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Weighing in on the Petraeus Sex Scandal; Top Five Women Who Rock; Brandi Glanville Reveals

Aired November 13, 2012 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ Shockers". The coast-to-coast movement to dump Donald Trump. And more sex, lies, and bizarre new details in the General Petraeus scandal, but which shocker will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown?

Hello and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

We`ve got two big SHOWBIZ Countdowns tonight, including a countdown of the top five "Women That Rock." Tonight Selena Gomez really proves beyond a shadow ever a doubt that she`s got it going on, despite reports that she broke up with Justin Bieber. And don`t count out Jessica Simpson, who`s showing off her slimmer post-baby body and putting all of those doubters to shame. So who will be the No. 1 woman that rocks?

But we begin with our first SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. It`s the top three "SHOWBIZ Shockers". And, you know, these days, quite frankly, it takes a lot more than a simple old sex scandal to shock us, but we are definitely stunned by a dramatic new twist in a sex scandal that`s sending the CIA and the FBI scrambling today.

General Petraeus may have already confessed to his role in the cheating scandal that led to his resignation as the CIA chief, but, unfortunately, it looks like that`s just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 3 on the "SHOWBIZ Shockers" countdown, it`s the craziest sex scandal ever.


HAMMER: We all know Washington has had its share of sleazy sex scandals, but the constantly shifting sex scandal involving ex-CIA head, retired general David Petraeus, is the Lance Armstrong on sex scandals, because it`s a sex scandal on steroids, allegedly.

ALEXIS TERESZCUK, REPORTER: The General Petraeus sex scandal might be the craziest one we have ever seen.

HAMMER: The Petraeus mess isn`t a mere love triangle. This is close to a love Pentagon.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Another four-star bombshell in the David Petraeus sex scandal.

HAMMER: And today, it`s ensnared another general, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, who`s also been dragged into this mess because of his alleged impropriety.

TERESZCUK: Doesn`t appreciate the occasional twists.

HAMMER: There isn`t this much cloak-and-dagger sex and intrigue in the new James Bond movie.

DANIEL CRAIG, ACTOR: You must be joking.

HAMMER: No, we`re not, Mr. Bond. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you this might be the craziest sex scandal not just in D.C. but ever.

TERESZCUK This is an amazing scandal and it`s really kind of fun.

HAMMER: This Petraeus scandal has lots of characters, so we`re going to explain it in 30 seconds.

CIA head Petraeus cheats on his wife of 37 years with his biographer Paula Broadwell. Broadwell allegedly sent e-mail to Petraeus family friend Jill Kelley, reportedly warning her to stay away from her man.

A scared Kelley forwards the e-mail to the FBI. The FBI traces Kelley`s e- mail back to Broadwell and finds romantic e-mails Broadwell exchanged with Petraeus, who resigns from CIA in disgrace.

And today another general, John Allen, gets dragged in. He`s investigated for inappropriate e-mail he allegedly sent to poor Jill Kelley, who needs to change her e-mail address.

Got all that?

TERESZCUK: Thousands and thousands of e-mails. I don`t even send that many to my husband, and I don`t have a job running the war.

HAMMER: This ever-shifting sex scandal has spawned some pretty crazy headlines. "The New York Daily News" calls it "In the Line of Booty." And then there are the jokes.

CRAIG FERGUSON, CBS`S "THE LATE, LATE SHOW": Groping civilians on the government dime, General Petraeus. You work for the CIA, not the TSA. See what I did?

HAMMER: And today an even more bizarre twist.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Make no mistakes, Secretary Petraeus.

HAMMER: A new video game released today, "Call of Duty: Black Ops 2," depicts a fictional David Petraeus as the Secretary of Defense in the year 2025.


HAMMER: We`re pretty sure that, by 2025, Petraeus will have learned how to secure his e-mail, and in that not too distant future, this crazy sex scandal will still rank as the strangest sex scandal ever.


HAMMER: Yes. Really strange, but, unfortunately, very true. But is it really the craziest sex scandal ever?

Joining me in New York, the great Penn Jillette. Now Donald Trump just picked Penn to be in the "Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars," and it starts airing in February. I get the impression he`s going to do very well. And also has this great new book out called, "Every Day is an Atheist Holiday."

And in Hollywood, it`s Sheryl Lee Ralph, the author of this book, "Redefining Diva: Life Lessons from the Original Dreamgirl." It`s now a "New York Times" best-seller.

All right, Penn. Let me start with you. I remember you once had the show titled "B.S." I`m cleaning up the title, obviously, a bit here, but I`m definitely interested to know what you think of the Petraeus scandal and if you think it`s the juiciest ever?

