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Lindsay Lohan Heading Back To Jail

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DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST (voice-over): Lindsay Lohan, the actress with seemingly nine lives, gets another chance. Ordered behind bars for a month, but could she actually walk in and out on the same day?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They`d love to have you down at the morgue.

PINSKY: I deal with chronic addiction every day in my medical practice, and I`m explaining what Lindsay needs to do to save her own life.

And later, the Kardashian collapse. Kim`s camp saying it wasn`t a sham marriage for money. I`m asking a question. Are they by focusing it on money taking the focus away from what makes us mad? And, how did they make such a mess of their marriage?


PINSKY (on-camera): Tonight we have breaking news. Oh, there`s that lovely picture of the -- I`m glad you guys keep cutting to that because it seems to calm me down a bit. So, Lindsay Lohan is ordered back behind bars. Lindsay showed up ten minutes early to court. That`s the headline news, by the way, but she showed up early.

That, of course, did not save her from jail. The actress was sentenced to 30 days in county lockup for a probation violation. Watch this from today`s proceedings.


VOICE OF JUDGE STEPHANIE SAUNTER, LOS ANGELES SUPERIOR COURT: You`re to serve 30 days in the county jail now. You are to surrender within one week. I understand that you have some work lined up. You are to surrender by November 9th in person to the CRDF. That`s the women`s jail.

And begin serving your 30 days. You are not to be eligible for house arrest, electronic monitoring, and any other early release other than that required by the law.


PINSKY: A couple of interesting things there. Watch Lindsay. She seemed to have been prepared for this. Also, due to overcrowding, Lohan will serve a fraction of her sentence. Likely, only perhaps around six days.

And remember, the judge pointed this out during that last hearing, that sending somebody to jail doesn`t mean anything anymore, because in California the non-violent criminals come right out. And six days is not going to help poor Lindsay. She continues to flagrantly disregard the court`s rules. She is not showing up for her aftercare.

Now, of course I understand Lindsay very, very well, because I understand the condition she has. I don`t know her. I know her dad. But one of the questions I think people have is people getting -- is she getting preferential treatment because she`s a celebrity? People wonder how many chances she`s going to get.

Joining me to answer these questions and others, senior executive editor of Radar Online, Dylan Howard, here with me in the studio and psychotherapist, Robi Ludwig. Robi, I`m going to start with you. You know, I kind of shake my head at all of this. She`s going to spend, I guess, some time in the morgue.

It`s not been my experience that you can scare somebody off drugs. Do you think that`s going to have any effect with her?

ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: No. And I think the problem is Lindsay doesn`t have a good support system. And she doesn`t really believe she`s hit rock bottom. I don`t know if she`s in denial or she thinks she`s a good actress, and somehow, she`ll get herself out of it. But it seems like she has a very rebellious attitude that isn`t working to her advantage.

But again, she doesn`t have a family saying hey, Lindsay, you`re a talented girl. You`re throwing it all away. Let`s get it together, because we don`t want to see you go down the drain.

PINSKY: Robi, Robi, I`m going to interrupt you. I`m going to interrupt you. I have heard Michael Lohan make those phone calls and beg his daughter to please do something. Michael`s a recovering addict. He understands what this is. Begging her, telling her --

LUDWIG: But he`s in jail now, though.

PINSKY: He`s what?

LUDWIG: But he`s in prison now.

PINSKY: Yes. He`s not been a great role model. I didn`t say he`s been a great role model, but she does have people in her life that urging her on.

LUDWIG: But I think that all plays -- but I think that plays a role. I mean, if you have somebody who`s not living their life successfully telling you to live a successful life, they could say why should I listen to you? What kind of role model are you?

In fact, I think she`s making a point to her parents, look at me. I`m like this because of you. I think she`s making a point. The problem is she`s hurting herself in the process.

PINSKY: Could be. Could be. Could be. Here`s another exchange between Judge Stephanie Sautner and Lindsay from today in court. Some harsh words for Lindsay Lohan. Watch this.


SAUNTER: Although the downtown women`s center is willing to take you back, I`m not going to put them through that again. I looked into another group called the Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women. They refused to take you because they said you`re a bad example for the women who are trying to get their lives in order.


PINSKY: And by the way, you can read more about Lindsay and her day in court at And I actually have a little article I wrote there about the Kardashians, and I`m going to be writing something about that beating we were talking about in the first half of the show. So, go ahead and go to Get more of my thoughts and other top stories as well.

