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Oprah`s Farewell Spectacular; Did Maria Shriver Leak the Story About Arnold`s Love Child?; Is It Better Not to Win "Idol"?; Another "Bachelor" Couple Breaks Up

Aired May 24, 2011 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Inside the most dramatic moments of Oprah`s farewell spectacular today. An incredible appearance by Oprah`s friend, Maria Shriver. I`m A.J. Hammer. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- an explosive new Maria-Arnold shocker. Did Maria leak the story about Arnold`s love child? If she did, is there anything wrong with that?

A brand-new "Idol" controversy. Scotty, Lauren -- one of them will be the next "American Idol." But we`re asking in our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint tonight, is it better to not win "Idol"?

That`s ridiculous! Another "Bachelor" couple breaks off an engagement. Adam Carolla right here in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with the stories that are making us say, "That`s ridiculous."

TV`s most provocative entertainment news show breaks news right now.


Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York with big news breaking tonight -- the end of "Oprah."

Wait, did I just really say that? The end of "Oprah"? Yes, I can hardly believe it myself. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you that after 25 years of being a daily part of our lives, Oprah Winfrey taped her last daily show this afternoon.

And while it remains top secret until it airs tomorrow, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can also tell you that Oprah was making big news today with her next-to-last show and our first extended look at Maria Shriver since we all found out Arnold had a secret child with another woman. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with the big O-no.


WILL SMITH, ACTOR: Let`s get this party started, Oprah!

HAMMER (voice-over): Oprah Winfrey`s second-to-last show certainly had enough A-list celebrities to fill an award show. But perhaps the biggest, most surprising moments on today`s show, hosted by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith at Chicago`s United Center, came from two non-performers.


HAMMER: Surprising Oprah with Gayle King, Maria Shriver made her first public appearance since separating from her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, keeping a previous commitment to honor her longtime friend.

MARIA SHRIVER, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER`S WIFE: She`s given me love, support, wisdom and, most of all, the truth. And I know --



HAMMER: The other big non-performer appearance came from someone in Oprah`s circle you don`t hear from every day.

WINFREY: What in the name of Jesus --

HAMMER: Oprah`s jaw all but hit the floor when her longtime beau, Stedman Graham, took the stage.

STEDMAN GRAHAM, OPRAH WINFREY`S BOYFRIEND: I love you for making a difference in my life.

HAMMER: Lindsay Powers, deputy editor of "The Hollywood Reporter`s" Web site, was at the "Oprah Show" taping.

LINDSAY POWERS, DEPUTY EDITOR, "THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER": You rarely hear from Stedman. He is a man who is happy to let his longtime girlfriend have that spotlight.

HAMMER: But above all else, Oprah`s second-to-last show was a true superstar fest.

JAMIE FOXX, ACTOR: So much passion between me and you I`m surprised Stedman hasn`t whooped my ass right now.

KAREEN WYNTER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: I saw Oprah blushing a little bit on stage.

FOXX: Yes, that`s my girl.

HAMMER: Jamie Foxx tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter saying goodbye to Oprah is bittersweet.

FOXX: I`m sure she was a little uncomfortable sometimes seeing all of this love. But I think it`s necessary. Twenty-five years -- a bittersweet end for the entire country.

HAMMER: Rosie O`Donnell got a little musical. Rosie was backed up by three men who owe their TV success to Oprah -- Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, Nate Berkus. Afterwards, each told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT why they were happy to be a part of Oprah`s goodbye.

DR. PHIL MCGRAW, PSYCHOLOGIST: It`s hard for her to accept all of this. But she deserves it so much and I`m thrilled to be a small part of it.

DR. MEHMET OZ, CARDIOTHORACIC SURGEON: We`ve always gotten so much cool stuff from her. To give it back makes this all feel like this has come full circle.

NATE BERKUS, INTERIOR DESIGNER: I`ve done so much as a man by being in the orbit of someone as wise and as kind and as open as Oprah really is.

HAMMER: Perhaps the most touching moment was the tribute by TV and stage star, Kristin Chenoweth.


HAMMER: She was joined by a group of young men who were able to go to college, thanks to Oprah`s scholarships. Oprah was beside herself with emotion.

KRISTIN CHENOWETH, ACTRESS: Oprah, we`ve been changed. She really was moved.

HAMMER: Seeing Oprah so emotional made Kristin Chenoweth a little emotional herself when she talked to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT after her performance.

CHENOWETH: I performed for kings and queens and presidents. To get to perform for somebody who was actually a life teacher -- I love her.

