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Bone Being Tested in Natalee Holloway Case

Aired November 22, 2010 - 19:00:00   ET



CARLOS DIAZ, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, a full-blown frenzy. Tests on the mystery jaw that washed up on an Aruban beach in are wrapping up, this as a second bone is found on the island. Are we close to finding out what really happened to Natalee Holloway?

And a Hollywood murder mystery. Publicist Ronni Chasen was gunned down was driving in Beverly Hills. Now reports surface that she feared she was being followed months ago. Is there a connection?

Then an exclusive interview with little Kyron Horman`s father. Kaine opens up about his missing son, his estranged wife, Terri, and so much more. You don`t want to miss this

Plus, the porn star at the center of Charlie Sheen`s latest scandal fires back. Capri Anderson claims the actor threatened to kill her the terrifying night he allegedly went on a binge and trashed his posh hotel room. Now she`s filing charges. Does she have a case, or is she trying to cash in?

ISSUES starts now.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz, in for my good friend, Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight. A possible breakthrough in the Natalee Holloway cold case is fast approaching.

Investigators are set to make a huge announcement, revealing whether Natalee`s remains have been found. Her dad believes the jaw and tooth discovered in Aruba do, in fact, belong to his daughter. If the bone is Natalee`s, it would be the very first physical evidence that the missing teen is, in fact, dead.

Meanwhile, a second bone was discovered on the beach just a few miles away. Could there be a connection with these two bones?

Eighteen-year-old Natalee, of course, vanished in 2005 during a graduation trip to Aruba. The investigation has been squarely focused on the person she was last seen with, of course, Joran Van Der Sloot. He was arrested twice but never charged.

Now, Joran is currently charged in Peru with the murder of 21-year-old Stephany Flores.

Natalee`s dental records were rushed to the Hague for tests last week. Now, if the bone turns out to be hers, is it enough for prosecutors to finally charge Joran with Natalee`s death?

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Straight out to Jean Casarez, correspondent with "In Session" on TruTV.

Jean, you`re in Aruba right now, following every twist and turn in this case. Give us the very latest in this case.

JEAN CASAREZ, CORRESPONDENT, TRUTV`S "IN SESSION": Well, everybody`s on pins and needles, because we just don`t know what is going to happen tomorrow. But we confirmed with Taco Stein -- he is the solicitor general of Aruba -- that tomorrow afternoon it is most likely that they are going to announce the forensic results that are coming from the Hague.

You know, this jawbone with the attached tooth that we have been hearing about that was found by Massachusetts tourists here in Aruba on November 12. Well, it was taken personally to the Hague, to their forensic institution there, by Aruban authorities, and it has been there for the last week so that DNA testing could be done. They do have the full profile of DNA of Natalee Holloway, as well as the dental records.

So the Hague has said, "We will make the definitive determination, but we will allow prosecutors in Aruba to make the announcement." So that is what we believe is coming tomorrow afternoon.

DIAZ: Jean, you`re there on the ground right now. What is the feeling? A lot of people are talking about the fact that, if it wasn`t the jawbone of Natalee Holloway, they would have made the announcement by now, they wouldn`t have had a big buildup. Is that the feeling right now where you`re at?

CASAREZ: You know, Carlos, it`s really divided. I mean, some people believe that, because they`ve waited so long, because there is going to be a big announcement, that it very likely will be the first forensic evidence that Natalee Holloway is deceased, because that is it what it would be.

But other people believe that, since it`s coming via an e-mail and a press release, that it must be nothing, because there would be more of a -- of a an interaction with authorities, and although we believe we will be able to ask authorities of Aruban prosecutors after it comes out, the fact is it`s coming via e-mail and a press release, that announcement.

DIAZ: If the forensic tests find a match between Natalee and the jawbone, the big question is, what then? Will that put enough heat on Joran for him to reveal Natalee`s fate once and for all? Here`s the attorney for Natalee`s dad.


VINDA DE SOUSA, DAVE HOLLOWAY ATTORNEY: What we`re hoping for is that something -- now that he was confronted with evidence, clear evidence, there is a body, DNA can be collected and was collected, that he can no longer deny that he was involved, that something might compel him to shed some light on what happened with Natalee.


DIAZ: Tim Miller, before we get to you, I want to go to Tina in Michigan. We`ve got a lot of callers on this one.

Tina, Michigan, what are your thoughts on this?

CALLER: I was just curious, if this is five years later and these are, indeed, the bones of Natalee Holloway, how would they not drift away in five years and they stay in the same spot?

DIAZ: That`s a great question. Let`s right now go to Tim Miller. He`s the director of EquuSearch.

