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Hulk Hogan Sex Tape; White Teens in Blackface; Bullying the Disabled

Aired October 18, 2012 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, Hulk Hogan sex tape sparks a feud with his former buddy Bubba. Whose side are you on?

Lance Armstrong denies doping. Should he be held to a higher standard?

And while Rihanna forgave Chris Brown on Oprah" --

RIHANNA, SINGER: He made that mistake because he needed help.

PINSKY: Can we forgive the high school kids who mocked the beating?

And a grown man caught on tape apparently making fun of a girl who has cerebral palsy. Her parents will join me live, so as actor RJ Mitte from the series "Breaking Bad." He has cerebral palsy as well, but wants (INAUDIBLE) and all kids to know they can overcome anything.

Let`s get started.


PINSKY: Let`s get started with picture this or perhaps don`t. You may not want to. Hulk Hogan is suing his ex-best friend Bubba Clem, aka Bubba the Love Sponge. He is -- yes, that`s his name. He`s an outstanding radio talent, been around for a long time. I met Bubba many times.

Bubba the Love Sponge and Bubba`s ex-wife Heather, Hulk says Bubba leaked a sex video of Hulk and Heather doing their thing. She was married to Bubba at the time.

Weighing in tonight Mark Eiglarsh, Lisa Bloom, Areva Martin, Kim Serafin, senior editor of "In Touch Weekly", and, of course, you at home with calls.

Lisa, I want to go to you first. These -- you know, Bubba has been known for pulling some stunts. Hulkster is a professional wrestler. Not always the voracity of those stunts that those guys do aren`t always ironclad.

Is this a stunt or either these guys have a legitimate complaint against one another?

LISA BLOOM, ATTORNEY AT THEBOOMFIRM.COM: It`s a PR grab. Are you kidding me?

First of all, I don`t want to hear Hulk Hogan and sex tape in the same sentence. OK? I just really don`t want to go there. I don`t want to picture it.

You know, but this is a guy who`s trying to revive a flagging career. And Bubba the Love Sponge who I know is a well-known radio personality. Frankly, I`d never heard of him before this. Now I`ve heard of him. Now I`m uttering the words Bubba the Love Sponge on television.

I mean, come on. Let`s not fall for this.

PINSKY: Kim, I don`t know. I heard Hulk on Howard Stern and he seemed really upset. But then I heard Bubba and he seemed really upset that a civil suit had been leveled against him.

What are people thinking about this?

KIM SERAFIN, IN TOUCH WEEKLY: Well, I think we`re all thinking what Lisa just said. Did you ever think on national TV you would saying, Bubba, Hulk, and sex tape in the same sentence at all?

Yes, it`s bizarre because, right, they all seem very, very upset about it. And you would think, yes, you could make this into a publicity stunt. Certainly, we`ve seen people in the past with sex tapes whether it`s Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian certainly take those and make money off them and turn those around and make lemonade out of lemons. But nobody really seems to be happy about this.

And you`re right. I don`t think anyone really wants to watch this sex tape of Hulk Hogan. I did not do that. I usually do a lot of research for my segments but I could not watch that.

PINSKY: Kim, let me get this straight, Kim. Normally, you watch all the sex tapes these celebrities put out there. But this time you didn`t.

Mark, doesn`t everyone have to sign off on this who gets involved in it. If they`re going to sort of legitimately so to speak send these things out? Don`t people have to sign off on it? And if so, who sent this thing out?

MARK EIGLARSH, ATTORNEY: We don`t know. And that`s why I say other than Lisa Bloom`s hair looks spectacular tonight, I say the following. That is good for Hulk Hogan for doing this.

To me, it seems legitimate. It seems like his invasion of privacy claim is real. And the only way for him to find out what truly happened is to go through depositions, to subpoena people and find out. He really was violated, it sounds to me.

PINSKY: Is that what`s going to happen?

EIGLARSH: And I thought that`s real.

PINSKY: Areva, is that what`s going to happen?

EIGLARSH: Yes, I think so. Yes.

AREVA MARTIN, ATTORNEY: There`s been a lawsuit filed. So there`s going to be discovery. We`re going to hear more about Hulk Hogan. Kim says she didn`t watch the tape. Bubba says he didn`t watch the tape.

PINSKY: Right.

MARTIN: Although he was in the room next door when his wife was having sex with Hulk Hogan. I think one of the important lessons here, Dr. Drew, is --

PINSKY: Don`t have sex with your friends` wives.

MARTIN: Don`t have sex with your friend`s wife, in a house where there`s a surveillance camera.

PINSKY: And just the surveillance camera.

EIGLARSH: Wait, wait, wait. That`s not the lesson.

PINSKY: What`s the lesson, Mark?

EIGLARSH: Listen. First of all, I`m not saying anyone should, but that`s their right. The lesson is you don`t trust anybody, quite frankly. You don`t do it in their house. You know, this is -- you`re dealing with the lowest level. You`re dealing with people who are not -- I don`t know, the highest moral character. You just don`t do it in their house.

MARTIN: You still have a right to not be taped without your consent, though, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Lisa, say something about Bubba, because we`re going to hear something from him in just a second here. So, go ahead, say what you got to say.

