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Young Mom`s Death Termed Suspicious; Wife Nabbed in Hitman Sting

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JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, explosive breaking news in the mysterious death of beautiful young mom Krista Dittmeyer, missing for days. The 20-year-old`s body was found in a pond. Who killed this young mother and why?

Also, a murder-for-hire case takes a staggering turn: a wife accused of hiring a hitman to kill her husband, caught sobbing on tape after being told her husband has been murdered, but he wasn`t dead. He was working with the cops to catch his wife. Now, her astounding defense will blow your mind. Can you say "Balloon Boy"?

Plus, Paris Hilton`s terrifying courthouse attack. As the alleged heiress heads into L.A. court to face one alleged stalker, a second alleged stalker lunges at her boyfriend, grabbing him by the neck. We`ll show you video of the terrifying confrontation.

Then, royal wedding fever, the royal wedding just hours away. Some Americans are going to crazy lengths to be part of the big day. Did one American nurse actually quit her job to be there? We`ll take your calls.

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UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The family is devastated. Nobody`s daughter should ever get murdered. This is a wonderful, loving, devoted mother who -- who assured that her daughter was safe right to the end.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, fast-breaking developments in the case of that young mom missing from Maine whose body was found late yesterday. Just in: we`re getting news just a little while ago on the autopsy. Listen to this.


JANE YOUNG, SENIOR ASSISTANT ATTORNEY GENERAL: At this juncture, the cause and the manner of death remain pending. It remains pending due to the toxicology results having to be returned. It could take six to eight weeks for the toxicology results to come back and for additional investigations to be done.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Twenty-year-old Krista Dittmeyer vanished on Saturday. Her car was found abandoned but running at a New Hampshire ski resort. Yes, the engine`s running, the hazard lights flashing, and her 14- month-old baby daughter was in the back seat. Thank God the child was not hurt. Tragically, her mom met a very different fate.

Krista`s sister says she thinks somebody forced Krista out of her car. She believes Krista persuaded this person, heroically -- she persuaded this person to leave her baby behind so the child would not be hurt. Krista`s body was pulled from a retaining pond about a quarter of a mile away from her abandoned car yesterday.

Now, startling new details about the mystery surrounding her death have just emerged. Here`s what we`re learning tonight.

Krista`s boyfriend, who is also her little baby`s father, is in prison on a cocaine trafficking conviction. Cocaine trafficking conviction. It turns out the brother of this boyfriend and a buddy of his were stopped by cops Tuesday night, around midnight, in the woods near the ski resort, in the very area where the abandoned car was. Cops say the men claimed they were there looking for Krista. At midnight, they were looking for Krista? Her body was found soon after.

Well, the buddy has been arrested and charged with concealment. What was he concealing, in cops` minds?

Meantime, cops still don`t understand why Krista, who lived in Portland, Maine, drove all the way to Conway, New Hampshire, with her daughter, no less. But they say she had, quote, "a number of social contacts in the area."

These are random pieces of this mysterious puzzle. How will they all come together? Give me a call: 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to Ken Altshuler, radio talk show host at WGAN 560 AM in Portland, Maine.

Ken, you have your ear to the ground. You`re talking to your sources. What is going on? What`s the theory as to why Krista was killed?

KEN ALTSHULER, RADIO TALK SHOW HOST: Well, first, Jane, as you know, Kyle Acker, the father of her child, is from Conway. Let`s not forget that. His brother...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Where the body was found?

ALTSHULER: Correct. Where Richard Acker was looking for her, supposedly, at midnight in the woods with Corey Poland, his friend. What were they doing there? As you said, midnight? They`re looking for a body? I think when this is all over, Jane, we`re going to find that maybe Krista was not as innocent as everyone wants to think she was.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, listen, she is the victim here.

ALTSHULER: Yes, she is.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And her family is devastated, and I do not want to blame the victim. Now, we know that her boyfriend, who -- the one who`s in prison now, was in prison for drug trafficking.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: And they were living together when he was allegedly - - and now he`s been convicted of selling drugs, cocaine and other drugs. They found those drugs in the house that they shared. My question is could it be somebody who felt somehow wronged in a drug deal and is retaliating against her for what the boyfriend who`s now in prison had done?

ALTSHULER: Jane, that`s very good question. Of course, what was Krista doing in a parking lot at 6:30 in the morning Saturday morning? The ski resort`s not open. What was she doing there?

