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Interview With Melania Trump; Interview With Tracy Morgan; Interview With Melissa Leo

Aired April 20, 2011 - 22:00:00   ET


JOY BEHAR, HOST: You know, Bobby, Melania is coming here, Donald Trump`s wife, so I brought something nice. I brought a bottle of champagne, I brought some caviar, you know, because she`s so fabulous and everything. I even brought my birth certificate, you know, because The Donald might watch the show and I want him to see that. See? Look at that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Joy, Joy, this is not a birth certificate.

BEHAR: It`s not.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a receipt from Chico`s.

BEHAR: Oh, my God, I need glasses. Don`t tell Donald. He knows where I live. Oh, my God.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming up on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Joy sits down with Donald Trump`s wife to get the inside scoop on Donald`s hair, his run for president and her plans as potential first lady.

Then from "Happy Days", Marion Ross and Don Most, tell Joy why they`re suing CBS for $10 million.

Plus Academy award-winning actress Melissa Leo tells Joy how she went from struggling soap star to f-bomb dropping Oscar winner.

That and more starting now.

BEHAR: Melania Trump is a mother, a model and an entrepreneur; she also happens to know what Donald Trump looks like under that suit. Apparently he`s got a great pair of legs. Who knew? Who knew?

With me now is the very lovely Ms. Melania Trump. How are you, my dear?


BEHAR: What is your maiden name? It`s not Trump, obviously.

TRUMP: Knauss.

BEHAR: Knauss?


BEHAR: K-N-A-U-S-S? Oh, from Slovenia.

TRUMP: From Slovenia.

BEHAR: Ok. If he has such great legs, why don`t we see him in shorts? He should be -- shouldn`t he be posing in his shorts?

TRUMP: He doesn`t like it. He doesn`t like to wear shorts. He always have long pants when he plays golf. He doesn`t like just -- it`s not his style.

BEHAR: It`s not his style?


BEHAR: How did you two meet, by the way?

TRUMP: We met in 1998. It was the Fashion Week and it was a fashion party then. We were both invited, so that`s where we met.

BEHAR: Did he come on to you like say, "Hey, baby."

TRUMP: He was very charming. Yes, very charming.

BEHAR: He saw you and he said, "I want that."

TRUMP: He saw me. He came and talked to me, and he was very charming. Yes.

BEHAR: And you were taken with him immediately?

TRUMP: Well, no. First of all I didn`t want to give him my number because I was thinking, you know, so many women, they just handing the number and I said, you know what? Give me your number and if you give -- if you will give me his home number I will say I will see, what is that, just one of the girls or something serious? He really see something in me.

So he gave me all the numbers and I said, "I will call you when I call you." So that`s what happened.

BEHAR: So you called him?

TRUMP: I called him. I was traveling a lot. I returned from my modeling trip and then I called him because I promised to him I will call him when I return. And when I -- he gave me the number.

BEHAR: He must have been impressed with that. That a woman would call him.

TRUMP: I guess so. I guess so.

BEHAR: You put yourself in a powerful position. That was good. Very good, Melania. Now, I read also that you used to cut his infamous hair sometimes. Did you, truly?

TRUMP: I cut it a few times. I cut it a few times. And you know, he likes it the way it is.

BEHAR: I know. He gets a lot of flak for his hair. A lot of jokes.

TRUMP: But you know, they`re his hair.

BEHAR: It`s his hair.

TRUMP: Of course, everything is his hair, and they`re very lucky. I don`t imagine him in any other kind of style.


TRUMP: No, I don`t. And he`s happy. He`s, you know, they`re kind of a lucky hair, he`s doing very well.

BEHAR: It`s lucky hair. I love it.

TRUMP: Yes and you know, he -- you know, I like him the way it is. I think he`s very handsome and they fit him very well.

BEHAR: Good. Good. Ok. Well if his wife does not like it, he`s in trouble.

TRUMP: Of course. But I like it. I don`t mind at all. It makes him happy, I`m happy.

BEHAR: Exactly. And he doesn`t seem to mind the hair jokes as much as he used to.

TRUMP: No, he`s very recognizable with that hair.

BEHAR: That is true.

Now, you have a baby with him, a boy. He`s not a baby, he`s 5 years old, Baron.

TRUMP: 5 years old.

BEHAR: So has Donald taught him to say "You`re fired" in Slovenia yet?

TRUMP: You know, he`s very --


BEHAR: What`s the language?

TRUMP: Slovenian.

BEHAR: Slovenian.

TRUMP: And Baron speaks two languages, completely perfect --

BEHAR: He does?

TRUMP: He goes from one thing to another.

BEHAR: What languages?

TRUMP: Slovenian, English.

BEHAR: Really.

TRUMP: And he talks with my parents in Slovenian and he`s a very mature 5-year-old. He`s bossing everybody around.

BEHAR: Really.

TRUMP: He fired nannies, fired housekeepers.

BEHAR: He`s taking after the Donald.

