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Identity of Arnold`s Mistress Exposed

Aired May 18, 2011 - 19:00:00   ET



JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, jaw-dropping new details emerge about Arnold Schwarzenegger`s secret child. The mistress and Maria were reportedly both pregnant at the same time, giving birth to Arnold`s sons just days apart.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, FORMER CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR: Yes, I have misbehaved badly sometimes. Yes, it is true that it was on rowdy movie sets and I have done things that would...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: New stunners about his housekeeper mistress, their 13-year-old son, and Maria`s surprise appearance.

And explosive Casey Anthony developments. Court ends abruptly.

BELVIN PERRY, JUDGE IN CASEY ANTHONY CASE: This court will be in recess until 8:30 tomorrow morning.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Smack in the middle of the afternoon, the judge suddenly dismisses everybody for the day. What the heck is going on? Could it mean a plea deal is in the works?

Then, breaking news in the case of a little boy whose body was found in Maine. Tonight, cops reportedly identify him after new clues lead them to question his mother. We`ll give you the latest and take your calls.

ISSUES starts now.



MARIA SHRIVER, ESTRANGED WIFE OF ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: I`ve known this man for 26 years, married to him for 17. He`s an extraordinary father and a remarkable husband, a terrific human being.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, more betrayals exposed. We have got head- spinning new details about Arnold Schwarzenegger`s secret son and his secret mistress. Well, secret no more, here she is. Multiple sources have identified her as Schwarzenegger`s long-time housekeeper, Mildred Patricia Baena. She goes by Patty. These are photos from her MySpace page. We`re still not naming her son, who`s also Arnold`s son.

Get this: Patty and Maria Shriver were both pregnant with Arnold`s babies at the very same time. That`s right: two women under one roof carrying little Arnolds. And the similarities don`t stop there.


HARVEY LEVIN, TMZ: I`m telling you, he`s just the spitting image of Arnold Schwarzenegger. I mean, the lips and the teeth are just really a ringer.

This boy was born one week apart from Maria and Arnold`s son, Christopher. So they were indeed pregnant at the same time, birth separated by one week.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Correct me if I`m wrong: that seems really creepy to me. I mean, really creepy.

Tonight we`ve got a copy of the boy`s alleged birth certificate. Get this: it lists Patty`s then-husband as the father. And here are the couple`s divorce papers, just filed three short weeks after the boy was born. Had this guy known all along that he was not the father of this child, or was he also in the dark? Either way, it`s not good news for Arnold.

The Arnold bombshell hit Hollywood yesterday. And let me tell you, people were horrified. Shocked? Not so much.


JANE SEYMOUR, ACTRESS: I -- I was not even remotely surprised.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He had (UNINTELLIGIBLE), one of his housekeepers.

SEYMOUR: And I heard about two more that somebody else knows about.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: More secret children? Is it possible? We have no absolutely no independent confirmation of any other sort of secret children, but apparently, Hollywood wouldn`t be surprised if that were the case.

Now Maria was in Chicago last night to tape one of Oprah`s final shows. What other explosive secrets could her disgraced husband be keeping from her? She is such a class act. What do you think, Arnold? What do you think at home? Call me: 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to TMZ assignment manager Mike Walters.

Mike, you`ve been all over the story. What`s the latest?

MIKE WALTERS, TMZ ASSIGNMENT MANAGER: Well, Jane, the most unbelievable part of the story, you just mentioned it. They were pregnant, Maria and the baby mama, at the same time. They are one week apart. His youngest child, Christopher, and this young man, they are one week apart.

And let me even go further than that. Would you believe that Maria Shriver was actually sending gifts to their maid, who was on maternity leave with Arnold`s child, and actually, you know, showering her with advice and gifts about being pregnant, because she knew, and they had told Maria that the husband, quote unquote, man in the baby`s life wasn`t around. So she was giving her advice and giving her gifts for the baby at the same time she was pregnant. Can you believe that?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And then born less than a week apart.

WALTERS: A week apart.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, let`s take another look at the birth certificate and the divorce papers. The boy was born on October 2, 1997. Patty listed her then husband as the father, then three weeks later, she files for divorce.

So here`s my question, Mike Walters. Did she lie to that man about his being the father or did that man know all along that he was covering for none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator, OK, the kindergarten cop? And, if so, why would, hypothetically, somebody cover for somebody that rich and famous? Hmm.

WALTERS: Well, what`s interesting, Jane, is that the ex-husband hasn`t come forward yet. No one has heard from him. But I can tell you, he`s listed as the father, but in the divorce papers it says -- and remember, she drafted them, her. She says that there`s zero minor children in the marriage. So it`s interesting that she admits there`s zero children, but this guy is on the birth certificate.