PENN JILLETTE, MAGICIAN: Well, I`ve been -- I`ve been sequestered with Donald Trump for a while...


JILLETTE: ... so I haven`t been following as close as I should. But I think we can just stop all of these problems by just worrying a lot less about sex. We could just all today decide that this will never be a problem again.

If we want juicy sex, we can just, you know, watch pornography or something healthy instead of digging into other people`s lives. That would be my suggestion.

HAMMER: Yes. I would have a feeling we`d get a lot more problems in the world solved by dealing with the things that really matter.

But Sheryl, when you look at this particular scandal we`ve got CIA chiefs. You have decorated generals. You have prominent women, all this e-mail. I`m thinking Tiger who?

SHERYL LEE RALPH, ACTRESS: First of all, I think it`s just a little bit deeper than that. After all, he is general. He is a powerful man, but he`s also proof positive that power can make anyone very, very attractive. Yes, it`s quite a shocker.

And we never know what kind of pillow talk they may have. After all, didn`t she say that General Petraeus is the man who can turn water into bottled water?

HAMMER: I`m with Penn Jillette however. I do think we really need to deal with the more serious issues and leave the sex alone.

But let me move on right now to another huge "SHOWBIZ Shocker" tonight. This is No. 2 on our "SHOWBIZ Shockers" countdown. There`s a coast-to- coast movement to dump Trump. More than half a million have actually signed this online petition. They`re demanding that Macy`s drop Donald Trump from its brand-new holiday campaign. Watch what the fuss is all about here.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Everybody, this is Kris Kringle. He`ll be helping out today.

EDMUND GWENN, ACTOR: But I`ve made the appointment with Mr. Macy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there a Mr. Macy?

TAYLOR SWIFT, SINGER: Not since before I was born.

DONALD TRUMP, REAL-ESTATE MOGUL: What`s with the getup, Kringle?

GWENN: I am Santa Claus.

TRUMP: Let me see for myself.

GWENN: Oh, go ahead, pull it.


HAMMER: OK. Look, I think a lot of people really believe that that`s a reference to Donald`s relentless birther attacks on President Obama, but now we have the legendary Cher leading the charge against Trump. Let me read what she just tweeted about it: "I`ll never go to Macy`s again. I didn`t know they sold Donald Trump`s line. If they don`t care they sell products from a loud-mouth racist cretin who`d lie like his rug to get some cheap press."

OK, Penn. Listen, you`re on the upcoming "Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars." You`ll be back in the board room with Trump yet again. You`ve gotten to know him over the years. Do you think Macy`s should tell him, "You`re fired"?

JILLETTE: Well, what I will say is I -- and you know I did a show called "B.S." I`ve been close to him. He is not wearing a rug. It is his real hair. Absolutely -- it may not be the best choice for hair, but it is his real hair.

Of course people have a right to speak with their pocketbooks. I think that Donald Trump`s political opinions, I try to keep separate from him as essentially an entertainer.

But of course, people should speak out whatever way they can, and boycotts are a good way to do it.

I happen to like Donald Trump. I mean, Thelonious Monk said the genius is the one who is most like himself, and Donald Trump is very much like himself, and that`s very much like his hair. But our politics do differ very much.

HAMMER: They certainly do. What do you think, Sheryl. You understand why so many people are upset with this guy.

RALPH: I want to know, will he let us pull his hair the way he pulled Santa Claus` beard? Yes.

JILLETTE: I believe he will.

RALPH: I have one thing to say, when it comes to all of this: "Trump, you`re dumped. Just dump all of this stuff. Leave it alone. They`re going to buy your ties anyway, baby."

Macy`s isn`t letting this man go. It`s given them good press. It`s given him good press. And those gaudy gold ties, red ties, blue ties, they are going to sell. A whole lot of people are going to get them for Christmas.

JILLETTE: This tie.

HAMMER: He`ll huff and he`ll puff, but you know he`s loving this publicity that he`s getting from all this anyway.


JILLETTE: I don`t know. That`s a little bit -- that`s a little bit facile. I think that everybody, even if our life is publicity and is show business, I think that anytime someone says something that`s not -- that`s not positive, it hurts everybody. I don`t think anybody is immune to that.

HAMMER: Well, even him. Fair enough.

JILLETTE: I believe it`s true.

HAMMER: From the king of firing to a young superstar actress who actually wants to fire her own mom. This is No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Shockers" countdown. It`s the "Modern Family" feud.

Fourteen-year-old "Modern Family" star Ariel Winters` battle with her mom is just heating up. This is so sad.

