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Couple Charged for Leaving Kids in Hotel Room

Aired February 10, 2011 - 19:00:00   ET



CARLOS DIAZ, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, a jaw-dropping discovery, three kids left alone in a filthy, trashed hotel room while their parents allegedly go shopping. The 7-year-old, 11-month-old and 4-week-old baby were found after the oldest boy called the front desk to say he was scared. What`s worse: the infant was on a heart monitor. What in the world were these parents thinking?

Plus, a stunning twist in the Lindsay Lohan saga. The star was just charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store. Now she`s reportedly already talking plea deals? Is she trying to wrap all this up before her next court date with no jail time?

Then, the ex-wife of child star Gary Coleman exposes a shocking secret. Shannon Price reveals she is living in utter filth. Has she become a hoarder since the "Diff`rent Strokes Star" suddenly died?

And a congressman`s shirtless scandal. Married New York Representative Christopher Lee quickly resigns after he reportedly sends flirtatious e-mails to a woman he met on Craigslist, one with a bare- chested photo of himself. When are people going to learn that technology will catch them every time?

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CARRIE HOEPPNER, DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES: Of concern really was that we had a newborn or infant who has a newborn infant who has a condition that requires a heart monitor. That heart monitor was not functioning properly.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight.

A hotel nightmare for three young boys. A mother and father accused of leaving their three children inside an Orlando hotel room while they go shopping. Three boys -- ages 7 years old, 11-month-old and 4 weeks old -- alone in a hotel room. That is just wrong.

Here they are. Check these people out. Richard Watts and Katie Weaver, who were apparently visiting Orlando from Bismarck, North Dakota. Somehow, I don`t think the trip to the Magic Kingdom was on the agenda.

According to the police report, two hotel workers came to their room on Tuesday when the 7-year-old called the front desk to say he was alone in his room with his two brothers. They found the 11-month-old crawling on the floor over cigarette butts and towels covered in feces. And -- get this -- a 4 week old baby attached to a heart monitor, which turned out to be broken. A 4-week-old left alone?

The hotel called police and found the parents in the parking lot. Now, Cops say they claim to have been gone for only about a half an hour. Guess what? That`s a half an hour too long, in my book.

The dad was arrested for drug possession, because they found a bag of crystal meth on the guy. Now these three innocent kids are in foster care, I doubt there will be a fairy-tale ending to this one.

Straight out to family law attorney Debra Opri. I know Debra is as mad about this case as I am. A 4-week-old left alone in a hotel room with a heart condition, no less, with a 7-year-old left in charge. Are these people ever going to see their kids again, Debra?

DEBRA OPRI, FAMILY LAW ATTORNEY: They shouldn`t. But you know, unfortunately, in the family law cases, they always give the blood parents, natural parents a second chance with rehabilitation; i.e., they have to get off of the drugs; they have to become responsible, go to parenting classes.

But in this case, we have to set an example. The media has the power to start going after the governmental agencies and influencing the court system to say, "You`re done, you`re finished."

Parenting is not a right; it`s a privilege. You have to earn that privilege and earn that right.

DIAZ: Yes -- Debra, you make a great point.

OPRI: I`m sorry, I`m angry.

DIAZ: We have seen the power of the media before, and this is a chance when people have to come forward and say this will not be tolerated anymore.

Get this: when hotel workers came to the room, the front door was propped open. Did I mention the room was on the tenth floor? We`re told the hotel is not an extended stay hotel. So these people could not have been staying there for very long. But how does a room get in that condition without anybody noticing?

Debra, back out to you. I know you`ve got a lot of emotions in this case.

OPRI: I do.

DIAZ: Can you imagine this room getting to be this kind of -- this condition?

OPRI: I`ll tell you what I see and why it`s affecting me so bad. A 7-year-old boy, feeling responsible for his 11-month-old brother and his 4- week-old brother, called the desk and said, "We`re alone." It was his cry for help.

These kids should never go back to those parents. And everyone out there put the pressure on the court system, put the pressure on your local family child services. They have the power to say, "This will not be tolerated." Everybody should be the eyes and ears.

God bless that 7-year-old, but he`s got scars coming. He`s got scars. It`s terrible.

DIAZ: Yes. And you know what? Those mug shots say it all right there. Look at the dad. The dad -- the dad can`t even look into the camera. He knows he`s done wrong. And the mom, look at that look on her face, almost apologizing to the camera. But you know what? The apology is not going to do, because you`re an unfit mother.

Cops say it appears these parents weren`t even worried about their kids. Listen to this.


BARB JONES, ORLANDO POLICE DEPARTMENT: I just talked to somebody that was at the jail, and he was inquiring if they were -- if they made any inquiries about their children, and they didn`t at all.


DIAZ: They`re not even asking about their kids. They don`t care.

Well, then the police probably did these kids a favor at some point. The children are going to be sent back to North Dakota to live their lives with relatives. So how does child services make sure they`ll be safe there?