But again, what`s really interesting is, if you look at those divorce papers, it`s still ongoing. It doesn`t look like there`s a judgment in this divorce. So technically, she -- Mildred is married still to this gentleman, so this is unbelievable. I have no idea where to go from here, Jane, but the reality is I think that this lady, at some point, might come forward. And just like people in interviews were saying, I think there will be more to this story. There will be more people that come forward and more maybe even more people in the same situation, which is unbelievable.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, get this. How did a mega celebrity like Arnold keep this toxic secret for 13 years? This is my big issue: buying her silence?

Patty earned a reported $1,200 a week cooking and cleaning for the Schwarzeneggers. Cleaning house. She was a housekeeper. Again, here are the photos she put on MySpace.

After retiring, Patty moved into a four-bedroom home with a pool in Bakersfield, California. Now, Arnold has supported Patty`s son since birth.

My question, Mike, are you checking into was he also funneling the mom, the housekeeper, more cash? Because I find it very odd that this goes on in secret for so long, and then suddenly right around the time that she retires and is no longer getting housekeeper income, suddenly the story breaks. Could there be a money issue here?

WALTERS: Well, I was told from my sources that it`s not a financial issue. A lot of people said earlier in the day that she came forward or threatened Arnold Schwarzenegger that if he doesn`t pay her, she`ll go to the press. Hundred percent not true. This was never a financial thing.

But I can tell you one thing that`s a little creepy, and it explains a little bit of that. Her $1,200 a week included working at the house doing household chores. One of the things she did was cook Arnold breakfast every morning. She`d arrive at the house at 7 a.m. She would make him his oatmeal he liked, and then, obviously, have unprotected sex at some point along the way.

The interesting thing is, we are told he was giving her bonuses, quote, unquote, at the house at some point, financial bonuses, which would, you know, get her into position, able to buy property and retire and be able to, you know, continue the lifestyle. We are told he was very generous to his son and to this young lady.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: OK. Mike Walters, thank you. Always an excellent job.

Now, I want to bring in at this moment J. Wyndal Gordon, criminal defense attorney. Do you think that, given what you just heard here, we have to investigate or California should investigate or some authorities should investigate whether any taxpayer dollars or campaign funds were used in connection with this woman?

Because, remember, Arnold Schwarzenegger has a house in California, in the Los Angeles area. I believe Brentwood. And then he would jet to Sacramento. And there was even controversy about him jetting to San Francisco quite often and people saying, "Hey, you can`t be a commuter on a private jet. Why don`t you just live in Sacramento?" And he was often in Brentwood. So if he`s flying, let`s say, her on a jet and -- do you think there should be an investigation into all of this, J. Wyndal?

J. WYNDAL GORDON, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Absolutely feel that he should be investigated on this point. I mean, he`s the governor of the state of California, and I think the Californians want to make sure that he wasn`t using any of the taxpayer dollars to support his mistress and her son. And I think they have every right to know whether or not he did engage in such conduct. Ethical investigation or some type of investigation or probe should take place to find out the answers to these very important questions.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the Schwarzenegger mansion back when Maria and her housekeeper were both pregnant with Arnold`s babies. Listen to Arnold back in 2003 when his secret child was about 6 years old.


SCHWARZENEGGER: I always say that wherever there is smoke, there`s fire. That is true. And so what I want to say to you is, is that, yes, that I have behaved badly sometimes.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: OK. Tonya Young Williams, you are not only an NBA wife and author. You`ve gone through infidelity; you`ve got through betrayal.

Look, this woman worked as a housekeeper for him for 20 years. Now we`re hearing about a 10-year-old son. I don`t know about you, but I don`t think people start affairs with somebody after they`ve been working for ten years in their household. Could it be that this has gone on for 20 years, as long as she worked for him?

TONYA YOUNG WILLIAMS, AUTHOR: Absolutely. It`s a moment of tremendous sadness for Maria and her children and utter disgust for Arnold. At the end of the day, he has ruined so many families` lives.

I -- I don`t think the affair started just ten years ago. But as so many people are suggesting, Arnold had a lot of affairs. And he`s not cared about how his image and what his actions were going to do and how it was going to affect their family. And it`s very disgusting, and it`s a shame that his children and his wife are going to go through this today and over the next few days as more things fall out.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, we`re just getting started. Everybody, hang tight. We`re taking your calls. We`re lining up. We`re going to get to them on the other side: 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297. I want to know what you think should be done with Arnold.