Ariel`s estranged mom now accusing her daughter`s 18-year-old ex-boyfriend of getting intimate with her daughter. Ariel denies this but, Sheryl, it seems to me all of this should be happening behind closed doors and not out in the public.

RALPH: Absolutely. Once again we`re talking about a minor, and because of all the things we think about sex, we`ve put a number on what is OK. So you`ve got a 14-year-old dating an 18-year-old. The mother doesn`t agree with it.

Then it becomes a huge problem, when there are a lot of 14-year-olds out there dating 17-, 18-year-olds. It`s just gotten very, very difficult for all of us. And she is a minor, and it will hurt her in the long run more than anybody else. And she`s just dating.

HAMMER: Yes. Really, really sad. All right, Penn Jillette, Sheryl Lee Ralph, thank you both. It`s always great to have you both here.

And make sure you pick up Penn Jillette`s book, "Every Day is an Atheist Holiday."

RALPH: Thank you.

HAMMER: Well, we`ve got another show-stopping countdown; it`s coming up. It`s "Women That Rock."

Daniel Craig`s dirty Rihanna revelation. Why 007 thinks the pop star would actually rock as a Bond girl.

Also, Kristen Stewart wows fans on the "Twilight" red carpet. She`s wearing a sexy see-through dress, and she is rocking the most impressive accessory, Robert Pattinson. But which woman will rock the top spot on the SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight?

Also, we`ve got the big official reveal coming tomorrow, but we`re revealing our nominees for "People" magazine`s "Sexiest Man Alive."



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The Easter bunny? The Sandman. The Tooth Fairy. I knew you`d come.

ISLA FISHER, ACTRESS: Surprise. We came.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You guys, he`s still awake.


HAMMER: That`s Isla Fisher voice there as the Tooth Fairy in the brand-new movie, "Rise of the Guardians." It has an incredible star-packed voice cast, including Alec Baldwin, Hugh Jackman and Jude Law.

I`m going one-on-one with Isla Fisher in human form tonight.


HAMMER: We just love Isla Fisher here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. She`s a brilliant actress. She`s the mother of two adorable little girls and she`s married to comic genius, Sasha Baron Cohen.

But honestly, you know Sasha`s got nothing on Isla. Every time I sit down with her I cannot stop laughing. And now, Isla is playing the voice of the Tooth Fairy, known to her friends simply as Tooth, in the spectacular new film "Rise of the Guardians."


HAMMER: May I call you Tooth? I just love that as a nickname.

FISHER: Yes, you may.

HAMMER: So at your home now, Olive is -- your daughter is 5 now?


HAMMER: So is she -- are you playing Tooth Fairy to her yet?

FISHER: We haven`t lost any teeth yet. Actually, my husband had two teeth taken out taken out recently, wisdom teeth. So that was my closest experience in playing Tooth.

HAMMER: Did you take advantage of that moment to place something under his pillow?

FISHER: Yes, I love it. He just had them like this. It`s like, "Two dents? Can`t hear you; can`t hear you."

HAMMER: What is the going rate for a tooth?

FISHER: A tooth?

HAMMER: Do you have any idea?

FISHER: I think in this economy you can`t expect more than 50 cents.

HAMMER: Interesting. Even for a big powerful Hollywood couple like you and your husband?

FISHER: I don`t believe in spoiling kids either. They`re too much work.

HAMMER: That`s good.

FISHER: Although I remember when I was little I used to tie string around my teeth, tie it to the door and then slam the door.

HAMMER: You actually did that?

FISHER: I did that.

HAMMER: I appreciate you disproving this myth. I think everybody imagines that couples like...

FISHER: That celebrities never lose teeth. They just have one set of milk teeth that last your own career.

HAMMER: No. I believe -- I believe they all think you`re having your teeth fixed and whitened is what they believe.

FISHER: Oh, God. And I haven`t. Is that where you`re going?

HAMMER: No. That is another myth that you`ve now disproven. But the fact you`re putting, you know, $100 bills under the pillow, because there are teeth there.

FISHER: Because I want my kids to buy drugs from 5 years old.

HAMMER: I don`t know where you came up with that. I have no idea.

FISHER: Neither do I. I don`t think kids should have access to cash. It worries me. I don`t know why.

HAMMER: I don`t think a lot of adults should have access to cash, personally. I have to imagine...

HAMMER: If I`d had access to cash as a kid, I would have bought so many sweets I wouldn`t have had teeth left.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We bring joy and dreams.


HAMMER: I have to imagine that it is important as your kids are getting older that they continue to believe in the message of this film really but in things like the Tooth Fairy.

FISHER: Yes, and more importantly that kids understand that, you know, that while fear exists and it`s around them and there are things to be scared about, that they need to continue to have hope.

