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Lindsay Lohan to be Released from Rehab Early?; Mom`s Killer on the Loose

Aired August 24, 2010 - 19:00:00   ET



CARLOS DIAZ, HOST (voice-over): Tonight is Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab early? New reports say the Hollywood diva will be released 68 days early. Is this a joke? She was sentenced to 90 days in jail and 90 days in rehab, but tomorrow she could be a free woman. Is Lindsay above the law?

A beautiful young mother brutally murdered, executed with a shotgun inside her apartment. Now the manhunt is on for her estranged husband. Cops say he is armed, dangerous and on the run. Tonight, we`ll talk with the victim`s heartbroken family.

Also, from suicide to the spotlight? Bizarre twists and turns in Fantasia`s shocking suicide attempt. Two weeks ago the "American Idol" champion tried to kill herself. Now she`s singing on national TV and promoting a new album. Isn`t this a little too soon?

Plus, nowhere to hide. Big-time celebrities caught in the act. Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Mel Gibson all exposed, all divorced. With paparazzi everywhere, are double lives the thing of the past?

ISSUES starts right now.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz in for Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Breaking news tonight. Lindsay Lohan could be just hours away from freedom. Radar Online is reporting that she just signed her rehab discharge papers. A judge is expected to make it official tomorrow morning. Lindsay checked into rehab 30 days ago after two weeks in jail for a probation violation. It`s certainly a far cry from her original sentence. Remember this one?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Defendant is ordered to spend 30 days in jail on the reckless driving case, 30 days in jail on the first DUI case, consecutive, and 30 days in jail on the second DUI case, consecutive. That`s 90 days in jail.


DIAZ: Lindsay admitted she was an addict in 2007 after being charged with DUI and cocaine possession. She went to rehab three separate times.

Last May she donned a brand-new accessory, an alcohol monitoring anklet, but she apparently, couldn`t be bothered with her court-ordered alcohol education classes. She skipped those -- skipped several of them. Slapped her now with this latest sentence. And now I ask you this: has she hit rock bottom? Will a clean and sober Lindsay emerge from this mess? Or is it a matter of time before she`s back to her hard partying, law-breaking ways?

Give me a call: 1-877-JVM-SAYS. That`s 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to my guests. I want to start with Bonnie Fuller, editor in chief of

Bonnie, you`ve got some breaking news. What are you hearing?

BONNIE FULLER, EDITOR IN CHIEF, HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM: There is a new report, also from Radar Online, that Lindsay may actually be released today, that there`s been some plan hatched to avoid media frenzy. And so, though she has the court time scheduled for tomorrow, that she may actually -- actually be whisked out of UCLA Medical Center in a convoy of cars and get out today.

DIAZ: I mean, that is unbelievable and great -- great information. But, I mean, I can`t believe this. You have to ask yourself, when we see Lindsay out there in public, she`s in the new Robert Rodriguez movie, "Machete," which is out next months. Is she going to hit a red carpet? Is she going to attend the release parties? I hear there`s alcohol served at some of those.

I hear -- it`s a rumor -- one of her regular gigs could be club appearances. That was a real moneymaker for her before.

Jennifer Gimenez, is it ever safe for an addict to go back to their old lives, back to those same old temptations?

JENNIFER GIMENEZ, FORMER HOUSE MANAGER, VH-1`S "SOBER HOUSE": You know, Carlos, no, it`s not safe for you to go back to your old lives and to do it alone. No, I have to sometimes go to those events and go to those parties or make appearances, and I always bring somebody who`s a sober companion with me. I don`t go into places where I don`t think that is a safe place for myself.

And clearly, if like you said in the beginning of the show, that is -- you know, Lindsay admitted she`s an -- she`s an alcohol and drug addict. And if she was misdiagnosed and she`s going back to doing all this stuff, it`s like -- it`s defeating the purpose, you know. And it`s kind of -- it`s scary. I`m really scared for her when she comes out and she goes back to that without not doing with a sober companion.

DIAZ: But so many people think that she`s above the law. I mean, so many people think that she -- you know, she should have been behind bars for 90 days, that she got a free pass by getting out for 14 days -- after being in for only 14 days.

Now everyone said, "Well, at least she`s going to be in rehab for 90 days." Boom, 30 days -- less than 30 days she`s out, and now there`s a premium on Lindsay`s first interview after rehab. Let`s face it: most of us are wondering what she`s going to say when she gets out. There`s a rumor that "OK!" magazine is offering one million bucks for Lindsay`s first sit-down interview. A cool mil just for an interview.

Howard Samuels, is that a dangerous message for someone in recovery?

HOWARD SAMUELS, FOUNDER/CEO, THE HILLS TREATMENT CENTER: I`m really shocked, Carlos, by really what has happened here. You know, as a treatment professional, I`m shocked at UCLA. I mean, if this woman is really getting out tomorrow, then they`re really not helping her. In fact, they`re helping her to push her back to drugs, because if she`s getting it this easy -- I mean, she needs to be in treatment for six months.