I want to go out to Dr. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist.

Dr. Robi Ludwig, what are your thoughts?

DR. ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Well, it shows that just because you become a parent doesn`t mean that you are an adequate parent.

I think obviously here we want to rule out if there`s any drug addiction. We do know with crystal meth, it almost automatically turns you into an addict. So if that is the case, these parents need to go into rehab.

What the studies show is that kids want to be loved by their parents, if their parents can love them in the right way. They want their parents to be able to give them what they need.

Having said that, if the state returns these kids to the parents prematurely, we could be looking at a death in some cases.

And my heart breaks for this 7-year-old who called and felt frightened and did the absolute right thing. Imagine a 7-year-old being the only voice of reason in a family that looks like this.

DIAZ: Well, I mean, the 7-year-old, the 11-month-old, and then you`ve got a 4-week-old who`s preemie. That 4-week-old shouldn`t even be in the world yet, let alone be down in Orlando, where the mom`s not even around. Any time I hear one of these stories, I just shake my head. I don`t get it: how does this happen?

Check out all these other cases. Three little boys living in a filthy apartment under the care of a 13-year-old aunt. Just like the 7-year-old in the Orlando hotel, the 13-year-old called neighbors, asking for them to call police for help.

Cops say the 20-year-old mom left all the kids, ranging in ages from 5 months to 3 years, with the young girl.

I mean, I`ve got to go to Brian Russell on this one. How does a parent convince themselves it`s OK to leave babies in the care of young children?

BRIAN RUSSELL, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: Well, Carlos, there`s narcissism in it. There`s self-centeredness. There`s stupidity in it.

And you know, I think the media contributes to -- the entertainment media does, because these shows like the 16-year-old mom, they paint the picture for people that you can have a kid and you can still be going out and partying and doing drugs and doing your shopping and doing all the things that you want to do, and you can`t. The kid is the No. 1 priority.

As a child custody expert in child custody cases, I agree with Deborah. I would never trust these two to see these kids again.

DIAZ: Hold up. Hold up. You`re -- you`re blaming TV on this one? A loser is a loser is a loser, and these parents are losers, with or without MTV.

OPRI: No, no. No, no, he`s not blaming TV totally. This is about -- this is about drug addiction, guys. This is not about television.

DIAZ: Yes.

OPRI: This is about a simple case of a group of -- two parents who do not have the ability to parent. There has to be a screening process. If these people have a record, if they`re on drugs, people around them know. Their family members know they`re on drugs. Report it. Get the kids out of there. Call family services. It`s not difficult. Pick up the damned phone. Everybody...


DIAZ: And Debra makes a very -- Debra makes a very good point, because these -- OK, but these parents, who are from North Dakota, they`re in Orlando. And if you ask me -- I talked to Deborah before -- we`re thinking it`s about the drug deal, because the guy was caught with a bag of crystal meth.

We`ve got 30 seconds. Brian, I want you to -- I don`t want to cut you off. I want you to explain yourself. I mean, you can`t blame TV for this.

RUSSELL: Nobody`s blaming TV. I`m just saying that the entertainment media has not helped in a situation like this, I believe.


RUSSELL: And as a child custody evaluator, I hate to see a situation where both of these kids` parents look incompetent and unfit to me, because what do you do then with the kids? You don`t have a good option.

OPRI: Call Child Family Services. All of you out there who are witness to these -- abuse, call the Department of Child and Family Services.


RUSSELL: You`ve got to give props to the 7-year-old.

DIAZ: Guys, we`ve got to leave it right there. I thank you. I think you guys, my wonderful panel. You guys, great once again.

Let`s move on now. A congressman`s caught with his shirt off, literally. Representative Christopher Lee quickly resigns after a report surfaced that he sent flirtatious e-mails to a woman he met on Craigslist.

Plus, is Lindsay Lohan already talking about a plea deal on her grand theft charge? And could she be telling the truth about the alleged stolen necklace actually being loaned to her?


DR. DREW PINSKY, ADDICTION SPECIALIST: The fact that no one was with her in court today, extremely positive time. That mom and she are -- oh, my God, she and her mom are always very -- so her mom is treating her like an infant most of the time.


PINSKY: Today she`s standing up as an adult in court by herself and taking the consequences for her behavior.




KEITH SCHWARTZ, JUDGE: What I`m telling you is you need to follow the laws just like everybody else. Look around this room. Everybody in this courtroom has to follow the law, the court, the D.A., the attorney, the sheriff`s deputies, everybody. You`re no different than anyone else. So please don`t push your luck. Because I`m telling you -- well, your attorney can tell you what I said, but I`m telling you things will be different. Do you understand what I`m telling you?




DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz in for Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight.

