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Jackson Death Scandal Erupts; Kyron`s Parents Speak Out; DNA Evidence in Joran Case?; Jackson Death Scandal Erupts

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JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, CNN ANCHOR (voice-over): Tonight, chilling new evidence in the Joran Van Der Sloot murder investigation. Cops now say skin was found underneath Stephany Flores` fingernails. This beautiful young woman was fighting for her life before she was brutally murdered. If this DNA matches Joran, will cops even need his confession?

And fast-breaking news on the anniversary of Michael Jackson`s shocking death. It`s now been one year since the King of Pop was found dead inside his home. Tonight, we pay tribute to an icon as his father plans to sue Dr. Conrad Murray. A shocking new report emerges. Was the doctor drinking the night M.J. died?

Plus, desperate parents plea for help. Where is little Kyron Horman? This adorablle little child vanished from inside his school. Now, his heartbroken parents are going on national TV begging for him to come home. So, what about the stepmom? She was the last person to see Kyron alive. Is she at the center of the investigation?

ISSUES starts now.


VELEZ-MITCHELL (on-camera): Tonight, a bone-chilling new discovery in Peru. Authorities have found human skin under the fingernails of 21- year-old murder victim, Stephany Flores Ramirez. Does that skin belong to Joran Van Der Sloot? Grisly, brand new crime scene photos show Stephany`s body lying in a heap in a blood-drenched hotel room. They`re horrific, we have to warn you. Her sneakers splattered with blood, and her hand poking out from under a blood-soaked blanket. Did Stephany claw her attacker in self defense, scratching him as she fought for her life?

Tonight, as we speak, Peruvian authorities are working furiously -- I mean around the clock, people -- testing that evidence for DNA. Will the DNA from under her fingernails match Joran Van Der Sloot? Meanwhile, Joran seems to be using every legal maneuver under the sun, trying to get his confession thrown off the table. He claims he was tricked and he was threatened into confessing that he bludgeoned, threatened and strangled Stephany with the shirt right off his back. You`re looking at it right there. The family of missing Alabama teenager, Natalee Holloway, believes Joran got away with murdering their daughter.

My big issue tonight, if this is Joran`s DNA under Stephany`s fingernails, is it game over for Joran? He is fighting tooth and nail to undo that damaging confession, even claiming Peruvian police threatened him with torture to get him to fess up. But if there`s evidence under this young woman`s fingernails that shows she fought Joran off, is it all over for this alleged cold-blooded killer. Straight out to my fantastic panel, all experts in this case. Casey Jordan, criminologist, is it game set match for Joran Van Der Sloot if the Dna, in fact, matches?

CASEY JORDAN, CRIMINOLOGIST: Absolutely. And to be honest, I don`t think he`s going to get that confession suppressed, anyway. He has had plenty of experience with the criminal justice system, albeit in Aruba. The truth of the matter is nobody tricks Joran into doing anything. And keep in mind, Peru does not have the sense of due process that we have here in the United States. So, he may just be clogging up the system, but I think it`s just trying to slow things down for nothing. The DNA is going to be the nail in the coffin.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: We`re getting some brand new information tonight. It turns out the skin found underneath Stephany Flores Ramirez`s fingernails is, unfortunately, a very, very small amount. Now, take a look at this photo of Joran being examined. You can`t see any visible scratches or bruises on his body even though he does have a tattoo there that you can read.

Rod Wheeler, you`re the former homicide detective. Will they, in all probability, be able to get a reading with a small amount of skin or if it`s too small to come up with a match, a definitive match, is this essentially opening the door for Joran to say, hey, it`s somebody else`s DNA and could come up with a whole new story?

ROD WHEELER, FMR. DC HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: He may, in fact, say that DNA belonged to someone else, Jane, but the fact of the matter is, whether or not this DNA does come back to Joran, keep in mind that that`s just one piece of evidence and what`s really important here is that there`s going to be multiple pieces of evidence that`s going to corroborate with his statement. Nobody else`s statement but Joran`s statement and his statement that he gave to the cops in Peru will be corroborated by the evidence, the physical evidence, Jane, that the police have been able to get including the DNA that I highly believe probably belongs to him, although there are a number of alibis.

And I must tell you this from many years of investigating homicides; there are a number of alibis that people can use as to why their skin would be under the decedent`s fingernails, but it would be interesting to see.


