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New Year's Eve Special

Aired December 31, 2011 - 00:00   ET


KATHY GRIFFIN, CNN HOST: All right, let's --

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: And it is now 2012.

GRIFFIN: Well, let's keep it real.


GRIFFIN: What really happens is you and I --


GRIFFIN: -- turn around and wish we could be with the popular kids because Lady Gaga is making out with Mayor Bloomberg.

COOPER: She danced with Mayor Bloomberg.

GRIFFIN: And then you know who, I'm not going to say his name, but it rhymes with Byan Becrest.


GRIFFIN: It's over there (INAUDIBLE) in jumbotron and then it's you and I just taking -- self-entertaining each other.

COOPER: I would rather be with you than Ryan Seacrest. We had dinner with him the other night. Wasn't that great?

GRIFFIN: And I picked up the tab.

COOPER: No, he picked up the tab, actually.

GRIFFIN: You picked up the tab.

COOPER: I did pick up the tab.


COOPER: He should have picked up the tab. He has more money than anybody.

GRIFFIN: Thank you. Right? He's ridiculous. It's over for him.

COOPER: No. No. He's very nice. Very nice.

GRIFFIN: Did he say -- did he say he's a member of al Qaeda?

COOPER: No, he did not.

GRIFFIN: Are you sure? I thought he said that.

COOPER: There is nothing like being in Times Square right now.

GRIFFIN: But the Lady Gaga moment --

COOPER: At the stroke of midnight.

GRIFFIN: -- was incredible.

COOPER: Well, Lady Gaga looked amazing.



GRIFFIN: Kissed the mayor on the mouth. It's scandal.

COOPER: Did she? I didn't see that part.

GRIFFIN: It was like this. Anderson, not so much tongue. He wasn't ready. First he took my clothes off, practically. Stripped me down to my underwear.

COOPER: I want to know how uncomfortable I just looked?

GRIFFIN: How what?

COOPER: How uncomfortable I just looked?

GRIFFIN: Very. Very. By the way, Mayor Bloomberg, is it me or did he grab Lady Gaga?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: And actually fondled her and --

COOPER: No, I don't think he did any of that.

GRIFFIN: Was that my imagination?

COOPER: You're making that up.

GRIFFIN: Well, what about when they cut away with Justin Bieber. Like really?

COOPER: Well, you know --

GRIFFIN: Is that enough?

COOPER: Let's just take a look at some of the sights and the sounds in Times Square right now. The crowd --

GRIFFIN: I'm wishing you a very Kardashian New Year.

COOPER: A very Kardashian New Year.

GRIFFIN: I really am. And I should as well.

COOPER: I think that Times Square is --

GRIFFIN: By the way, could this be more of a bummer? It's dead people singing. It's four dead people singing.

COOPER: The thing about Times Square clears out about now.


COOPER: People start conveniently leaving. Let's check in with Isha who's down with the crowd. A lot of folks still right around where we are.

Isha, happy new year?

ISHA SESAY, CNN HOST: Happy new year, Anderson. Happy new year, Kathy.

GRIFFIN: Happy new year.

SESAY: It has been quite a party down there on the streets. We still got some crowds. They're still cheering. And great courage as we usher in 2012, let me find out from this lady. She had a good time. It was worth the wait. Some of these people got here at 4:00 p.m. in the afternoon.

Did you have a good time here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. An (INAUDIBLE) time. Happy new year to everyone.

SESAY: And what about you? Did you enjoy -- what was so good about being here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I just liked the ball. It was so exciting. And the concert and all is always amazing.

SESAY: So was it worth it? Was it worth being here all the time?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Once in a lifetime opportunity. Absolutely.

SESAY: You see, you hear that a lot from people. They say it's a once in a lifetime opportunity. They've seen it on the telly, or the telly as we say in England. But they just wanted to see it and experience it themselves. Times Square may be clearing out, but they are still here, still soaking up the atmosphere and having a really great time.

So we're going to carry on, showing you some of the sights, some of the sounds. As people just celebrate being in Times Square, being in New York. There's no other place like it. It really is a truly unique party. A really unique atmosphere.

Anderson and Kathy, I'm going to send it back to you.

COOPER: Isha, thanks very much.

GRIFFIN: I don't know if I should point this out, but what's with the Nivea hats? Are you going to cut it out or --

COOPER: No, they would hand out a lot of promotional stuff.

GRIFFIN: But everyone's new year, now it's Nivea new year's.

COOPER: What? (INAUDIBLE) Nivea new year's.




COOPER: Why would you --

GRIFFIN: I was just asking you if it was a K-Y new year's.

COOPER: No, it's just Nivea --

GRIFFIN: If it's a Nivea --

COOPER: Nivea is the product, I believe.

GRIFFIN: Do you want me to name other products?

COOPER: No, I want you to stop with that. But you know what? We actually have Moscow, how they celebrated new year's in Moscow. Aren't you excited about that?

GRIFFIN: Yes. I'm -- couldn't (INAUDIBLE) the contacts.

COOPER: Let's take a look at new year's in Moscow. We'll be right back.