And now this other question, Jane, is the baby wasn`t hurt. Now ask yourself this question? Who would not hurt a baby in the back seat? Maybe the baby`s uncle, Richard Acker, maybe an accomplice who was a female, who`s not likely to hurt a baby.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Wait a second.

ALTSHULER: I think there`s far more to this, Jane.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me say that this brother of the boyfriend, the imprisoned boyfriend, the brother who was found supposedly looking for Krista`s body in the very area where the body was ultimately discovered yesterday, is not considered a suspect.

We`ve reached out to his attorney and have not heard back, but we want to be fair here. And if he or the attorney or the friend or their attorney wants to come on, they`re all invited on to tell their side.

Now, a short time ago, the New Hampshire attorney general held a news conference, revealing more about Krista`s tragic death. Listen to this.


YOUNG: The case remains active and ongoing. Members of the state police, the Conway Police Department and the FBI continue to investigate this matter as a suspicious criminal case.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, we heard the attorney general say it would take a good six to eight weeks to get the toxicology back from Krista`s autopsy in order to determine the manner of Krista`s death.

So I want to go out to Steve Moore, former FBI agent. Why do you think that particular fact was emphasized?

STEVE MOORE, FORMER FBI AGENT: Well, I think that was emphasized because they don`t have an obvious cause of death. It could be drowning. She was in water. And they`re not ready to go -- they`re not ready to commit to anything.

The other thing is I think that this probably has something to do with her husband [SIC] or his business. I agree with you on that. I don`t think she went there voluntarily, and I think that somebody was with her. So you should be looking for car tracks in the area. I`m sure they are looking for car tracks in the area.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Wait a second. There is a second vehicle, and I want to go back to Ken Altshuler on that. I was actually thinking that they were talking about toxicology to determine whether or not there were any drugs in her system at the time of her death, which is also a possibility. We have no idea. We don`t know what would turn out.

Again, we are not blaming the victim here. This poor girl, this beautiful young mother is dead, and our hearts go out to her family, but let`s cover that first, Ken.

ALTSHULER: Well, certainly, there was a second car. Once again, we have to look at Richard Acker -- Richard Acker and Corey Poland. How did they get there? Probably a car. No other car was in the area. Doesn`t it scream out that that would be maybe the other car?

But the blood, Jane, the blood evidence, was in Krista -- Krista`s car, not the other car. So is there evidence that they have to find?

I think you`re going to find that drugs were involved. I think you`re going to find, Jane, it was not stranger abduction. I think that you`re going to find that maybe there`s more to the story, and drugs is at the bottom of all of it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, here is my big issue: coincidence or concealment?

Kyle Acker, the baby`s father and Krista`s boyfriend, is behind bars. Kyle`s brother and a buddy of the brother are in the spotlight tonight, because they were stopped by cops in the woods near the ski resort around midnight the day before Krista`s body was found. They told cops they were there to look for Krista. They also said they found a flip-flop she was wearing when she -- she vanished.

Now, I`m curious as to now they knew she was wearing flip-flops. Maybe that was reported somewhere in the news. The buddy of the brother was arrested and charged with willful concealment what are your thoughts on that, criminal defense attorney Jeff Brown?

JEFF BROWN, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes, we don`t have that charge in Florida, but what it typically is, means that he`s not answering questions. They have questions that they wanted him to answer, and he just wouldn`t answer them. So it looks like that`s what it is. It sounds like somebody that`s not cooperating with law enforcement.

But you know, Ken is 100 percent right here, too, when we talk about stranger abductions. Those cases are very, very rare, and especially at a ski resort at 6:30 in the morning. You really just don`t have that where a stranger just abducts somebody.

So I think everybody is on the right path here, which is this crime is going to get solved, because it`s somebody that she knew or was related to her in some form or fashion. This isn`t just some random stranger that just came up to her at 6:30 in the morning and did this.

By the way...


VELEZ-MITCHELL: ... the sister said that she was wearing flip-flops.

I got go to Mara, Indiana. Your thought or question, ma`am.

CALLER: Hi, Jane. My comment is I`m certainly absolutely not blaming the victim, because nobody deserves anything like that to ever happen to them. But obviously, the boyfriend was not a real high, upstanding character.

So when do we become responsible for the choices that we make? And when do us women learn that, if we make bad choices we put ourselves in a position where bad things can happen to us?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, you`re absolutely right. This is a tragedy. It`s a cautionary tale, but again, this girl is dead. She leaves behind a beautiful 14-month-old child. Her family is distraught, devastated, crushed, broken. We don`t want to add to their agony.