WHEELER: I remember one case in particular where a guy murdered a woman and we did get the DNA of this guy under her fingernail and the guy said it was because of rough sex that they had earlier in the evening. That`s just an excuse, but I mean, he could possibly say that.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s interesting because he has not said anything about a sexual encounter, and authorities have said there was no sexual encounter. However, Wendy Murphy, former prosecutor, her pants were off and there are those who have speculated that the cops dropped the ball by not charging him with attempted sexual assault because her jeans were off. She was in her little red panties and the jeans were not covered in blood, which would indicate they were taken off before she was attacked.

WENDY MURPHY, FMR. PROSECUTOR: That`s exactly right. And, you know what, the fact remains that a tiny bit of skin cells under fingernails even if it`s a match could be explained by relatively casual contact. I mean, what if she hugged him? What if she was giving him a back rub? So, I don`t think it`s necessarily per se the nail in the coffin, but I will say this, his only possible defense, I suppose, was somebody else was in there and killed her because we didn`t have a videotape of what went on in the room. We know that the two went in. Only one came out and the other one ended up dead.

But to the extent there`s nobody else`s DNA in the room, then by process of elimination alone, with or without a confession -- and I think the confession will stick -- he`s gone. There is no defense here. And by the way, his confession was so soft peddled. Oh, I bumped her in the nose with my elbow, and oops, you know, accidentally suffocated her. Are you kidding me? He`s so meekly confessed to only the littlest bit of information to cover himself. So, he knows that a confession might give him a discount in punishment. How do you --


MURPHY: How do you browbeat that kind of confession --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: If a confession can be contradicted by the physical evidence like the preponderance of blood, can then the defense argue that it was just one of his lies and use that as an argument to have the confession thrown out?

MURPHY: Well, no. You know what I think, it`s actually going to happen is they`re going to show this forensic evidence, the super bloody mess that this was was not an elbow to the nose. She did not have a nosebleed to death, OK? They`re going to say because you didn`t confess credibly, we`re not giving you that discount in punishment that other people have gotten in the Peruvian legal system when they do confess credibly. So, that`s why he`s going to get in trouble.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, yes. He`s probably going down for a long, long time. CNN correspondent, Karl Penhaul, you were entrenched in the Natalee Holloway case, and you really did a majority of reporting for CNN from Aruba way back in 2005, and by the way, you did a fabulous job. I watched you often. You were there for months. You went inside the very nightclub where Natalee was last seen.

What was your impression of Joran Van Der Sloot then and what was your reaction when you heard this astounding news that he was tied to this murder in Peru on the fifth anniversary of Natalee Holloway`s disappearance no less?

KARL PENHAUL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I think a lot of what we`re seeing now really just confirms the picture I`ve built up of Joran over those five years. And that is that many times he seems to be giving away a confession or evidence that you think that is going to hang him. And then he kind of steps back away from that and leaves everybody feeling like idiots because the pieces aren`t in place, the whole evidence really is not there to convict him. And it seems, once again, he`s trying to say something and it seems a cut-and-dried case and then he starts to back away again.

But of course, the savior here is the Peruvian justice system is not the Aruban, is not the Dutch justice system. This is a totally different ball game. And whatever the Peruvian justice system says, it is on paper. It is not a nice justice system, and he is going to get not nice treatment there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You were down in Aruba for the Natalee Holloway case. And, of course, you remember how highly politicized this case got. A lot of people in Aruba were very angry at how Americans reacted to Natalee`s disappearance, and they accused Americans of engaging in a witch hunt against Joran. Now that he`s turned up as the prime suspect and confessed to the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez in Peru, do you think the people of Aruba are kind of kicking themselves saying, wow, you know, we should have handled this differently and not gotten so defensive?

PENHAUL: Talking to friends that I still have in Aruba, I think there`s very much a need in Aruba to solve Natalee`s crime once and for all, to really figure out what went on. The suspicion that it was Joran is not enough either for her family, of course, but not for the people of Aruba either. They want to know when, where, and how, even if they think they know who the who is. And I think that with the arrest of Joran now in Peru, that could pull the lid off some other stuff in Aruba.

