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Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab; Cops Find Amy Henslee`s Body Buried Next to Another Victim; New Photos Released in Casey Anthony Case

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JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, a bone-chilling, devastating end to the search for a beautiful missing young mother. In a horrifying turn, cops now say they have the man who killed Amy Henslee in custody. But who is this tragic second victim? And why are friends saying they`d predicted this man would kill?

And explosive new evidence in the Casey Anthony case. Brand-new audio of a fellow inmate and so-called friend of Casey`s. What does she know about Casey? Plus, we`ll show you the latest photos just released to the public.

ISSUES starts now.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How are you doing?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is he doing all right?



VELEZ-MITCHELL: Breaking news tonight, that was actor martin Sheen at the hospital where his son, superstar Charlie Sheen, was treated just yesterday. We have just learned that Charlie Sheen has checked into an undisclosed rehab facility. This is big breaking news.

And this news comes one day after he was raced to a hospital following a raucous two-day party that he hosted.

His rep originally told us he was suffering from a hernia. But you know what? You don`t check yourself into rehab for a hernia.

This was Sheen`s second emergency trip to a hospital in just the last three months.

Straight out to "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s" Brooke Anderson.

Brooke, you`re all over this story. What is the very latest?

BROOKE ANDERSON, CORRESPONDENT, "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT": Well, that is the latest, Jane, that Charlie Sheen is now in rehab.

His representative, who has stuck by Charlie Sheen through thick and through thin -- and we know there`s been a lot of issues that Charlie Sheen`s been dealing with over the past couple of years -- told me just a little while ago that Charlie has entered voluntarily an undisclosed rehabilitation center. He is most grateful to all who have expressed concern.

And he adds this: "Mr. Sheen asks that his privacy be respected at this time" and that no additional information will be provided.

And Jane, you and I have been talking a lot about his hit TV show, "Two and a Half Men," draws about 15 million viewers each and every week and is so incredibly popular. We`ve been talking about how he has been functioning: able to show up to work on time, go through his lines and be a success, and until he`s not able to do that, things probably won`t change.

Well, listen to this. CBS, Warner Brothers Television, and the executive producer of that hit TV show have told "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" that they are placing "Two and a Half Men" on production hiatus because of Charlie Sheen`s decision to enter rehab. And they say, "We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being and support his decision." So that`s good news.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now that is excellent news, and I`ve got to say I am so happy with this turn of events. We all were really -- we don`t want to report, Brooke, that something terrible has happened. He seems like a likable enough man who has diseases.

Did they say what he was checking in for? Because there`s been talk of alcohol, but there`s been talk of other things, too, as you know.

ANDERSON: They have not said specifically why he is checking in. And you`re right. We don`t want to talk about bad things happening eventually to Charlie Sheen, so I am relieved, as I`m sure his fans, friends and family are, that he has take this step to get better. Let`s hope he truly wants to get better and this is not just some sort of move for a certain strategy publicly.


ANDERSON: Exactly, we hope it`s not just a PR strategy, Jane.

But I want to say that a porn star, Kacey Jordan, who has been talking about Charlie Sheen, talking about being at his house leading up to his trip to the hospital, talking about how it was a booze-filled night with Charlie. She just released a statement herself, and she tells "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" that she`s happy that Charlie decided to get some help.

Quote, "It was clear to me that if he didn`t he would have died. He is such a talented actor and has his beautiful children to think about."

And Jane, you said it. He seems like a likable guy. I`ve talked to him many times. He is likeable. He`s charming; he`s charismatic. Everybody just wants him to get well.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Brooke, thank you for that excellent report. Always great to see you.

Stay with us here on ISSUES. Later, we will talk to the one-and-only Dr. Drew Pinsky about this breaking news involving Charlie Sheen checking into rehab.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just hoping things get better. The detectives finally said they have a lead, and they think it`s a good one. That`s all the information I have. So hopefully, it follows through and something good happens, because I haven`t had any good news.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tragic news involving that man`s wife, and it`s breaking news. Missing Michigan mom Amy Henslee, has been found dead. The 30-year-old mother of two was shot multiple times, her body buried in the snowy woods just a few miles from her home.

Tonight a jaw-dropping and truly awful twist. Sorry to report this. Cops say they found Amy`s body buried next to another female victim.

Tonight, the cousin of Amy`s husband, Junior Lee Beebe, this guy right here, is behind bars for both murders. According to local reports, he`s already confessed to one of the killings.

Search dogs traced Amy`s cent from her home to that trailer in the very back of Beebe`s rural property. Cops found large amounts, pools of blood inside and outside that trailer. The two bodies were found buried nearby. They were identified by photos and tattoos.

