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Kaine Horman Speaks Out About Missing Son; Casey Anthony Gets a Psychologist

Aired July 30, 2010 - 19:00:00   ET


JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, CNN HOST: Tonight, Kyron`s dad tells all, heart- wrenching new developments in the desperate search for the 7-year-old boy. His guilt-stricken father is now blaming himself because he brought Terri, the boy`s stepmom, into the family home. Tonight, why Kaine Horman wishes he had been killed in his wife`s alleged murder for hire plot.

And Casey Anthony gets a shrink in the clink. That`s right, she`s now being examined by a psychologist. Tonight, could the defense team unveil a shocking new explanation? Was Casey partying while her daughter was missing because she`s mentally ill or maybe even a sex addict?

Plus, is Lindsay Lohan on the verge ever leaving lockup? New reports say she has a style team at the ready to gussy her up for her grand exit. Tonight, her dad wrote her a corny love song. Some compare the music to torture. Will dad`s new song finally force Lindsay to hit rock bottom? ISSUES starts now.

Tonight, a shocking admission from Kyron Horman`s father. Kyron vanished eight weeks ago today. Now his father, Kaine Horman, says he is racked with guilt over his son`s disappearance and wishes his wife`s alleged murder plot against him had gone through. He says then while he`d be dead, his son Kyron wouldn`t be missing. Looking exhausted and defeated, Kyron`s parents shared their anguish with reporters again today in another emotional news conference. This time they answered dozens of questions, and it was truly heart-wrenching. Listen.


DESIREE YOUNG, MOTHER: I don`t know that I`m getting through it. I know that I just am trying to take it each day at a time. But eight weeks is a hard marker to hit for me.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: That poor woman. Desiree Young and Kaine Horman say they believe Kyron`s stepmother Terri Horman definitely had something to do with Kyron`s disappearance. They didn`t want to talk about a motive, but they didn`t mince words when it came to Terri Horman`s alleged involvement. Listen carefully.


YOUNG: I fully believe she`s involved.

KAINE HORMAN, FATHER: To what capacity is what the investigation is trying to figure out.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Wow! They`re not holding back there. Now Kyron`s stepmom is trying to put the brakes on her divorce from Kaine. How will that affect the case? Eight weeks later and still we don`t know where this adorable little boy is. Why are his parents so convinced Kyron is alive, stashed away somewhere? Could the lack of physical evidence of a crime actually be a sign of hope? Straight out to my fantastic expert panel but first to investigative reporter Michelle Sigona. Michelle, what is the very latest?

MICHELLE SIGONA, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: As you mentioned, Jane, there was just a press conference earlier today. And that makes two this week total. Earlier this week we learned that the reward to find Kyron has doubled. And then at today`s press conference, just as you saw, the family spoke out. They were very candid again with reporters answering questions about their son and about the investigation.

In addition this week, Desiree did speak out to "People" magazine and also at the press conference today stating that she still believes that Kyron is stashed somewhere. She believes that he is alive. The whole family believes that Kyron is still alive because they have not been told otherwise and they have no reason to believe that he`s not alive.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And Kaine Horman implored anyone to come forward who might have the slightest piece of information and he had this to say to anybody who was scared to speak up. Check this out.


HORMAN: He`s afraid. OK. There`s no fear that should override his at this point in time. So if you feel you`re afraid, put yourself in his shoes for two minutes, OK? This is about him. This is about finding him. There shouldn`t be any fear from an adult in this case. So if you have information even if it`s insignificant, come forward. Bring it forward. It may be uncomfortable but you know what, there are a lot of things that are probably going on in his life right now that are way more uncomfortable than any of us are ever going to experience right now. So please bring it forward.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: HLN law enforcement analyst Mike Brooks. Terri Horman is not being called a suspect, but this stepmother reportedly failed two polygraphs. There are questions about what she was doing -- errands and driving around in a truck for three hours she says after little Kyron vanished. Could the parents` plea be directed at an eyewitness who might have soon Terri doing something crucial during that three-hour time window but doesn`t want to get involved?

MIKE BROOKS, HLN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: I cannot fathom why an adult or anybody would not want to get involved in finding this little boy, Jane! And scared? What are you scared of? You scared of Terri Horman? You scared of DeDe Spicher? Why. I just don`t get that.

