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Countdown to New Year 2010

Aired December 31, 2009 - 23:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: And welcome to Times Square, a warm night compared to last year's snow here.

KATHY GRIFFIN, CNN SPECIAL GUEST ANCHOR: Why don't you start over? Let's just take that from the top because obviously you're drunk.

COOPER: And it's slushier I must say trust me. None of it matters to people down here. There's no place they'd rather be to ring out 2009...

GRIFFIN: Not that matters at the teleprompter. You can try to do a real show. It's all ending tonight.

COOPER: I'm here with, of course, Kathy Griffin.

GRIFFIN: I'm here with not Ryan Seacrest.

COOPER: I'm -- yes, a pale comparison to Ryan Seacrest. And I'm very pleased to be here with Kathy Griffin on my third year...

GRIFFIN: I am thrilled and let's face it. It's a miracle. In fact, I brought a legal document because I think it's about full disclosure.

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: If I know you, you like to keep them honest so I hope tonight you'll be keeping me honest...


GRIFFIN: ... watching you.

COOPER: You actually -- this is a legal document from your attorney.

GRIFFIN: So as you know I have my checkbook because I have been warned I have to give the money back if I swear. And so I have the actual letter that I got from CNN legal warning me about tonight.

COOPER: She's actually not joking, this is actually true.

GRIFFIN: No, there it is. Ok.

COOPER: This is from your attorney.

GRIFFIN: ... from my attorney, it says, "Dear Kathy," -- first name basis -- "please let me know if you intend to mention anything patently offensive" -- which I do -- "on New Year's Eve." One of them is something about activities of organs.

COOPER: Right, yes and you can't even read the letter because the letter distinctly states.

GRIFFIN: Well, can we talk about organs for one second?

COOPER: No, we cannot.

GRIFFIN: I have one in mind.

COOPER: We've got people around the country and Times Square bringing the festivities to us. We're going to check in with them throughout this hour and a half.

GRIFFIN: What's this word?

COOPER: You can't say that. John Zarrella is in Key West, Florida tonight where New Years Eve, involves foot ware and Sushi...

GRIFFIN: I can't pronounce this word?

COOPER: Thank goodness. Lance Bass is with a very Vegas New Year's.

GRIFFIN: Finally someone I can count on.

COOPER: Ed Henry who must have lost (INAUDIBLE) because is in Hawaii on the beach with -- following the first family.

GRIFFIN: Are you going to be squeaky clean? CNN is gun shy.

COOPER: And aside from your attorney and your attorney Bill Sobel (ph) used to be my attorney.

GRIFFIN: All right, who is some dude named Rick Davis, or Davis?

COOPER: He's the Standards and Practices guy here at CNN. And hopefully you won't hear from him.

Back here in the Square...

GRIFFIN: Oh, he's probably drunk.

COOPER: We have Don Lemon and we have Poppy Harlow also in Central Park tonight...

GRIFFIN: The SPC has a new position and a recent...

COOPER: Gary Tuchman...

GRIFFIN: In one instance the "f" word could constitute indecent speech.

COOPER: Indecent, indecent...

GRIFFIN: What about fun?

COOPER: Indecent.

GRIFFIN: How about one of our "f" word is fun?

COOPER: Gary Tuchman is in Central Park with a lot of other New Yorkers who are actually...

GRIFFIN: Gary what man?

COOPER: Tuchman.

GRIFFIN: Gary Tuchman. That almost sounds like...

COOPER: Oh no, throw this letter away.

GRIFFIN: All right.

COOPER: They put on snickers, running shorts, they load up with carbs and Gatorade and at the stroke of midnight.

GRIFFIN: You can't say Gatorade.

COOPER: They just start running.

GRIFFIN: That is offensive.

COOPER: That's one of the interesting traditions...

GRIFFIN: One of my organs is named Gatorade. Thank you very much sir.

COOPER: We're going to bring you tonight. Are you excited to ring in the New Year?

GRIFFIN: Turn off Ryan Seacrest now. Do it. It's part of a conspiracy. Don't you get it?

COOPER: Do you believe he's part of a conspiracy?

GRIFFIN: Have you ever actually been beaten with a stick by Oprah?

COOPER: I don't know what you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: I'm trying to keep him honest. Because she doesn't like gum chewing and you gum chew.

COOPER: I know gum chew, I'm not chewing gum.

GRIFFIN: But you have a history of gum chewing.

COOPER: No I don't.

GRIFFIN: Yes, you do.

COOPER: I have never chewed gum.

GRIFFIN: Oprah told me personally. COOPER: No she didn't.

GRIFFIN: Well, then Gail did. How about that, am I keeping you honest?

COOPER: And you're keeping us very honest. So what are you most -- what was...

GRIFFIN: How does Larry King take his coffee?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: I think you do. I think you have had to get it several times, but I think you know it's light cream and a lot of sugar.

COOPER: Did you know that Kathy Griffin insists on having -- what is it -- Red Bull. You insist on having...

GRIFFIN: I had a Lindsay Lohan moment. All right, I'm sorry, health nuts.

COOPER: She said she e-mailed Jack Gray and said, I...

GRIFFIN: I like you using the insider names.

COOPER: Jack Gray has a million followers on Twitter.

GRIFFIN: All right, I will get Blitzer on your you-know-what so fast. Is the dude from Univision yelling at us? Oh screw you, buddy. Last time I checked I'm here with Jack Cafferty; no whatever.

COOPER: Let's check with Don Lemon who's down in the crowd.

GRIFFIN: Don Lemon is here in person?

COOPER: Don Lemon is here in person.

GRIFFIN: Oh my God, I love him.

COOPER: Ok, good here's here. Don, a lot of people...


COOPER: ... have been here since like 12:00 today.

DON LEMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey this is for you Kathy.

But guess what, Anderson, I can't wait for the meeting to, you know, hear what they have to say about Kathy.

Anyway, Happy New Year, everyone. I'm Don Lemon. We're down in the middle of Times Square. I'm going to give you a little bit of behind the scenes and show you what's going on and then we're going to talk to some of these people.

But look, where have you ever seen a sidewalk in New York City empty? That's because everything in Times Square is closed and they put people in these pens.

Walk this way, come follow me, follow me through here, look up there. Anderson up there, there he is with Kathy. They're up there on the riser.

And come walk this way. This is looking down south. This is right down Broadway, 46th Street. There are people lined up all the way down there, far blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks that way.

And then, if you look up north, there are people blocks and blocks and blocks and blocks that way as well. And then it is littered with New York's finest undercover -- that make you dizzy undercover, there you go sir, have fun walk right through -- undercover and also in uniform as well and they're making sure everything is safe.