So, Dylan, here we go. Let me have it. What`s going on here? She`s a bad example? Duh! But this seemed like it was sort of well structured, well orchestrated event.

DYLAN HOWARD, SR. EDITOR, RADARONLINE.COM: Prepackaged. For example, when you go to bankruptcy, you file for bankruptcy, you prepackage that. Shawn Holley, her lawyer, went to the judge on Friday, Stephanie Sautner, sat in chambers, and they coordinated this deal.

There`s no reason to suggest that Lindsay Lohan wasn`t ecstatic about this result. You remember some six months ago, last time she was convicted to jail, there were tears in the courtroom.

PINSKY: Right.

HOWARD: Dramatic scenes. This time, she looked amazing. The best she`s ever looked. Smiling, joking as she left court.

PINSKY: Early to court.

HOWARD: Early to court. This was all coordinated. The judge had told Lindsay Lohan and her team that she was going to be sentenced to 30 days. But the reason Lindsay Lohan was so ecstatic in court today is that she knows what that means, cut and dry.

PINSKY: She`s going right out the back door.

HOWARD: And she`s not even going to serve five or six days as the prosecutor said. The most she will serve due to the overcrowding situation in the California jail system a the moment is at most, a night.

PINSKY: So Dylan, can I quote you on this?

HOWARD: A night.

PINSKY: The maximum sentence for -- this isn`t going to help poor Lindsay.

HOWARD: The sheriff`s department has said today that she won`t be discharged, she won`t be booked, she won`t be processed and released the same day, perhaps, the same day, but more likely, overnight due to the system, because she`s a non-violent offender. But, she`s a waste of money, taxpayer`s money.

PINSKY: Yes. I`ll give you that. So, what`s the public to do with this? I mean, what do your readers say about it?

HOWARD: I don`t know. Dr. Drew, what would you do?

PINSKY: What would I do? I would say, Lindsay, please, you`re on a bad course. You`re going to die. You need to go away for a year of treatment. And Lindsay, if you`re listening, listen, I wish no ill --

HOWARD: And throw away the key.

PINSKY: Not throw away the key. She was getting well. I know you were getting sober at one point. I saw some of the interviews that she did, and she was getting sober, and she was talking the talk, walking the - - kind of walking the walk, but she got sucked back into thinking I`m young, I`m entitled to this.

As Robi said, a little rebelliousness kicked in. As opposed to someone who goes away -- it`s like Robert Downey, right? He was in a courtroom in a similar situation.


PINSKY: And he threw himself at the mercy of the court and said, judge, I`m sick. I need help. That`s somebody who`s ready to get well. He went away, disregard, and they gave no further regard to his career. Didn`t think he`d ever come back.

HOWARD: You know who I was most disappointed in today? Was the judge. This was a tough-talking judge who, two weeks ago, laid it down for Lindsay Lohan.

PINSKY: I thought so, yes.

HOWARD: Laid it down.


HOWARD: But today, we called the judge out knowing that she`s not going to spend more than five or six days in jail, possibly less as the sheriff`s department said today, because she said 30 days from today. That`s December 6th. However, she told her that she must complete 12 sessions at the morgue before December 6th.

PINSKY: So, she --

HOWARD: So, the judge knew what was going to happen.

PINSKY: The judge telegraphed that last time she was in court too is there -- she said something about 300 days. What was that? Is that going to be a probation?

HOWARD: That was the full sentence. So, if she violates her probation again, she will be sent to the slammer for 270 days. If I was a betting man, I`d be putting my life savings on it now.

PINSKY: I think it`s a good bet, too, unless, she goes away for treatment. But she can`t go away very far. Probably, she`s stuck in California. If she gets that 270 -- what does she get, 300 days or --

HOWARD: 300 -- 270 days.

PINSKY: 270 days, because she`ll already have served 30.

HOWARD: Correct.

PINSKY: 270 days. So, that would mean what, two nights in jail? Probably two night.

HOWARD: You know, here`s the other interesting point out of today. She doesn`t have to turn up to the slammer for another week, and the reason because, she has to reshoot "playboy" magazine, which she got a million dollars for, and the judge said that she had a contract for that and if she didn`t serve the reshoot (ph) she would breach the contract.