BLOOM: OK. I`m very suspicious of Bubba the Love Sponge because his story is Hulk had to know we had security cameras in our home because I was in the middle of a contentious custody case and so I had security cameras. But that doesn`t mean you record it. Usually that`s a loop and it tapes over every 24 hours or so.

PINSKY: Right.

BLOOM: Bubba kept this tape. He kept it for years and then somebody from his home, probably him, released it to I mean, come on. I smell a rat.

PINSKY: I think you`re right. Somebody had to get this thing before it was spontaneously erased.

Now, tell me in the control room, am I going to be able to play this tape that I want to play right now? Is that accurate? Because somebody before the show said I can`t.

All right. Different -- this is a different piece of tape we`re going to hear.

BLOOM: Do you need a lawyer, Dr. Drew?

PINSKY: I do, Lisa. Thank you. I got a couple of them there. You guys --

EIGLARSH: You can play it. Play it. You`re allowed, Dr. Drew. I give you permission.

BLOOM: I`d be careful. I would be careful.

PINSKY: I just thought of a great pay per view boxing match though. So, hold on here. Bubba is as we`ve said a talk show host on the Sirius network. And he -- apparently, Bubba appeared on Howard Stern to claim this episode between Hulk and Bubba`s wife was no secret.

So, take a listen.


BUBBA THE LOVE SPONGE: This was an act that all parties knew about everything.

HOWARD STERN, RADIO HOST: So you`re saying everyone knew. Hogan knew he was being taped.

BUBBA: Hogan lived with me for three months, Howard. Hogan is up to speed.


PINSKY: I`m a huge Howard Stern fan. And I`ve been listening to this whole thing and I`ve been trying to make sense of it.

MARTIN: Howard said he`s going to make the lawsuit go away. He`s going to put pressure on Bubba to drop the lawsuit.

PINSKY: Yes, when Howard -- look, when Howard said he was going to reconcile all sides, I thought he`s involved with this too.

MARTIN: Well, apparently, the wife has been offered to Howard for sex as well.

PINSKY: Oh, fantastic. Mark, go ahead.

EIGLARSH: Drew, there`s two different issues here. One is whether he knew that the cameras were on. That`s one issue. But the bigger issue is whether he ever signed off and allowed his image to be used for the way that they used it. That`s where the lawsuit lies. And to me, that`s where there`s merit.

PINSKY: Oh, that`s interesting.

Dianna in Washington, D.C. what do you got Dianna.


PINSKY: Hi there. Go right ahead.

DIANNA: Hi. This whole issue about a sex tape and celebrities, it`s just gotten so far disgusting that I`m just at my wit`s end because it`s just the nastiest thing. There are no more -- there are literally no more words to say about celebrities having sex tapes when their career has gone so far in the toilet that they have to do this and resort to something like this in order to be in the public eye.

I mean, you know, give it a rest. Hulk Hogan is like a hundred years old already.

BLOOM: Hear, hear, Dianna.

PINSKY: Yes, I agree with Lisa.

And, Areva, I`ve heard of people sort of recommended to put out a sex tape when their career is --

MARTIN: Clearly. We`re talking about it on national television. It`s been all over television. So, one way you can definitely elevate your status when you`ve gone into the toilet, as our colleague just said, is by putting out something that`s salacious. So, you know, I`m like the caller. It`s outrageous.

PINSKY: I just want to be clear, Lisa. I`m nobody in Hollywood. Just to be clear --

MARTIN: And we don`t want to see a sex tape from you, Dr. Drew.

BLOOM: Listen, you know, I`ve heard from young people who say I`m going to make a sex tape like Kim Kardashian. That`s how I`m going to be famous. Then I`ll get a reality show. I mean, what a sad new low that we`ve sunk to as a culture.


EIGLARSH: Wait, wait, wait.

PINSKY: Kim first.

SERAFIN: I was going to say this tape was made six years ago. So that`s one thing. Yes his career was at a different place six years ago.

Also, things are different now. I think nowadays everyone has naked photos on their cell phone. We`ve seen that happen with celebrities. Sometimes they leak them out themselves. Sometimes they`re hacked.

I think sometimes are very different now. YouTube has changed everything. Twitter has changed everything. Even though Internet was around six years ago, but things are more progressed now.

BLOOM: You know what? Values haven`t changed.


PINSKY: Hang on. Everybody, stop.

Mark, go ahead. Finish this up -- Mark.

EIGLARSH: Everyone on this panel has taken another valid issue and lumped it in here to suggest that Hulk Hogan did this to revive his career. I don`t know whether he did or didn`t. But to say that without evidence -- I don`t know, guys.

PINSKY: OK, with all the attorneys here, I can have pause. I`m thankful I`m not an attorney.

But I am learning things here. I`m nobody in Hollywood because I don`t have a sex tape. I learned that according to Kim, everybody has nude pictures on her phone. So, Kim, evidently, has some nude pictures on her phone. So, I`m learning that so far.

BLOOM: I have pictures of my dog.

PINSKY: Fantastic. I`m going to the next scandal, which is Lance Armstrong`s fall from grace. Does he deserve the public scorn?

And then later on, Areva and I have little score to settle, some unfinished business from last night.

MARTIN: Are you sure you want to get into that, Dr. Drew?

PINSKY: I want to get into that again. So, stay tuned. Be right back.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: His entire career in question, sponsors are dropping like flies and Lance Armstrong is losing everything in the wake of this doping scandal.