But it was interesting today. They said if you have even seen DeDe Spicher, Terri Horman, if you know them, come forward. Even if you don`t know anything about this, they want to talk to you. So they`re still throwing those two names out there, Jane. So I`m not giving up hope. If they haven`t given up hope and they said law enforcement still believes that he`s alive -- because there`s no evidence to say he`s not.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Bruce McCain, you`re a former investigator with the very sheriff`s office investigating this case. What do you make of Kyron`s parents saying today at the news conference that even when talking to them privately, law enforcement does not describe Terri Horman as a suspect?

BRUCE MCCAIN, FORMER INVESTIGATOR: Well again, Jane, we talked about this before. There`s no obligation for them to label anybody anything. They often use term person of interest, has no legal meaning whatsoever. And what really came out of this thing today about the belief that he`s alive, what becomes increasingly troublesome however is associating Terri Horman`s involvement with this mystery silhouette with a question mark, this so-called accomplice.

If this was so well planned we have now gone eight weeks with no apparent communication between Terri and her accomplice. Every week that goes by makes that increasingly less plausible, notwithstanding the parents` belief otherwise.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Pat, Kentucky, your question or thought, ma`am.

CALLER: Hey, Jane, love you. I watch your show regularly and I`ve been following this case. And real quickly, it occurred to me that one of the pictures -- as a matter of fact, the picture that the stepmother took of Kyron at the science fair, he doesn`t have his glasses on.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, you are so right! That`s fascinating! Michelle Sigona, you`ve been studying this case. This is the little boy, every photograph we see of him, he`s got his glasses on but then in the crucial photo right before he vanishes, he has no glasses. Anybody -- does anybody have a thought on that?

SIGONA: Well, what`s very interesting is that also Kyron`s mom says that he can`t see very well at all. I mean, he needs his glasses to see. So -- and in many of the pictures he does have his glasses on. There were some reports out and some folks were saying that he was maybe holding them behind his back, that`s why his arm was behind his back in the picture.

Maybe possibly she had -- Terri had him take his glasses off for some unknown reason, just to maybe to get a different shot. So that`s a very interesting analysis and it`s something I`m sure investigators are looking into as well and also to see if maybe his glasses have come up somewhere.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, well that`s one of the big issues, there`s no physical evidence in this case. Nothing has come up. There`s no clothing that this child has left behind. His glasses have not been left behind. And as far as we know, there`s no DNA, there`s no blood. There`s no shovel. There`s no nothing that you would find in a normal case. I think, Dr. Dale Archer, that`s one of the reasons why this family is holding out hope that this child is alive.

DR. DALE ARCHER, CLINICAL PSYCHIATRIST: You know what, that`s probably all going into the equation, Jane. But the most important thing when you lose a child is you can never, ever give up hope. That is the only thing sometimes that keeps you tethered to the world. And I think you look no further than Elizabeth Smart or Jaycee Dugard to know that miracles can come true. So I think they`re doing the right thing and I think they have to maintain hope until it`s proven that there is no reason for that anymore.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Kaine Horman says he feels horrible, horrible guilt for bringing Terri Horman into the family. Listen to what he told a reporter for the "Willamette Week."


HORMAN: I was there for him and someone got past and got him on my watch. I`m very upset about it. I`m very emotional about it. It`s not right. It shouldn`t have happened. We all trusted her. I feel partly responsible. I -- in a weird way, I almost wish that her plot that she originally put in place would have gone through because he`d still be here.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: You know, I got to say, Jeff Brown, this brings me to my big issue. Was this husband sleeping with the enemy? It`s hard enough to lose a kid. But then to think that the person you`re sleeping with and intimately involved with is possibly responsible?

JEFF BROWN, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yeah. But, you know, Jane, you and I have gone back over this. I wish somebody would give me some facts that would lead me to believe like everybody else wants to that she`s involved. I know they have the opinion and they constantly think there`s no doubt in their mind, but nobody has given me any facts. We don`t have to go back that far. I think we go back to June or July where that girl from Missouri, Alisa Maier was snatched out of her front yard and found a hundred miles away. So it`s not inconceivable that people are snatching unfortunately children. And that may be what happened here. We don`t know, but I just wish somebody, someone would give me more facts so I would say yeah, you know what, she is a person of suspect.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, what about the fact that the husband says that the cops told him that she tried to hire a landscaper to kill him several months before the child disappeared?

