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More Details Emerge about Lacrosse Star`s Murder; What Led to Corey Haim`s Death? Olivia`s Missing Beau; Tiger`s Mistress Strikes Again?

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JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, horrifying new developments in the war on women. Yeardley Love was allegedly beaten to death by her boyfriend. Now, new reports say this guy sent death threats to this popular college athlete and tried to attack her in public just weeks before she was murdered.

Plus, shocking new details in Corey Haim`s tragic death. The coroner now says the `80s megastar died of pneumonia, meaning no accidental drug overdose, but there were numerous drugs in his system, so could his death have been prevented?

And stunning new twists and turns in the mysterious case of Olivia Newton-John`s missing ex-boyfriend. New never-before-seen documents show Patrick McDermott researched how to change his identity just before he vanished. Tonight, an ISSUES exclusive. We`ll talk live to the private eye who found Patrick McDermott hiding in Mexico.

Plus, she`s back. Rachel Uchitel, smack dab in the middle of another celebrity sex scandal. This time with TV star David Boreanaz. Rumors claim Rachel got up to 10 million clams from Tiger to keep her mouth shut. Did she try getting the same thing from the "Bones" star? Tonight, Rachel Uchitel fires back.

ISSUES starts now.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, mind-blowing developments in the brutal murder of University of Virginia co-ed and star lacrosse player Yeardley Love. Her ex-boyfriend and fellow lacrosse player George Huguely allegedly told police he did it. Still, cops were back in his apartment today, hauling away computers and stained clothing.

Twenty-two-year-old Yeardley Love was found dead inside her apartment Monday morning. She was lying on her bed, face down on her pillow in a pool of blood. Cops say evidence quickly led them to that man right there, George Huguely. Court documents show he told police they got into a fight and he shook her violently, banging her head against the wall several times.

Still, his lawyer calls Love`s death a tragic accident. Really?

As we first reported to you last night, Huguely has a history of violence. He was arrested in 2008 for public intoxication and resisting arrest. The cop who took him in says he was so out of control she had to taser him with a stun gun.


OFFICER R.L. MOSS, ARRESTED HUGUELY IN 2008: I was shocked, to say the least, when I found out that he was involved in this incident.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: That officer says Huguely shouted racial and sexual profanities at her that cannot be repeated here on TV. The female officer says he threatened to kill her, and she finally had to subdue him with a taser.

So does Huguely have a problem with women perhaps? And why wasn`t this prep school graduate and son of privilege charged with assaulting a police officer? Would everybody who did that to a cop get misdemeanor charges and probation?

I am taking your calls tonight: 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to my fantastic expert panel: Courteney Stuart, senior editor for the Charlottesville weekly newspaper, "The Hook," is with us. Former criminal investigator Steve Kardian, as well. Psychotherapist Jen Berman, we need you tonight. CNN legal analyst Lisa Bloom. So glad to have you. And Lieutenant Gary Pleasants with the Charlottesville Police Department join us on the phone.

We begin with reporter Katie Beck with WTVR.

Katie, paint a picture of what this female police officer says happened with Huguely back in 2008.

KATIE BECK, REPORTER, WTVR: Essentially, she says he was so aggressive and so combative they actually had a physical altercation in which she said she had no option but to taser him.

Even after he was tasered, he was still combative when put in the police unit. She was, basically, she was at her wit`s end. And probably the most interesting comment she made about this case was, while she was surprised to see his names in the headlines, she says she`s not surprised to see him involved in another violent incident. Although she never predicted it would be one to this extent.

The more interesting part after that is she said in court appearances that followed, Huguely had no recognition of ever being arrested by a female officer or being tasered. She said that is evidence of just how intoxicated he was at that incident.

Ironically, this officer was actually trying to help Huguely. She saw him wandering into oncoming traffic, looking very intoxicated. She was actually asking his friends at the time if there was one of you who could possibly give him a ride home, when he started spewing obscenities and insulting her, which later led to the physical altercation that I just spoke about.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, did he threaten to -- speak up, please. You`ve got a lot of traffic there. Did he threaten to kill the officer?

BECK: According to these documents, yes. That was reported. He did say, "I will kill you" as -- to her as well as to the female patrol officer that was with her at the time. Obviously, some pretty violent language that she felt necessary to include in that report and as she recounted last night.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Lisa Bloom, CNN legal analyst, this young man is a son of privilege, silver spoon kind of thing. And yet, he threatens to kill a female police officer. She tasers him. And what does he get? Public intoxication and probation. Never spends a night in jail.