ASHLEIGH BANFIELD, CNN ANCHOR: He was once the titan of strength and resilience.

PIERS MORGAN, CNN HOST: The real reason it was also unbelievable is that he cheated. Armstrong was a disgraceful fraud of epic proportions, a man induced himself with illegal drugs. It`s not about the bike, which is repeated proud mantra. And he was right, it was about the amount of dope blood injected into his body.


PINSKY: Well, Lance Armstrong has apparently fallen from grace. Critics say he has taken performance-enhancing drugs and lied about it. There are those who wonder if he deserves so much scorn.

The guy has done a lot of good. I want to hear from you guys, viewers, 855-373-7395.

I want -- I want to just sort of frame this thing is bit. It`s kind of complicated, in fact. I mean, he took over 500 tests and passed. He has offered to take a lie detector test about this.

A lot of the things he`s accused of are things other bikers are also accused of. Some of the stuff that comes in from a masseuse, that sort of spurious things like saying, oh, I saw picture frames off the wall. They must have been hanging blood for doping.

You cannot hang a unit of blood off a hanger you hang a picture off of. You can`t.

And here`s the thing that bothers me more than anything. I know Lance Armstrong. I know that guy.

And listen, people lie to me all the time. That`s my career. I spend talking to people who lie and obfuscate. I don`t believe this guy`s a liar. I just don`t.

Now, did he do everything that everybody else did? I think that`s possible. But the fact that people have taken aim at him really bothers me.

Areva, should I be bothered?

MARTIN: Well, you know, this is -- as you said, Dr. Drew, very complicated. But you`re talking about a sport where 13 or so of the cyclists who won these major medals have been accused and found guilty of doping. So you go into this with the whole sport being so tainted. And we`ve seen, you know, athletes -- track and field, baseball, so many athletes have been fallen prey to the same thing that happened to Lance Armstrong.

But we have not seen him testify under oath. We`ve not had cross examination. These witnesses as far as we know that have come forth, the 11 or so team members, still no cross examinations. So, due process, as lawyers think about it, hasn`t happened in this case.

PINSKY: Hasn`t at all.

MARTIN: So, I`m like you, concerned about the allegations.


MARTIN: But on the other hand, we have these sponsors. And all they need is the taint to their brand. So, they`re trying to protect their brand.

I also as a mom of an athlete, I`m concerned about the message that all of these doping cases send to kids. I don`t want kids thinking the only way you can win is if you cheat and if you use dope. Not to say that he should be labeled in that broad brush.

PINSKY: Right. But let`s be fair. The message going out now is if you cheat, you`ll get caught. Even if you maybe have a hint somebody thought you cheated, you`re going to be in trouble.

MARTIN: But if cheat, you should get caught. You should suffer the dire consequences from cheating. But there should be a fair process to get to whether you have cheated or not.

PINSKY: And, Mark, the court of public opinion is absurd. People write anything they want these days and then there`s this sort of a mob mentality that develops in social media. What did you want to say about this?

EIGLARSH: Drew, I love you, but I think you drank a big cup of gullible this morning. I really -- I cannot believe -- I cannot believe that you`ve read all the detail, the alleged evidence that they have and yes, we weren`t there, but it`s like I never saw Mark McGwire put steroids into his body, but I knew he did it. I knew it before he admitted it.

I think that`s probably going to happen eventually that Lance is finally going to sit down and tell us all he did it. It`s so obvious.

And so, listen. You know, he rides a bike fast. Big deal. What I value more about a person is whether they`re impeccable with their word and he`s anything but.

PINSKY: Mark -- go ahead, Lisa. I`m going to defend him but go ahead, Lisa, go. Real quick.

BLOOM: OK, but listen, because I know a young woman who`s an Olympic athlete and she came in fifth in the trials. And she said you know what? I don`t dope but numbers one, two, three, four do. And I can`t compete unless I do.

So, that puts people who are trying to play fairly, trying to play by the rules in an unfair position. I agree with Mark. The evidence is overwhelming according to the anti-doping organization.

I`m going to have to go with all of their witnesses and all of their evidence.

Now, let`s not forget that Lance Armstrong has done a lot for cancer survivors, raised $500 million. Good for him. Nobody can take that away from him.

But in terms of being a hero or an icon, I`m sorry. Lying and cheating has always been wrong. It`s still wrong even if everybody does it.

PINSKY: Let`s go to Ron in Iowa. You want to ring in here?

RHONDA, CALLER FROM IOWA: Good evening. I was wondering speaking of Lance Armstrong and his cancer, what role do you believe those performance enhanced drugs had with that?

PINSKY: Whether or not it somehow pre-disposed him to the testicular cancer. If he was taking things prior to the time, that`s testicular cancer, I actually know of no evidence that testicular cancer per se is at higher risk in any of the things that have been alleged thus far.

You know, the interesting question is: is there something about the treatment he received which was extensive that changed his muscle physiology or something. People have hypothesized about that. No one called that testing interestingly.

Blair in Texas -- Blair.

BLAIR, CALLER FROM TEXAS: Hi, Dr. Drew. I appreciate you taking my call, my friend.

PINSKY: All right.

BLAIR: This makes me furious. And, Mark, if you`re listening to me, you need to shut the heck up, buddy. No offense.