The second victim has been identified as this woman right here, Tonya Howarth. Police say she had been dating the suspect, Beebe, for about five years. So why did this guy allegedly murder his own girlfriend and the wife of his cousin?

Police say Beebe and his now-dead girlfriend were spotted at Amy`s house the morning she vanished. Cops say Amy willingly left her house and got into the car with the two of them. In just a few hours, both women were dead.

What did Junior Beebe allegedly have planned when he went with his girlfriend to Amy`s house and picked her up that morning? Why did he allegedly kill two innocent moms? Amy`s precious son will turn 11 on Monday. Her kids have been asking, "Where`s mommy? Where`s mommy?" It`s so sick, four kids now without a mother.

Call me, 1-877-JVM-SAYS about this horror.

Straight out to investigative journalist Michelle Sigona.

Michelle, you`re tracking this. What is the very latest?

MICHELLE SIGONA, INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST: The very latest is that Beebe was picked up. He was charged, and he`s currently facing two counts of open murder and also two other counts for firearms charges.

And what we have learned is that he possibly does have a long history, and some of that history does tie in with domestic violence. Now that`s important, Jane, because a lot of Tonya`s family has come forward and has said, "You know what? There`s been some definite red flags, some signs along the way. They`ve been on and off for years." And there are reports that he had allegedly had possibly put his hands on her a few times, verbally assaulted her, things of that nature. So domestic violence essentially...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: You`re talking about the girlfriend?

SIGONA: I`m talking about the girlfriend, exactly, before they went to go pick up the other victim Amy at the house.

So between their relationship, there seemed to be a lot going on beforehand. And domestic violence is something that is near and dear to my heart, and there are red flags that are present.

So if this man is responsible for her murder and there are people to come forward in the courtroom to say, "I saw this. I saw this. I saw this," leading up to this -- you know, leading up to this killing, it`s just -- this is just another story that we report on. And so it`s important to get those red flags out there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. And all of this brings me to my big issue already. Toxic combo. This guy, this Beebe character, had a rape sheet for assault, domestic violence and gun possession.

Friends are also reportedly saying now that he had anger issues and was involved with drugs.

One woman tells local reporters his now-murdered girlfriend was, quote, "like a big sister to me, but I hadn`t seen Tonya in a while because Beebe was her boyfriend, and he beat her. And I kept telling her one of these days, he`s going to end up killing you."

Anger, possible drug use, a violent history, a tumultuous relationship. Now, that is one toxic combo. Mike Brooks, but why bring this other innocent woman, this mother of two young kids, into it?

MIKE BROOKS, HLN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYST: We still don`t know what the motive and the reason why they picked her up that morning. Because we know yesterday, as we were talking about it, Jane, when her two little boys, ages 8 and 10, came home, she wasn`t there. Amy wasn`t home.

So what was the reason that they picked her up and possibly -- he possibly, along with his girlfriend, lured her to the house? We just don`t know yet.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, Stacy Kaiser, you`re a psychotherapist. Usually things boil down to money or love or sex or power or family resentments, jealousy, that kind of thing. It`s usually a handful of things that are involved.

BROOKS: All of the above.

STACY KAISER, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: You just -- you just absolutely rattled off the list. But that isn`t enough. It`s the other toxic things that you were talking about combined. It`s the alcohol. It`s the past abuse and violent history. It`s the fact that he already has a track record for being a criminal. What we look at is patterns of behavior, and his patterns lead down the path of somebody who`s going to do something destructive.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Friends say the man in custody, this guy right here, Junior Beebe, had anger issues. We`ve been talking about it.

Well, exhibit A, he posted this video of himself involved in some kind of cage fight on MySpace. Check this out.




VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right, Mark Eiglarsh, will that come into evidence? Obviously, you didn`t see him fighting, but he was getting ready to fight there.

MARK EIGLARSH, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: I hope that it doesn`t. I would like to think that the prosecution, with an alleged confession, with possible blood, with a lot of other circumstantial evidence, would make that the centerpiece, the filet mignon, of their case. When you`re bringing stuff like this, it opens up the door for...


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let`s not get into that. Take a look at this. This is the video of this guy fighting in his extreme fighting. Take a look at this. Take a look at this capacity for violence right here. I mean, Mark, there`s sport and then there`s this extreme fighting, which is not exactly like lacrosse.

EIGLARSH: Yes. I`m with you, but the allegations seem to be that he used a gun, so he didn`t necessarily use his hands. I think that any value that it has is outweighed by the prejudicial effect and what the defense could do with it. It don`t think that it`s going to probably make the state`s case at all.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Mike Brooks, why shot multiple times? What does that tell you about possible motive?