And when I say six months, I mean not just locked up, but I mean in some kind of halfway house, sober living house, exactly what, you know -- what we should be doing here is that I`m amazed that UCLA is doing this. I mean, I`m shocked. Absolutely shocked.

DIAZ: And a lot of people are shocked with you tonight. Let`s face it. Personal accountability is not one of Lindsay`s strengths. Maybe the apple didn`t far fall from the tree -- far -- I`ll say it. Far -- fall far from the tree. Here is Dina Lohan on "The Today Show" after Lindsay was sentenced. Listen to this.


DINA LOHAN, LINDSAY`S MOTHER: I think she went overboard and played serious hard ball with Lindsay.

MATT LAUER, CO-HOST, NBC`S "THE TODAY SHOW": You don`t think she deserved time in jail?

D. LOHAN: Not for this particular offense.

LAUER: She made some wrong choices.

D. LOHAN: And she`s still paying the price from 2007. And the judge on her case played hard ball and now the judge recused herself or she would have been fired.


DIAZ: It`s the judge`s fault. That explains everything, Dina. It`s the -- I didn`t know that! Thank you for explaining it.


DIAZ: Debra, I know, is dying. Debra Opri is dying to jump in. Debra, just -- you go, girl. But what I would ask you, after your rant -- after your rant, I want to know do you think that -- are they going to go after her probation next? But go ahead, Debra.

OPRI: All right. Here it is. If it`s true that Judge Revel made ex parte communications with doctors without advising the parties or their attorneys, that is a problem, and it was smart for her to recuse herself.

However, the new judge, Eldon Fox, who is pretty well known, he -- his hands are tied, because if the rehabilitation center -- think Charlie Sheen now at Horizons -- have said that she`s not an addict and that there`s no purpose with this rehab center any longer and that she should get out, what is this judge going to do? There`s a change in circumstances. A new order would be warranted.

But then we have to jump and say, what is good for Lindsay? She`s leaving L.A., going to New York. I think it`s brilliant. Her mother is on "The Today Show," laying the foundation for her daughter that she done be wronged. You know, let`s be honest with her. She wasn`t treated well in terms of the mothers, in Lindsay`s opinion.

DIAZ: Right.

OPRI: If Lindsay gets out in time to promote her movie, work, get to New York, and stay out of a car, then Eldon Fox says, "Good luck. Have a great trip. See you around."

DIAZ: OK, but here`s the thing. I want to bring Dr. Janet Taylor in on this one. I mean, we -- everyone is making excuses for Lindsay before she goes in, and now -- now you have the perfect scapegoat here. Oh, blame the judge. It`s the judge`s fault.


DIAZ: It`s not Lindsay`s. That`s terrible!

TAYLOR: You know, it`s a problem. By Lindsay`s own admission, she`s an addict. Addiction is a chronic disease. Either you`re in recovery, you`re in treatment, or you`re kind of in la-la land. And right now Lindsay is controlling it. I guess it helps to be a celebrity addict.

DIAZ: I agree.

OPRI: She`ll be leaving la-la land real soon.

DIAZ: Well, that`s the thing...

GIMENEZ: You know what, I don`t think it does help. It`s going to help her go into her grave. I have to say that, you know. And shame on that mother. My God, that mother repulses me.

DIAZ: That`s the thing. Lindsay thinks when we`re having a big panel discussion -- Dina, if you`re watching right now, I know what you`re thinking, Dina. You`re like, "Oh, Carlos, he`s hating on Lindsay. He`s hating on" -- no, we`re not. We`re not hating on your daughter. We`re...

GIMENEZ: It`s called enabling.

DIAZ: Because we are looking at your daughter`s life and saying, it`s a broken record. We keep seeing the same thing. You`ve been to rehab three or four times, and now it`s the same old thing.

All right. Everybody stay right where you are, because we`ve got so much more to discuss with Lindsay.

And I want your calls. Get on the phone: 1-877-JVM-SAYS. That`s 1- 877-586-7297.

Plus, cops say a young mother was executed, and her killer is still on the loose. Tonight ISSUES joins the nationwide manhunt.

But first, Lindsay Lohan leaving rehab. Can you really get clean and sober in just over three weeks? Come on!


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ladies and gentlemen, Lindsay Lohan was released from custody at 1:35 this morning, and per a court order, she has been sent directly to her next destination, which is a treatment center.




LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: Thank you. I`m off to Cannes right now to announce the movie and we`re having a dinner and I`m very excited. So it`s going to work more, which is good. I`ve been working a lot but I like it. I just finished some more traffic school, so I`ve been in compliance, which is really good, and my court date is coming up this week.


DIAZ: We are not here to hate on Lindsay Lohan. I hope she gets out, and I hope she does great. I hope her career rebounds. I hope a year from now she proves me wrong. But right now Radar Online says the discharge papers are signed. Lindsay Lohan is expected to walk out of court-ordered rehab tomorrow, maybe even tonight is the latest word.