PINSKY: Reminder, everybody. You by buying -- I don`t want to smash "Playboy," but by us participating in consuming this media, whether it`s the Kardashians or Lindsay, in Lindsay`s case we may be contributing to somebody`s demise. So, just think about that. Robi, you agree with me on this? I`ve got less than a minute.

LUDWIG: I do. And I think I went into the wrong profession. Obviously, I went wrong. I`m not getting paid a million dollars for something like that. But no, we should not support Lindsay doing anything that would contribute to her demise at all. And you`re right. This would.

PINSKY: Now, we actually do -- my producers are anxious that I should show you this footage. I don`t know about this, but -- I haven`t seen this footage either, by the way. It`s apparently Lindsay -- oh, it`s probably make me sad. Lindsay over the years here, because she was a really talented actress with a promising career and a beautiful woman, you know, super smart.

And this is what addiction will do to you. It will take you down. And the court system, unfortunately, is not the best way to manage the addictive process. And as always, you have to wait -- you have to wait until somebody is ready to get well. it`s the craziest thing, this disease. We`re all powerless. Even the court`s powerless, Dylan, as what we`re seeing here.

HOWARD: Mm-hmm.

PINSKY: And I just hope and pray one day she, you know, -- and I know it just rips her parents apart. She`s an adult child, though. Not a child. She`s an adult. And I hope she does find some sort of moment of clarity, some sort of moment of change where she will go get what she needs, because it`s going to be a little bit of work.

Dylan, thank you. Robi, thank you.

Up next we`re going to go back to the Kardashians. Now, that she`s headed for divorce court, she and her mom, Kim and her mom, are denying that Kim made any money off the lavish wedding. Dylan, you`re going to have to stay with me and do the accounting on this, will you?

HOWARD: Done it.

PINSKY: OK. We`ll be back. Please stay with us.


KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: Anyone that would, you know, get married for a TV show, it`s just, you know, ridiculous.




DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN: By the way, ladies and gentlemen, thank you so much for tuning in and welcome to our continuing coverage of the Kim Kardashian divorce.

JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE: I hope you recovered from Halloween. It came and went so fast. It`s like a Kardashian marriage this year.


JAY LENO, HOST, THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO: After just 72 days of marriage, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband. Seventy- two days. I was on at 10 o`clock longer than that.


PINSKY: There we are, downtown, live in Los Angeles across the street from the courthouse where closing statements will be heard tomorrow on the Conrad Murray trial. And remind people that if you want any details about that, go to or any of the other stories people are talking about.

And I have a thing up there about this following story, about the Kardashians. My thoughts about it are there. And I will give you my thoughts soon as I have a free moment, which may hopefully be tomorrow to write about the judge who is hell-bent on damaging his 16-year-old daughter. We talked about in the beginning.

That got me so excited but depleted at the beginning of the show. This next round of -- this next topic is probably going to get me going again. What we just saw was some footage of late-night crowd poking fun at Kim Kardashian`s ill-fated marriage to the NBA player, Kris Humphries. Now, it`s bad timing for Kris.

Poor guy is not only facing an NBA lockout, but it appears he`s had a marriage lockout as well. Who writes this stuff? Kim, who says she married for - you, I blame you. There`s a room full of people that I should hold responsible. She said that she married for love, Kim did. It`s taken -- took her roughly 1,700 hours to decide that maybe love wasn`t enough.

She needs to be single again. And, of course, it upset people. It upsets me. It upsets most of us that watched this televised so-called fairytale wedding and making it seem like it maybe was just a publicity stunt. Watch this.


KARDASHIAN: I married for love. Anyone that would, you know, get married for a TV show, it`s just, you know, ridiculous. And it`s just sad that I even have to defend that.


PINSKY: Back with us, psychotherapist, Robi Ludwig, and senior editor of "Star" and Radar Online, Dylan Howard. Now, Dylan, let`s kind of break this down a little bit. I got two questions -- well, let`s do the accounting first.


PINSKY: That`s we promoted. So, Kris Jenner was on the "Today" show today saying -- I think we have some footage of that later. I don`t really want to go to it right now, but she was saying that they didn`t make any money. She made -- maybe, she made a million dollars on the "People" magazine cover but that was spent on the wedding.

HOWARD: Mm-hmm.

PINSKY: And, all the gross overstatements on the value of that 20- carat ring. It`s not $2 million. It`s a measly million-dollar ring. That`s the one that cracked me up. So, do the accounting for me. Did they make money on this wedding or not?