HAMMER: I`ve read where you`ve said in the past, how at the center of your life, as much as you love acting, it`s family, it`s your husband, it`s your kids.


HAMMER: But it`s a tough balance sometimes. What for you is sort of the key to striking that balance?

FISHER: Well, movies like this are wonderful because you do a couple of hours a month, every few months over 18 months. And so, you know, I get to be with my family a lot.

And then I guess it`s just about finding the material that, you know, that fulfills the creative side of me but doesn`t make me feel like I`ve missed out on anything with my munchkins.

HAMMER: Perfect. Munchkins, do you call them that?

FISHER: Not to their faces.

HAMMER: Just behind their backs.


HAMMER: Isla is so much fun. She`s fantastic. So is her new movie. I cannot overstate how much I loved "Rise of the Guardians". It opens on November 21st.

Jessica is rocking her post-baby body. She`s flaunting her figure on her own terms. She`s ignoring the haters. We love that about Jess.

And Selena shuns the negativity, too. Selena Gomez talks to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT in a brand-new interview, days after reports of her split from Justin Bieber. You`ve got to hear what she just told us.

But is it going to be Jessica or is it going to be Selena topping our SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Women That Rock"?

This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN. Here comes the "SHOWBIZ Buzz List." This is what the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff is buzzing about this week.

We`re buzzing about our new favorite song, "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys.

This may not be an iPhone killer yet, but Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is really out of this world.

Bringing home Barbra. Music Cares, which is the charity arm of the Grammys has just released a Music Cares tribute to Barbra Streisand on DVD and Blu- ray. The fashionistas on our staff love that the Web site Rent the Runway has ditched the models for real women to show off their clothes.

And we simply cannot get enough of ABC`s "Happy Endings."



HAMMER: You know, tomorrow is an unofficial holiday in America. Don`t tell me you forgot. Tomorrow is the day that "People" names its Sexiest Man Alive. Yes, that`s right. Everybody is cheering it on.

Tonight SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has come up with our own very well-researched and honed list of nominees. Our experts broke things down by category and first up, we have music.

We nominate Jay-Z. I mean, think about it, everything this guy touches turns to gold. He`s one half of the biggest couple in music.

Then there`s sports. The ladies love Olympian Ryan Lochte in his skivvies and when he`s on the red carpet.

And then there`s that other Ryan, Ryan Gosling. Everybody thought he was this close to getting the sexiest man honor last year. Well, let me bring in the sexiest woman alive: it is actress and author, Sheryl Lee Ralph. She`s in Hollywood tonight.

So Sheryl, there we have the battle of the Ryans versus Jay-Z. In this category, who do you think has got a real shot at the title?

RALPH: Oh, my gosh. I really thought he should have won last year. I do love that Ryan Gosling. Although I`ll choose you, A.J., yes, I choose you.

HAMMER: Well, tonight, it`s not all about us tonight. I know that women really love funny guys, Sheryl. Nominating the great Paul Rudd as 2012`s Sexiest Man Alive. Do you think? Because I like him a lot. I don`t know if I have any influence in the vote. But do you think people might go on a limb with this choice?

RALPH: You know something? I think he`s like husband sexy. You would choose him to be your husband, so it`s like husband forever kind of man sexy, but in terms of real sexy like fantasy in my head sexy, once again, Ryan Gosling.


RALPH: Sexy.

RALPH: So you`re saying it`s got to go beyond just the inside the head and the funny and all that. I guess what you`re saying is it`s a physical thing in a much bigger way than it may be for everybody, but it is the Sexiest Man Alive.

So why don`t we pick our winner? May I have the drum roll, Charles? After very thoughtful consideration, a lot of scientific research, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is predicting Daniel Craig will be named Sexiest Man Alive by "People." Sheryl...


HAMMER: Well, I`m surprised here. I thought you were an enormous fan of this man and the whole Bond franchise. Why no?

RALPH: I love the whole Bond franchise. I really do. But he`s just a little bit too, you know, he`s too rough there. He looks like he might tie you up and swing you by your bra strap or something. No. I like that firm, sexy man...

HAMMER: Really?

RALPH: Yes, no, no, no.

HAMMER: My crazy Canadian friend Sandy says about a guy like Daniel Craig "he`s lived in." That doesn`t put you over the sexy edge for you?

RALPH: No, no, See, you want to look at them. You want to look at them and feel like you could embrace them. You want to feel like they could embrace you.

You know, I`m telling you, Ryan Gosling is sexy. Elba is sexy. Denzel is still sexy.

HAMMER: All right. Got it. We`ll find out if it`s your man Ryan in just a couple of hours, Sheryl.