Ken, I`m going to give you the last word. You wanted to say something.

ALTSHULER: Yes, Jane. I wanted to tell you, the concealment charge, I can give you some information. The concealment charge is a red herring. Corey Poland had an outstanding warrant for shoplifting, and concealment meant that he was in the store with the merchandise hidden. He was not caught outside the store. That`s a concealment. It`s not weapons, and it`s not relating from that night.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, it sounds like a cast of characters who are trouble-prone in the woods around midnight, searching for someone. It doesn`t add up. We`re going to stay on top of this mystery. So please stay with us. We`ve got to leave it right there.

Thank you, panel.

Paris Hilton and her boyfriend blindsided on their way to court in a terrifying attack. You will see the video. It`s unbelievable.

And did a wife hire a hitman to murder her husband, or was she just trying to get him a reality show? One of the nuttiest defenses in the history of jurisprudence. You`ve got hear it, and we want to hear from you. What`s your theory? 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I feel a little bad but I mean, there`s no reason she had to do this, you know? She was well off. She could have just left and did just as well by leaving.






VELEZ-MITCHELL: Fake. Tonight that seemingly devastated woman is on trial, charged with faking those tears, charged with trying to hire a hitman to murder her husband, who she`s supposedly crying about.

The dramatic scene shows 26-year-old Dalia Dippolito getting the news from police that her husband of just six months is dead. But not so fast, Dalia. It was all a ruse, because hubby was far from deceased. He was watching the tape.

Turns out cops were on to the bombshell brunette`s alleged plot to kill her hubby because a friend of hers tipped cops off. It was a tip-off that triggered cops to send in an undercover officer to pose as a hitman.

She allegedly gave the officer/fake hitman a down payment of more than $1,000 to do the job. Then, cops creatively staged that fake crime scene to catch her phony reaction on tape.

What was Dalia`s alleged motive? Well, the husband, Michael, says money, money, money, money. Cops say she tried to rub him out two times before. One time by allegedly putting anti-freeze in his iced tea.

You think that`s nuts? Dalia`s defense is being called one of the nuttiest, most bizarre defense arguments in legal history. She claims her husband actually orchestrated his own murder-for-hire fairy tale as a way to get his own reality show, and they -- the defense dismisses all of it as a big stunt. In fact, the defense points to the husband`s love of reality shows, like "Cheaters" and MTV`s "The Jersey Shore." This actually would be kind of funny, except it`s a life and death matter.

Call me: 1-877-JVM-SAYS.

Straight out to Ed Miller, investigative reporter with "Extra."

Ed, what is the latest on this twisted, twisted case?

ED MILLER, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER, "EXTRA": All right. First of all, let me simplify and recap very quickly. Married in February, almost from the very beginning, they are arguing over money. Two months later she somehow convinces him to put the house in her name. And on the very same day, she`s walking around town saying, "Psst, anybody want to kill my husband?"

I mean, it`s amazing. This is quite the gal. Makes you want to think twice before going on any of those dating Web sites, doesn`t it?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s the defense?

MILLER: Sure. If she -- this defense, if she actually -- if this was -- this whole thing was a hoax, wouldn`t you say to the hit man, "Listen, I don`t really want you to kill my husband? I just want you to pretend to kill my husband?" The whole thing is ridiculous.

And Jane, let me just say one other thing. I`ve done a bunch of these serial -- these hitman stories. And they all share one common trait. All of these people that do the hiring, that shell out the money, they don`t think that they`re not responsible. In other words, if I didn`t get my hands dirty, I didn`t really do it.


MILLER: They`re absolved from responsibility.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: They`re confused. Confused about how that works.

Dalia`s defense has offered up the very wacky theory that she and her husband were in together on the fake murder-for-hire plot so they could get their own reality show. Her lawyer reportedly said it was a bad prank, worse than what Balloon Boy`s dad did.

My big issue: is this defense full of hot air?

Who can forget the ridiculous scenario staged by the Heene family in October of 2009? They had the entire nation gripped with fear that their son -- I think his name was Falcon, right? -- had accidentally been launched into the sky in an experimental hot-air balloon, that it was all - - this was all a folk -- a fake. Better watch myself. This was all a fake. It was all a staged stunt in the hopes of getting a reality show. OK.

But in the case we`re talking about tonight, cops say Dalia had previously tried to kill her husband by giving him antifreeze, which she poured in his iced tea. Anti-freeze. That`s not something you do when you`re staging a show.