A judge lays into Lindsay, warning the troubled actress, "Don`t push your luck." But will Lindsay Lohan find a way to get out scot-free once again? Brand-new reports tonight Lindsay wants to strike a plea deal. Will she plead guilty to avoid more time in the slammer?

An upscale L.A. jewelry boutique says Lindsay waltzed out of the store with a $2,500 necklace that she didn`t even pay for. But could some new holes in their story actually help Lindsay`s case?

Lindsay arrived at court yesterday in that white-hot, skin-tight mini dress with heels. If you ask me, it was more of a catwalk than a perp walk. And LiLo, looking innocent in white, told the judge, "I`m not guilty." She left her "F-U" nail polish at home. But Lindsay did bring the petty comments. We caught Lindsay bringing the `tude under her breath. Listen carefully to this.


SHAWN CHAPMAN HOLLEY, LINDSAY`S ATTORNEY: With all conditions of her probation, she`s met regularly. She`s had only clean tests and has been a good probationer. But I certainly understand the reason that Ms. Myers is asking for her probation to be revoked at this time.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, a good probationer doesn`t pick up a new case.

LOHAN: You don`t say (ph).


DIAZ: Oh, she has jokes. Really? Will Lindsay ever learn? Come on. Say that to my good friend, Kim Serafin, senior editor of "InTouch Weekly" magazine.

Kim, what`s the very latest on this one?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "INTOUCH WEEKLY": Well, I should mention there`s some new information coming out, because we`re finding out now what was in the police report that detailed what happened that day when she was at the store.

And it started to look like maybe there are some holes. Maybe there are some inconsistencies that maybe go more in line with her theory or her claim that the necklace was loaned to her, saying that she was in the store four days before. She accidentally once walked out with an earring in her ear. They stopped her and said, "Oh, you still have one of our earrings." She took it off, laughed, joked about it.

Then the day she was in the store, apparently, initially the owner or the jeweler said that she took the necklace off after she tried it on and stuck it in her bag, then changed his story after the surveillance tape was looked at and said, no, she walked out.

So there are some inconsistencies now. And may this will go there, again, to her claim that she says this was lent to her. That`s what happens with celebrities. You know this, Carlos. You know, in Hollywood celebrities get lent jewelry all the time.

DIAZ: And that`s something in this case. How do you prove the fact that it was not a lender or a loaner? How do you prove that a big star -- I called her a big star. How do you prove that Lindsay Lohan actually stole this?

TMZ has the police report today, and it could help Lindsay`s case. Check this out.

The L.A. jewelry store changed their story, as Kim just said, several times. First they say they saw Lindsay eyeing the necklace for three days before it vanished. Then they said, "Oh, no, no, no." She was actually looking at a ring.

They also said surveillance video shows Lindsay putting the necklace in a Chanel bag before leaving with it. Then they changed their story again and said she was wearing the necklace when she walked out of the store.

Debra Opri, Lindsay`s attorney tell us, after seeing the police report, she thinks the case is defensible. What do you think, Debra?

OPRI: Can you say credibility problems by the store owners and the employees there? I can. And I will say it over and over again, because the reality of the defense case is you challenge the credibility of the accusers. She was accused of taking something. I go over to Lindsay now. She returned it within 24 hours. Videotapes were turned in. The truth will be in the videotapes.

However, if this goes to trial, and I am the first person to say it should not, and it`s going to be on the strength of the defense and the arguments before it gets to a trial. The strength will be in the videotape and attacking the credibility of the store owners. And right now there are gaping holes, and I would hang in there and say this was not a crime; there is no intent.

DIAZ: So you would go to trial on this? You would not -- you would not plea on this? You would go to trial?

OPRI: No, no, no. No, no. no. What I want to be very clear about is it`s not going to help Lindsay to go to a jury trial. It`s not going to help her, because she is a problematic personally.

However, it should be put out. And this will be in the arguments of her defense attorneys to properly say you haven`t got a case. Credibility. Videotape shows no intent. That`s what I`m arguing.

DIAZ: All right. Well, this isn`t the first time that Lindsay has been accused of having sticky fingers. In 2009, Lindsay was accused of taking a $400,000 necklace from an "Elle" magazine photo shoot. Here it is. She`s posing on the magazine`s cover. It was a huge scandal, if you remember.

Back in 2008, she was accused of stealing this $12,000 mink coat from a New York City night club. The owner spotted her wearing the coat in paparazzi photos.

She was also accused of taking a friend`s $35,000 Rolex watch in 2010.

She was never charged in those cases, but so many accusations, is it coincidence? Is it bad luck? Let`s go out to Rob Shuter.

Rob, what do you think?

ROB SHUTER, POPEATER`S NAUGHTY BUT NICE COLUMNIST: I`d like to believe it`s bad luck, although one has to ask themselves, it just sounds a little bit odd here. I did speak to Dina last night, Lindsay`s mommy, and she told me that God has a bigger plan. So she doesn`t sound like she`s worried about this. However, she should be, because this is a serious allegation. It has happened a couple of times before.