BROOKS: Jane, this is one that they -- they haven`t really said yet, but usually it`s some kind of passion, some kind of passion, anger. His friends and some of the relatives are saying that he would be a nice guy, and then all of a sudden have anger issues, and then going back to being nice. There had to have been something that happened within 24 hours or just right when they went to his place, that I guess set him off. We don`t know yet.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Hang on. More of this tragic story in a moment. We`re also taking your calls: 1-877-JVM-SAYS.

Coming up, A-lister Charlie Sheen out of the hospital, and guess what? He`s going into rehab. That`s the breaking news. I will talk to HLN`s own Dr. Drew about Charlie Sheen`s chances, given his track record of many rehabs.

But first, two murdered moms buried together outside a trailer. Why would anyone want to kill two beautiful young moms?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: In the investigation that began with the disappearance of Amy Henslee the past Monday evening, culminated this morning with the discovery of her body and also the body of a Tonya Howarth.




DETECTIVE BILL LUX, SHERIFF`S INVESTIGATOR: Someone knows something. It`s very obvious that she left the house with her coat and shoes and that someone knows something.

According to her husband, she never goes for walks. She`s afraid to open the door if a stranger comes to the door. She won`t do that if it`s not somebody that she knows.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, tragic breaking news, horrific, really. Police found Michigan mom Amy Henslee dead, her body buried next to another female victim.

Tonight police have taken Amy`s husband`s cousin into custody and charged him with both murders. You`re looking at the two women who were murdered right now, and the victim with the short blond hair has been identified as the suspect`s long-time girlfriend.

Kelly, Florida, your question or thought, ma`am?

CALLER: Hello?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Hi there, Kelly. Your question or thought, ma`am?

CALLER: Hello.


CALLER: I love what you do. Congratulations on your new book. I just wanted to say this to me looks like a situation where perhaps there was going to be this couple involved luring her to the house, maybe for some kind of sexual encounter, et cetera. It went bad, and I think he panicked. Maybe the blond tried to back out, his girlfriend, and he took her life or vice versa.

And I think that there`s a good chance that maybe his girlfriend could have been in on something that was going to appear maybe semi-harmless compared to murder, and it went bad.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Wow. Well, very articulate to articulate that in that fashion and thank you for your good wishes about my book.

EIGLARSH: Jane. Jane. This...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Wait a second. I think she has a point. Hold on.

EIGLARSH: What`s that?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Amy`s husband kissed her goodbye and left for work at about 7:30 in the morning. Amy put her kids on the bus, and then sometime before 10 in the morning, these two, Amy`s husband`s cousin and his girlfriend drive up in a black truck.

Now, police say Amy left willingly, OK, leaving her purse inside, locking the door behind her and gets into the truck. I`m not -- I don`t want to -- these two dead women cannot, tragically, speak for themselves, but what are your theories as to what happened, Mark? Because I would think maybe this Beebe might have been lusting after the very pretty wife of the cousin.

EIGLARSH: I`m not going there. The only thing I liked about what the last caller had to say was she congratulated you on your book. The rest was not only pure speculation but trashed the victims by suggesting that maybe they were involved in some sexual liaison with this accused, and then the girlfriend might have been involved. I mean, that`s damaging. That`s harmful, really, without knowing anything more.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, I think what we do know and what we won`t find out is the toxicology reports will come back in four to six weeks. So we`ll know possibly -- and I`m not suggesting this at all, if there were drugs involved, No. 2.

No. 2, if any sexual assaults did occur, I`m sure that the medical examiner`s office has obviously gone through both of the bodies. They were exposed to the elements for a short period of time. But that`s something else she would definitely consider.

And No. 3, in this day of technology and cell phones and everything else and Facebook and MySpace, there may have been some communication to indicate what the relationship exactly was beforehand.

And obviously, this person is a cousin, not some random stranger, so she knew him. So they`re -- that`s why there doesn`t possibly appear that sort of sign of struggle.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And Mark makes a very good point. These poor women cannot speak for themselves. We do not want to in any way speculate, especially when they don`t have a chance to say, "No, that`s not what happened at all."

But it is a mystery, and the mystery is why would she leave without her purse?

And I think another possibility is that he was exhibiting domestic violence toward his girlfriend, and she was a good-hearted person. Everybody says Amy was a wonderful person. Maybe she was trying to help out, trying to intervene, and might have gotten in the middle of it.

Karen in New Mexico, your question or thought?