TRUMP: He does. And it`s very cute, you know? And then he hires them back, and one day he`s like that; one day, that way and it`s very cute. Adorable.

BEHAR: Does he -- they`re showing pictures of him, but I can`t see them right now. Does he look like you?

TRUMP: I would say he looks like me but has features of Donald as well. He looks like me when I was a baby a lot.

BEHAR: Oh, yes. There he is. Oh, he`s adorable.

TRUMP: But he looks like Donald, too, you know? I could see and personality as well.

BEHAR: I saw a picture of Donald when he was young recently somewhere, and his son looks like him, the one who was on the "Celebrity Apprentice" with him.

TRUMP: The youngest son.

BEHAR: When he was young.

TRUMP: Yes. Yes.

BEHAR: Now, you know, you were at Donald`s comedy roast. Ok. I have to play something from there, and I look at your expression and I mean it was a rough roast. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That`s all behind him now. Donald is very happy with his lovely wife, "insert name here". I joke. Donald`s wife`s name is Melania, which is Slovenian for "get that wrinkled penis off of me".


BEHAR: There you are now. Are you smiling there or are you wincing or are you in pain? What are you thinking at that moment?

TRUMP: You know what, I don`t take it serious and when he agreed to do that and all the money went to the charity, you know what you get into.


TRUMP: You know that the jokes would be dirty and nasty and very bad. So it`s one ear in, one ear out, and you just laugh. It`s not -- I don`t take it personally because I know who I am though.

BEHAR: Good for you. Good for you. You`re a solid, a solid person, I think.

Now, is he really running for the presidency or is this a big publicity stunt? The wife knows the truth. What is it?

TRUMP: Look. He doesn`t need the publicity stunt. He`s successful. He will make a decision prior to June. And he`s very passionate about the country. He`s one of the best, the most brilliant negotiator mind out there, like genius`s mind out there. And he wants to see that country one of the best. The best in the world. We all know the troubles in America nowadays.


TRUMP: And he wants to see everybody doing well.

The issue is about bringing jobs back. Bringing jobs to the country.

BEHAR: Right.

TRUMP: And he`s very passionate about that. And I see that people really like it. They like what he`s saying. He`s saying the way it is. He`s not a politician goes in the circles around and around and just a talk.

BEHAR: No, he`s very direct.

TRUMP: He`s very direct. He will say what he thinks and, you know, he gets the job done. He did very successfully with his firm, with his organization.

BEHAR: Yes. But I don`t know what skeletons he has in his closet but everybody gets vetted when they`re going to be president. You know what that means, vetted. They`re going to look into everything.

TRUMP: They will.

BEHAR: He`s had a few wives, financial difficulties, all of that is going to come out. How do you feel about that?

TRUMP: Well, that`s part of it. If he decided to run, he knows that`s part of it. And you know, he`s very passionate about the country. And he`s taking a very serious look at this.

BEHAR: Well, what is this with the birth certificate obsession? Did he ask to see yours when you met him?

TRUMP: I need to put mine anyway because if you want to become American citizen you need to put the birth certificate. I have a birth certificate from Slovenia. And do you want to see President Obama birth certificate or not?

BEHAR: I`ve seen it. I`ve seen it.

TRUMP: It`s not the birth certificate.

BEHAR: Melania, if they -- if he insists on what he`s saying, then no one in Hawaii can ever run for president because they all get the same live birth certificate.

TRUMP: Well, but they need to have --

BEHAR: That (INAUDIBLE) is finished, for example.


TRUMP: They need to have and in one way it will be very easy if President Obama just show it --

BEHAR: But he`s done it.

TRUMP: -- and because it`s not only -- it`s not only Donald who wants to see it, it`s American people who voted for him and who didn`t voted for him. They want to see that.

BEHAR: But it`s on display in Chicago, we`ve seen it on the Internet, we`ve seen it. It`s not the same as yours, but it`s a certificate of live birth.

TRUMP: Well, I -- we feel it`s different than, you know, birth certificate.

BEHAR: All right. Well, I think you should give it up at this point.

TRUMP: Well, it`s not him that is bringing up, it`s the media all the time, all the time. His points are really about bringing back the jobs, the economy, health care, all this stuff. But they lit on that one issue and they going on and on and on.

BEHAR: Because they think that he`s being obsessive about it and that it`s --

TRUMP: No, he`s not. He`s more obsessed about -- I would not say obsessed -- he`s very passionate about the country to doing well. And to, you know, to be what it was once before. Because can you imagine next generation -- the children, our children, how they will do? It`s just going down, down, down.

BEHAR: Well, we were doing great during the Clinton administration and then somebody came in, I`m not saying who.

TRUMP: Right.

BEHAR: Ok, let`s talk about your jewelry.


BEHAR: This is a beautiful collection here.

TRUMP: Thank you.

BEHAR: And you`re doing it for QVC.

TRUMP: QVC, it`s on Monday the 25th I`m on at 1:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.

BEHAR: Ok. And this is -- everything in here is under $200.