You`ve helped search for Natalee, and you`re in close contact with her dad. Why does he think that the bones are Natalee`s and this bone is Natalee`s?

TIM MILLER, DIRECTOR, EQUUSEARCH: You know, he`s cautiously optimistic. And I think he really thinks that this probably is Natalee.

You know, the initial was that it was the jawbone of a young female. I`ve been in Aruba nine different times in this search. I`m real close with the authorities in Aruba and people in Aruba. We don`t have another female that is missing. We don`t have one that drowned and has not been found.

And we truly feel, as though -- and we felt this a long time ago, is that we`ve got to remember the night Natalee disappeared is the night the fisherman`s hut was broken into. The big crab trap was stolen, the knife, the rope.

Three years ago we went to Aruba at this very time, and we went there for one month to do the deep water search. And Louis Shaffer put a $1 million budget on that. We ended up over there in almost three months, and it came to about $1.8 million. And we`ve got 141 targets out there in the sea in Aruba.

And the only reason we didn`t continue is because it went so far over budget. But we`ve been talking with Louis Shaffer and Don Suvetti (ph) that was over there before with us. We`re doing pre-planning right now on getting another ship over there to actually send -- the only people in the world that would know exactly where every one of them targets are at.

DIAZ: But Natalee`s father -- but Natalee`s father in this case does believe the jawbone is Natalee`s.

MILLER: Yes, he does. You know, and we`ve got to understand, too, that Natalee`s mom and Natalee`s dad are both running on emotions right now.

And you know what? I talked to Dave today, and I said, "Dave, how are you really doing?"

And he says, "You know what? I really don`t know." He said, "No matter what the news is, it`s going to be disappointing. If it comes back that it`s not Natalee, it`s another roller-coaster ride," and he just really wants it to come to an end. If it comes back it is Natalee, then you know the reality hits that, you know, that miracle is not going to happen. Natalee really is deceased. And then they really have to face that.

So what this family has went through 5 1/2 years and what they`re going through now, I mean, they just need all of our support and our love and our prayers.

DIAZ: That`s the reason right now -- that`s the reason right now that Natalee`s mom is not on board with this. She says she`s been down this road before. Our viewers have been down this road. They`ve heard a lot of different things.

Jan, you`re in Nevada. Do you think this could be Natalee Holloway?

CALLER: Yes. And I`m just wondering, even if it`s just a bit of it, can he still be charged? I mean, you know, with murder?

DIAZ: That`s a great question. Let`s go to Jayne Weintraub...


DIAZ: Let`s go to Jayne Weintraub on that one. I mean, here`s the thing. You have a jawbone that comes up. You can get some DNA off the jawbone to find out if it is, in fact, Natalee Holloway.

Jayne, could you still -- could you have DNA that could say whether, if it is Natalee Holloway, whether she was drugged that night? Could you have any kind of evidence in that DNA?

WEINTRAUB: Yes, you could, but I doubt it, because I`m sure that it was decomposed by now. The only place that you could have maybe had a secretion that could have lasted or had some remnants of DNA that would be of value would be under that tooth. The molar is intact, we understand.

But even so, Carlos, it won`t give you any evidence, certainly not enough you to charge Joran Van Der Sloot.

DIAZ: Casey Jordan...

WEINTRAUB: The only thing it will do is bring closure, which I hope for the family`s sake. But it`s not of any evidentiary value, except for identification, as you`ve said.

DIAZ: Casey Jordan, you`re a criminologist. I mean, do you agree with that assertion? That, even if they find this is Natalee Holloway, the evidence that surrounds this jaw, the testing they can do, will not bring any kind of -- move closer to Joran Van Der Sloot?

CASEY JORDAN, CRIMINOLOGIST: Well, you`ve got to remember, we are not talking about the American legal system. So I happen to think it`s a very strong likelihood that this jawbone does belong to Natalee Holloway. But all that will do is show that she clearly is dead.

And under Aruban law, they don`t have to have a body to charge somebody with murder. It`s never happened. They`ve basically chosen not to.

I`ve always said this crime will only be cleared by confession. And you have to wonder that, if the DNA matches Natalee and Joran Van Der Sloot knows that the jig is up, maybe finally, he will feel that he can tell the truth about what happened that night.

DIAZ: Casey, we have a great quote.

WEINTRAUB: There are no eyewitness. The forensics will be gone. His confession is suspect to begin with, because he`s given three different stories. I don`t see how they`ll ever bring a case on Joran.

DIAZ: Jayne, Jean, Casey, thank you so much. Great job. I`m sorry I`ve got to leave it there. We could talk about this subject all night. We`ve got a lot of other topics to talk about tonight.