Also, breaking news. Tragic, horrifying breaking news in the case of the little boy whose body was found in Maine. Today, cops identify him. Did they get a confession from his mother?

And so much more on the shocking revelations in the Schwarzenegger scandal.


SHRIVER: You can listen to all the negativity, and you can listen to people who have never met Arnold or who met him for five seconds 30 years ago, or you can listen to me. I advise you to listen...




SCHWARZENEGGER: Maria is an extraordinary wife and a great partner, and she`s my partner. She`s the best first lady that the state ever had.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: OK. We`ve got the birth certificate from Arnold`s secret son. His mistress/housekeeper listed the father as her then- husband, but three weeks after she gives birth to the child, she files for divorce, and on the divorce papers it says no minor child in the marriage.

Dr. Dale Archer, what does that sound like to you? Does that sound like this guy thought that he was the father or not?

DR. DALE ARCHER, CLINICAL PSYCHIATRIST: No. It sounds like that she knew, he knew. That`s why they got a divorce. And with no minor children being in the marriage, she`s basically saying that "This child is from somebody else."

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I`ve got to say, Harvey Levin of TMZ has been all over this. Now, he has said something we can`t independently confirm, but I want you to listen to it, because it`s pretty darn shocking. Listen to this.


LEVIN: He has an office building in Santa Monica not too far from his home and I am told that that -- in that office building -- and we got this from people who were very familiar with the office, that he would have sometimes women come into there. And there were two women, in particular, five to seven years ago, where they would come in, and it was odd because they were both -- they both had legal-sized manila envelopes. They would come in almost in the middle of the night when he was there, at 1 in the morning and stay there for hours behind closed doors.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. We have no independent confirmation of any of that, but I`ve got to go to Kim Serafin, senior editor, "InTouch Weekly." You`re there in Los Angeles. What is the buzz about where this scandal is going?

KIM SERAFIN, SENIOR EDITOR, "INTOUCH WEEKLY": Well, it`s interesting because you`re hearing all of this come out now. There had to have been the initial reaction about how is this going to affect Arnold`s movie career? You know, he has this "Cry Macho" movie that he`s supposed to start shooting...


SERAFIN: ... in August. The Governator, the animated series which, by the way, the press release for the animated series, "The Governor" [SIC], said it was about a superhero that led a double life where he kept something secret from his wife, Maria and his kids that they would never know about.


SERAFIN: Which is kind of telling and eerie.


SERAFIN: Yes, a little creepy.

So that was some of the initial reaction. A lot of producers coming forward saying it wasn`t affecting it. A lot of insiders and analysts saying they don`t think any of this would affect Arnold`s movie career at all, because he never really painted himself kind of as the beacon of morality. But you know...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, he did. Wait a second, yes, he did. He gave a bunch of interviews that said, "Family is everything." And he also said, "Single parenting," that`s the big problem that we`ve got to be worried about and that it`s a danger.

So I love you, Kim, and I respect your opinion, but I believe he did portray himself as a paragon of moral values.

SERAFIN: OK. I mean, I don`t think anyone, though, had misinformation about him. And we all remember the groping incidents and all the allegations during the recall campaign. I mean, this has sort of followed and plagued Arnold throughout his career, especially as he ran for governor. I mean, this is something people always kind of knew about Arnold. So I don`t think he came across as that sort of person.

But I have to say, with Maria coming out, kind of taking this slight jab at Arnold at the Oprah show, I think people are following this now. And as you hear more about the children and the way the children are affected. How many other people come forward. I think that definitely will take more of a toll.

Again, the initial reaction, "Oh, it`s not going to affect Arnold." A lot of sexual escapades, it doesn`t affect them...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: But they weren`t governor. They weren`t governor of California.

ARCHER: This is looking at it -- this is looking at it from a complete, wrong perspective. How is it going to affect his movie career? He ought to be thinking about how is this going to affect his kids for the rest of their lives? So this is nothing about -- he ought to put the movie career on hold. He ought to go to his kids and say, "You know what? I want to make this up to you. I want to sit down with you. I want to be honest with you, and I want to make this family right." That`s what we ought to be talking about. Not his movie career. That`s ludicrous.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It`s a little too late for that. He -- he engaged in deception...

ARCHER: It`s never too late.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: ... for more than a decade. In my opinion, this is sociopathic behavior. This is about cheating. This is about what somebody called a premeditated liar who lied, not in one indiscretion. But see all those kids there? Lied to all of those kids, his four kids, lied to his wife, lied to the taxpayers, lied to his friends, lied to his advisers, lied to everybody, except for perhaps maybe people who were in on it, because, as somebody pointed out, checks had to be written. There has to be -- I don`t know. I don`t know.

