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Second Suspect Arrested in Manhattan Madam Case

Aired March 14, 2012 - 19:00   ET


JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HOST: I`m Jane Velez-Mitchell, coming to you live from New York City.

New developments in the soccer mom madam case. You`ve got this stunning woman, who was flown in from foreign soil, and she is cuffed and hauled before a judge. And she is accused of being the alleged soccer madam`s second in command. The latest next.


VELEZ-MITCHELL (voice-over): Tonight, the second woman cops say worked along the accused Manhattan madam in a high-priced prostitution ring finally turns herself in. The 30-year-old beauty says she`s not guilty of promoting prostitution. She`s just a matchmaker. We`ll investigate.

Then two star witnesses take the stand in the DUI manslaughter trial of a multimillionaire polo mogul. One woman claims she saw the shaken socialite, John Goodman, shortly after he crashed his Bentley and he admitted to her he`d been drinking. The other witness, his 42-year-old girlfriend, who he adopted, allegedly to protect his mega fortune. We`ll tell you what she had to say.

And just when we thought Lindsay Lohan had put her troubles behind her, new reports claim she was involved in a hit-and-run. Lindsay, why were you out so late at that Hollywood hot spot? We`ll hear what LiLo has to say, and we`re taking your calls.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A second woman has been charged in what authorities say was a multi-million-dollar prostitution ring. It was ran out of a Manhattan apartment, Upper East Side.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Authorities say she was working, this accused madam. Anna Gristina, the mother of four, accused of running a high-end prostitution service.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: A mother of four, accused of running a multi-million dollar brothel. There seems to be more secrets spilling now than when it first broke. We`re trying to uncover the real facts tonight.

And then there were two. Tonight, a second alleged madam has turned herself in to cops in Manhattan. But when you see this woman`s perp walk you will think you`re at Fashion Week not at the criminal courthouse.

Here she is, 30-year-old Jaynie Mae Baker, and everybody agrees tonight, she`s a looker, wearing tailored preppy clothing. Cops paraded this beauty for a gauntlet of camera to her first court appearance today. Now, does she look like a madam to you or a school teacher?

Baker`s attorney insists Jaynie did not flee to beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, but was vacationing there and returned voluntarily to New York City to turn herself in.

However, prosecutors suggested today she went to Mexico after news of her indictment had already broken. So was the stunning woman on the lam?

Cops say Baker and 44-year-old wife and mother of four Anna Gristina operated a $2,000-a-romp call girl ring out of a very unassuming Upper East Side apartment building. There it is.

But inside this -- the photos tell a different story. In fact, cops found a drawer full of condoms and lubricant and a bed.

Jaynie Mae Baker`s attorney insists she is a legitimate dating service matchmaker, and say she`s a wonderful woman who volunteers at soup kitchens and helps the poor in India. A regular Mother Teresa she is, according to her attorney.

Now, the attorney for Anna Gristina, the other alleged madam, is so sure his client is innocent he says she could move in with him if she ever got out of jail.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`ve interviewed her extensively. I`ve met with her family. I feel so comfortable giving them access to my place. I want them to move in with me. And she has said, and I agree, she wants an ankle bracelet. And she wants to be confined to my loft.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Anna Gristina an ankle bracelet? Not the latest piece of jewelry on 5th Avenue. OK. It`s a GPS monitoring device.

Tonight she`s still being held on $2 million bail. But Jaynie, the one you see walking there, cuffed, she later bonded out on $100,000. Now, they`re both charged with exactly the same thing: promoting prostitution. Why the big difference in bail?

I want to hear from you on this one: 1-877-JVM-SAYS. Call me: 1-877- 586-7297.

Straight out to the Huffington Post`s Rob Shuter. Rob, this is all New York City can talk about. What is the latest buzz tonight?

ROB SHUTER, HUFFINGTON POST: This really is breaking news. The whole of New York is talking about one subject, and this is the subject, Jane.

The news is that the second lady that you mentioned in the introduction who had disappeared, we really didn`t know where she was. She has turned herself in. And now she is out on $100,000 bail. So she`s back out. She`s out in New York City. We haven`t seen her since, but she left that courthouse with her head held high like she was walking the runway at Fashion Week.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Absolutely. I think it took a lot of people by surprise when they saw this Jaynie Mae Baker at the courthouse.