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Next up, an exclusive interview with Kaine Horman, the heartbroken father of missing Kyron. No questions -- no questions -- are off limits. You do not want to miss this inside look at the search for little Kyron.

Plus, a real-life Hollywood murder mystery. A high-profile publicist gunned down. And now reports are surfacing that she was feared to have been followed before her death.


MICHAEL LEVINE, FRIEND OF RONNI CHASEN: Somewhere around 10 p.m. last night I drove by the exact area. It`s a very good area. Shocking. It is -- it`s mind-numbingly shocking.




LEVINE: This is a -- Hollywood`s 9/11. This is that -- it is that shattering to the people in the entertainment industry.

I drove that street, that very night, 2 1/2 hours before. It is unimaginable. When I heard the news, my jaw dropped. I thought it must be a mistake. It simply can`t be possible.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz in for Jane tonight.

New revelations in the shocking murder of famed Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen. "The New York Post" reports Ronni Chasen told people she thought she was being followed as far back as March and that she was very, very scared. But who would be following her, and why did they want her dead?

Ronni Chasen was shot five times -- five times -- in the chest as she drove home from the posh W hotel in Hollywood one week ago.

Now, Chasen had just attended a premiere party for the movie "Burlesque," which stars Cher and Christine Aguilera. Chasen left the party around midnight. CNN producer Alan Duke takes us to the very spot Chasen valeted her car. Check this out.


ALAN DUKE, CNN PRODUCER: If someone were stalking Chasen as she left this after party at W Hotel, it possibly would have been obvious. There`s security cameras around here and plenty of people, and they would have had to have been lying in wait to see as she left, one would think.


DIAZ: So what happened on Chasen`s drive home? Was someone following this high-profile Hollywood insider the entire way? Or was the killer lying in wait? This senseless murder is looking more and more like a professional hit every day.

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Let`s begin with CNN producer Alan Duke.

Alan, you were there. You know, you got the very latest. What is the very latest?

DUKE: Well, I really am not completely buying this idea that it was a planned attack and that she was being followed. I`m aware of those reports, of her telling people some months ago that she thought she was being followed.

But I know the police say it`s still an open investigation. They told me again this afternoon, be careful on the speculation, because it could have been just a random attack. It could have been road rage or something else that triggered the shooting.

As I followed her route, I was thinking about how difficult it would be for somebody actually to follow her or even to know when she was going to come across the intersection where she was shot.

DIAZ: Alan -- Alan, hold on. Hold on. I drive this route every day. I mean, when I go to CNN L.A., I live, like, five blocks from where this went down. This is one with of the swankiest, poshest parts of Beverly Hills. I mean, to say that someone would pop somebody five times in the chest over road rage, are you -- are the cops serious with this?

DUKE: Well, first -- first of all, we don`t really know it was five times. What we know at least three times now. That`s from the coroner. After the autopsy, the day after the autopsy, they told me multiple shots. And I said, "How many is that? Was it five?"

They said, "Well, we`re not saying."

And I said, "What`s multiple?"

They said, "More than two."

So officially, nobody said five.

But yes it is possible road rage. I`m not arguing that it is road rage.

DIAZ: Right.

DUKE: But that`s still part of the investigation.

DIAZ: Well, new witness accounts are making it sound like it`s not a random shooting. Neighbors reported hearing motorcycles driving up and down the street the night before Chasen was shot.

I can tell you firsthand, like I said before, I drive this neighborhood all the time. Motorcycles in this neighborhood going up and down the street, not something you hear all the time. And neighbors are also reporting hearing five gunshots in rapid succession -- boom, boom, boom, boom, boom -- and no bullet casings were found at the scene.

PR consultant, Michael Sands, you were a friend of Ronni`s, and it was actually your friend who told police about hearing the motorcycles the night before Chasen was killed. Tell us about that.

MICHAEL SANDS, FRIEND OF RONNI CHASEN: Yes. My friend actually lives right -- about 200 feet away from where she stopped, and it`s interesting, the night before they heard motorcycles going up and down Whittier.

Whittier is a very quiet street, and it`s not well lit. So it`s the perfect place to really target someone.

And, as a matter of fact, when the bullets were heard, my friend`s son woke up my pal and he said that he had heard bullets. Whether or not they called the police, I didn`t ask him.

But the interesting thing about this is, when you come off of Sunset - - and you`re absolutely right -- onto Whittier, I mean, at Whittier and Sunset there is a camera there. Now, whether or not they have video, I don`t know going at the same time, but that`s if people go through the red light.

So when she went onto Whittier, a car evidently would have had to come up beside her.