TRUMP: Everything in here is under $200.

BEHAR: By the way is this ring included in the collection?

TRUMP: No that`s the only, but this watch.

BEHAR: Oh, the watch is included.


BEHAR: That`s beautiful.

TRUMP: The watch.

BEHAR: See when you wear a $200 watch people don`t realize that that`s fake. They think it`s real because this is real. That`s stunning too.

TRUMP: The ring is $35.

BEHAR: This is fake? Oh, you devil. That`s good. Very nice, very pretty.


BEHAR: And what else have you got here?

TRUMP: I have a beautiful piece, that is a new -- it`s a completely new design, it`s the necklace. You could wear it around the neck and --

BEHAR: Very pretty.

TRUMP: It`s a watch as well.

BEHAR: Oh it`s a watch. That`s pretty.

TRUMP: So it`s really well, too. You could wear it you know, when you play with your son or if you go in the office. So it`s very -- for every woman she could find the piece inside the collection that she could wear it from morning until night (INAUDIBLE).


BEHAR: And you design all of it.

TRUMP: I design all of it. And this is one piece, beautiful, too.

BEHAR: Very pretty.

TRUMP: With a white blouse or --

BEHAR: It`s very nice.



TRUMP: Yes, it`s beautiful.

BEHAR: Thank you very much. That was a lovely gift I just gave myself.

TRUMP: Just keep it. It`s beautiful.


The fourth collection of Melania`s time pieces and fashion jewelry launches Monday at 1:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. on QVC.

We`ll be right back with some pop culture guest. You`re staying for that, right?

TRUMP: I`m staying.

BEHAR: Ok. Don`t go away.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Coming up a little later on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW, Academy Award-winning actress Melissa Leo.


BEHAR: Comedian Tracy Morgan is catching some heat for his raunchy comments that he made about Michelle Obama on "Lopez Tonight". Watch.


TRACY MORGAN, COMEDIAN: I looked at Michelle and she said, "Hi, Tracy" and I was just like, I got hard, you know? Excuse me, but I was like, oh.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is that your type?

MORGAN: Yes. Oh, come on, man. She`s a beast. Michelle look like a tall mountain and I`m going to climb it just because it`s there.


BEHAR: I hope Tracy enjoys getting tased by the Secret Service.

Here to talk about this and other stories in the news are Melania Trump, model, entrepreneur and wife of Donald Trump; Rob Shuter, AOL`s Poppy the columnist; and comedian Chuck Nice.

Ok, Rob, what do you make of that? Funny or inappropriate or both?

ROB SHUTER, AOL`S POPEATER COLUMNIST: Well, I thought both. I thought it was funny.


SHUTER: It was late night, seeing the clip a little earlier in the day it takes on a different meaning. But if you watch it when it actually happened late at night I think it`s quite funny. I`m sure Michelle found it funny and flattering too. I would guess.

BEHAR: You thought so, Chuck?

CHUCK NICE, COMEDIAN: I`m sure Michelle found it just the opposite of funny and flattering but I will say that I know Tracy and in his defense he did not think that he was doing any -- this is a man honestly who says, "I`m going to put a baby in you." Like that`s his line. That`s his line. "I love you."


NICE: "Look at you. I want to climb you."


NICE: Like he -- like, so he doesn`t think he`s doing anything wrong. He`s not trying to be disrespectful.

BEHAR: But you know, Melania, the first lady, is that fair game, do you think to go after Michelle Obama for comedians?

TRUMP: Well, I think it was a little bit vulgar.

BEHAR: It was vulgar.

TRUMP: Yes. It`s good -- it was at night on, and you know, he`s a comedian --


BEHAR: Right.

TRUMP: -- so he will say whatever is in his mind.

BEHAR: Yes. Since that roast Melania is a new person and she has crossed over.

SHUTER: That`s right.

TRUMP: You know, she should not take it personally.

BEHAR: Right, right.

TRUMP: Because see we`re talking about him, he`s in the news.

BEHAR: That`s right.

TRUMP: So that`s what they want.

BEHAR: But no one ever made sex jokes about Eleanor Roosevelt or Mimi Eisenhower. Why do they make sex jokes about Michelle Obama?

NICE: Well, I think here`s what it comes down to that Michelle Obama is an attractive woman. She`s young, she`s vibrant.


BEHAR: She`s a gorgeous woman.

NICE: She`s vibrant, she`s young, she`s attractive, she`s intelligent, and therefore she is extremely beautiful.

BEHAR: What about Pat Nixon? She wasn`t all those things? You know, if you also describe -- listen to this. This is another Tracy. He described Sarah Palin as quote, unquote, "good masturbation material". At least he`s bipartisan but --

SHUTER: Right.

BEHAR: I mean, it`s like -- wow he`s saying nasty sexual things about another woman. I don`t know, I guess you forgive him because he`s Tracy.

NICE: Well yes, but it is disrespectful. However, I will say that looking at a future First Lady, let me tell you something, wait until you see what he says about you, girl. That`s all I`ve got to say. You`re in trouble.