We`re going to analyze right now. Again, take another look at how this 30-year-old stunner is dressed. She looks more like, I would say, the head mistress of a prep school than the mistress of a brothel. She`s wearing a pastel blue shirt, khaki pants, a simple belt, very subtle makeup and pearl earrings.

So straight out to Susan Constantine, the jury consultant. What is she trying to telegraph here, and does she succeed?

SUSAN CONSTANTINE, JURY CONSULTANT: She`s doing a great job in this look. And quite frankly I was putting myself in this situation: if they were one of my clients how would I dress her for court? And I`ve got to tell you: whoever did it did it right on. Because the oxford shirt, the khaki pants, the hair that`s falling down but very soft with minimal makeup is exactly how I would have dressed her for court.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, here are some fast facts about this second-in- command alleged madam.

Thirty-year-old Jaynie Mae Baker has a boyfriend. The "New York Post" -- and by the way, take a look at these headlines. This is the "New York Post" headline today: "Madamn," emphasis "damn." And here is "The Daily News": "Hot and Cool." Again, this is all the Big Apple can talk about.

Well, "The New York Post" described the boyfriend of this woman as an investment banker from Long Island. The "Post" claiming the boyfriend put up the deed to his $1 million home to bail her out.

Jaynie herself lives in Brooklyn. She said she was visiting her sister in L.A. when the sex scandal broke.

Now, her attorney claims she had no idea she was under indictment when she left the country with her sister and flew to the tony Mexican resort of Cabo San Lucas. But prosecutors suggest that the two of them went south of the border after news of Jaynie`s indictment.

So I want to go to Eric Snyder, former New York D.A. Could it be that this woman was on the lam, actually left after the indictment, as prosecutors say, then thought better of it and decided, "Hmm, I better get back here before I get in bigger trouble"?

ERIC SNYDER, FORMER NEW YORK D.A.: Sure. It could be that. But certainly, Mr. Gotlieb has argued that she did return. She has community ties. She`s a U.S. citizen. She`s a -- she`s a city resident. And she obviously has a lot of people here that would encourage her to stick around.

So she`s very different than Gristina, who`s a Scottish U.K. citizen and is a tremendous flight risk. And that`s what it comes down to.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me tell you something: I have been to Cabo San Lucas, the resorts there, one of my favorite vacation spots. I`ve been there dozens of times. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, one thing I have never come back without is a tan. Guess what this young lady does not have after returning from Cabo San Lucas? And that is a tan. What say you, psychotherapist?

ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Well, I`d definitely have to find out what the weather was like there. Does...

VELEZ-MITCHELL: It was sunny.

LUDWIG: Was she there for some other reason?


LUDWIG: You`re right, Jane. That is a good observation on your point, on your point that she -- she doesn`t have a tan. So it raises the question, what was she really going to Mexico for?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. Was she just waking up too late to catch those rays? Was she staying indoors? Who knows?

Now, we going back to the phone lines. Wanda, Tennessee, your question or thought, Wanda.

CALLER: I have a couple of comments. Do you think it really took five years for competent investigators to get this -- the information they are supposed to have? I think they`re after somebody else. And I also want to say, if there was no demand for this service, she couldn`t have been in business.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I think you`re absolutely right. And investigators claim they have hundreds of hours of surveillance video from the alleged brothel.

Anna Gristina allegedly ran her operation, again, out of the Upper East Side Manhattan apartment. Now according to the "New York Daily News" here, these two women allegedly -- hopefully they`re not guilty -- charged $2,000 a romp with girls.

And the guy who owns a restaurant there said he saw packs of beautiful women showing up there.

It`s a rent-controlled apartment which supporters say was way too small, though, for a massive brothel. But again we saw that there was a bed there and a drawer full of condoms and lube, and that`s all you need.

Now, I want to go back to Rob Shuter. You`re at Huff Po. You also know New York like the back of your hand. This -- Anna Gristina says this isn`t about her. She`s a pawn. That the prosecutors came up to her and said, "Give us dirt on ten rich powerful men."

