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Reverend Al Sharpton Speaks at the "Reclaim the Dream" Rally in D.C.

Aired August 28, 2010 - 13:20   ET


FREDRICKA WHITFIELD, CNN ANCHOR: Hello, I'm Fredricka Whitfield in Atlanta.

Two live pictures right now in the nation's capitol on the right you are seeing the wrapping of the three-hour event that has been called "Restoring Honor" there at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. That being lead by conservatist talk show host Glen Beck and on the left you are seeing the "Reclaim the Dream" rally taking place just a few blocks away.

The Reverend Al Sharpton there and the National Action Network which have lead and come in dear this "Reclaim the Dream" event. Let's listen in to Reverend Al Sharpton.

REV. AL SHARPTON: When do we want it? When do we want it? Hug the person next to you, tell them reclaim the dream! Let me thank all of you that came from all over the country. This is not a rally, this is a march. And we're getting ready to line the streets of Washington by the thousands. Because others marched, we have a different life. But we've got to keep that going so that our children will have even better life than us.

Somebody said why are you all rallying? They called us troublemakers.


SHARPTON: We got into turbulence, the plane started shaking, the plane started dropping, and I looked out the window couldn't see because it was cloudy. For about 15 minutes we went through a turbulent storm but after a while when we cleared the storm and I saw sunshine, I didn't get off the plane. We just got through the storm we haven't arrived yet. Just because we got through the storm doesn't mean we arrived. We are still doubly unemployed black to white, we are not there yet.

WHITFIELD: You are listening there to the Rev. Al Sharpton there at the "Reclaim the Dream" march. They will be marching through Washington eventually ending up near the National Mall at what will be the future sight of the MLK, National Memorial.

We are going to continue to watch this march that is taking place and the rally that is underway right now at Dunbar High School just as all morning long we have shown you another rally that has taken place at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial that being lead by conservative talk show host, Glenn Beck.

There you see it is wrapping up, it has been about a three hour event, we of course have a complete wrap up of the day's events at the nationals capital at the top of the hour in the 2:00 Eastern Hour, hope you join us then.

Thank you.