EIGLARSH: You`re not my wife.

BLAIR: I`ve been a fan of Lance Armstrong for 16 years. And --

EIGLARSH: Wake up, honey. Wake up. Wake up.

BLAIR: And how dare you? Whatever. How dare you say that he doped when he did not dope?

PINSKY: Blair, I love you.

EIGLARSH: Really? Say it ain`t so don`t make it so, honey.

PINKSY: Keep Blair`s phone number, because as this story unfolds, I want to be able to go back to Blair because she`s go to be in my camp.

Listen. It`s -- I know this man. I`ve got an instinct.

MARTIN: You got to sometimes, Dr. Drew, separate your personal relationship.

PINSKY: Absolutely. But I --

MARTIN: The man you know may be different.

BLOOM: Yes. And have you read the evidence?

MARTIN: People have done things in their private lives that are so different from their public persona. His no different from that.

PINSKY: I`ve got to go to break here, guys.

And, Areva, here you go again, changing my mind.

Later on, a vide of a girl apparently being tormented. We`re going to hear her story and tell you why. Call us at 855-DRDREW5.

But next, three high school kids paint on a black face and perform a skit at a pep rally. It`s that`s not cool. We`ll talk about that in a second.


PINSKY: Who can forget this image of pop star Rihanna after she was beaten up by Chris Brown? So when three white kids in a high school in Upstate New York painted on a black face and did a skit about the beating, you`ve got to wonder what they were thinking.

Kim, can you ring in on this for me? This was just such a disgusting story. What was this about?

SERAFIN: It`s terrible. When I first heard the story I was thinking were these kids doing this putting on the black face and then reenacting this fight between Rihanna and Chris Brown? Were they doing it as a teaching exercise? Were they trying to doing as explain to kids the problems with domestic violence?

And apparently that was not the case. This was a pep rally skit they were doing. You look at these pictures, it`s disgusting. It`s frightening. I don`t know what they thought they were telling people or how they thought this could be funny.

You know, of course, Rihanna and Chris Brown have presumably gotten back together. Rihanna has talked very openly about it. It looks they have mended things. There are people that are upset about that. But regardless of that. This is just offensive. I don`t know how anyone thought at a high school age that this would be appropriate.

PINSKY: That`s right. There`s two issues here. One is the offensive racism, the other is -- I don`t want to say glorifying, but making light of a serious issue.

Women that are involved in domestic violence -- hang on, Lisa -- are typical to have eight attempts of leaving before they actually leave. Rihanna is a human being. She is playing out what many women in domestic violence situations do.

And here we go again, we haven`t heard the last of this. But I want to read you something, before you react.


PINSKY: I see you reacting. Here`s an alumna, a woman, who graduated last year from this particular high school, said. She said this. "There`s nothing wrong with black face."

How --

MARTIN: She doesn`t know anything about race relations in this country. That is so offensive. And when we look at racial crimes and hate crimes and we wonder how they happen, they happen because of skits like this, because adults at that school didn`t step in, didn`t intervene and didn`t say to these kids, this is offensive and it will not be done on this school campus because we value diversity, we value African-Americans, and we don`t want to offend others who watch this.

PINSKY: Now, you guys -- Lisa, you and Mark want to ring, so hold a second here. I`m going to have to say good-bye to Kim a second. Lisa and Mark, you`re going to stay with me. I want to carry over this conversation a little bit.

Lisa, you want to comment first. Then I`ve got to break.

BLOOM: No white person should wear black face in America. And if you know our history, you would know why, because with the history of minstrel shows and other kinds of racism that were done by white people in black face. It should not be happening. Kids have to be educated about our history. That`s number one.

Number two is domestic violence is not funny. It`s not the subject of a funny skit. I mean, this should be an educable moment for these kids. The adult in the school should jump in and explain to them why this is inappropriate.

PINSKY: Kim, thank you for joining us. I know you`ve got to run off to another show here. Mark and Lisa -- Mark, I want to get your comment about this. I know you want to ring in about this particular issue up there in Upstate New York.


PINSKY: And then Areva and I will have to settle some unfinished business from last night about -- get this -- prostitution and Zumba. Should the Johns be outed? Be right back.


PINSKY: All right. We`re going to get to your calls in a second, but we were discussing three white males in an upstate high school who in black face were reenacting the 2009 beating of Rihanna by Chris Brown.

Mark, you wanted to say something here?

EIGLARSH: Yes, one point that has not been made. I read that the school administrators approved the skit before they performed it. So, it`s not just that they watched it go on, but they approved it.

The second thing is the year before they did a skit involving Tiger Woods allegedly and the kids used black face there as well.

Between the teachers and the students, one, their frontal lobe has been developed. That`s the portion of the brain, as you know, that governs reasoning and judgment. The other, not so much. Guess which one I`m blaming.

PINSKY: Yes, I don`t know how it`s possible. It`s weird. You and I were talking quickly during the break. I said what if they`re making fun of people who wear black face? You said, no, it`s too evocative.

MARTIN: It`s just too provocative to even go there. Just leave it alone. Figure out other ways to educate if that`s the goal. But this guy was trying to become prom king. So you know, I don`t even see what`s -- you know, Domestic violence and race issues don`t, you know, have anything to do with popularity for prom.

PINSKY: All right, Kitty in Louisiana. You want to ring in here, Kitty?