Do you think everybody would be treated that way if they threatened, let`s say, somebody from the wrong side of the tracks? They became belligerent and shouted at a police officer and threatened to kill them? What could they have faced?

LISA BLOOM, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: They could have faced a long time. A criminal threat, a threat to kill someone is a very serious crime. It can be a felony in some jurisdictions.

And I think you make a very good point, Jane. This is a serious crime. And, had it been taken seriously, perhaps we could have saved this life. Threatening the life of a police officer and resisting arrest can be very serious crimes.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Here`s what Charlottesville police removed from Huguely`s apartment today: a t-shirt with a red stain. Now, could it be blood? A letter to the victim, Yeardley Love. Two laptop computers. A green spiral notebook. Two white socks. A bathroom rug. A shower curtain. An entryway rug. Blue cargo shorts.

Is this evidence that is going to be make or break, given that he has already allegedly admitted to fighting with her and slamming her head against the wall?

We`re delighted to have with us tonight Lieutenant Pleasants, who is involved in this case.

Sir, do you consider what Huguely said to officers just a couple of hours after this incident, the murder of this young lady, to be a confession?

LT. GARY PLEASANTS, CHARLOTTESVILLE POLICE DEPARTMENT (via phone): We can`t put context into what he says. We can make these as -- take these as statements against his own self-interest. And those statements are what they are. Those are statements that say he did certain acts.


PLEASANTS: To say whether the acts where he said he did -- he was shaking her violently and her head did strike the wall several times. Those are obviously statements against his own self-interest.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Did he say that she became unconscious and left her there unconscious, or did he claim that "I hit her and she went against the wall, but she was alive and her eyes were open when I left"?

PLEASANTS: Well, unfortunately, I can`t go into more of that with the case still pending in court. I have to be very careful what I can go into.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Well, let me ask Steve Kardian. Do you think that was a confession? Will it be admissible?

STEVE KARDIAN, FORMER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATOR: Yes, it depends in what context. If it was a spontaneous utterance, absolutely. If they read him his Miranda warnings, absolutely.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: They apparently did. He had been advised, and he waived his rights under Miranda.

KARDIAN: So what we see him as partially coming out. He is alleviating some of the guilt that he has and giving a partial confession. I`m sure the assault went way beyond what he initially told police in banging her head on the floor. He`s got injury to his hands. She has severe injuries about the face. I suspect that he beat her severely.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Female Officer Moss says she tried to help George Huguely that night in 2008, but instead, she says Huguely threatened to kill her. Listen to her again.


MOSS: He became more aggressive, more physical toward me. Started calling me several other terms that I`m not going to state now.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: This morning on "The Today Show," we found out Yeardley Love spent the last few hours of her life at this Charlottesville bar with friends. That was a Sunday night.

Now, when her roommate called 911, they reported her as a possible alcohol overdose.

Courteney Love [SIC], you`re with "The Hook," the Charlottesville weekly newspaper. Courteney, does UVA have a reputation of being a big party school? Give us some insight. Put -- put this tragedy into context. What were the factors that might have led up to this?

COURTENEY STUART, "THE HOOK": Well, I think historically, UVA has had somewhat of a reputation of being a party school, and it`s one that they have really tried to fight over the last, really, couple of decades and especially in the last decade.

The bar that she was at, Boylan Heights, is part of the Corner District. It`s the hot spot for students. There are shops. There are restaurants. Bars. Bands playing. So it makes a lot of sense. It`s also about two blocks -- two or three blocks, at most, from where she -- where her apartment was. So it would have been an easy stroll down with friends and then back to her apartment.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Was Huguely, like, a frat boy? Was he a member of a fraternity?

STUART: You know, I have heard a couple of different things. And I have not -- I haven`t seen his name on a fraternity list, so I hesitate to say one way or the other. I`m still trying to get that straight.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, here`s the other thing. The University of Virginia president said he did not know about that 2008 altercation with the female police officer, so Katie Beck, I`m shocked by that, given that this guy was a star lacrosse player. Why didn`t he know about that?

And apparently, didn`t Huguely have a public fight with the murder victim just two weeks ago when they broke up? Tell us about that, Katie.

BECK: Well, university officials are claiming that they didn`t know about any of this. And one of the things -- one of the first questions that we wanted to know when we found this report was, was Huguely on the lacrosse field shortly after this incident?

What we do know is that this incident happened in November of 2008. In January that conviction was final. And then a month later in February, he was starting on the UVA`s lacrosse team in their first opening game against Drexel University. He actually scored a goal in that game.