PHIL BLACK, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Phil Black. And this is Moscow's Red Square where thousands of people have gathered to celebrate 2012 for the Russian people, for their families, this is the most important, the biggest holiday of the year. So they are just seconds away from starting the biggest annual party.

This crowd is getting bigger and louder in this city. Unlike so many others around the world, they do not traditionally count down to midnight. But you can hear they are getting louder. And any second now, we're going to see fireworks blasting over Saint Basil's Cathedral.

Let's just watch and listen to this crowd. There it is. So, Anderson, the fireworks are exploding. This crowd has erupted. Happy new year from the Russian capital.


MOHAMMED JAMJOOM, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Anderson, we're here in Cairo's Tahrir Square. The epicenter of the Egyptian revolution where tonight thousands of people have gathered. This is part celebration, part reflection of the tumultuous year that was.

They're singing. There's candlelight vigils for those who lost their lives during the revolution. Many people here want to show the world that the revolution is still on going. And that despite the challenges they face, they are hopeful for a cheerful and what they're calling a liberated 2012.

It's just now passed midnight here in Cairo. The crowd is cheering.

Happy new year, Anderson. Back to you.

COOPER: And that was new year's from Mohammed Jamjoom. Happy new year at the CNN Cairo. Happy new year, Mohammed. And got a little champagne?

GRIFFIN: That's right. Cheers to you, Anderson.

COOPER: Happy new year. Yes. Don't drink it all.

GRIFFIN: I don't drink.

COOPER: You're pretending.

GRIFFIN: Hollywood drinking. I mean --


GRIFFIN: What do you think Lindsey Lohan is doing right now?

COOPER: I don't know, what do you think she's doing?

GRIFFIN: A lot of this.


GRIFFIN: I think she might be doing a lot of this.

COOPER: I don't think so.

GRIFFIN: She's not doing her one-nighter in Dubai. Did you hear that?

COOPER: She's what?

GRIFFIN: She got offered a lot of money to go to --

COOPER: What's a one-nighter in Dubai? What do you do on a one- night --

GRIFFIN: Oh my gosh. You know what? Honestly, I can't work like this anymore. You have to be professional one day a year. It's when you -- like, you know how you get, like, 200,000 bucks to open a nightclub?

COOPER: People really get $200,000 to open a nightclub? Is that how --


COOPER: Is that how the Kardashians make money?

GRIFFIN: That's how the Kardashians make momey. And that's why that Chris Humphries is an innocent victim of blind justice.


GRIFFIN: So yes, so Lindsay got an offer to do some big one- nighter in Dubai and decided not to because it would --

COOPER: It sounds so shady, a one-nighter in Dubai. That is not --

GRIFFIN: Well, we should do that. Why can't we do stuff like that?

COOPER: You want to -- you want to end up in a one-nighter in Dubai?

GRIFFIN: Well, you think of Syria. Like you sure --

COOPER: Tell me -- yes, I bet you've had a one-night stand in Dubai from time to time.

GRIFFIN: I've had one-night stands as often as possible. As many times as possible. I'm all for it. You know, safe, don't get me wrong, kids. I'm a role model. And an occasional au pair on the weekends. I'm all about the one-nighter. You know, I like to share it, right? Bottom's up. I'm really fake drinking.

COOPER: I know, and you're even fake going, hmmm.

GRIFFIN: When's the last time you had a one-nighter?


COOPER: I'm too old for that sort of thing.

GRIFFIN: Did you feel great? Do you want to do it tonight?


GRIFFIN: Because there might be something special in your drink, Anderson. And if there's a powdery substance --

COOPER: Because I know how this --

GRIFFIN: Just go with it. It's vitamins.

COOPER: I know how this night is going to end for you. This night is going to end for you walking the streets of New York looking for donuts. That's how it's going to end.

GRIFFIN: That's true. OK.

COOPER: It's true.

GRIFFIN: But tell me what happened last year. Last year, he came back to my hotel room.

COOPER: I did.

GRIFFIN: Because we're good friends and we partied. He got bored in 15 minutes.

COOPER: It's true.

GRIFFIN: Acted like he got a text and then left. How could I not be his most exciting friend? I mean seriously.

COOPER: I think I had to find 15 minutes because I had to find a cab or a car. It was tough.

GRIFFIN: Absolutely. But he was like yes, let's go party in your room. We go back and he's -- on the floor.

COOPER: Yes -- no, I believe it was -- I believe it was more like, oh, please, come back, partying, you know, hang out in my room. We'll order pizza and donuts.

GRIFFIN: I think party is having a couple of donuts and then talking about the Jolie-Pitts. But this one doesn't agree. How long do I have before this year? Like, seven or eight minutes?

COOPER: I don't know. I don't know. I'm for --

GRIFFIN: But wait, what -- America --

COOPER: By the way, we're like the only ones left standing. We are like the last --

GRIFFIN: Well, where do you want to go after this?

COOPER: Where we always end up, in your hotel room. New York is tough on new year's eve.

GRIFFIN: But can we at least get a pizza and eat something?

COOPER: I'd have a pizza.