MARTIN: Yes, sure do.

PINSKY: Go right ahead.

MARTIN: Listen, they want publicity. That`s why they`re doing that.

PINSKY: The kids?

MARTIN: The schools want publicity...

PINSKY: Why would they want this kind of publicity, though? This is...


MARTIN: They are getting it.

BLOOM: I don`t think so!

MARTIN: And the kids are getting it...


MARTIN: Hear, hear, Kitty. No way.

PINSKY: Well, we`re not going to...

BLOOM: The kids might...

MARTIN: No way!

PINSKY: Well, tell me, Lisa, is this -- is this the kids...

BLOOM: Kids might because...


BLOOM: ... it was posted on YouTube.

PINSKY: Is this the kids` version of a sex tape? Is this like the same kind of nonsense we`re talking about of things getting out in electronic media and raising people`s public profile?

BLOOM: Yes, because kids think this is funny. And they put it up on YouTube and it gets a whole bunch of hits and it went viral and we`re all talking about it. So that wouldn`t surprise me.

PINSKY: All right, what`s my next caller`s name? I don`t see it up there. Tom (ph), put it up there for me. Come on, now! Delina -- let`s hear about what you got -- Delina in Texas, what have you got? Delina in Texas, you there?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. I`m calling you about Lance.

PINSKY: Please go right ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: OK. I think it`s nothing but a witch hunt.

PINSKY: A witch hunt? Oh, interesting.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. Yes, because they just want to blame somebody, and they`re going to go after this poor guy because he wouldn`t do this to his family. He`s got kids to think about. And they`re blackmailing all of those other guys because if they don`t testify against him, they`re going to go after their backgrounds. And they don`t want to do it. So they going to go after this guy. That`s why they`re (INAUDIBLE) against him.

PINSKY: You know, Mark, that -- I kind of agree with Delina. And you`re laughing at me, but listen to me for a second. I`m not...


PINSKY: But not (INAUDIBLE) so much. And I`m not a conspiracy theorist. I`m not a paranoid guy. But just -- there`s a mob mentality that gets going these days, where people can say anything and it becomes the truth. And I got to tell you, Mark...

EIGLARSH: I agree with you.

PINSKY: ... go read the complaint.

EIGLARSH: I agree with you.

PINSKY: And go read the complaint. Have you read the complaints?

EIGLARSH: Yes, and let me just say this. I agree with you. And for 20 years, I`ve been in the criminal justice arena. I have defended people who look really guilty and they turn out to be innocent. I get it. And that is theoretically possible in this case. I agree with you.

And as his friend, I know you want to believe in him, Drew. I know you do. But when you read the extraordinary detail, I`m telling you it is extremely unlikely.

PINSKY: All right. We`re going to keep talking about this case, I`m sure. Lisa, quick.

BLOOM: This is not a matter of opinion.

PINSKY: Well...

BLOOM: It`s a matter of fact.

PINSKY: All right, listen -- all right, Mark...

BLOOM: Right? These are objective, verifiable facts.

PINSKY: We`ll see.

BLOOM: Either he`s guilty or he`s not.

PINSKY: You`re right. There needs to be a due process here, and we will see.

And we`ll be back to all of us to discuss this when the facts come to light. Now, Mark, Lisa, thank you.

As promised, Areva and I are going to take care of unfinished business from last night. We couldn`t seem to agree on naming names in the Maine prostitution scandal. Take a look at this.


PINSKY: If you have such powerful urges or something`s going on in your marriage, let`s deal with that, not take action that is going to have horrible consequences. Now, the fact that these guys have done this, though, still concerns me (INAUDIBLE) women and the children...

MARTIN: You can`t expect the courts...

PINSKY: I want to protect them.

MARTIN: ... to protect you as an adult male.

PINSKY: I want to protect the families!

MARTIN: You made a choice!

PINSKY: I want to protect the families.

MARTIN: But the man made a choice to put their families in harm`s way...


MARTIN: ... Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: So shouldn`t we worry about those families? I know the guy`s got to pay the price.


PINSKY: Areva, I`m still conflicted. You brought me around because - - because here`s what I didn`t do. I didn`t talk about the child of the prostitute and worry about that child.

MARTIN: The family. You were very concerned about the children...

PINSKY: Of the johns.

MARTIN: ... of the johns...

PINSKY: Of the men, interestingly.

MARTIN: ... of the men who were involved who were making these choices, paying for sex. But you weren`t so concerned about the child of Alexis (ph)...

PINSKY: You`re right. You`re right.

MARTIN: ... and the family of Alexis, and what it does for a woman to be, you know, plastered all over television versus what happens to those men.

PINSKY: And what you taught me last night is just this was being handled like any other criminal action, and they just have -- they`re going to have to bear the price.

MARTIN: We`re not going to carve out any exception for men who decide to solicit sex and pay for sex.


MARTIN: You`re going to get on the front page of the paper.

PINSKY: Carol in Massachusetts. Carol, you got something to say here?


PINSKY: Go right ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I almost jumped through the television last night when you were kind of agreeing about the johns` names not going public.

PINSKY: Well, tell me. What do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, first of all, I know it`d be hurtful for the families. But then, last night, I`m glad you came to your senses, OK?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But you know what`s really hurtful to the families?