The people that should know certain tidbits of what happened, are they going to come forward? The Kalpoe brothers, are they going to come forward and tell us more than they did at that time. Are other people going to come in forward and tell us more at the time, because now, they feel that Joran has met his match.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I wonder, TJ Ward, because you were also down there as a private investigator looking for Natalee, and you certainly know every little tidbit about this. Do you think the police in Aruba are going, hey, Satish and Deepak, we want to talk to you and ask you again what happened that night because right night now, Joran is locked up behind bars in Peru, and he`s probably not going to get out for a long time. So, you don`t have to fear him. Do you think they`re doing that?

TJ WARD, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, SEARCHED FOR HOLLOWAY: Jane, I think they are doing that. I know Dave Holloway and Tim Miller were in Aruba last week, meeting with law enforcement. And I think if they bring those two back in, and I`m sure we`re going to find some other witnesses in Aruba that are not going to be intimidated now because they know Joran is locked up in Peru. So, this, in fact, may be a chance for them to pick up the pieces and go forward.

The people in Aruba are very angry now. I understand. And they want answers. And we all know that this case was covered up from the beginning. So, they need to do the right thing and pick up the pieces.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: When you say the people of Aruba are angry, who are they angry at?

WARD: They`re angry at the fact of Joran as his actions, because now, they`re taking a second look. As a matter of fact, that he may have been involved and not to paint a picture that it was in 2005 when he was the innocent party and how he turns things around. And he`s doing the same thing in Peru.


WARD: Unlike the scientific evidence that we`re waiting results on, let`s not forget about the physical evidence of the videos, with him going in and out. We never saw anybody else. But the mere fact of somebody on the run who shaves their head and changes the color of their hair, that`s a clue in a criminal investigation also.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. All right. Everyone stay right where you are. It never occurred to me, though, that Joran had duped an entire island. And I think that`s a very good way of putting it. From Peru to Aruba, we are all over this case.

Plus, shocking new allegations of the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson`s death. Was Michael Jackson`s doctor drinking the night Michael died?

But first, was Joran`s DNA found on the victim? Is he a cold- blooded serial killer?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What the media portrays him as is far from the truth. He`s a good person and a good friend, and he`s not the serial killer sociopath, psychopath, you guys -- the media makes him out to be.



RICARDO FLORES, FATHER OF THE VICTIM: They left in her car and they found some wrappings of pills they used to drug people. We will have samples of this man`s skin underneath the nails of my daughter. So, once he is captured, we will be able to show that he is the killer. He won`t be able to walk away like he did in Aruba.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: This just in to ISSUES. We are getting our first exclusive look of the courtroom where Joran Van Der Sloot will be tried. "In Sessions," Jean Casarez got very special clearance to go inside this court room in Peru. I have to go back to this whole issue of what he is doing as a defense tactic, Wendy Murphy. You know, it seems like every criminal in a very high profile case feels compelled to take a page out of the O.J. Simpson playbook.

O.J. was acquitted for a double murder that most people with half a brain believe he committed. It seemed like overwhelming evidence, but O.J.`s dream team, you know, said it was tainted by the police. They put the police department on trial. They accused them of planting evidence and destroying evidence with sloppy collection work. They coined the phrase garbage in, garbage out. And I think there`s a parallel here. I mean, this seems to be Joran`s tactic.

OK. Let`s recap and review. He`s already insisted the police violated his rights, threatened to torture him, looked at his computer without proper authorization, arrested him without a proper warrant. It`s the same thing.

MURPHY: Yes, and now the next thing will be that they are prejudiced against Aruba Dutch nationals, you know, but that hasn`t happened yet. And I really think the tactic thus far and the only one that will probably stick even a little bit and I mean a real little bit is that he has some kind of mental problem. We heard that one first. Too bad, he didn`t get help for his mental problems when he was in Aruba. Oh, his mother said, you know, he`s been ill for a long time and never listened to his father about getting mental health treatment.

Look, that`s not going to work at all because the guy is a brute. He`s a conniver. He`s slick. He lies very effectively. And that`s inconsistent with what we think mentally ill people do. So, really, I think what we`re seeing is desperation, throwing anything at all at the wall in the hope that it might stick, and he does know how to play that PR card. I mean, he`s been doing that ever since Aruba, taking advantage, thumbing his nose at the entire world. You know the differences between this case and O.J, though?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: There`s no jury. There`s no jury in Peru. Hold on. There`s a big difference. There`s no jury to impress or fool in Peru. It ain`t going to work, Joran.