Hey, you look like you're freezing. Where are you from?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: From Arizona. Phoenix, Arizona.

LEMON: It gets colder than this in Arizona, right?


LEMON: No? How long have you been here?


LEMON: 1:30 out here and you came to New York just for this?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Just to say I did it.

LEMON: Yes? Are you glad you did it?




LEMON: That's not what she said to me earlier, you're glad you did it.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I'm glad but I'm really cold, so I'm not used to this weather either.

LEMON: Are you wearing long underwear? No?


LEMON: How would you like some hand warmers? There's some toe warmers and I will give you some hand warmers as well. There you go. There you go. You know, Anderson and Kathy, there are people here from all over. I saw some people from Italy, I saw people from England or whatever and it's very secure.

So you got a little bit of behind the scenes. I am going to throw it back to you guys. You guys are doing a great job by the way. Have fun. It's New Year's Eve. Enjoy. Back to you -- Anderson and Kathy.

COOPER: All right, thanks very much. We'll check in with you. In a -- I mean, really, enough with the drinking.

GRIFFIN: Is it 1:00 yet?

COOPER: Yes, it is Red Bull she's drinking.

GRIFFIN: I have a "New York Times" number one best-seller.

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: I thought we were doing the number one news story of 2009?

COOPER: Now, your best-seller was the number one news story?

GRIFFIN: I feel like you don't even care about me. I have questions from fans, by the way. You should know that you have fans.

COOPER: Well, I just want to point out that we're doing something new this year and you can send us your New Year's wishes and your messages to friends and families. You can text them to AC360...

GRIFFIN: You got very like newsy and squinty there. Have you ever considered just buying sunglasses? Just once, one time.

COOPER: I have had this line since I was 10 years old.

GRIFFIN: I don't have it anymore, you know what I'm saying. I paid a lot of money to have that line go away. How dare you? Go ahead with your fake news.

COOPER: No, I'm just saying you can text your comments and your wishes to AC360 or to 22360. We'll run them at the bottom of the screen. We're doing that right now and as always standard rates apply, void where prohibited.

GRIFFIN: I hope to God someone is screening them because really neither one of us are in a position. Would you like to hear a fan question?


GRIFFIN: Ok. Do you know where Lou Dobbs body is buried and why did you get him fired?

COOPER: You know, I don't know. I don't know anything about that.

GRIFFIN: Your honor, I rest to my case. Oh, I know. What is your Jersey Shore name?

COOPER: I have not seen Jersey Shore, this TV show. I saw it on the suit...


COOPER: I know...

GRIFFIN: Even Amanpour has seen jersey shore. You guys, you have to tweet like a Jersey Shore name for Anderson. Like my Jersey Shore name is Fisty. Yes, because when I go off, the fists are going to be flying with juice. So I'm Fisty or maybe little Fisty and you should be like Andy abs or something, although I don't mean to be rude, you're looking a little chubby.

COOPER: I know, I am.

GRIFFIN: A little out of shape.

COOPER: A little doughy, I am.

GRIFFIN: A little doughy.

COOPER: Yes, I know.


COOPER: I need to lose like 8 pounds...

GRIFFIN: What's your body fat, three percent? You can't go over three Anderson we have a deal. So please help us with Andy's -- oh Andy is a drinking game. Every time I call him Andy instead of Anderson you have to drink. And if you're my mother, you empty that box of wine like a good mother, hi Maggie.

COOPER: Up next, we're going to take you to Vegas and Florida...

GRIFFIN: Whatever Andy said, whatever Andy said.

COOPER: And we're going to figure out why we're still here but Lady Gaga has been here with us this year.

GRIFFIN: I just assume anyone we hear -- I think Ryan Seacrest assaulted her and killed her. I don't have proof but I think there's a small chance that happened.

COOPER: All right, we'll be right back live from Times Square and around the world and around America. We'll be right back.


PHIL BLACK, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: I'm Phil Black in (INAUDIBLE) and these are the final moments of 2009. The clock is ticking down. Big bell chimes are already going off. Crowds of hundreds of thousands of people are now making the final countdown into 2010. Anderson, there you go. That is bringing in the New Year London style. Back to you.

COOPER: And that was New Year's around the world; a view there from London, fireworks above the Thames, revelry in 2010.

GRIFFIN: Can you find London on a map?

COOPER: Yes, I can't find London on the map.

GRIFFIN: Because I know you're geographically challenged.

COOPER: I'm geographically challenged that is true.

GRIFFIN: All right, do you what country it's in?


GRIFFIN: Continent?


GRIFFIN: Would you like to take a gander? This is your moment.

COOPER: That's an easy one.

GRIFFIN: Don't get Ripa on me. I know there's some sort of cat fight going on between me and Ripa. I will take her down. Hi, Ripa.

COOPER: I love Kelly Ripa.

GRIFFIN: Now, what are you wearing tonight?

COOPER: She says she's going to be watching tonight.

GRIFFIN: She lies, she drinks something, she lies.

COOPER: She's not.

GRIFFIN: What are you wearing tonight?

COOPER: What am I wearing?

GRIFFIN: Who are you wearing? Yes.

COOPER: I don't know, a Ralph Lauren jacket.

GRIFFIN: Finally you admitted it. Every year you have some whole story about, I don't know, Target maybe. Whatever. I'm wearing Dennis Besso (ph) and it goes back tomorrow like Cinderella.

COOPER: Like Cinderella.

We're back down, counting the New Year. This is the third time doing the show with Kathy. We've got a Twitter question for her.


COOPER: This is from your page.

GRIFFIN: It's very modern. It's like being on the Jetsons or something. A Twitter question, you don't say?

COOPER: (INAUDIBLE) Wants to know what Kathy thinks of...

GRIFFIN: We don't call them twits.

COOPER: You can't say that on television.

GRIFFIN: When people call me -- they correspond with me -- I don't call them twits or tweets. I call them...

COOPER: You can't say it.

GRIFFIN: I have a...

COOPER: No. Kathy, this guy Vinny31, wants to know what you thought of Lady Gaga who was one of our performers last year. Lady Gaga got a very big year this year.

GRIFFIN: We discovered her, let's face it. We put her on the map.

COOPER: I know, totally and now...

GRIFFIN: Now she's running around in a burqa getting awards. I love it. I like it. There's no downside.

COOPER: We probably couldn't even get her on the show if we try this year.


COOPER: We did away with musical acts this year.

GRIFFIN: Ok, hold on.