HAMMER: Aretha Franklin and Usher also performed. And afterwards, they also sang Oprah`s praises.

ARETHA FRANKLIN, SINGER: I`m delighted to have been a part of a historical moment.

USHER, SINGER: She is fearless. She is fabulous. She`s Oprah.

HAMMER: No one knows how Oprah is planning to top this event for her final show which airs tomorrow. But people tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Oprah`s goodbye may be big, but nowhere near as big as the impact "The Oprah Winfrey Show" has had during its 25 years on television.

ROSIE O`DONNELL, TV PERSONALITY: I don`t really know another woman I can think of since I`ve been alive that has had the effect on the amount of people that she has. I think that we are all going to miss her.

MCGRAW: To be such an icon, such a part of the American fabric of society -- this is a huge deal. There`s going to be a big void in a lot of people`s lives.


HAMMER: Yes, a really big void. With me tonight from Hollywood, Sheryl Lee Ralph who is an actress and activist and soon-to-be author. From Chicago tonight, it`s Kelli Zink, the host of ""

So guys, I`ve got to say I was pretty shocked to see Oprah`s longtime boyfriend, Stedman Graham, getting up there on the big stage and his big revelation about Oprah today. Let`s watch that.


GRAHAM: It really does amaze me that I get to be around a woman who changes people`s lives every day and who also takes her own lunch to work.


HAMMER: Hey, I mean, how about that? First of all, I think it says a whole lot that someone of Oprah`s stature takes her own lunch to work. She should be even bringing it to her feet, would you think.

But more importantly, out of all of the amazing surprises that Oprah had on her show, I think this moment with Stedman taking the stage just appeared to surprise her the most. Sheryl Lee Ralph, you know it is a big deal if Stedman`s taking the mike, don`t you?

SHERYL LEE RALPH, ACTRESS AND ACTIVIST: Oh, absolutely. I mean, we`ve all heard it said that this is a man that is so comfortable loving his woman, one of the most powerful women ever created, take that stage every day and from the wings in the background, be comfortable enough to say, "Yes, that`s my woman. I don`t need to get out in front of the camera. That`s my woman. I just can love her right from where I am."

That is amazing. And I`ve got to believe that that helps her so much every day knowing that that love is there unconditionally.

HAMMER: Oh, yes.

RALPH: They`re still together after all of this. Wow.

HAMMER: Talk about a woman who gives so much support to other people to have that kind of support herself is pretty astounding.

RALPH: Absolutely.

HAMMER: In addition to that, you look at the people around here. I thought it was great to see all of Oprah`s famous friends who have Oprah to thank, really, for all of the success they`ve had on TV.

They all got on stage with Rosie O`Donnell and they performed that musical number -- Nate Berkus, Dr. Oz, even Dr. Phil. Now, you`ve got to listen to what Dr. Phil told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Kareen Wynter right after the taping of today`s show about that musical number.


MCGRAW: I got an E-mail from her the next day that said, "Love you, dude. Thanks for getting out of your comfort zone."

WYNTER: She called Dr. Phil "dude"?

MCGRAW: Yes, she always does. She always does. I was actually in a musical number and she knows that`s way out of my comfort zone.


HAMMER: Yes. Dr. Phil out of his comfort zone in the musical number with Rosie O`Donnell. Now, Kelli, Rosie is Oprah`s next big project on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Would you say that it is necessarily a given that even with Oprah`s golden touch, Rosie will get back on top of the talk show game?

KELLI ZINK, HOST, "CELEBTV.COM": Not necessarily, A.J. I was at that show. And when Rosie came on, people were cheering. She did a great job. But in Chicago, we`re kind of buzzing about Rosie and what`s going to happen.

I`m just hoping that she doesn`t bring the behind-the-scenes drama like she did on "The View," like she does on her blog. So if she can leave that out and do her job and do it well, then I think she`ll be a big success. But just being touched by Oprah is not going to make her what she wants to be.

HAMMER: Yes. And I have a feeling Rosie is taking a much different tact with this show than she has with anything that she`s ever done before in her career.

Now, Oprah`s network -- look, we all know that it has not had the record success just yet. But in our interview with Dr. Phil, I think he made a really good point about Oprah`s changing involvement with her OWN network, you know, now that her regular show is ending. Let`s watch what he said.


MCGRAW: There`s old saying in Texas, "Nothing makes the crops grow like the shadow of the owner." And I think when she casts her shadow over that on a full-time basis, I think you`re going to start seeing the network respond to her.