WARD: He had a partner in Aruba when he was there. It was his father running around like a playboy when mom was out of town on the 30th when he was running around and his father telling him, no body, no case. And his father is possibly in part of the ones that helped remove Natalee`s body from that island from his own testimony.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Maggie, West Virginia, your question or thought, ma`am.

MAGGIE, WEST VIRGINIA: I just wanted to know, could you tell me if they`ve ever went through his notebook yet or, you know, laptop notebook?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, he accused the authorities of improperly looking in his laptop notebook. And I certainly think that they`re going to find a lot in there. In fact, I would suspect, Karl Penhaul, that the Aruban authorities would like to look at that laptop to see if there`s any clues to Natalee`s location that he might have planted in there.

PENHAUL: I`m sure they absolutely would, and I think that Joran is also betting on this. And I think that`s why we`ve heard these conflicting reports about him starting to give away evidence about Natalee`s killing to the Peruvians. What I bet he`s trying to do is in his own mind, he`s trying to think that if he tries to play ball with the Arubans, whether he`s telling the truth or not, he will somehow get out of this Peruvian jail, because hard time in a Peruvian jail is hard time. Sending him to Aruba to serve a sentence or getting him in to the U.S. for most charges he was facing there, that will be just be soft sort (ph) of game.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But here`s the thing. We have to wrap it up. but the president of the entire nation of the Peru has said he`s not going anywhere until he`s tried for the murder of Stephany Flores Ramirez. And I think that they are going to stick to their word on that. Fantastic panel. Thank you so much. We`ll stay on top of that case, obviously.

Meantime, Kyron Horman vanished from inside his school. Tonight, ISSUES is trying to track him down.

Plus, it`s been one year since Michael Jackson`s death. Tonight, why is Joe Jackson just now suing Michael Jackson`s doctor? And you will not believe the latest charges against him.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, one year since Michael Jackson`s tragic death. An explosive allegation about his personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray. Dr. Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly giving Jackson a killer dose of the powerful surgical knockout drug propofol. Now, TMZ is reporting that a stripper, a stripper at a Los Angeles club claims she saw Dr. Murray drinking the night before Jackson died. Dr. Murray`s rep flatly denying this accusation. That drinking allegation is the linchpin to a potentially damaging wrongful death lawsuit.

Michael`s father, Joe Jackson, claims when paramedics arrived to try and save Michael, Dr. Murray withheld life and death information from them. Michael`s big sister, Latoya, has long belief something was terribly wrong. Remember this from TMZ last July?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Latoya, you still believe in a conspiracy?

LATOYA JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S SISTER: It`s murder. I think someone did it. That`s my opinion.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Meantime, what about Michael`s three children, Paris, Prince, and Blanket? How are they coping? You might be surprised by how much has changed just in a year. Straight out to my incredible, expert panel Brian Oxman, Joe Jackson`s attorney, Brian Monroe, media consultant and the last person interview Michael Jackson in the U.S., and Kryiss Grant, the first dancer chosen by Michael Jackson for his comeback tour. He is now the host of "Get Up & Dance" on Comcast on demand where he teaches you how to dance like Michael Jackson.

I would like to learn how to dance like Michael Jackson. But first, Mike Walters, assignment manager for TMZ. Mike, tell us about this shocking new drinking allegation.

MIKE WALTERS, TMZ`S ASSIGNMENT MANAGER: Well, you know, when Brian and Joe filed the complaint with the medical board, they included stuff about this strip club that possibly Dr. Murray was attending before and during treating Michael Jackson, including giving him propofol. Now, several people have said including another stripper that Dr. Murray wasn`t at this club. But I am told that there is a stripper who now is ready to come forward saying that not only did she see Dr. Murray in this club -- in the strip club, but he was drinking.

And you know what, this is something that obviously Brian and Joe and even the cops are going to want to know about -- about how Dr. Murray treated Michael Jackson and whether or not what he did was obviously wrong, and obviously, if he was under the influence of something could be a huge deal in this wrongful death case and in the investigation criminally.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m wondering, Brian Oxman, attorney for Joe Jackson, since Dr. Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter and the prelim is coming up pretty soon, could this stripper end up as a witness in Dr. Murray`s criminal trial?