CALLER: Yes, no, I actually have a comment. I have a girlfriend who is in a domestic abusive relationship right now. She`s married to a very controlling man and -- are you hearing me?


CALLER: OK. Yes. And I just don`t know what to do to help her. She`s been beaten by him extensively. The first time it ever happened she called me, and I called 911. And it turns out he`s a convicted felon. He was -- he spent three years in Folsom for drug trafficking...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, let me say, ma`am, given all this, don`t get too involved. Let the professionals deal with it. Get her help, though.

Nancy Grace will have...



CASEY ANTHONY, CHARGED WITH DAUGHTER`S MURDER: Mom, I don`t have anything. I`m sorry. I`ve been here a month. I`ve been here a month today. Do you understand how I feel? I mean, do you really understand how I feel in this? I`m completely, completely out of the loop with everything.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Fast-breaking developments as Casey Anthony prosecutors release a slew of new evidence revealing more explosive Casey Anthony secrets. Did one of Casey`s close former friends have a close call with danger? Amy Huizenga, who claims Casey partied during the months little Caylee was missing, says she got a threatening phone call from a mystery person, quote, "You need to listen and listen good. Those charges need to get dropped," end quote.

Plus, did Casey use sign language to communicate with fellow inmate Robin Adams? Robin claims Casey said she used chloroform to knock out Caylee so she could go and party. Listen to what Robin told cops about her secret communication with Casey behind bars.


ROBIN ADAMS, FELLOW INMATE: We would signal to each other, talk to each other through hand gestures.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now to bounty hunter Leonard Padilla. Leonard, good to see you. Like the hat, as always.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let`s take a look at some photos that were just released today. And these photos are part of this massive document dump. We`re going to see it in a second. But anyway, what do you make of this new evidence?

PADILLA: Well, are we talking about the photographs of the area where the body was found?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, and we`re going to show them to you in a second. But anyway...

PADILLA: Yes, that...


PADILLA: OK, the area was very familiar to us, because when we used to drive her to her attorneys when -- after she was bailed out, we would come down that road and make a right-hand turn right prior to going where the body was found.

So it was a situation where we were always familiar with that area, but we had no idea that there would be a possibility of the body being there.

I can tell you this: that on many occasions, there was an external observation team that I had working with that kept an eye on the house from the outside in case somebody tried to harm her or anything like that. And they were always around that area, and they found that there was a lot of water there. I`ve talked to them many times since then.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, let`s talk look at the photos again. Hold on a second. You`re, I think, wearing the same exact hat you were wearing at that time. Now this is the area. It`s about a mile or less...

PADILLA: I`ve got a dozen of them.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: ... from the Anthony home. And this is the area that`s so contentious, because the child`s body was found there.

Now, is this the water that was covering the area where the body was eventually found? Because that looks like a lake, the place, you know.

PADILLA: I think what you`re looking at -- I don`t -- you`re looking at the Little Econ River. That`s not -- that`s Jay Blanchard Park that you`ve got up there right now. That`s not -- that`s not where the body was found.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: OK. So why are they releasing that then? You know, we have to put all this stuff into context. They don`t come with notes.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: They just say here, boom. And that`s one of the things that Cindy Anthony is complaining about, that they just keep dumping all this stuff and all this stuff on us. Explain us.

PADILLA: Here`s the situation, OK. And we heard about this last week. The state is going to compare her reaction when the body was found versus when we were at the Little Econ, looking, knowing that the body wasn`t there. When she looked up at the television there in the jail and saw that we were at the Little Econ, she just brushed it off like there was no reaction from her.

When the body was actually found, then there was a tremendous reaction. She doubled over.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Got to leave it right there. See you soon, Leonard.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think his condition as of right now is because of his lifestyle that he carries?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Can you talk to Charlie? You guys, I`m sorry.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Her lips are sealed. Even Charlie Sheen`s estranged wife Brooke Mueller isn`t talking about Charlie`s latest bender. Tonight: head-shaking, jaw-dropping developments in the Charlie Sheen saga. Hollywood`s bad boy, of course, was rushed to the hospital reportedly after a two-day booze and porn star fest at his Hollywood mansion.

And now breaking news that he has entered rehab; hallelujah, I`m so happy about that. Charlie got out of the hospital last night and now his publicist has confirmed to HLN, that, yes, Charlie has voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehab center today. Excellent first step, Charlie.

But Charlie`s wild party started on Tuesday and did not end until the "Two and a Half Men" actor was wheeled out literally on a gurney and loaded into an ambulance Thursday morning. Now, one of Charlie`s party guests reportedly porn star, Kacey Jordan told TMZ that Charlie was chugging drinks and watching porn for hours. Even she thinks Charlie needs help. What does that say?