GRIFFIN: We can't get anyone on the show. Who are you kidding? Last year we had Lil Wayne calling me Kathy Griffin, Lee Gifford or whatever.

COOPER: I want to probably show that again, because I love that moment.

GRIFFIN: Oh you love that don't you?

COOPER: Here's a look at some of the -- more of our highlights and maybe some of our low lights from the last two years.


GRIFFIN: Let's throw stuff at the Jonas brothers. You're frauds. COOPER: You can't do that. You just threw something at the Jonas brothers.

GRIFFIN: Yes, I did, I'm going to throw a rock at them if I can.

Happy New Year. Sorry. Hi, everybody. Take your hands off me. Honestly.

COOPER: Kathy was saying it's like the prom she never had.

GRIFFIN: That's true.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right now we want to have a special shout out to Mr. Anderson Cooper and Miss Kathy Griffin Lee.

COOPER: You know, that wasn't Kathy Griffin on a pole.


COOPER: That was some of the backup dancers for Lil Wayne.

GRIFFIN: That's why one of my nieces, Claire, wants me to hook her up with him. And I'm all for it. I think it's a great idea and I'd like to see her on a pole.


COOPER: You know it's a problem when you want to show a musical act on television and then you can't actually show the musical acts.

GRIFFIN: Anderson, you know what's funny, you suck, too. I love the New York fans. Shut up. You know what? Screw you. I'm working.

COOPER: Kathy, what can I say? I mean, it was ok, it was adequate.

GRIFFIN: It was a night on the D-list for you. I'm taking you down the rabbit hole with me.


COOPER: I love that Lil Wayne called you...

GRIFFIN: Oh, I know you do. I get it. And by the way, that's my show, it's called "My life on the D-list," coming back for season six on Bravo after winning two Emmys.


GRIFFIN: Although I lost this year and I'm bitter.

COOPER: Well, that's ok.

GRIFFIN: I'm really...

COOPER: There's always next year.

GRIFFIN: I'm really bitter. I can't -- I'm never -- I'm getting a hard time getting over. I'm sorry, are we on TV?


GRIFFIN: Ok, what were you saying? Oh you know what?

I have a favorite moment. I watch your show or your show every night. I keep waiting for you to do a news story.

COOPER: What was that?

GRIFFIN: Have you ever actually interviewed anyone like in politics?


GRIFFIN: Have you been -- do you get nervous?


GRIFFIN: So you're saying that every so often you interview someone in the field of politics? Name one person in politics you have ever even talked to.

COOPER: President Obama.

GRIFFIN: It doesn't ring a bell. Is he on "Jersey Shore"? I love that show.

All right, look, I had a favorite moment with Anderson, too, and it was when one of my idols, Miss Nancy Grace, who if I could have my own ticket it would be the Nancy Grace, Suze Orman for president ticket. And there was a moment when you clearly did not want to be sitting in for Larry King, one of my lovers; I have a little thing on the side with him.

And she brought the twins. Now, when she brought the twins, number one, I didn't feel you handled it very well.

COOPER: I didn't know what to do. I must admit it...

GRIFFIN: Also, I think you thought the twins were her breasts.

COOPER: No, I didn't think that.

COOPER: Well, let's take a look. Shall we?


COOPER: Would you want these kids to follow in your footsteps?

NANCY GRACE, HLN ANCHOR: I want them to do whatever will make them happy. Oh here she goes.

Anderson what did you to him?


COOPER: this is where things started to go downhill.

She accused me of like doing something to her twins.

GRIFFIN: The husband had to come in and save the day.

You've been to Rwanda, so you say. Oh, I could watch you and the twins all day long. I'm not kidding. You would be the worst au pair ever.

COOPER: Well, it seemed to go on for several hours.

GRIFFIN: Oh I know and I watched it all three times.

Now, there's been a lot of serious programming that you've done and I love CNN Heroes. I thought that was great, but I did have a question, you honored all these great people that have contributed to society. Who on CNN of the Heroes was just like a total D-bag?

COOPER: Oh I don't know what you mean.

GRIFFIN: And who was a total a-hole?

COOPER: I don't know what you mean?

GRIFFIN: Come on.

COOPER: None of the heroes...

GRIFFIN: There has to be one that's like a jerk backstage.

COOPER: No, all of them were great, lovely people.

GRIFFIN: Like have you ever met Sully. He's not that friendly. Yes I'm throwing that one Sully...

COOPER: Are you kidding?


COOPER: You're dissing Sully?

GRIFFIN: I'm dissing Sully.

COOPER: That's like the third rail. You can't do that.

GRIFFIN: Do you know what they're called, honey? And I've got brass ones. Can I say any of these words?

COOPER: Shoes, your brass shoes?

GRIFFIN: Yes that's right, that's my big low hanging brass shoes. You're ridiculous. All right, so...

COOPER: You're pointing to your feet. I don't know what you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: I'm trying to not get you fired because -- although I think Nancy Grace would do very well in your time slot.

COOPER: I'm sure she would.

GRIFFIN: Does she kick your butt in the numbers area, I bet she does?

COOPER: I don't - yes, you know, up and down we go back and forth.

GRIFFIN: Do you ever cover anyone named Caylee or Haylee?

COOPER: No, actually, I want to do something. I want to show you some of the newsmakers from this past year, and just to get your take on them.


COOPER: Oh let's not do them.

GRIFFIN: I love this is your idea of news first of all.

COOPER: Ok, let's do this, to you remember them? The Heene's...

GRIFFIN: Oh, that's Richard Heene...

COOPER: Of course.

GRIFFIN: .. and I admire their stick-to-itiveness.


GRIFFIN: I admit that I followed the balloon boy scandal.

COOPER: Now here's...

GRIFFIN: Did you watch it when it was happening?

COOPER: Oh of course, I did. My favorite moment was when here, when balloon boy, Falcon, said, who the hell is Wolf? Do you remember that?

GRIFFIN: What? Falcon?

COOPER: It's Falcon Heene.

GRIFFIN: Falcon? How do you say it?

COOPER: Terrible. Really terrible.

GRIFFIN: So do you admit that you did not know it was a hoax when it was happening?

COOPER: As soon as I saw the Larry King thing I knew it was a hoax, I didn't actually see the event...

GRIFFIN: You know what? There's no news person that will admit that they didn't know it was a hoax.

COOPER: I didn't actually see the thing because I was actually working for "60 Minutes."

GRIFFIN: What were you wearing?

COOPER: I don't know what I was wearing I was interviewing Jeffery Canada anyway...

GRIFFIN: Boxers or briefs?

COOPER: Kanye West? Thoughts?