HAMMER: Yes, safe to say. And Sheryl Lee, I mean, I think it`s also safe to say the best is yet to come on Oprah`s network. Wouldn`t you agree?

RALPH: Absolutely. I absolutely agree. In 25 years, Oprah Winfrey knows what it`s like to come from everybody saying, "Oh, she will never make it."

I remember clearly 30 years ago, when she was just a small-town little morning show host with her little afro and I would look at her and say, "Wow, this girl`s a star."

And folks would say, "Oh, no. She has none of the makings that America will buy." They were wrong then and they are wrong now. You wait until OWN comes into its own. She`s going to show you something as a producer.

HAMMER: Yes, she is. And I know this sounds like a huge love fest here, but I really think she is just getting started. Sheryl Lee Ralph, Kelli Zink, thank you both so much.

And remember, tomorrow, Oprah`s last day on the air, we have got a blowout SHOWBIZ special event not to be missed, a full hour on Oprah`s final farewell right here Wednesday on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT exclusively at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on HLN.

Wait until you see this -- an explosive new Arnold-Maria shocker. Did Maria Shriver really leak the story about Arnold Schwarzenegger`s secret child? And if she did, is there anything wrong with that?




HAMMER: That`s ridiculous. A "Bachelorette" contestant falls asleep drunk even before the first rose is given out. You know what else is ridiculous? That another "Bachelor" couple just broke up.

Coming up, comedian and author, Adam Carolla, goes off on the stories tonight that are making us say, "That`s ridiculous" in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview.

Also this --


Tonight`s must-see SHOWBIZ viral video, a Kardashian family beach party, next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Taylor Swift raises more than $750,000 for tornado relief at Nashville show.


JADA PINKETT-SMITH, ACTRESS: We have traveled many roads with you. You have enlightened us. You have empowered us and you have taught us how to be. And I know you don`t have children of your own, but you have mothered millions.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. We are going behind the "Idols" tonight. The show is now down to its last two finalists.

Scotty McCreary and Lauren Alaina are singing their hearts out to become the next "American Idol." Here`s our SHOWBIZ Flashpoint tonight, is it better not to win "Idol"?

With me tonight from Hollywood for a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview, we`re thrilled to be joined music producer, Rodney Jerkins, who just finished recording Britney Spears` new album. Rodney also just wrapped up working with "American Idol" winner, Kelly Clarkson, on her new album.

So Rodney, last week on the show, finalist Haley Reinhart was eliminated from the competition. Today, we heard reports that Haley has already recorded a single. I`m thinking, Rodney, in her case, maybe it was better for her not to win "Idol." What do you think?

RODNEY JERKINS, MUSIC PRODUCER: You know what? Hey, it can be argued. I think the artist -- you know, every artist wants to win the competition. Everybody wants to be number one.

But hey, you never know, when you lose a little bit earlier, now you got the opportunity to get in the studio and work on your album much earlier and capitalize on that.

HAMMER: Yes. People are still buzzing about you. And really, when you look back, there certainly is no shortage of contestants who didn`t win "American Idol" and they still went on to have great careers -- Jennifer Hudson, of course, Adam Lambert, Daughtry. That`s just naming a few.

So Rodney, is it a given that even the runner-up in the big "Idol" finale tomorrow night will end up a big winner in any event?

JERKINS: Absolutely. Whether it be Scotty or whether it be Lauren, they`re both winners. Just the fact that you have -- listen, you have 25 to 30 million people watching you every week -- as long as you get there.

You know, I think even the top five -- I think you win if you`re a top five. You know, with all that exposure, now, it`s just time to put a great song out and work on your album.

HAMMER: You have been right there coaching these contestants. So in your mind, who really needs to win it in order to have a better shot between the two?

JERKINS: You know, it`s -- you have two artists between Scotty and Lauren -- they`re both country artists. You know, so the voters -- a lot of the voters coming from Middle America. I just think -- you know, my gut instinct tells me that Scotty will win, but you never know because as we`ve seen in the past, no one thought that Pia was going home as early as she did.

No one thought that James was going home a couple weeks ago. So you just never know with these kind of shows. But what I will say is that I feel as though both Scotty and Lauren will have a major, major successful country career.

HAMMER: So you think there`s a pretty good shot there, Rodney, that we`ll be talking about both of these guys even a year from now regardless of the outcome of the finale?

JERKINS: Absolutely. I believe, though -- actually both of them will actually be competing sometime next year at, like, the Country Music Awards.

HAMMER: Yes, exactly. Yes. All right.

JERKINS: They`ll be competing again trying to win an award against each other.

