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Casey Anthony to Return to Orlando to Report for Probation; FBI Joins Investigation Into Sexual Assaults, Rapes at University of Michigan

Aired August 1, 2011 - 19:00:00   ET



JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, explosive developments in the Casey Anthony case.

A judge orders her back to Orlando and says she needs to report for probation ASAP, this as astonishing new reports surface that Casey is turning to treatment for mental health problems.

But could it have anything to do with that big exclusive TV interview we`ve all been waiting for?

Plus, a sex assault shocker cops thinks not one but two dangerous predators are lurking in the shadows at the University of Michigan.

Now protests erupt as the FBI joins the investigation into the string of six assaults, including two rapes, in less than two weeks.

What`s being done to protect these college co-eds? We`ll take your calls.

And then traumatic new development in the case of missing teen Brittany Drexel. She vanished two years ago on spring break.

I`ll talk to her devastating mom about what`s happened.

"Issues" starts now.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: We don`t know where she`s living right now.

CASEY ANTHONY: I know we`re going to see Caylee. I know she`s coming home. I can feel it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I spoke with Casey Anthony`s attorney Jose Baez who told me look, the circus, it`s over.

ANTHONY: In my gut, I know she`s still OK. I can feel it, mom.

JOZE BAEZ, CASEY ANTHONY`S ATTORNEY: People want to hear what she has to say. And I think even with the backlash, Jane, I think any publicity may be good publicity and everybody will be watching.

ANTHONY: We`re coming home and we`re all going to be back there. We are all going to be home together.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, breaking news.

Casey Anthony could be forced out of hiding.

Good evening everyone. I`m Jane Velez-Mitchell coming to you live from New York City.

A judge has just given Casey Anthony until this Thursday, 72 hours to return to Orlando to start serving probation on her check fraud conviction.

She`s being ordered back into the city where she`s public enemy number one. The judge that oversaw Casey`s check fraud case said oops, there`s a big misunderstanding.

Her probation was supposed to start after she got out of jail. Not while she was in jail. Or while tried for murder. And that one is clear apparently on his original order.

So today, he filed a correction ordering Casey back to Orlando ASAP.

Her attorney came out swinging calling the judge`s amended order a fraud.

Can her lawyers save Casey Anthony from punishment again?

Her lawyers also say Casey plans to get treatment for serious mental issues. You think?

They claim she will not be doing any big TV interviews anytime soon as she gets help.

Is she really skipping a big TV interview so she can go into therapy? Or is she going into therapy to save face if a big payday for an exclusive interview never quite materialized?

TV producer Al Taylor claims he scored a deal for the first Casey interview, but says it was ripped out from under him and now he is threatening to sue Casey.

Her lawyer, Jose Baez calls Al Taylor a fraud.

What do you make of it all? What a sick! What do you think?

Call me 18775867297 straight out to TMZ.

It`s time to talk to assignment manager, my good buddy Mike Walters.

Mike, my head is spinning. What`s going on? What`s the latest?

MIKE WALTERS, ASSIGNMENT MANAGER, TMZ: Well, you said it Jane. She`s not doing a big network interview. And it`s unbelievable she decided with her team of lawyers she`s going to seek treatment for a host of mental health issues.

Obviously the first one being her behavior you guys heard what she said. Knowing what actually happened to her daughter and then saying what she said, leading people on the chase. Obvious mental health issues, obviously spending all that time in a jail cell, anyone that`s spend 23 hours a day in a small cell like that, for three years there`s obvious issues.

But she`s going to spend several months in the treatment and then decide whether she`s going to do this interview or not. And I`m kind of agreeing with you why is she making this decision now?

I think it`s possible that there was a lot of negative reaction with what she was doing and taking those bids on the big interview.

VELZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely. Now, I want a recap and review, OK?

Here is my thesis. Now, we did reach out to Jose Baez to try to get his response. But we didn`t hear back from him.

But here`s my theory. And I got to tell you, we do have statements from the big three networks, OK?

From ABC, if there is a bidding war, ABC is not part of it and will not be part of it. OK?

CBS news is not offering and will not offer to license any materials from Casey Anthony.

NBC news has not and will not be in a bidding war for a Casey Anthony interview.

So my question back to Mike Walters, is the timing suspicion that OK, she`s been out to jail couple of weeks now. She could have checked herself into rehab treatments made this announcement before we heard that Attorney Baez was acting never had her in a very fancy hotel, paid for by NBC for a night`s stay, having discussions.