BEHAR: You know, you -- if Donald Trump were the president, you would be the first First Lady who was a foreigner since John Quincy Adam`s wife back in the 1700s. How do you like that? Or the 1800s, maybe, early. Nobody`s --

TRUMP: Well, nobody -- I guess not. Yes.

BEHAR: You would be the first one.

NICE: But you`re just so much hotter than she is. So much.

BEHAR: Now another artist who`s raising eyebrows, Lady Gaga. She has -- she has released part of her new video, I guess, where she basically says she`s in love with Judas.

Now, any Catholic or Christian knows that Judas was the one who turned on Jesus and one of the reasons he was on the cross and got crucified was because of Judas. So now she comes out and says she loves Judas.

TRUMP: But I think she`s, you know, a provocateur.


TRUMP: First of all. She knows exactly what she`s doing. I met her and she`s very down-to-earth.


TRUMP: She`s a show woman. She knows, and she`s expressing herself, you know, what she thinks at that moment. And that people will catch it and you know listen to her.

BEHAR: Well, the church is not thrilled with it.

TRUMP: I`m sure not.


TRUMP: But that`s her mind.

NICE: I`m really -- you know, I feel for the Catholic Church because everyone who wants to make a mark goes after the Catholic Church in some way. But the Catholic Church keeps falling into the exact same trap, which is whenever someone says something extremely offensive and provocative towards the Catholic Church they actually respond.

And here is the problem. When you respond, you make it a big deal. The Catholic Church needs to learn how to go, eh --


BEHAR: I know they do.

NICE: -- whatever. I just want to see the Pope do that once. "Whatever Lady Gaga".

BEHAR: You notice -- you notice that, you know, I brought up today on another show, my other show that that Larry David goes after the Jews on curb your enthusiasm and Lady Gaga and other people go after the church. No one goes after the Muslims. You notice that? The Mormons are on Broadway, "The Book of Mormons" takes it apart. It`s a hilarious show. The Muslims, no. Why? Are they scared?

NICE: You know damn well they`re scared.

BEHAR: Ok. We`ll have more pop culture in just a minute.


BEHAR: I`m back with my panel.

Ok. After their upcoming nuptials, Will and Kate will settle into their first starter home worth $76 million. My first starter home had two bedrooms, one bath and a stoop. Ok.

Now, these are tough economic times, and these two are getting a $76- million starter house. Shouldn`t they move into a studio or something in London and show the people of England how lovely they are? Instead -- it`s a bad timing.

SHUTER: It`s bad timing for it. The other option they had was to live with her mother in law, the queen gave them a wing at the palace and they didn`t want that.

BEHAR: Well, would you? The old lady is there.

SHUTER: It`s a big house.

TRUMP: But it`s a royal family, of course. It`s a royal family. He was born in the royal -- he`s a prince. He will be a king one day. Why not? I mean he`s, you know, he`s working hard; she will work hard, too, for the people, for charities, and, you know -- they need beautiful things.


BEHAR: Oh, it`s been grandfathered in.

SHUTER: Yes, grandfathered in. This is one of their properties that they picked for them, but they`re not buying it, they already own it.

BEHAR: You know, it`s interesting, NBC is reportedly pulling back on all the coverage because they say that the couple is boring. Do you think they`re boring?

NICE: I do.

TRUMP: I don`t think. You do?

NICE: I do.

BEHAR: You do?

NICE: I`m sorry. I`m going to go on record and be the person that speaks for the silent part of America. This whole thing is boring. We don`t care.

The reason why we had a revolutionary war is so we could get away from a monarchy. We don`t care. And the only person who is not boring is Harry and he`s not getting married, so I don`t care.

BEHAR: Harry is not boring because he shows up at Halloween parties dressed as Hitler. I mean --

NICE: But also, he`s the one rumored to maybe be illegitimate, which lets you know just how boring --

BEHAR: There`s no such thing as an illegitimate child.

NICE: I take that back. He`s the one that may not be biologically a part of the family. You are correct about that.

BEHAR: Well, I would guess he`s now Charles` actual. Do you think he`s Charles` kid? He doesn`t have the ears.

NICE: He`s the only ginger kid in the whole royal family. Come on.

BEHAR: And he`s cuter than all of them, too.

SHUTER: They`re taking bets in London whether or not he will forget the ring as best man. The only job he has is to remember to bring the ring to the wedding and they`re quite right, he could forget.

BEHAR: Maybe they could get Gary Busey to be the best man and liven the thing up. Would you -- oh, you`re not invited to the wedding are you?

TRUMP: No, we`re not.

BEHAR: Would you like to be?

TRUMP: Well, we will be traveling that time so I have very busy schedule anyway.

BEHAR: Me too. I`m so busy. I cannot make it to that wedding either.

NICE: Exactly.

BEHAR: By the way, on April 29th, which is the day of the wedding, we are going to have a special royal family, a royal wedding day here. So we don`t think it`s boring. Ok?