ARCHER: Yes, Jane. Yes, there is no doubt...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I don`t want to go out on a limb. I don`t know.

Jim, Oregon. Jim, Oregon, your question or thought?

CALLER: Good to talk to you again. My question is, has anyone questioned or found out if the government aides helped hide this, and my comment is this little scandal makes the Kennedy men look like a bunch of saints.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: What do we know, Kim, about those around him?

SERAFIN: Right now, I mean, you would assume very few people know -- knew about it. Because how would this have remained a secret if a lot of people know? You know the culture we live in. There`s no way if a lot of people knew about this this could be...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Who tipped the "L.A. Times" off?

SERAFIN: I don`t know. There had been rumors swirling around for a very long time. Again, even going back to the recall campaign, there had been things swirling around. But I don`t know who tipped "The L.A. Times" off this time around.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The problem is, Maria has known that he`s been a womanizer for years and we`ve all known that. What hurts the most is that she sucked it up over and over again and thought she knew the truth about everything. Now, when this...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: More on the other side of the break. We`re not done. More calls coming in.



SCHWARZENEGGER: It is an honor to stand before you and receive this law degree. It is my first law degree. And finally, finally the Kennedys will think that I am successful. And finally, Maria can take me home to meet her family. Finally.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Not so funny any more. We`re talking about the scandal involving Arnold Schwarzenegger. We now have photographs of his mistress, the woman who gave birth to his son, now 13 years old.

She is Patty Baena. She was the family housekeeper for two decades, living in the Schwarzenegger home. Maria was there. Maria, in fact, brought gifts when she was pregnant for the child, who is said to be the spitting image of Arnold.

And this woman, incidentally, just retires after 20 years of service right around the time this story breaks, and she has a house now that she`s bought in Bakersfield, California, with a swimming pool.

All right. I want to listen to a clip from Arnold back in 2004. A reporter refers to Maria, and Arnold then, he can`t help but bring up sex. Listen to this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So you give this fiery speech at the Republican convention. How long did it take you before you talked to each other?

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, there was no sex for 14 days.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ha, ha, ha. My question: Is this the tip of the iceberg? A lot of people think so. Does Arnold have other mistresses just waiting for the right time to come out of the woodwork?

Dr. Dale Archer, could he be a sex addict, a la Tiger Woods?

ARCHER: Well, first of all, Jane, in terms of the type of dishonesty that he showed with a housekeeper that Maria knew, that his kids knew -- probably they knew the love child, as well -- that`s as bad as it gets. So if he would do it with someone that close to the family, I think it`s almost a certainty that there are many other women out there.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Mary in Florida, your question or thought, ma`am.

CALLER: Listen, I am so upset with Arnold Schwarzenegger. He has nerve to ask the media -- and I figure I`m media, even though I read the paper every day.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Good for you.

CALLER: He wants us to respect her? He should be respecting her, not us. And my comment is, Maria can do better than him.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, yes, Kim Serafin, senior editor, "InTouch Weekly," he has the nerve to say, "Respect her now, respect my family." It`s like Tiger Woods did the same exact thing. "Oh, don`t hurt them." You`ve hurt them.

Then don`t tell us, oh, we can`t talk about it. We`re the media. We have an obligation to look at these issues, especially when somebody was the governor of California and lied to everybody when he brushed off accusations from 16 women who put their necks on the line to say he sexually harassed them -- Kim.

SERAFIN: Yes, exactly. You go back to that recall election. Maria was such a pivotal part of that, because she did step forward. She was there by his side. It was a very different "Oprah" appearance when Maria and Arnold went on "Oprah" back then. Everyone was tuning in to see that, because that was a huge turning point, I think, for Arnold, certainly, to see Maria and him together.

Certainly different than this appearance that Maria made, where she said something about how Oprah was always honest and perpetuated the truth, and everyone knew what she was talking about. So definitely, people are going to be looking to Maria for signs on how she is handling this, as well, and how she`s been so hurt by this.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Secrets can be murder. The Casey Anthony trial. A shocker. We`ll tell you next.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Explosive Casey Anthony developments. Court ends abruptly.

PERRY: This court will be in recess at 8:30 tomorrow morning.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Smack in the middle of the afternoon, the judge suddenly dismisses everybody for the day. What the heck is going on? Could it mean a plea deal is in the works?