PINSKY: Please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Is the fact that these men didn`t care enough about the pain that they put their families through.

PINSKY: Carol -- Carol, right? Is that your name, Carol?


PINSKY: Carol, I whole-heartedly completely agree with you that these men -- and by the way...

MARTIN: Dr. Drew, why don`t you look at the camera and tell men across this country, Stop paying for sex!

PINSKY: Let me -- let me step up to the camera.

MARTIN: How about that?

PINSKY: Not only stop paying for sex, stop cheating on your spouses!

MARTIN: Absolutely. Stop hurting your families!

PINSKY: (INAUDIBLE) that when you`re 20 and go do your thing before you get married. And once you`re married, live up to that commitment...

MARTIN: Absolutely.

PINSKY: ... because -- I used to say this about President Clinton. I`m sorry. Because when he did that, I said, Look, that is a -- that is an aggression against your daughter and your wife.

MARTIN: Absolutely.

PINSKY: These are people you are supposed to love, and you are making choices that is going to harm them. You might as well swing at them!

MARTIN: Absolutely.

PINSKY: You`re going to -- but at least that will pass!

MARTIN: And the men in this case did the exact same thing. I hope somebody...

PINSKY: But once they did it...

MARTIN: ... around this country...


MARTIN: No, you`re not just protecting the kids, Dr. Drew. You`re trying to protect those men!

PINSKY: No, I`m not. No, I`m not. I really am not. Trust me on that. And Carol, trust me on that. I am not. I think they`ve done something that really deserves a consequence, a severe consequence. I just...

MARTIN: Including disclosure of their names and their identities.

PINSKY: And with that, I will say thank you, Areva.

MARTIN: Thank you!

PINSKY: Thank you, Mark Eiglarsh. You can check him out at And Lisa Bloom, legal analyst for (ph).

Next up, shocking video of an adult who appears to be bullying a helpless 10-year-old. Have you been bullied? What do you think about this video? Here it is. Look at this. It`s ridiculous. Call us, 1-855- DRDREW-5.



BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: For a long time, bullying was treated as an unavoidable part of growing up. But more and more, we`re seeing how harmful it can be for our kids, especially when it follows them from their school to their phone to their computer screen. Putting a stop to bullying is a responsibility we all share.


PINSKY: Ten-year-old Hope Holkum (ph) is afraid to go to school because she says she`s been bullied. She has cerebral palsy. Her grandmother videotaped this apparent incident, a father and a son seemingly mocking the way Hope walks. Look at this. It`s just -- it`s disturbing.

Hope`s parents, Mike and Tricia Knight, join us now via Skype. So help us understand. Tricia, your -- you -- how is your daughter doing? Is she recovering from this? Is she able to go to school now?

TRICIA KNIGHT, DISABLED DAUGHTER BULLIED: She`s able to go to school. She`s not able to ride the bus.

PINSKY: And what kind of consequences of these -- the alleged adults -- and I mean alleged in multiple ways -- what kind of consequence are they suffering?

TRICIA KNIGHT: None at this time.

PINSKY: And Mike, I understand you`re having a dispute with the man in the tape. What, if anything, does that have to do with what they`re up to here?

MIKE KNIGHT, DISABLED DAUGHTER BULLIED: It was -- I guess I`m not sure what you mean by the dispute.

PINSKY: Well, I understand that they`re -- I understand they`re neighbors and I understand that you guys had had some other dispute and this is maybe some sort of fallout related to something else. I don`t know what else.

TRICIA KNIGHT: No, there was no dispute.


TRICIA KNIGHT: It was just us trying to speak to the parents in regards to their 9-year-old son calling Hope names and threatening her throughout last year and the summer.

PINSKY: I see. We actually tried, we were unable to reach the man seen in this video. He has told a number of media outlets that he has a limp from a work accident and that he was in no way making fun of Hope. He claims that Hope`s parents make fun of his son, who has a seizure disorder and ADHD. How do you guys respond to that?

TRICIA KNIGHT: We have never made fun of his children in any way.

MIKE KNIGHT: That`s a ridiculous thing, you know, for him to even consider saying that to anyone. That`s -- there`s no way, shape or form that we ever made fun of his son or any other kid, as far as that goes.

PINSKY: Lisa in Illinois. Lisa, you want to ring in here?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I sure would. Thank you for taking my call, Dr. Drew. I just wanted to mention about the daughter who was bullied due to her disability.

My father had polio and walked with a limp. And at times, people stared and made comments. And we were always -- I was one of seven daughters, and we were always brought up not to stare, not to look twice at anybody for being different. And having adults act like this just appalls me and makes me sick.

PINSKY: And it makes -- I agree with you, my dear. And it makes me sad for your daughter, Mike and Tricia. And I hope she`s OK. I saw her on other shows where she was crying in response to this. She doesn`t deserve this.

And I`ll tell you what, I have one of the stars of "Breaking Bad" coming in here in a second. He has cerebral palsy. And he actually wants to get on the line with your daughter and support her. He`s got a lot to say about this incident. You can call and talk to him. It`s R.J. Mitte. Call him, 855-DRDREW-5. Stay with me.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So how are those feeling in the waist? Are they too tight? Because you don`t want to get them if they`re too tight.

R.J. MITTE, "BREAKING BAD": They`re pretty sharp.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you sure you don`t want to get the -- like, a different kind, like, you know, the skinny jeans because those are really supposed to be in style now. The skaters wear them.