Is it odd, does the timing strike you odd that she is suddenly saying after the three networks say they`re not going to do anything with her in terms of paying her for an interview, now she`s saying she`s going to get treatment and not doing interviews?

Is she saving face? Is that what she`s doing, Mike?

WALTERS: Well, it`s possible. But I think you hit the nail in the head when you said, listen, she was faking these meetings in New York at the big five star hotel All the networks were involved, but then all of a sudden the story breaks that they`re in negotiation negotiations the price is over $1 million. All these stuff hit the media and all of a sudden, here comes all the networks backing out.

I don`t want to do it. We are not doing it. We`re not doing it at all ever again.

Said ABC, OK, well it`s been exposed what you`re doing now you`re not. I think that might have been the moment when they said OK, here we go the networks aren`t going to do it, now what are we going to do?

And maybe she was going to do the interview then get treatment, but now it`s the other way around which is possible.

But I think you`re right. It was all imploded when it was exposed that the networks do this on a regular basis and hide behind it to pay for interviews.

So once it was exposed, the offers started being pulled off the table. Once they`re all gone, what else are you going to do?

Now step number two, hopefully in three months for her, because financially that`s probably what she needs, somebody might do it. But I don`t know we might never see it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Or we might see it after it all cools down, or we might get to this Al Taylor guy which calls him Jose Baez a fraud. But he`s claiming he might sue Casey Anthony because he claims he had a deal.

All right. Let`s get to the other big story.

Thank you so much Mike, as always.

The other big story is that this judge is saying Casey Anthony has 72 hours to get back to Orlando to begin probation for her conviction on writing bad checks.

So let`s go back to the beginning and listen to Casey Anthony pleading guilty to check fraud. Well over a year ago.



ANTHONY: I just wanted to let everyone know that I`m sorry for what I did. I take complete and full responsibility for my actions and I would like to sincerely apologize to Amy. I wish I would have been a better friend.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, thank you, anything else?



VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right, now. There is the surveillance video of her cashing the bad checks. Basically what she did is her friend Amy Huizenga went off on vacation in Puerto Rico and left her with her car. And she took some checks and wrote $644.25 worth of bad checks and then went on a shopping free that was documented on surveillance video, buying everything from beer to bras.

Now Mike Brooks, Cheney Mason, one of Casey`s attorneys has said we are seeking to vacate this order that she`s supposed to go back and appear in Orlando by Thursday within 72 hours.

We call the whole thing, the judge`s order a fraud, and essentially they`re going to argue double jeopardy that she already did her probation behind bars.

But my question to you, you are an HLN law enforcement analyst, who does probation behind bars? I have never heard of such a thing.

And how mixed up is our judicial system, Mike, that they don`t even figure all of this out until she`s out of jail for a couple of weeks in hiding. And now all of a sudden the people are looking around like they didn`t have, what, three years to figure this out?

MIKE BROOKS, HLN LAW ENFORCEMENT ANALYSYT: Right. It`s crazy. I have never heard of anybody serving probation while they`re in jail awaiting another charge.

But Judge Strickland said if she was acquitted of the charges of the murder charges that she would have to serve a year`s probation.

Now how come all of a sudden they went oops? Did we make a mistake here? Who did that paperwork? Where`s that paperwork I said it was a year. Cheney mason she said called him Mister Strickland, not judge but Mister Strickland.

And remember, they`re the ones that had Judge Strickland dropped off and have himself removed from the case when he got into that whole thing with blogger marinade Dave.

So they said basically, Judge Strickland has no case here. He has no bearing on this case whatsoever. He has no jurisdiction.

So I know they`re going to fight it, but I still don`t understand how you serve probation in a jail cell.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think it`s absolutely ludicrous. We were debating all this even before she was released after she was found not guilty on the serious charges.

I remember all of us sitting around talking about this. How they don`t pick up on this problem before now?

It buckles my mind, but it`s the same thing with government institutions.

How many times do you call a government institution and they pick up the phone? Never.

So, this is an example of the bureaucracy. This folks were debating in Washington. None of this system seems to be working very well.

Cindy of Ohio, your question or thoughts Cindy?

CINDY, CALLER, OHIO (via telephone): Hi Jane. My thought is - first of all, thank you for taking my call. It`s my first time calling in.

But there`s no way she`s getting mental health treatment. If she does, it`s going to be some luxurious you know spa location, just like, you know, the Hollywood stars go to. And that`s my thought.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think you`re making an excellent point.