Additionally, Jeff Brown, the only videotape was what cops shot. When you`re trying to get a reality show and you`re staging something, you usually put it on tape, correct?

BROWN: Yes, yes. You know, just as a point of reference here, Balloon Boy, guess where they moved to? They`re in Florida, too.

You know, sometimes we defense lawyers, this is all we have. And I`m sure what happened here was, you know, they made an offer of basically 30 years, the top of the guidelines, and she wouldn`t do it.

But you`re right, Jane, there`s just no way I think this defense could ever possibly float. It`s just ludicrous. Sometimes this is -- this is all we have as defense lawyers, though.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But sometimes it`s enough to make reasonable doubt.

Hey, Rodney, Minnesota, can you say something in ten seconds?

CALLER: Yes, my question is real simple. If people aren`t getting along when they get married, why are they getting married if they feel like there`s going to be a problem?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`ll tell you why: money. OK? The husband here says the only reason he she married him was to get her hands on his $240,000 condo, OK? Let`s hope at least he had it paid off, because he only put 10 percent down, that would really be a waste of time.

Everybody, thank you so much.

The royal wedding tomorrow. You will not believe what we here on HLN are planning. You and I can...



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Did you ever buy the defendant any jewelry?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What jewelry did you buy for her?

DIPPOLITO: I bought her an engagement ring, wedding ring, and somehow, I don`t know how we started shopping at David Yurman. It`s a certain brand of jewelry, and we bought a lot of jewelry.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Prosecutors say that man was a murder target and none other than his luxury-loving wife was the one who wanted him dead and staged a murder-for-hire plot.

I`ve got to go to Steve Moore, former FBI agent. The cops here were very creative, and they staged a fake crime scene and took her to this fake crime scene and said, "Your husband`s dead," and then caught her on tape. What was the purpose of catching her crying on tape? What does it prove?

MOORE: It is not even that she was crying, it`s the things that she didn`t say. She didn`t say something like, "Hey, that was a terrible mistake. You`ve got to find the guy who killed him." She didn`t say anything that would indicate that she had any prior knowledge of this, which blows any alibi that -- that says that she did have an inkling that this was some kind of trick or some kind of ploy.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, in other words...

BROWN: They did it wrong, though.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: In other words -- well, go ahead, Jeff.

BROWN: What they -- what they should have done was they should have taped the hitman coming back to her and saying, "OK, the job`s done. I got your money. You owe me the rest of the money, but it was successfully done," and then you would see her reaction saying, "Great."

Here, they have the cops telling her, so she does this crying scene. And now you have to judge is this real or is this fake? Would have been much better to have the hitman come back to her and tape that.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Except that she`s admitted it was faked and says that her husband convinced her to do this, to concoct some sort of fairytale of a hitman story so that they could get a reality show, which doesn`t make sense. It`s actually kind of like hallucinogenic because that`s not how you -- at least the Heenes did it right. They videotaped the spaceship going off.

BROWN: But if the hitman would have come back to her and said, "I killed him," and this was all supposedly a ruse, then you would have seen her say, "What, are you kidding me? That`s not what I really wanted." What you would have seen is her saying, "That`s OK. That`s what I wanted. How much more I do owe you?"

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Exactly. I think it would have been better than way. You`re right. And maybe there`s a reason why they couldn`t have done that.

Let`s go to Rodney, Minnesota. Do we -- Oh, no, William, Ohio. William, Ohio, your question or thought?

CALLER: I got a question on the wife or husbands have a criminal background?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, interesting you should ask. As it turns out, this story is not quite so black and white. Michael Dippolito, the husband, is not exactly squeaky clean. He has previously testified that wife, Dalia, was supposed to help him pay a $191,000 restitution fee so that his 28-year probation on a felony conviction could be lifted. In other words, he`s got a rap sheet.

Michael is testifying for the prosecution, and I`ve got to wonder, Steve Moore, is that going to taint his credibility, the fact that he, himself, is a felon?

MOORE: Oh, yes, that`s going to -- that`s going to work right into the defense`s hands. But the final -- the final verdict here is going to go down on the fact that there is overwhelming, circumstantial and otherwise, that she -- that she went to murder him. The fact that she had the house transferred into her name just before the hit was supposed to have happened is devastating to any defense, I think.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think this is a lot about our materialistic culture, that we`re living in a world where people are actually allegedly trying to kill their intimate partner so they can get a hold of a condo. Unbelievable. That takes marrying for money to a new level.