HOWARD: How dumb does Kris Jenner think we are?


HOWARD: She really must --

PINSKY: Because it was all donated, right?

HOWARD: Sure. Well, the gifts --

PINSKY: I don`t want to call her a liar.

HOWARD: $200,000 donation. I`ll call her a liar. She`s a bold-faced liar, because this is what happened.



HOWARD: This is what happened.

PINSKY: What happened?

HOWARD: Now, that wedding cost an estimated $10 million.


HOWARD: All of it was --

PINSKY: Retail.

HOWARD: Retail.

PINSKY: People donated $10 million worth of stuff.

HOWARD: E!, for example, paid a significant portion of that, the network that broadcast the show. They got salaries for that. OK? She could have chosen to have a $5 million wedding, a $1 million wedding, a $100,000 wedding. Instead, she chose to have a $10 million wedding, and she invested the money that she made for that wedding into this giant charade.

Now, if that`s not making money or profiteering, I don`t know what is. It`s disingenuous to suggest, otherwise.

PINSKY: So, even though it may not have been money in cash, it was money in products and money in experience --

HOWARD: Correct.

PINSKY: -- that nobody else could afford to go through.

HOWARD: And, and, it was on her television show. A television show that she derives an income from.

PINSKY: OK. All right. But Robi, what bothers me the most, and hopefully, I can articulate this clearly, Kris -- after I ask this question, I am going to ask the control room to put up that Kris Jenner footage, because she`s on the talk show circuit. And she was saying not about the money -- in fact, Robi, before I go to you, I`ll show this footage.

Not about the money, not about the money, but watch this footage, and out of this, I`ll have my question. Here we go.


KRIS JENNER, KIM KARDASHIAN`S MOTHER: You know, one of the rumors is that we sold the television rights for millions of dollars. Not true. We profited -- you know, or she profited from the wedding. Absolutely false.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So then, they did not make $20 million?

JENNER: Absolutely not

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: For this wedding. How much did they make?

JENNER: They made some money for the pictures that were sold and things like that. But, at the end of the day, that money went towards the wedding and Kim had to pay a great deal of money, you know, at the balance that was owed for the wedding, which she was delighted to do because that was her fairytale wedding.


PINSKY: So, Robi, here`s what bothered me. By making it not about the money, in my opinion, Kris was making it about the money. In other words, in my opinion, she should have gone, look, let`s not talk about the money, let`s talk about two young people that thought they were having a marriage, and the marriage was shattered. They thought they were in love - -

LUDWIG: But did they think?

PINSKY: There was problem and -- that`s my question. You know, I`m concerned that young people are seeing this. It`s becoming about the money or it`s about the fairytale, but it`s about human relationships, and that`s not being discussed and that really bothers me.

LUDWIG: Well, I think the teaching moment here is if you marry the wrong person for the wrong reasons, it does not matter how beautiful the wedding looks, who televises it, what it looks like on the outside. It is not going to work. That is the takeaway here. And yes, I do think Kris Jenner got, somehow, overly invested in the brand.

I`m sure she thought maybe her daughter was happy, and perhaps, her daughter -- you know, it sounds like Kim is a pleaser. Maybe, she felt she was pleasing people, and it was very hard to get out of the wedding once it got started. But she realized pretty quickly the wrong guy, the wrong reasons, that`s not a way to live one`s life. And that`s not really a marriage, so --

PINSKY: But she made a commitment in front of God and everybody and why not try a separation, get some therapist, Dylan -- and by the way, I think -- Robi, hang on a second. I think -- Dylan, I think Robi -- I mean, Kris was actually hurt.

HOWARD: Blindsided. Had no idea it was coming.

PINSKY: No idea.

HOWARD: Had no idea she was filing.

PINSKY: Imagine your wife -- sorry. I`m not into it. That`s awful.

HOWARD: He knew there were problems in the marriage, but Kim gave an interview after that first clip we saw at the start of the segment.

PINSKY: I have 30 seconds to do this.

HOWARD: And she said, I didn`t go to marriage counseling, and I called off the wedding -- called off the marriage because of intuition.

PINSKY: Who said this?

HOWARD: Kim, in a new interview just released in Australia.

PINSKY: Wait, wait, wait, wait. That`s crazy.

HOWARD: She said I didn`t go to marriage counseling. She was asked a question by the seven network in a live interview.