And when we come back, we`re going to play something that Marianne Williamson said. She`s of course the very famous virtual guru that selling offer who appears in our show from time to time and we asked her about the case.

And she said that the only way the only way Casey is going to in any way be able to come to terms with herself is if she gets honest with somebody else, and tell somebody else, whether it`s a priest or a psychiatrist or a counselor the truth.

So you can do all the therapy you want. I`ve done years, decades of it. You`ve got to get honest with your therapist to get anything out of it.

Is she capable of that? We are going to take that on the other side and your call 1877 Jane says 18775867297

And later, six attacks around the University Of Michigan in less than two weeks. We`re going to talk to a woman who is terrified right now and doesn`t know why something wasn`t done.

Plus, what kind of welcoming will Casey get if and when she`s forced to come back to Orlando where she`s despised?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Without a shadow of a doubt, she did it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`ll get her judgment someday.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Anytime she comes out is too soon for me.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is a very dysfunctional family.

This child at eight years old learned to lie immediately. The apple doesn`t fall very far from the tree.

Did you have a romantic relationship with her?

GEORGE ANTHONY, CASEY ANTHONY`S FATHER: No, sir. To me, that`s funny.

LEE ANTHONY, CASEY ANTHONY`S BROTHER: I will never forget the promise I made to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: These secrets, these family secrets still remain locked.


VELZ-MTCHELL: We`re getting so much breaking news in the Casey Anthony case.

A judge is saying she`s got to be back in Orlando in 72 hours to serve probation. This is a new order he`s just issued.

And we`re also hearing she`s going into treatment therapy. And she gave three reasons according to TMZ.

One, she realizes her response when her child went missing, the 31 days of partying was inappropriate and she wants treatment for that.

She also claims to want treatment for the trauma of losing her daughter Caylee who died. And she also wants treatment for the psychological impact of having spent three years in jail, solitary confinement for 23 hours today.

Now, one of me heroes Marianne Williamson, who is a spiritual guru and a commentator and a best-selling author, I asked her what would you say about Casey Anthony? And here`s what she said.

"If she`s going to ever have any kind of development, morally, emotionally, psychologically, she`s going to have to get honest with somebody else."



MARIANNE WILLIAMSON, SPIRITUAL GURU, COMMENTATOR, AUTHOR: The ultimate issue for Casey Anthony is not where she goes today or even whether or not she gets $1 million for an interview.

The ultimate is whether she will ever have peace of mind. I do believe in a god of infinite mercy, but mercy is activated only when there`s the deepest, deepest level of atonement and confession.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Howard Samuels, founder and CEO of the Hills Treatment Center.

First of all, this idea she`s going into rehab, you don`t go into rehab for anything but primarily addiction, not because you`ve got mental illness. That`s not what rehab is for, right?

HOWARD SAMUELS, FOUNDER/CEAO, THE HILLS TREATMENT CTR.: Well, there are a lot of different types of rehabs, Jane. I mean this is a very damage woman. And she really does need a therapeutic environment that`s tailored to her psychiatric issues, which are very deep, lot of trauma, borderline personality, narcissism, drug addiction. I mean, she has an assortment of issues that are going on with her.

Now, not -- I`m not saying that she has those diagnoses but she`s very close to that. I mean, there`s Austin Riggs in Boston, there`s Menning Jers in Houston. -

VELEZ-MTICHELL: Anything in Orlando? Because she`s supposed to be in Orlando in 72 hours.

SAMUELS: No. Nothing in Orlando. But, you know, she needs to go someplace, Jane. That is without question.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I want to bring in Wendy Feldman who is a prison consultant, but actually a very courageous woman who goes on TV and admits that she spent 16 months in federal prison for securities fraud back in 2007-2008 in California.

She knows what it`s like to be in prison and she also helps people, turning her experiences into something positive, helps people re-enter society.

How hard is it going to be for Casey to re-enter society, Wendy in Orlando where she is despised?

WENDY FELDMAN, PRISON CONSULTANT: Well, first of all, I don`t think she`s going to do it in Orlando. I think jut as anybody going through re- entry, it`s tough. But she`s Casey Anthony it`s going to be even tougher. She may already be in treatment, that`s my guess.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: well. I said Orlando because the judge ordered her to go to Orlando. Now, her lawyers are going to fight it, maybe they`ll win maybe they`ll over turn it. But unless they do, she`s got to go back to Orlando and serve her probation.

