have a name. I won't -- I have a first name and I have information about her. The friend -- Bobby's close friend knows of her, believes that they all went to school with this woman. Bobby may have dated this woman. Believes that he did.

KEILAR: So your source went to school with this woman?

REED: Uh-huh, and Bobby did as well. And Bobby dated this woman is what I'm told. A bit -- I don't know if it was recent or if it was an ongoing situation, romantic, anyway.

SANCHEZ: But to be clear, you don't have any reason to believe she was involved in the crime?

REED: Not from my account.

SANCHEZ: And by crime, we mean the actual --

REED: The killing of Jessie Davis, the murder, Rick. And I can go over the account, when you ask me to again. But it is a fantastic story. And that's what we can call it for now.

SANCHEZ: But let's stop you right there for a moment, Sharon, just to clarify that -- and let's bring Avery into this discussion.

She says, Avery, that she knows the person who helped -- supposedly move the body, as told to her by this source who is a friend of Cutts and in the house. Is she obliged to tell the police who that person is? And I'm talking about Sharon.

AVERY FRIEDMAN, ATTORNEY: Well, if law enforcement approached -- let me give you a general answer. When law enforcement approaches a member of the media, in most jurisdictions, there is a reporter's privilege. There is an exemption to the privilege when it comes to the commission of a crime.

So, in other words, if there is evidence that would assist law enforcement to, you know, proceed in a criminal investigation, there is no privilege that applies. That means a reporter is obligated to disclose that information.

SANCHEZ: Not where the reporter was -- Sharon hasn't done anything wrong, correct?

FRIEDMAN: Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

SANCHEZ: She's just reporting.

FRIEDMAN: If law enforcement -- yeah. She was given information that there was a person that assisted -- allegedly assisted Bobby Cutts, Jr. in removing the body.


FRIEDMAN: That behavior is criminal. In order to find out who that is, it wouldn't be unlikely for law enforcement to approach a reporter and make that inquiry.

REED: But, Avery, Rick asked do I -- am I obligated to go to law enforcement? And in a case like this, let's all be human here, the sweet-faced pregnant mom who did nothing wrong is entitled -- in her death, and her family is entitled -- for all of us to do all we can to bring the perpetrator of this crime to full justice.

So, I mean, we're talking legal terms here.

FRIEDMAN: Then you just answered the question. You just answered the question.

SANCHEZ: So, Sharon, let me just go ahead and put you on the spot. Have you or will you call police and tell them what you have told us?

You know, Rick, I'd certainly be willing to tell what I know. And, you know, I am obviously not a subject of anything here. I picked up the phone. I took some meticulous notes. I was told a fantastic story that broke my heart today. I don't for a second believe everything, if this is the account that Bobby Cutts Jr. told his friends and family. I don't believe all of this.

Some of it jives with the time line. But I will certainly -- whatever anybody asks, I will certainly be willing to share.

SANCHEZ: Avery, is there a time line here for her? Does she have to do it within a certain amount of time?


SANCHEZ: When she gets the call she has to talk to them, right?

FRIEDMAN: Oh, yeah, when she gets the call. The tougher question is, what does a reporter do when they have evidence that would lead to, you know, assisting in a criminal investigation. I don't think that there's an affirmative duty but I think, again, if law enforcement approaches the reporter, there's an obligation to respond truthfully.

SANCHEZ: Sharon, one more time, the most mysterious part of this story that Bobby Cutts' friend has shared with you, and that you have now shared with us here, at CNN is the part with -- describing how she died.


SANCHEZ: It doesn't add up.

REED: Sure.

SANCHEZ: Take us through that one more time.

REED: All right. Here's what the friend told me about 25 minutes after Bobby Cutts, Jr. left the home, quoting -- "Sharon, he did it." I said, "What?" The man told me that Bobby had begun to apologize for what he put his friends and family through over the past week. That he was indeed behind the disappearance of Jessie Davis, and more.

I asked about the more. The friend, very close friend, who has been inside the Cutts compound for days, with the mother and the like, said, quote, "Jessie was laying there, that fateful night, that she began pulling on his clothes, that her eyes rolled back in her head, and that she just died. He panicked, so he called another friend, a woman he went to school with -- he used to date her a bit -- to help him move the body. And that Cutts and his lawyer then went on to the FBI." SANCHEZ: But her eyes just rolled back, and she died, no striking, no causality?

REED: Hey, Rick, we now know what two-year-old Blake said, "Mommy broke the table. Mommy's in the rug." And bleach all over the floor. Grandmom says the place was ransacked.