Check this out.


KACEY JORDAN, ADULT FILM STAR: He didn`t want me to believe, but I was really shaken up. I was like having an anxiety attack. I feel really bad and I hope he is well and I hope -- I mean these binges, if he keeps doing this -- I just hope he gets better.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: The official word is that Charlie entered the hospital suffering from a stomach hernia. Something he`s apparently suffered from for years. Was that the truth or was that an excuse -- another one -- to hide what his addictions are actually doing to his body.

My very special guest is HLN`s own Dr. Drew Pinsky whose new show on this network premiers this spring. We`re so excited about it. Nobody has more inside on the fame addiction combo than you, Dr. Drew. In fact here`s a clip of your hit VH1 show, "Celebrity Rehab".


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I just hear I`m going to use, that`s all I hear.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s not what I want to do. I have no desire to. I`ll be honest with you, being around it sometimes makes me want it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. But at least you`re in a safe environment. A lot of (EXPLETIVE DELETED) are going to make you go if you want to use. Out in the world --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I can avoid that stuff.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It will find you.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Drew, thank you so much for joining me tonight here on ISSUES. We have just heard from Charlie Sheen`s publicist that Charlie has voluntarily entered rehab. Your reaction to that news?

DR. DREW PINSKY, "CELEBRITY REHAB": Well, a couple of things, one is the same thing that you have just mentioned, that it`s a good first step. But he is at a point in this condition, this disease of addiction where this is not going to be a few weeks of treatment. This is going to have to be many months, if not over a year of intensive, structured, highly professionally-managed treatment. He has a long history of addiction.

The other thing that is amazing to me is that people are sort of shocked by this whole turn of events. And to me, it goes without saying that this is where it`s going to go. We know he has been a bad drug addict.

He was in recovery for a while. He`s clearly in for a relapse. And when somebody with this degree of addiction develops a relapse, you start seeing increasingly frequent, more intense, more severe medical, social and psychiatric consequences and they`re unrelenting. That`s what makes this a disease.

It`s not as though, oh, my goodness, this is a lifestyle choice going out of control. This is a young man with very severe disease who is progressing very predictably and who is going to need a long-term of treatment if there`s going to be any possibility of intervening here.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, porn star Kacey Jordan who was reportedly at Charlie`s party said Charlie seems to have an insatiable thirst for alcohol. Let`s play a clip from TMZ and then get your reaction.


JORDAN: I`ll beat you in drinking and he was like bull (EXPLETIVE DELETED) and I just made myself like an all vodka drink. It`s all vodka with a splash. He grabs it from my hand -- I love the guy -- but he grabs it and he starts chugging it in three seconds. He`s like, "Don`t ever test me again". And I was like, I`ll go take another drink. And I`m like, I won`t, I won`t. That was for me if he doesn`t drink it.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: She seems to be wobbling a little bit too.

Dr. Drew, here`s my question. You`re the expert on rehab. Charlie Sheen first went into rehab 21 years ago. That`s when he first started talking about the steps. He`s gone to rehab four times. In that time, he almost OD`d back in 1998.

How is rehab going to work this time if it didn`t work the last four times at least?

PINSKY: Well, this is the sort of thing that people spin about when it comes to addiction, which is that people go back for treatment. There`s two ways you need to look at this, one is that addiction is a chronic disease, and for some people with severe disease, just like an asthmatic that goes out of control frequently or a diabetic that spirals out of control, some addicts have recurrent episodes that need recurrent treatment.

Some people resist treatment all along the way. Now in his case, it looks like he really embraced treatment for a while. He was deeply involved in sobriety and then he just kind of blew it off. And ever since then he`s been slipping or sliding in one degree or another heading towards what we`re seeing right now.

And the really sad part about this is you are definitely going to see somebody die here if he doesn`t get serious about his treatment. And just imagine what it feels like to be Martin Sheen, who is a solid recovering guy, understands his conditions. Has even helped his son, intervened in the past, and he knows what this disease is and what it can do. And he knows how helpless he is at the same time. It`s got to be just a heartbreaking struggle for the family as well as for Charlie.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Sometimes I wonder if the only way he`s really going to get it is if he gets fired by CBS. Because this is a guy who obviously very much cherishes the huge amount of money that he`s making off that show because he spends it. And I know the production`s on hold -- but it`s not the same as being fired.