So, assuming she is in Orlando, OK? How is she going to deal with getting better without a, getting honest, and b, getting away from people who despise her?

FELDMAN: Well, she`s not. She`s learning this. Prison is easy, re- entry is tough. So she`s going to have to learn it the hard way.

There are two components to re-entry, community ties and family relations.

She has neither. So for her it`s more difficult than for everybody else. But she may have a program that she will do. She may have counselors. I just don`t know, I don`t know her motivation if she is going to treatment. We don`t know.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And listen, I am a fan of Jose Baez even though he`s mad at me because we had Al Taylor on. We will go to Al Taylor on a second.

But the fact is that he has to move on with his life eventually and get other clients. And her defense team is her only family at this point, Sunny Hostin. She doesn`t really have anybody else.

SUNNY HOSTIN, LEGAL CONTRIBUTOR, IN SESSION: She really doesn`t. I mean, let`s face it. She doesn`t have a relationship with her mother. She doesn`t have a relationship with her father. My understanding is she hasn`t spoken to Lee Anthony. And she only has this team that she seems to trust.

I mean, let`s face it she does seems to trust her team especially Jose Baez and Cheney Mason. I would imagine she`s still in contact.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. But they can`t take care of her forever.

Will Casey be back in Orlando in a matter of hours?

More in a moment.



JERRY DEMINGS, SHERIFF, ORANGE COUNTY: Once she leaves the grounds of the orange county jail and she`s a free citizen at that point, the only thing we would do is to facilitate that departure. We don`t pick up any security responsibility again unless there`s some type of credible threat.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: That was the sheriff down there in Orlando talking before Casey was released.

Now we`re hearing that a judge has ordered her back to Orlando ASAP within 72 hours, claiming that she`s about to begin probation that she couldn`t have served it in jail while she`s awaiting trial for murder, for which she was acquitted. That she has to serve it after she gets out of jail, which makes sense.

But here`s what I don`t get, you saw all those protesters right there. People in Orlando don`t like her. They looked, they volunteered to look for her missing daughter and later found out in trial the child was dead all along. OK?

Thousands of people took time off from work to search for the child. Some of them are protesters there.

So Mike Brooks, I understand what the judge is saying. But do they really want her to come back to Orlando with all the drama that`s likely to ensue if she does show up somewhere in Orlando to begin her probation?

BROOKS: Yes. The Casey Anthony circus could be coming to town again. But you know because the probation office Jane, it`s right down the road from the jail where she was released from.

But, as we heard before, they don`t want her -- they don`t want to treat her differently from anyone else.

But Cheney Mason and Jose Baez, they`re fighting this. And maybe she won`t have to come back in 72 hours because they think Judge Strickland has no standing in this case.

So, it`s going to be interesting to see, but if she does, she`s going to be back again.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It`s going to be just as crazy as it was.

Dejavou all over again.

And by the way, we`re going to stay on this here on "Issues" tomorrow. Because you know there`s going to be some kind of emergency hearing, probably.

How are they going to fight it without going you to court and fighting it?

They are going to submit a motion and probably ask for an emergency hearing.

Maria Georgia, your question or thought Maria?

MARIA GEORGIA, CALLER, (via telephone): Yes, ma`am. Miss Jane, how if the judge did not put in the papers that it was upon her release, can they even begin to bring her back for probation, isn`t that double jeopardy?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. You make a perfect point, Maria Georgia.

Sunny Hostin, first of all, I can`t believe that the court system is so messed up. That when were discussing this issue, did she serve her probation in jail or not for weeks, they`re just figuring this out. But secondly, wouldn`t there have to be some paperwork showing that she completed her probation?

HOSTIN: Well, there is paperwork. And that`s the thing. I mean, I think her defense team has a great argument. She already served this probation. She was sentenced to probation in 2010. So she had visits from probation, she really served her probation. So really doesn`t make sense and in the interest of justice, it isn`t fair to have her serve it again.

But I think what also is really odd, Jane, is that a judge would have to explain to a court clerk that probation is to be served upon release, because apparently the reason this happen is those words upon release weren`t in his order. But I don`t know. I think it was served probation while in jail.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think it was an oversight, it got lost in the translation.

I tell you what I think. I think the people in the court system are getting such backlash from the fact that she walked free that they`re furious, they`re fuming, they`re resentful. And they want her to pay for something. And they`re like let`s get her back here to serve probation.