Give me a call: 1-877-JVM-SAYS. That`s 1-877-586-7297.

I want to go to Debra Opri. Debra, you know, I know you`re fired up about this. We didn`t get this in the last segment. I mean, they got the sentence -- the jail time reduced. They got the rehab reduced. Why not now go for the -- she`s on probation for a year. Why not go for getting that reduced now?

OPRI: Get what reduced?

DIAZ: Getting the probation reduced. She`s supposed to be on probation: no drugs, no alcohol for a year. Why not go after that now?

OPRI: The sentencing already took effect. The judge said, "You`re going to jail for a certain period of time."

It was the jail system who said, "You`re getting out after 13 days," which I predicted because it was so overcrowded. They then said, "OK, you`re going to rehab."

It`s up to the rehab people to say, "OK, you`re not an addict any more. We`re going to release you. It serves no purpose."

But however, the probation department, she`s on probation for a firm period of time...

DIAZ: Yes. But she was supposed to be in jail for 90 days. She was supposed to be in rehab for 90 days.

OPRI: It doesn`t work that way. It doesn`t work that way. With the probation department, she`s on the hook and she`s got to behave herself. How does she get out of that? She`s going to New York. You know, she`s going to New York. Bye.

DIAZ: Here`s the thing...

SAMUELS: But you know...

DIAZ: Yes, go ahead. Go ahead.

SAMUELS: You know -- you know, Carlos, I mean, I`m just really shocked that the court, the judge, the treatment center have really failed Lindsay.

I mean, when I was arrested many, many years ago, the courts put me for a year in rehab. Now, I had a choice: either four years in prison or a year in rehab. Now I went to rehab. That rehab was huge in my recovery. Now, I thanked the courts, really, at that particular point for saving my life.

DIAZ: But Howard -- but Howard, but if you would have told -- but if you would have told rehab what they wanted to hear -- I mean, how much is it, you know, where rehab, the people in rehab look at you and say...

SAMUELS: Oh, no. You have to understand something.

DIAZ: Yes.

SAMUELS: In a rehab, which is run by professionals like myself, when you`re talking, when the drug addict is talking, when the lips are moving, they`re lying, OK? It`s all about knowing what the manipulation is. When a drug addict talks, you know they`re lying, and you just smile and listen, OK? And I know that, because I`m a drug addict, OK, or a recovering one.


GIMENEZ: Carlos, can I say something here?

DIAZ: We`ve got ten seconds. Go ahead. Ten seconds. Go ahead.

GIMENEZ: You know, I have to say that, in the old days, like they used to -- people used to go to treatment for 90 days, and that really worked. And I just wish that Lindsay would do that.

DIAZ: The old days like what, two months ago? I mean, that`s the thing. It`s like -- that`s the crazy thing.

You guys are awesome, an expert panel. And it is a discussion that we could have for an hour. We have to move on, guys. Thank you so much.

Tonight, ISSUES needs your help finding a young mother`s killer. Police say 21-year-old Corrissa Friends was gunned down by her estranged husband, Wisdom Jeffery. He`s believed to be armed and dangerous.

Corrissa called cops to her apartment August 10 during an argument with Jeffery. There was no evidence of violence, so police simply told Jeffery he had to leave. Get this: cops say the very next day he went back to Corrissa`s home and shot her three times in the torso: once in the front, twice in the back. Once in the front, twice in the back.

Joining me tonight, Corrissa`s uncle, Corey Friends.

Corey, we cannot imagine what you and your family must be going through right now. We want to help get justice for your niece. I have to ask you: did you see any warning signs? Does Jeffery have a history of violence?

COREY FRIENDS, CORRISSA`S UNCLE: Yes. Actually, they have an extreme history of violence. And Jeffery was actually known to put his hands on Corrissa in the past. And I`ve actually been to their apartment several times to break up fights. And I`ve actually tried going to the police before. And they said I couldn`t do anything until she decided to make the stand to come forward.

DIAZ: So was there ever an effort to get a restraining order in any way? I mean, obviously, she moved quite often to get away from him.

FRIENDS: Well, they actually lived together at the time.

DIAZ: So she was living with him? Because there was no signs of forced entry.


DIAZ: She was living with him when this all occurred?

FRIENDS: Yes, they lived in a one-studio efficiency over in Riverdale, Georgia. They had recently just moved from another one-bedroom down the street. And I wasn`t even aware of the fact that they did move.

DIAZ: But police say he was not on the lease of the apartment. That`s correct?

FRIENDS: Yes. We actually found out a lot about his credit history in the -- in the oncoming days after her death. And he just wasn`t the guy that we thought he was.

DIAZ: Now, bring me up to speed here. The couple had a 9-month-old daughter, Casey. Where is Casey right now?

FRIENDS: Baby Casey, as far as I know, is in the state custody of New York City. And we are currently trying as hard as -- as hard as possible to get Casey back in the custody of my family.