GRIFFIN: Ok, best thing that ever happened to Taylor Swift. I think she owes him a muffin basket. I would kill for that kind of publicity.

COOPER: Susan Boyle.

GRIFFIN: Love her or him.


GRIFFIN: I don't put her on a box. I don't judge like you.

COOPER: Come on.

GRIFFIN: I love her. I have some CD.

COOPER: Come on.

GRIFFIN: Ok. I see myself in a lesbian three-way with her...

COOPER: All right, that's enough.

GRIFFIN: ... and Oprah.

COOPER: Oh, geez.

GRIFFIN: I guess, you're not (INAUDIBLE) with any of this.

COOPER: Ok, this, what was this about?

GRIFFIN: I'm in love. I found love in my life. How about that? I'm engaged to Levi Johnston.

COOPER: What is -- he's not kissing you though, he's like rubbing...

GRIFFIN: Oh, I feel like kicking, I feel like kicking.

COOPER: He's rubbing his cheek against your cheek.

GRIFFIN: Now, are you saying I don't have a baby bump from Levi Johnston?

COOPER: What about this one?

GRIFFIN: Ok, that would be a great guy for me because I see a lot of pictures in really good newspapers like "Us Weekly"... COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: ... and "Life & Style". Do you ever read the paper?

COOPER: Do you like his Ed Hardy stuff?

GRIFFIN: Yes, I like a bedazzled -- I would love to see you just once head to toe Ed Hardy. Just one time.


GRIFFIN: Keeping him honest. I'm trying to keep you honest.

COOPER: As you said, we're going to be showing you New Year's celebrations around the U.S.

Right now, let's go to Las Vegas where Lance Bass is outside of Planet Hollywood.

GRIFFIN: Lance Bass is on this trip.

COOPER: On this trip. Lance, how are you doing?

GRIFFIN: Hi, Lance.

LANCE BASS, GUEST CORRESPONDENT: How is it going, Anderson. Hi, Kathy. How are you all doing? I've got to say you know...

GRIFFIN: We miss you.

BASS: ... Vegas is definitely getting crazy. You know it's like three hours behind, that people here are going nuts already. And I have to say, Kathy, you have definitely inspired us on this show. I know it's a family show, but we're kind of doing a drinking game here.

Anytime that you mention Oprah, Gail, or Ryan Seacrest, everyone has to take a shot; so, yes, everyone is going to be pretty plastered in a couple of hours.

But I have to say right now, I have a couple of friends here that I have just met, Emily and Gerrard and they just got married.

EMILY MURTAUGH, NEWLYWEDS: Actually, you should have been our best man because you match my dress.

BASS: I know. We like match perfectly. Now, they're from Brisbane, Australia, from way Down Under. Now, why did you all come to Vegas to get married?

E. MURTAUGH: Well, I think everyone has to get married in Vegas at least once and we decided on New Year's Eve because he will never forget the date and I will always get a nice big smooch at 12:00.

GERRARD MURTAUGH, NEWLYWEDS: And there will always be fireworks I guess.

BASS: That's nice. You have a bad memory of remembering dates.

G. MURTAUGH: Exactly. All the help I can get the better.

And I have to say, I'm from Mississippi and I unfortunately had this haircut about 10 years ago.

E. MURTAUGH: Yes, Down Under we call it a mullet.

BASS: Oh a mullet, oh that's nice, it's like Target hero, our Target.

So as things are getting crazy here in Vegas, you know definitely not rainy and cold like it is in Times Square. I think Vegas on the strip is the new Times Square and I'm still happy to be here.

COOPER: Is that guy's hair real, Lance?

BASS: What's that?

COOPER: Oh, is the hair real?

BASS: No, the hair is not real.


G. MURTAUGH: It's beautiful.

E. MURTAUGH: He's actually really handsome underneath there. Should I show?

BASS: Yes, we want to see. Take the hair off. There we go. We love our Aussies. We love our Aussies.

G. MURTAUGH: Thank you, man.

E. MURTAUGH: And do you like my dress?

BASS: I do, I like it because we match.

E. MURTAUGH: My girlfriend made it.

BASS: Oh that's good.

E. MURTAUGH: Renee, hi Renee thank you. You made the most beautiful wedding dress ever.

BASS: That is very nice.

COOPER: All right.

GRIFFIN: Lance, take it easy. That's your old life.

BASS: So I take it back to you Anderson...


GRIFFIN: You were really serious about keeping it honest. You made that guy take his mullet off.

COOPER: No I didn't make him. I just asked the question.

GRIFFIN: God everybody has to be keeping him honest.

COOPER: Lance, we'll check in with you again from Vegas in a little bit. Just ahead: a look back at 2009 as we also look ahead at 2010; New Year's Eve live from Times Square. We'll be right back.



FIRST LT. ELVIA RODRIGUEZ, U.S. ARMY: Hi. I'm First Lieutenant Elvia Rodriguez stationed here at Bagram Airfield and I wanted to wish Anderson and Kathy a Happy New Year's and my family back in Cameron, Texas. My mom, my dad, Rick, Leo and Rha (ph) happy holidays, I love and miss you.

45TH SUSTAIMENT BRIGADE MED. TEAM, JOINT U.S. SERVICES: Hi, we're the 45th Sustainment Brigade Medical Team from Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. We'd like to say happy New Year to Kathy and Anderson and happy New Year to our families. Love you, mom, dad, Christy.


COOPER: New Year's wishes from one of nearly 200,000 troops there in the war zones right now...

GRIFFIN: That is very, very touching and exciting. I would like to give a shout out to my friend Lieutenant Colonel Todd Purcell and all the people that worked with him and the men and women who work beside them. Sorry. I'm getting all choked up and serious.

COOPER: You were in Iraq, you were also at Walter Reed Hospital.

GRIFFIN: Iraq, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kuwait and then we did a show at Walter Reed, and on the "D-list" we kind of do like one serious episode a year. So we have a lot of stuff planned for season six of "My Life on the D List." It will be action packed, I promise.

COOPER: I think a lot of people who aren't associated with the military don't understand the sacrifice not only our troops make but that their families make back home when they're serving overseas.

GRIFFIN: We tried to focus on that on the Walter Reed episode because the wives of so many of them are so young and the young moms. It's really important that they get their moment and that they're heard. And I found that a big part of it was just hearing their stories and this thing as you know going over there.

But they are not forgotten. We do not forget you for one single second.

COOPER: Now, we want to send our wishes to all the troops serving overseas and their families who are watching tonight. I hope you have a great New Year.

GRIFFIN: So is that where you now segue into Poppy Harlow?