We`re not done with this, more next.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: As to the charge of first degree murder, verdict as to Count 1, we the jury find the defendant not guilty; aggravated child abuse, not guilty; aggravated manslaughter, not guilty.

NANCY GRACE, HLN HOST: Let me just say the devil is dancing tonight.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you kidding me?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What a disgrace. It`s a shame for that little girl.

CROWD: Justice for Caylee. Justice for Caylee. Justice for Caylee. Justice for Caylee. Justice for Caylee.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Without a shadow of a doubt, she did it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`ll get her judgment someday.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Anytime she comes out is too soon for me. Ok? What she did was a disgrace to all -- not just to Caylee but all innocent children in the world.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: That (EXPLETIVE DELETED) needs to the die the most painful, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) and horrible slow death ever.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It was totally ridiculous. No mother can have a child missing for 31 days and say nothing and be completely innocent. That is not possible.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: How upset are you right now?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So upset I was crying. It`s not right, Jane. I told you this yesterday. It`s wrong she got away with it and you know it.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight, that`s the level of fury that could greet Casey Anthony this week as she`s ordered back to Orlando within 72 hours.

Good evening. I`m Jane Velez-Mitchell, coming to you live from New York City.

A judge has just ruled that Casey has until Thursday to return to Orlando to start serving one year of probation for check fraud. Remember, she pleaded guilty to check fraud? She stole her friend Amy Huizenga`s checks when Amy went on vacation and wrote up $644.25 worth of bad checks on a shopping spree that included beer and bras.

Well, no surprise, Casey`s attorneys are doing everything tonight they can to get out of it. They call this ruling fraud. There could be an emergency hearing as soon as tomorrow. And they`re probably writing their motions right now.

But if those defense attorneys fail, Casey may have to actually hide out in Orlando where her infamy is off the charts. Casey`s lawyers claim she is foregoing any high-profile interviews for now and instead is headed to therapy for mental problems. Could a year`s probation in Orlando be a game-changer?

Call me, 1-877-JVM-SAYS.

I want to go straight out to Wendy Feldman. You have spent time in prison for securities fraud. You are now a prison consultant who helps people transition back from prison to regular life. Casey Anthony spent three years behind bars in isolation, 23 hours a day.

Now I think personally -- here`s my opinion -- I think that the reason why she is being ordered back to Orlando is that the people, the taxpayers of Orlando are so furious that she walked right there that they are bombarding the powers that be, the justices and the -- the court system and the law enforcement community, why did you let her walk? And so they`re thinking, what can we do, what can we do. Oh, we can make her serve probation.

Do you think that that`s possible? You`ve been in the prison system. They`re people at the end of the day, Wendy Feldman.

WENDY FELDMAN, PRISON CONSULTANT: I mean I think this. I don`t think it makes a lot of sense, but we don`t know what the Department of Corrections is going to say. They`re actually the ones technically in charge. They have custody of somebody who`s been prison. Then it goes to probation.

So I have no idea -- none of us know of anybody who served probation in jail. In fact the standard condition of probation is after jail. So I don`t know if it`s punitive.


FELDMAN: Makes no sense.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, I hear Mike Brooks laughing because it is funny; the idea that you can serve probation in jail. Isn`t probation when they let you out and they go, don`t do this, don`t do this. Don`t travel here, don`t travel there. You can`t travel anywhere when you`re in isolation 23 hours a day.

FELDMAN: Exactly.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Mike Brooks? It doesn`t make any sense.

BROOKS: No, it doesn`t make any sense. I have never heard of anybody serving probation in jail. In fact, when they said that, when we were talking about this before, Jane, I think it was on one of the Sundays I said, wow, you know what, that`s a pretty good place to serve probation because you know she`s not going to screw up.


BROOKS: I don`t get it.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Joanne, Michigan, your question or thought, Joanne?

JOANNE, MICHIGAN (via telephone): My thought is that we`ve dealt with someone like this in our family for 40 years; Casey`s never going to change. No therapy is going to help her. We need to shut up about her and let her go on with what she`s going to do because she`s always going to do it. She`ll take what she can get from whom she can get it whenever she can.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Howard Samuels, how does a therapist deal with a pathological liar? The pathological liar walks in, sits on the couch and starts telling lies. What does a therapist do?