HAMMER: Well, we appreciate your special insight. Rodney Jerkins, thanks so much, my friend.

JERKINS: Thank you.

HAMMER: And now, we`re moving on to tonight`s SHOWBIZ must-see viral video. Everybody talking about this. Kendall Jenner, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian`s little half-sister just posted this great family video, the whole Kardashian-Jenner clan lip-synching to Katy Perry`s "E.T." while on vacation in Bora Bora.

And it`s pretty much the first time we`ve seen Kim getting this close to her new boyfriend, New Jersey Nets star, Kris Humphries, who, by the way, spells his name with a K, too. Watch this.


HAMMER: OK. It`s kind of cheesy, but it`s kind of fun, right? Let`s move now from a kind of cheesy Kim K. video to one that`s making us say, "That`s ridiculous."

Yes. A brand-new bizarre show where stars like Kim Kardashian go face-to-face with people who hate them. Here`s what I`m asking, why do these stars even care?

SHOWBIZ trending tonight, Justin slams Justin. Watch Justin Timberlake diss Justin Bieber.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber.

JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, SINGER: Bieber? Oh, no. You can`t be serious.


HAMMER: J.T. really went there. I`m going to show this secret sketch that didn`t air on "SNL."

Lady Gaga`s "Judas" revelation. Gaga tells the world her inspiration for her controversial song. You`ll hear it, next. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

And now, it`s the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Elizabeth Taylor`s Bel-Air home up for sale, asking price: $8.6 million. President Obama and First Lady meet with Prince William and Duchess Catherine.



HAMMER: Did you see this? This is from "Glee`s" season finale tonight. The kids from McKinley High travel to New York City. They were there to compete at the Glee Club Nationals.

And they did a little sightseeing from Central Park to Times Square to Lincoln Center, all while doing a groovy mash-up of Madonna`s "I Love New York" and Leonard Bernstein`s on the town classic, "New York, New York."

I am definitely hoping "Glee" is going to do another Lady Gaga episode maybe next season. The first one was great.

Tonight, Gaga is revealing her inspiration for her controversial song, "Judas." Also, Bob Dylan surprising everyone. He has a brand-new drug confession tonight. And

Ashton Kutcher making serious bank as he takes over for Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men." Not quite Sheen cash but still pretty, pretty good. All that in "The Buzz Today."


(voice-over) Ashton cashes in. Ashton Kutcher`s new "Two and a Half Men" gig has just made him a $20 million man. The "Wall Street Journal" reports Kutcher is collecting a whopping $20 million for the upcoming season of "Men," which means he`ll average around $1 million for each episode of the CBS show.

Ashton`s predecessor, Charlie Sheen, earned a reported $2 million per episode before he was fired earlier this year.

Dylan`s drug confessions. In a newly released interview, Bob Dylan is opening up about his past and is revealing for the first time that he had a major drug addiction.

Dylan admits to being severely heroin-addicted in the `60s saying in just-released tapes obtained by the BBC, "I get very, very strung out for a while. I mean, really very strung out and I kicked the habit. I had about a $25 a day habit and I kicked it." The legend celebrates his 70th birthday this week.

Gaga`s "Judas" revelation. Lady Gaga has just revealed that a great, big broken heart ignited her controversial hit, "Judas."

In a brand-new interview with MTV U.K., Gaga confessed "Judas" isn`t a dig on religion. It`s anger over an ex, "I began to write the song about an ex-lover who betrayed me. And then, as I started to write the lyrics, I thought about Judas and biblical implications and how Judas was the betrayer."


See, it`s not about religion. Time now for the SHOWBIZ lineup -- here`s what`s coming up at the bottom of the hour on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Revealed, the incredible lost Arnold Schwarzenegger video from "The Dating Game" back in the `70s.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Please join me in welcoming to the new dating game, the current Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger.


HAMMER: Wow. Plus, a new Maria-Arnold shocker. Did Maria leak the story about Arnold`s secret child?

The stories that are making us say, "That`s ridiculous." Another "Bachelor breakup. Seriously, do any of these couples ever stay together? That`s ridiculous! This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- here come more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Showtime cancels "United States of Tara," renews "Nurse Jackie." Daniel Radcliffe, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Whoopi Goldberg to present at Tonys.


HAMMER: Big news breaking tonight on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT -- did Maria Shriver leak the story about Arnold Schwarzenegger`s love child? Fired-up coast-to-coast reaction today.


SHERRI SHEPHERD, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": It`s hard to believe because this was going on for 10 years.