Now, as you know, at the W Hotel, you`re absolutely right, there is video. But maybe no one came or left, but someone was physically at the party who knew her and who was able to make a phone call and to say, "She`s leaving now." And they were waiting outside. That`s probably how it happened.

Plus, the Beverly Hills police chief said today it was a vehicle-to- vehicle shooting. Well, we all know that. The real question is why. If Ronni knew she was being targeted and mentioned it...

DIAZ: Michael, hold on one second. I want to get to the -- Michael, I want to get to the why in just a second. Everybody stay put.

Of course, we`ve got an exclusive interview with Kaine Horman coming up, but coming up next, more on this amazing case that you do not want to miss. Of course, we have the Kaine Horman interview coming up a little bit later. But coming up next, more on this senseless Hollywood shooting.

What was the reason for this woman to have been shot in one of the poshest, nicest neighborhoods in all of Beverly Hills? Investigation continues.



LT. TONY LEE, BEVERLY HILLS POLICE DEPARTMENT: We don`t have crimes like this in the city of Beverly Hills, so it is a surprise to us. We`ve got numerous investigators at the scene that are trying to piece this thing together. We don`t have is a motive at this time. We don`t have any suspect information.


DIAZ: Carlos Diaz in for Jane Velez-Mitchell. It`s been one week since the murder of famed Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen, shot dead as she was driving through a mansion-lined Beverly Hills neighborhood.

The "New York Post" is reporting that Chasen told friends she believed that she was being followed and that she was scared.

Psychologist Wendy Walsh, it would be difficult to live with that kind of fear.

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: Especially because she was reaching out. She was letting people know that she was afraid, and nothing was done. That would be a strange fear to live with.

And it`s amazing. I`m wondering how she knew she was being followed. I mean, most of us are so busy in our days with so much traffic around us, how did she really know? They must have been obvious.

DIAZ: And here`s my issue. I drive this route every day. And if you look at the route, if you take -- you`re going on Sunset, you take a left onto Whittier, it`s a guarded stop light. In other words, it is -- it is a red light arrow.

So if somebody wanted to kill her at that point, they knew that she would be stopped at that red light to make the left-hand turn and then, if you do the killing from the lane next to her, through the passenger`s side window, as a lot of evidence is pointing to, then it`s a quick five-minute drive to the 405 and a quick getaway.

I want to bring in Robin Sax, former sex crimes prosecutor.

You`re familiar with these kind of things. Is that the kind of thing someone would look at if they`re looking at doing a job like this, a quick getaway?

ROBIN SAX, FORMER SEX CRIMES PROSECUTOR: Certainly, anybody planning or premeditating a murder, which this does seem to have the strappings of, probably, most importantly is the fact that the shots came from the side, or at least that`s what the evidence is starting to show, which kind of negates the whole road rage theory, because road rage, when someone is dealing with road rage, it`s usually shots that come from the back.

In addition as you said, knowing Sunset, Sunset at midnight is not a really highly trafficked area.

DIAZ: No, it`s not.

SAX: It`s a big, windy road. If you wanted to get past someone, you could easily skirt past them. So I`m not buying the road rage. This sounds like a premeditated hit.

The only thing that I`m kind of worried about is why isn`t it that, if she thought someone was following her, she didn`t alert more people? Why isn`t it that the secretaries at work didn`t know, friends know? I find it troubling that only a couple of people knew this several months back.

DIAZ: And a question a lot of people are asking is, why didn`t anyone in the oncoming traffic know, if you know that stoplight, if you go through that stop light, which is an immediate hard right up Sunset.

So it`s the perfect place, because there`s no oncoming traffic that can see you if you do a shooting.

I`ve got to go to Marlene in Oregon.

Marlene, what are your thoughts on this?

CALLER: Well, I would like to ask, and thank you for taking my call...

DIAZ: No problem.

CALLER: I would like to ask, has anybody considered that this is a gang-related shooting? I`ve heard before that people that want to get into a gang have to do certain things like kill another person or a lady or a white person.

DIAZ: Well, that is -- Marlene, great question. Let`s answer that question. Casey Jordan, criminologist, what do you think about that?

CALLER: You can`t rule out these possibilities, although I`ve got to tell you a gang would probably be not this precise and not this neat and not this well planned if it were an initiation.

You`re absolutely true -- correct that probably in the mid-`90s we did see some gang-style assassinations of people as initiation rights. But that`s really been out of style for a good 10, 15 years. This really looks like a very well-planned, personal type of murder.

DIAZ: Casey, you bring up a good point. No casings found on the scene. Guys, we could talk about this forever. I`ve got to roll on this one. Thank you.