SANCHEZ: Yeah. And you're referring, of course, to the son when he was -- the woman was doing an interview with a reporter -- I don't know if it was your station, or not -- and suddenly you hear the two- year-old in the background talking about that. It was an eerie moment, wasn't it?

REED: Rick, he was alone in that home for between 30 and 36 hours. We don't know what he saw. We don't know what he awoke to, if the crime happened between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m. As another witness, a neighbor saw a truck -- not sure if it was a pickup truck, not sure if it was Bobby Cutts, Jr.'s -- this is a witness that nobody else knew about, but we had an exclusive report on the other day -- yesterday as a matter of fact.

A witness told police -- they kept this hidden from much of the media successfully for much of the last 10 days, said they saw a truck between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m., back up into the garage and leave.

KEILAR: Sharon Reed with WOIO. If you can just hang on the line with us so we can come back to you.

But right now I want to bring in Pat Brown. Pat is a criminal profiler out of Minneapolis. And obviously, you've been following this case, I imagine. What do you think, from your area of expertise, about how this has panned out at this point? Is this what you expected?

PAT BROWN, CRIMINAL PROFILER: Well, I'm pretty amused by this news story of Bobby here. This is the way psychopaths behave. They don't tell you more than you already know. So in the beginning, we don't know if you're guilty, so he says, I'm not guilty, I didn't do such a thing.

Then as he's being interrogated by the police, certain pieces of evidence pop up and he goes, oh, my God, I know that. He has to go to the next level. OK, yeah, I was involved to this extent. I'm guessing right now, what he's going to say is I helped move the body, but I didn't commit the crime. Or she died on her own and I panicked, didn't know what to do with it. He's going to work on, I didn't commit a murder, until you can prove it.

KEILAR: All right. And Pat Brown, if you can hang with us for just a moment, we're going to come back to you after a break. I want to ask you a couple questions about these times of crimes. Obviously, you've seen many of them over the years. So stay with us here in the CNN NEWSROOM. We'll be right back.


RICK SANCHEZ, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: We welcome you back. I'm Rick Sanchez here in the "CNN NEWSROOM," along with Brianna Keilar.

We're taking you through what has been really a startling development and a turn of events in this story. Bobby Cutts Jr, charged with two counts of murder. The woman he's accused of killing -- you're seeing her right there on camera -- Jessie Davis, 26 years old, nine-months pregnant, supposedly carrying Bobby Cutts' baby when she died.

All types of twists and turns coming in as the developments on this story unfold.

And by the way, we've just obtained some new video. This is video from Cutts' home as police came in to investigate and perform some type of search there at the home. This is late this afternoon. There you see the FBI and a member of the local police force there.

As a matter of fact, do we still have Denise on the line from WOIO?


SANCHEZ: Denise, are you there? We're looking at these pictures for the first time. I don't know if you can see them. Can you see them? Can you describe them for us?

STRZELCZYK: I can't see the pictures. I don't have a monitor. But I will tell you that I was there when the sheriff arrived. It was about 5:00. There were two cars. There was a sheriff's car and then there was an unmarked car and a plains-clothed officer. I wasn't sure who it was, but you clarified that. It was an FBI agent. That makes sense.

The sheriff was -- or the sheriff's deputy was holding a paper in his hand. I don't know what it was. Went to the front door, knocked on the door, peered through the window. Then they went around to the backyard of the house. And they spoke briefly with a neighbor, came back around the front of the house, looked into the front door again.

They were there about 15 minutes and then they left. They didn't actually, from what I could see, go in the house.

BRIANNA KEILAR, CNN NEWS ANCHOR: Before that happened, Denise, you say that friends and family members were actually leaving the house with some belongings, right, some electronics?


KEILAR: Would you describe that as sort of some of the items you would take if you were moving out? Or might these have been items they brought over and were theirs and they had in the house? You think these were their belongings?

STRZELCZYK: I don't know. It's bizarre. We all thought it was very bizarre. And we didn't know what to make of it, whether they were just packing up shop and going to somebody else's house.

But the -- as far as the food and water that was being taken, that made sense. But then to take electronics, it just seemed -- yes, it seemed like somebody was moving out of the house.

SANCHEZ: Well, but wait a minute. We're getting into something that's a little bit auspicious here.

STRZELCZYK: No, I'm not saying that he was moving. I'm just saying that...

SANCHEZ: No, no, no. I'm just doing the time line.


SANCHEZ: Prior to police -- you're saying -- and I think any...

STRZELCZYK: At 1:30...