DIAZ: I want to bring Mike Brooks in. He`s an HLN law enforcement analyst.

And Mike, I know you`ve been following this case, as well.


DIAZ: I mean, this is a heartbreaking case.

BROOKS: It really is. And the fact that they were living together, law enforcement went over there. A lot of people have been asking me, "Mike, why didn`t they do something, maybe lock him up, lock her" -- because nowadays, if someone is called for a domestic call, if there is any sign of violence at all, someone`s going to jail. But the fact that they were living together, her name -- his name was not on the lease. So she basically just wanted him out.

In fact, law enforcement, Riverdale police took him, in fact, down -- took him down to the station. Did not arrest him. And he was able to get a ride to go somewhere and spend the night.

So then the next night that`s when everything happened. It`s just -- you know, you say did the cops screw up? Right now, I can`t say. But I want to hear the 911 call when she initially called to say, "I want the police to come over here."

DIAZ: And you can see the number on your screen right now. We need your help to find this guy. I mean, look how beautiful this young lady was.

I mean, Corey, in a nutshell, is -- how is your family handling all of this?

FRIENDS: Well, my mother is taking it extremely hard, because she actually grew up in the same household as me, and she was like a little sister to me. So it`s just devastating for our family. And we don`t want anybody else`s family to experience the tragedy that we`ve had these last two weeks.

And we do appreciate all the community support that we`ve had, and everybody is definitely reaching out and giving us as much love as we could possibly take.

BROOKS: Carlos, I want to -- I just want to point out, too...

DIAZ: Hold on. We`re going to take a quick break.


DIAZ: And, Mike, I`ll come right back to you and Corey, I want to come back to you. More on this beautiful mother, brutally murdered.

Plus, Fantasia is back and bigger than ever. Two weeks ago she tried to kill herself. Today she`s on national TV, promoting her new album. Isn`t that a little too soon?


DIAZ: Welcome back. I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell.

We`re covering the tragic murder of Atlanta mom Corrissa Friends. Police believe her killer is her estranged husband, Wisdom Jeffery. They say he gunned her down inside her apartment. Police are asking for your help to find him.

Let`s go right now to Mike Brooks. Mike, before the break you had some more information.

BROOKS: No, Carlos. I just want to point out they believe that he could still be in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. But he does have contacts in other states. So the U.S. Marshals Service are looking for him. But I just want our viewers to take a close look at this picture, because he could still be, as I said, in the Atlanta area, but has ties in other parts of the country. And I guarantee you that the U.S. Marshals Service, they`re on the case right now.

And Corey, we`re going to get this -- I hope they get this guy.

And I just want to let our viewers know, too, don`t approach him. He should be considered armed and extremely dangerous, even though the shotgun that was used, they did recover that. But you see, he`s 38 years old, 5`11", 185. And again, may be armed and dangerous.

DIAZ: You know, we`ve got Corrissa`s uncle, Corey Friends, on with us. I want to talk to Janet Taylor right now, Dr. Janet Taylor.

Dr. Taylor, you know, Corey has shown so much guile for being here and so much courage. What is this family going through right now from a psychiatric point of view?

TAYLOR: Well, my heart goes out to the family. Corey, thank you for being here so that we can bring this alleged killer to justice.

But I mean, it`s unthinkable, because here`s this young woman, a mother, bright smile and friends, who`s been gunned down senselessly. But the message here is, if some man puts his hands on you, you`re at risk to ultimately being murdered by him. You have to get an order of protection. Forget the love. Protect yourself and protect your family and stop domestic violence.

DIAZ: Corey, we`ve got about a minute to go. And I want to thank you once again for coming on. I want to give you have this opportunity to look back on your niece. What -- what will you remember most about this beautiful person?

FRIENDS: Well, Corrissa was a loving person. She actually worked in our family business in the Cascade community. And I just remember everybody coming in and loving to talk to Corrissa. They would get a two- minute car wash and take the time to specifically get out and speak with Corrissa. And she just had such a bubbling personality.

And her funeral turned out just extremely beautiful. People from far away and her high school friends from Westland came out and all showed support and love for my family just -- during this tough times. And I`m just thankful for everybody`s support, and hopefully, we can catch this guy and draw some kind of closure to this crazy situation.

DIAZ: You know, Corey, let`s put that picture up one more time. You know, I want to keep showing, of course, your niece, but I want to show the person that the police are looking for right now so we can, like you said, maybe, possibly bring this person to justice.

This person is a person of interest in the police report right now. His name is Wisdom Jeffery. If you spot him, there`s the number: 770-909- 5432.

Corey, our thoughts and prayers are with your family. And thank you so much for coming on ISSUES this evening.

FRIENDS: Thank you. I really appreciate this opportunity.

DIAZ: We`re going to keep this story -- we`re going to keep tracking this story until this story ends with someone being brought to justice. We want your niece`s killer brought to justice as soon as possible.