So there is a question about why there was no sanction on behalf of the university or at least the lacrosse team to try and rein some of this in. They say they had no knowledge of this incident. And they also say the policy is that it`s up to the player, that it is required to let the university know, but that didn`t happen in this case.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, maybe they want to change that policy, because people who threaten police officers don`t necessarily want to tell anybody about it. There he is, No. 11.

All right. Everybody hang in. We`re just getting started. We`re going inside George Huguely`s history of violence. And taking your calls. Cheryl, Virginia, hang in there. We`ll get you on the other side.

Plus, what killed Corey Haim? The autopsy says no accidental overdose. So what about all the drugs found in his system?

But first, the war on women claims yet another victim. Disturbing new details in Yeardley Love`s tragic murder.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re confident that Ms. Love`s death was not intended but an accident with a tragic outcome.




JOHN T. CASTEEN III, PRESIDENT, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: The loss of a student in this way is both an agonizing thing for a family and a challenge for every system and university. There is no protocol to deal with this kind of death.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: President of University of Virginia, the entire university completely shaken up by this horror. The murder of one senior. The arrest of another.

Cheryl, Virginia, your question or thought, ma`am? Cheryl?

All right. I`m going to go to Lieutenant Gary Pleasants. Let me ask you. We`ve been talking about this 2008 incident. Now, it was not in your jurisdiction. That`s -- that`s for sure. But do you think that he was treated too leniently by basically getting a slap on the wrist, no jail time, two misdemeanors for threatening a police officers and having to be tasered?

PLEASANTS: Well, unfortunately, we see this fairly often in our criminal justice system with deals being made with people. You`re talking about him not being charged with assaulting a police officer.


PLEASANTS: And unless he actually -- that wasn`t up to her to make that decision when she asked for warrants or the magistrate if he denied them, and we don`t know what happened there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But he threatened her. Couldn`t you get something more than public intoxication for threatening the life of a police officer?

PLEASANTS: Well, I would think -- certainly think so. In the resisting arrest, which is obviously where she had to fight with him. I guess I would think with the fight itself and the fact that he threatened, that something else could have certainly been done there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, thank you for weighing in on that, Lieutenant. I appreciate it. Here`s my big issue tonight. Is George Huguely a blackout bully? Could he have been in an alcoholic blackout when he allegedly killed Yeardley Love? Listen to this.


ROSS: Surprised that he was involved in another type of incident involving -- involving physical violence? No. An incident to this extent, yes.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: After his incident with the female cop, Huguely said he couldn`t remember being tasered with a stun gun.

Jen Berman, psychotherapist, how drunk do you have to be to not remember being tasered with a stun gun? And could this young man have an alcohol problem which contributed to the violence?

JAN BERMAN, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: You bet, Jane. This is a very, very disturbed kid. He has anger issues. He has impulse control issues. He has a violent history. And he very clearly and very likely has a problem with alcohol, which is a lethal combination, unfortunately, for this young girl.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And he also has, apparently, a big sense of entitlement, and if you combine that with alcohol and unprocessed rage, you know, published reports say the suspect`s parents went through a very nasty divorce.

So I`m wondering if the breakup with the girlfriend, which triggered the big public argument a couple of weeks ago and then this horrific incident, might have triggered some old feelings of separation anxiety and abandonment.

BERMAN: Absolutely. And one thing we know is that this kind of violence doesn`t happen in a bubble. It`s very likely that there was violence in this relationship prior. And that kind of thing tends to only escalate and escalate. And when a woman leaves a violent intimate, her odds of being killed go up exponentially. So it is -- it is not terribly surprising, given this history, that this terrible, terrible incident has happened.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Gail, Virginia. Your question or thought, ma`am?

CALLER: Yes, ma`am. The colleges here, Washington and Lee University, Virginia Military Institute, there`s always drunken brawls on the weekend, during the week. The police officers here have their hands full.

But if you have prestige and you have money, you can get out of anything. That`s just the way it is. It`s been like this for years here. And I feel myself if they had done more with him, this girl would still be alive today.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Katie Beck, is there a problem with public drunkenness among privileged kids who go to these universities?

BECK: I mean, I think there`s a problem with public drunkenness where there are most universities. I think the problem here was that he became so aggressive and combative for obviously no reason at all. This officer was trying to help him. And the next thing he knows, this guy has her on the ground. She has to use a taser to restrain him. Even after that, he continues to be a problem.