DIAZ: You talked to Lindsay`s mom, Dina, and Dina`s response to you was "God has a bigger plan"? That`s what she told you?

SHUTER: Yes, indeed. That`s what she told me. That`s what she told me.

DIAZ: And you just -- you just -- you just -- and you heard that and said -- wait, you know what? Stay around. We`ve got to tackle this thing. You talked to Dina`s mom. Stick around after the break. Everybody stay right there. We`re going to discuss this more.

As well as Gary Coleman`s ex-wife exposing a shocking secret. Shannon Price reveals she`s living in clutter, dirt and grime. Has she become a hoarder? We`ll talk about that, coming up next.



PINSKY: It`s very common in my experience for women that are coming off the kinds of drugs that she has coming off of to engage in various kinds of stealing activities when they`re struggling with their sobriety. It`s very interesting.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Explain that, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: If they`ve been taking opiates. It`s -- sometimes I think they just kind of aren`t aware of what they`re doing. And the other time I think it`s sort of a desperate attempt to kind of get a thrill and feel high.


DIAZ: I cannot wait for Dr. Drew`s new show, by the way, on HLN. I cannot wait for that.

All right. I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Tonight, a judge warns Lindsay, "Don`t push your luck, all right?" The next hearing is going to be at the end of February. We`re hearing the actress may plead guilty to avoid time behind bars.

I want to go back out to Rob Shuter, because we cut Rob off before the break. Rob, you talked to Lindsay Lohan`s mom. And by the way, Rob, I love your "Naughty but Nice" column on It`s a great column. But Rob, what did -- what did you and Dina Lohan talk about?

SHUTER: I mean, we talked about Lindsay. And the only part of the conversation, though, that I want to make public is just that one quote about the bigger plan and God`s looking after the Lohans here.

But what we did say, too, though, which was interesting, is that Lindsay is passing these tests. She`s had a troubled past. She`s passing these tests. She`s really trying to get back. She`s got some great offers, including a leading role in the new Superman movie. So her priority (ph) is going to be...

DIAZ: I`ve heard that. I`ve heard that, too. But where -- all we`ve heard about her and Superman is from Lindsay`s people, or you`re talking to Dina, but where -- you know, where`s Warner Bros in this? You know? To me...

SHUTER: They are talking about it.

DIAZ: But how could a big-time studio -- but how could a big-time studio bank on Lindsay when they don`t even know whether she`s going to be available to shoot or not? I mean, they don`t even know whether she`s going to be not behind bars. They don`t want her to be able to be in a movie.

SHUTER: You`re absolutely right, but the one thing that Lindsay Lohan does have is talent, and nobody`s denying that. Studios want talented people. They also want reliable people. And I think Lindsay is trying really hard to win back that trust. She has not failed any drug tests since -- since she got out.

DIAZ: Rob -- Rob, I`ve got to tell you, I hope that I`m wrong, but I`ll bet you five bucks her career is over. That`s all I`m saying to you right now.

Patty -- let`s go to Patty in Washington. Patty, what are your thoughts?

CALLER: Hi, Carlos.

I just think that, you know, Lindsay`s -- Lindsay`s been through a tough time. I mean, she complied with the treatment. She looks healthier.

I think that this store just got a little overzealous. I think that they want their 15 minutes of fame. They`re just a little boutique. They`re nothing.

I think $2,500, she could buy and sell one of those 100 times. You know, Lindsay`s trying, and it`s not -- we need to stop dumping on Lindsay, OK? We need to start encouraging her to...

DIAZ: Debra -- you had -- Patty, you had me right there. Patty, you had me, and I agree with you that we need to be in their corner. And, listen, I hope that I`m wrong. But Debra, you`re nodding your head. You agree with this?

OPRI: Listen, you have to see the big picture with Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay Lohan is on the way. She`s testing clean. She`s behaving herself. And somewhere somebody comes out and says...

DIAZ: She`s behaving herself? She`s back in -- she`s back in court being accused of stealing. Come on, Debra?


OPRI: ... she took a -- somebody says she took a necklace. So what happens? She now has to defend herself, but she has not been falsely charged or charged prior to this.

DIAZ: All right.

OPRI: She has one felony charge for possession of the necklace. She`s returned it. She`s going to get out of this. I would love to represent somebody like Lindsay Lohan.

DIAZ: All right. Debra, I`ve got to cut you off. I appreciate your opinion.

Thanks so much to my fantastic panel.

An inside look at child star Gary Coleman`s ex-wife`s absolutely deplorable living conditions. That is coming up next.


DIAZ: The ex-wife of child star Gary Coleman exposes a shocking secret. Shannon Price reveals she is living in utter filth. Has she become a hoarder since the "Diff`rent Strokes" star suddenly died?