NICE: That`s all right. I`m sure that you will find a way to make it exciting and I will watch your special.

BEHAR: We are. We`re dressing, Joan Collins will be on.

NICE: I will be watching the special because of you, Joy Behar, not because of the royal family.

BEHAR: I guess he wants to be invited back.

Thank you guys very much. We`ll be right back.

Coming up next on THE JOY BEHAR SHOW from "Happy Days", Marion Ross and Don Most tell Joy why they`re suing CBS for $10 million.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hey, Cunningham, what are you, a town crier?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If this fighting thing is a problem, you could tell us about it. I mean, we`re family.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If he`s family, what`s his allowance?


BEHAR: That was a clip from the iconic `70s sitcom "Happy Days," but fast forward almost 40 years, and some of the hit show`s actors aren`t so happy. They say that CBS owes them millions of dollars for using their images on things like slot machines and lunch boxes. Here now are two of the actors suing CBS, Marion Ross, she played Mrs. Cunningham, and Donnie Most, who played Ralph Malph. Hi, guys. How are you?

DON MOST, ACTOR: Good, Joy, how are you?

MARION ROSS, ACTRESS: Joy, we love you. We love you. We`re not going to sue you. We love you.

BEHAR: OK. I probably bought one of the lunch boxes.

ROSS: I bet you did.

MOST: I hope so.

BEHAR: Tell me, Donnie, let`s start with you. Can I call you Donnie? Don doesn`t sound right to me.

MOST: No, all my old friends from Brooklyn call me Donnie, so you can call me Donnie, Joy. Absolutely.

BEHAR: That`s right, OK. Now, how did you -- did you realize that your faces and names were being used and you weren`t getting paid? How did you figure that out?

MOST: Well, the trigger, the tipping point for all of this was several years ago when people started calling me and Marion and everybody, and sending pictures and videos from slot machines that were in casinos all over the country with our pictures, video voices. And it was like oh, my God, what is going on here? And that was the tipping point, and we started, you know, looking at that and saying, let`s look at what else is out there. And when we went on the Internet, I mean, you just see tons and tons of merchandise, and that was when it all -- that was the catalyst for all of this.

BEHAR: I see. You know, CBS apparently says that they owe you $8,000 or $9,000 each. What do you think they owe you? Marion?

ROSS: Well, I haven`t thought too much about that, but in a way I`m very nonlitigious, first of all. But I suppose if we don`t make this big enough, a big enough issue, then the lesson isn`t learned. Because I think this is something that has to be dealt with across the board.

BEHAR: Right.

MOST: Yes, we believe -- you know, talking to other actors, it`s happened to many other actors, and we believe that this is a pervasive thing, this whole issue of the merchandising and not being paid properly for it.

BEHAR: Well, is that true across the board, though? I remember I was at the Mohegan Sun one weekend with people from "Laugh-in," and they were basically there to support the fact that these slot machines were going to feature "Laugh-in." So they must have been getting paid for that.

ROSS: No. I heard that they wanted to do something about it.


ROSS: And started to, and it didn`t -- it died along the way.

BEHAR: I see.

ROSS: But you know, people coming up to me and saying, gee, I was in North Dakota and you must be cleaning up on these slot machines. And I said, I don`t know what you`re talking about. Nobody asked me.

MOST: And, Joy, and obviously "Happy Days" also has been one of the most heavily merchandised shows in TV history, and it`s been out there for 37 years, and we never got a dime for any of the merchandise.

BEHAR: I hear you. Now, CBS, let me read a statement that they have sent out. "We agree that funds are owed to the actors and have been working with them for quite some time to resolve the issue." All these years and nobody at CBS ever called and said we found an error? I mean, is there a mistake that was made? What`s this about?

MOST: Yes, a mistake for 37 years, I have a big problem with that. No, nobody`s ever called us. We`ve never gotten any royalty statements over all these years, nothing. It was only -- it wasn`t until we hired a lawyer that any conversation started to take place. And they`ve been trying to resolve this. It`s been several months. And we had a mediation, we tried to resolve it through mediation, but it didn`t go anywhere.

BEHAR: Now, I understand that Ron Howard and Henry Winkler are not part of this lawsuit. Is that because they have a different contract from yours, Marion?

ROSS: I`m sure they do. I don`t know. And you know, somebody else asked me the same question, why isn`t Ron coming and taking care of this for you? And I said, well, you know, I`m not Ron`s mother, really. You know?

BEHAR: You know what? Can I say to you, Marion? Marion, you look too young to be Ron`s mother right now.

MOST: Doesn`t she look fabulous?

BEHAR: She looks great.

MOST: Just -- she looks great.

ROSS: We girls, we girls keep going, you know?

BEHAR: Yes, we do.

ROSS: But our situation is our situation, and accepting that it`s kind of a new wrinkle across the board. Our culture is changing so fast that all these little rules of infringement and copyright and -- it`s there, getting pretty soft. So maybe somebody has to stop and make a stand about this.