DIAZ: An exclusive interview with little Kyron Horman`s father: Kaine opens up about his missing son, his estranged wife Terri and so much more. You don`t want to miss this.

Plus, the porn star at the center of Charlie Sheen`s latest scandal fires back. Capri Anderson claims the actor threatened to kill her the terrifying night he allegedly went on a binge and trashed his posh hotel room. Now she`s filing charges. Does she have a case, or is she trying to cash in?


KAINE HORMAN, KYRON HORMAN`S FATHER: He`s still out there. He`s still out there. We just need to find him. And just the love we have for him and how much we miss him and how much we`re just trying to do everything we can to find him. He`s waiting to be found. He`s out there.


DIAZ: An optimistic father there, even six weeks after his son Kyron seemed to vanish into thin air. Now almost six months into the baffling mystery, Kaine Horman remains hopeful his son will come home.

I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight. In a candid wide-ranging exclusive interview, Kaine opens up to Jane specifically addressing the alleged role of his estranged wife Terri.


JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN HOST: Do you have a theory as to what happened to your son?

HORMAN (via telephone): I have a few, and it just really -- it just depends on how investigations go. It will help kind of dictate which ones of those are correct. But I have a couple of, yes.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You can`t share any of that with us even though --

HORMAN: You know, I`d rather not, our divorce case is still pending. We`re in the middle of the legal process there. The criminal cases haven`t started.

And when they do -- yes, I really -- yes, I have theories but sharing those theories potentially does some jeopardy to his case by giving other people insight that I really don`t want to have to share that information with.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Was there one moment where you suddenly looked at her and said, oh, my God, and then chills and goose bumps just invaded your body and you said, "Oh, my god, the person I`m living with, that I share my bed with, I believe might have something to do with my child`s disappearance?"

HORMAN: Yes. Those were all events or times that occurred after he was missing already. And during those weeks that followed, that process we went through, the investigative process, it`s -- let`s face it.

It`s a grueling process and it`s your ability as a parent or family member to be ruled out, to be ruled out as a suspect, to be ruled out as having any involvement with whatever has happened. And you have every ability to work with them, to clear yourself.

And as soon as that started to go south, as soon as she was refusing to cooperate, lots of suspicion arose, and I -- I stood by her as long as I could until I couldn`t stand by her anymore. Then we had to leave for our own safety. And I think that we did everything that we could. I mean we - - there was other people who stood by her as long as they could as well, until we just got to the point where the behaviors didn`t match what we thought was going on.

And, yes, those were definitely either goose bumps or just those twinges in the intuition that say, ok, enough is enough. We`re kind of past the point of being reasonable in our support here. We need to take a different path.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I have covered your case from the very start, and what gets me most of all, Kaine, is how your life just turned upside down and really turned into a living nightmare. Could you ever have imagined you would be in a situation where you are now, where your son is my missing and the person you live with, who you thought was your sort of soul mate, turned out to be somebody who, in your opinion, is -- well, I`ll quote you, "a master of deception, misdirection," and really the way you describe her as really sort of evil.

HORMAN: Yes. It`s -- there`s a lot of things that we`ve found out or are finding out that were happening during the time that we were together that they`re just shocking. They are. And some of those behaviors, some of those events are, yes, things you don`t even see them coming.

No matter how hard you may look -- most normal people don`t go home every day and investigate their spouse. I don`t think many people have that approach when they go home. And I`m one of those people. To have that twist everything around -- yes, life is what we will call a new normal after the fact -- the fact of him going missing and then us finding out more about her.

Life has definitely taken a different path, but it`s all relative. I -- you have to put it in perspective and remember every day what he`s potentially going through right now and it doesn`t matter how much our life goes sideways at this point in time as long as we keep looking for him and bring him home. It`s all that matters and everything else will be whole when he comes back.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m a recovering alcoholic myself with 15-and-a-half years of sobriety. I just want to ask you, you`ve said your estranged wife Terri Horman -- soon-to-be ex -- was an alcoholic who passed out.

When you look back on it, is there anything that you wish you had done differently in terms of her alleged alcoholism or drinking problem?

HORMAN: Well, she kept it hidden. That`s the hard part. As I look back and see different things that seemed odd and out of place. I asked questions, I did press. I wish I would have maybe pressed a little bit harder. But in looking at the grander picture, it was all hidden.

And it was a gradual progression. I don`t think it was one week she was normal and then one week she was this raging alcoholic. I think it was a slow build-up over time. And when you -- you see someone, you see your spouse have a drink once a week, you don`t really ask any question. You see them have a drink twice a week, you probably don`t ask any questions.