BROWN: That has nothing to do with the abduction. And again, that`s coming from him. I mean, that comes through a divorce that`s going on. Law enforcement has been really quiet on all fronts regarding this. There`s been nothing from law enforcement. All we have is him.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. I`m bringing out the big gavel here. No cross talk. Everyone stay right where you are. Kyron`s heartbroken father now taking the blame saying he`s terribly guilt-ridden.

Plus, shocking new theories emerge in the Casey Anthony case. Was she suffering from a sex addiction? Tonight I`ll talk one-on-one with her defense attorney Mr. Jose Baez.

But first Kyron`s devastated dad speaks out as he desperately searches for answers. What happened to this adorable little boy?


HORMAN: It feels good but it`s incomplete. He`s not there with us, so it`s still -- it`s still pretty empty. Just come here, do what we can. Get the house ready for him to come home.




HORMAN: Every day is different. One minute away was awful enough. And to be this far along and have him not home, it`s terrible.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: We know a grand jury is now part of the investigation into little Kyron`s disappearance. Today Kyron`s dad Kaine Horman indicated that Terri`s best friend DeDe Spicher is possibly becoming a key investigative lead.


HORMAN: DeDe and her attorney are working with law enforcement this week, so until we receive more information from those discussions we really can`t comment.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: DeDe Spicher was working near Kyron`s home the day the child vanished and abruptly left work for 90 minutes that day. She and her attorney are not saying where she went. Now we know she`s Terri`s best friend or at least was. Michelle Sigona, I`m getting the impression though she`s cooperating with authorities now.

SIGONA: That`s what it seems like especially from what we`re hearing from the family, is that she has retained counsel, she is coming forward, she does appear to be working with investigators and that`s definitely a good thing in this case. As the weeks go on and the layers of the onion are peeled back, hopefully we can get to that center core and be able to find Kyron in all of this.

And I also do want to mention in response to the last conversation we were having right before the break, Jane, is that it is true, the morning that Kyron went missing, the school was open to the public. It was open to the public. You did not have to sign in. Anybody could have been in the school that day. Again, Terri Moulton Horman has not been named a suspect.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely. Now remember what Desiree Young said earlier on NBC`s "Dateline" earlier this week. This is the biological mother. She said Kaine, the biological father, cheated on her with Terri, the stepmom when she, Desiree, was eight months pregnant. Listen to this.


YOUNG: That was pretty hard to handle. I cried solid for two months and didn`t leave the bedroom because I didn`t understand why she somehow equated to something that was better than me and my son.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Dale Archer, you`re the psychiatrist. Today at the news conference, when Kyron`s parents were asked about what Terri`s motive might be to do harm to little Kyron, they said, you`d have to ask Terri.

So they`re backing off from any kind of explanation or theory. Do you think perhaps it`s because Kyron`s parents don`t want to talk about a very messy back story and that there`s a lot more than meets the eye to the relationship between these three?

ARCHER: Yeah. I think that all of the emotions are jumbled at this point. And clearly you have a situation where you can see why Kaine is blaming himself. He`s thinking back to the course of his actions and saying, you know what, maybe if I hadn`t cheated. Maybe if none of that had taken place, then Terri doesn`t come along and Kyron is still there. So I understand now better why he is feeling the way he is.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But Mike Brooks, that`s a classic, since the dawn of time, motive, is rivalry over a love object.

BROOKS: Yeah. I mean, you`re absolutely right. How many cases have we covered where rivalry has been at the root of it? But he can`t blame himself for this. But, again, as Dr. Archer said, there`s so many emotions that he`s going through right now, personal blame and everything else. And I hope he is. And I hope Desiree, I hope they`re both getting the help that they need at this crucial time right now.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: We understand they`re both seeking psychological counseling for their emotional stress and, oh, my god, yes, absolutely, that is a good thing. Tress, Florida, your question or thought, ma`am.

CALLER: I enjoy your show and my heart goes out to the parents of this child. The question is DeDe, the gardener, that she`s being so secretive and everything, I hope and pray it`s not true but if there is a chance that the child may be deceased, is there a chance the child could have been buried in the yard and why haven`t cadaver dogs been brought out to the home and around the area to see if he is --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Excellent point, ma`am. Bruce McCain, you`re a former investigator on the scene in Portland, Oregon. Have they brought out cadaver dogs?

MCCAIN: Not that we know of at this point, Jane. But again, on the property as well as well as the Sauvie Island area, this is even though it`s in the metropolitan area, this is an extremely rural area as well. So they have different types of dogs. The search dogs that were used in the initial search are obviously different from the cadaver.