PINSKY: But Jane, you have always been very outspoken with your own relationship with the program. And I`m certainly you have seen people in the program who finally lose whatever it was they valued so much and then they get ten times worst, then they really hit bottom. Then they sit home and have nothing to live for and they really break it up.

So I can`t say that that`s the issue here, what I can say is, that if somebody doesn`t do something, because he`s not hearing it, he`s not seeing it. And part of this disease is you don`t see what`s happening to you and it progresses and it`s not -- it`s not funny. It`s not like the character he plays on the show who`s got a certain kind of lifestyle that we look at and laugh at.

This is mental illness. This is very serious and this will kill him. And unless he hears that and understands that and embraces that his life depends upon active participation, we`re going to see a bad outcome.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. And listen, I`m not coming from up here, I did the same thing when it came to drinking. I used to have the drinking contests and bragged about how I could drink somebody under the table.

So when I saw that porn star talking about that, it`s like, oh yes, you know, I`ve been there. One thing I haven`t been involved in is porn and if we can believe Charlie`s porn star friend Kacey Jordan, this is so bizarre. She says that Charlie wants to become the patriarch of a huge foreign family.

I would love to get your analysis. But let`s listen to this first from TMZ.


JORDAN: I just forget (ph) we`re hearing he`s got apparently another girl, Bentley (ph) and he`s like, well what do you want? Because when I retire, I`m going to go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) crazy, like this house. It`s a $20 million house with like 27 rooms. You`re like the missing puzzle piece, we don`t have a blond. You`re my blond, are you in, are you not? I`m like, of course, I`m definitely in. I would have moved (INAUDIBLE) --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: I got to ask you, Dr. Drew -- first of all I`ve got a book on addiction coming out in a couple of days called "Addict Nation" and in it I talk about blended cross addictions, being addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, porn and even being a rage-aholic, I`m thinking Charlie Sheen might have five addictions.

PINSKY: Well, there`s a very common combination that we see very frequently which is sex stimulants alcohol in young males. They sort of feel entitled to hanging out like this, to clubbing. And I`m young and why shouldn`t I? Who are you to tell me otherwise?

And they don`t -- again, because of the denial of the disease, they don`t see where it goes. But yes, there`s no doubt that sex and drugs go together particularly for the young male.

And in fact, I have treated many young males where I can`t get them to deal with the sex addiction part. They sort of reserve that as something well, maybe I`m going to continue kind of flirting with that and it takes them down every time. So until they`re willing to really deal with the entirety of the behavior and how each of these addictions suck them back to their primary drug, they don`t get well.

This is part of the deal. They have to be willing to do all this.

That was one issue. The other issue is you talked about him drinking people under the table and yourself having done the same. You should know that that`s genetic marker for alcoholism. If you or somebody you live is someone that can drink someone under the table, that is considered one of the earliest and most significant earmarks, a genetic marker for someone with this genetic potential for alcoholism.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. And my dad was an alcoholic and I understand that Martin Sheen is in recovery so do we have to kind of include that in the calculation when it comes to Charlie Sheen?

PINSKY: Well, there`s a couple of things, I have treated 10,000 addicts and alcoholics, I could only think of five or six where I couldn`t see a clear genetic link. I mean it`s genetic. The potential for this is this is genetically based. Let`s just face that. So it`s a family illness.

Number two, when people in the family are not participating in the treatment process, which means going to AlAnon, dealing with your own co- dependency, it doesn`t -- you`re part of the problem. It doesn`t go well for the identified patients.

I`m willing to bet that Charlie Sheen (SIC) is deeply involved in co- dependency recovery. That`s why you don`t see him trying to do anything. He knows he`s helpless. The scary thing is how far does your loved one go before they turn it around? You have to sit there some time and watch them sometimes die, and sometimes nearly die.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Drew, I know you`re very discreet. Were you involved in any way, shape or form with helping this wonderful outcome of getting Charlie into rehab?

PINSKY: No, I wasn`t. Nobody has approached me and I have actually stayed out of the conversations about him entirely because I really -- people love him. He is a great guy. This is a great family and it`s clear that this is a desperately dangerous situation.

And I don`t feel that comfortable even talking too much about it because I don`t see good things happening unless things turn around very quickly.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Dr. Drew, great talking to you. So glad you`re joining this team and really can`t wait.

PINSKY: My pleasure.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Remember, you can catch Dr. Drew`s new show right here on HLN this spring.

Stay right where you are. Breaking news: Charlie Sheen enters rehab. We`re just getting started. Some more really stunning details, up next.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you tried to reach out to him and help him get into rehab?