GRIFFIN: But is it -- can we -- a pizza too much of a commitment for you because that means we'd have to, like, wait 40 minutes for it. And then we get --

COOPER: You know, we're actually on TV. You know this is actually going to be broadcast.

GRIFFIN: Oh, yes.

COOPER: Yes. Let's check in with --

GRIFFIN: I miss John Zarrella. I do.

COOPER: Can we check in with John Zarrella? Let's check in with John Zarrella in Key West, Florida.

John, did all go according to plan there?

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, Anderson, Kathy. You know there's just something about a drag queen, dropping in a red stiletto that makes new year's eve special. It went off without a hitch. We've got the video to show Sushi came down, shaking that bottle of champagne on all the revelers as she descended in the shoe. No hiccups, no hang ups this year. The shoe came down flawlessly. Sushi came down flawlessly and is in one piece.

Sushi, this is 15 years now, right, you've been doing this?

SUSHI: It's been 15 year in the shoe. But you know what, I am so proud that we're celebrating our 100th anniversary of the (INAUDIBLE).

ZARRELLA: And your dress is -- was on fire, right?


ZARRELLA: And you did -- you made this yourself?

SUSHI: I made it myself. But you know what, I want to say to Anderson and Kathy -- Kathy, I love you. Honey, I met you at Cher's last concert in Las Vegas. It was so nice to you to look at me and say hey, that's my Sushi.

And Anderson, I've said this 10 years ago on the air.

GRIFFIN: True, I did.

SUSHI: You are the sexiest man on television news.

ZARRELLA: She said that to -- Sushi, you've said that to me before.

COOPER: Thank you very much.

SUSHI: I know.


(CROSSTALK) GRIFFIN: Sushi is awesome.

COOPER: Sushi, congratulations on your 15th anniversary doing this.

John Zarrella, how many years have you been doing this event?

ZARRELLA: Ten years now, Anderson. This is 10 years we've been doing this. And Joey has been running this and putting on the show.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I hope to be next to Anderson one day.

ZARRELLA: Exactly. Exactly. And a shout-out to Randy's mom in Dell Ray, right, Randy?

RANDY: Thanks, John. Hi, everybody. Hi, mom. Happy new year.

ZARRELLA: Happy new year from here in Key West. And back to you. We're going to keep partying here, Anderson, Kathy.

COOPER: All right, John, thanks. Actually one of my favorite moments with John was looking up earlier and seeing your cameraman doing love shots earlier. It was one of my favorite moments.

GRIFFIN: What I like is that you're bragging about doing it for 10 years, still as smooth. Still as smooth since the day it started. Very smooth.

COOPER: That's what I like about it. That it's all --

GRIFFIN: That's the whole night. People think -- this is not a shift. We don't know what's going to happen.

COOPER: No. We're not like the Seacrest productions. We don't have a big team.

GRIFFIN: OK. Should we just talk about that dinner?

COOPER: We are a hearty band of folks.

GRIFFIN: We had dinner with Ryan Seacrest the other night, and I'm telling you he was on a spy mission to try and --

COOPER: She's convinced Ryan Seacrest is trying to kill her.

GRIFFIN: He's trying to kill me. I believe he's trying to kill me.

COOPER: Yes, she really believes that.

GRIFFIN: I mean, he's going to assassinate me.

COOPER: She really believes --

GRIFFIN: I like (INAUDIBLE) a little bit.

COOPER: -- that he is out --

GRIFFIN: I was so angry.

COOPER: He doesn't care about you. He's won. He's won.

GRIFFIN: No, he and Oprah are trying to kill me. And you're all in that camp.

COOPER: He's won. They don't care about you.

GRIFFIN: It is naive. You actually think these people want to be your friend.

COOPER: No, I don't think they care any -- one way or the other.

GRIFFIN: Like yesterday's garbage.


COOPER: She really thinks they're trying to kill her.

GRIFFIN: Wait, we're not still on TV, right?


COOPER: We're still on TV.


COOPER: Let's check in with Brook Baldwin in Nashville.

Brooke, how was it there?

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, happy birthday. Happy new year. Happy new year to all of you on the East Coast. But guess what? We're just getting started here in Nashville. How do I know? I don't know if you can hear them over me. Lynyrd Skynrd has now taken the stage. Legendary. Southern rock band. So we're just getting going.

Quick difference. You all saw the ball drop way up there behind me. That's the music note. This is the music note. This is the bash on Broadway here in Nashville. We have huge surprises coming for you. We're going to take over the show from Nashville, Tennessee. In 15 minutes, we're going to ring in the new year with the music note and all kinds of fireworks and a live performance by a mega band. We're interrupting their live show to bring it to you live here on CNN.

Kathy, Anderson, back out to you in New York.

COOPER: All right. Cool. Thanks so much. I didn't know that your child is here.

GRIFFIN: Excuse me?

COOPER: That your child is here. There's a child on the stage. GRIFFIN: If I have even one egg left, I'll be upset.


GRIFFIN: So, yes -- oh, you mean my love child with Justin Bieber? Yes, I have a secret, America, and globe. I do. I have a baby because I was born to raise children and teach them how to swear from a young age. Really infancy.