HOWARD SAMUELS, FOUNDER, THE HILLS TREATMENT CENTER: Well, first of all, the therapist doesn`t know that she`s lying. That`s why --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, they do. This is Casey Anthony. This is a unique case. The entire world knows she`s a pathological liar. She walks into the office, she starts telling the story of whatever, and if you`ve got half a brain, you know that she`s a pathological liar, if you haven`t been under a rock. So what do you do then?

SAMUELS: You first have to have her in a contained environment. So as she lies in a therapeutic community, you catch her in the lies, you confront her with the lies, and that`s where the behavioral change has to occur. That`s why a woman like this has to be in treatment for a year or two years but in a therapeutic community where they work on the lying, they work on the behavioral issues that are so prevalent with this individual.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, but you heard the tapes of these hardened detectives, grilling her, and trying to get her to break and catch her in the lies and they confronted her. Everything you`re telling me is a lie. We know. We went to Zanny`s house. And there is no Zanny. There is no apartment. It`s been unoccupied. And no matter what they said, she maintained her determination that this was the truth. How do you break that?

SAMUELS: Well, that`s why -- you see, that`s why -- you see you have to break it over a period of time. You know, it`s all about lack of intimacy when people lie. People are scared to death of getting close. That`s why people lie. It`s all about intimacy. Now, that may sound corny, but that is absolutely true.

So for somebody like this, they have to be in a community with people that -- where they start to get close, they start to form attachments. And it`s in forming attachments, that`s where the work has to be done. But the work is a two, three-year process, Jane.

That`s why for hard-core cases like this --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Look, I did therapy for years. I think everybody needs therapy.

SAMUELS: But I`m not talking about therapy.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I have never met one person who doesn`t need therapy, the talking cure. You`re saying to go into a facility and remain in a facility.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Where they do what? Group therapy? Where everybody in the room says you`re lying and they confront her?

SAMUELS: Yes. They do. They do.


SAMUELS: Absolutely. Absolutely. Absolutely. And that goes on --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: So she says something and everybody goes you`re lying, we know you`re lying and then she`s got to deal with those people throughout the day at the lunch counter or whatever.

SAMUELS: I mean Jane -- those are the kind of groups that I run. I do that in my own treatment facility where we catch people in lies.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: So if Casey says something that was an obvious lie, ok? And she said, let`s say, oh, I never stole those checks, Amy really gave them to me. I`m just using -- I`m making this up. Amy really gave them to me when she went on vacation and asked me to write those checks. What do you say to her?

SAMUELS: Well, we all laugh because it`s absurd, because we`ve all caught her in the lie, ok? And we continue to grill her. Now believe me, over a period of time, the person ends up breaking down. But it takes time. It takes energy. It takes a lot of intense confrontation.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. I`ve got to jump in here. I`ve got to jump in here. She is going to take time-out to get therapy before she does her big interview. You`re saying that therapy takes two or three years. Two or three years, nobody is going to care.

So let`s get back to the TV deal that may or may not have happened. Now, we did speak right here on ISSUES to the famed attorney to the stars, Mark Geragos who says yes, he did meet with Jose Baez at the Mandarin Oriental, a very fancy hotel that`s actually part of the complex where I`m in on Columbus Circle in Manhattan. A very swanky hotel and that NBC put Jose up for a night there. And then ultimately all three networks have said they`re not doing a deal.

Let`s listen to Mark Geragos.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Were you there at the Mandarin Oriental or at some other place --

MARK GERAGOS, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Yes, I was. I met with Jose. I`ve met with Jose a couple of times. I would never talk about what I talked about with him. I wanted to congratulate him. I thought he did a spectacular job.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right, now. Mike Brooks, do you find it odd in any way, shape or form, that the decision to have her go into therapy happens after all three major networks say they`re not doing a deal with her?

BROOKS: Oh, yes. All we heard about was who was going to be the first one to get the interview with her. Is it ABC, NBC, CBS? You know, somebody independent? And all of a sudden, boom. They pull that out, oh, we`re going to therapy now. We`re going to therapy.

But Jane, the whole thing is with therapy, you can`t help those that don`t want to help themselves. Does Casey Anthony really, really want help? Or she is going through the motions and when she gets there, she`s going to think that she is the brightest in the room, like she always does, and is she going to be -- is it going to be Casey`s way or the highway? You know? Is she really -- does she really want help? That`s the question, Jane.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And she might have been actually made more confident of her ways by the fact that a jury found her not guilty --

BROOKS: Good point. That`s right.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: -- and she walked despite everybody`s prediction that she was going to be found guilty. So that might embolden her that her way is the right way, which I hope not for her sake because the road gets narrower as you get older, that`s for sure. I think I can attest to that. Thank you, fantastic panel.