All right. Did Paris Hilton and her boyfriend face two crazed stalkers in one day?


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Paris Hilton`s terrifying courthouse attack. As the alleged heiress heads into an LA court to face one alleged stalker, a second alleged stalker lunges at her boyfriend, grabbing him by the neck. We will show you video of the terrifying confrontation.

Then, royal wedding fever: the royal wedding just hours away. Some Americans are going to crazy lengths to be part of the big day. Did one American nurse actually quit her job to be there? We will take your calls.


PARIS HILTON, SOCIALITE: Oh my God. That is another intruder who came to my house on a bike. He attacked my security at my home.


HILTON: Honey, are you ok?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you ok, dude?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, I`m fine. Yes, I`m good.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are you ok Paris?

HILTON: I cannot believe the same person is here.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, a brazen attack outside the Los Angeles courthouse and the target, Paris Hilton`s boyfriend. Now, the suspect, get this, has already been arrested once for stalking Paris. And in the speediest case of justice ever, he has already pleaded no contest and been sentenced. This happened yesterday.

Wow. If only the wheels of justice would move that fast for celebrities who are dragged court, if you know what I mean.

36-year-old James Rainford jumped Paris` boyfriend as they were walking into the courthouse where, ironically, Paris was going to testify against another alleged stalker. Rainford grabbed Paris`s boyfriend sideways around the neck. Bodyguards tackled Rainford to the ground. But listen to what he said as they took him away.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you trying to attack Paris Hilton?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What were you doing?

RAINFORD: I`ve already proposed to her and her dad already said yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You already proposed to her, as in marriage?

RAINFORD: Proposed to Paris -- as in marriage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You said you proposed to her and she has accepted?

RAINFORD: Yes, she did.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. This guy is delusional. Rainford was caught sneaking onto Paris` property last October, but he only got probation that time. I have to wonder, why did he only get probation? And I also have to wonder, is Paris somehow bringing this negative attention onto herself because she is always seeking to be the center of attention.

Call me, 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to TMZ assignment manager, Mike Walters; Mike, I cannot believe this guy has already been to court and sentenced for something he did yesterday at court.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: If this was a celebrity, oh, my gosh, how many times would it get postponed before -- would justice ever, ever, it is always around the corner with celebrities.

WALTERS: It would be months from now.

Well, right now, Jane, he already got 227 days in jail. You`re right -- swift justice on this one. But how crazy is it that stalker -- alleged stalker number two shows up at alleged stalker number one`s trial where Paris Hilton is about to testify against him and this is the guy that came to her house and pulled out a knife?

The second thing is, Jane, I`m totally surprised at how unbelievable it is that this had guy got so close to Paris. She had multiple bodyguards. Her big boyfriend Cy Waits, who by the way, he`s lucky he didn`t attack him back -- but how he got so close to smack him in the back of the head, I mean this could have been a lot worse situation for Paris.

And like you said, it is unbelievable that this actually happened at a courthouse. You know what, though, 50 cameras there is, this is a really bad time to commit a battery. It was all caught on tape. He is in jail and already got 227 days earlier today.

VELEZ-MITCHELL; Well, I think we got to listen to the suspect, James Rainford, one more time, because what he said was so truly bizarre.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Were you trying to attack Paris Hilton?

RAINFORD: No, I wasn`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What were you doing?

RAINFORD: I`ve already proposed to her and her dad already said yes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You already proposed to her, as in marriage?

RAINFORD: Proposed to Paris -- as marriage.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you said you proposed to her and she`s accepted?

RAINFORD: Yes she did.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: So, Rhonda Saunders, Los Angeles prosecutor, Rainford was caught sneaking onto Paris Hilton`s property last October. He was then tackled by her private security team. He, that time, pleaded no contest to civil assault and he was sentenced to three years probation over that trespassing incident.

Now, why the heck didn`t they give him jail time? I guess he actually had to hurt somebody and tackle somebody to the ground right outside court in order to actually get some jail time.

RHONDA SAUNDERS, L.A. PROSECUTOR: It is beyond me, because these stalkers can be so dangerous, especially celebrity stalkers. This reminds me of the Madonna case where she had her stalker come onto her property three times and he wound up trying to kill her bodyguard. And in that particular case, he was saying that he was married to Madonna.

So, these people are delusional, they are suffering from erotomania, where they believe that they have a relationship with the celebrity, but the people around the celebrity need to watch out because that`s who stalker is going to go after to get rid of the competition or get rid of the obstacles between the stalker and their target.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Shannon, Indiana, your question or thought.