JOY BEHAR, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": Do you really believe -- I like Maria, too. But do you really think she didn`t have a clue?


HAMMER: We are asking tonight, if Maria did leak the story, can you blame her?




HAMMER: That`s ridiculous! Drunk, snoring, making the worst impression ever on the "Bachelorette." And is it just ridiculous to think people can find the one on TV anyway?

Comedian Adam Carolla is here on a SHOWBIZ news maker interview sounding off on what`s making us say, "That`s ridiculous!"

ANNOUNCER: TV`s most provocative entertainment news show continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s 30 minutes past the hour. I`m A.J. Hammer coming to you from New York City with big news breaking tonight -- exposing Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Tonight, shocking new claims about how the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child ever came to light. You are going to want to sit down for this because there`s a whole lot to take in here.

First, there`s a brand-new report out there today that claims Maria leaked the story of Arnold`s love child to the press. Now, this comes the same day Maria glows on stage at Oprah Winfrey`s surprise spectacular and gives Arnold a very public dig.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT found the lost footage of Arnold on "The Dating Game." This is from 1973. You`ve got to see this thing.

Joining me right now from Hollywood, actress, activist and soon-to-be author, the great Sheryl Lee Ralph. Joining me from Chicago, Kelli Zink, the host of ""

So TMZ is reporting today that Maria was so furious after finding out about Arnold`s love child, she had her people leak the story to the "L.A. Times" and to TMZ. And TMZ is also saying Maria didn`t find out about the affair until late April or early May.

And reportedly, it was her friend that talked her out of exposing the scandal in some big press conference. Look, I think the press conference would have been pretty extreme. But Sheryl Lee Ralph, can you really blame Maria if she leaked the story of Arnold`s affair to the press?

RALPH: You know something? I`m not so much worried about Maria or Arnold. Who I`m really concerned about are those five kids who, up until two weeks ago, had very perfect lives.

Did she know about this just in April? I don`t think so. I think that she has been strained, pained and unhappy for a few years. And the thought that all of this could be part of a media plot in some way is all just disturbing because a whole lot of people`s lives are very, very changed as of this moment right now. It`s all just ugly, all of it.

HAMMER: Yes. It is extremely ugly and I am loath to place any blame on Maria for anything at all having to do with any of this right now.

RALPH: Right.

HAMMER: Their lives are just exploding. I`m with you though that to expose something like this and what it ultimately subjected the kids to -- look, if it was going to come out and she was able to control the story, that`s one thing.

This morning, I was not surprised to see that the ladies of "The View" were just fired-up about this story. Elisabeth and Sherri made it clear that Maria was not at fault if the reports that she leaked the story were true. Watch this.


ELISABETH HASSELBECK, CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": People are coming down on her for leaking. We all know who leaked first. It was him. It was him.

SHEPHERD: That`s right. That`s right.


You wouldn`t have to leak anything if the first leak hadn`t happened.


HAMMER: All right. No matter how this all came to light, I think Arnold has to take all the responsibility here. Kelli, I think Maria is handling this huge mess with incredible grace, don`t you?

ZINK: There you go. Oh, look at what Tiger Woods` ex did when she found out with the golf club. I mean, pure class. The Oprah timing couldn`t be better. She looked spectacular.

And so what if she leaked it? She has every right to do that. She shouldn`t feel bad. She, I`m sure, wants to control the story a bit because who knows where it could have gone, all these rumors running rampant?

HAMMER: Now, Sheryl Lee, you had mentioned that you didn`t think this was new news to her. And a lot of people, including the ladies of "The View," have a hard time believing that Maria had no idea that there was anything strange going on. It was in her own house. Let`s watch that.


SHEPHERD: It`s hard to believe because this was going on for 10 years.

BEHAR: Do you really believe -- I like Maria, too. But do you really think she didn`t have a clue?


BEHAR: Come on.


SHEPHERD: This is what I`m saying.

BARBARA WALTERS, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AND CO-HOST, "THE VIEW": I don`t think she would have allowed this woman to stay -- it`s not just that he had an affair and illegitimate child. It is the embarrassment. It is the lying. This woman is in her home and she`s confiding the way (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

SHEPHERD: A woman in your home who has been working for you and she`s having sex with your man --

BEHAR: And had to change her own sheets.

SHEPHERD: She`s got to change her sheets every day. There`s got to be a little resentment from the other woman you`re not seeing.


HAMMER: Yes. I actually believe that if Maria had any idea this was going on, the story would have been exposed a long time ago. So Sheryl Lee, I know how you feel. Kelli, I want to get your take on these claims that Maria had to have seen some red flags. What do you think?