HAMMER: Thank you so much. And I do want to tell everyone that you`re amazing HIV/AIDS charity event called divas simply singing coming back for his 22nd night. It`s Saturday, December 1 at the Staples Center. A big shout-out to Jess and Joan, our associate producers and sexiest man experts. They know sexy.

To Kristen Stewart getting sexy at the big premiere. Rocking the red carpet in a see-through dress with Robert Pattinson right by her side.

Also, Jessica Simpson`s slimmed down reveal. Jessica rocks her post-baby body, but will she finally be able to quiet all of her haters? Which lady rocked it the best? Coming up next, you won`t want to miss this. We`ve got the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top five "Women That Rock."




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Who makes a better Bond girl, Rihanna or Beyonce?

CRAIG: I think Rihanna.


CRAIG: yes.


CRAIG: She`s dirtier.


HAMMER: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, Rihanna versus Beyonce. 007 Daniel Craig picks Rihanna as the better Bond girl. So is he right? Who do you think would rock more as a Bond girl?

Kristen Stewart makes a bold statement at the "Twilight" premiere in a revealing see-through dress with Robert Pattinson right next to her. Did K. Stew rock the premiere And which of these ladies rocked the most to top the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Women That Rock"?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight, it`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Women That Rock". Some incredible women are putting Hollywood and the rest of the world on notice: never doubt the power of a strong woman.

Let me kick things off with number five tonight. It`s Selena Gomez. Selena, taking all the reports of her breakup with Justin Bieber in stride. Selena was just honored at the Glamour Women of the Year awards last night in New York City for her role as an ambassador for UNICEF and she didn`t hide from the press. She could have, but she was there. She spotlighted her work with UNICEF and told us the secret to dealing with all of the attention she gets for everything else.


SELENA GOMEZ, ACTRESS: I don`t know, you know. I`m just taking it day by day. I`m very lucky to do what I do, and I`m glad I can do it.


HAMMER: I love that. Selena definitely rocks in my book and joining me right now, two women that also definitely rock. In Hollywood, it is Sheryl Lee Ralph, the author of "Redefining Diva: Life Lessons From the Original Dream Girl." It`s now a "New York Times" bestseller. Good on you for that, Sheryl.

In Atlanta, Egypt Sherrod, the host of HGTV`s "Property Virgins". Great show. She`s also a radio personality V1O3.

Think about this, it`s got to be tough for Selena Gomez to know how to handle all those reports about her and Justin, Sheryl. She does a really good job of handling the scrutiny even though it`s so tough, don`t you think?

RALPH: What a beautiful, sweet spirited little baby girl. You know, to have all of this attention on her. The fact she has the support, the foundation that gives her the ability to handle all of it through that fishbowl with such grace is amazing. Love her, true diva in training in the best sense of the word.

HAMMER: Yes, Egypt, when you think about the fact, she`s only 20-years- old. I mean, to me that only accentuates the grace with which she handles all the scrutiny.

EGYPT SHERROD, HOST, HGTV`S "PROPERTY VIRGINS": A.J., to be so young, she is absolutely handling all the scrutiny with such grace. And I think it helps she`s a TV baby. She`s poised for this. She was raised up knowing how to deal with the cameras and handled herself with such (INAUDIBLE). She`s beautiful. I can`t wait to see her when she`s 30. We only get better with time.


HAMMER: And no question about that. So, let`s move from Selena Gomez rocking her own press to some legendary ladies who I think really do shine as terrific examples of how to make it in show business.

They`re rocking it at number four on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Women That Rock". It`s Lauren Hutton, Katie Couric and of course, the star of the hit TV show, "The Good Wife," the lovely Julianna Margulies. They all told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT the secrets to their long lasting success. Let`s watch them.


JULIANNA MARGULIES, STAR, "THE GOOD WIFE": I think the secret is honestly knowing who you are and not being afraid of what other people say and to be brave and not -- you know, what`s important to me is that the people who are in my life know that I`m truthful and honest and loving and caring. And that to start out from a foundation of that is sort of more important I think than anything else. And then you can sort of do anything in the world. I think once you feel secure in yourself, you`ll do fine.

KATIE COURIC, JOURNALIST, AUTHOR: I think the most important thing for any person is to love what they do. A friend of mine says work should be a three-letter word, F-U-N. And I think as long as you`re having a good time, as long as you`re being intellectually stimulated, as long as you`re engaged, you know, keep going and that`s what I`m trying to do as long as I can.

LAUREN HUTTON, ACTRESS: Read your ass off. Read everything that you can, learn how to read not just the front page of the "The Times," but inside too and think while you`re going to. And little by little you get little sentences you will be able to remember what`s really going on around the world.