PINSKY: I`ve not heard this yet.

HOWARD: And she said that she didn`t -- she called of the marriage because of intuition.

PINSKY: Oh my goodness. All right. Listen, you`ve got to stay with us because I`ve got a lot more to get into with Dylan and Robi about this. And we`re also going to find out what happened with all the wedding gifts. So, stay with us. You`ll find out.



JENNER: We`re not filming right now. So, it`s a great time. And I, you know, thank goodness this did not happen while we were filming.


PINSKY: So, it seems the honeymoon is, in fact, over as is the marriage. That was Kris Kardashian, Kris Jenner talking about Kim`s impending divorce from Kris Humphries after a mere, what, 72 days of marriage.

So, we have some new -- you told me before the break, some new and astonishing -- it`s like, literally, if the report had been that an angel came down and told her to break up with Kris, it would seem just about as astonishing to me. So read what -- this is from TMZ, right?

HOWARD: Well, no, this was a network interview in Australia.


HOWARD: Morning television.


HOWARD: Just a few hours ago, she was asked the question, did she, quote, "really," end quote work at her 72-day marriage. And this is what she said.

PINSKY: Did she work at it?

HOWARD: Right.

PINSKY: I mean --

HOWARD: Did you really work at it?


HOWARD: Quote, "I think when you know so deep in your heart that you just have to listen to your intuition and follow your heart. There`s no right or wrong thing to do. I didn`t want to disappoint anyone, but I just followed my heart."

PINSKY: OK. Let`s break this down a little bit. Even when you follow your intuition, ladies and gentlemen, there is right and wrong. Let`s be clear. Right and wrong exists. Your intuition, hopefully, will continue to be respectful of what`s right and wrong. And it sounds less like intuition more like just an impulse.


PINSKY: Because intuition would be we have trouble, we need to get help, we need to work on this. Intuition to impulsively terminate a marriage after just a few days --

HOWARD: Well, we saw on the TV show. We saw on the TV show there was trouble even before they got married.

PINSKY: But there are a lot of marriages like that. And making marriage so disposable is what is just really -- that`s a problem in this country. Now, I`m not saying they have to stay together if there are irreconcilable differences. I`m not saying that, but give it a chance. Let`s get a little professional help. How about that?

HOWARD: And this was her second marriage. Move over, Liz Taylor.

PINSKY: And by the way, I think Kris was saying something about how divorce is such a serious thing -- I forget what the quote was, but obviously, this is -- marriage is disposable. It`s a commodity. This whole thing was commoditized. It really is getting rather disgusting.

And then, by the way, speaking of the commodities, all the wedding gifts she got, well, she`s going to give them away. She wants to make it clear to everybody this is not a publicity stunt, that she`s --

HOWARD: Tax write-off.


PINSKY: Dylan bringing reality to bear here for us. She`s going to give them to the Dream Foundation, all of her China and crystal.

HOWARD: She`s giving $200,000. She`s keeping (ph) the gifts.


HOWARD: She`s giving $200,000, which is the tax write-off.

PINSKY: Well, I actually think that`s better, because Dream Foundation is an organization that serves adults with terminal illness. And the last thing -- I have dealt with lots of those sorts of patients over the years. Last thing they need is a napkin holder made out of -- you know what I mean?


PINSKY: But the $200,000 may do some good. So listen. Dylan, thank you. Very interesting.

HOWARD: Thank you.

PINSKY: We`ll bring you back to keep on top of this story. I`ve got a couple of words here before we go, and it relates to the earlier story that I was so upset about in the beginning of the show, the beating of the daughter at the hands of her father. How much time do I actually have for this? I`ve got a lot to say. Can you tell me, guys? How much time? Forty seconds to say this. All right.

I feel like I could talk about this all evening. But, I want you to know that one incident of abuse can have a profound effect. I said this earlier, I want to say this again, on the brain. That is the organ that we are trying to develop in young children to get them to be healthy adults that can regulate their emotions, tolerate relationships, use their intellect.

All of that gets disrupted by abuse. It also disrupts trust. So, to the extent that there`s the ability to repair and the cause and allow for somebody to re-regulate their emotions, they can`t because they don`t trust anybody.

That`s it. I`ve got a lot more to say about this. We`ll continue to cover these stories. Remember,, head over there for more of my thoughts. Thanks for watching. I`ll see you tomorrow.