COOPER: Well, no actually, I wanted to ask you about an incident with you and John King.

GRIFFIN: I have been in bed with John King and I've seen his "State of His Union."


GRIFFIN: Yes. I'm not afraid, I'm not ashamed.

COOPER: There it is, explain, how did that happen?

GRIFFIN: All right, here's the deal.

A lot of men are in love with me and I'm friends with Dana Bash and in fact we staged this photo and I swear to God we staged it for you. And we had dinner and then John showed me his fake Emmy because I have two real Emmys and he showed me some fakie local news I'm a weatherman Emmy, I'm not sure. And then he hit on me and then I slept with him.

Are you buying any of this?

COOPER: None of that happened. Did you know that -- I just want to briefly say on Thanksgiving I texted Kathy just saying to her Happy Thanksgiving.

GRIFFIN: It was a really sweet text.

COOPER: And do you know what she texted back? Are you drunk? That's what she responded. Not even Happy Thanksgiving. Just are you drunk?

GRIFFIN: Keeping him honest. You know, you guys do, I noticed a series that you did, "Black in America", Latino -- I was wondering would you and John King ever do "Dreamy in America"?

COOPER: Let's check in with Poppy Harlow who's at Times Square down in the crowd somewhere.

GRIFFIN: Oh Poppy, how are you, honey?

COOPER: Poppy, what are you hearing there?


POPPY HARLOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hi, Kathy, baby. Hi, Kathy baby. Well, first of all, you're all so dreamy in America, but look at this crowd that we have here tonight. Let's hear it, guys, happy New Year.

We have some great resolutions. First and foremost love this guy's resolution. What is it?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would be nicer to my wife and spoil them all for 2010. HARLOW: That's a great resolution.

Now, we have an Iraq vet here. First of all, thank you for your service. What is your resolution?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm actually -- my resolution right now is to go to the Dominican Republic with my wife and enjoy our vacation.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's our resolution.

HARLOW: That's a great resolution. Enjoy it. A little nice event today. And, of course, here and right here we have -- this is my favorite resolution. Let's hear it, it's so not peacy (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: To gain weight and start smoking.

HARLOW: Gain weight and start smoking. I cannot condone that, but good luck.

We have something special for you, Anderson and Kathy. We've been practicing all night. Are you ready? One, two, three.

It's my favorite song. It's "New York" by Jay-z and everyone is dancing and then they practice a little wave, right? Ready? Everyone having a great time here, we're just getting it started.

Back to you guys, Anderson and Kathy.

COOPER: All right. There you go. Poppy, thanks. Poppy, you look a little cold.


HARLOW: I'm not cold. I'm from Minnesota. This is nothing.

COOPER: Ok. All right. Let's check in now with...

GRIFFIN: Was Poppy just an intern ten minutes ago? I mean, really, what's going on?

COOPER: No. Come on now.

GRIFFIN: Are you sure?

COOPER: She's -- I'm not going to answer that question.

GRIFFIN: She was doing the cabbage patch to a Jay-Z song, but global audience, I just want to tell you -- do you want to tell them what you asked me right before we went on live?


GRIFFIN: With no hint of irony. He turns to me and he goes, do you know Jay-Z? No. Why would you ever... COOPER: I don't know. You hang out with celebrities all the time.

GRIFFIN: You know what, you're out of control? I'm keeping you honest.

COOPER: The segue was that I like that song, "New York".

GRIFFIN: Do you know Jay-Z?


GRIFFIN: Then stop trying to up front and act like you're all up in Jay-Z's business.

COOPER: Trying to up front?


COOPER: I like it when you can't get real.

GRIFFIN: I'm staying...


COOPER: I like it when you can't be real Kathy Griffin.

GRIFFIN: I can't say organs.

COOPER: Let's check in with John Zarrella who's in Key West with a New Year's tradition that involves Sushi in a shoe -- John.

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Anderson. You know, it's our eighth year down here. Bigger and bigger every year; 20,000 - 25,000 people on the street. You know, Sushi is up in the shoe. That's the drag queen who at midnight will descend in that red slipper with her bottle of champagne.

And you know, there's a couple signs here; people bringing their "AC Rocks", "Kathy Rules" signs. Every year we end up with a special guest here, and our special guest -- I'm losing my head set. Our special guest this year, Cher.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hi, John. It's go great to be here. Happy New Year Times Square. Hi, mom.

ZARRELLA: What are you doing here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What am I doing? I came here for a little sun and fun. It got a little chilly guys; it broke into the 70s. I had to put on long pants.

ZARRELLA: But it's beautiful here today.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's beautiful and it's great having you here.

ZARRELLA: Are you going to do a little act up on stage? UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Actually I'm getting ready to go sing a number right now.

ZARRELLA: Right now? Go.


ZARRELLA: Go do your thing.

Anderson, Kathy -- again, spectacular year. At midnight Sushi descending in the shoe, but first, Cher; marvelous night here in Key West.

COOPER: It is one of the traditions we've been following on this program for the last couple of years. We're going to be showing you how New Year is being celebrated across the United States and all across the world.

And again a reminder we're doing something new this year. You can send us your New Year's wishes and messages for friends and family. Text them to AC360 or 22360, we'll run them at the bottom of the screen and standard rates apply as always.

GRIFFIN: I have real Twitter questions I'm kind of excited about.

COOPER: You go. You go Kathy.

GRIFFIN: You have to say the name. It's like STPC. If Anderson Cooper was a dessert item, what would he be? I'm going to say vanilla-covered strawberry.

COOPER: What does that mean?

GRIFFIN: I don't know. I'm keeping you honest. All right. Hold on. I have another one.


GRIFFIN: This one -- I can't say the user name because even the user name is profane.

COOPER: Ok. That's not good. That's not a good sign.

GRIFFIN: Ok. This is for you. Anderson -- remember, this is a compliment. Don't screw up my lights.


GRIFFIN: Anderson, how do you not just stare in the mirror all day and pleasure yourself because you're so gorgeous?

COOPER: Ok. Good night, everyone. Thank you very much. We'll be -- thank you.

GRIFFIN: What they meant is because it's a pleasure to see you.

COOPER: It's been a pleasure so to see you, as well.

GRIFFIN: And you're wonderful.

COOPER: Thank you very much.

I'll be sending out my resume tomorrow.

GRIFFIN: I'm hiring a new receptionist. Good luck.

You don't think that's a little bit of a compliment?

COOPER: I can't -- I don't know.

GRIFFIN: I might hire Poppy. She seems a little more qualified, frankly.

COOPER: Anything else? Any other Twitter you want to read?