So obviously, this was an unusual case, and there was so much aggression and violence used here that they had to take extreme measures.



VELEZ-MITCHELL: We`re out of time. Sorry. But we`re going to stay on top of this story. So stay back here on ISSUES, because we`re going to bring you the latest developments.

Coming up, an ISSUES exclusive. I`m going to talk one-on-one with the private investigator to tracked down Olivia Newton-John`s missing boyfriend. You wouldn`t believe how he tracked this guy down. It`s an absolutely astounding story.

And by the way, don`t forget: Mother`s Day is this Sunday. We`re paying tribute to moms and all the things that they do, the wonderful things, every day.


LEAH REMINI, ACTRESS: To all my moms out there, happy Mother`s Day. Enjoy your day, and observe it. (UNINTELLIGIBLE)


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, ISSUES investigates what killed `80s TV heartthrob Corey Haim. The autopsy report is complete. The L.A. coroner says 38-year-old Corey died in March of natural causes: pneumonia, an enlarged heart, and clogged arteries.

But the toxicology report also shows traces of several prescription drugs in his system. Now, the coroner says those drugs were not contributing factors to Corey`s death. In other words he did not O.D. on drugs.

Still, Corey`s inner circle said he was clean and sober in the weeks before his death. Tragically, that has now been disproved. Trace amounts of pot, Valium, Prozac, at least eight drugs in all were found in his system.

Now, remember California Attorney General Jerry Brown says Corey was doctor shopping to get 553 prescription pills in the two months before his death. Listen to this.


JERRY BROWN, CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY GENERAL: March 5 is Vicodin. That sounds pretty dangerous to me. It`s addictive. Valium. You put the two together on the same day, and we`re not talking a couple of pills. We`re talking enough to do some real damage.

And then, in the weeks before that, more Vicodin, more Valium and some other things. So -- and then if you go back to `09, you`re talking thousands of pills.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, Corey admitted doing coke and crack in `94. In 2007 he told Larry King he was a, quote, "chronic relapser."

Straight out to Allison, CEO of the Pasadena Recovery Center.

What do you make, Allison Triessl, of there being trace elements of all those drugs in his system, and yet the coroner says they did not contribute to his death?

ALLISON TRIESSL, CEO, PASADENA RECOVERY CENTER: Well, Jane, I read the coroner`s report today. And I take them at their word that that was not the cause of death.

But I also noted that he had an anti-depressant, an anti-psychotic, Valium, muscle relaxers, a tranquilizer and marijuana in his system. So certainly, all of those things couldn`t help the situation. And as most addicts will tell you, this is a slow death anyway. If you`re taking 550 pills in a two-month period, you`re -- you`re dying anyway.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, one of the reasons this is an issue is that his family and his agent in particular had insisted right here on ISSUES that he was clean at the time of his death.

And I`m a recovering alcoholic myself. I just celebrated my 15th- year birthday sober, and you know that if you have any pot or any Valium or any of these sedatives in your system, you`re not -- you can`t call yourself sober. It`s like one drop of alcohol, that`s a slip.

TRIESSL: Well, this was someone who is clearly not sober. I mean, this is someone who is clearly dependent on prescription pills. We know from reports that he had at least -- he had at least 550 prescription pills in two months. It doesn`t take a rocket scientist to say, "Hey, that`s a big problem."

And certainly, this is a horrible tragedy. And I`m certain that it makes the manager and the mother feel a lot better that that wasn`t the reason that he died. But again, I tell you, having pills like this in your system is a slow death anyway.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: What`s interesting is that they were only trace elements, which leads me to believe that, as he became sick, he didn`t feel like doing those drugs as much, because he was quite sick. And maybe he decided to try to recuperate, and then he dies. It`s such a tragedy. Our hearts go out to the family.

Allison, thank you.

From golfer to TV star, Rachel Uchitel, you won`t believe what she`s up to now.


JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN HOST: Stunning new twists and turns in the mysterious case of Olivia Newton-John`s missing ex-boyfriend. Tonight an ISSUES exclusive: We`ll talk live to the private eye who tracked down Patrick McDermott hiding in Mexico.

Plus, she`s back. Rachel Uchitel smack dab in the middle of another celebrity sex scandal, this time with TV star David Boreanaz. Tonight, Rachel fires back.

Tonight, bizarre new revelations in the very strange disappearance of Olivia Newton-John`s ex-boyfriend, Patrick McDermott vanished five years ago during a fishing trip off the California coast. He was presumed dead.