MOST: Right.

BEHAR: I`m going to ask this question, but I don`t believe what I`m saying to tell you have the truth, but do you worry that the lawsuit could taint the legacy of the show? I mean, people want to know that, but I personally think that it enhances the legacy of the show when justice is -- has been done. That`s my opinion.

ROSS: Yes.

MOST: Absolutely. I think we agree wholeheartedly with you there, Joy. I think people, you know, this show has a special place in people`s hearts and memories, and I don`t think this will change it, because we`re fighting for something that is right. I mean, we were the ones they had a contract to pay us for merchandising. We had it in our contract and it was never honored. So you know, we`re fighting for what`s right.

And I think people recently have had problems with big businesses and have gotten fed up with certain practices, and I think that`s what we`re seeing as well.

BEHAR: Well, why don`t you sue your lawyers and agents who didn`t get the money for you in the first place if it was in writing? Why don`t you sue them?

ROSS: Our poor agents. Our poor agents. They`re having such a bad time.


BEHAR: I mean -- really.

MOST: You know, the reality of that is back then when we first signed a contract, merchandising was not really on the radar. I didn`t even know what it was. I was 20 years old. What we were aware of was residuals and SAG monitors that. The union monitors that and so there`s oversight. There`s no oversight when it comes to merchandising. There was nothing. So it wasn`t really in the radar.

ROSS: And you know, Donnie, when "Happy Days" was being filmed, it was before these huge salaries. We didn`t get these huge salaries. In fact, one time, did you ever know this? One of the producers caught my eye, kept saying, Marion, Marion, caught my eye, an he said, you`re not paid enough.

BEHAR: Really?

MOST: You`re being underpaid.

ROSS: I know.


BEHAR: Well, that was the day to call your agent, Marion.

ROSS: Well, I did. I did. In fact, that was the day I said, oh, wait a minute now. So -- but I even didn`t show up for work.

MOST: Oh, really?

ROSS: No. I didn`t.

MOST: I didn`t know about this.

ROSS: I didn`t show up, and Ron Howard called me at home and he said, Marion, you`re being replaced. I said, I`ll be right in.


BEHAR: Well, you know, let me just say, I wish you all the luck on this particular case, because I think you`re in the right on this one. So good luck to you both.

MOST: Well, thank you, Joy.

BEHAR: And thanks.

ROSS: All right, Joy, thank you.

MOST: Thank you so much.

BEHAR: All right. Great to see you both, Marion especially. You look great. We`ll be back in a minute.


BEHAR: She won the Academy Award for best supporting actress for her role in "The Fighter," playing the mother of Mark Wahlberg. Watch it.



MARK WAHLBERG, ACTOR: I told you, we`re together. This is my girlfriend. I want her here.

MELISSA LEO, ACTRESS: I have done everything, everything I could for you, Mickey. This MTV girl comes along.


BEHAR: Now she`s starring in the HBO series "Treme" about life in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. Here with me now is the Oscar winner who likes to drop the f-bomb, and I love her for that, Ms. Melissa Leo.


BEHAR: Oh, we love that around here.

LEO: So many did.

BEHAR: You can say it as much as you want it here, we`ll just bleep the hell out of it.

LEO: Oh, I tried really hard to not say it. Try to think about it these days, it`s a wonderful, useful word, proper time and place.

BEHAR: But I enjoyed it when you said that. It reminded me of when Mother Theresa won the Nobel Prize.


BEHAR: Oh, she had a salty tongue, that mother. Anyway, congratulations on the Oscar. That`s a great thing for you.

LEO: Thank you. Oh, yes, that happened too, not just the bad language.

BEHAR: That`s right. I mean, where do you keep your Oscar, by the way? People always want to know this.

LEO: I know, it`s such -- well, it`s interesting. Well, I am working in New Orleans, it`s very damp down there, don`t you (inaudible), it felt a little uncomfortable. He spent a little time down there.

BEHAR: Oh, he did?

LEO: Yeah. He`s the Barbie doll I always wanted.


LEO: But now he`s resting happily in my accountant`s safe here in Manhattan.

BEHAR: In a safe?

LEO: He`s sitting with the money. I think that he takes him out during the day and shows him around the office and stuff, but he goes into the safe at night. I like to ...

BEHAR: You never sleep on him, like put him in the bed next to you, or anything ...

LEO: No. I won`t say I never have, but ...


BEHAR: I think you`ve got more press for your response than you did for getting the Oscar. That`s the only thing. Do you regret that at all?

LEO: It seems a little odd to me, yes indeed. I noticed that, let`s say, and it was my bad, it`s really truly to stand up there with that crowd it -- you can have a lot of experience up on stages of different shapes and forms, but that one is a particular one and I really, really had forgotten myself.

BEHAR: You know, one year, remember, Kirstie Alley won an Emmy for, "The Bar," wasn`t it? "Cheers." I go to them sometimes. It`s like human Google. And -- and so, she got -- she said, and I want to thank my husband for giving me the big O. Really? Does anyone remember that?