And by the way, on the eyeglasses, you might recall they did hold up a pair of eyeglasses as an exhibit. It`s important to note that those were held up as a replica of Kyron`s eyeglasses. There was never any representation those were left behind as any kind of a crime scene.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well Kyron`s parents are convinced that Kyron is still alive and, quote, "stashed somewhere." And here is why.


YOUNG: I just have a feeling that somebody is holding him. I don`t know if I can elaborate other than that. It`s just a feeling. They believe he`s still alive as well. We don`t have any evidence to show that he`s not, which is a big deal. It`s a big deal.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: One reason for hope, there has been as we`ve been talking about, no reports of any physical evidence pointing to a murder. Zip, to our knowledge. The boy`s clothing and glasses have not been recovered. There`s been no blood spatter in any published reports, no DNA evidence, no evidence that Terri or anyone had any kind of a physical tool like a shovel or a knife. So, you know, that is very, very bizarre. Jeff Brown, you`ve covered many cases.

BROWN: Yeah, it is. It always makes the cases very tough both to investigate and then to prosecute when you don`t have any circumstantial or any evidence at all. The question that I have really -- and I know law enforcement isn`t talking. But I`d love to know more about what happened at that school. What were the people that were there? What were the things that they remember seeing? I know they talked to a lot of parents that were there as well at that time frame. I think that`s the crucial part of this case are those witnesses and any cameras that may have been there at the school.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I get the feeling that -- Mike Brooks, no surveillance cameras. Mike Brooks, I get a feeling they`re at a bit of a dead-end. We only have 10 seconds.

BROOKS: You know, that`s what it seems like. But as long as they got that grand jury going and maybe to put some pressure on Terri even with that murder for hire plot, I`m all for that too.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Thank you, fantastic panel.

Coming up, could LiLo be leaving the slammer? We`re going to tell you about her outrageous plans for a grand exit next.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, is Casey Anthony`s defense team trying to turn the tables and pin the murder of little Caylee on meter reader Roy Kronk who found her remains, or are they trying to portray Casey as a pathological head case with a sex addiction or perhaps all of the above? Just hours ago, Casey`s lawyer attorney questioned Roy Kronk, the controversial character who reported sightings of a suspicious bag three times before finally discovering little Caylee`s decomposed body.


ROY KRONK, DISCOVERED CAYLEE`S REMAINS: I`m in a wooded area down by the school. I need you like now. I just saw a human skull.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: The defense has claimed there`s just as much circumstantial evidence against that guy, Roy Kronk, as there is against Casey Anthony. Kronk`s camp has denied that. ISSUES reached out for comment today but did not hear back before deadline.

Meantime as Casey contemplates the possibility of the death penalty if she`s convicted, she`s reportedly meeting with a psychologist who specializes in, among other things, sex addiction. Will the shrink diagnose Casey`s partying while little Caylee was missing as a symptom of sex addiction? Casey`s attorney, Jose Baez will join us in just in a few minutes right here on ISSUES.

But first, straight out to my fabulous panel. Drew Petrimoulx, reporter with WDBO Radio in Orlando. What is the very latest on the outcome of today`s deposition of Roy Kronk?

DREW PETRIMOULX, REPORTER, WDBO, ORLANDO: Well of course we don`t know actually what went on inside that room but we do know that he was questioned for hours today. Obviously, this is a key witness for the defense. They have tried to if not shift blame at least raise suspicion about Roy Kronk. They did interviews with his ex-wife who said that he was abusive toward women and also acted I inappropriately with young children, so obviously the defense tried to raise a spectrum of suspicion when it comes to Roy Kronk.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: What is Casey`s defense team trying to get at precisely with Roy Kronk? Now, remember this interview that Drew just referred to. They conducted with Roy`s ex-wife. Check this out.


JILL KERLEY, ROY KRONK`S EX WIFE: He duct-taped my hands one time and I was in Key West at the time. And I was sitting in the chair. And he told me if I moved that he would beat me. And he would know if I moved.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Duct tape is very significant because it`s at the heart of the case against Casey Anthony. Duct tape was found on little Caylee`s skull and in other areas of the crime scene. It was also found on items in the Anthony home like a gas canister. So Stacey Honowitz, you`re the prosecutor. If they go after Roy Kronk, is it a good defense strategy?