TOM SIZEMORE, FRIEND OF CHARLIE SHEEN: I tried to call him and I couldn`t get through? He wouldn`t talk to Robert Downey.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, Robert Downey tried to call him?

SIZEMORE: And he knows about treatment. He`s been treatment. And Marty knows all about it.



VELEZ-MITCHELL: More on Sheen in a moment.

You know today`s hottest viral YouTube video stars a gorilla who stands upright. What better proof that these are our cousins. Look at this guy. Still scientists want to use these very social, intelligent animals for painful research when there are other options. This guy`s standing up.

The battle continues. About 200 monkeys at the Alamogordo research facility in New Mexico survive decades of painful torment during experimentation on them. The facility was finally turned into a sanctuary, but some still a want to test on the chimps. Luckily these plans are temporarily stalled. We need a long-term victory.

I was just sent a tag that belonged to one of the research chimps named Pearl. I`m going to wear Pearl`s tag every day until those chimps are permanently spared and until Congress passes the Great Ape Protection Act to ban invasive research on chimps. Support that.



SIZEMORE: In six hours, you can undo 17 years of hard work. And what people will remember is the six hours where you were (EXPLETIVE DELETED).


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Breaking news tonight as "Two and a Half Men" actor, Charlie Sheen enters rehab just one day after being raced to the hospital following an alleged wild porn star booze-laced rager at his Hollywood mansion.

Charlie`s publicist confirms to HLN that Charlie Sheen is at an undisclosed location and that no other information will be released. Frankly it`s the best news I have heard all day. I`m so happy he`s in rehab. Nobody wanted to see him die.

It looks like CBS has Charlie`s back because production of "Two and a Half Men" is now on hold. I want to hear from you. I`m taking your calls, 1-877-JVM-SAYS.

Straight out to Us Weekly Melanie Bromley; Melanie, this is a huge development. What are you hearing tonight?

MELANIE BROMLEY, "US WEEKLY": What we`re hearing some of the things - - I mean what we were told was that his family are very concerned for his health and obviously he went to hospital yesterday. And Martin Sheen was there, so was Denise Richards, his ex-wife, so was his mother, and everyone has been very, very concerned for him and had wanted him to go to rehab and obviously today he has gone. So thankfully he`s listening to the people who are close to him.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: By the way, we have some new reports. This is a breaking news story. So it`s just coming in as we speak.

RadarOnline now reporting that Martin Sheen, his dad, was the one who was at the hospital on Thursday and got involved because it was so serious and he was adamant that Charlie go to rehab. And the source says basically that Martin was afraid that Charlie was going to kill himself. And he only jumps in when it gets really bad because as Dr. Drew was explaining to us earlier, you don`t want to be co-dependent. And the only power you have is to admit you are power or less.

Correct Jennifer Gimenez?

JENNIFER GIMENEZ, VH1`S SOBER HOUSE: Correct. You know I`m really grateful AlAnon didn`t get a-hold of my mom when I was out there using but boy, did they get a-hold of her when I got in to treatment.

You know my mom is the one that helped me get into treatment as well. And you know, enough is enough and I really -- I`m very happy that his father stepped in. You know people that love people who are suffering out there can help by doing that. You know?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. For all of you out there who are powerless over any substance, you can get help. If Charlie Sheen can go to rehab, so can you.

Now, he has been to rehab four other times. So this is rehab number five. So we`re going to discuss how that`s going to impact all this. And also what`s he in rehab for? Is it substance abuse or is it sex or is it a combination?

If we can believe Charlie`s porn star friend, Kacey Jordan, who was supposedly partying with him that night, Charlie wants to become the patriarch of a huge porn family that he apparently wanted to put in a mansion nearby where he lives.

Listen to this from TMZ.


JORDAN: I was supposed to get -- well, he already got apparently another girl a Bentley. He`s like, what do you want? He`s like, when I retire, he`s like I want to go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) crazy, this house. It`s a $20 million house, like 27 rooms and we`re trying to, like, you`re like the missing puzzle piece, we don`t have a blond, you`re my blond. Are you in or are you not? Of course I`m going to be in. I want a blue Bentley. The other girl got one.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Isn`t there a show like that on TV? I think it`s called big love on HBO. Well, one man, lots of women under one roof.

Chloe Melas, senior reporter,, I think it was all the talk of the porn stars, too and all this other stuff that made it so terribly sordid that may have pushed this particular incident across an invisible line that the others did not, even though the one in the Plaza Hotel in New York also involved a porn star.

CHLOE MELAS, SESNIOR REPORTER, HOLLYWOODLIFE.COM: It is an absolute miracle that Charlie Sheen is still standing. His behavior has been dangerous and shocking to say the least ever since he was here in New York City in October causing $7,000 worth of damages to his hotel room at the Plaza.