When you don`t see them drink any more than that, you probably never ask any questions. But what`s happening behind the scenes, at least in this particular case, is we believe that it was just being hidden through various other forms, and because of the way we had our finances set up and some other things set up where we had things managed separately from each other, there was just not a lot of visibility into any information that would raise concern.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: There`s been talk of a riff between with you and Desiree, Kyron`s biological mom. Any thoughts on that?

HORMAN: You know, we`re all going through -- this is hard. This is over five months of the worst emotional strain you`re ever going to experience in your life. And we`re going to be emotional about things, and things will be said, things will be done that are going to be tough.

The one thing, though, is we just can`t lose focus on Kyron and bringing him home. And things like this or these types of things may come up here and there, but they -- it doesn`t make him come home any faster. It doesn`t make much of a difference, but I think it`s part of the natural progression of the emotional roller coaster that we`re all going to go through.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You were out handing out flyers at a shopping mall recently. Tell us what happened and why you`re reaching out.

HORMAN: Well, we were at the mall passing out flyers to the businesses and actually at a couple of our different stops the people working there actually didn`t know that Kyron was still missing. So we talked to them about the situation and obviously we`re working with them to get flyers up in their stores or at the counter.

It`s a little bit surprising but in a way it was good to hear because it means we have a lot of work to do still. I know he`s out there and I know he can hear us talking and see us when we`re out there reaching out to him. We`re just going to keep doing that until we bring him home.


DIAZ: Amazing interview right there. Of course we`ll continue to follow this case until Kyron is found.

Up next, the porn star who was stuck in Charlie Sheen`s upscale hotel room the night of his alleged binge is speaking out. She`s airing all the outrageous details, and now saying he tried to kill he her. But is Capri Anderson just trying to cash in on Sheen`s success?

What do you think? Give me a call. 1-877-JVM-SAYS; that`s 1-877-586- 7297.


DENISE RICHARDS, CHARLIE SHEEN`S FORMER WIFE: They have no idea what went on, and I`m -- a lot of our stuff happened when they were much younger which I`m so grateful for. We`re in an amazing place. We`ve been getting along great for the last year and a half. And you know, we`re doing our best.

So as far as that situation, I`m trying to protect the girls from it as much as possible.



DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz in for Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight.

Bad news for Charlie Sheen: a paid-by-the-hour porn star says she survived a night from hell holed up in the Ritz Carlton with the boozed-up and drugged up actor. Now she`s suing mad and filing a criminal complaint.

Capri Anderson says after a little bit of romance, her sexcapade with Charlie took a violent turn. She said Charlie snorted drugs, grabbed her by the throat and threatened to kill her actually at the Plaza.

Check this out from ABC`s "Good Morning America".


CAPRI ANDERSON, ADULT FILM STAR: When I became really uncomfortable was when he put his hands around my neck. But at that point things began to very rapidly kind of fall apart and just really get out of hand.

So that was really when things started to go wrong and when I felt like I was no longer in a good situation.


DIAZ: Right now, Sheen`s camp is rushing to his defense and his manager is coming out swinging. TMZ reports the manager says, this a woman who for the right amount of money sleeps with strangers. Ouch. He also points out, hey Capri had plenty of time to tell her sob story to the police and she never did.

We know Charlie has had a history of abuse. He allegedly strangled his soon-to-be ex-wife and threatened her with a knife last Christmas.


BROOKE MUELLER, CHARLIE SHEEN`S EX-GIRLFRIEND: My husband had me with a knife and I`m scared for my life and he threatened me.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ok, are you guys separated right now?

MUELLER: Yes, right now we have people that are separating us, but I have to file the report or else --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are there other people there? Does he still have the knife?

MUELLER: Yes, he still does.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What`s your name?

MUELLER: Brooke.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And what`s your husband`s name?

MUELLER: It`s Charlie Sheen.


DIAZ: I love that pause. She knows right when she says it`s Charlie Sheen it`s going to make national news. Charlie spent night in jail. Merry Christmas to you, Charlie on that one.

But don`t worry. Charlie isn`t letting this silly porn star drama ruin this holiday for him. "Extra" caught up with the seemingly carefree actor and listen to his mood.


CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: You have expensive taste, you`ve got to be prepared for expensive losses. So it is what it is. I mean, a guy has one bad night and everybody goes insane and panics. And you know, I`m not panicking.


DIAZ: He`s not paneling -- he`s not panicking. And now we go out to our panel: first up Mike Walters, assignment manage for TMZ. Mike, you guys have been all over this. TMZ all day long what`s the very latest?

MIKE WALTERS, ASSIGNMENT MANAGER, TMZ: Well, Carlos I mean, like you said I think this is going to be a problem for Charlie Sheen. She met with -- for several hours with NYPD today, filed a criminal complaint against Charlie Sheen for assault and battery and false imprisonment.