STACEY HONOWITZ, PROSECUTOR: Listen, they`re going to try to do anything in this case to get her off the hook so they`re going to try to say that Roy Kronk is the defendant or the perpetrator, the person that did this and they`re going to try to say that she`s a sex addict, none of which is going to be admissible.

I`m telling you they`re going to have to have hearing upon hearing prior to any of this testimony being admitted into court. And I would say as a prosecutor, the prosecutors have a very strong argument to keep this kind of evidence out. So you`re asking if they`re going to try to use it. They`re going to try, that`s the operative word, try to use it. But it`s not coming in.

BROOKS: And Jane, first we had Zani the nanny, who doesn`t exist. Then we had old Jesse Grund, let`s try to put it on Jesse. Now we`ve got Roy Kronk. They`re just trying to put anything of reasonable doubt in the whodunit because we sure know it wasn`t Zani.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, that`s their job, though. In the confusion there could be reasonable doubt. Stay right where you are. More on Casey Anthony drama. Jose Baez right after the break. He`s the defense attorney.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Is Lindsay Lohan on the verge of leaving lockup? New reports say she has a style team at the ready to gussy her up for her grand exit. Tonight her dad wrote her a corny love song. Some compare the music to torture. Will dad`s new song finally force Lindsay to hit rock bottom?

But first a slew of new developments in the Casey Anthony death penalty drama: meter reader Roy Kronk under oath just hours ago. Suspicion began to swirl around Kronk almost as soon as he found little Caylee`s decomposed body in December of 2008.


ROY KRONK, INVESTIGATED BY ANTHONY DEFENSE TEAM: I know that I haven`t done anything wrong, so I don`t have a reason to be fearful or troubled by any of this.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Is the defense team trying to portray him as little Caylee`s killer? Plus Casey Anthony`s team brings in a shrink to the clink. Will he hypnotize and analyze Casey? Straight out to my very special guest: Casey`s high profile defense attorney, Jose Baez. Hello, Jose.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Fine, thanks.

How is Casey holding up in the wake of the emotional court hearing where her mom and her brother testified?

BAEZ: Well, you know, it`s extremely difficult. She`s in a horrible, horrible position where she`s of course been locked down 23 hours a day and doesn`t have any exposure to the outside world. The entire team tries to visit her as much as possible to keep her spirits up. But it`s not something anyone can go through easily.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Roy Kronk, the meter reader. You deposed him today. What can you tell us about that crucial deposition?

BAEZ: I can tell you that we`ve concluded our deposition of Mr. Kronk, which was the two days that we asked him everything basically from A to Z. And he is done for now unless, of course, we get new discovery that relates to Mr. Kronk that we would have to later on ask him some more questions about.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Stacey Honowitz, a Florida prosecutor was just on says she doesn`t think any of this evidence about Roy Kronk possibly duct- taping allegedly his ex-wife which he denies will ever get in before a jury. What do you think?

BAEZ: Well, fortunately, Stacey is not the judge. Judge Perry is. I think that Judge Perry is going to look at the law. He`s going to give it its analysis.

And there`s one thing that everyone must understand, and that is the precedence in both the United States Supreme Court and in Florida case law is very -- does not -- is very shy of trying to curtail a defense because everyone in this country deserves a solid defense. And it`s -- and it`s normally not impeded upon by the court and of course unless it goes down in a way that`s irrelevant.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Now, there`s a heated battle over recordings of conversations between you, Jose, and a former fellow inmate of Casey Anthony`s. Accusations made by this woman are at the center of a firestorm.

Let`s listen.


MAYA DERKOVIC, CASEY`S JAILHOUSE FRIEND: It was poured on like a rag, like wash rag, and put it over the baby`s face so she`ll inhale it and that will knock her out.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did she say what she used to knock her out?

DERKOVIC: I can`t pronounce it. Chloroform?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: The woman who could not pronounce the word "chloroform", her name is Maya. She`s a jailhouse snitch who has given prosecutors incriminating information about Casey.

But there`s another inmate, this lady you`re about to see, who called Jose Baez to tattle on Maya and accused Maya of making all this stuff up to help the prosecution so she could get out of jail sooner.

Now, there is this huge battle over whether prosecutors can hear that phone conversation between this woman and Jose Baez. They claim Jose is not being truthful about whether he knew the call was being tape-recorded because there`s a message at the start of the call that says, you have a collect call from jail and this message is being recorded.

Jose, what do you have to say about all of this?