The next story up is very disturbing; a string of assaults at the University of Michigan. What is being done to protector terrified college women? We`re going to talk to a woman who says she`s terrified. Call us, 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.



CROWD: Safe streets.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When do we want them?


Hey, hey, ho, ho. Sexual assault has got to go.




CROWD: Hey, hey, ho, ho. Sexual assault has got to go.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The U of M is taking it very seriously. The Ann Arbor PD is taking it very seriously.

CROWD: Give women hope. This is not a joke.


CROWD: Safe streets.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When do we want them?



VELEZ-MITCHELL: A top college rocked by a string of vicious attacks against women. In less than two weeks, there have been six assaults around the University of Michigan. Four women escaped their assailants but two were brutally raped.

And now the FBI has gotten involved. Is there a predator preying on co-eds? It started July 15th, three separate attacks. The first, 10:00 p.m., a woman grabbed by the neck from behind. Now we`re so happy that she escaped. An hour later, another woman sexually assaulted; then again, at two in the morning.

Then three days later, July 18th two women raped. The first one at 12:40 in the morning and then another one at 10:30 that night. Then July 26th, another sexual assault. This one at 11:30 p.m. and on the very same block that the first rape occurred on.

All of this has residents of Ann Arbor, understandably terrified.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t think anyone is walking alone at night. It`s just gotten -- it`s probably gotten out of hand like every -- like we all stick together. I hope nothing else happens.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: And there`s confusion. Police say there could be more than one suspect. They`ve released two sketches. Take a close look. Who are these two men? So police have sketches but have they done enough to stop this epidemic of assaults?

On Thursday, worried frantic citizens actually took to the streets in protest. Check this out.



CROWD: Safe streets.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When do we want them?


Hey, hey, ho, ho. Sexual assault has got to go.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: I want to hear from you on this; call me, 1-877-JVM- SAYS. That`s 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to my exclusive guest, Martha, thank you so much for joining us. And I understand you want to keep your last name out of this and remain anonymous for obvious reasons. There`s still a sicko out there.

I understand that you live in the very apartment building where two of these attacks occurred in the parking lot. .

MARTHA (via telephone): Yes.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: How are you and other women in the area feeling tonight?

MARTHA: I mean I`m definitely very concerned. You know, I think as a college student who lives right on campus in a very populated area, you know, you never expect something like this to happen in a place where you live. And then when a string of events happens like this, you know, you suddenly become very worried for your safety.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I`m sure. Do you think that the police have done enough because one woman was quoted as saying she doesn`t see an increased police presence anywhere? Given that these happen in a span of 11 days and that they were in rapid sequence, you would think that law enforcement would just blanket the area with cops everywhere. What are you seeing?

MARTHA: I think initially, I was a bit skeptical about what the police were doing especially as assaults were happening in such quick succession. And I wasn`t really sure that the police were doing enough and they were just being reactionary instead of proactive.

But I think recently, I`ve seen more patrol cars out at night. I`ve recently been informed that the FBI have been called in to help assist with the investigation and, you know, as a citizen, as a young woman, that definitely makes me feel much more protected and much safer in this area.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, you`ve echoed what a protester -- one of the demonstrators who took to the streets had to say. Let`s listen to that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The U of M is taking it very seriously. The Ann Arbor PD is taking it very seriously and now knowing that the FBI is involved as well I think just sort of adds to that.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Now, we contacted the University of Michigan and they told us that none of the attacks actually happened directly on campus, so the investigation is being done by Ann Arbor police. They also stated that only one of the sexual assaults has been against a student.

There`s a statement from the university`s Department of Public Safety. "The Department of Public Safety is working with the Ann Arbor PD as they investigate each of these off-campus incidents. Both agencies are increasing uniformed police patrols in these areas on and near the central campus to increase visibility and ward off additional incidents.

You know what, I don`t buy it. I`m sorry, Mike Brooks, the time line kind of bugs me. You`ve got six attacks in 11 days, two of them on the same block. Look, I could never be law enforcement, I understand that. But don`t you think they could have like just blanketed this area with cops knowing that this guy is out there?

BROOKS: Jane, you know, we`ve heard -- we heard from the student. We`ve heard from some other people that said there`s increased presence.