Could this be about something a lot bigger than a brothel run out of a rent-controlled apartment? Could this be about prosecutors wanting to get goods on guys so that they have leverage against them for something much bigger, like a financial scheme?

SHUTER: Only you have the smartest viewers in the world. Your viewer that just called in and mentioned that here might be something a little bigger here is probably onto something. I don`t know that to be a fact, but five years to investigate what`s going on here? They have seen, and they`ve probably got it on tape, every gentleman, every young lady, every older lady that has been in and out of that apartment for five years. There`s something else going on, I think, Jane.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think there is absolutely something else going on. And I have always noted that, when it comes to powerful men and money, there`s always a sexual link. And when there`s sex and powerful men there`s always a money link. Is this about money?

We`re taking your calls on this one: 877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.

Later on, speaking of money, a multimillionaire, some say billionaire, polo mogul`s manslaughter trial. The girlfriend who takes the stand today is actually his adopted daughter. Huh? His girlfriend, his daughter? His daughter, his girlfriend?

But first, do prosecutors have enough evidence to prove a suburban mom led a double life as a Manhattan madam? We`re taking your calls on the other side.


VINNIE PARKO, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: If they have all this video surveillance, then they know who the johns are. They know who the customers are. They don`t. (END VIDEO CLIP)



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know what`s going on around here.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The alleged East Side madam is known here as Anna Gristina Gore.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Running a high-class prostitution ring out of that East Side apartment.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: To speak about the defendant is to speak about an individual who is a caring, loving mother.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Alleged soccer mom madam Anna Gristina says she`s broke. She doesn`t have two nickels to rub together. She has a relatively modest house about two hours outside Manhattan where she lives with her husband. This is her husband, by the way, the one with no clothes on -- and no shirt on. And their four kids. There`s the relatively modest home.

Now, her supporters, and she`s got a lot of them, insist this woman is not rich.


PARKO: It`s sexy. It makes for a good headline. But a lot of things that they`re talking about are not true.


PARKO: That she`s a millionaire madam. Definitely not a millionaire. If she was a millionaire, she`d be out on bail now.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Indeed. Why is her bail set at $2 million? Prosecutors say since Gristina is actually from Scotland and is still a British citizen, they`re afraid she could make a run across the pond where she might have a pot of gold buried there.

Eric Snyder, you`re a former New York district attorney or district attorney`s office -- assistant district attorney, I should say. Could it be that she has money overseas? She also, by the way, Eric, has a crash pad in Montreal, reportedly.

SNYDER: Certainly. It would complicate matters for her enormously. But it wouldn`t be unheard of for someone to commit criminal activity and stash money offshore.

Typically Americans would use the Caribbean offshore locations to stash money. Being from Scotland, from the U.K., she might use the Isle of Man or the Isle of Jersey, other well-known places for offshore accounts.

The problem with that is then she could be charged with money laundering, a much more serious offense.

I disagree with the investigator, however. If she did have money and posted it as bail that could easily be seized, frozen and then forfeited. So she could lose that money quickly, if she brought it to the jurisdiction.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: This case even surprised former Hollywood madam Jodi "Babydol" Gibson. Listen to what she said.


JODI "BABYDOL" GIBSON, FORMER HOLLYWOOD MADAM: My understanding is she ran it from a walk-up apartment much like a brothel. That`s a little unusual. It`s the most dangerous approach, obviously. It`s actually very archaic. Nobody really does it that way anymore. I`m surprised.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. Babydol`s point is that all the stuff has moved to the Internet. So this woman, both of the women, say they were just setting up a legitimate dating service, and it could be that maybe the prosecution is right and they`re right that it was a dating service that prosecutors believe crossed the line into prostitution.

We`re going to go out to the phone lines. Greg, Virginia. Your question or thought, Greg?

CALLER: Yes. First, I`d like to thank you for all the work you do with working with women being abused and all the things that you do well for the public.


CALLER: This issue of the prostitution with these women. They are grown women. We have child molesters that get out of jail every day. First-time child molesters that get out of jail. Early release, because we don`t have room for people in our prisons and rapists and other people and all the law enforcement issues we have in this country.