And a congressman`s shirtless scandal: married New York representative Christopher Lee quickly resigned after he reportedly sends flirtatious e- mails to a woman he met on Craigslist, one with a bare-chested photo of himself. When are people going to learn that technology will catch them every time?


SHANNON PRICE, GARY COLEMAN`S EX-WIFE: I do believe everyone owes me an apology that has trashed me out there just because I`m not a horrible person.

Whatever people have said about me, I have just actually put it behind me because I know I did the right thing for Gary. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make in my life.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz in for Jane Velez-Mitchell.

Tonight`s shocking revelations about Gary Coleman`s ex-wife: it appears life hasn`t gotten any easier for her since the actor died last year. Shannon Price is living in absolute squalor.

"Inside Edition" took these photos of the filthy Utah home she shares with her dad and her younger brother. And you can see piles of trash, dirty clothes and old food from floor to ceiling. The bathroom is so putrid Shannon won`t use it. She goes to a neighbor`s house.

So, how did life become so rough for a child star`s ex-wife? Why is she shining a light on her grotesque home life for the world to see? Is she that desperate for attention?

Dr. Robi Ludwig, what is the deal here? Is Shannon Price a hoarder?

DR. ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Well, it`s hard to know. Certainly if she is responsible for what we`re seeing in this house, then, yes, she should certainly qualify as being a hoarder because what hoarders do is they keep things in the home so that it`s virtually unlivable.

And what we know is that hoarding in and of itself is not an illness, but usually is a symptom of a condition called obsessive-compulsive disorder and is usually an anxiety disorder as well.

So, she could be shining the light on the issue, number one, she wants help; but number two, it sounds like she really wants attention, perhaps even a reality show.

DIAZ: Let`s bring Alexis Teresczuk in on that one from RadarOnline. Alexis, do you think that this is her craving attention, maybe? Because we have seen weird things with people getting reality shows. Is this a ploy as Robi said to maybe get a reality show, Alexis?

ALEXIS TERESCZUK, RADARONLINE: You know, I wouldn`t put anything past her. She`s still, you know, fighting for the money that Gary apparently had in his trust. She definitely had been trying to stay in the public eye.

But you know, if you watched the videos with her that we have done and other people have done, she doesn`t really seem like she`s all there. I think that, you know, she`s just maybe trying to show people how desperately poor she is; that she really, really needs this money from Gary`s estate. This girl is in a lot of financial trouble.

But this isn`t very different from how she lived with Gary. Their house was a mess as well. It wasn`t -- it`s small but it wasn`t a clean place either.

DIAZ: Well, Gary and Shannon as you mentioned were married briefly in 2007. They continued to live together after their divorce. A few months before Gary died he went on "The Insider" and insisted he was not an abusive husband.


GARY COLEMAN, ACTOR: I have this on my head because I fell down the stairs. I don`t want people thinking that my wife is abusing me.

LISA BLOOM, ATTORNEY: Why don`t you want to answer the question about whether you abuse your wife?


BLOOM: Pardon me?

COLEMAN: You can go (EXPLETIVE DELETED) help yourself --

BLOOM: Really.

COLEMAN: -- and quit asking me.

BLOOM: And is that the way you talk to your wife?

COLEMAN: If I have to, if I need to, but I don`t. And I don`t know you and I don`t care about you. And your --


NIECY NASH, TV HOST: Hold on, hold on. Hold on.


COLEMAN: I`m not going to care because she`s pushing my buttons and I don`t like her now and the next thing I`m going to do is leave. So (EXPLETIVE DELETED) all of you.


DIAZ: Wow, after seeing that clip, I cannot help but feeling a little sorry for Shannon having to deal with Gary`s temper. But why would she open up her filthy home to a camera like this? Is it sympathy, is it attention? Brian Russell -- Dr. Brian Russell, what are your thoughts?

BRIAN RUSSELL, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: You know, Carlos, I`m not convinced that this is genuine either. I think maybe this woman, she just used to live this way or maybe she learned as we all know that if you drop a dime to the right TV folks, and they come in to your house and it`s filthy, you might get yourself on the air.

If she`s truly choosing to live this way, you have to separate out hoarding from people who live in filth because they`re depressed or there`s substance abuse and they just don`t have the energy to clean the place up from the hoarders, as Dr. Robi Ludwig said, who have an anxiety disorder and they attach themselves to things rather people. You have to treat those things very differently.

DIAZ: And that`s the thing today. In today`s society, basically any crazy idea, any crazy idea will get you a reality show. And there`s a show right now called "Hoarders" where basically, you know, they try to cure people like this.

The last TV role that Gary had, one of his last TV roles was "Divorce Court" which is kind of insane in itself. He and Shannon appeared together in 2008 in the hopes of fixing their rocky marriage.

Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is there date night? Is the sex good?

COLEMAN: We haven`t set up any date nights.