HAMMER: The great Lauren Hutton.

All right, Sheryl, off to you on this. You are already on our list of "Women That Rock". What is your advice?

RALPH: Thank you. You know something? I write in my book that you`ve got to be able to look in the mirror and love what you see. You are perfectly imperfect and God does not make mistakes. You are wonderful just the way you are. Believe it only -- always and move forward with grace.

HAMMER: And when you look at all those with women that we just showed you that we had the opportunity to speak with last night, I think most people can really appreciate how Katie Couric has really evolved throughout her career.


HAMMER: We never thought after the "Today" show that she would exactly find her place. I don`t mean we never thought that, but it took her a while to find her footing. And we were watching her in her various roles. And I think she`s landed now and she said it`s all about having fun. I imagine most people might be thinking, well, if it were only that simple.

But Egypt, for you is fun what makes you rock so much?

SHERROD: Well, I`m glad you think I rock, A.J. thank you very much. You know --

HAMMER: You rock.

SHERROD: Thank you, Sheryl, as well. I started to become successful in my life and my career and it depends how you define success. I define it as balance in your life. But once I made sure my passion and my purpose met up, though equated, it equaled success. And I think you have to be comfortable in your own skin. Recognize that each of us have our own unique voice and you have to make sure the world knows what that is and you will find success in being your authentic you.

HAMMER: Yes. Follow your own bliss is what I always say. Sometimes it is easier than done. But at the end of the day if you can do that, you`ll have nothing but success.

So, let us move from showbiz legends to a legendary movie franchise that sadly for a lot of fans and Twi-hards is coming to an end. And the star of it all is taking her superstardom in stride. I`m talking about Kristen Stewart, in at number three on the countdown of "Women That Rock".

Now, let`s put her cheating scandal aside for a moment. That said, I do think Kristen has handled her Twilight fame as well as she could. Let`s listen to what she told us at the premiere for "Breaking Dawn: Part Two" about how is she feeling now that the franchise is winding down.


KRISTEN STEWART, ACTRESS: We do share it with millions of people. If that can leave you so quickly then you`re a nutcase. I think, yes, I think it`s not going anywhere. The fact that the movies will exist forever, we will be proud of them until the day we die and, you know, we still feel pretty good walking away. I`m really glad the story is finally told.


HAMMER: Yes. It seems to me she has it in great perspective there. You have to respect the fact that Kristen had a lot of pressure on her. You know, when she first appeared as Bella, we must remember, she was just 18 years old and not well-known prior to this movie coming out. Now she can barely leave her house. So, again, besides the cheating scandal, I for one thing that Kristen has certainly rocked her role in this epic film and the life that it brought her. Sheryl, are you with me on that?

RALPH: You know something? I`m all for that, but I`m probably the only person in the whole wide world that has never seen any of the movies. I love -- the only one. Me. But I do love the fact that last night she kind of grew up and actually wore shoes instead of sneakers. I believe she has on shoes and kicked the sneakers to the curb last night.

SHERROD: She`s red hot and fiery right now. Look at her in this gorgeous dress. She`s not little Bella anymore, not a little girl.

RALPH: She grew up.

SHERROD: She`s a grown woman. And you know what I applaud her for, knowing when to go to grow. And some of us try to stick around hanging onto something when we do ourselves a disservice. I would like to see where she winds up next.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, she didn`t really have a choice in going to grow in this case because the thing came to an end, kind of forced her hand.

RALPH: It`s over.

HAMMER: She did open herself up to different possibilities, and I have a feeling and I know we`ve talked a lot about this cheating scandal over the past many months. But I have a feeling when the story is written about her life, it`s merely going to be a footnote and I applaud her for how she`s moving forward.

That leaves us at number two on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of "Women That Rock". Who is it going to be? Here are a couple thoughts, maybe Jessica Simpson. She made a surprise appearance and stuck around to meet her fans. That looks pretty cool. Will it be Rihanna for her brand new sizzling hot spread for the December issue of "GQ", which is pretty amazing?

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Egypt Sherrod, please don`t go anywhere.

Also tonight, getting real with "Real Housewives" star Brandi Glanville. She tells me her reaction to the fact that LeAnn Rimes went into treatment after stealing Brandi`s ex.


HAMMER: When you hear what LeAnn has to say, do you kind of have sympathy for what she`s had to go through?


HAMMER: Brandi Glanville telling all in my SWHOBIZ Newsmaker interview. Wait until you hear what she says.



HAMMER: Welcome back. Tonight we`re counting down the top five "Women That Rock". Let me run them for you.