Then breaking news in the case of a little boy whose body was found in Maine; tonight cops reportedly identify him after new clues lead them to question his mother. We`ll give you the latest and take your calls.


UNIDENTIFIED PRODUCER, "IN SESSION": This morning he was telling the attorneys you guys are going slowly. We`re going to get this done. If we have to stay until 8:00 at night, 9:00 at night we`re going to do that.

He`s saying in the morning, we`re going to stay until 8:00 or 9:00 at night and then all of a sudden after lunch, it`s 1:30 and we`re done for the day.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, massive developments in the Casey Anthony murder trial. It was a moment that blind-sided everybody who has been following jury selection and it went down in just 24 seconds.

Listen, right after the lunch break.


PERRY: You may be seated. Ok. Let the record reflect that the defendant is present along with counsel for the defendant and assistant state attorneys. Mr. Mason, have you had an opportunity to discuss the matter with Miss Anthony?


PERRY: Ok. Anything you need to add? Ok.

This court will be in recess at 8:30 tomorrow morning.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: That immediately triggered a slew of theories about what could happen next. Did a key player get sick? Was there a rift on the defense team? Our legal eagle colleagues at "In Session" pointed out that Jose Baez did not return to the courtroom after lunch. He was filing an appeal over the jury selection process. He feels it`s unfair to Casey.

I don`t know that he was. I think we can ask was he filing an appeal. If he manages to slow this down enough, let`s face it, they could lose this courtroom and they could have to possibly start all over again somebody -- somewhere else.

And then there`s the bombshell theory. Some people thought they saw Casey mouthed the words, "Deal, plea deal."

We didn`t know. It could have been anything. It could have been, "Please give me a Kleenex." But it could have been "plea deal". We don`t know. We have no independent confirmation of this.

But one possible clue came before the lunch break when all the lawyers were reportedly huddled together in the courtroom. We could see possibly something is in the works here. Could a plea deal be announced tomorrow? We don`t know.

Bottom line, we have a few clues, no answers; at least not right now. But can we expect some answers soon? Give me a holler, 1-877-JVM-SAYS.

Straight out to Jean Casarez with "In Session" on TruTV; Jean, wow, what is the mood down there at the courthouse with this head spinning new cliff hanger and when will we know?

JEAN CASAREZ, CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": You know when this happened at 1:30, everyone was just sort of in shock trying to figure out what happened. And I say let`s look at the facts. First of all, there was argument in court this morning by the defense saying that the jury selection process is unfair, that it violates the constitutional rights of Casey Anthony. Well, they lost that motion. The judge denied the defense`s objection.

Now the defense can, this is ripe for an interrogatory appeal at this point, saying, wait a minute. This isn`t fair to Casey Anthony but nothing has been filed. So then you have to go to what Jose Baez has said on the record. One thing, he says that it`s private and jury selection will resume tomorrow morning at 8:30. So we have to take him at his word for that.

What does private mean? Well, private may mean that he just doesn`t want to talk about it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And in all the frenzy, the frantic search for answers, as you just heard our colleague. Beth Karas was contacted by Jose Baez himself. This broke on HLN just a little while ago. Listen.


BETH KARAS, CORRESPONDENT, "IN SESSION": I have a little news to report, Mike. Thirty seconds ago I received a message from Jose Baez, the lead attorney for Casey Anthony. And he has told me I can report this statement.

"Today`s adjournment was due to a private matter. Please stop the speculation as jury selection will continue at 8:30 a.m. tomorrow morning."


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Look, I know Jose Baez and I like and respect him. But we can`t just stop analyzing this case. Jose, I`m sorry. But that`s our job. This is a free country. It`s the media`s right and actually duty to analyze the news.

So this is my big issue. Could this private matter actually be a plea deal? Think about it, people. This trial is costing the state so much money. There is a budget crunch. Imagine the roads and the schools that they could rehabilitate with the amount of money they are going to spend on this trial which is now very clearly going to be a long trial. You could see how slowly it`s dragging on.

Stacey Honowitz, Florida prosecutor, do you read in your crystal ball a possible plea deal?

STACEY HONOWITZ, FLORIDA PROSECUTOR: No, I don`t read that at all. I think it`s great to speculate. I think it`s great to have all these theories but the bottom line is Jane, those of us that try cases know that things come up that are private matters. Something might be going on in his personal life, something he had to address. That`s why they went privately with the judge, had this discussion they decided to adjourn court.