BAEZ: Well, I think it`s outrageous for them to make that claim. I`ve stated early on that the call was forwarded two places -- it was initially placed to my office and transferred to my secretary`s cell phone because it was an after-hours call. My secretary then transferred the call to my cell phone.

It`s come to my attention that there is a recording that states that it`s coming from a correctional institution. I don`t have any cause to doubt the prosecutor in that. But she makes the assumption that I was the person who, of course, pressed one to accept the call which is -- as I stated in my pleadings that I do not recall hearing any such recording. So to make that assumption is outrageous.

And I don`t go so far as to make those claims about the prosecutors. But unfortunately, they feel the need to do so especially in a motion that they are not taking a position on.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`ve got to say, Jose, watching all these hearings, this case is highly emotional. Things seem to have gotten personal between you and the prosecution. Is that true?

BAEZ: You know, I hesitate to say that, because there are times we work very well together. And there are times that of course everyone is an advocate -- they are advocates, as well as I am. People who are passionate about their positions sometimes do it in a forceful way. So, you know, I don`t throw those stones. I think -- I admire and respect the job that the prosecutors are doing in this case. And I want them to be fierce advocates because they know full and well that`s what they`re going to expect from me.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: One last question. Casey Anthony, we`re looking at her right here. We heard that her parents hadn`t been putting money into her account, so she couldn`t get her snacks and shampoo and Doritos and whatever.

Now we`re hearing Cindy is giving money in that account so she is able to get those provisions behind bars. What can you tell us about that, Jose?

BAEZ: Jane, it baffles me that I don`t understand how that`s news, but I will answer the question anyway. Cindy has deposited money in her account. Unfortunately, you know, George and Cindy are not working and it`s very difficult for them to constantly deposit money into her account. And the jail does charge -- I think, it`s $10 a week to every inmate. So she`s automatically $30 in the hole every month -- or actually $40.

So it`s one of those situations where they have to -- where they try their best to stay on top of it, depending on their finances.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Well, listen Jose, thank you so much for coming here on ISSUES. And you have an open invitation any time you would like to comment on the many developments always involving your client. You have an invitation to come on. Thank you, sir.

BAEZ: Thank you, Jane. It`s always a pleasure.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Have a good one.

All right. Casey`s defense as we`ve been talking has just brought in a mental health expert to evaluate her. Dr. Stephen Gold`s Web site says he specializes in hypnosis, trauma-related disorders and sexual addiction compulsivity.

Here`s my big issue, people. Is Casey Anthony a head case? What could this Dr. Gold do to help her? Will he conclude that Casey was not partying while the child was missing she`d already gotten rid of her daughter but rather because she`s a sex addict and has an uncontrollable need to troll for sex? Dr. Dale Archer.

DR. DALE ARCHER, CLINICAL PSYCHIATRIST: Well, look Jane. First of all my opinion is that every death penalty case needs to have a psychiatrist involved because you hold this person`s life in your hand. You need to know every single thing about them from the time they were born up until the present. So I think that this could just be routine on Jose`s part and I applaud that.

As for the sex addiction and all of this other stuff that we are hearing, in my opinion that`s just throwing mud in the water trying to make it so muddy that if there is any truth in there that the jurors are not going to be able to find it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Nick, New York, your question or thought sir.

NICK, NEW YORK (via telephone): Hello, Jane. First of all I just I wanted to tell you it`s an honor to talk to you and commend your advocating for the environment.

I need to vent. I have an issue with Casey Anthony. I`ve had it from the beginning. It`s just that she has embarrassed and humiliated her family because she didn`t report her missing for 30 days and in those 30 days she`s out partying, dancing on tabletops, buying beer at Target. And her parents -- George and Cindy are totally humiliated. They`ve lost -- they lost their precious granddaughter.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I agree. Mike Brooks, ten seconds. Ten seconds to answer Nick`s thought about these poor parents.

MIKE BROOKS, HLN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: They`ve gone through hell. And now she`s trying to throw her father it seems, Jane, under the bus with his suicide attempt, with some dreams that she may have had. Who knows? But I agree with the caller. What was she doing? She wasn`t looking for little Caylee, that`s for sure.

All right. Thank you, fantastic panel and Jose Baez.

Coming up --


MICHAEL LOHAN, LINDSAY LOHAN`S FATHER: She`s an intelligent girl. She`s got drive when she puts her mind to something. She can do anything in the world. But the question is, was she ready and is she ready? I think she`s going to be forced to make a decision now. And the reality is starting to set in.