GRIFFIN: And blaspheme.

COOPER: And blaspheme.


COOPER: So, for you, what has been the highlight of new year's eve tonight?

GRIFFIN: Beside meeting David Gergen over the phone which is he didn't have to do?

COOPER: Meeting David Gergen. Kelly Ripa called in. That was very sweet of her.

GRIFFIN: Rips called which is awesome.

COOPER: And you stripped down.


COOPER: Which I'm already getting nervous e-mail from the PR department.

GRIFFIN: OK, well, first of all, let's just tell them what happened. So how does this usually work? I do something, you say something.

COOPER: It's -- honestly this is about --

GRIFFIN: Then he turns away and I see the phone up like this.

COOPER: Right. Yes. This is usually the time I start to get e- mails from, like, PR people --

GRIFFIN: I'm not apologizing.

COOPER: Or like management saying --

GRIFFIN: Let me just say, when CNN issues the apology, they're on their own. And you better not apologize. You better not throw me under the bus like Ryan Seacrest.

COOPER: A lot of e-mails. Yes, there's already a lot of e- mails. GRIFFIN: But you know what's weird? Ryan Seacrest gave me $50,000 to do that.

COOPER: Should we make a comment -- Ryan Seacrest. So why do you believe Ryan Seacrest is trying to kill you? I mean why would he --

GRIFFIN: I believe that Ryan Seacrest is -- he started out as a harmless DJ in Atlanta, and now he's taken over the world. And he's hoisted the Kardashian on us and we have no choice. It's not unlike an Abu Ghraib prison situation, I feel. And we have been emotionally waterboarded by him and it's got to -- it's got to end at some point. And what's weird is that's what he was saying to me earlier in the car on my ride here.

COOPER: That's not -- I know, I have nothing against Ryan Seacrest.

GRIFFIN: I said --


COOPER: He seems like a very nice guy and he's achieved a lot, and I owe a lot of respect for it.

GRIFFIN: Really? Why don't you tell them about the e-mail that you got from him today.


COOPER: Oh, cheese. Talking about it.

GRIFFIN: Go ahead.



COOPER: Oh no. See, I've had one glass of champagne.

GRIFFIN: I got you, Coops.

COOPER: I got to fake drink like you.

GRIFFIN: I gotcha.



GRIFFIN: It wasn't just an e-mail. It was the e-mail exchange.

COOPER: You want me to go there?

GRIFFIN: Between you and Ryan Seacrest.

COOPER: I'll bring up Piers Morgan. I'll bring up Piers Morgan.

GRIFFIN: You're going to throw out of Morgan for my Seacrest?

COOPER: Yes, yes, yes.

GRIFFIN: OK, well --

COOPER: If you raise me a Seacrest, I'll give you a Morgan.

GRIFFIN: Look, if you unleash the --


GRIFFIN: You just tell me, because I would like to -- you just give me the word. And I will unleash.

COOPER: We've got to take a quick break. We'll have more coming up.

GRIFFIN: I like breakfast. I mean really?


COOPER: Those were the Wisconsin Badgers cheerleaders.

GRIFFIN: I've been called a Wisconsin Badger.

COOPER: Have you?

GRIFFIN: In the sack.

COOPER: Sweetie, if that's all you've been called, I --

GRIFFIN: It's a good night for me.

COOPER: That's a scar. I think that you're --

GRIFFIN: Are we going to get sweetie already?



GRIFFIN: I've been half naked. I'm going to be called sweetie?

COOPER: This is the time of the night where trouble happens. Where, like, the crowds are rowdy, you start yelling at them.

GRIFFIN: We've got to just change them.

COOPER: So we got to -- we got to just keep it going.

GRIFFIN: All right. We're going to keep the train moving.

COOPER: It's been fine so far. But you better -- by the way, Kathy -- (CROSSTALK)

GRIFFIN: Shall we go live? Shall we go --

COOPER: Let me just tell you a little -- just a little thing I've learned about this little lady here.


COOPER: She claims to be, you know, a woman of the people and all of this stuff. She actually referenced -- we were talking about cars one time -- she actually referenced a Mercedes, a Mercedes car as what did you call it? A mid-level car?

GRIFFIN: No, I was with your very own Jack Grey and he had rented a Mercedes to be --


COOPER: How can you rent a Mercedes?

GRIFFIN: It cost a lot of money and then when I had to drive it, I said I haven't driven a mid-level car in a while since I was (INAUDIBLE). I -- maybe I wasn't kidding?

COOPER: What do you drive?

GRIFFIN: I have a Maserati?

COOPER: A what?

GRIFFIN: Maserati.

COOPER: Are you serious?

GRIFFIN: Yes, what do you have?

COOPER: Like I've got a BMW which is very nice and I'm very happy with.



GRIFFIN: Starter car. People still drive BMWs?

COOPER: How can you even afford a Maserati?