Well, now classified government documents reveal McDermott apparently staged his own death. Did the end of his romance with Olivia Newton-John push him right over the edge?

The private investigator, who tracked down McDermott and found him alive and well in Mexico, joins me for an ISSUES exclusive in just a moment.

RadarOnline obtained files from a Coast Guard investigation. It found Patrick McDermott destroyed all his e-mails and had researched how to set up a fake identity. This is so fascinating.

McDermott once filed for bankruptcy and was about 20 grand in debt when he disappeared. He also made an unsuccessful attempt to up his life insurance payout from 100 grand to half a million.

And now to my special guest, private investigator Phillip Shields (SIC) who joins me on ISSUES exclusively. Phillip, first of all, good work.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Good work on tracking McDermott down to the small Mexican town of -- what is it -- Sayulita?

KLEIN: Sayulita. And thank you very much. Good to see you again.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. Great to see you. How did you do it? This is ingenious.

KLEIN: Well, basically we knew that when we first got a-hold of the case that something really smelled wrong about it. You know, when you have missing persons or people that have possibly been kidnapped or people that have possibly committed suicide, you know, there`s a trail that they leave before the event.

We knew something smelled wrong. We saw the signs that he had walked away from life.

Luckily we had active communication with LAPD Missing Persons and the U.S. Coast Guard. We knew about the report. They reviewed the report for us. So that`s what concluded our decision-making process.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, here`s what I heard. I heard that you set up a Web site --

KLEIN: We did.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: -- and that you then decided to look at all of the people who were visiting that Web site. Tell us about that. That`s the ingenious part.

KLEIN: Well, it`s called a spider site. And a lot of investigators use it. We kind of were the ones that spearheaded it through the United States.

But basically what you do is you set up a Web site. We track everybody who is coming in and out of the Web site. We actually have technology now where we can actually go to the IP addresses to where the original IP address from your computer or router and we can literally see your house.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And what did you see in this case?

KLEIN: Well basically what we did is we gave it to three groups before we released it to the public. We gave it to Olivia Newton-John`s camp. We gave it to Yvette Nipar, who is Mr. McDermott`s ex-wife and then we gave it to Ms. John`s security staff.

Lo and behold, we started getting hits off the coast of Sayulita all the way up to Cabo San Lucas and basically they were coming from an Internet source from a boat, an offshore e-mail account -- excuse me -- an offshore IP address. We started tracking those and so we quietly tracked it for about 90 days and then we started the ground hunt from there. We were --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Where was he? Where did you find him? On a boat?

KLEIN: Well, basically where we found him was we were about 72 hours behind him when we hit Sayulita. We then went down to Puerto Vallarta; they said that he had gotten on a certain fishing vessel which we`re not ready to release yet, but he got on the fishing vessel.

And BASICALLY what he was doing is he was working on the north part of Mexico during the non-storm season. When the storm system comes, his ship that he`s assigned to or his yacht that he`s assigned to would go through the Panama Canal and go down to Brazil and that area so we eventually caught up with him down in South America.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: McDermott`s mysterious disappearance came just two weeks after he split from the very famous Olivia Newton-John. She told investigators he came to her house to say good-bye with flowers and a card.

They were together nearly a decade. McDermott was also on her payroll working around the house.

Now, Newton-John says the breakup was mutual and that he had a good attitude about it. But given that -- given his debt, given the problems with the ex, I mean, this is a guy who reportedly attempted suicide at the age of 17. Do you think, Phillip that this just -- it all got to him?

KLEIN: Yes. That`s going to end up being the story, I think. Only Patrick will tell us for sure. But then, in the end the story will be he was tremendously in debt. He just couldn`t handle the pressures of Hollywood. He couldn`t make it in Hollywood. And I think all of the pressures plus his ex-wife Yvette Nipar was this close to filing charges against him for non-payment of child support up to $30,000. He was fixing to face a jail term.

I think he just finally put his hands in the air and said, "Ok, that`s enough. Let`s see what we can do somewhere else."

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, but he owes all this child support. What, he could just -- now he can stay on the boat and he doesn`t have to come back? His attorney says leave him alone?

KLEIN: Leave him alone.

And basically, if you go back and look at this guy`s life, he was abandoned at birth in Korea. He came over to the -- he was brought over to the United States in an adoption. His father died at the age of 6 and his mother died at the age of 17, thus the suicide attempt.

He was crying for help. All he knows in life is abandonment. So it wouldn`t be a surprise to anybody that he would abandon his family or abandon his young son.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Quick yes or no question. Do you think cops in the United States should try to prosecute him for some of things that he -- the mess he left behind here, yes or no?