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Turning now to Lindsay Lohan`s countdown to freedom: Li-lo, you`ve just served only 15 percent of your sentence. So come on down, we`re going to let you go.

The L.A. Sheriff`s department says Lindsay could be out as soon as Sunday. Let`s not forget, she`s just ten days into a 90-day sentence. She landed in the clinker after violating probation in one of her DUI cases -- cases plural.

Jail officials insist their most famous inmate is not getting special treatment -- oh, no. Yet they`re planning to release her at midnight to protect Lindsay from the paparazzi circus.

And there`s more. Lindsay`s own personal glam squad is on stand-by, at the ready to give her a complete makeover in time for her grand exit. If that`s not special treatment, I don`t know what is.

And despite all of that, her mom, Dina Lohan, is continuing to host a giant pity party about her daughter`s time in the slammer. Dina told RadarOnline, quote, "She`s treated like a common criminal." Oh, the humanity, Dina! Guess what, she is a common criminal.

So when will Lindsay emerge from lockup and will she be ushered straight to rehab?

Out to my fantastic expert panel: criminal defense attorney Jeff Brown; addiction expert, Dr. Colleen Long; and Alexis Torres Chuck, reporter for RadarOnline. Alexis, Dina talked exclusively to you, Radar. What`s her latest whoop about jail conditions?

ALEXIS TORRES CHUCK, REPORTER, RADARONLINE: Well, she`s really unhappy. She says that Lindsay isn`t getting special treatment. In fact she says she doesn`t even have a pillow in her jail cell -- exactly. She is getting a little bit of special treatment.

Her mom and her sister get to come and visit really at not the same time that everybody else gets to come. She`s had her mom pick up all of her mail yesterday. Hundreds of fan letters that she`s getting, she`s been getting people sending her books. She`s had visitors not on the regular visitor hours. She definitely is not being treated like all the other quote "common criminals" in jail.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Of course, she`s not. You`re not allowed to have visitors during the weekday. And her mom and her sister and her ex-gal pal were all there on a weekday. Do you think most people get a makeover before they`re released? They get their hair extensions put back in?

Give me a break, Jeff Brown.

JEFF BROWN, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Most people don`t get 90 days for this offense.


BROWN: So, I mean, she got hit harsher than most people would in that courtroom.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, please. That is so not true.

BROWN: It is so true. And the fact that she is getting out now, that`s not up to her. That`s up to the jail. And you know what? They do that for all their inmates. All of the inmates get good time and get released.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, they let them all out at midnight after getting a makeover from their glam team?

BROWN: They all get released early. It`s not uncommon. This is what happens. She never should have gotten 90 days. All the lawyers in that courtroom say 90 days was too harsh for this judge to have sentenced her to.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You know what? She had a high speed chase down Pacific Coast Highway which she`s being sued for.

BROWN: Right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: She terrorized the two people inside allegedly. She chased the mother of her assistant into the Santa Monica Police Station where they found cocaine on her. Don`t you think a poor minority would be locked up and sent down the river for life for assault with a deadly weapon, vehicular whatever?

BROWN: No. No, I don`t. And furthermore, that`s not what she`s doing the 90 days on. She`s doing the 90 days because she missed some alcohol classes. It`s a violation of probation.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. Probation for DUIs and she`s had reckless driving. That was part of it.


BROWN: Which is a misdemeanor -- nobody gets 90 days.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me tell you something. This is such special treatment. I have to disagree with you.

But we`re going to switch gears right now and talk about something fun. Maybe it`s not fun. Maybe it`s torture.

Michael Lohan has been doing some creative work behind the scenes to try to lift his daughter`s spirits. Check out a clip of a song, a love song he wrote for his daughter.




BROWN: That`s 90 days. That should be 90 days.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, that hurts. You know, Michael, we like you. You`re a friend of our show. But don`t quit your day job. By the way, what is your day job, Michael?

Alexis, what`s going on here? That hurt. That`s a lawsuit listening to that song.

TORRES CHUCK: Michael and Lindsay don`t have the best of relationships. She actually refuses to talk with him. He has not been on her list to get into the jail. He tries everything he can to reach out to her through the public forum because he doesn`t have a private forum with her.

They don`t speak on the phone. They don`t e-mail. I don`t even think they`re Twitter friends. They just absolutely have no relationship. So he does everything he can to try to reach out to Lindsay.

He`s been on the bandwagon --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: We`re going to get serious here for a second. Here`s my big issue. Is Lindsay`s access to prescription drugs in jail a giant loophole?