We have been hearing at Hollywood that he has been partying nonstop and doesn`t care. He`s the highest paid TV actor. He`s making millions of dollars per episode on "Two and a Half Men" and he`s just been living the life.

But this is wonderful news that his father, Martin Sheen, has been pleading for him to get back into rehab. It`s about time that someone puts their foot down and stops making excuses for Charlie Sheen.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, but Jennifer Gimenez, you`re in recovery. You were a cocaine user and thank God you`re now sober. It doesn`t matter who takes you to rehab. You have to want to sober up. With four rehabs already under his belt, and they didn`t work, and now rehab number five, what has to happen to make this one work?

GIMENEZ: You know, him being willing is what`s got to happen and with that a spiritual wakening will come. I think when you were talking about, you know, I think it`s the coke addict alcoholic Charlie Sheen that wants to have the prostitutes and have them in the house. I don`t think the clear-headed Charlie Sheen would want to do that. He`s a father and a son.

You know, so hopefully those things will come through in treatment this time and sober companionship after he gets out of treatment.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Hold on. We`re going to be back with more in a moment.



DENISE RICHARDS, CHARLIE SHEEN`S FORMER WIFE: I do know what happened. I would rather --

JOY BEHAR, HLN HOST: Oh, you do know. You just don`t want to talk about it?

RICHARDS: I would rather Charlie.

BEHAR: Ok. So I`m just trying to --

RICHARDS: But I did help him at the hospital.

BEHAR: You did go to the hospital with him? How is he doing? Can you tell me that?

RICHARDS: I`ll let you ask Charlie.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh. Silence reveals so much. Apparently just a day in the life of a Sheen wife, but now just maybe Charlie Sheen`s on the right track, we hope. His publicist says he just entered rehab today, just one day after a party ending ambulance ride to the ER.

Becky, Virginia, your question or thought, ma`am?

BECKY, VIRGINIA (via telephone): Yes, I had a comment. I feel like people do make a lot of excuses for Charlie Sheen. People act like he`s just this young guy who`s out there partying and living this, you know, crazy life. Even Dr. Drew referred to him several times as a young man and said he had this syndrome that young males have.

Charlie Sheen is, like, in his 40s. He`s a grown man --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: In his mid-40s.

BECKY: -- he`s not a kid. You know.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: He has five kids.

BECKY: Yes. I know. Yes.


BECKY: It just really bugs me. He`s not a kid. He`s not some 20- year-old kid out in Hollywood.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Jennifer, why are you laughing?

GIMENEZ: I`m just -- she`s so right. You know, like everyone kind of just plays it down like, oh, you know, slap on the wrist. He`s, you know, he`s just going through it. It`s like, no, he`s dying from a disease. He`s a grown man that is completely captured from this disease that`s killing him -- killing him.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, here`s my big issue tonight. Ok. He`s dealing with his problems, but why are the women surrounding him so willing to be there? Why are all these women so willing to join Charlie Sheen in this dark place?

Remember Capri Anderson? She was in that New York hotel room that Charlie tore apart and she`s a porn star. She went there willingly until she ended up cowering in Charlie`s bathroom while he was allegedly throwing lamps around.

Now, listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think Charlie should check into rehab? Does he need it?




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you have any comments to make on Charlie`s latest bender in Las Vegas?

ANDERSON: What do you think of Charlie`s --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Tell the girls to watch out for any lamps flying through the air.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Watch out for lamps flying through the air. Charlie actually shot his former fiancee Kelly Preston back in 1990, says it was accidental. Estranged wife Brooke Mueller claims Charlie threatened to kill her and there you just heard from porn star Capri Anderson from the New York incident that involved flying lamps.

Chloe Melas, why on earth would these women want to have anything to do with him?

MELAS: They`re mesmerized by Charlie Sheen, this party boy lifestyle. He`s making millions of dollars for each episode of "Two and a Half Men". He is partying all of the time and he`s the ultimate Hollywood party boy but obviously it`s landing him back in rehab. This will be the fifth time he`s going back to rehab since 1990. These are not new problems -- old dog, new tricks.

It`s a hard thing to do. It doesn`t look like Charlie Sheen is ever going to change. This will be the fifth time and it will be --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, sometimes people get it and sometimes it takes them many times. Jennifer, you know that.

GIMENEZ: Yes, I disagree completely. People can change. People do change.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All we have is today and anybody can go out.

Thank you so much, fabulous panel, for joining me tonight.

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