It happened a short amount of time ago; if you think about it, you`ve got a composite. You`ve got the FBI involved. They bring a lot to the table. This is on -- again, the Ann Arbor police, they`re the ones that asked for the FBI to get involved, domestic police cooperation case.

So, you`ve got a lot of assets that are coming to the table. A lot of times it`s what you can`t see -- it`s what you can`t see that`s going on behind the scenes, too.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Laura Dunn, you were a victim of sexual assault. Do you -- what`s your reaction to this?

LAURA DUNN, VICTIM OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AT COLLEGE: I mean first off, my heart is definitely with the victims who have suffered from these crimes. And you know, I echo your concerns. I looked at the reports and it seems like a lot of the victims at first were able to get away. It`s very clear that there was an individual trying to get women alone and it`s a little odd to me that these assaults happened.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right now I`m at the Sunset Lodge Apartments here in Georgetown South Carolina where investigators are searching the apartment that you see here behind me. A person of interest in the case stayed at that apartment at or around the time the missing New York, Brittanee Drexel went missing in April of `09. The individual who lived there doesn`t live there any longer. He moved out some time ago.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`ve been going on with our lives, you know, as far as taking care of our children. But, you know, someone in our family is missing and we have no idea what happened to her.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight breaking news in the search of 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel. She vanished on spring break in Myrtle Beach two long years ago. Cops descended on -- take a look at it -- this South Carolina motel today looking for evidence allegedly left by a man considered to be a person of interest in her disappearance. We don`t know who this person is.

What did cops really expect to find after two years? This is a hotel after all. Brittanee vanished in April of 2009 after taking a spring break trip to Myrtle Beach against her parents` wishes. This surveillance video that shows Brittanee leaving a Myrtle Beach hotel is the last time anyone saw her.

Look at this beautiful, young woman and imagine the heartache of her parents. In an ISSUES exclusive, Brittanee`s mother, Dawn Drexel joins us tonight.

Thank you Dawn so much for being here. My heart goes out to you. I can`t imagine what you`ve been through. It`s been -- we`ve been talking to you for two years. And you still don`t know what happened to your precious daughter.

First of all, what`s your reaction to cops searching this motel two years after your daughter vanished?

DAWN DREXEL, MOTHER OF BRITTANEE DREXEL: I learned about this, this morning. They had contacted me to let me know what was going on.

You know, this is how I look at it. You know, Brittanee has a great task force. We`re very confident and have a lot of faith in them. We know that they are actively working her investigation and we`re just hoping that we can get some sort of resolution. Maybe this will bring us one step closer to, you know, finding out where Brittanee is or what may have happened to Brittanee.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I know that you have suffered so much in these past two years.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: I can just see it in your eyes. I don`t know how you`ve done it. Now, I hope -- that`s why we keep coming back to this case. Maybe this jogs somebody`s memory or somebody knows something and just is afraid to come forward.

Let`s take a look at the Google map. It starts in Myrtle Beach where your daughter was last seen on that videotape. And then as we take a look at it in a second; it`s going to move 40 miles away from Myrtle Beach which is a tourist destination inland to this Georgetown County. That`s where your daughter`s cell phone pings last hit. Where her sunglasses were found and where this hotel is located.

Now, I just don`t understand how there could be any DNA left in a hotel after two years unless this is some kind of residential hotel and this person has been hanging out there. What do you think, Dawn?

DREXEL: I`m not exactly sure. The police didn`t elaborate on much. They didn`t tell us, you know, a lot. So, you know, I`m not exactly sure. You know, we do -- I mean there is a question there but, you know, I`m just very thankful that they`re doing this.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I`m so sorry. We`re going to stay on top of it. We promise.



ADAM LARO, CELINA CASS`S FATHER: I can`t believe that she`s walked off. I just can`t believe it. Somebody`s had to have kidnapper her. It`s the only thing I can see that`s happened.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: The search for missing 11-year-old Celina Cass took a stomach-churning turn today. Just hours ago, divers discovered a female body was discovered in the Connecticut River not far from the little girl`s home. Investigators just confirmed moments ago what everyone feared.

The body is that of young Celina. She was last seen a week ago on the computer at her home in New Hampshire. Cops say there`s no indication she ran away or that someone took her. No sign of a struggle. Earlier today Celina`s stepdad reportedly rushed to the hospital for treatment related to his history with mental illness.

Our thoughts are with Celina`s family during this unimaginably trying time.

For the very latest on this tragic story, stay tuned to "NANCY GRACE". She has the latest breaking news on it. Thank you.