SHANNON, INDIANA (via telephone): Hi.


SHANNON: I have a comment, actually. I just want to know why Paris Hilton is such a big deal when there`s kids and other women get stalked every day. They catch the stalkers and the wheel of justice turn so slowly. I don`t get t.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I agree with you. And Jennifer Gimenez, you are a house manager on VH-1`s "Sober House". It`s true, one in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetime and Paris Hilton gets all this attention.

I have to wonder, is she really bringing this on herself? This is a woman who really invented the whole notion of selling access to herself at parties. This is what she does, she goes to parties and she is paid for pretending to be a friend of somebody. She started the trend of paid appearances.

And I am wondering by selling access to herself is she increasing the notion that mentally ill people might think I am her friend, I do know her, in fact, we are going to get married?

JENNIFER GIMENEZ, HOUSE MANAGER, VH-1`S "SOBER HOUSE": Well, you know, I don`t think that because she is in the public eye and she is the person who invented bringing reality into your homes that it`s ok for someone to go and think that they can -- because they think they know this person that they can go and help -- like, you know go into their house or think that they are marrying this person.

And that`s like I think it has brought a lot of awareness at this point that women do get stalked. You know, I have had had an incident back in my -- a couple of years back and it was really frightening and the only thing -- you can`t do anything if they are coming into your house, unless they are about to hurt you. Like, there`s not very much people -- women can do out there.

I don`t think it`s fair to say that she is allowing herself this kind of media and this kind of notion to happen to her. I really do believe that it is a really sick person trying to do something that`s harmful and it`s not ok.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Mike, let me ask you this question. Do you think her lifestyle, though -- it`s odd that she has two stalkers, not one but two. And that she`s going to court for one and she gets stalked by another. Do you think it is something about her lifestyle, her capitalizing on her need for attention, her getting paid to pretend to be somebody`s friend at a party that that might confuse some of these wing nuts?

WALTERS: Well, I think a little bit is that, Jane. I mean the fact is she does get paid to go party. A lot of times people that are with her feel like they are friends with her. They feel like they are close to her, they get to stand next to her at party. But there is another thing you are forgetting here, that is that Paris Hilton is perfection when it comes to social media and putting herself on the map. So where Paris Hilton is, day in and day out, what party, where is the address, what time is she going to be there -- all of it is put out by her and her people, so that is most dangerous part with Paris Hilton.

Why were there 50 cameras at the courthouse yesterday? That`s because Paris and everybody else in the media said Paris will be there tomorrow at 2:00, everybody be there. So that is how these people find, you know, girls like Paris Hilton and stalk them. And she is one of the worst because of that reason. Everyone knows where Paris is all the time.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, I want to mention it because it is such a frightening statistic and I think it is even worse than this. One in 12 women will be stalked in their lifetime, but I think it is a lot more than that.

Here is my big issue. What is the right strategy when dealing with a stalker because stalkers can be anyone? The first thing I believe and I have talked to experts about this; never interact with them at all. Every time you interact with them it will just make them feel like they have a relationship with you.

So the worst thing you could do to a stalker is say leave me alone. Why are you calling me? Why are you following me? Because that`s only going to get them excited and really jazzed about the fact that, hey, you`re actually talking to them.

Is that not true, Rhonda Saunders? You have had a lot of experience with stalking cases.

SAUNDERS: Oh, absolutely. And stalkers are very, very smart. And we are talking about domestic violence-type stalking cases also, where the stalker will call and say, "If you meet me for a cup of coffee just this one time, I`ll go away." And the victim should not do that the victim should hang up the phone, should have no contact, because if that victim talks to the stalker, goes to have a cup of coffee, that means the stalker has won. And in his mind, he is not going to go away because, hey, my victim wants me to be around.

So, that`s the best advice that you can give anyone, Jane, for -- who is being stalked. Do not have contact with your stalker. Document every time he calls, he shows up. Look around and see if other people have seen him standing in front of your house and cooperate with the police, cooperate with prosecutors, we are there to protect you.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: If the police and prosecutors are cooperating with you. Let me tell you that they do not take stalking as seriously as they should. It is a very serious problem but often the woman has to get hurt.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: You do. You are a great L.A. prosecutor but sometimes a woman has to get hurt before they take it seriously and that`s what makes me sick to my stomach. So prosecutors, take it more seriously. Cops, take it more seriously. And women, God forbid you are stalked, do not interact with your stalker under any circumstances.