GRIFFIN: It's -- you know, I get paid lots of --


COOPER: If you're doing two shows a night in Wichita --

GRIFFIN: If I'm doing (INAUDIBLE), believe me, that car pays for itself. (LAUGHTER)

GRIFFIN: All right, it's time --

COOPER: Right. You've got a lot of jokes I know you've worked on. All right. Let's just go.

GRIFFIN: Let's go to the interpreter.


GRIFFIN: We're going to go to the interpreter.

COOPER: What's the interpreter?

GRIFFIN: For the hearing impaired.

COOPER: What are you talking about?

GRIFFIN: All right. Now let's play -- this is just --

COOPER: That's what you've been working on. That's what you've got? No, no, no, it's good. It's good.

COOPER: Let's play Wolf for not Wolf.


GRIFFIN: I'm going to read actually quotes.


GRIFFIN: You're going to tell me if Wolf Blitzer said them or not.


GRIFFIN: All right. Here's the first one. I'm always listening and watching. My ear is like a boom mike?

COOPER: I don't believe Wolf Blitzer said that.

GRIFFIN: No, that was Kathy Griffin. On behalf of Eminem and everyone else, thank you.

COOPER: I believe Wolf Blitzer might have said that.

GRIFFIN: Wolf Blitzer did say that. "I've never done Botox in my life."

COOPER: Well, that's certainly not you.



GRIFFIN: Whenever I can. But that was said by your new favorite best friend, Ryan Seacrest.


GRIFFIN: Really? You really think that Ryan Seacrest hasn't done Botox?

COOPER: I have no idea.

GRIFFIN: I mean, where's the --


COOPER: He's like just 30 something years old. Why would -- why would he -- would he need --

GRIFFIN: Thirty-seven.

COOPER: No, he's 30 something.

GRIFFIN: He probably changed (INAUDIBLE), like he's probably something with a good hack. Look, I don't believe magic bullet. All right.

COOPER: I think you do this (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: Like Lady Gaga claw. I feel like we're friends because I was sort of near her. "You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I grew up with soul train."

COOPER: Wolf Blitzer.

GRIFFIN: You really.

COOPER: Wolf Blitzer was in a band called --

GRIFFIN: He did the dougie.

COOPER: Called the Monkeys before there was an actual Monkeys Band.

GRIFFIN: Did you used to watch the Monkeys?

COOPER: I did. Yes.

GRIFFIN: When we sleep together, can we have our names above on the headboard like in the Monkeys?

COOPER: Is that -- I don't remember them on the Monkeys.

GRIFFIN: Oh, boy.


GRIFFIN: OK. So do you know which topic they covered in the "Very Special Kendra"?

COOPER: Which topic they covered --

GRIFFIN: What is your favorite episode of "Kendra."

COOPER: I've watched a lot of episodes of "Kendra" actually.

GRIFFIN: You have?

COOPER: Yes. And I've actually met Kendra. Yes. I know.

GRIFFIN: OK, this went out the window.

COOPER: There's a -- yes.

GRIFFIN: Because I thought he was going to --

COOPER: No, no.

GRIFFIN: I read books. I don't watch "Kendra."

COOPER: Well, I read books, as well. But it's been a while. But -- and I actually met Kendra in Toronto once. Anyway --


COOPER: But it doesn't matter. No one cares.

GRIFFIN: I kind of want to know what you talked to Kendra about. She's a Playmate and a Centerfold.

COOPER: We -- yes, I know. She -- I know she giggles a lot. She has that very distinctive laugh.

GRIFFIN: So do you. She sounds like you, frankly.


GRIFFIN: You and Kendra have more in common than you think.


GRIFFIN: Oh, OK, so this is what I'm -- you know I watch CNN all of the time.


GRIFFIN: How can you explain --

COOPER: You and Jane Velez-Mitchell.

GRIFFIN: Jane Velez-Mitchell, I'm filled with outrage if Nancy Grace is going to cover the case, I will, because I've just had it. I'm not going to take anymore blind justice. I've had it because I'm up to here with this kind of nonsense. I'm Jane Velez-Mitchell.

She talks like a morning zoo DJ. I love her.

COOPER: Yes. I know you -- and you watch her? You watch Nancy Grace.

GRIFFIN: Nancy Grace. I watch Dr. Drew, all of the real shows.

COOPER: Right.

GRIFFIN: OK, so you can you explain why one of the sponsors of this show is Christian Mingle?

COOPER: I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Can I hear your profile? I don't know --

GRIFFIN: Because I know you're on Christian Mingle.

COOPER: I don't know what that is.

GRIFFIN: It's a dating Web site for Christians and people that love Christians.


GRIFFIN: And want to sleep with Christians.


GRIFFIN: But specifically, they want to have sex.

COOPER: OK, let's move on.

GRIFFIN: Christian. Like Christian sex, which is nothing totter.

COOPER: Let's move on.

GRIFFIN: I don't get it. Uh-oh, somebody just took off their headset. That's always a bad sign when somebody in an authority position just goes like this. I'm out.

COOPER: OK, I'm waiting. Bring it on. Keep going.

GRIFFIN: OK. I wanted to congratulate you for being the cast member on next year's "Celebrity Apprentice."