BRIAN OXMAN, JOE JACKSON`S ATTORNEY: Jane, there`s been very little interest on the part of the Los Angeles police to get involved with the club that allegedly Dr. Murray was at. I confirmed with the owner of the club that, in fact, Dr. Murray was there that night. He didn`t give us the details. Simply said that the girls say that he was there. There are these young ladies who saw him there. They give the details as to what it was all about. And as to its significance, it could be very significant.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Wow! Of course, I want to reiterate that Dr. Conrad Murray`s rep says it didn`t happen. He was not drinking in the hours before Michael Jackson`s death, but still explosive. Fantastic guess, stay right there. We`re just getting started. Shocking claims in the Michael Jackson death probe. Was his doctor boozing it up the night he died?


JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN HOST: Fast breaking news on the anniversary of Michael Jackson`s shocking death. It has now been one year since the King of Pop was found dead inside his home. Tonight we pay tribute to an icon as his father plans to sue Dr. Conrad Murray. A shocking new report emerges. Was the doctor drinking the night M.J. died?

Plus desperate parents plea for help. Where is little Kyron Horman? This adorable little child vanished from inside his school. Now his heartbroken parents are going on national TV begging for him to come home.

So what about the stepmom? She was the last person to se Kyron alive. Is she at the center of the investigation?

It has been a year of twists and turns and high drama in the Michael Jackson death drama. Tonight his personal physician is against the ropes. Dr. Conrad Murray charged with involuntary manslaughter and is facing a potentially explosive wrongful death suit, a civil suit by Joe Jackson, Michael`s dad. All this as Michael`s three kids, Paris, Prince and Blanket, get set for a huge change in their lives.

Take a look at this video of Blanket uploaded to YouTube just last month. There`s little Blanket. What a cutie pie.

Wow, meantime, Grandma Katherine is saying in her new book that the children miss their dad terribly. Katherine also says that they`re isolated, that they have no friends because they`ve been home-schooled but that she`s going to change all that in September and enroll them in a regular private school.

Bryan Monroe, you were the last person to interview Michael Jackson. How do you think Michael Jackson would feel about his kids going to a regular private school and his mother writing a kind of tell- all book?

BRYAN MONROE, LAST TO INTERVIEW MICHAEL JACKSON: Well, you know I think starting with the kids, it`s going to be a good transition for them to be exposed to a wider group of kids at a private school.

You know, when I last talked with Michael a few years ago, Blanket was there, his youngest son Blanket was there at the interview. He opened the door, introduced me. Stuck out his left hand to shake my hand and Michael said, "No Blanket. You shake with your right hand, not your left hand." It was a very real father and son moment.

But even in that moment you could tell that there was both love and admiration in both ways with the father and the child. So I think a transition to private school would be in the best interest of those children.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I wish them the best.

MONROE: Now, about that book, that`s a whole different game.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, ok. I want to bring in Kriyss Grant. You were the first dancer handpicked by Michael Jackson for his comeback tour. The rehearsal footage was made into an epic blockbuster movie and of course so many of us saw it. It`s "This is It" released by Columbia Pictures.

Chris, I have to ask you about something that perplexed me when I sat down and went into movie theater and watched this film. We know that Michael Jackson died with a drug cocktail in his body that was strong enough to knock over a horse. And yet watching this movie, I was astounded at how coordinated this 50-year-old man was, how lucid, how together. I just couldn`t match those two images of the drugs found in his system and all the stuff that we`re seeing right here. I can`t figure it out.

KRIYSS GRANT, HOST, "GET UP AND DANCE": He was very hands-on. I mean, there was really no signs of anything wrong. He was very into his work. He showed us that, you know, to save our energy and not to give a lot of basically but yet he would perform full out and we all would laugh about it because we never understood. And we kind of found ourselves trying to keep up with the king of pop. And it was just an amazing thing. So, I mean, he was very hands on in anything, the singing, the dancing, everything.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But I still don`t understand. They found Propofol, a surgical knockout drug, Lorazepam, Lidocaine, metazolam (ph), valium; that was in his system. This is right when he was rehearsing. He had come home from rehearsal.

How is it that a man, a 50-year-old man is able to act like that when he goes home and he puts these drugs in his system. I don`t get it. Do you have any explanation?

GRANT: No, I have none at all. When he was with us, it seemed like everything was ok, everything was fine, you know.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. It`s a mystery. If anybody on our panel has a thought about that, please jump in.

MIKE WALTERS, ASSIGNMENT MANAGER, TMZ: I have one, Jane. Actually they found Ephedra, a type of stack, like a speed in his house. One of the things they took. It was not prescribed by a doctor. They were black pills found in a bottle unmarked.