Thank you, fabulous panel.

Royals, celebs, they are not the only ones preparing for Prince William`s wedding tomorrow. You will not believe what some people are doing to be part of this enormous day. And we are going to party with you tomorrow. I want to hear what you think about this wedding, 1-877-JVM- SAYS.



RICHARD QUEST, CNN INTERNATIONAL ANCHOR: This is what many people will be enjoying over the next 24 hours. Welcome to the tents that are on the mall.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: I love Richard Quest. He is a lot of fun.

It is here date of the royal wedding, London time anyway. In just a couple of hour, Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry at Westminster Abbey. Kate arrived at London`s Goring Hotel earlier today where she is spending the night with her family. Just across the way is St. James Palace where Prince William spent the evening with his brother, Harry, and their dad, Prince Charles.

Now, some people are so obsessed about this wedding, they are even willing and have, in fact, quit their jobs here in America to go to London, across the pond, for the big day. We`re going to tell you about that in a second.

Give me a holler, what are your thoughts? What interests you about this wedding? 1-877-JVM-SAYS.

Straight out to HLN royal wedding contributor Lisa Vanderpump and her fabulous dog, Jiggy, who is in royal purple, I see. And Lisa, of course, royalty in her own right on the hit show "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills".

I got to ask you about Kate Middleton. To me, she is a blank slate. We know that her mother used to be a flight attendant and then her family made tons of money with this online party supply store. And now, she comes from a rich family but she is not royalty. But we really don`t know what moves her, what is her passion.

For example, with Lady Di, we know that she cared about banning land mines. She wanted to get involved in the AIDS epidemic, to stop that. She worked with children who had leprosy. She was out there on the front lines making a point.

What is the point of Kate Middleton at this point?

LISA VANDERPUMP, "REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS: Well, you know what, I don`t think we know anything. We don`t really know too much about her. Obviously she gave up her regular day job. She has to she is going to have to dedicate her life to the royal family.

I hopefully think that she will take a leap out of Diana`s book and be accessible and interact with all the charities. That`s what we need in England. And take the -- make her approachable and be a good representation of the royal family, because they have had a hard time.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I have to say yes, work with charities but she has got to develop a passion for something, because they all work with charities. Prince Charles is the patron or the head of 400 charity organizations. But can we name any of them? No.

But we can remember what Princess Di did because she captured our hearts and she captured our attention. And that`s the challenge for this young lady right here. She has got unparalleled attention; all the world`s eyes are on her. And that is something that she could use to change something about this world, to make the world better and she has got to pick something. She can`t just be the good housewife.


VANDERPUMP: Yes. No I think she will, Jane, but I don`t think it will happen just yet. She needs to settle in. It didn`t happen with Diana straight away. So she needs to settle in, find her feet.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Cameras captured a very unusual sight in London today; Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles, mingling with the commoners. Check this out. Look at the paparazzi there. I don`t know about you, but I`ve never seen Camilla do this before and the day before the wedding? Hmm. Very curious.

Here`s my big issue tonight: mother-in-law syndrome? Is Camilla trying to steal the show on some subconscious level or maybe even a conscious level? Let`s not forget, this is not exactly the pillar of morality. She had an affair with Prince Charles while he was married to Princess Diana. He admitted it.

Diana once said, quote, "There were three people in my marriage," and she was referring to Camilla. So now, we are supposed to see this woman as a doting stepmother of the groom? I don`t know. Something made me think twice when I saw her working the crowds today, the day before the wedding.

VANDERPUMP: Well, I think she is making the most of riding the crest of the popularity wave obviously, that is encompassing the royal family right now and I think she needs to do it. But I think, Jane, if the boys have accepted her and Kate Middleton`s out having lunch with her, it`s time for us all to move on. I really think we have got to give her a break now.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. I just find the questioning -- I question the timing of it, she is waving. This isn`t what the royals do really. I just find it very bizarre that she is doing this right now.

Ok. What do you know about the big day? Is there anything new that`s coming in?

VANDERPUMP: Well, I -- I don`t know, I`m waiting for it, like you are. It is the dress that is really going to kind of surprise us, I think. That is going to be the hot story tomorrow. That`s what`s going to be the most exciting thing.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes and we know it is a top secret. I have heard so many stories, that she has three dresses and she is going to decide, because she doesn`t want anybody to leak the story and it`s really going to tell us more about her personality than anything. She is a blank slate.

More on the other side. Thank you so much.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: We are less than 12 hours away from the royal wedding and I am so excited. My hands are shaking, my knees are quaking. It`s going to be very exciting.