Now, two weeks ago, Fantasia tried to kill herself. Now the singer is on national TV, promoting an album. Is she more worried about her health or her record sales? We`ll examine, next on ISSUES.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz, sitting in for Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Tonight fresh off a suicide attempt, "American Idol" Season Three winner Fantasia Barrino is back in the spotlight promoting her new album. What? That sounds odd. Does that sound odd to you? It did to us.

Fantasia appeared on "Good Morning America" today and said she`s back, feels good, ready to get back to work. Really? And she says her affair with a man -- a married man was only part of the reason she tried to kill herself.


FANTASIA BARRINO, SINGER: I think everybody feels like I tried to harm myself over a man. But I`ve been in a lot of bad relationships. So I think it was -- that had somewhat to do with it because it was so heavy. It was brand new information. I was already going through so much. But I think it was just six years of everything.


DIAZ: Six years of everything? The suicide attempt was two weeks ago, the day after her daughter`s 9th birthday. Can she really be ok that fast? Or is Fantasia surrounded by people pushing to promote her new album.

We know this for sure. Our sources tell us -- and get this -- "Good Morning America" did not book Fantasia until after she tried to kill herself. Can`t deny this very sad incident in Fantasia`s life is getting her good press. So is this an incredible story of recovery or is it too much too soon?

Give me a call right now, 1-877-JVM-SAYS. That`s 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to my very special guest, "American Idol" season three runner-up Diana Degarmo, who went up against Fantasia in the finals. Thanks so much for joining us, Diana.

What did you think when you heard the news that Fantasia tried to kill herself?

DIANA DEGARMO, "AMERICAN IDOL" RUNNER-UP, SEASON 2: Well, I was travelling at the moment and seemed like every time I landed in a city I was getting e-mails or text messages or phone calls about something. And I never really quite was able to get a direct story or direct idea of what was going on.

So it`s hard to kind of judge because none of us were there when it happened. None of us really know what the truth is except Fantasia and she and her family and the ones that are closest to her.

DIAZ: But I mean, you know, you were right there with her on "American Idol". And the thing about "Idol" is you guys go from being unknown to being thrust into the spotlight. How did she handle being famous so quickly as you guys were ascending the "Idol" ladder?

DEGARMO: Well, just like you put it. You literally go from zero to hero in four months. You go from complete obscurity to being on the cover of every magazine and being known all around the country and all around the world. It`s a lot for anybody to handle. I mean a lot is being thrown at you.

Just like she said, the past six years have been -- have definitely had their ups and downs for everybody that was on my season of "Idol". A lot happens, like I said.

So it`s hard to say how she personally took it but I definitely know she`s kind of a go-getter type. Possibly with her being on "Good Morning America" this morning might be her way of figuratively getting back on the horse, might let her kind of -- because this is her version of normal now is being out there and doing that sort of thing.

DIAZ: I agree. Your life does change. And people who are in the spotlight can never understand what it`s like to be in the spotlight. But I`m going to put you on the spot here.

Do you think 15 days after trying to commit suicide that she`s back in the spotlight too soon?

DEGARMO: I`m a little surprised it is that soon. I do understand that record labels have their deadlines and they have to do what they`ve got to do to get records sold but I think they should have given her a little bit more time. But it might have been Fantasia`s choice to say, you know what, I`m ok, let`s keep things moving forward.

DIAZ: What would you say to Fantasia right now if you could talk to her?

DEGARMO: I would definitely tell her to take it a day at a time, don`t rush things and make sure she puts she and her family first.

DIAZ: One day at a time, that`s not a nine to five -- no it`s a different kind of musical for that one.

You are -- hey, congratulations, by the way. You`re doing great. You`re starring in a new broad way show "9 to 5" opening September 21st. Where?

DEGARMO: In Nashville, Tennessee, first national tour. Unfortunately, I wish we could be originally talking about something that was a little better terms but luckily the good thing is most of us "Idol" kids are still out there working and doing good things.

DIAZ: All right. Great. Well, you know, I hear it comes to Atlanta the next night. So I might have to check it out.

DEGARMO: Yes. Please. We would love to have you.

DIAZ: All right. Thank you so much for joining us.

I want to move on to our panel now and talk more about Fantasia. We have an expert panel with us this evening all to talk about Fantasia because she`s got an interview that airs tonight on a very special edition of VH1`S "Behind the Music".

Guys, check out this preview.


BARRINO: You can`t accidentally take a whole bottle of pills. I was tired of people doing me wrong constantly over and over and over again. Dealing with my family. Dealing with my father. Dealing with men and their bull (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I was tired and my head was hurting me. I was over it. So, yes, I knew exactly what I was doing.


DIAZ: All right. So I want to get my panel in here. First let`s talk to Marvet Britto. Marvet, you, of course are the president and CEO of the Britto Agency. You handle celebrities all the time. Would you have Fantasia back out in the public eye so soon after trying to commit suicide?