KLEIN: Well, no. Not really. I think he needs to come back and be an American citizen. And I think he needs to face what he has to face but there`s no charges against him and statute is going to be pretty tough.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I want to move on because we`ve been covering another mysterious disappearance with links to Mexico. Joseph and Summer McStay and their two young sons have been missing for three long months. Their car found in a town along the Mexican border on the U.S. side.

Police found information on their computer about how to enter Mexico without visas. Cops found surveillance video of what appears to be the McStay family of four crossing into Mexico right after they disappeared.

Of course, their family is desperate to track them down. Listen to this.


SUSAN BLAKE, JOSEPH MCSTAY`S MOTHER: We need to find them. I worry about those babies and are they fed, are they warm, are they, you know, happy or are they said? My nights are hell. You pray and then you -- I`m sorry -- cry yourself to sleep.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Klein -- the family has no financial or criminal trouble. What do you think? How do you -- how does a family of four with two kids to feed disappear in Mexico?

KLEIN: Jane, as you know I do a lot of my practice down in Mexico. And I hunt kidnappers and parental abduction suspects down in Mexico.

Unfortunately after reviewing this case, I had a bad feeling about it. I think we may be looking at a situation where the family was innocently enough going to go across the boarder to Mexico for just simply the day and they got hooked up in something they probably shouldn`t have got hooked up.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, let`s see. They left their food out and stuff.

KLEIN: Right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: There`s indications when they were looking about how to cross the border without visas that -- you know, the cops think that they are alive and well in Mexico.

How do you -- listen, I lived in Mexico for a year in a town called Talula (ph) --

KLEIN: Right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: -- which is a very small town; I lived near all these churches. They had like 300 churches, one for every day of the year almost. But still, it`s hard to disappear when you`re American.

KLEIN: It is. And that`s why I just have a bad feel about that case. You know, I go with gut instincts when I first read up on a case and do a case study on it. And it just -- it just doesn`t look good to me.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I hope you`re wrong. I mean you`re --

KLEIN: I hope I am too.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. You have done a great job tracking down Patrick McDermott. Have to give you kudos and props for that, my friend.

KLEIN: Thank you, my friend.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Did you ever eyeball him by the way just person to person?

KLEIN: We have not there yet. But we`re dealing with his, quote, "attorney" and hopefully I`ll have the time to sit down and face to face with him and let`s hear what he has to say.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, you better come back after you do that.

KLEIN: I will.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Thank you so much, Kevin.

KLEIN: Thank you.


KLEIN: That`s ok.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Klein -- Phillip Klein. Phillip Klein.

Rachel Uchitel caught up in a new Hollywood sex scandal, this time with a hit TV star. What is it with this woman? We`re taking your calls on this. Give me a holler, 1-877-JVM-SAYS.

Plus, Ben Roethlisberger back on the cover of Sports Illustrated but it`s not a good thing for him. We`re going to go inside the fall of this superstar quarterback.


B.J. SCHECTER, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED ASST. MANAGING EDITOR: We`ve gotten that Ben Roethlisberger had a sense of entitlement. He, you know, acted like he`s bigger than anybody else. Went around town saying do you know who I am? You know, I am the star quarterback here.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Coming up, Rachel Uchitel finds herself at the center of yet another celebrity sex scandal. What a shock.

But first, "Top of the Block" tonight.

In his most recent cover story, "Sports Illustrated" has detailed the fall of superstar Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. The article paints a negative picture of the man who was once revered as an NFL great by die-hard fans, an image that has been damaged by his reputation off the field.


SCHECTER: He really treated everybody around him like dirt. Had these bodyguards all around him that really shooed people away, refused to sign autographs. And the very people that cheered for him and were there for him every single Sunday and were there for him in 2006 where he had a very serious car accident and nearly died, you know, he really shunned them in the face.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Roethlisberger was accused of assaulting a 20- year-old woman in a Georgia bar on March 5th. That college student decided not to pursue the matter criminally. But Roethlisberger`s allegedly made unwanted sexual advances toward a total of three women. The magazine calls his attitude quote, "The ultimate expression of athletic entitlement run amuck," end quote.

Of course, he`s not the only one. There`s Tiger Woods, Plaxico Burress, Michael Vick; so many others who thought they were untouchable. Their scandals have stained their legacy and threatened to overshadow their talent. It`s not a good thing. Be humble, guys.