Now, if the district attorney in New York decides to charge Charlie Sheen with any crimes, this could -- he could end up in jail again. So, worst-case scenario that`s happening to Charlie.

But you know what it`s funny that GMA clip you played, one of the most interesting things, she`s got this attorney Keith Davidson that`s an unbelievable great attorney and he said, look, that two people were in the room, one left after the NYPD interviewed her, the other one got carted off to a psychiatric ward.

So good point made by him that you know, in the end they`re going to look at all that stuff Carlos and figure out who said what and who`s telling the truth and who did what. And at this point, if -- if the criminal complaint gets filed and the district attorney charges him, it could be really bad news for Charlie Sheen.

DIAZ: Mike, between you and me, in all honesty, do you think this is it a shakedown on her part, though, that she wants cash more than she wants justice?

WALTERS: Honestly, I have no idea the intention. All I know is that this woman from the beginning seems to be telling her story to her closest confidants that she was assaulted. Whether or not it came out in the press until now, Carlos, in this interview is one thing. I am told she has been telling people since two hours after it happened that this is what happened. It`s just they chose to wait a while for it to come out now and file a criminal complaint.

DIAZ: All right, good work.

Capri says she was offered $3,500 to be Charlie`s date for the night. Well, there you go; good work if you can get it. She says the money was just for her company, not for sex. Really? But before she got paid, she said Charlie started tearing up the room and throwing things at her. Listen to this from ABC`s "Good Morning America".


ANDERSON: I started to resist, and as soon as I did that he let off of me. And I, as quickly as I could, got up and began to walk towards my purse, my dress, and my cellular phone. He started throwing things.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He threw a lamp?

ANDERSON: He threw a lamp. That was the first thing he picked up. And he threw it across the room at me.


DIAZ: Now, her lawyer said that she plans to sue Sheen for battery and false imprisonment.

But I want to go to Holly from Ohio. Holly, you`ve been waiting on the line. Are you -- are you in favor -- are you a part of Charlie Sheen`s camp on this one or do you believe Capri Anderson?

HOLLY, OHIO (via telephone): I believe her.

DIAZ: Over Charlie?


DIAZ: All right.

Let`s go to attorney Robin Sax. Why did Capri call a friend instead of the cops after locking herself in the bathroom? And she says she was in shock and embarrassed, but if she doesn`t call the cops, can we take her seriously?

ROBIN SAX, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Well, I don`t like to judge the actions of a victim when they`re in the heat of whatever trauma they`ve been in, especially imperfect victims make -- imperfect victims make perfect victims in -- in crimes. But the part that I`m most troubled by is the fact that the cops showed up that night. It wasn`t like she didn`t talk to the cops at all. She talked to the cops and said she was fine.

So she is basically having to admit she lied then. That`s the problem that I have. It`s one thing to say being I don`t want to talk about it. I`m traumatized. I don`t know what I want to do right now. Please give me a moment. But she didn`t say that.

She said she was fine and she also posted that on her Web site. Those are going to be problems from the point of view of the prosecution.

DIAZ: Well and the reports that we`re getting is also when she posted things on her Web site that said she was fine there was also another section of her Web site that you could go to and pay money to see her and that kind of things. So it`s like is she trying to make money off this?

Capri claims Charlie called her the next day, speaking of money, and offered her money to keep quiet. Listen to this from ABC`s "Good Morning America".


ANDERSON: I was I guess trying to get through to him, like do you realize how severe this all is? And -- but I wasn`t getting anywhere, nor did I really care to at that point.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So he offered you a sum of money and what did he expect in return?

ANDERSON: Just not to talk to anybody about it and to just go about my business.


DIAZ: ABC reports Sheen offered her a whopping $20,000 grand to keep quiet. Capri says he offered her the cash in exchange to quote, "Just not talk to anybody about it and go about my business" she says. Mike Walters, what can you tell us about Sheen allegedly bribing this porn star?

WALTERS: Well, I can tell you 100 percent that`s true. A text message came from Charlie Sheen to Capri Anderson saying, I will pay you $20,000 so that this all kind of goes away. Now, I mean, here`s the question, Carlos, for you. I mean $3,500 it costs. She`s never said that she wasn`t a porn star. So yes, she has a Web site where you can go and look at her do porn.

DIAZ: Right.

WALTERS: But she -- $3,500 she never got paid. If Charlie Sheen was paying her for her services then it would be $3,500. Why $20,000? And what exactly is Charlie trying to say even if he doesn`t come out and spell it by saying I`ll pay you way more than I owe you? I think he`s trying to buy silence.