I`m not saying Michael did speed but what I`m saying is sometimes you can take stuff during the day when you`re rehearsing and then afterwards take some of the stuff to come down. That`s my theory on Michael and how he was able to perform.

MONROE: That`s absolutely right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Go ahead Brian.

BRIAN OXMAN, JOE JACKSON`S ATTORNEY: What you have with Michael Jackson is the consummate performer. No matter how bad he`s feeling, no matter how sickly he is, you see somebody who was extraordinary.

The autopsy tells you the story though. He had brain swelling. His brain was swollen. That`s all there was to it. He had chronic bronchitis, chronic pneumonia and he was anemic. Look at the pictures in that film. He has three shirts on and a heavy coat and the dancers behind them are shirt sleeves, tank tops. They`re bare naked.

This was a man who was not in good condition and there`s just no way around that autopsy which shows it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You`re right, he`s the consummate performer to pull it off. Go ahead.

MONROE: I have to tell you when I was with him -- we were with him across three days. And he was a consummate performer but he was also very energetic. I didn`t see him tired or dragging at all.

When he was on stage we did a photo shoot at the Brooklyn Museum of Arts. He was fully engaged. Even sitting down next to him; I was about two feet from him for most of the interview. He had razor stubble on and reading glasses; remember he was 50 years old.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. Let me just say this though. I was in Beverly Hills the other day and I had to go into a pharmacy to get something. All of a sudden I realized I`m in the famous Mickey Fine (ph) pharmacy. (INAUDIBLE) sued him for racking up $100,000 in prescription pills and not paying -- in less than a year and not paying. If it quacks like a duck, sometimes it`s a duck.

Now, I want to move on to Joe Jackson. He`s suing Dr. Murray for wrongful death. Joe himself has come under some sharp criticism for his bizarre behavior. Do you remember this strange red carpet interview Joe gave just three days after Michael died?


JOE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON`S FATHER: I want to make this statement. This is a real good statement here. Marshal and I have -- we own a record company called --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Grant`s records. By Blue Ray technology. That`s his next step.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Brian Oxman, you`re the attorney for Joe Jackson. Is his behavior going to become an issue in the wrongful death trial? Couldn`t Dr. Murray turn around and say look at you, who are you to point the finger?

OXMAN: I know, Jane, and I`ve heard all the criticisms. I love Joe Jackson. He was Michael`s father. Michael loved Joe Jackson and there`s just no ands, ifs or buts about it. Joe is a character and we love him because he`s a character.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You love him because he`s a character. I don`t love him because he`s a character.

OXMAN: He speaks out of sorts -- I know that Jane and I understand it. But you know something? He was the poppa of this family, the poppa of the king of pop. I respect him and I think he`s a very good man.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I want to talk a little bit about the involuntary manslaughter trial that Dr. Conrad Murray is heading into a preliminary hearing. It`s expected this August.

And I was thinking, Mike Walters, about the Michael Jackson child molestation trial that you and I both covered and what a circus it was. I was thinking wait. You have Deepak Chopra and Uri Gellar and all these famous people have made statements on camera that they tried to warn Michael Jackson about not doing drugs.

Is Dr. Conrad Murray`s trial going to turn into one of these star- studded crazy media circuses like the Jackson trial?

WALTERS: Yes, absolutely. If this thing goes to trial, obviously, it will be crazy out there. But during that 2005 trial that we covered together, it did come out in paperwork that basically Michael Jackson`s family went to Neverland Ranch and they tried to stop him, to get him into rehab, to have an intervention and they were stopped by Neverland security and never actually got in there, the rest of his family. That is interesting. That will probably come up.

But I also think, remember Jane, there`s nine other doctors under investigation by the DEA for treating Michael Jackson over all of these years. Dr. Murray whether or not he acted wrong or he`ll be convicted of crimes, he was also somewhat of a fall guy. There was a lot of drugs being pumped into Michael Jackson for a lot of years from a lot of different doctors. So that is going to be taken in consideration when sentencing Dr. Murray --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, let me jump in here because, Bryan Monroe, Dr. Murray`s attorney is saying he didn`t give him the fatal overdose. That he gave him some Propofol but not the amount found in his body. That`s a clue to his defense, is it not?