PRICE: I`m trying to get him out and, you know, actually do things with him. Because I`m that kind of a person, I want to be doing stuff. I want to be hanging out. He would rather be home watching TruTV, Court TV, whatever, you know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A little Court TV is ok.


DIAZ: Could the images of Shannon`s home hurt her chances of inheriting Gary`s estate? I mean squalor doesn`t exactly say mentally balanced to me. Alexis Teresczuk, I put it to you. Is this going to be helpful or hurtful to Shannon Price?

TERESCZUK: You know what; you`re exactly right, this doesn`t show that she`s somebody that can take care of any amount of money at all.

The thing is this -- they`re still in contention over the will. Did she have the right to have any of his money? You know, there`s another woman involved who he left his money to prior to his marriage with Shannon.

It`s really just still a mess. She`s fighting his parents. Everybody wants some of Gary`s money. She`s not exactly somebody that anybody wants to give any money to. She definitely was desperate when she was with Gary to get fame and to get attention, so I don`t think that this is going to help her case at all.

DIAZ: It`s funny. You see these pictures; you can almost imagine the stench. You can almost imagine what all that kind of smells like, if you would. It`s hard to understand how she Shannon actually ended up like this. I mean she certainly did not offer much of an explanation to "Inside Edition".


PRICE: I lost everything when Gary passed away, I feel like I have nothing.


DIAZ: Yes. Well, she`s fighting for a share of Gary`s relatively small estate, including a $300,000 house, a pension and TV residuals. But since he died, three wills have surfaced. The one that names Shannon is handwritten -- handwritten. Another will, names an ex-girlfriend and a manager, Anna Gray. Is this close to being settled? I want to go out -- let`s go back out to Alexis Teresczuk -- how close are we to having this be settled fully?

TERESCZUK: You know what? It`s really not close to being settled at all. And you didn`t mention he has $200,000 in medical bills that still have to be paid. So, anything that is left in his estate is pretty much gone. It`s all going to go to the medical bills. There`s almost nothing left for Shannon to have.

But it is not any closer to being settled than it was when he died almost a year ago. This is just tied up in the courts and she`s not getting anywhere at all.

DIAZ: Well, you know the lives of hoarders used to be a dirty little secret, then A & E launched its hit documentary series, "Hoarders" and blew the lid off of this startling mental disorder.

Check this out.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t mean to be pushing and prodding, but this is all we have got.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is her dining room table. So this is three feet --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Somebody reported the house for the smell.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`ve seen all week what hoarding does to a place.


DIAZ: All right. Dr. Robi Ludwig, I got to put it you. I mean Shannon Price admitted that she goes to another person`s house to shower. That doesn`t seem logical to me. Why don`t you just clean your own shower?

LUDWIG: Well, I think for people who really do have this disorder, they can`t clean for themselves, they`re so attached to all of the junk. They really can`t get rid of it. It`s almost like living in a garbage pail and they can`t part with anything.

Although with this girl, for some reason I feel she`s manipulative and sees herself as a victim and knows a little bit about the way the TV world works and that if you kind of reveal an extreme, maybe somebody will be interested in you and offer you something.

So I do feel that there`s a lot of manipulation here. And if she`s manipulating, there`s no reason to clean your bathroom because if you tell a story that you`re taking a shower in your friend`s house, all the more interesting, right?

DIAZ: And you make a good point because of the fact that if she -- the more pathetic that she is, the more chances that people are going to notice her. It`s almost as if she`s normal, then she`s not news. And the fact that she is abnormal --

LUDWIG: We`re not interested in normal.


DIAZ: Exactly. And that`s the crazy thing about TV today. And that is what is --

RUSSELL: You don`t become a hoarder in one year.

DIAZ: Yes. And that`s a great point.

RUSSELL: You don`t become a hoarder in a year.

DIAZ: That`s the thing about reality TV. I agree with you guys. Thanks so much to my expert panel.

Remember you can watch Nancy Grace for two hours every night and there are new developments in the search for 18-month old Joshua Davis in Texas. You can`t miss Nancy Grace tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. Eastern only on HLN.

All right, this next story is embarrassing. A married congressman resigns in the wake of a shirtless scandal. He was caught sending flirty e-mails and -- get this -- topless pictures to a woman he met on Craigslist.

What the heck was he thinking? Did the Tiger Woods scandal teach him nothing?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He would always come home and there would be a message as to what he was doing and, you know, updating you on progress or whatever. And for him to do something like this and throw it all away was sad.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Saddest state ever.




DANA BASH, CNN CONGRESSIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Congressman Christopher Lee of New York, we`re told by a Republican source with knowledge of his decision, has resigned his seat, resigned his seat here in Congress because of it seems to be allegations that he tried to -- he`s a married congressman, tried to meet women on a dating Web site here in Washington.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell tonight.