At number five, Bieber who? A smiling Selena Gomez stepped out at Glamour`s Women of the Year awards despite the bombshell breakup news she and Justin Bieber have called it quits.

At number four, Lauren Hutton, Julianna Margulies, and Katie Couric, we`re talking about three legendary women offering up encouraging words of wisdom to live by.

At number three, Kristen Stewart, Twi-hards can`t get enough of Kstew who banned it up and just dazzled fans at the premiere of "Breaking Dawn: Part Two."

That brings us to number two on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of "Women That Rock". It`s Jessica Simpson. She just surprised fans doing this appearance at Macy`s department store. It was an event that took place on Sunday. She showed up all slimmed down and posed for photos, signed autographs for a long line of delighted fans. Any wonder she made our list? I mean, imagine if you were a fans of hers and you were at that thing.

Let me bring home Sheryl Lee Ralph starring in the new film "Christmas in Compton." It is in theaters right now. Egypt Sherrod is also with us. She is the host of HGTV`s "Property Virgins."

So, Sheryl, the comedians as we all know, have had a field day with Jessica Simpson. But to me, now that she`s shown up, she`s shown up her butt. It looks as if she`s getting the last laugh and not just with the weight loss. She is an unquestionably truly successful woman who marches to her own beat. Are you with me on this?

RALPH: I am so completely with you. All this year that we`ve been talking about Jessica Simpson. She has risen to every challenge that she has come to, and I just love the fact that she is a renaissance woman. She keeps reinventing herself. She keeps overcoming, and she is just number one in my book. I love her. No, buffalos do not have wings. I love her. The chicken of the sea would be tuna fish. I love her and her shoes, too. She`s fabulous.

HAMMER: Buffalos don`t have wings, what?

SHERROD: I was just trying to figure that one out. Sheryl, you`re crazy.

HAMMER: That`s true.

Listen. Jessica`s post-baby look is just one of the reasons she came in at number two on our list, Egypt, but think about all she`s accomplished. She`s a fashion mogul. She is a business woman. She is a loving mom. So, I mean, you have to be with us that we got it right including her on our list of women who rock.

SHERROD: Boy, did you get it right. I`m surprised she`s not number one on the list.

Listen. I`m balancing two full-time jobs and I`m a mom. I know how hard that is. And this girl does it seamlessly -- and listen, she`s managing a billion dollar empire. And she -- you know what her motto should be, I rise above, because no matter what the media hits her with, she continues to keep going. She just hit the gas and she is still going.


HAMMER: It will be interesting to see if people lay off her or if they have decided it`s sport to, you know, get on Jessica`s case. I`m still pushing --

SHERROD: Scandal sells.

HAMMER: Well, yes. But maybe they can leave Jessica alone. I think that she just has proven all of the haters out there. We`re so proud of her because she keeps it real. But you know, there can only be one superstar to top our list of "Women That Rock", and here it is.

At number one, we present Rihanna. Look at this. Her all-new sizzling hot spread for the December issue of "GQ" magazine. I mean, come on. We`re not the only ones who are loving Rihanna right now, by the way. And she does pronounce her name Rihanna. Bond star Daniel Craig just revealed to the Global Grind Web site that he thinks she`s got the stuff to be a Bond girl.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE REPORTER: Yes, this is a very intense question. Who makes a better Bond girl, Rihanna or Beyonce?

CRAIG: I think Rihanna.




CRAIG: She`s dirtier.



HAMMER: She is dirtier. What do you think, Sheryl? Are you with Daniel Craig on this one? First, that she would make a better Bond girl than Beyonce, but that she is dirtier?

RALPH: You know, it`s the whole idea she could be dirtier. I don`t necessarily like that word dirty when you associate "dirty girl". But Rihanna is most certainly an edgy young woman. She has spent a lot of her youth on the edge. She has gone through some very difficult situations in the public eye, and with those pictures that we saw on the cover of "GQ," I was like, well, you better rock, Miss Rihanna. Yes, girl, dirty girl.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, despite her dirtiness, in the eyes of Daniel Craig and the fact she had make a better Bond girl that really did push her to the fact we made her number one tonight.

And look at those three. Maybe they need to have two Bond girls in one film.

SHERROD: You can`t -- he can`t handle them both.

HAMMER: Egypt --

RALPH: Two Bond girls, yes. Come on, Egypt.

HAMMER: All right, we move on now from women who rock to a woman who is rocked to her core. "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville opening up to me about losing her husband to LeAnn Rimes and how she felt about LeAnn`s trip to rehab. When you hear what she has to say, do you have sympathy for what she`s gone through?