It happens every single day. The reason why we`re talking about this is because it`s such a big case, it`s in the media, and he didn`t put on the record what his reason was which is it`s a private matter. He`s not going to put it on the record. My feeling is it is not a plea deal. I don`t think she whispered the word "plea". And I don`t think she really cares that there`s a budget crunch. That`s not going to force her into taking a plea deal --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: No, I was just saying maybe -- you`re a prosecutor, maybe because it`s going to be so expensive, the prosecution has come to her and said, "Look, your last chance. Here. We`re going to offer you a sweet deal. You can spend 20 years in prison instead of going to -- instead of going to death."

She is on death row. I can`t remember right now exactly what form they use, whether it`s lethal injection or the electric chair down there in Florida. But she`s facing death. This is a reality check.

And let`s remember, I think we have some video of this that we can play. She started crying today and then laughing and it was very peculiar because she hasn`t shown a lot of emotion. So when we get that video, we`re going to show it to you -- crying and laughing. And so to me when I saw that video, what I thought of was, that sounds like catharsis to me, when somebody first cries and then they kind of laugh.

So take a look at it carefully. And you at home be the judge. What do you think is going through this woman`s mind? Ok. We`re going to show it in a bit.

First Michelle, Georgia, your question or thought?

MICHELLE, GEORGIA (via telephone): My question is, is it possible she could get away with this because they cannot find jurors for this case? Is it that this could actually just be a mistrial because they can`t get the jurors to listen to this?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, very good question and I`ll introduce a man who knows all about that. Judge Perry is front and center right now and the guy is under a lot of pressure. If anyone can identify with that, it`s the very honorable Larry Seidlin. And he is the very memorable judge who presided over the Anna Nicole Smith body custody case in 2007. During that 6-day hearing, Judge Seidlin shot to fame. He was the most talked about guy in town.

Judge, thanks for joining us here on ISSUES; your thoughts on how Judge Perry is handling this case so far and the caller`s suggestion that there could be some kind of early mistrial.

JUDGE LARRY SEIDLIN, PRESIDED OVER ANNA NICOLE SMITH CASE: Belvin Perry, I know him very well. I voted for him when he ran for the president of all the circuit judges in the state of Florida. He`s a no nonsense judge. He`s got 11 jurors already. He just needs one more to swear in the whole panel of 12 and he`s handling it very well.

He`s on top of it. He`s keeping the tough tigers in their cages. He`s in control and moving the case along. He doesn`t want to lose control of those attorneys. He doesn`t want it to become like O.J. Simpson where that case just kept going on day after day.

He`s picking a juror, one at a time. He doesn`t want to pollute the whole jury pool. He takes one juror at a time and he has the lawyers voir dire that juror. And --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me just say this. Let me just say this. Ok. He has said that they are going to lose this particular courtroom in another county, the courtroom that they are in, and that therefore they are on a deadline because they could lose this courtroom. That could possibly throw the jury pool out. So he`s racing to get it done.

Meanwhile, the defense -- and to a certain degree, the prosecution, is complaining that isn`t fair. The defense filed a motion today saying it`s not fair the way jury selection is going. So suddenly there is this mystery personal matter or actually it`s called a private matter? I think the timing is very, very strange here. And it`s a bizarre coincidence that at the very moment the judge is pushing to get a jury seated, the defense brings it to a screeching halt.

Jean Casarez?

CASAREZ: It is a coincidence, you`re exactly right. It`s an amazing coincidence that after a day there was such an argument about this selection process. But obviously the judge took whatever the matter is very seriously and dismissed court for the day and that`s unusual, too.


HONOWITZ: It could be an appeal. It could be an appeal.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I want to go to this video that we have of Casey Anthony in court today and I want you to look at it. Ok. Play the video. There it is. Ok.

Here she is. She`s kind of acting normal and then there she goes. Cry once, cry a second time. Ok? And then you see her like kind of -- oh, talking and it seems like she almost then kind of -- seems happy. A little happy.

Now, to me, what could that say? And I want to go to Stacey Honowitz because you`ve dealt with so many defendants.

HONOWITZ: I wish I was a mind reader or behavior specialist. There`s such a range of emotions when you`re sitting in that courtroom. It`s a pressure cooker, number one. You`re listening to people that are coming in and then make a decision on whether or not they could put you to death.

So certainly in some respects there`s some laughter and some chatter that sometimes goes on but for the most part it`s a pretty serious and it`s the most important really part of the proceeding because you`ve got to find a fair and impartial jury. So her range of emotions it takes place many times.