This next story blows my mind. Scandal forces yet another politician to call it quits. This time it`s U.S. Congressman Chris Lee. He`s a married dad. He made the sudden announcement last night after he was exposed for exposing himself -- well, his top half anyway -- to a woman he met on Craigslist.

The scandal blew up when the Web site published a series of cheesy -- and I do mean cheesy -- e-mails and this incriminating photo. Gawker reports the woman placed an ad in the "Women Seeking Men" section in Craigslist, quote, "Will someone prove to me not all CL men look likes toads."

Lee, in turn reportedly hopped on his G-mail account and wrote, quote, "Hi, hope I`m not a toad (Smiley). I`m a very fit, fun, classy guy, live in the Capitol Hill area. 6 feet, 190 pounds, blond, blue eye, 39, lobbyist. I promise not to disappoint." By the way, Lee lied. He`s 46.

She wrote back, joking about whether the photo was from a JC Penney ad. Ouch, he laughed out loud and said he was relaxing at home.

This is just pathetic.

She presses on, "Do you always send shirtless pics to women from Craigslist?" He apologizes. She says she was only joking. The truth of the matter is, people, this is no joke. To anyone affected by Lee`s indiscretions, in a statement, the disgraced dad said he regrets the harm he`s caused his family, his staff and his constituents. He says he`s going to work really hard to seek their forgiveness. Really?

Let`s go out to CNN correspondent, Deborah Feyerick. She`s in Amherst, New York. Deborah, what`s the latest?

DEBORAH FEYERICK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, the latest, the big question right now is where in the world is Chris Lee? Nobody seems to know. We called over at his office --

DIAZ: Have you checked Craigslist?

FEYERICK: He`s finally changed his name. But, no, seriously, his office is virtually deserted. There`s a sign that says U.S. House of Representatives. In fact his name is covered over. The congressional office in Washington, D.C. is now administering his office. So the clerk is in charge of everything right now.

A spokesman says he simply doesn`t know where Chris Lee is. We were over at his house this morning, his wife and young son are there, they did not answer the door. They are staying inside the home. There was a report that Chris Lee may be going down to Florida to stay with his father who`s got a home down in Key Largo.

There was another report that maybe he simply stayed Washington. Reporters were staked out at the airport last night in Buffalo. Again, nobody seems to know where he is. But as you point out, he lied about his age; he lied about his job, saying that he was a lobbyist. He also lied about being divorced. The only thing he didn`t seem to lie, he gave his real name and his real e-mail address. So that`s kind of what, in the end --

DIAZ: Which proves --

How do you do that? How do you do that in today`s Internet world and say, yes, I won`t get caught, it`s going to be fine. You know what; the person I feel most sorry for is Deborah for having to brave the elements up there in New York right now.

Was Chris Lee a repeat customer on Craigslist? That is the question. Check out this batch of e-mails posted on between him and his perspective conquests. Lee asks, "When was your last date? How did it go?" She answers, "A few weeks ago with a co-worker`s cousin and it didn`t go. I wanted to leave after ten minutes. Yours?"

Lee, (laugh out loud) Last Monday. She was not as advertised. (Laugh out loud). How do people think you aren`t going to figure out once you see them in person? (Smiley)"

Really? Ok.

Amy Palmer senior editor of "In Touch Weekly"; what`s the latest buzz on this? And are people saying -- are they laughing at this guy?

AMY PALMER, SENIOR EDITOR, "IN TOUCH WEEKLY": Yes, I think that you have to laugh at this because I mean, wasn`t he paying attention last year when Tiger Woods got caught for sending text messages and his whole career imploded? I mean this guy needs to know better. He needs to know he`s a public figure, he`s in the public eye, and the last thing you should be doing is sending semi-nude photos of himself over the Internet. You`re going to get caught.

It`s really irresponsible and that`s why people just cannot believe this story.

DIAZ: Yes. There`s no cool way to take a picture of yourself with a Blackberry -- really, there`s just not. All right?


PALMER: That`s true, very true.

DIAZ: He also made another bold-faced lie in an e-mail exchange with the Craigslist lady. posted this one in which she asked, are you divorced? He says, yes, one child, you? Well, that`s a big lie right there because he`s not divorced.

Among scores of others South Carolina governor, Mark Sanford comes to mind. You`re looking at video of the mistress he admitted to visiting in Argentina after he lied and had his staff say he was incommunicado because he was hiking the Appalachian Trail. Are these guys who are public figures dumb or they`re just arrogant? They think they can cover up their affairs.

Let`s go to Robert Weiss, he`s a sexual addiction specialist. Is -- I mean we have heard about sexual addicts. Some people say it`s not really an affliction, what are your thoughts, Robert? Is it that these people are just addicted to sex?

ROBERT WEISS, DIRECTOR, SEXUAL RECOVERY INSTITUTE: Well, this guy certainly shows aspects of sexual addiction behavior. I mean the arrogance to think that he`s going to get away with this; the repeated behavior despite his public role. And we call that denial. You know, it`s sort of like a drug addict drinking and driving while they`re in a public position. You don`t do that unless you have a drinking and driving problem. This guy probably has a sex addiction.