Brandi tells all. It`s my must-see SHOWBIZ Newsmaker interview coming up next.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can`t stay very long, and I`m a little nervous about just, you know, socializing.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s a kids` party.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But you never know.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, they will be --


HAMMER: Tonight a SHOWBIZ Newsmaker with Brandi Glanville. You, of course, know her as one of the stars of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills". Before that, she was the scorned housewife of Eddie Cibrian, that of course, the man who left her to marry country superstar LeAnn Rimes.

We know LeAnn got treatment for anxiety and stress as a result of the backlash for her relationship with Eddie. So in my brand news SHOWBIZ Newsmaker with Brandi, I had to ask her if she felt sorry for Leann. Brandi also claims that Eddie left her with practically nothing. But was Brandi really blindsided?


BRANDI GLANVILLE, STAR, "THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS": You know, we lived beyond our means. I wasn`t aware of it because he paid all the bills, and that`s the way he liked it, very traditional relationship, like he`s a Latin man and he ran the household, paid the bills and I took care of the kids and took care of him.

So, I didn`t know our financial situation. I just knew we had a nice life. You know, we had a nice house, nice cars, nice everything. We went on vacations all the time. So when we got our divorce, I was kind of shocked to find out we didn`t really have much.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, how surprising must that be? You`re living this life and I have to believe in the back of your head or maybe in the forefront of your mind you`re thinking well, obviously we can afford this or we wouldn`t be doing this.

GLANVILLE: Right. While we were on vacation -- we were vacationers. That`s all we did. He`s still clearly continuing to vacation a lot. But we -- yes, we lived -- we had the 10,000 square foot house and the cars and the boat and the everything, so everyone is like how do you not know that you`re living beyond your means? I really didn`t.

HAMMER: How is your relationship with Eddie and LeAnn these days?

GLANVILLE: Right now it`s a bit rocky because of some things that are going on legally. It`s -- you know, it is ups and downs. I don`t even know what to say, you know.

HAMMER: OK. Well, it was stunning to us and I imagine stunning to you when we all learned that LeAnn entered the treatment facility in August treating stress and anxiety, and she`s gotten into a lot of twitter wars with her critics, even with you over how she and Eddie got together. She said that had a lot to do with it, and she told Katie Couric in an interview with "20/20" about her struggles with all those attacks. I want to watch that with you.

COURIC: You know, I have been reading stress and anxiety, other people say she`s got an eating disorder, I mean, she`s got some drug or alcohol problems.

LEANN RIMES, COUNTRY SINGER: It was so simple and so complicated. That`s the thing. It was as simple as I was unhappy and stressed and wanting to live a happier life, and a joyful life. People look at you and go why, you know, it is -no one in are you struggling? You know, no one can quite understand why you hurt so badly.

HAMMER: When you hear what LeAnn has to say, do you kind of have sympathy for what she`s had to go through?


HAMMER: No. Simple as that.

GLANVILLE: I got to say, they are pretty honest.

HAMMER: Well, no, that`s what I want to know. You know, because I know a lot of people who were her fans turned against her and maybe developed some degree of sympathy when they saw she had to go into treatment. But stepping back from it and for you, who was right in the middle looking at it, not at all.

GLANVILLE: Yes. You know, for me I feel like at some point you have to stop crying about getting everything that you went after and wanted. You have it, you got it. It`s wonderful. If you can`t handle twitter, shut your computer and just - you know, she`s a very talented woman. She`s got a beautiful voice. I think they should put her energy into something besides social media if it stresses her out.


HAMMER: Well said. You can catch Brandi, very candid always, on the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." It is Monday nights on Bravo.

Coming up next, we have Anne`s miserable diet. Anne Hathaway revealing exactly how she dropped a remarkable 25 pounds for her role in "Les Miserables", "Les Mis".




HAMMER: Wow. Listen to the pipes on Anne Hathaway. Anne spoofed her upcoming role as Fantine in "Les Miserables". And while that was certainly hilarious, I can tell you the prep was no joke.

Anne has had a really spectacular year. Think about it. She married her true love, she just turned 30, and she`s debuting in her dream role in "Les Mis" at Christmas. And now, Anne is revealing how she lost a remarkable 25 pounds for the part. Check out the before and after shots. Anne says she lost ten points with a cleanse, another 15 by eating two squares of dried oatmeal paste a day.

Here is what she tells "Vogue" magazine about it: "I had to be obsessive about it. The idea was to look near death. Looking back on the whole experience - and I don`t judge it in any way. It was definitely a little nuts. It was definitely a break with reality but I think that`s who Fantine is anyway. Well, that is what dedication mean."

The December issue of "Vogue" will be out next week.

And thank you for watching SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can always catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.