But I can tell you one thing Jane, I think Jose is thinking that if a judge is saying to you that you have a death penalty case and I`m going to lose this courtroom and so you better get a juror or I`m going to lose the courtroom, he might be thinking to himself, why should I be under that kind of pressure?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Got it. Exactly.

HONOWITZ: Why should I jeopardize my client`s rights because this guy`s going to lose the courtroom?


We`re going to talk to Nancy Grace herself in just a couple of seconds. She is in Florida, is my understanding, and she`s going to call in and we`re going to talk to Nancy.




LT. BRIAN MCDONOUGH, MAINE STATE POLICE: I can tell you we have new information that we are following up on and from this point forward in the investigation, all media inquiries will need to go through William Stokes at the attorney general`s office.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, a shocking revelation in a story that stunned the nation. But even more questions remain tonight.

Yesterday news broke that the body of a young boy was found wrapped in a blanket and left on the side of a country road in Maine. We covered it right here on the show.

Now you`re looking at a computer generated image of what the boy might look like if he was still alive. The case baffled authorities because nobody came forward to claim the body. In fact, nobody seemed to know who this child was.

Missing Persons came up empty; it was a total and complete mystery. The people who lived in South Berwick, Maine held a vigil last night praying for answers, wondering how something this gut-wrenchingly awful could happen in their precious, small town.

And then tonight, a major break in the case: an unconfirmed report from ABC News says a Massachusetts state trooper approached a woman parked at a truck stop. The trooper questions her and the woman allegedly says, "I killed my son. I want to kill myself."

This woman`s name Julie Ann McCrery; her son`s name, Camden Pierce Hughes. There she is. We believe this is her. In a moment you`re going to see this. There she is being led away by police in handcuffs where she was reportedly transferred to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

What is going on with this woman? Unconfirmed sources say that the young boy died from an overdose of cough syrup -- cough syrup. Independent reports claim she gave a full confession to police.

But McCrery doesn`t live in New England. She is from Irvine, Texas right outside Dallas. She allegedly drove all the way from Texas to Maine. She left the body, according to cops, on the side of a road and then went to the truck stop near Chelmsford, Mass. where she was found by that state trooper.

Ken Altshuler, you are an attorney and radio host in Maine, right near the heart of this gruesome story. What is the very latest?

KEN ALTSHULER, ATTORNEY, RADIO HOST: Well, you`re absolutely right. Julie Ann McCrery is now in a mental hospital in Concord, New Hampshire, being evaluated. But as you said, the reports are that she allegedly confessed to killing her 6-year-old son. The question is why is she in New Hampshire? Why are they assuming jurisdiction? Does that mean that she was killing her son in New Hampshire instead of Massachusetts and Maine? That`s the real question we have tonight, Jane.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. And I seem to remember somebody saying her birth place was in that area. In other words, she was originally perhaps from that neck of the woods. So when you`re in a state of crisis, sometimes you go back to what you consider home in your mind.

Now, more details about Julie Ann McCrery slowly coming out. She`s had a number of jobs, including cement mixer and school bus driver. And as you could see from this mug shot, she`s got a rap sheet. That`s how you get a mug shot. She`s apparently been arrested.

One independent report unconfirmed says prior charges against her include prostitution. Rod Wheeler, what have you uncovered, former D.C. homicide detective?

ROD WHEELER, FORMER D.C. HOMICIDE DETECTIVE: Well, what I can tell you Jane, is that the police did a terrific job in investigating this case. And you know, the question that was just posed by the attorney here is, why are they looking at this case in the state of New Hampshire? And I can tell you why.

From what I understand, and, again, this is unconfirmed reports, is that she apparently she gave this child this cough syrup somewhere up in the New England area. Now I`m not sure if that`s actually what happened but that`s what I`ve been reading. That`s the latest report that I have.

Now, if that is the case, just so that the viewers understand, regardless of where they find the body, wherever the crime occurred is where the jurisdiction of which the crime is going to be tried in. So if this is the case in New Hampshire that she gave this child this cough syrup, supposedly, then that`s where the case is going to be held.

The problem we have here for her is this. If your child died unexpectedly as a result of cough overdose, why did you dump the child on the side of the road as if it is trash? Why didn`t you call the police? Duh -- dial 911. Do something like that.


WHEELER: She didn`t do any of those things Jane. She dumped the kid on the side of the road. She left the kid there to die. The kid died --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I`ve got to tell you about this bizarre twist. The mother who allegedly killed her own son is apparently a published author. Park your eyes on this book. It`s called "Good Night, Sleep Tight" written by one Julie Ann McCrery. Reviewers on Amazon are already accusing her of being a murderer. If this is indeed her, it`s such a bizarre detail.