ZINK: You know what? I don`t know. Most woman -- I feel like if our guy even looks at another woman strangely, something goes off. It`s called woman`s intuition. You guys call it crazy. We call it we know what`s going on.

RALPH: Right.

ZINK: So I`m sure she was hiding something secretly, some suspicions maybe. But no. I don`t think if she knew someone who worked in their home was sleeping with this man that she would have allowed that to happen. Maybe not publicly. She wouldn`t have come out and said anything, but she would have had it taken care of.

HAMMER: Who calls it crazy? We call it crazy? What are you talking about? I have no idea what you mean.

ZINK: Men.

HAMMER: There`s another big story that is making big news today. Maria and her good friend Oprah take a little shot at Arnold on Oprah`s show today.

Now, last week, when the news broke about Arnold`s love child, Maria, still the great friend right there in Chicago, taping the Oprah farewell episode that aired today. Take a look at Maria`s message to Oprah.


MARIA SHRIVER, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER`S WIFE: For more than 30 years, 30 years, you have bestowed the most amazing friendship on me. You`ve given me love, support, wisdom and most of all the truth. And I know --


WINFREY: Here`s to the truth!


HAMMER: Yes. How about that? Maria just looked great, didn`t she? She looked so happy up there on stage next to Oprah despite the fact that her world was caving in.

Sheryl Lee, does this not show Maria`s strength of character, standing next to her friend, Oprah, during such a difficult time?

RALPH: There`s nothing like having a great friend that you can depend on and lean on in a time like this. And I`m very happy that she had that friend. But sometimes, I think in moments like this, is it not the time that you might need to step away from it all and be with your children?

My parents separated amicably when I was 13 and it still messes with me to this day even though they are back together again.

So once again, I go back to, what about those five young people who are forever changed? What about the young man who has now become the blur in the photograph? Their lives are the ones that really matter right now. That`s just me. I`m a mom.

HAMMER: An imaginary distance right now. Well, we have to move on to some incredible video that we were able to dig up from the archives.

This thing dates back to 1973. In it, you`ll see a single Arnold Schwarzenegger as a guest on "The Dating Game." You`ve got to take a look at this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tonight, on the new "Dating Game," you`ll meet Arnold Schwarzenegger. He`s been selected Mr. World two times, Mr. Universe five times, Mr. Olympia four times.

He is an actor. He`s studying business at UCLA. And Graz, Austria was his birthplace. Please join me in welcoming to "The New Dating Game," the current Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, ACTOR: Girl number two. These are my measurements. Now, don`t freak out. Biceps 22 inches, chest 57, waist 33, thighs 29. What do we have in common?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You get smaller as you go down.



SCHWARZENEGGER: By the way, this is not true.


HAMMER: OK. That`s fantastic. Kelli, Arnold`s probably heading back to the dating pool soon, right? What do you think? Should he upload this video to "" or something?

ZINK: I`m telling all my single friends to run and hide. You know, I wouldn`t be surprised though if he writes some kind of a tell-all book like Jesse James style. And that guy is scum if he does it. But I`m telling you, it would be a bestseller.

HAMMER: Yes. As I`ve been saying all along, I think he should go hide out. Although, really, when you think about it, that little moment from "The Dating Game" -- I think that`s the best thing we`ve seen from Arnold in quite sometime. Kelli, Sheryl Lee Ralph, thank you all so much.

All right. Is it me or do you just wonder why people keep going on the "Bachelor" and then they`re shocked, shocked I say, when they don`t find love? Well, tonight, another "Bachelor" couple breaks off an engagement. That`s ridiculous. Comedian Adam Carolla is right here in a SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with all of the stories that are making us say, "That`s ridiculous."

Justin Timberlake wants to make you cancel your plans and stay home when he hosts "Saturday Night Live", doesn`t he? He`s just that good. Well, today, we`ve got the hysterical secret Justin sketch that didn`t make it on "SNL." He`s making fun of himself.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What will you delight the people with next, Amadeus?



TIMBERLAKE: Oh, no, no, my friends. I`ve been working in music since I was a boy. I`m going to take a break from music and become an actor.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ trending, coming up. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.

Time for the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spotted on vacation in Hawaii.


MICHAEL JORDAN, BASKETBALL STAR: You have done wonders for me. I know you`ve been a fan of basketball, but I`ve been a fan of yours.



JORDAN: I can feel the energy. It feels like I`m playing a game here. I`m very happy for you. You have meant a lot to me. You inspired me. If you ever need me, just call me. You need a job, I got one for you.