It has to cost thousands of dollars to set up these stings and all this stuff to bust these women. I don`t see what the issue is.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, I agree with you in one sense. Now, listen, I went to a sex-trafficking conference where I learned that most women were engaged in prostitution are not, as some people in their fancies suggest, oh, getting life experience credits for their postgraduate degree. Oh, no. A lot of these women are desperate and they`re being taken advantage of and exploited when there is prostitution.

And there`s sometimes underaged prostitution, which was originally suggested in this case and then sort of pulled back off of.

But Robi Ludwig, is this -- as this caller suggests, just a victimless crime, and we should leave people alone to do what they want?

LUDWIG: You know, I`m going to say something that`s probably a bit provocative. But I`m not even sure why prostitution is illegal. I mean, if we legalized it, then maybe we could clean up some of the problems within this profession. My God, it`s the oldest profession on the planet.

So I`m agreeing, Jane, with your theory. Something else is going on. Because I`m sure crime fighters and investigators know about various madams in the area, and they just have other issues to attend to. So I think there`s another -- another issue here.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All -- all these men, these law enforcement men fighting to break these two women. What do they want to know? More next.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: More on the two alleged madams in a moment, but first, here`s your "Viral Video of the Day."






UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We live in such a prurient society that she -- she admits to what she`s been doing, if she`s been doing it, then people are going to come down hard on her.

But you know, this woman`s a kind of heroine to somebody like me. Because I mean, she`s providing a service. In many different countries this just wouldn`t be an issue.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. One attorney who represents one of Anna Gristina`s alleged call girls spoke to "Good Morning America." Listen.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What I have been told is that Anna Gristina was providing prostitution services and would book Irma and other girls. Very high-end men who could afford to pay $2,000 an hour.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Two thousand dollars?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Two thousand dollars an hour, $5,000 for the evening. Well to do and in some cases, quite well-known individuals.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Rob Shuter, your column is called "Naughty But Nice." As we see the New York City skyline, tell us about what men in New York, powerful men are capable of paying and what actually goes on.

SHUTER: The sky is the limit, Jane. In this city, the amount of money that is disposable to some very, very lucky people is extraordinary. I`ve been in clubs where I`ve seen people pay up to $50,000 on champagne. Just on champagne, Jane.

So I think when it comes to sex, the sky is the limit. So I have no idea how much some of these girls could possibly earn by doing this for a living.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. It happens in New York. And some of the most powerful men in the world, some of the richest men in the world live in New York. And I see it. I see it. I`ve grown up born and raised in this town, right in midtown Manhattan. And you can see it happening before your eyes.

After court today, Jaynie Mae`s lawyer said his client was involved with all sorts of charity work, that this was a very, very good woman and still is. In fact, he kind of made her seem like Mother Teresa or something, but cuter, though, of course.

Listen to the laundry list of the causes that Jaynie Mae is involved in. Soup kitchens in New York, orphanages in Romania and India, animal shelter in Texas. OK, Jaynie Mae, these are all great causes, and I applaud them. How does she give back to the community?

Is this a defense or is this spin? And I want to put that out to Susan Constantine, jury consultant.

CONSTANTINE: What was the question, Jane?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Is this just spin? I mean, what has this accomplished to paint her as Mother Teresa? How does this help her to face a charge of alleged promotion of prostitution?

CONSTANTINE: Well, because they`re going to expect is for her to walk in looking like, you know, the sexy woman that is getting paid $2,000 as a -- prostitution.

But yes, what they want to do is shift over to the other side of the pendulum and paint her as this, you know, lovely girl, her soft hair. She`s very likable, approachable. Look at all the philanthropy work that she`s done. And quite frankly, I think that the -- they`re going to do quite well with that.

You know, of course, hearing everything unfold in the case and the evidence that they have before them, you know, I think this is a very effective way to present her.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: And I`ve got to tell you. We`re going to go quickly to Curtis in West Virginia. Do you have a quick thought, Curtis?

CALLER: Yes, I do. Two thousand -- $2,000 an hour for these women?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: About that, yes.

CALLER: Who`s y`all`s governor now? Eliot Spitzer got took down by a call girl then. Who`s going to be took down now, the politicians?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. Well, guess what? We`re not going to her. Tomorrow, Anna Gristina back in court. We`re going to have a very special guest.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The DUI manslaughter trial. Heir to a Texas air- conditioning fortune...