DIAZ: That`s a great point. I mean, Charlie famously said one time I don`t pay hookers for sex, I pay them to leave. And in this instance maybe he`s --

WALTERS: Well --

DIAZ: -- upping the rate so she leaves and stays quiet about it.

WALTERS: Carlos, we just heard him say it; people with expensive tastes have to face expensive lawsuits. I mean, the bottom line is, Charlie, if you act that way and sometimes you going to have to face the consequence whether it be lawsuits, jail and sometimes even worse.

DIAZ: I want to bring Bonnie Fuller and Robin Sax and Wendy Walsh back in on this in a second. Everybody stay where you`re at we`ve got much more on this.

The porn star`s scandalous Sheen claims and later, Joe Behar welcomes Charlie Sheen`s lawyer. That`s coming up tonight at 9:00 Eastern right here on HLN.

Stay tuned. Stay here.



JOY BEHAR, HLN HOST: So you don`t know what exactly happened. Did you go to the hospital with him?

RICHARDS: I do know what happened. I would rather --

BEHAR: You do know. You just don`t want to talk about it. Ok.


RICHARDS: -- be silent. But I did help him at the hospital.

BEHAR: You did go to the hospital with him?



DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell. Tonight, the adult film star who says she was terrorized by Charlie Sheen at the Plaza Hotel in New York City filed a criminal complaint and plans to sue Charlie for false imprisonment and battery. She says he grabbed her neck.

Now, his legal team is firing back.

I want to go to Anna from Indiana. Anna, you`re kind of questioning her story here.

ANNA, INDIANA (via telephone): Yes, I am very much questioning her story because we`re getting conflict information from this little girl. First she says that she was fine and there was no problem. And then the next we`re hearing that she did grab him by the throat, he had a knife to her, she locked herself in the bathroom.

I think this is a publicity stunt for her and I think she`s just cashing in on for money.

DIAZ: Well, keep in mind, the knife portion happened with Brooke Mueller, his soon to be ex-wife.

Now, I do want to go to Robin Sax on this. Robin, you being a prosecutor, would you have jumped all over this as far as saying, well wait a minute, if she was so petrified for her life when the cops showed up, why didn`t she file a report right then?

ROBIN SAX, PROSECUTOR: Well, I`ll tell you, if I`m the prosecutor in Aspen, Colorado, I would be jumping all over this because you don`t need beyond a reasonable doubt standard of proof for violation of probation and you have a prior domestic violence lawsuit. That is what is Charlie Sheen`s biggest problem right now.


DIAZ: Even though -- hold on. Even know right now at this time his probation is already expired? Even though, I mean, I know -- I know the probation was going on at the time, but right now it`s a done deal.

SAX: His probation has expired, but if, in fact, the crime happened while he was still on probation, that technically could be a probation violation if the judge is willing to hear that. But I do think that that prior allegation is a big factor in terms of prosecution.

But there is a part that negates it. There are allegations there was substance abuse involved, there was some powdery substance that was there that night. And if there`s a potential with that evidence of being a defense that he was too intoxicated to even know what he was doing. And he didn`t have an intention -- maybe he was acting nuts, maybe he was acting belligerent. That`s not a crime unless they can actually show he was --


DIAZ: I want to bring Bonnie Fuller in. She`s been so patient waiting for all this. And Bonnie, you`re there for You know Hollywood inside and out. Why in the heck don`t the people from "Two- and-a-Half Men" say Charlie, you`re a multi-multimillion dollar investment for us. Why aren`t they coming forward and saying, "Charlie, you need some help?"

BONNIE FULLER, Editor-In-Chief, HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM: Now, we don`t know. They may be. On the other hand, this guy has had a history of this kind of behavior for a long time and yet he still shows up for work on time every day that he`s supposed to be there and he performs and people love him on set. We hear that over and over again. That the cast, the -- everybody who works behind the scenes says he`s a great guy and so -- and he keeps pulling in the ratings.

So he shows up for works, he pulls in the ratings. The advertisers don`t flee. There`s no incentive to really try and change his behavior.

DIAZ: Wendy Walsh, I apologize for not getting you in. You have 20 seconds. Does Charlie Sheen need help?

WENDY WALSH, PSYCHOLOGIST: Absolutely Charlie needs help. But we have to remember, this is an alleged sex worker. So why is she going to talk to the police. She could potentially have been breaking the law there.

And of course, Robin Sax was right on point. She`s a victim in trauma. So, it`s going to take her a few weeks to sift through her feelings before she can file claims.

DIAZ: All right. Thanks to my fabulous panel for joining me tonight.