R.J. MITTE: Do I look like a skater?


R.J. MITTE: They`re my big boy pants!


PINSKY: That was R.J. Mitte in "Breaking Bad." R.J. plays Walter, Jr., a teen with cerebral palsy. R.J. himself has cerebral palsy, and he was bullied.

And before we talk about that, I`m going to slobber all over him because I`m a giant fan of "Breaking Bad." And those of you that don`t -- haven`t watched "Breaking Bad," I strongly urge you to. It is a deeply accurate exploration of people who manufacture drugs and use drugs.

He joins me also with his mom, Dyna Mitte, here, as well. Now, R.J., you`ve seen the tape we showed earlier. Do you have a reaction to this?

R.J. MITTE: Yes. It`s completely ridiculous that -- it`s one thing when kids are bullying each other. Yes, that`s completely out of line. But when parents get involved -- that`s who he`s learning from. This is something that`s really going to be detrimental to his health later on...

PINSKY: You see him -- you see him -- the kid that`s actually doing the bullying. You`re worrying about him, as well as the girl he bullied.

R.J. MITTE: Yes. Being bullied is one thing, but what is that teaching him when he gets older to do to other people...

PINSKY: That`s interesting. (INAUDIBLE) not even gone to that yet. Dyna, that`s an interesting place (INAUDIBLE)

DYNA MITTE, MOTHER: Yes, I think, you know, as parents, it`s a fine line there. You want to protect your children. You want to be active. You want -- I think it boils down to we need to educate this nation about disabilities.

PINSKY: And sort of be sensitive to some of the behaviors that people are engaging us (ph). We have learned a lot of the stuff we`ve been talking about tonight.

How were you bullied?

R.J. MITTE: I was choked out when we were running in PE. Someone grabbed my hoodie and knocked -- pulled me down. I had my hand broken because I was winning in sports by, like, one point to put me out of the game. And then a kid kicked my hand and broke it. Name-calling stuff.

But I was lucky enough that my family, my friends, everyone stood up for me. When someone pushed me down, I had one of my friends stood up for me, that protected me, that was there for me, that was always around -- wow, that picture!


PINSKY: There you are! That`s about the age you were being bullied?

R.J. MITTE: That was around when I got my hand broken.


DYNA MITTE: You know, I think as parents a lot of times, too, you have to go -- I know with R.J., what we did is we went in and we talked to the principals. We talked to the teachers. The teacher introduced R.J. in kindergarten and said, He has a disability, and he may walk different, he may talk a little different, but he`s normal just like you are.

PINSKY: But isn`t there a bigger message here that you have -- you specifically represent? Because you haven`t allowed anything about you to hold you back in any way. Isn`t that the big message here? I mean, you`re an actor. You`re a famous actor, and you have a -- what would be thought of as a disability, and you`ve turned that into a feature of your career.

R.J. MITTE: Exactly. The biggest thing is being disabled doesn`t mean you`re disabled. You can do anything you want. And that`s what I try to tell people that are being bullied that -- and just happen to have a disability.

It`s not you that makes this. You can make whatever you want. You can go out. You can support yourself. You can have your friends support you and you can be out there and do whatever you want.

PINSKY: I really want you to talk to this girl that was bullied. We`ve got her parents still on Skype. We can get the daughter, perhaps, on phone. I know we`re going to set it up on television. Maybe after the show, we`ll have you talk to her,

There is a call we have here. This is Heidi, though, in Florida. Heidi, you want to ring in?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. I`d like to tell you that after seeing the video at the beginning of your program, I wanted to take that man and literally just punch him out, if I could.

I have a granddaughter that has cerebral palsy and has a slight walk, as this child did. And I think that the punishment that should be is that a judge should make this man spend one year -- one year with the parents of a child that has cerebral palsy and the trauma that we go through as grandparents and parents trying to raise these children. because they are awesome children. And they are no different than any other.

PINSKY: Well, Heidi, let`s get into this for a sec because let`s -- I`m not sure everybody watching knows what cerebral palsy is. Why don`t you explain what it is and how it manifests for you.


PINSKY: Hold on, Heidi. One sec.

R.J. MITTE: The way it manifests for me is when I was born...

PINSKY: Say what it is. It`s a?

R.J. MITTE: It`s cerebral palsy, which is a disability and...

PINSKY: It`s a motor problem.

R.J. MITTE: Yes.

PINSKY: It`s a motoric disability and...

DYNA MITTE: It`s where a portion of the brain was damaged at birth or from lack of oxygen, where the blood flow no longer circulates around that part of the brain.

PINSKY: The motoric and the -- and the -- and the balance and...

DYNA MITTE: It affects your motor skills, your...


DYNA MITTE: ... and your growth.

PINSKY: It doesn`t affect thinking or emotions or personality or anything else.



PINSKY: And how is it affecting you?

R.J. MITTE: It affects me with my hand and my speech. That`s about it. I work...

PINSKY: This hand.

R.J. MITTE: My left hand. I pretty much worked my whole life to overcome my disabilities. It was just insane that I`m on a show where I had to regress. And it really is insane that I`m in the position I am, to be able to talk about my disability and how I`ve overcome it and how I`ve went through everything I`ve been through to just grow and to use my disability and to get me into my future.