A book about insomnia. Ten seconds, Ken.

ALTSHULER: You know the interesting thing, Jane, is that South Berwick is a very isolated area of Maine. There is evidently no connection between Julie Ann and the state of Maine. What was she doing here from Irvine, Texas, and did she have contacts there before now?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. A mystery we`re going to stay on top of it.

Up next, Nancy Grace, her analysis of Casey.



UNIDENTIFIED PRODUCER, "IN SESSION": This morning he was telling the attorneys you guys are going slowly. We`re going to get this done. If we have to stay until 8:00 at night, 9:00 at night we`re going to do that.

Now, he`s saying in the morning, we`re going to stay until 8:00 or 9:00 at night and then all of a sudden after lunch, it`s 1:30 and we`re done for the day.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Today, massive developments in the Casey Anthony murder trial. Jury selection came to a screeching halt when Judge Perry took to the bench after lunch and announced we`re done for the day. That immediately triggered a slew of theories about what could happen next.

If there`s anybody who can analyze this bizarre twist, it`s my friend and HLN colleague, Nancy Grace. Her show is coming up right here at the top of the hour. And Nancy is live on the ground in Orlando where Casey Anthony goes to trial presumably, possibly next week.

Nancy so wonderful to have you here on our show; what is your analysis? People are talking possible plea deal. What do you think?

NANCY GRACE, HLN HOST: Well, Jane, thank you for having me, number one. We are live here in Florida tonight to analyze for ourselves in the courtroom what`s going on. Now, with every trial, specifically death penalty trials, Jane, there are a lot of ups and downs and you have got to factor in there`re going to be a lot of continuances and delays and recesses.

The judge did not look happy. He was abrupt when he canceled. He kind of had a disgusted look on his face when he said we`re recessing for the day. Noticeably absent at the time of the recess was Baez, which is leading people to speculate is he sick? Is his family sick? Was he fired? Did he quit? All sorts of things.

There is discussion that a plea deal is in the works but I find that very hard to believe because after all this preparation, they found the body, why give her a sweetheart deal now? We`re on the eve of trial. I say, put up the evidence and let a jury decide, Jane.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, you`re the famous former prosecutor so I defer to you but I was reading today the book they give you here at HLN and I was looking at witness after witness after witness after witness. It went on for pages and pages and I thought wow, this is so expensive. And I`m just wondering if perhaps now that they have accumulated all the evidence and they see how long this is going to drag on, the prosecution might turn around and say, you know what? We could save the state a lot of money. Let`s turn at this 11th hour, just offer that one final chance because this is going to be a mess.

GRACE: No. I don`t see it. Because the only thing I believe that they would offer her is Murder One. That means she would be looking at life or life without parole. The only thing off the table would be the death penalty. And, hey, if you`re going to get life without parole on a plea, why bother? Roll the box. Go to the jury trial.

I just don`t see it. She broke down in tears again -- boo hoo; that happens about every other day. There`s no way to figure out why she was crying in court today. But it was around the time the judge recessed. Baez was not in court and you know they have been very, very close throughout.

But lately, there`s been a freeze in the courtroom. She won`t sit next to him, talk to him, even look at him for days on end.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: So do you think maybe -- listen. I know Jose Baez and like him. He`s a great guy. But do you think maybe this is some kind of power struggle with Cheney Mason saying hey, I want a bigger role or it`s you or me?

GRACE: No. I don`t think there`s a power struggle because that would not have the judge declare a recess. That`s not why they recess because the defense team`s not getting along. You can count on that in any death penalty trial.

There`s always a fleet of defense attorney`s and they all jockey for first position. So that`s not uncommon. That`s no ground for a recess.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Nancy, I know you`re going to have all the analysis coming up in just a second. Great to have you on our show.





VELEZ-MITCHELL: A Yale fraternity`s vulgar chant promoting the war on women finally cost them. I couldn`t be happier. Delta Kappa Epsilon now banned after that video went viral. It shows the frat`s pledges shouting pro-rape chants while walking through the Yale campus. The video shocked and outraged many. They said the obscenities advocated rape and violence against women. You think?

Yale decided to ban (INAUDIBLE) recruiting and activities on campus for five years. They charged the frat basically threatened and intimidated others. You think? Pledges were marched blindfolding chanting vulgarities (ph) around freshmen women`s dorms.

I`m glad Yale took these vile remarks seriously and as far as that frat, good riddance. It`s Yale. It`s an Ivy League school. You should know how to behave.

Nancy Grace is up next.