LEO: No.

BEHAR: Yeah, now that seemed to be premeditated and definitely racy. Yours didn`t seem premeditated, yours seemed to just come out of your own spontaneity ...

LEO: No, I can`t ...

BEHAR: I thought it was charming.

LEO: Thank you -- well, thank you for thinking it was charming. I think it opened up some discussion about it all in many ways, but it is, there is rules in network television and I`m happy to follow them. I really forgot myself. You go win an Oscar and see what it`s like.

BEHAR: It`s not going to happen.

LEO: Never say never.

BEHAR: No, no, no, I don`t think so, although I was quite brilliant in "Hall Pass." I don`t know if everyone saw it.

LEO: It`s my favorite, so.

BEHAR: Yes. Now the other thing that happened around that whole time that was really interesting to me was that you placed an ad in the trades with the words "consider" across your photos, which basically you were pushing yourself to win. Right?

LEO: I don`t know. It could be interpreted that way. I think for me it was more a choice, a realization that, OK, if I couldn`t get someone to put a great, big pretty picture of me in a magazine that time of year ...


LEO: ... and eventually there were things that opened up, "Mama Vogue" (ph) did a beautiful spread on me.


LEO: "The Venice Magazine" that unfortunately, it`s only in Los Angeles did do a beautiful cover of me, but it really looked like I wasn`t going to get that big frosty picture. And I realized, well, I`ve got a good job down in New Orleans, I don`t get paid a lot but I get paid enough in this momentous occasion to go ahead, purchase a picture, less than an ad, less than -- that`s why I didn`t use the words, for your consideration. It seemed too ...

BEHAR: It just said "Consider"

LEO: It wasn`t really what I meant. I just meant -- just ...

BEHAR: Just think about me.

LEO: Consider. And if not for that, for work and, yes, I can be a pretty lady, I play a lot of down-trodden ladies.

BEHAR: You`re very pretty.

LEO: Thank you very much.

BEHAR: You`re very pretty. Isn`t she pretty?

LEO: Thank you. Go on, she bade you to do that.

BEHAR: You are.

LEO: Thank you.

BEHAR: But I mean -- you got some flak...

LEO: And it`s not lost on me how similar we look, actually.

BEHAR: Well, you have a little Italian in you.

LEO: Well, you got your dark eyes and red hair.

BEHAR: That`s true. Well, this is natural.

LEO: That`s (ph) your movie. Do you want to try?

BEHAR: Shut up.

LEO: I can tell it`s natural. What are they laughing at?

BEHAR: They`ve seen me naked so they know it`s not natural. Throw those pictures away, I`m warning you. But the thing about it is I understand why you did it. I thought it was very smart.

LEO: I thought you might.

BEHAR: But I mean, you know, if they`re not going to, you`re a woman over 40 ...

LEO: Yes.

BEHAR: ... so they`re going to ignore you. And you say to them, no.

LEO: I say to the world, why not?

BEHAR: That`s right.

LEO: More than to anybody, no. There was some misunderstanding that it was in people`s faces. I had no intention. If you knew me, you would have ...

BEHAR: People didn`t know you very well, yet, I think.

LEO: Maybe. Also a good reason to do it, bingo, bango.

BEHAR: Exactly. I definitely thought you did the right thing. I thought you got a little flak for it for no reason. Anything you do I`m on your side. OK. Now you`re in the HBO series "Treme", which by the way, it needs an accent over the e.

LEO: Something. It`s not "Trem", or "Tremie," but a "Treme", but we don`t mind if you call it that, just so long as you watch it.

BEHAR: But it`s "Treme."

LEO: "Treme." But it`s also -- it`s New Orleans, so New Orleans itself, New Orleans we all say New Orleans ...

BEHAR: Yeah.

LEO: But it`s Orleans Parish.

BEHAR: Oh, I see. So they play around with the word.

LEO: There`s a little pronunciation, you know, so we -- nobody gets too hard on anybody. Treme is basically or the treme.

BEHAR: Yeah. OK. But it`s a terrific series and here`s a scene with you and David Morse`s character talking about your husband`s suicide, and that was played by John Goodman. Watch.


DAVID MORSE, ACTOR: Is it getting any better?

LEO: Worse, I`d say.

MORSE: Talk about it?

LEO: It was an accident. She knows.


BEHAR: Now, your character is dealing with quite a bit. I mean you have the dead husband, and you have a pissed off daughter in this season. So what do you think about all that?

LEO: The daughter that was last year is still a little girl. And just her age and her hormones are making things change ...


LEO: ... and I -- you know, I can`t imagine what that would be like for a teenage daughter to lose her father. Her father who probably was depicted as her closer parent. The character I play is terribly busy as an attorney, very successful at it. It takes, you know, she`s a loving mother, but the more present parent was the father.

BEHAR: She`s a bleeding heart liberal, isn`t she?

LEO: Yes, she is that.

BEHAR: My favorite kind.

LEO: Yes, indeed.