That is tonight`s "Top of the Block".

Tiger Woods -- speaking of Tiger Woods. His most infamous alleged mistress strikes again, this time in Hollywood. Is Rachel Uchitel a professional home wrecker? She`s at the center of yet another celeb cheating scandal.

David Boreanaz is the star of the hit Fox show "Bones" -- "Bones". He`s been with his wife for nine years. Now he`s admitting to "People" magazine, "I cheated." I`m a jerk -- no I made that part out.

Tonight, David says he is coming clean because his mistress is blackmailing him. Now, David refused to name the other woman but some published reports are pointing the finger at Rachel Uchitel and that has her livid, furious; she`s canceling her vacation and coming back to America to set the record straight.

She is best known for allegedly romancing Tiger Woods, of course, while he was married to poor Elin. Here they are together. That`s her and David. They certainly look like a cozy couple.

Rachel allegedly got millions from Tiger to keep quiet about their affair. And she even canceled a big tell-all news conference she had planned. I think we all remember that. Remember? Rachel is now a host on "Extra" and says she is a changed woman.


RACHEL UCHITEL, ALLEGED MISTRESS OF TIGER WOODS: My whole life has changed. I mean, I would love to have a family of my own. I just really want to be happy and content.

Ten years from now I would just like to be able to look back. I`ll be 45. And I want to be at that stage in my life where I`m happy and proud and excited of where I am and that I have purpose every day to get up.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Is she trying to cash in again? That is the big question.

And we`ve got a fantastic panel of experts to try and answer it. And also joining us: attorney Darren Kavinoky and senior editor of "In Touch Weekly", Amy Palmer.

Amy, please this is a very messy, very confusing story. A lot of phone calls, a lot of feeling threatened. What the heck is going on?

AMY PALMER, SENIOR EDITOR, IN TOUCH WEEKLY: Well, what`s going on is Rachel Uchitel really, you know, had access to somebody like David Boreanaz. They allegedly met right around the time of his 40th birthday, which was in May 2009.

David took a real liking to her and asked for her phone number. The two of them became quite chummy and started trading text messages and then sources tell "In Touch Weekly" that they were seeing each other for quite a while.

And Rachel cut it off when David had -- was in the delivery room with his wife while she was giving birth to their second child and he was updating Rachel on a text message.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Is there an extortion going on somewhere in this messy situation? And I think you could call this the battle of who called who first.

`Now, Gloria Allred is saying that David`s attorney contacted the mystery mistress first and only then did Gloria Allred get involved. It`s not extortion apparently if David`s camp called the mistress first.

But David`s attorney says that`s not how it went down. He claims the mistress left a threatening message on David`s answering machine first and that`s why he, the attorney for David, then called her.

Lisa, I`m so confused. Why is the -- who called who first important in figuring out if there is actually some kind of extortion going on here or not?

LISA BLOOM, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: It`s very important. First of all, I don`t practice law with my mom now. I have my own firm. The, but I did work with her for nine years. And I can guarantee you she would never commit extortion. She`s not going to be that foolish after 35 years of a successful law practice.

There are many times when I worked with my mother that we would write a letter to a celebrity who is accused of a wrong and that celebrity or her attorney would say, oh it`s extortion, it`s extortion. That`s what they always say when they get a letter from an attorney.

But an attorney is ethically required to have a cause of action. That was some kind of a legal wrong. And so if she`s making a claim for money on behalf of a client, it`s because of a legal wrong.

Now, I don`t know if any claim for money was raised and by the way, my mom has said publicly that Rachel Uchitel is not the mistress here, is not the mistress that she represents.

PALMER: I have that down.

BLOOM: But if the lawyer called her first and said, look, David Boreanaz wants me to talk to you. And she was smart to get a lawyer. And have a lawyer respond to a lawyer rather than a lay person responding to -- by the way, a very powerful, high-priced Hollywood attorney. She did the right thing and clearly that would not be extortion.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And we`re going to have Gloria Allred on tomorrow night. To -- we`re going to hear it from her directly. What is going on here?

But you are absolutely right, Lisa Bloom. And that is that Gloria Allred has said that Rachel Uchitel is not the mistress involved.

Now, Rachel is not -- my understanding is she`s not denying that she had a relationship with David Boreanaz.

BLOOM: Maybe there`s more than one mistress Jane?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, because he says he`s a serial cheater. I mean, maybe others will --

BLOOM: That`s just a theory.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Maybe others will come out of the woodwork as well.