GRIFFIN: Which --

COOPER: That hurts a little. Hurts a little.

GRIFFIN: With Jean Casarez.

COOPER: Have you been on "Celebrity Apprentice" by the way?

GRIFFIN: As a matter of fact, I have not been a contestant but I've been, like, part of the challenges.


GRIFFIN: No, I know it's dreadful.

COOPER: Well, no, that's not sad.

GRIFFIN: No, but I did one with Liza, which is fancy.

COOPER: OK. All right.

GRIFFIN: OK, I would like you to say happy new year in five foreign languages. Go.

COOPER: I cannot do that.

GRIFFIN: Number two --

COOPER: I used to be able to say no problem in, like, five languages. But I don't think I can --

GRIFFIN: No problemo, really?

COOPER: Yes. Yes. No, like (speaking in foreign language).

GRIFFIN: How is your ear do?

COOPER: My ear do? I don't speak ear do.

GRIFFIN: Can you spell Abbottabad?

COOPER: Yes, I could actually.

GRIFFIN: What historic thing happened in Abbottabad?

COOPER: The capture of bin Laden and the killing of bin Laden.

GRIFFIN: You should (INAUDIBLE) for a news channel. Can you spell it, though?

COOPER: A-V -- you know, no one cares.

GRIFFIN: I know.

COOPER: I know. No one cares.

GRIFFIN: What do you think of the Jesse James-Kat Von D break- up?

COOPER: I have no opinion. I really -- I saw him --

GRIFFIN: You don't think --


COOPER: I saw him on some TV show and I've got to say he seemed like kind of a jerk.

GRIFFIN: I don't like that -- have that much --

COOPER: I don't know, but I don't believe -- he just seemed like kind of a jerk.

GRIFFIN: Do you think the picture --

COOPER: He was saying things about -- who's the woman --

GRIFFIN: You don't think he's not issue?

COOPER: Who was the woman he was involved with? Sandra Bullock? Was it?

GRIFFIN: Michelle -- well, he was married to Sandra Bullock.

COOPER: OK. Sandra Bullock.


COOPER: He was like dropping all of these, like, stupid things. He was saying, like, well, she's an actress, isn't she? Like --

GRIFFIN: No, he did bad interviews.

COOPER: He seems like not a nice guy.

GRIFFIN: OK. So a Nazi is off the list for you?

COOPER: I don't know if he's -- I don't judge -- I'm not going to -- that's an easy attack.

GRIFFIN: Did you see the "Virgin Diaries" on TLC? OK. So get this.

COOPER: No, but I've seen the ad for it, where they're making out.

GRIFFIN: Right where they kiss?


GRIFFIN: Can we do an impression of it?


GRIFFIN: Let's do --


GRIFFIN: We're not going to really -- I'm just saying --


GRIFFIN: But do you remember this kiss?

COOPER: Yes, I do. That's how it was. GRIFFIN: That's what I'm saying.

COOPER: It was like --

GRIFFIN: The virgins who have diaries.

COOPER: Yes, they've never kissed before. Right. And they were like licking each other's face.

GRIFFIN: So they're first -- it was extremely --

COOPER: We've got some Twitter expressions, I'm told. Some questions on Facebook and Twitter.

GRIFFIN: Are you hoping this Twitter question?

COOPER: No. Thank you to everyone who has sent them in. Here's a question from @61penguin on Twitter. We need to repeat all that stuff. Besides New York, where is the best place to spend NYE -- wow, a crowd. Where is the best place to spend NYE and who to be with?

GRIFFIN: I'm just going to say -- but let's be honest. The reason they're waving is --

COOPER: They want you to yell something obscene at them.

GRIFFIN: No, everyone else is gone.

COOPER: Well, everyone else is gone and we're the last people standing. So they're all --

GRIFFIN: We're it.

COOPER: You guys are all --


GRIFFIN: Hi, everybody.

COOPER: Thank you.

GRIFFIN: Suck it.

COOPER: OK, so I lost that question. So @MEK215 posted a question on Twitter, what is your new year's wish for each other? Wow.


COOPER: What is your wish for me?

GRIFFIN: I wouldn't change a hair on your head. I would change your personality and your soul from the inside out. Other than that I'm fine with who you are.

COOPER: My wish for you is that you keep earning that money so you can keep driving that Quadro Forte.

GRIFFIN: The car is really bothering you.

COOPER: It's bothering me.

GRIFFIN: You can't even --

COOPER: I can't let it go.

GRIFFIN: You can't stand it that I have a cooler car than you.

COOPER: I don't even pretend to have a cool car. But maybe if you have such an expensive car, why would you spend so much money on a car? It seems crazy.

GRIFFIN: It's a message. It says I've accomplished something. It's for all those girls at --

COOPER: Really? You need a car to tell you you've --

GRIFFIN: -- Illinois that kicked my butt at lunch and the nuns didn't even help. Let me just say. Those nuns walked right by.


COOPER: Wow, there's --

GRIFFIN: I'm fine.

COOPER: There's a lot going on.


GRIFFIN: I'm totally fine. You're the one who's crazy.