Of course, if you don`t want to wake up at 5:30 in the morning, there is an alternative. You can watch us right here on HLN. We`re going to have complete coverage. We`re going to re-live the wedding between 5:00 and 7:00 and then Joy Behar is going to have an after party starting at 7:00, also at 10:00.

Joy, I`m very excited because I know you have more celebrities coming to your after party than are actually going to the royal wedding.

JOY BEHAR, HLN HOST, "THE JOY BEHAR SHOW": Extra -- no Americans are going, just dictators.


BEHAR: Yes. The sultan of Swaziland and the king of Bahrain and all those guys, who beat their people up and give them diseases and they`re going to the wedding. But are you invited? Am I invited? No.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I know I changed the dresses recently. That must have been the reason.

BEHAR: But we have go Joan Collins on, who`s been married several times so she knows a little something about it and Lisa Rinna, who`s married to married Harry Hamlin, she knows something.


BEHAR: We have Lisa Vanderpump, who is -- she`s British but she`s a housewife of Beverly Hills. It`s on the borderline of British.

And we`re going to have Colin Quinn who knows the history of the world; in his Broadway show he does "Long Story Short" -- that show he did. He knows the history; he`s going to give some English history. And we`re going to have a wedding singer.

We have an audience.

Here`s the main thing.


BEHAR: We have about 60 people coming.


BEHAR: Yes. We went to a homeless shelter. No, I`m kidding, I`m kidding. We have a real audience coming in and they`re going to have fun with us because I`m going to -- you know, we`re going to have fun.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Why do you think so few actual celebrities are going to the royal wedding? We`re talking about David Furnish and Elton John and the Beckhams and that`s pretty much it.

BEHAR: Is that it, really?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. Seriously.

BEHAR: Aren`t you amazed that Tony Blair`s not invited? I mean he`s the one --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. The Obamas.

BEHAR: He saved the monarchy. Obamas, right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I could understand that because of security. What are you most interested in when it comes to the royal wedding?

BEHAR: Jokes. Making jokes about them. That`s what my main interest is.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I`m actually interested in Kate Middleton. We really don`t know much about her. She is kind of a blank slate. And now when we see her wedding gown, we`re going to get the first real taste of what she`s about. What is her theme for this royal reign of her?

Princess Diana, for example, had that 25-foot train. We`ll never forget that. Right?

BEHAR: Yes. Yes.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: So, how is she going to come out? Is she going to be simple? Is she going to wear a tiara of flowers or something else? I`m really curious because we really don`t know much about her.

BEHAR: Jane. Are you on medication?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I was, but I`m in recovery.

All right. I am kind of excited about the royal wedding.

BEHAR: You are.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Maybe not as excited as I am pretending to be right now. But I am somewhat excited about the royal wedding. I am.

BEHAR: Well, I am excited because we`re going to have a great show on it.


BEHAR: That`s what makes me excited -- my show.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But are you just going to make fun of it?

BEHAR: No. We`re going to tell you stuff. We are. No. We`re not going to make fun of it. We have -- personally have some Brits here. So we can`t really make fun of it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, you can`t. I made that mistake. I was doing a British accent and I got into big trouble with my boss.

On HLN for all the royal wedding coverage. "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S" Brooke Anderson in London for the ceremony tomorrow morning and I`m going to join Robin Meade for HLN`s royal wedding special 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Eastern right here. Then, at 7:00 p.m., Joy Behar will join a star-studded after party. Don`t miss Joy and all her celebrity friends dishing on their favorite wedding moments.

We`re going to have some fun, people, so you join us.



TERESA CUNNINGHAM, QUITE JOB TO BE IN LONDON FOR WEDDING: Next thing I know they`re telling me I can`t go. There`s no coverage. We can`t get you and if you go you`re fired.


CUNNINGHAM: Yes. I turned in my resignation.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, that is an American anglophile. She is obsessed with the royal wedding. Teresa Cunningham quit her nursing job in Missouri because her boss wouldn`t give her time off to go to London across the pond for the wedding. And who can blame her? She already bought the plane tickets.

I have to say it`s going to be fascinating and as we watch tomorrow, let`s look for inklings of who Will and Kate will turn out to be. For example, Kate`s wedding dress. It`s going to give us an idea of what her personality is. If she chooses something very ornate that will say one thing. If she chooses something very simple -- even her head dress. If it`s flowers that says one thing, if it`s a tiara --