Now, here`s my big issue. Mistress martyrs? I mean, these celebrity mistresses certainly have a way of playing the victim. Let`s listen to this.


RIELLE HUNTER, FORMER MISTRESS OF JOHN EDWARDS: If she somehow flipped it in her head that it was her fault for coming into the world - - sorry. That was too hard for me. So that was the only reason I said yes.

JOSLYN JAMES, ALLEGED TIGER WOODS MISTRESS: I agree with Miss Allred that this can lead to violence against women and it must be stopped.

I`m not really seeing the sincerity of anything that he`s saying. I think he`s still a big fat liar. And I really, really hope that, you know, he has told Elin the truth because she deserves the truth and we all deserve an apology those of us that were hurt throughout all this.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m so conflicted about this. Because these are human beings, they have feelings and they`re entitled to their feelings. I`m certainly not going to put them down for that. But I wonder why it is these mistresses always end up playing the victim.

I want my panel -- my fantastic panel to think about that one. And we`re going to tackle it right on the other side of the break.


UCHITEL: I don`t have any comment. I`m not going to have any comment. And so I have to live my life. And I would appreciate you guys not being on my property and not bothering me while I`m trying to be here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ok. We`re just trying to get one comment from you about Tiger because they`re spreading those rumors that he was here with you. But no one has really seen you with him. So that`s why we`re just trying to clear it up.

UCHITEL: I know, I have absolutely no comment.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Rachel Uchitel tight-lipped when it came to her alleged affair with golf superstar Tiger Woods. Now Tiger`s alleged mistress number one caught up in another celeb sex scandal, this time with "Bones" actor, David Boreanaz.

Darren Kavinoky of "The Insider", Rachel Uchitel`s attorney Gloria Allred has already said she`s not the mistress. So why is Rachel flying back, canceling her vacation to Mexico to hold a news conference. Could there be another motive here?

DARREN KAVINOKY, LEGAL ANALYST, "THE INSIDER": Well, perhaps to get some more TMZ face time? I mean let`s face it, if she really just wants to clear all this up, that could be done from anywhere. And anybody that is linked to as many people as she is on TMZ in this short of a span of time probably good for guys to steer clear from.

So I would -- perhaps I`m just a little cynical, Jane, but I suspect that there may be other motives such as advancing her --

BLOOM: Yes, I think that`s a little unfair Jane. Now these gossip sites really smear people.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Go ahead, go ahead, Lisa.

BLOOM: These gossip sites smear people. I know firsthand from representing Michael Lohan over the last week and a half, how they run all kinds of lies and distortions without checking the facts. I wouldn`t assume just because somebody is on TMZ that anything that`s said about them is the truth, frankly.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I will say this --

KAVINOKY: Well, I don`t know. They --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Whoa, I got to say this because my buddy Harvey runs TMZ. I worked for him at "Celebrity Justice". And I have to tell you our fact checking -- and I`m just saying for TMZ, I`m not talking about this story -- our fact checking was very, very severe and --

BLOOM: Well, they`ve also issued a lot of corrections in the last couple of weeks. And they run a lot of things that aren`t true that need to be corrected.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well look --

KAVINOKY: You know, what`s most interesting on this story, if I may, is that although Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz appear to have Rachel Uchitel in common, the way that they`ve each handled it, I think, is very, very instructive.

Frankly, that`s about all they have in common because in David`s case -- and he has retained, as Lisa`s described, a very high powered attorney. Marty Singer is one of the kings of damage control in this town.

You know, what David`s doing is enduring ten seconds of public humiliation by owning up to his misdeeds. And as much as that may sting, it stings a hell of a lot less than writing a $10 million check.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me just say this. I will say once again, TMZ, 99.99 percent of the time gets their stories right. I just want to say that for the record.

But I want also to talk, Amy Palmer, about the fact that TMZ is reporting that Boreanaz was texting Rachel when his wife was giving birth last August. Now I thought Rachel was sleeping with Tiger. Can you clarify that?

PALMER: Well, Rachel -- the timeline with Rachel and Tiger was last year around the fall. This was in the spring with David and Rachel. So there was about a six-month lag time there.

You know, Rachel Uchitel is in that celebrity scene. So when she`s planning birthday parties or she`s planning excursions for these celebrity men, she becomes buddy-buddy with them. If you look at her, she`s very attractive. She`s considered very cool and easy to talk to. And these celebrity men are attracted to her.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I just want to say that we also love Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom. We love every one.

And we`re going to have Gloria on tomorrow. We`re very excited about that.

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