GRIFFIN: How does Christiane Amanpour take her coffee?

COOPER: I don't know what that means.

GRIFFIN: I'm just pretty sure that what you really do here is you just get everyone's coffee and you just don't want to admit it. I'm trying to keep you honest. Watch the light. Watch the light.

By the way, I saw in Key West there was Cher and I think you should know that I went to Cher's for Christmas.

COOPER: I saw that in your -- I saw that in your stage show. You talked about that, didn't you?

GRIFFIN: Yes. What about...


COOPER: Yes I was. How was that?

GRIFFIN: It was fantastic.

COOPER: Cher is really cool. You know...

GRIFFIN: She's cool.

COOPER: She's really cool.

GRIFFIN: She watches you. She's a giant news junkie.

COOPER: She is. And she watches C-Span and every now and then she'll call into C-Span...

GRIFFIN: She'd call?

COOPER: yes and she'll be like -- right -- she'll be like "I'm calling from Malibu" and...

GRIFFIN: I have a question about the government.

COOPER: And then the guy will be, "Is this Cher?" She's like, "Yes."

GRIFFIN: No. She said she has like a special Cher hotline so they know it's her.

COOPER: And during and after Hurricane Katrina she was watching the program and she saw a woman who was feeding people out of her own pocket and she donated money very generously and didn't want publicity about it or anything.

GRIFFIN: Yes. And she's done -- I believe she's done the best for the troops.

COOPER: No, I know about this.

GRIFFIN: Her helmets?

COOPER: She's done helmets for the Marine Corps to make them better padded to cut down on severe head injuries.

All right. We're going to take a quick break -- we're really bonding, aren't we?

GRIFFIN: It's a little scary for me.

And Andy.

COOPER: Back in a moment.

GRIFFIN: I'm just here with Andy.

COOPER: We're on New Year's Eve live from Times Square.

GRIFFIN: Oprah and Ryan are not here.

COOPER: We'll be right back.

GRIFFIN: Hi, mom.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Happy New Year, Anderson and Kathy.

COOPER: those are the University of Oregon cheerleaders. Were you ever a cheerleader?

GRIFFIN: I could punch you in the face right now. Yes, I was a cheerleader. And I was really popular and boys were really nice to me.

Now, is it considered assault if I actually kick you in your organ? I mean organs like a Casio.

COOPER: Let's check in with Lance Bass. You have an assistant...

GRIFFIN: My assistant Tiffany who chose...

COOPER: Not to be here.

GRIFFIN: No, not with us.

COOPER: Chose to be in Vegas with Lance Bass.

GRIFFIN: Because it's more fun.

COOPER: Let's check in with Lance who I think has Tiffany.

GRIFFIN: Tiffany.

BASS: How is it going, guys? Yes, I do have your assistant here, Tiffany, Kathy and I have to say I think she might be working for me after tonight. What do you say, Tiff?


BASS: Wow, she's drinking.

TIFFANY: Still team Griffin at heart.

BASS: She's drinking I know. I was looking for the biggest lush on the strip and who knew.

TIFFANY: It's juice.

BASS: This is what they call Jesus juice, right?

So what do you expect for tonight? Is this your first time in Vegas on New Year's?

TIFFANY: First time in Vegas on New Year's and you will be holding my hair back at some point.

BASS: Oh Lord. I can't wait.

We're three hours behind and things are still just getting crazier and crazier. They've shut off the Strip here. I want to say there's like 400,000 people on the Strip and we got the new City Center here right across from Planet Hollywood and I mean, it's going to be a nutty time. Once you all go to bed, our party is just starting.

COOPER: Lance, I think Kathy wants to talk to Tiffany.

GRIFFIN: I would like to do Tiffany's evaluation right now. First of all, she promised me only apple cider. And also Tiffany, warning is not going to go your way.

First of all, I'd like to show you my tour manager, Tom.


GRIFFIN: What is Tom wearing?

COOPER: I don't know what it is. It's like an oompa-loompa. I don't know.

GRIFFIN: I have lost control of my team.

COOPER: Team Griffin has completely dissolved.

GRIFFIN: Why does Tiffany just keep pointing to the booze like that's going to make all the pain go bye-bye?

COOPER: I don't know. Anyway...

BASS: It's all about...


BASS: They're slowly coming over.

TIFFANY: Can I have tomorrow off?

BASS: She wants tomorrow off.

I don't think so.

COOPER: Lance, we'll check in with you. I know we'll check in with Tiffany.

GRIFFIN: This would never happen to Campbell Brown.


Every year right around now two things happen. Kathy makes our lawyers cough up a hair ball and Gary Tuchman gets ready to run...

GRIFFIN: All set Gary.

COOPER: Gary Tuchman gets ready to run for the Central Park.

GRIFFIN: Are you sure that's how you pronounce it?

COOPER: Gary, this is a strange tradition, only happens I think in New York, right?

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: That's right. First of all, Happy New Year, Anderson and Kathy. Great to be with you again.

Neither the rain, the sleet, or the snow are keeping the runners from their appointed rounds this year for the 31st consecutive year. It's the midnight run in Central Park. These are the runners. Up to 4,500 people. Are you guys ready to run?


TUCHMAN: From all over the world they come, four-mile run that begins at the stroke of midnight about 15 minutes of fireworks, people running around the park -- it's a great tradition. Family thing to do; these are two families from -- where are you guys from.

CROWD: Buffalo.

TUCHMAN: Buffalo, New York. When people talk about New York, they only think of New York City and that's a slight, isn't it to Buffalo.


TUCHMAN: Buffalo's a great city west of New York.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A wonderful city.

TUCMAN: How many of you are running today?

Are you all going to finish the race?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No one is saying about finishing.

TUCHMAN: That's the thing -- no one's going to say anything about it. You don't have to finish. It's not a rule.

You know, there's a 91-year-old man racing in this race. There's a 4- year-old girl racing in this race. It's actually -- there's prize money -- the first place finishers get $500. If I win, I guess I'm not an amateur anymore because I will be running, too. I will be running for the fourth year in a row, hoping to finish the race. Running with this young participant; she's 12 years old and she's a repeat performer.

This is my daughter Samantha Tuchman, 12 years old. Samantha and I last week spent the week training in Hawaii on vacation for this race. She took her allowance money and flew me and her mother and her brother and sister to Hawaii. How was our training in Hawaii? How did it work, do you think?


TUCHMAN: I think it's easier to run here in the snow and sleet, isn't it?