STRZELCZYK: One thirty is when the family packed up and moved out -- the family and friends and the people that had been there with Bobby Cutts through the week, left. Everyone was gone.

SANCHEZ: And you say you saw them take things with them?

STRZELCZYK: They took electronics. Yes.

KEILAR: Like what type of electronics?

SANCHEZ: But then the police showed up a couple hours after they left, right?

STRZELCZYK: The police showed up several -- after -- OK. So 1:30, the family and friends pack up. Then at 3:30 is when, according to police, Jessie Davis' body was found, OK. And then at 5:00 is when the sheriff showed up with the FBI agent, so...

SANCHEZ: So the obvious question that is coming to mind here for myself and for Brianna, as we listen to you say this, is there, then, a possibility that some physical evidence was removed from the home prior to police arriving? And has anyone been asking this question?

STRZELCZYK: Absolutely.

KEILAR: With that said, Denise, they have searched Cutts' home at least a couple of times before these items were removed?

STRZELCZYK: They did it twice. Yes, exactly. They had searched the home twice.

SANCHEZ: This is an interesting question, wow, that you have just posed.

Do we still have Avery Friedman, by the way?


SANCHEZ: Did you just hear that? If the family took items out of the home an hour and a half or so before police arrived in the home to take what items they needed to get out of the home -- are you thinking what I'm thinking here?

FRIEDMAN: Well, I am. But I think both Denise and Sharon have mentioned -- and they are correct -- that there was a search of Bobby Cutts' home before a search warrant -- a search warrant was issued -- there was a second investigation of the home. So it would really be odd that there would be anything left that law enforcement would want.

But I got to tell you, I agree with Denise, it's just odd that they would be removing electronic equipment from the home.

STRZELCZYK: But, remember, Avery -- and I'll just remind the audience what I was told by my source, who has been with the family and is very close to Bobby Cutts Jr, that he, Bobby Cutts, started getting threats.

Remember? This is a national case. This is a sweet-faced pregnant, missing mom, who everyone cares about. And he got a threat, a specific one, from Cleveland, the source says, from the Klan saying, "Look, you take our women. You take over our neighborhoods. You take over our homes. We're going to castrate you and blow up your house." And he said --

FRIEDMAN: What does that have to do -- but what does that have to do...

STRZELCZYK: He said that's why, once they knew bobby was going in to confess, that's why, once the family was going to leave and they got out of there, they decided to take any valuables with them. He said that's the only reason why they were taking things with them.

SANCHEZ: Does that add up to you, Avery?

FRIEDMAN: I honestly don't know. It's odd behavior, Rick. But, again, law enforcement had been in there no less than two times. And one of the -- I know they took electronic equipment. So I just -- there's no explanation for that; makes no sense.

SANCHEZ: But we do -- I think -- I think there's a reasonable assumption that Bobby made contact with the people in that home prior to them leaving the home suddenly and somewhat furiously, right?

FRIEDMAN: I think that's probably accurate.

STRZELCZYK: Bobby was with them, though.

Right, Sharon?

SHARON REED, WOIO REPORTER: Yes, up until a certain point.

And, look, if they knew he was on his way, if we believe he was on his way to confess to a double murder, I mean, let's keep it real. Bobby wasn't coming back any time soon. And Bobby doesn't have any need for electronics or anything else.

SANCHEZ: Yes, that's why it's so peculiar.

All right, thanks, gang.

KEILAR: Coming up, we're going to be talking with pat brown, a criminal profiler, who can maybe shed some more light on this case, other cases like it. Stay with us here in the "CNN NEWSROOM." We'll be right back.


SANCHEZ: As we welcome you back to the "CNN NEWSROOM," let's give you a program note. Here's what we're going to be doing. We're going to be staying on the air until 9:00, at which time Larry King is going to have special coverage of this Jessie Davis', well, murder. Body found at this point. Boyfriend has been arrested. He's been charged with two counts of double murder.

A lot -- a lot of peculiar new leads and information coming in on this story, really. As the information comes in, it almost sound like a detective drama written in some novel somewhere. It's unbelievable.

KEILAR: Let's go ahead. Here's some new video we have coming in. This is new video of the house of Bobby Cutts. This is when police came to the house after -- this was after Sharon Reed told us that Bobby Cutts had left the house. And his family members had left the house.

But at this point, we want to bring in Pat Brown. She's a criminal profiler from Minneapolis.

Pat, obviously, at this point, police believe very strongly that Bobby Cutts, the father of Jessie Davis' children, they believe that he is responsible for her murder.

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