MARVET BRITTO, CEO, BRITTO AGENCY: Personally, I would have advised her to take a little bit more time. But the gravity in the engine of a record company doesn`t always dictate, you know, the schedule that the artist would prefer.

So of course it really is really based around how Fantasia would have felt. And sometimes artists really need to be immersed in work to really take their minds off of personal and professional challenges.

So it`s really difficult for us to judge when the right time was for her. I think she made the best decision that was right for her mental and physical positioning.

DIAZ: But that`s the thing -- the mental aspect of this whole thing. And I want to bring Dr. Janet Taylor in after we sum up this whole thing by showing you this next clip from "Good Morning America". Doctor, watch this clip.


BARRINO: There are people who love and support me and just want to see me keep going who have been through this same thing.


BARRINO: Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For being open and being here.

BARRINO: Thank you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`ll have you -- we`ll get you all cleaned up and have you sing in our last half hour. Fantasia, everybody. Thank you.

BARRINO: Thank you. And you look hot, beautiful.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thank you. We always have time for that. We always have time for you to say a little something like that.


DIAZ: What? One minute she crying and the next minute she`s telling Robin Roberts she`s hot. Now, I agree Robin Roberts looks great. I`m a big fan of Robin Roberts.

But you can`t cry and then "Girl you look good. You look hot."

Janet Taylor, can we have an emotional shift like this so quickly?

DR. JANET TAYLOR, PSYCHIATRIST: Clearly she`s emotional and still in a lot of pain. But the reality is she made a suicide attempt and there`s no real indication that she`s getting the help that she needs.

I mean I appreciate that see went to a life coach but she needs to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist to deal with her depression and mood and continued issues that are still there.

Forget the record label. Forget the record company. She needs to take care of her public -- I mean her private self and stop worrying about her public self.

DIAZ: Yes. And we heard Lindsay Lohan will more than likely be getting out of rehab tomorrow, maybe even today.

Honestly, I think Fantasia`s situation might be more disturbing than Lindsay`s. Of all the things that Lindsay has done: two DUI arrests, two stints in jail, alleged drug and alcohol abuse; she`s never tried to kill herself. And Fantasia tried to commit suicide and she`s telling everyone, yes, I wanted to end it. She needs help.

TAYLOR: She does.

DIAZ: And that`s the thing.

Marvet, I want to bring you back in here. If Fantasia was your client -- you`ve already said that it`s up to her -- but in all honesty, does she need to look at the situation and say no, to heck with everybody. I`m going to take a break and get myself right?

BRITTO: Absolutely. It depends on the level of enablers she has allowed to really be in her personal space and who have incubated her. Certainly she needs to be told the truth and that truth is you may need to step away and deal with your personal deep-rooted issues.

She`s had several challenges; a roller coaster of a career since her days on "Idol". So she`s had professional challenges, even financial challenges that she`s openly shared but here`s a young woman who certainly isn`t getting the proper counsel and she does need to take a moment and step away from the business and deal with it.

The problem is her stepping away may be thrusting her back to the very people who she`s running from in the first place.

DIAZ: Yes. And that`s the thing. Bonnie, you know better than anybody being there at If a person steps out of the spotlight, it`s hard to step back in.

BONNIE FULLER, HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM: The thing is, Carlos, we talked to a lot of experts today about this whole situation. A lot of them did feel that it can be very healing for her to actually move forward with her career, do what she wants to do.

Yes, she`s got to get the psychiatric help she needs. Clearly she`s got long-standing problems. However, she might actually feel worse if she stopped because then she would feel, "Oh, my goodness, I am not meeting my obligations. What am I going to do? I`ve got this great record. I want it to get out there. Now I`m not doing that."

That actually might be more anxiety-producing for her than doing what she`s doing. She has an opportunity now also to tell her story in her own words. Nobody else is able to articulate how she`s feeling and to put this in perspective. And I`m sure she -- part of her wants to help other young women too. And she can do that now.

DIAZ: Ok, Bonnie. And I agree. The message that she`s sending right now is she`s getting out her message to young women everywhere. But I hope it`s not at the cost of furthering, you know, hurting herself and the fact that she has a 9-year-old daughter.

TAYLOR: And you know I am not sure --


DIAZ: There`s so much more to talk about this.


DIAZ: I`ve got to say thank you to all you guys. We`ve got to wrap it up. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much.

Moving on now.

Nowhere to hide, Tiger Woods, Mel Gibson and Jesse James all busted, all divorced. Celebrities can`t get away with anything. So why are they still trying? You`ve got to stick around for this next segment.


TIGER WOODS, PROFESSIONAL GOLFER: Hey, it`s -- it`s Tiger. I need you to do me a huge favor. Can you please take your name off your phone? My wife went through my phone and may be calling you.



DIAZ: Welcome back. I`m Carlos Diaz sitting in for Jane Velez- Mitchell. And as we get close to this next segment I wish Jane would have left me her gavel. All right, here we go.

Think again, media magnets, I`m declaring your cheating days are done. That`s right I`m saying it right now. Technology has caught up with you and it will get you every time.