MONROE: Well, you know, looking at the evidence so far, it will look like there was a series of drugs administered to him during that window of time and even that hour and a half of missing time when Dr. Murray may or may not have been in the room to monitor. It was the Propofol and the quantity of Propofol which is a very, very dangerous drug used only in surgery that appeared to be the final push that ultimately killed Michael. That`s where the question is going to be.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Brian -- Brian, quickly?

OXMAN: It seems to me, Jane, that this matter is because we don`t really know what happened. It`s a year after this death of the king of pop, Michael Jackson. And we don`t know what`s happened. And I think that is the indictment here. The documents have got to come out. The information has got to come out. The secrecy is absolutely wrong.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m going to make a prediction right now. I predict Dr. Conrad Murray will say that Michael Jackson got up and administered the fatal dose of Propofol to himself.

Please, I`m glad this is on tape. If I`m right, we`re going to play it again; if I`m wrong, maybe not.

Fantastic guests thank you so very much.

A little boy -- such a serious, sad story -- vanishes from inside his school. It sparked one of the largest searches in state history. What happened to little Kyron Horman? You won`t believe the latest developments.


DESIREE YOUNG, KYRON HORMAN`S MOTHER: I look at lots of pictures of Kyron so that I can feel that happiness when he smiles. And that`s what I hold on to every day, he`s going to come home.



VELEZ-MITCHELL: We`re on the hunt for missing Kyron Horman.

But first "Top of the Block" tonight.

This BP nightmare is never ending. Hundreds if not thousands of animals are being brutally murdered in the Gulf. Turtles are allegedly being set on fire in the water. And the oil apocalypse has now claimed another human being. Cops say a boat captain helping clean up this horrifying oil spill apparently committed suicide.

Yes, he pulled a gun out and shot himself on his boat right in the middle of the Gulf. Friends and family say the death and destruction from the BP oil spill was just too much for Allen Kruse to handle. And I believe it. His apparent suicide is an extreme example of what people are feeling all over the country -- hopeless, helpless.

The Gulf is literally burning to death. BP has killed an entire way of life. And we feel like there`s nothing we can do to stop it.

The boat captain known as "Rookie", he shouldn`t die in vain. Let`s face it. This is a wake-up call, America. Take a look at how we`re living our lives. Something has to change and it has to change now.

Our overconsumption and addiction to oil is literally killing us. Our country takes up five percent of the world`s population, yet we use at least 25 percent of the world`s oil. And it`s not just gasoline.

Take a look at these things. Plastic bottles, plastic bags. These are all petroleum-based products and for the most part these are unnecessary. What the heck did we do before we had these things? All right. We used cups.

So put down the gas pump. Throw away the plastic bags once and for all. Take these plastic bottles and toss them. Just let`s -- let`s get sane here, ok? There are lives that depend on our changing our lifestyle.

And that is tonight`s "Top of the Block."

Switching gears now, heartbreaking words tonight from the family of 7-year-old Kyron Horman. The precious little boy went missing three weeks ago today. For the very first time you`re going to hear Kyron`s biological parents answer questions about their missing son.

Plus, we have new home video of Kyron. Check it out.

What a sweetheart. Kyron`s family shared this home video with us. There he is a perfect little second grader singing his heart out. We`re going to share a clip of him giving a book report in just a few moments.

Kyron`s biological parents Desiree Young and Kaine Horman appeared on ABC`s "Good Morning America" this morning. They are now divorced. Kaine is married to Kyron`s stepmom Terri Horman. Terri was the last person to see Kyron on the morning of June 4th.

Now, through tears, Kyron`s biological mother struggled to explain how Kyron could just disappear.


YOUNG: My sister used a phrase with somebody recently. It`s like a portal opened up in the school and Kyron just vanished into it. It`s a mystery really. It`s very heart wrenching.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: This is heart wrenching for all of us. We all want to find little Kyron.

Straight out to my fantastic panel: criminologist Casey Jordan; former homicide detective, Rod Wheeler. That`s not Rod but we`re going to see him in a second. And we begin with investigative reporter, Michelle Sigona. Michelle, what is the very latest on this very perplexing case?

MICHELLE SIGONA, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: I spoke with investigators just a short time ago, Jane. And right now they`re sifting through 2,800 leads in this case. They also have 350 individual forms that were turned in last weekend that they`re sifting through for information.