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Polo mogul multimillionaire John Goodman.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because John Goodman is a good tipper do you put extra alcohol in his drink?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Goodman is accused of driving drunk, slamming into Wilson.

ELLEN ROBERTS, PROSECUTOR: Did he tell you anything about the crash?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sending his car into a Wellington canal where he drowned.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This car was defective.

ROBERTS: He didn`t tell you that his Bentley wasn`t functioning properly or anything like that?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was not intoxicated.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A night of partying at a Wellington bar --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was not impaired.

ROBERTS: He said, "Give me ten of your best shots of tequila."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was not drunk.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Investigators say he drove drunk at twice the legal limit.

ROBERTS: Did you ask him if he were ok?


ROBERTS: And he said yes.



VELEZ-MITCHELL: Tonight a polo tycoon`s DUI manslaughter trial takes a bizarre twist as his 42-year-old girlfriend who he legally adopted as his daughter takes the stand today. That`s right John Goodman`s adult girlfriend -- he legally adopted her. Observers say that`s his way of protecting and getting access to his $300 million trust.

Goodman is accused of getting plastered one night in 2010 and drunkenly slamming into 23-year-old Scott Wilson`s car. That car landed upside down -- there he is the young man who`s dead. A college graduate, a life ahead of him. His car landed upside down in a canal where he drowned because nobody came to rescue him.

Goodman`s famed defense attorney Roy Black says that the defendant`s $200,000 Bentley was defective and that`s what caused the crash. He says Goodman was injured and only got drunk after the crash to ease his pain. But Goodman mentioned none of this when he called his girlfriend shortly after that terrible, terrible crash.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He said, "I really f`d up."

ROBERTS: He used the word?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And that he had been in an end of the world accident.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: That`s the woman who overheard that phone call. We`ll get to her in a second. Does this defense sound like a fantasy?

Call me, 1-877-JVM-SAYS, 1-877-586-7297.

Straight out to criminal defense attorney Michelle Suskauer. Michelle, you were in court today. How did the jury react to the girlfriend`s testimony? We`re going to show a little bit of the girlfriend going up onto the stand and testifying. This must have been very bizarre.

MICHELLE SUSKAUER, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: Well, you know, the jury did not know that the girlfriend is now the daughter. I mean that was -- the adoption did not come into evidence; that was not mentioned. The jury was questioned as potential jurors as to whether they knew anything about this. They did not.

So this is something that did not come into at all. And she was on the stand for a very, very short period of time. Although she was called as a state witness she certainly was a little bit hostile to the state. She completely contradicted their main fact witness named Lisa Pembleton, who John Goodman came into contact with directly after the accident.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. I think it`s absolutely ridiculous that this woman takes the stand and nobody knows. The jury does not know that the defendant adopted her. And I really do not understand that.

Susan Constantine, when anybody takes the stand they usually say what`s your relationship to the defendant. Wouldn`t she have -- why? Why do you think that the jury was not able to hear that this man, the defendant, adopted this woman as his daughter even though he has this intimate relationship with her?

SUSAN CONSTANTINE, JURY CONSULTANT: That probably happened in some of the hearings prior to the trial, which was --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. I`m asking why though.

CONSTANTINE: Why that she wouldn`t tell -- the reason why is because when you think about these crazy stories that he`s conjured up, here was just another one. Let`s go ahead and quickly get married -- excuse me -- adopt her as my daughter so that we could, you know, hide this money.

I mean it`s all a big game. Of course, he didn`t want to tell because he would look even more suspicious that he`s more, you know -- he`s like a big well known-businessman that has just now conjured up another story. Of course he didn`t want that out there. It`s going to look bad.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. We`ve got -- we`ve got a sound bite of this girlfriend. And she`s on the stand. Let`s hear from her. And I know it`s a phrase that I like to use, "from the horse`s mouth", but what could be more appropriate in this case when we are dealing with a polo-playing defendant. Let`s hear from her.


ROBERTS: Did he tell you anything about the crash?


ROBERTS: So he didn`t tell you that his Bentley wasn`t functioning properly or anything like that?