Take a lesson from Tiger Woods. The pro golfer is back on the dating scene now that his marriage is officially over. He was once believed to be the perfect family man but his infidelity with alleged multiple mistresses shattered his image one shot at a time.

One woman after another came forward claiming to have had sex with Tiger Woods, sharing their erotic texts and scandalous details with anyone who would listen.


JOSLYN JAMES, TIGER WOODS` ALLEGED MISTRESS: Tiger pursued me and over time I fell in love with him and he told me he loved me too.


DIAZ: So is it even possible for stars to have secret lives anymore? I say no. It`s hard for the person, the average person to hide an affair from their spouse. But if you`re famous, you`ve got a bull`s eye right there, boom, on your back. There are opportunists on every corner.

And we all know about the paparazzi because now we are part of the paparazzi. And we got it right here on our fingertips. We all have cameras and video cameras on us at all times.

I want to hear from you. Give me a call 1-877-JVM-SAYS. That`s 1- 877-586-7297. I challenge you to give me a scenario where a guy or a girl can cheat and not get caught.

And before I get to my expert panel -- and they are experts -- Mike Brooks, I want to talk to you. Just how easy is it to get what you need on someone cheating on you with technology these days?

MIKE BROOKS, HLN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: You know and ok, look, there`s ways around everything. But people are stupid. They don`t know how to do it. Look at -- look at Tiger. He has all the money in the world, has all and everything -- hey, buy a prepaid cell phone.

But --

DIAZ: Yes.

BROOKS: -- there`s two sides to every affair. And hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

DIAZ: Yes but even with the prepaid cell phone --

BROOKS: You can still find out.

DIAZ: Yes. I mean, ask Mel Gibson.

BROOKS: And look -- look hey, hey sweetheart --

DIAZ: -- or at least who sounds like Mel Gibson.

BROOKS: Right.

DIAZ: And if you make a phone call you`ve got that -- a new iPhone app, you press the button, boom, you`re recording the phone call.

BROOKS: Absolutely, hey sweet heart, you want me to meet me in Vegas? Oh yes, how many surveillance cameras are there in Vegas? You know, oh nobody is going to find us here. There`s surveillance cameras everywhere, EZ Pass, cell phones, text --

DIAZ: Yes.

BROOKS: You can`t get away from it. E-mails at home, e-mails at work. All of these can be subpoenaed. The same thing we used for criminal cases we can use for civil cases. And don`t forget those all-important cell pings. They can -- they can just bust apart your timeline. Oh, no, dear, I wasn`t there. Oh, yes? Well, let`s subpoena your cell records there pal.

DIAZ: Yes the three -- the three worst letters in the English language are GPS for guys right now. We`re talking about Tiger and don`t forget Mel Gibson; those -- those alleged Mel Gibson audiotapes that are out there. Take a listen.

Mel Gibson allegedly leaving these messages and talking to Oksana allegedly and she records all these things.

So I want to go out to Steve Santagati That`s all you need to know about Steve.

Steve prove me wrong, can guys cheat out there?

STEVE SANTAGATI, BADBOYSFINISHFIRST.COM: Yes, you know that those tapes -- the best way to not get caught cheating is by never getting married in the first place. And then it`s not called cheating. It`s called living large. Ok.

DIAZ: Steve great --

BROOKS: But don`t get a possessive girlfriend either; they`re trouble too.

DIAZ: Debra Opri`s head just exploded. Debra, you`re thoughts on that. You should never get married? Debra you`re an attorney. Are all attorneys out there just licking their lips at all of this new technology?

DEBRA OPRI, DIVORCE ATTORNEY: All I`m going to tell you, Carlos -- we`ve spoken many times in the makeup room about this in relationships. If a girl falls in love with you, you`re finished. You know the bottom line is you don`t leave messages. You don`t make phone calls to have conversations you shouldn`t be having.

Remember the old days of beards? You don`t allow the audio -- you don`t allow these video cameras or phones in any intimate area. But I always tell my clients, look, you`re married. Behave yourself or don`t be married. So what do I say as a divorce attorney? Keep coming.

DIAZ: Right. Marvet, I want to bring you in a second but first let`s go back to Steve. Steve quickly, give me a scenario and I`ll shoot it down, give me a scenario where a guy can have an affair. Go.

SANTAGATI: All right, if a guy wants to not get caught cheating if he`s a celebrity -- he`s got to get out of the country because I don`t care how famous he is there`s some place in the world where there`s a beautiful girl and they don`t know who he is. He can travel.

BROOKS: Oh no.

SANTAGATI: That`s how you do it.

DIAZ: Oh anonymity. But then -- then ok. I went to Australia and I learned this phrase. You got no from. Ok, if you go out of the country you got no from because he`s not blah blah blah from this TV show. He got no from ok.

I want to bring in Marvet in real quick. Marvet, you`ve got -- you`ve got a minute to talk to me. What do you say to your clients who might want to go out and have some fun?