COOPER: There's a lot going on in that car.

GRIFFIN: America.

COOPER: Lot going on in that.

GRIFFIN: I know. You want to ride in the car? I'll take you for a spin. It's exciting.

COOPER: I think we're about done?


COOPER: Look, I see --

GRIFFIN: No, we can't -- wait, are they actually just turning the lights off?

COOPER: They did really turn --

(LAUGHTER) COOPER: They're literally turning off the lights here.


COOPER: But our coverage is going to continue with Brooke Baldwin who's (INAUDIBLE) now. So I want to thank you again.

GRIFFIN: I adore you, Anderson Cooper.

COOPER: Thank you. I don't think you got me fired. I hope. No, no, no. Everyone --

GRIFFIN: Wait, you actually tried to cover, like, my mouth.


GRIFFIN: And you tried to physically pull me at the same time.

COOPER: Yes. I'm ready to -- I'm ready to embrace you to me.

GRIFFIN: Because you don't know --

COOPER: If you say something.


COOPER: No, there's no time.


COOPER: Thank you, it was fun.

GRIFFIN: Thank you, I adore you.

COOPER: And I hope everyone out there has a happy and healthy new year with much health and happiness.

GRIFFIN: Yes. And seriously, come see me this weekend in Grand Prix, Texas, Austin.

COOPER: Really? Really?

GRIFFIN: And New Orleans. Go to for tour dates.

COOPER: We're going to go there. Really?

GRIFFIN: I'll tell you what really happened --

COOPER: I'm trying to elevate it and she's bringing it down.

GRIFFIN: I want peace on earth.

COOPER: She's bringing it down.

Brooke, let's take it away. Your coverage in Nashville. Brooke, happy new year.

GRIFFIN: Happy new year, Brooke.

BALDWIN: Hey, Anderson and Kathy. Happy new year to you both. They may be turning the lights out on you guys. They're turning the lights up here in Nashville. We're -- bash on Broadway where we're taking you now. We're taking over here and the Bash on Broadway in Nashville, Tennessee.

This is the music drop. The crowd is going wild. Legendary southern rockers, I don't know if you can hear them, Lynrd Skynrd on the stage behind me. We're going to ring in the new year Nashville style. T minus 30 minutes, we're taking you through live.

Take a look at this crowd. It is tremendous. Nashville, thank you for very having CNN. We're going to get a quick break in. Total transparency here. We're about to do something on CNN we've never done before. The Zac Brown Band in the middle of a sold-out concert right now in Atlanta. They're going to take a pause because they're going to talk to me and to you.

Keep tweeting, hash tag CNNNYE, we're back after this.


BALDWIN: And welcome back. We are live here at the Bash on Broadway. Welcome to Nashville, Tennessee, where it's just about to be new year's in less than 30 minutes. We're going to ring it in Nashville, southern style. We've got the music note up above me. You're going to see fireworks, glitter, confetti. And, of course, we're music city. So just behind me, none other than the legendary, they've been rocking, in some iteration.

These guys behind me, Lynyrd Skynrd. So we take a look at Lynyrd Skynrd, you take a look at the crowd. We have an extra special surprise that we are pulling off just for you on this new year's. Standing by live in a packed and sold out arena. Zac Brown standing by. Awesome meeting (INAUDIBLE). Happy almost new year. Happy new year to you. This is amazing. Really cool the song.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Happy new year. How are you all doing? We're in Atlanta, Georgia, coming to (INAUDIBLE). I lost her, hang on.




BALDWIN: That's amazing. Listen to that crowd. Listen to that crowd. That is an amazing crowd in Atlanta. I mean, for those people to be able to ring in the new year with you. And for you, Zac Brown, to stop your show to talk to us live on CNN around the world on CNN, I guess it goes to (INAUDIBLE) should say thank you first and foremost. All right. Take a listen. Lynyrd Skynrd as we try to get Zac Brown up and out. Lynyrd Skynrd playing live here, the Bash on Broadway, New Year's Eve. We're rolling it in Nashville style.


BALDWIN: Talk, talk, one, two, three, check, check, check.

All right, live in Nashville, you know the song. "Sweet Home, Alabama," Lynrd Skynrd, keep listening.


BALDWIN: There you go, Lynyrd Skynrd, "Sweet Home, Alabama." We are live with the Bash on Broadway. We are just about 10 minutes away from new year's. Right over my shoulder, there is a massive music note. That music note will be dropping and we're going to ring in the new year here. Fireworks, the whole shebang.

But before we do that, I want to go back to New York. My friend Gary Tuchman has been doing this now for five years, alongside his daughter, running in Central Park.

Gary, my hat is off to you, friend, ringing in the new year running. Not me, but you. How are you?

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Brooke, it's great to be here. And the reason we're not running now, we're having some technical problems with our very extravagant signal which works every year but not well this, when we move, so we stopped so you can see us.

We're having a great time. My daughter is Samantha, 14 years old, she's run with me now for four years. I love having her with me. She's number 2011, I'm 2012. We're honored to get these numbers from Mary Wittenberg, the head of the New York Road Runners, the organization that's New York City city (INAUDIBLE). How is the race going so far today?