ROBERTS: Did you ask him if he were ok?


ROBERTS: And he said yes?



VELEZ-MITCHELL: So this is absolutely fascinating to me. Take a look at these wrecked cars. By the way, the jury is going to go actually visit the cars on a field trip tomorrow and see this wreck for themselves.

Now Grace Wong, producer of "In Session", prosecutors say he was going at 63 miles an hour. They say he had 16 to 18 drinks that night; that he blew through a stop sign and rammed into this car. Yet he maintains that he had no idea that he hit a car and that`s why he didn`t go down to the canal?

GRACE WONG, "IN SESSION" PRODUCER (via telephone): Yes. Today there was a suggestion by the defense attorney that because he didn`t see the car after the accident he just didn`t know what he hit. There is a suggestion today that he may have hit a horse trailer because those things are very common in that area of the county where he lives -- these very wide horse trailers.

And also, in response to your question, I think it was a tactical decision by the prosecutor not to question this witness about the fact that she`s an adopted daughter at this point. You know, the --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, let me say this -- I`m going to jump in and say "bad decision" if that was a tactical decision. Bad decision because that would reveal, I think, John Goodman`s personality.

Tonight our exclusive guest knows this multimillionaire, some say billionaire defendant from the world of polo. Ken Braddick is a journalist who focuses on the equestrian world. He knew John Goodman on a professional level because Goodman was the founder of the International Polo Club based out of Palm Beach.

Ken Braddick you have seen this guy face to face. A lot of people get the sense that he`s an arrogant guy who feels the rules do not apply to him. What do you think?

KEN BRADDICK, JOURNALIST: I don`t think he`s at all arrogant. In fact, John very frequently is actually quite shy. One of the interesting aspects about John that has not come out in any of this tragedy is that polo was actually the very heart of Wellington, this community of about 55,000 people, about 15 miles inland from Palm Beach -- used to be strawberry fields. Then they developed a polo community which was the first community. It went broke and somebody else bought it, rejuvenated it; brought Prince Charles over to add some life to it.

Then that person in turn --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me -- let me jump in Ken -- I just want to jump in and ask you about this man. I mean we know he`s wealthy. We know he plays polo. But what makes him tick?

He inherited a huge fortune. His father built up an air conditioning empire from the ground up. He doesn`t come from old money. It`s not like he`s one of the Mayflowers. But yet he doesn`t really need to work for a living. Did he work hard or was he more of a playboy, polo-playing dilettante?

BRADDICK: A little bit of both -- Polo-playing, absolutely; wealthy, absolutely. But when polo was essentially abandoned in Wellington, he built the International Polo Club to be one of the world`s centers of a game that a lot of people are very interested in and that is the heart of this community.

At the time that he did it, he actually worked very hard to get it done, rescued the whole polo circuit. There was also what has overshadowed polo in Wellington has been --


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me ask you this, Ken, because this isn`t really about polo. This is about this man and what makes him tick. What makes him not go down to the canal and potentially rescue a guy who was killed ultimately because there was a crash involving John Goodman? Was he a heavy drinker? Because the prosecution claims he had 16 to 18 drinks that night. He claims, oh, I only started drinking after the crash to ease my pain. Did he drink?

BRADDICK: I have seen John a lot in a lot of different circumstances. I have not seen him -- I have seen him drink, but not heavily. He was, in fact, the host at the International Polo Club on many occasions. He played polo. He was affable but not garrulous. He wasn`t a "hail fellow, well met" sort of person. He`s actually quite shy on many occasions.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Ok. Well, Ken, we have limited time. But obviously you`re a supporter of this man and I appreciate you coming on and giving your side. We want to be fair. And that`s why we have you on. And thank you for your articulate commentary.

Up next, Lindsay Lohan -- wow, you won`t believe this. Speaking of car crashes, was she involved in a Hollywood hit-and-run? We`re taking your calls on this. Lindsay Lohan, I thought she didn`t go out anymore. That`s what she said. 1-877-JVM-SAYS.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: We`re hearing more and more about potentially dangerous ingredients in the beauty products we slather on our bodies -- you know, 100 ingredients in the back of the bottle, you don`t know what those ingredients are.