BRITTO: I say to them that they have to date women who have as much to lose as they do, women who seek to protect the integrity of the relationship rather than seek to exploit it.

And the issue is really rooted in the character. Most of these relationships in Tiger`s situation and Jesse`s situation, it was the woman that actually came forward. So they weren`t really in the relationship because they loved them. Because when you love a person, you seek to protect that person. And there was no level of protection on any of these cases.

DIAZ: But at one point the love --

OPRI: I don`t agree.

DIAZ: Ok go ahead, Debra. Go ahead.

OPRI: I don`t agree. Because when you`re in a relationship and you fall in love, whether you`re two married people or not, there`s a certain amount of scorn where you`re upset after double timing you, they`re not being true to you as the -- the lover.

And I think when people get angry they do stupid things --

BROOKS: Oh, yes.

OPRI: And stupid things cause problems, end of story.

BROOKS: Plus add a little bit of alcohol.


BRITTO: Yes, but to publicly -- to ever publicly humiliate is out of line. You should never seek to publicly humiliate. Whatever took place between Mel Gibson and his girl friend, he should have -- they should have handled privately, not for public display.


DIAZ: Everybody, chill out. Steve, come on. You`re killing me, Steve. I`m going to give you the commercial break to come up with a scenario better than leave the country.

SANTAGATI: First of all --


DIAZ: Steve, chill. Everyone be quiet, we`re going to come back right after this. Can anyone get away with cheating? That`s coming up next on ISSUES.



WOODS: Despite the damage I have done, I still believe it is right to shield my family from the public spotlight. They did not do these things. I did.


DIAZ: That`s right. Cheating celebs, beware. We`re back talking about the dangerous doubles lives of superstars. And I don`t know if you want to call it an expert panel on this because I have an expert panel. I think Steve wants to be called an expert on this.

Steve Santagati from -- Steve, give me a scenario where a celebrity in the age of all this technology can cheat without getting caught. Come on.

SANTAGATI: If he doesn`t want to leave the country, like I suggested before --

DIAZ: Right.

SANTAGATI: He has to have everything done in person and it`s got to be in very private, private situation.

And like the other woman said. Best if you can to cheat with someone who has as much to lose as you do. But in terms of Tiger Woods, who is he going to go out with, Oprah? There`s not a lot people who has as much as to lose as he does.


DIAZ: Steve, that`s a great point. You bring up a point that was brought up earlier today by someone here at HLN. You know, you`ve got to keep it like in a diner. You know what? This Blackberry comes with a microphone headset. I can put right here on my lapel. They can`t see it and they`re talking right into my Blackberry. Boom, it`s recorded. The whole thing is right there. It`s no longer 007. It`s now at any Best Buy, at any Radio Shack; you can get whatever you need to record people.

SANTAGATI: But these guys are so careless, they want to get caught. These guys are so stupid and so careless, they don`t care. They want to get caught.

DIAZ: Debra, what do you say no to?

OPRI: No. Listen, the affair is perfect if you have two willing understanding partners who are in a controlled environment. You can`t have anything get out of control. From my experience as a divorce attorney, it`s always one of the people got out of control, i.e., if you have a controlled environment, like same time next year, we meet here, do this. Stay off of the phone, keep the text stuff out of the environment and just be very calm and cool.

The bottom line is, people cheat but things fall apart when they get out of control. Keep it in control.


DIAZ: I`ve got to go to the phone lines. Betty in Georgia -- Betty jump in here. What do you think?

BETTY, GEORGIA (via telephone): I think that Tiger Woods is getting exactly what he deserves because as much money as he had, he could have gone somewhere secluded where no one would have seen him. And I think thumb`s up for her because he`s getting just what he deserves. He had not only one lover, he had four or five. He`s getting exactly what he deserved.

DIAZ: Well, allegedly he had more. Betty, thanks so much for calling from Georgia.

Mike, I`ve got to -- we have to wrap up with you. We have less than a minute. Mike, I mean should every woman out there run to Best Buy, run to Radio Shack and become a techno geek?

BROOKS: Hey, it`s not only the women. It`s not only guys that cheat. It`s the women that cheat too. Oh, yes. Imagine that.

DIAZ: Debra, Marvet? Women cheat? Do women cheat?

OPRI: You`re asking me? I just handle the women who cheat.

DIAZ: That`s amazing. I didn`t know that.


OPRI: All I can tell you is, stay good. Go home. No, I don`t.

DIAZ: That`s the answer to everything.

OPRI: Absolutely.

DIAZ: Stay faithful and we won`t have this problem and we won`t have to go back to this panel -- a panel of so-called experts.

Thank you to this panel, no one, by the way, on this panel has ever cheated on their loved one. No one. I can say that right now.

OPRI: I swear.

DIAZ: You guys are awesome. You`re watching ISSUES on HLN. Thanks so much for joining me. I`m Carlos Diaz. We`ll see you tomorrow night right back here at 7:00 on HLN.