So they`re continuing to prioritize all of those leads to go out on them with their search teams and to be able to scour the area to continue looking for Kyron at this particular time. Earlier --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right, let me -- let me rewind. Let me rewind, I want to go back to the morning of June 4th when this little boy vanished. "The Oregonian" reports the PTA president saw Kyron with his stepmom at 8:15 a.m. At the school 8:45 stepmom reportedly leaves the school; 9:00 a.m. Kyron reportedly seen by another student; 1:21 p.m. the stepmom post photos of Kyron on Facebook; 3:30 the stepmom meets the school bus. Kyron is not there.

Michelle Sigona, is any part of this timeline being disputed?

SIGONA: At this particular point, investigators won`t say for certain if there are certain consistencies or not within that timeline. But I can tell you that Matt Shelby with the school district did in fact say that his teacher and also another staff member did for certain see Kyron and his stepmother inside the school that morning and he was not too sure what time they left specifically.

And also today what we did learn was that Kyron`s father was at home working from home the afternoon that he went missing and that he and Terri did go out to the bus together --


SIGONA: -- to get him off of the school bus.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: By the way, if you`re in Olympia, Washington this weekend you want to show your support to the families of missing people. There`s a rally being held on Saturday. You can find it out on



KAINE HORMAN, KYRON KORMAN`S FATHER: I saw him the day of the science fair that morning and was just really proud of him for all the work he put into his project and gave each other a couple big hugs and just told him to have a great day at the fair.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: My big issue tonight, spotlight on step mom. It`s important to point out that Kyron`s step mom Terri Horman has not been named a person of interest or a suspect in this case. She was the last person known to see Kyron.

Her husband showed very little emotion on GMA this morning when he was asked about why police seemed to be focusing on her.


HORMAN: Well, it`s part of the investigation. Those are things that she`s been working with, with law enforcement so, unfortunately, I`m not able to comment on that at this time.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, Rod Wheeler, D.C. homicide detective, we do know that cops gave the step mom a second polygraph after examining her cell phone records. We also have heard reports that things from her cell phone sparked a search of a nearby island about ten miles from Kyron`s school. What do you make of it?

ROD WHEELER, FORMER WASHINGTON D.C. HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: I think the cops are on to something, Jane. And as you know we`ve been following this case since the very beginning and there`s a number of inconsistencies with the step mom`s story.

First of all it`s important to understand and this is exactly how the cops are looking at this case. The step mom was the last person to see the child that morning. Incidentally the step mom is also the person who calls the cops at 3:45 that day before she even went back to the school to check to see if maybe kid was held over for a play or anything.

So it`s very concerning that this woman`s actions took her down that path as she went by calling the cops. I think that`s one of the reasons why the cops gave her a second polygraph. But the other thing is that you cannot totally rely, Jane, on the polygraph. This woman may have the ability to beat the polygraph but you do use the polygraph as a tool.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Kyron comes from a blended family. Mom and step mom were friends from way back. Kyron`s biological mother Desiree Young got sick and went to Canada for treatment. That`s when Kyron went to live with his dad.

Step mom Terri Horman started baby-sitting Kyron, eventually moving in and then marrying Kyron`s dad. When Kyron`s mom returned from Canada she moved to Bedford, Oregon and did not reclaim custody of Kyron. Eventually the step mom and Kyron`s dad had a family of their own, a little girl.

What are your thoughts on this, criminologist Casey Jordan that the biological mother sees the boy on weekends?

CASEY JORDAN, CRIMINOLOGIST: Well, first of all it may have been in the best interests of Kyron if he thought of Terri more as his primary care giver. But when you see the dad talking on GMA and being very tight-lipped about his thoughts on Terri, notice how Desiree is definitely looking down at the floor. She has her own opinions on this.

They may be appearing as a united front when they talk to the cameras but I think that law enforcement is so-called giving them enough rope to hang themselves with. All eyes are on Terri. It reminds me a lot of the Susan Smith case where they let her get on TV and say she didn`t know anything just to catch any inconsistencies.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Before we go I want to play from "Good Morning America" this little boy giving a book report so you could see him and here him.

Let`s check this out.


KYRON HORMAN, MISSING CHILD: Bridge construction finished in 1979 and the bridge was opened on New Year`s Day.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: If you know where this little boy is, please, please call authorities.

Thank you, fabulous panel.

You`re watching ISSUES.