And I`m lucky enough to say that I have my family to support and push me and to get me motivated and to get me up and off of the couch and up and going.

PINSKY: You know, as a doctor, I kind of want people to -- I heard somebody say they were training their kids not to look and stuff. I want people to look and to understand.

Do you mind if I just hold you hand up?


PINSKY: Let`s just see -- let`s just show what this is. It just has a little bit of a spasticity to it.

R.J. MITTE: That`s it. It`s just -- it`s just pretty much...

PINSKY: And now -- now let`s look at this man`s face and see who he is, OK? Does that -- does his hand affect who this gentleman is in any way?

DYNA MITTE: And he went through years of casting and braces. And you know, I remember the kids saying, Run, Forest (ph), run, when he was young with the braces and the casting.

R.J. MITTE: But...

PINSKY: But you -- I tried to always...

PINSKY: You thought it was funny.

R.J. MITTE: I thought it was funny.


DYNA MITTE: ... because I would tell him, if they do that, that just is something that makes you stand out. Use it to an advantage. Turn those lemons into lemonade.

R.J. MITTE: And that`s what you have to do. And the biggest thing that what I was hearing is most people don`t know what CP is. Most people don`t know what people with disabilities -- certain -- it`s not just one type of disability. There`s thousands.

PINSKY: That`s why I say, people, look, examine, ask questions about it.

R.J. MITTE: Exactly.

PINSKY: It`s -- this is -- we had Brad Williams (ph) on here. He`s an achondroplastic dwarf, and he wants -- he wants to be -- that`s him! And he wants you to understand that about him.

R.J. MITTE: And that`s -- that`s what people just need to realize is, ask questions. Go out. It`s not, like -- it`s not taboo.


R.J. MITTE: This is not a taboo thing.

PINSKY: Exactly right.

DYNA MITTE: And people tend to make fun and criticize things they don`t know a lot about, if they`re not educated.

PINSKY: Exactly -- exactly right. That`s why we need to look and ask questions.

We got to take a quick break. Back with R.J. and his mom after this.


PINSKY: All right, we`re getting lots of great calls. I`m going to straight to Brian in Virginia. Brian, go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Hello, Dr. Drew. Yes, my 8-year-old daughter has cerebral palsy. That guy in the video, yes, he is an idiot. That`s a fact of life. There`s a lot of people out there.

But I live in a neighborhood and a community that they would not even think of making fun of our daughter.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s more or less the baby of the neighborhood. And even at school, kids are more than willing to help her out with whatever (INAUDIBLE)

PINSKY: Well, I mean, that sounds -- that sounds wonderful. That`s as it should be. You represent an organization that is trying to raise awareness.

R.J. MITTE: And that`s how it really is. A neighborhood should rally around them and be family and be supportive.

PINSKY: And most people are, right?

R.J. MITTE: It really is. I was blessed and lucky enough that I had my neighborhood, that I had my family to rally around me and support me when I was down.

PINSKY: Why don`t you mention the organization?

R.J. MITTE: PACER, which is against anti-bullying. I`ve done...

PINSKY: I`m wearing purple.

R.J. MITTE: ... a lot of work with them.

PINSKY: I`m wearing purple.


R.J. MITTE: No, it really -- they do a lot of good work. And United Cerebral Palsy is another one that helps with kids with CP and...

PINSKY: Take a quick call again. Debra in Pennsylvania. We are running out of time, my dear. Go ahead.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: R.J., I just want to say congratulations. You keep up the good work. I have cerebral palsy also. I just got my master`s from the University of Pittsburgh in social work. Listen, you go for it. There`s nothing in this world that you can`t do. Same thing for that little girl.

R.J. MITTE: Thank you so much.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There`s nothing in this world she can`t accomplish.

PINSKY: I believe that about R.J. So far, it seems to be a truism about his life. There doesn`t seem to be anything he can`t accomplish.

R.J. MITTE: And that`s just it. You can accomplish anything you want, as long as you want. You just -- you have to want it for yourself. You have to put yourself and just go and love and do whatever you want and -- because at the end of the day, that`s all you have is you and your family.

PINSKY: Well, I want you to know you`re surrounded in this room, the cameramen, our stage manager, by "Breaking Bad" geeks. And we`re all going to hold you in a...


PINSKY: Yes, we`re all going to hold you, lock you in a closet and get all the secrets about this upcoming season because we can`t stand it! We got to know what`s happening.

R.J. MITTE: I have no idea.


PINSKY: You literally don`t, right?

R.J. MITTE: I have no idea. They don`t tell me anything.

PINSKY: I heard Brian Cranston (ph) talk about it, and he was saying that he -- although they`ve done that final teaser scene -- doesn`t have any idea how he gets there.

R.J. MITTE: I`m scared. That`s all I have to say!


PINSKY: Thank you, guys. Thank you to Lisa Bloom, Mark Eiglarsh -- there they are -- Areva Martin, Kim Serafin, also Tricia and Mike Knight, and of course, R.J. Mitte and Dyna Mitte. And you just saw R.J. Mitte with Brian Cranston. Put that back up there again real quick, let him see that picture. Come on, now. Can you do it? Not bringing it up. There they are. There a nice picture.


PINSKY: ... you guys. NANCY GRACE begins right now. Exactly.