S. TUCHMAN: Definitely.

TUCHMAN: We're going to take off these coats Samantha and I; 4,500 other people at the stroke of midnight, Anderson and Kathy, we'll be running here in Central Park. Back to you.

COOPER: All right, Gary. Thanks very much. We'll follow you at the stroke of midnight. We'll see.

We are just 18 minutes away from the big ball dropping...

GRIFFIN: I'm sorry, J.Lo is right behind us and I don't care what you're saying. I'm not saying she's singing. I'm just saying she's fierce. The word is fierce. She's wearing sparkly leggings which I could kick myself for not wearing and now she's done lip synching.

What were you saying about news and world events again, Anderson?

COOPER: Let's take look at the ball. This giant Waterford crystal ball.

GRIFFIN: How dare you?


GRIFFIN: You heard what you said. I don't want to look at the ball anymore.

COOPER: Ok. There it is; the huge giant Waterford crystal ball at the stroke of midnight will come down. Actually about 20 seconds before midnight.

GRIFFIN: What will we look at?

COOPER: It will start to lower. Actually the final minute it will start to lower and then we'll count out the last...

GRIFFIN: What's going to lower?

COOPER: ... ten seconds. The giant crystal. 17 minutes left to go.

GRIFFIN: You're afraid to say the word balls.

COOPER: We're also going to go all the way to 12:30...

GRIFFIN: Oh, we're going all the way, honey, with that ball drop.

COOPER: New Year's from Hong Kong to Hawaii as we celebrate 2010.

GRIFFIN: How quickly can you get reassigned? Hello, Ed Henry, it's me. Take me away.

COOPER: We'll be right back.


KRISTIE LU STOUT, CNN INTERNATIONAL: I'm Kristie Lu Stout in the Hong Kong harbor. About a million people are expected on the streets to celebrate a New Year. All eyes are fixed on the countdown clocks behind me. It's on the IFC 2 building, the largest, tallest building in Hong Kong. Let's listen in.

COOPER: That's cool. New Year's in Hong Kong which arrived on ...

GRIFFIN: Have you ever been to Hong Kong?

COOPER: No, I have not.

GRIFFIN: Have you ever left the country on a news story?

COOPER: Yes, I have. No, I haven't been to Hong Kong?

GRIFFIN: Honest? COOPER: Honest.

GRIFFIN: Do you remember when you were interviewing Melissa Etheridge about pot and it looked like you guys were both really high?

COOPER: No. It didn't look like that at all.

GRIFFIN: And remember when you went to the pot store and got a little discombobulated?

COOPER: I did go to the pot store. I didn't get discombobulated at all.

GRIFFIN: What about the pot brownies.

COOPER: It was a medical marijuana dispensary and I was doing a story.

GRIFFIN: Really?


GRIFFIN: That's not what Melissa said. Yes, that threw you. Can we please read one of the Twitter questions?

COOPER: Sure. Yes.

GRIFFIN: This is from Derichno. This is the question. Do you have a new mattress?

COOPER: Yes. I got a new...

GRIFFIN: Why is that even on the table?

COOPER: Because on the "Regis and Kelly Show" I mentioned...

GRIFFIN: Regis and Kelly is so great. Kathy Griffin is not even here. Whatever. What's going on with your mattress?

COOPER: I had the same mattress that I'd had since college for a long time.

GRIFFIN: Do you watch "Hoarders".

COOPER: I do. I have watched that...

GRIFFIN: That show is like port for me.

Remember the -- did you see the one with the guy with the bed bugs? Is that you? Are you a crazy hoarder?

COOPER: No, I'm not a crazy hoarder.

GRIFFIN: Anderson Cooper is a crazy hoarder.

COOPER: No. I'm not a crazy hoarder. GRIFFIN: And if you work on "Hoarders" you should contact him for a special episode.

COOPER: We are just 13 minutes away from the -- from that ball lowering here in Times Square, ringing in the New Year. Do you have a New Year's resolution?

GRIFFIN: What's going to lower?

COOPER: For 2010? Do you have a New Year's resolution?

GRIFFIN: To get you to say balls more.


GRIFFIN: How is it going? Andy, Oprah, Ryan.

COOPER: CNN's Ed Henry -- would you ever come to Times Square and just to watch like everyone here does?

GRIFFIN: Yes. I have. But, you know, I have been here many times. I used to do it for MTV and when I played Caroline's Comedy Club I would come out at midnight.

COOPER: But you never just came as a civilian to spend...

GRIFFIN: Yes, I think the first time. It was very exciting. There's a lot of people.

COOPER: It is. It's actually a really great -- I mean, I was a life- long New Yorker...

GRIFFIN: It's also filthy and frightening.

COOPER: It's not filthy and it's not frightening.

GRIFFIN: That's because you're in Ralph Lauren with me.

COOPER: No. But there's no alcohol in the crowd. The police are doing a great job of keeping you know everything orderly.

GRIFFIN: Are we going to hang out with Jay-Z again tonight?

COOPER: I don't know what you're talking about. I don't know Jay-Z.

GRIFFIN: What about J.Lo? Are we going to -- hey, I heard Rihanna is getting half a million dollars to do whatever fake show she's doing. What's your salary?

COOPER: I'm not getting anything.

GRIFFIN: You're doing this for free?

COOPER: Well, I mean, I'm getting my regular salary but this is...

GRIFFIN: Which is what? COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Come on. Ballpark it.

COOPER: Well, I don't want to know how much you're...

GRIFFIN: You know what? All you need to know -- more than you. That's how much I make.

COOPER: I have no doubt about that.

Ed Henry is lucky enough to be in Hawaii following the first family.

GRIFFIN: Now, what does he do?

COOPER: He's a White House correspondent.

GRIFFIN: Now, do you consider yourself to be a correspondent?

COOPER: No. I'm an anchor and a reporter and a correspondent, yes.

GRIFFIN: Really?



COOPER: Yes. I do correspondent -- I mean, I travel. I do stories from the field.

GRIFFIN: When you walked in and talked to Obama, did he say, "Hi, what's your name?"

COOPER: First of all, I don't call him Obama. I call him Mr. President.

GRIFFIN: What am I supposed to call you?

COOPER: You would call him President Obama. You don't have to say...

GRIFFIN: What if I called you Andy, Oprah Ryan?

COOPER: Let's check in with Ed Henry who's in Hawaii along with the first family. He joins us in Honolulu. Ed, how are you going to ring in the New Year?

ED HENRY, CNN SENIOR WHITE HOUSE CORRESPONDENT: Anderson, 84 degrees today. What other city in the world could bring together the full spectrum of the Village People, Rush Limbaugh, and President Obama all in Honolulu tonight.