HAMMER: Well, that`s one way to make an unforgettable first impression. That guy right there, Tim McCormack -- he got so wasted on the premiere of "The Bachelorette." The guy was actually booted out of the mansion before Ashley Herbert handed out that first rose.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

Tim succeeded in making "Bachelorette" history by being the only suitor ever to sleep through his first meeting. And for that, I`ve got to say, "That`s ridiculous!"

Yes. Do you need more proof finding love on reality TV is about as easy as winning the lottery? Well, here it is. Brand-new reports today that last season`s "Bachelor," Brad Womack, was just dumped by Emily Maynard.

She gave him back the very same engagement ring that Brad slipped on her finger during the "Bachelor" finale.

Joining me right now from Hollywood, one of my favorite comedians and commentators, Adam Carolla. Adam is also the author of the "New York Times" bestseller, "In Fifty Years, We`ll All Be Chicks." It`s now out in paperback.

So Adam, I know that that guy, Tim McCormack, was probably really nervous about competing with the 25 other guys in front of the entire country on the premiere of "The Bachelorette."

But you`ve got to tell me, Adam, as a former host of the man show, any advice for Tim on making a better first impression on a woman? Because that didn`t work.

ADAM CAROLLA, COMEDIAN AND AUTHOR: Nobody likes a lightweight. I mean, look, I`m not going to lie to you, A.J., I`ve had a couple of beers, all right? Just something to take the edge off.

It`s very nerve racking over here at CNN in Los Angeles. But you have to moderate. At some point, remember the first time you threw up when you were drunk in high school drinking Boone`s Farm or Pabst Blue Ribbon in a park.

But at some point, as an adult, you learn to moderate your booze consumption. By the way, Dr. Drew would not be happy to see this. I can tell you that right now.

HAMMER: Not at all. Boone`s Farm. Ah, good times. Adam, I know you`re very upset by this. But yet another "Bachelor" couple is splitsville tonight. Brad and Emily, the latest casualty.

Really no surprise though when you look at the odds of finding love, true love, on a TV show. I mean, in 21 combined seasons of "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette," only two couples have gotten married, only three couples are actually still together.

I think you`ve got to know, going in, it`s a TV show. I`m not saying it`s impossible. I don`t want to be that cynical. You can find love on TV, maybe. But those stats really prove that the chances aren`t very good.

So Adam, I know I used to listen when you used to co-host your radio show all about love. Does this finally prove these shows are really all just faux-mance?

CAROLLA: Yes. I mean, here`s the healthy type of love that you find on TV. When I was 11 I found love in the form of Lynda Carter in "Wonder Woman." And then, when I was 13, I found love in the form of Cheryl Ladd in "Charlie`s Angels."

That`s a healthy expression of love. But being paired up -- and by the way, let me just ask you a hypothetical question. Whose track record is worse, "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" and their romance or Nick Cage in his last 23 movies?

HAMMER: Yes. That`s actually a pretty good comparison. And really, what`s a greater turn on than a woman who flies an invisible plane. You bring up wonder woman and that`s where my mind goes. Even if "The Bachelor" can`t seem to fulfill -- go ahead.

CAROLLA: Hold on, A.J. Let me say this. She had an invisible plane, right?

HAMMER: Right.

CAROLLA: But she wasn`t invisible.


CAROLLA: So it just looked like a woman in a red, white and blue unitard who was flying around, which, I would argue, is more distracting than an actual aircraft.


HAMMER: Well, even if "The Bachelor" can`t seem to fulfill its mission, reality shows will be huge in the new fall TV lineup.

The CW is launching what I think is a really bizarre-looking new show. It`s called "Hater." And it pits reality stars, you know, like Kim Kardashian and Snooki against fans who despise them. Watch Snooki go toe to toe with a hater.


NICOLE "SNOOKI" POLIZZI, REALITY TV STAR: You don`t know who I am. You see me on TV, partying, doing this and that. You have no idea who I am as a person. You`re saying, "She`s a wannabe Italian."

I know I`m not Italian, (EXPLETIVE DELETED). I`m born in Chile. I was adopted by an Italian family. How can you hate that? I don`t understand that`s why you`re calling me a drunken slob because that`s (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because you are a drunken slob.


HAMMER: Very quickly, Adam. I mean, is that whole conversation just ridiculous? I think he was calling Snooki for what she may be.

CAROLLA: Why was she yelling at poor Gary Dell`Abate`s fat brother? I feel bad for the guy.