My alternative is I make my own -- makeup remover, perfume, body lotion. Essentially what I do is almond oil, very simple. I pour that in. Then I use essential oils like tea tree oil and rosemary and lavender. I mix it all up and put it in various bottles so I can go on trips. I can go exercise.

People are always asking me, what are you wearing? And I say I made it myself.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Actress Lindsay Lohan, she`s in trouble again.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I have to wonder though, is she taking her sobriety seriously.

CROWD: Lindsay. Lindsay.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Reality check: she is hitting the party circuit.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Uh-oh. It`s just weeks and Lindsay Lohan is off probation. Could she be in trouble again? Last night the starlet spotted outside a Hollywood hot spot called the "Sayers Club". I hear it`s the hottest place in town right now. When she drove off witnesses say Lindsay bumped a pedestrian with her Porsche and left the scene.

Listen to this from TMZ.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did she run him over or did she bump him?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She just bumped him. Maybe -- she might have ran him over a little bit. But she -- I know she bumped him for sure.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And then what? Did she peel out?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And she drove away?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Like a mad woman.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And then -- she went that way.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, she was pissed.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: At first witnesses said the (inaudible) bar manager she hit was just fine. But now he might be pressing charges. Lindsay posted that this is all a huge lie. Quote, "Scrape? This is all a complete lie. I have been at community service. Last night I attempted to wish a friend happy birthday which I didn`t even get to do because I was freaked out by all the paparazzi. These false accusations are absurd," end quote.

Well I will say there are other ways Lindsay, to wish a friend happy birthday other than going to a nightclub very late at night when you tell everybody you don`t go out anymore. But at least right now cops say they do not have a case against Lindsay.

What do you think? Call me, 877-JVM SAYS. Is this woman a drama addict? We`re going to ask a shrink in a moment.

Straight out to Mike Walters, TMZ news manager and my good buddy; what the heck happened, Mike, outside this nightclub? And could this threaten her probation?

MIKE WALTERS, TMZ NEWS MANAGER: Well, like you said, Jane, Lindsay probably shouldn`t have been there in the first place. She went to this nightclub. She didn`t even go inside. She was in the back alley about to pull out. The manager who called LAPD claims that what happened was she was grazed by her car as she was pulling out when the paparazzi started taking pictures. I can tell you this guy ended up in the ER, in the hospital.

He`s filed a police report against her for hit-and-run because, remember, Lindsay left the scene of the accident. Like that witness said she left and peeled out as it happened. So she could be in a lot of trouble here, Jane. Remember, she`s days away from getting off probation. And this would just kill her in the court`s eyes.

I don`t know what she`s doing out. She shouldn`t have been there in the first place. And just so you know, she was at the morgue today doing her civic duty, her probation. So it just doesn`t make sense why she would go out. But this guy is going to press charges.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Mike, here`s the problem. There is a reason she`s on probation. Ok? She has gotten into trouble driving before. Remember the high speed chase down PCH? She was accused of running somebody`s foot over. Yes. Check this out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Ok. What`s going on there?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t -- we were just about to park our car. We were coming home. And out of nowhere a huge white GMC came up -- ok, that`s ok. We`re at 4th and Wilshire, we`re coming down right now. We`re being followed by a GMC. The gentleman jumped out of the car.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And what did he do?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, my God, sir. They`re following us. We need help.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Lindsay was chasing down her assistant and hijacked an SUV allegedly with three men in it. She was never charged for carjacking or anything. But one of these guys insisted she ran over his foot.

You remember this, Mike Walters. I mean they came to TMZ and they talked to you guys and they said, hey, she ran over my foot.

WALTERS: Yes. And well, remember, Jane. She ended up at the Santa Monica Police Department where they found cocaine on her. This was in the heyday of Lindsay driving badly and behaving even worse. And these three guys came on TMZ and said not only did she do this, but we were hurt by this. She needs to stay out of a car, Jane, in general. Stay out of the car. Don`t drive.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Let me tell you something. This woman is a drama addict. She`s so close to being out of trouble. What does she do right at the 11th hour? She gets into trouble again. Maybe it`s trouble; it`s certainly drama. More in a second.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: More loony Lindsay in a moment but first, we deserve a laugh break.






LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: So you`re the big boss man, huh? You cross me? What; you think I never got in trouble with a vehicle before? One time I became friends with a Volkswagen Beetle that had a mind of its own. I believe his name was Herbert.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: All right. There she is at "Saturday Night Live". We all saw it. And she just did "Saturday Night Live". Of course, the paparazzi are going to be there when she goes to the hottest club in Hollywood around midnight.

And here`s the other thing. Just the other day she told the "Today" show she doesn`t even go out anymore, that she`s a home body. So what was she doing at the club? Remember this?


MATT LAUER, HOST, "TODAY": Can you go to the night life? Can you go to parties? Can you go to clubs without suffering the temptation that is going to get you into trouble?

LOHAN: I don`t -- I mean I could, but I don`t -- that`s not my thing anymore. I went out actually a few months ago with a friend and I was so uncomfortable. Not because I felt tempted, just because it was the same thing that it always was before. And it just wasn`t fun for me. I`ve become more of a homebody and I like that.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Rob Shuter, she`s become more of a home body but yet she`s at the hottest club in Hollywood two weeks before her probation is supposed to expire.

ROB SHUTER, NAUGHTY AND NICE COLUMNIST: This is heartbreaking to me, Jane. It really is because let me tell you why. Even if she doesn`t get in trouble from this incident, she has caused more damage to herself and her reputation from what just happened than any legal problems. We all wanted to give Lindsay one more chance. And now I think a lot of people, a lot of people on Twitter have been saying to me that they think she lied to us, she made a fool out of us by telling Matt Lauer those comments. And clearly she is not living that example that she said was her new life.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes, and she`s got a credibility problem.

SHUTER: Absolutely.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: She said on the "Today" show that she did not go out anymore. She`s a home body, and then she goes to the hottest club in town and then she plays the victim when the paparazzi surround her which everybody knows that`s exactly what they are going to do.

I lived in Hollywood for 18 years. There are places you can go to hang out with your friends that the paparazzi will not see you. There are certain clubs where you know the paparazzi will be at and that`s one of those clubs.

Let`s go out to the phone lines. Adrienne, Ohio your question or thought, Adrienne?

ADRIENNE, OHIO (via telephone): Hi, Jane. I love you. I just think you`re fantastic. I watch your show all the time.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Hi. Thank you. Thanks. Cool

ADRIENNE: It was brought up today, it`s been all over the news that she should give up conservatorship and let somebody else control her life. And I think at this point that she`s entitled to her life. And you fight your way back if she needs to. I think it was probably a stupid mistake for her to go out but I probably would have ran over somebody`s toe, too. I mean it`s like --

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Well, but here`s the thing. You haven`t gone on a high-speed chase down in Pacific Coast Highway and then try to blame the kid in the car, allegedly and said, he`s the one. You haven`t been caught with cocaine allegedly in your pocket. You haven`t had a couple of DUIs.

Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, she says that she`s sober but she wouldn`t tell -- I believe it was Matt Lauer -- how long she had been sober the other day when she did her interview. Quickly, thoughts?

ROBI LUDWIG, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Well, yes also her judgment is probably still poor, whether she`s using or not. So she`s a little bit of an excitement junkie. One wonders unconsciously if she wants to still remain on probation to keep herself safe in a way she can`t do on her own.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: More on the other side.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: Do you remember when she cried in court and she begged the court for mercy? Some said it was an acting job. Robi Ludwig, psychotherapist, she talked about something very interesting: subconscious desire to self-sabotage. Nobody`s going to bond her if she continues the erratic behavior. What say you?

LUDWIG: Well, I think she considers herself, on some level, bad. And so when you self-sabotage, you find a way to punish yourself and keep yourself from being successful and healthy. And she may be battling that internally and we`re seeing it here getting played out in the news.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Also, I think she`s addicted to this drama -- negative excitement I think that`s what the shrinks call it.


VELEZ-MITCHELL: She gets a lot of attention when she does something bad and when she`s good, sometimes people don`t talk about her. We don`t talk about her when she`s good.

Lindsay, if you want us to talk about you when you`re good, we will. If that will keep you out of trouble, we will.

Nancy`s next.