Michael Lohan`s lawyer is begging the state to investigate Lindsay`s doctors. Attorney Lisa Bloom wrote the attorney general of California about Lindsay`s prescription drug addiction. Here`s an excerpt of the letter, quote, "Even in jail, even in rehab, even with random drug testing during probation, she can get and use any prescriptions she wants so long as a doctor prescribes them. It`s a giant legal loophole that could cost her, her life."

We know there`s been recent investigations into alleged celebrity doctor-shopping. Anna Nicole Smith, Corey Haim -- just two examples.

Dr. Colleen Long, how the heck can she get sober if this giant loophole exists where she can get pills that make her high?

DR. COLLEEN LONG, ADDICTION EXPERT: Well, that`s a great question, Jane. And one of the things about rehab recovery is that you do want the addict to be under close supervision of an MD. But you also want the addict to get some time to withdraw. You want them to be able to recover. And most of all, you want them to get their head above the surface so that they can see what`s going on. And I don`t think that Lindsay has gotten to that point yet.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, Dilaudid. That has been compared to morphine. How intense is that, Dr. Long?

LONG: Well, Dilaudid is a very heavy drug. And, again, it`s just another drug that`s helping continue this cycle of addiction. And that`s the concern.

You know, for the addict to realize that there`s a problem and actually make a change, she actually has to be able to withdraw from the drugs.


LONG: At this point there`s been no withdrawal.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Thank you so much. We`re going to stay on top of it. We`ll bring you the very latest on Monday.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight outrage over sickening plans to expose tiny innocent monkeys to harmful radiation all in the name of space exploration? NASA`s decision to experiment on these intelligent creatures led a furious top NASA employee to resign.


APRIL EVANS, FORMER NASA AEROSPACE ENGINEER: I resigned from NASA because NASA made the decision when we began our space exploration missions to begin testing on primates. After much deliberation, because I love my job at NASA so much, I just felt that I needed to represent myself and be true to my own ethics.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: April Evans dreamt of working for NASA ever since she was a little girl stargazing with her grandpa. She was a lead engineer at NASA for nine years but this experiment to mimic what could happen to astronauts traveling to Mars disturbed April so terribly she left the job she loved.

April said instead of figuring out how radiation will affect astronauts, engineers should be working on making spacecrafts radiation free. Why is NASA reverting back to archaic torturous practice after three decades of not testing on primates?

Straight out to Jan Creamer, president of Animal Defenders International; Jan thanks for joining us. Tell us about your crusade to stop NASA`s plan to test on squirrel monkeys and why you are so upset about this.

JAN CREAMER, PRESIDENT, ANIMAL DEFENDERS INTERNATIONAL: Well, thank you for giving us this opportunity. We think it`s an absolute disgrace that NASA should start experimenting on monkeys after all of these years of no primate research.

The fact is that these animals have been selected because they have large brains. They`re intelligent. They`re emotional. They are going to be aware of what is happening to them. And they`re going to suffer terrible effects in experiments where the outcome is already known. These animals are going to suffer nerve damage, brain damage. They`re going to be exposed to possibly cancer.

Over a period of four years, these animals will suffer the effects of this research. And this is for experiments that have been done in the past and for radiation --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: They`ve already been done. Most of these experiments on animals have been done before.

CREAMER: Already been done. Absolutely.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: This is video of monkeys being experimented on at a different facility, not at NASA. There is outrage over using monkeys because they`re highly intelligent social animals who have a wide range of emotions similar to human beings.


EVANS: NASA selected squirrel monkeys as the test subject because they have the largest brain-to-body mass ratio of any species besides human beings. They are highly intelligent species that have a high capacity for suffering.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: This NASA plan is causing a firestorm of controversy. Take a look at this PETA protester who actually confronted a NASA official at a conference. This is really making people angry to the point where PETA has gotten at least 50,000 signatures and they are trying to talk some sense into NASA.

Jan, have you been able to talk to anybody from NASA and get any kind of accountability?

CREAMER: There`s certainly no accountability. Our feeling is whoever authorized this research they need to be sacked because the European Space Agency have said that they don`t see the need to use primates in research.

We have two astronauts, one award-winning astronaut from Russia and another from Italy have both said we do not need to use these animals in research.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: We`re out of time. But if you want to get involved in this, go to Sign a petition. Go to Animal Defenders International. Get a --