MARY WITTENBERG, NEW YORK ROAD RUNNERS: Oh, phenomenal. This is such a great way to start the new year. That's what we do. We're here to help everyone start with the right foot.

TUCHMAN: I mean this is the largest turnout I've seen in my five years. There are thousands of people running in Central Park. It's started at the stroke of midnight. Firework, festivities, and behind me, the Dashing Whippets Running Club.


TUCHMAN: They've run in races all over the New York area. The reason I want to feature them is because they have two very special people. They have one guy whose birthday is today.

Jeremy, first, where is he? Here. He's the king because it's his birthday. He's, what, 83 years old today?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm 84 actually.

TUCHMAN: He's actually 34 but tell me your name again?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: My name is Wongee Gatahi (ph).

TUCHMAN: Everyone ignores his birthday, January 1st, you see, but we are telling the whole world about it because this is all over the world. Happy birthday to you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Thank you so much.

TUCHMAN: And one other person you're celebrating, a man going back to Finland tomorrow. He's Finnish and he's going to finish the race. Get the joke?



TUCHMAN: OK. I know, we stopped. We're just shy of the finish line now. But have a good trip back to Finland. Did you have fun in New York City running this race?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Definite. Yes. This is a nice race. Yes.

TUCHMAN: A great way to celebrate new year's 2012 in Central Park.

My friend, Brooke, back to you.

BALDWIN: Gary Tuchman, apparently having technical problems and not running. Yes, I guess I'll buy that one, Gary Tuchman. Enjoy the rest of your run and thanks to you and your daughter, as well.

Hey, listen, back here live in Nashville, I'm sure you're watching earlier there was a bit of a scuffle with the Green Goblin and Spider-man. If you missed this, watch this.

Anderson Cooper, Green Goblin, take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He is the one, the only, Anderson Cooper. How are you doing, Anderson? Are you having a good time?

COOPER: Do I look like I'm having a good time? What are you doing?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I'm about to make you a star, pretty boy. I'm going to turn you into the first freak newscaster so that you can anchor my newly incorporated WWFN.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Worldwide Freak Network. You're going to bigger than Blitzer. COOPER: Bigger than Wolf Blitzer? No, that's crazy. I'm not going to work for your stupid network.





UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You'll be my co-anchor.

COOPER: I don't want another co-anchor. I've got to deal with Kathy Griffin, she's bad enough.


COOPER: Are you insane?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do I look insane?

COOPER: Yes. Yes, you kind of do.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, yes, but only in the best sense.

COOPER: I'm not going to work for your network. CNN would sue me for breech of contract. They'd sue you, too.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Oh, I am so scared.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You should be scared, Goblin. It's Spidey time. Sorry it took me so long. Times Square was a zoo.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Spiderman. You missed me, you Spider bad joke.

COOPER: You've got to get some better lines, Goblin.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, we'll see about that, news boy. You'll be singing a different tune when you're all beautiful like me.

COOPER: Spider-man, would you mind hurrying up a bit?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, no problem. Got you covered. You, too, Goblin.

COOPER: Thanks, Spider-man. I don't care what they say. You're the New York hero.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Doing my job, Mr. Cooper, like you. Which reminds me, keep it a hurry, need you back in Times Square.

COOPER: Later, Spider-man.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Later. Looks like another win for your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not so fast, Spider boy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not if I can help it, Goblin. No party for New York.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Not if I can help it, Goblin.

GRIFFIN: I'm giving you the slow clap. I'm giving you it's the end of every high school football movie where the guy with one leg comes out and gets a touchdown.


BALDWIN: Only on CNN for new year's do you get a little Spidey action with the Green Goblin and Anderson and Kathy.

Hey, we're back out here in Nashville. I'm being told we're just about five minutes away from that big music note from dropping down. We got the fireworks, the whole deal. Stick with us. It is almost new year here. We will be right back.

There you go, Lynyrd Skynrd, live Bash on Broadway.


BALDWIN: They are counting down behind me from the stage here at the Bash on Broadway in Nashville. Take a look at these people behind me. They're psyched, 90 seconds away. Take a look, you can see this 15-foot tall music notes as the music drop here in Nashville. And this is Joy.

And hey, Joy, because not only is it about to be the new year, it's about to be your --

JOY: Birthday.

BALDWIN: So happy birthday.

JOY: Thank you so much.

BALDWIN: Tell me what it's like. Why come out here? Why is it so special to ring in the new year in Nashville?

JOY: Because Nashville is awesome. It's the only place to ring in new year's.

BALDWIN: What's so special about it?

JOY: Everybody. Everything. There's nothing that's not special about Nashville.

BALDWIN: Last question, before we take a look at this (INAUDIBLE).

JOY: Yes. BALDWIN: What is it?

JOY: To live life by the fullest. To live life by the fullest.

BALDWIN: Joy, thank you. Why don't we take a look at this, all of us, live? Twenty seconds until midnight. Watch.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody, join in on 10. Here we go. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Happy new year!