HAMMER: Adam, stay right where you are. We`ve got to come right back because I know you want to tell us what you think of Justin Timberlake taking over on "Saturday Night Live." We`ll get to that in a second.

I`m not afraid to say this. Justin Timberlake may be my favorite "Saturday Night Live" host. He just killed it over the weekend.

Tonight, we have this hysterical sketch that didn`t make it on the show, Justin slamming Justin.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s the name of that new kid, Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber.

TIMBERLAKE: Bieber? Come on, you can`t be serious!


It`s SHOWBIZ trending, next. And now, the "SHOWBIZ News Ticker" -- more stories from the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT newsroom making news tonight.

TEXT: Mike Tyson`s tattoo artist`s copyright suit against "The Hangover 2" dismissed. SHOWBIZ first look: "The Muppets" coming out this Thanksgiving.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, stop. Are there Muppets in this movie?


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Come on, guys. Let`s go!


HAMMER: Time now for the SHOWBIZ buzz list. Here`s what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about this week. It`s bittersweet, but we are looking forward to the final "Oprah Winfrey Show" airing tomorrow.

We cannot put down the new book "Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN."

Got a long way to go, but we can`t get enough of Lady Gaga`s new album, "born this way," finally out.

Sun, sand and the best music. The Soul Beach Music Festival kicks off the summer season of concerts this weekend in Aruba.

And raise your glass. "The Hangover Part 2" will stumble into theaters on Thursday. This is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN news and views.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: Where are you guys?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I don`t know. We woke up in some city.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: We`ve been looking for him all morning.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: I can`t believe this is happening again.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: We`re not going back without teddy.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: He loves to party.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Let`s go work for that new kid, Wolfgang Amadeus Bieber.

TIMBERLAKE: Bieber? Come on, you can`t be serious!


HAMMER: I love that. That`s Justin Timberlake right there. It`s a bonus sketch from "Saturday Night Live," never made it into the season finale.

But now, you have people out there saying it`s funnier than anything that was actually on the show.

Now, SHOWBIZ trending tonight, that "Saturday Night Live" bonus sketch showing Justin Timberlake making fun of himself and his return to acting. It`s the big buzz online tonight.

Some people are wondering how the heck didn`t that make it into the season ender of "SNL"?

Adam Carolla, who is the "New York Times" bestseller for "In Fifty Years, We`ll All Be Chicks," which is now out in paperback. He`s back with us right now.

Adam, I`ve got to play this "SNL" bonus sketch. It`s making the rounds online tonight. Roll it, Charles.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mozart, surely, you`re joking. You`re not one of those musicians who think they can act?

TIMBERLAKE: It just so happens I`m about to appear in a new play. It`s a comedia de la romance or a com-rom. It`s about a man and woman who are friends but decide to have romantic benefits.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, like that one that just came out a few months ago, "No Strings Attached."

TIMBERLAKE: No, no, not like that one. I play a challenging role, his friend a young playboy who has fun at parties.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, it sounds like you`ll just be playing yourself.

TIMBERLAKE: It`s more complex than that. Trust me. It will be award- winning.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I say, what awards will you win?

TIMBERLAKE: I said "it." I said it will win awards. I didn`t say I would win them personally.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, it`s an honor just to be nominated.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, yes, you`d think to be nominated for a Globe at least, right?


HAMMER: Yes. Adam, I`ve been pretty down on "SNL" this past season but I thought that was pretty good. Do you this that J.T. sketch should have made the cut?

CAROLLA: It could have been the best sketch in the last 15 years, yes. And I know you like Justin Timberlake and he does seem to possess all the talent that he`s basically taken and hoarded everyone else`s talent. And we all hate him and love him simultaneously because of that.

But he`s still no Baldwin. Alec Baldwin is the number one host of that show because he does Charles Nelson Riley. And you can`t beat Baldwin doing Riley.

But picture this. Picture the Baldwin Thanksgiving dinner where Alec is there with all his family and all the other brothers and he gets a little bit drunk and he says, "You know between the five of us, we`ve hosted `Saturday Night Live` 33 times." AND then he stops and goes, "wait a minute, I`ve hosted it 33 times," and then he laughs maniacally.

HAMMER: Yes, exactly. Adam Carolla, thanks so much. Don`t forget Adam`s "New York Times" bestseller, "In Fifty Years, We`ll All Be Chicks." It`s out in paperback right now.

And remember, on Wednesday, Oprah`s last day on the air. We`re doing our blowout SHOWBIZ special event, a full hour on Oprah`s final farewell right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

That is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT now seen exclusively Monday to Friday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.