BEHAR: They put that down as if there`s something wrong with you.

LEO: Yes.

BEHAR: If you care ...


BEHAR: But if you give a damn about people, they say there`s something wrong with that. Oh, you`re a bleeding heart liberal.

LEO: I think people get themselves into trouble with it, you know, like if her heart wasn`t bleeding so bad for these people that she really wants to help and do something for, she might take better care of her daughter and now that you mentioned her husband and things ...

BEHAR: Yeah.

LEO: ... but I think she`s a little myopic in her work, because she thinks it`s sharing so much. She`s a great pleasure to play.

BEHAR: Great character.

LEO: It`s amazing to be down there in New Orleans.

BEHAR: How is the situation, by the way? You`ve been there.

LEO: Yeah, I know, and I hadn`t really ever been down there before we did the first season, so five years post Katrina was my first experience of New Orleans. And spent really the whole November to May shooting season down there and getting to know the town, getting to know a woman who`s -- my character`s largely based on, and other people around town, fascinating, unique American, very, very hard to describe, just in and of itself, never mind Katrina. And the post Katrina is hard for me to gauge, except that I do know there`s large areas of housing, lower income and middle lower income housing with -- that the city clearly not wanting people to come moving back, people who would like to move back, still now six years later.

BEHAR: Yes. I know.

LEO: So the highs and the lows of it are extraordinary. It was also, I`m very happy to say, this year`s Mardi Gras that just passed.


LEO: The largest ever in the history of New Orleans.

BEHAR: Really?

LEO: So people ...

BEHAR: People are ...

LEO: And it`s definitely coming back in many ways in the watching of the show--

BEHAR: It`s a great town.

LEO: -- and the understanding of the story. It`s -- yeah, it`s a town worth saving.

BEHAR: OK. We`ll take a break, we`ll have more with Melissa Leo in just a minute.


ANDREW BREITBART: My greatest fears came true that I actually liked her. My biggest fear. It`s easier to do it in satellite, where the lack of intimacy can make you hate the person.



BEHAR: I`m back with Oscar winner Melissa Leo. You started your career later in life. Not really, I mean, you started on "All My Children," back in the day. You were a baby.

LEO: Yeah, no, I did start -- I was acting professionally by the time I was about 20, 21 years old. And always -- what I had always wanted to do. And it is probably maybe about 10 years ago, around the time I turned 40, "21 Grams" came out and got the ball rolling a little bit more on things. And when "Frozen River" came along, it was able to travel me all the way to the Oscars. So it`s been an incredible 10 years.

BEHAR: But I mean, people say, oh, she`s an overnight success. It took you basically 20 years to get from "All My Children" to "Frozen River."

LEO: Yes, exactly. Exactly. And working as an actor all the way, all along the way.

BEHAR: Of course. You were a working actor. I mean, that`s not disputed. But the fame thing just came late. So how do you like the idea that fame came late? Do you like that?

LEO: Well, I think a lot of things about it. First of all, I think that I`m grateful that I know in my own self, you probably have experienced this, with -- when something is the right time for you, whether for folks it`s about the right time to have children or the right time to go back and finish college, or whatever those things are.

I can look back and know that it wasn`t the time, and that in fact this is my time. And part of it is that I`m better equipped by experience to handle what it is. So there`s that. And then there`s that I`ve spent all these years as an actor not being famous, but an actor nonetheless, and known here and there and respected for my work, but not famous. It is a very different issue.

BEHAR: Well, the issue of fame is that, you know, the more famous you are, given that you`re talented also, the better parts are going to come to you, right?

LEO: Yes, well, yes--

BEHAR: Bigger movies?

LEO: Hoping, we`re hoping.

BEHAR: Do you like theater work, too?

LEO: I hope to do some theater this coming summer. We`ll see if it works out. I have always kept doing stage and would like to continue.

BEHAR: I`m fascinated by the fact that in "The Fighter," you played Mark Wahlberg`s mother and I believe he`s 39 and you`re 50. That would make you not even menstruating yet.


BEHAR: Very, very--

LEO: Kind of immaculate conception. You know?

BEHAR: You know, you`re not the first one. Because Angela Lansbury and Laurence Harvey played in "The Manchurian Candidate," and she was I believe two years older than him and she played his mother.

LEO: But see, that`s what I recognize in it also. I mean, you constantly -- I can remember when I was about 25 years old reading that script that said she`s 38. And I`m like, well, they don`t want to see me? And no, honey, they do want to see you. They cast a 38-year-old woman with a 25-year-old in the part, then everybody is going to think, oh, something is the matter with me. It`s a terrible, terrible dilemma and cycle.

BEHAR: Trepidatious, the business, very difficult.

LEO: Yeah.

BEHAR: Anyway, it`s lovely to have you here.

LEO: Thank you.

BEHAR: You can see Melissa on the second season of "Treme," or "Treme," whatever you want to call it, just watch it -- premiering Sunday night on HBO. Thank you for watching. Good night, everybody.