DIAZ: Debbie Nigro, you have 20 seconds. Quickly, what are your thoughts on this guy?

DEBBIE NIGRO, FOUNDING PARTNER, FIRSTWIVESWORLD.COM: The addiction is to the desire to remain desirable. And that can become tough. For anybody who hits send on anything they want to send about themselves, think about where it`s going to send your life, possibly into a tail spin. That`s my perspective about this stuff.

DIAZ: Ask yourself the question, do I want America seeing me flex in front of a mirror?

All right. Thank you, guys. You guys are awesome.



ROBIN QUIVERS, CO-HOST, THE HOWARD STERN SHOW: When there`s no nutrition in the food you eat, you also don`t get a quality of energy. That affects you mentally and physically. Your body needs nutrition. And when you don`t get that nutrition, your brain doesn`t work all that well either.


DIAZ: All right. Robin Quivers, I love her. She never holds back, during the Howard Stern Show either. Robin is just one of a slew of celebrities and media moguls speaking out about their commitment to healthful eating. She looks great, by the way.

The most powerful mogul of all to get on board: Oprah. Check this out from her Web site.


OPRAH WINFREY, TV TALK SHOW HOST: This is doable. This is a variety. And nobody can complain about this. We should definitely do meatless Mondays. Although people who want to eat meat certainly have the freedom to do that.

Yes. Meatless Mondays.

And let`s try not to get sued for it.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz in for Jane Velez-Mitchell. Oprah and her staff recently took on the challenge of converting or at least attempting to convert to a vegan diet for one week. But did that mean a lot of sacrifice?

Let`s go straight out to a good friend of mine, and a good friend of the show, NBA champion and wellness guru, John Salley. Does going vegan mean a major sacrifice, or is it just a moderate lifestyle adjustment?

JOHN SALLEY, WELLNESS GURU: It`s not even a moderate -- the best sacrifice you`re making is that you`re going to sacrifice your life so you can live longer. So to think that you`re sacrificing your meat and missing out on something, yes, you`re missing out on foods that have pesticides and food that have hormones and foods that make you obese. So what you`re really sacrificing is yourself. You`re really staying alive.

DIAZ: Ok. But how long have you been a vegan?

SALLEY: I`ve been a vegan going on four years now. I was a lying vegetarian for like 17 years, because on Thanksgiving I would eat and do all that stuff.

And I was just a liar and addicted to food and to bad food and to the drugs in the food. Until I found out that this is the only body I have, Carlos. This is the only life I have. Right now, in this body. Why should I do it negative?

DIAZ: But steak tastes so good, chicken tastes good, and tacos taste good.

SALLEY: No, no, no, the seasoning tastes good. The seasoning -- I`m going to give you -- the seasoning tastes good. If chicken tastes so good, why don`t you just eat it raw? Why don`t you just eat straight into it and see how good it tastes. You can do that with vegetables and fruits and grains.

DIAZ: All right.


SALLEY: I`ve got books -- there`s a book -- I know you`re not. But I`m not even trying to convert you. I just want to let you know this. There`s a book called "Vegan Bite By Bite" and then there`s "By All Greens Necessary". And I have a friend named Laurie who I talked to today who told me she had a steak and she had rum cake and she had some -- I`d say, you know, do whatever you want to do.

But my daughters used to try it when they wanted to eat ice cream on the sly and come back and say, daddy, I got a stomach ache. I`d go, well, if you think the stomach ache -- the taste of the food is worth the stomach ache, then you go right ahead.

I don`t ever try to convert people. I just convince you. I`m a living example that you can be a 7-foot, 250-pound sexy man and not eat an animal.

DIAZ: I cannot confirm or deny your sexiness, but I can tell you, you look healthy. So that`s a good thing.

Thanks so much, John Salley.

ISSUES continues with more right after this.


DIAZ: I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell and here`s my issue. Here`s a question that gets posed a lot. Why do people care about Lindsay Lohan?

Well, I quit caring about her about a year and a half ago. But the newest Lindsay Lohan drama has nothing to do with Lindsay Lohan and everything to do with entitlement. Do stars play by a different set of rules than the rest of us, where they go through life getting multiple chances to screw up over and over again and we don`t?

There`s no question that that occurs. But the big question is, is it ending for Lindsay, because people are tired of seeing stars get away with things, or is it because she`s no longer a star? Think about that.

We`re watching as Lindsay`s gravy train grinds to a halt. So the next time you think about a story about Lindsay Lohan, think about entitlement. Don`t think about Lindsay`s acting career because that dissolved a long time ago.

I`m Carlos Diaz, in for Jane Velez-Mitchell. Nancy Grace is coming up next.