The Village People playing here on Waikiki Beach. Rush Limbaugh was vacationing, now recuperating, we wish him well tonight in a Honolulu hospital.

The president with his family, a pretty quiet day; he took his daughters to see the movie "Avatar" in 3d. He played a little bit of golf, NOW a quiet night with family and friends; nothing but quiet though here in Waikiki. We have hula dancers, we have ukulele players. They're going to have a big fireworks show tonight.

I have the board shorts and I'm rocking tonight as well. And Anderson I can tell you this weekend the Obama family is going to have a tradition. They have a family talent show. Each family member has to come up with a special talent. And I can tell you I have been fighting all day tooth and nail to get the White House to include Kathy Griffin in this Obama talent show, but like CNN, they're saying there must be a contract with a clause that she will not cuss because there are children involved in this talent show -- Anderson.

COOPER: I think they're very wise in that.

Ed, you have a great live shot there. We've all done live shots that haven't turned out so well, that have ended up with people in the background.

GRIFFIN: What are you implying?

COOPER: No, I want to point out, Ed, you did a live shot earlier today we were all watching in the office. I think it's the best live shot I've seen in quite a while.

You had some people behind you who so wanted to be on TV. Look at this guy. He wanted his belly to be on TV.


COOPER: So, Ed, you were a great sport to put up with that. I appreciate you being on the show tonight.

Hope you have a Happy New Year and our best to the first family.

And also to Rush Limbaugh; hope he's feeling better. We're going to be back in a moment.

GRIFFIN: He's actually sweating. That's how sweet that gig is.

COOPER: It's like 80-something degrees he said.

GRIFFIN: Ok. Who dresses him? Seriously. Who dresses him?

COOPER: That's, you know, Hawaii.

GRIFFIN: That's ridiculous. You have to talk to him.

COOPER: We're going to be back in a moment.

GRIFFIN: You have to have Wolf talk to him.

COOPER: As we count down the decade, ring in 2010. This is going to be the last commercial break we take before the New Year. We're going to go live through until about 12:10. Then we'll take another break and we'll go live to 12:30. So stick around. No more commercial breaks after this. Count you down to the New Year.


COOPER: We are counting down, that's the view from the Marriott Marquee Hotel here in Times Square. It's only about six minutes away from the New Year. I'm very excited.

GRIFFIN: It's very exciting. Now, I have some more Twitter questions for you.


GRIFFIN: This one is sort of serious. When you go and do your reporting in the Muslim world do you ever grow a beard?

COOPER: I cannot grow a beard. I -- it would take me into years.

GRIFFIN: What if you just got killed because you couldn't grow a beard?

COOPER: No one is going to kill me because I can't grow a beard, I don't think.

GRIFFIN: You don't put on ...

COOPER: It would help to blend in a little bit, but, you know, no.

GRIFFIN: What about the hat wear?

COOPER: You know, I just...

GRIFFIN: You're just a target. You're a walking target.

COOPER: No, no, no.

GRIFFIN: You're a crazy albino walking target.

COOPER: I'm like an albino newt, sort of scurrying around. It's not pretty.

GRIFFIN: All right. And it's from the same Twitter person, called -- I think it's Kantabug, what is your safe word?

COOPER: I don't even know what that means.

Let's check in with Don Lemon.

GRIFFIN: I think you're going to need it later. You might want to pick one.

COOPER: Don Lemon is down in the crowd. Don, lot of excitement there; it's about five minutes now to the New Year.

GRIFFIN: Don. DON LEMON, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's very exciting. Hey, I'm working trying to give away gear because all these people are here to see you, Anderson and Kathy. And so we're giving them some CNN shrag (ph). So let's hand some of it out. We have to give them something for coming here.

They said they love CNN. And we love that they love CNN.

You know, 2009 has been a really crazy year when it comes to the news. A lot of embarrassing moments, some people had awkward moments and what have you.

This guy right here is from Atlanta. You said you have a bucket list, right?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I do, I do. I recently divorced. Decided it's time to start living my life. So I started making a list. This was on it.

LEMON: Kathy and Anderson, they were on it as well, right, to come see them in Times Square?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Absolutely of course.

LEMON: Where are you from?


LEMON: So you just followed this guy to hang out with him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Actually this is on my list, too. See falling snow, come to New York City, come to Times Square. I got them all three done on this trip.

LEMON: You know it's good. They're going to get to see, you know, the ball drop and the change of a decade.

Guess what? Most awkward moment. I never really talk about this. Anderson, you were out there with me, Kathy, you were out there. Probably covering the Michael Jackson death; it was very interesting but awkward on the Red Carpet BET Awards when I interviewed Joe Jackson. You remember that.

And he talked about selling his DVD and his whatever on Blue Ray. That was a weird moment for me as a journalist, three days after his son had died. But we wish the family well.

I'm going to toss it back to you because it's getting closer to the top of the hour. That was a bit of an awkward moment. That was for the history books.

By the way, Anderson and Kathy, that was one of the top ten awkward moments in "Time" magazine, that moment right there. Kathy and I talked about it. I'm sure she remembers it.

Back to you guys. GRIFFIN: That was a very intense moment and unusual and kind of freaky.

COOPER: All right. We are about three minutes away.

I have a Twitter from Bill who says will you be quieter so Anderson can get a word in edge wise? You don't need to run your mouth all the time. With that in mind...

GRIFFIN: Wow, I guess your keeping me honest.

COOPER: We're just about three minutes away. The crowd is listening into John Lennon's "Imagine". Let's listen in. We're going to be -- actually not be talking a lot over the next ten minutes as we ring in the New Year so you can hear the sights and sounds in Times Square right now in the final moments of 2009.

Let's listen in.


COOPER: And there is the ball which in about 15 seconds is going to start to slowly descend; 60-foot pole all the way to the bottom.

GRIFFIN: I love the purity of the movie ad behind it or TV ad behind it. It's so pure.

COOPER: Yes, it is. They probably paid an awful lot of money for that, no doubt.

GRIFFIN: That's what New Year's is about really.

COOPER: The last minute right now of 2009. The ball is just starting to drop. The crowd you can sense the excitement. Let's just listen in to some.

There's the ball, 12-foot geodesixphere (ph), double the size of last year's.

GRIFFIN: Move it along, Coop.

COOPER: Here we are counting down the last few minutes, 34 seconds. There's nowhere quite like Times Square at the stroke of midnight for about five or ten minutes. We're going to let you hear the sights and sounds without comment. Countdown the last 20 seconds now. And here we go.

Let's get ready -- nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one -- Happy New Year.