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Kristen Stewart to Appear in `Snow White` Sequel; Did Bieber Snub Selena in Speech?; Countdown of the top Five of Stars who Might be Getting a Bad Rap; Big Bang Theory Flash Mob

Aired November 19, 2012 - 230:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, who`s getting a bad rap?


CECILY STRONG AS PAULA BROADWELL, "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": They barely seemed to notice, as General Petraeus and I went at it like rutting baboons behind a Jeep just 50 feet away. "Pull my hair, General," I beg, "Pull it hard and spank me."

HAMMER: OK. Is it fair that Paula Broadwell is taking all the heat for her affair with the ex CIA chief David Petraeus? He was there, too. Why are so many people hating on Heidi Klum for falling in love with her bodyguard? Who will top our special "Who`s Getting a Bad Rap" countdown?

Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer.

We`ve got two big SHOWBIZ Countdowns tonight, including the top five stories breaking today that made us ask "Are they getting a bad rap?"

Like Heidi Klum, just getting slammed after publicly confessing that she`s in love with her bodyguard who her soon-to-be-ex-husband.

Seal suggested she was having an affair with. Also, Taylor Swift slammed for writing one too many songs about her ex-boyfriends. But who is getting the baddest rap of all? We`ll reveal, coming up.

But we begin with our first SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night, three big stories breaking today about love and heartache. Kicking things off with No. 3, Kristen Stewart, whose last "Twilight" movie had a humongous opening this weekend.


KRISTEN STEWART, ACTRESS: I can see what everyone has been talking about. Jake, you really do stink.


HAMMER: Kristen was reportedly dumped from the upcoming sequel to her last big hit, "Snow White and the Huntsman," after admitting she had an affair with the movie`s married director, Rupert Sanders. Today came the news she is reportedly back in, and he is reportedly out.

With me in New York, lifestyle and pop culture expert Megan Meany and from Hollywood, comedian Skyler Stone, who stars in the FOX TV hit comedy series "Raising Hope." Great to have you here.

So everybody thought that Kristen was out as Snow White, but even Rupert said all along he thought Kristen was just made for this role. Let`s watch what he told on the promotional tour to get the world out about the first "Snow White" movie.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Snow White is one of the most famous fictional female characters. Why was Kristen your choice for the role?

STEWART: It was fun.



SANDERS: Believe it or not, it is a little more awkward with you right here, but I will just plow on. Kristen has -- a rebellious quality, you know? You know, she has a spirit. She`s very spirited, kind of a bit wild.

STEWART: Really not.

SANDERS: And has the weight of the world on her shoulders. And I think that`s really what Snow White has.


HAMMER: It`s kind of fun to watch knowing what actually was going on behind the scenes. Megan, let me start with you on this. K. Stew is now locked in for the sequel. Rupert is knocked out, reportedly so he can work on saving his marriage. Personally, I think it`s the right move.

MEGAN MEANY, POP CULTURE EXPERT: Absolutely it`s the right move. I have to say, he`s the one -- he looks worse than her, doesn`t he? He is the authority figure who was with the younger woman. He is married. I think that he has more at stake, so she wins in this one, absolutely. She should get to stay in the movie. And he is doing the right thing if he wants to keep his family together.

How uncomfortable is it watching those two squirm in their chairs?

HAMMER: It`s perfect. And, you know, I have to say, I don`t know that I feel badly for Rupert, but as far as his career, he kind of screwed this up pretty badly.

MEANY: You think?

HAMMER: Because it was a really, really big shot for him. "Snow White" was his first feature film. Before that he`d done commercials for major companies like Nike, Xbox, Guinness, among them.

All right, Skyler, I`m putting you in charge. If you were running the show, who would you choose if you had to decide between Rupert or Kristen?

SKYLER STONE, ACTOR: I definitely would have chosen Rupert, mainly because -- I mean, he was just being a director on the set. You know? It`s the casting people`s fault for putting models in the roles of actors. Because she`s not an actress, you know? So you know, he just did what he did.

You know, I mean, Kristen obviously, you know, went after him and stuff, and you know, she obviously uses her Kegels and turned him on and said, "Let`s do this." You know?

HAMMER: It`s par for the course.

STONE: So I mean, hire Woody Allen to direct the next one. Because Woody Allen will leave anybody for anybody. He`s not worried about saving a marriage.

HAMMER: Exactly. At this point it`s not really that much importance to him.

But Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart are making certain to keep their distance. It`s probably best for everybody involved.

Now, in the world of love and heartache, sometimes you break up and at least try to make up, especially when an affair wasn`t involved. No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, Justin Bieber`s make-up date gone horribly wrong.

Listen to this. Bieber and longtime girlfriend Selena Gomez reportedly spotted out at dinner over the weekend, apparently trying to patch things up. But wouldn`t you know it, after just minutes Selena reportedly walked out.

Well, fast forward to just last night. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there as poor old Justin brought his mom as his date for his big night at the American Music Awards. It was a huge night for Justin. Really, nothing wrong with bringing your mom. I bet he wished Selena was there, though.

He did really well: three awards, Artist of the Year among them, and a shout out to just about everybody who has been standing by him, except for Selena. Oh, let`s watch.


JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: I want to thank you for just always believing in me. I want to thank just everyone. This is amazing. This is amazing. I am at a loss for words. I just want to say that you know, it`s hard, it`s hard growing up with everything going on and, you know, with everyone watching me.

And I just want -- I want to say that, as long as -- as long as you guys keep believing in me, I will never -- I will always make you proud. I want to always make you proud. So thank you guys so much. I love you.


HAMMER: No words for that hat. But I`m watching this and thinking he definitely snubbed Selena there. Skyler, what do you think? Smart move or, if he really wants to be back with her, should he gave poured his heart out, which certainly would have won her over again?

STONE: I`m still trying to figure out what he even said up there. Seemed like that was written by a 4-year-old, that speech, just all over the place. It didn`t even make any sense.

Honestly, you know, this whole idea of Selena and Justin even being a story, I`m trying to see the story. So they went out to eat, and they got in a fight. And I`m trying to think of the times where I`ve gone out to eat with my fiance where we didn`t leave in a fight. That`s an anomaly when that happens.

So you know, they`re not Sid and Nancy. They`re not, you know, throwing cigarettes in each other`s faces. I think they`re going to be back together, and I think they have no choice.

HAMMER: OK. No choice at all. All may not be lost. I am here with some hope, Skyler and Megan. The social media world was buzzing today about all the Bieber and Selena sightings that were going on at all the after parties after the awards show. So Megan, do you think that this young romance may, in fact, just find a way to survive after all?

MEANY: Let me just point out that it`s the holidays, and that does nothing for rocky romances. We have people cuddling with their loved ones by open fires. People are celebrating this week. Do not expect these two to figure it out the week of Thanksgiving. Of course they`re on and they`re off. Nobody makes a clean break during the holidays, A.J.

We`ve got to wait this one out. These two, though, totally disposable after the holidays. There`s no hardware. There`s no mortgage. There`s no kids, done. She can just wave the little wizard wing wand and zap up a new guy, and he has more time to find better hats.

HAMMER: Good point. Lack of hardware makes things easier.

Well, out of all the relationship stories that are breaking today, of course, only one can be No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Love and Heartaches." It is Katie Holmes keeping it real.

So this morning Katie appeared on "Live with Kelly and Michael," talking about her latest projects, and I was happy to see her having just a bit of fun. Let`s watch that together.


KELLY RIPA, CO-HOST, ABC`S "LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL": We`re going to ask you some tough questions. No time to answer, just answer first thing that comes to your mind.


RIPA: Favorite all-time movie.

HOLMES: "Annie Hall."

RIPA: Wrong. No, I`m just kidding.

MICHAEL STRAHAN, CO-HOST, ABC`S "LIVE WITH KELLY AND MICHAEL": If you weren`t an actress, what would you want to be?

HOLMES: A designer.

RIPA: First pet you ever had?

HOLMES: I`ve never had a pet. I know. But I just played with a kangaroo and baby lion. So...


HAMMER: Yes. All right. Listen. We haven`t heard a peep from Tom Cruise, since he and Katie got divorced: not a single interview. But Katie is out there doing magazines, TV appearances, letting everyone she`s -- know that she`s moved on.

So Megan, are you feeling team Katie right now? Is she making all the right moves?

MEANY: I am so in the Katie camp right now. How cute is she in that new commercial for her Broadway show? She`s got the long hair back. She`s no longer in fembot mode. She`s not in the Scientology ivory tower. The girl`s out on the streets of New York. She`s riding the subways with her kid. She`s licking ice-cream cones. I`m loving it. I love Katie.

HAMMER: Good for her. Very happy for her.

All right. Megan, Skyler, I thank you both so much. We`re happy to have Katie at No. 1.

So tonight as we move onto the brand-new power duo, and they are taking the music world by storm.

PSY, MUSICIAN: Hammer time.

HAMMER: My lost relative, M.C. Hammer there, stealing the show at the AMAs. Such an incredible mash up. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on location with the dynamic duo.

Plus, another amazing SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Who`s Getting a Bad Rap?" Is Khloe Kardashian really to blame for "The X Factor`s" ratings plummet? Is Heidi Klum out of bounds for getting hot and heavy with her bodyguard like all her haters are saying? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT counting down the top five people we think are getting a bad rap.


Tonight SHOWBIZ at the American Music Awards. We are there backstage with the iconic Usher, who took the AMA award for Best Favorite Male Artist for Soul and R&B. And Usher revealed to SHOWBIZ why he`s so proud of Justin Bieber.


USHER, SINGER: Like a dad or like an uncle, of course, I mean, like I want my youngster to, you know, go out there and kill it. And he always gives it his all, you know what I`m saying?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Good job with him, actually.

USHER: Thank you.




DANIEL CRAIG, ACTOR: Hope that wasn`t for me.



HAMMER: It`s billion-dollar Bond, "Skyfall" on target to break the billion-dollar mark in worldwide box office sales. The Bond franchise is exploding on screen and off. People just can`t get enough of 007`s death- defying moves: jumping off trains, dodging bullets, you name it, Bond is barely avoiding it. But just how real are his super human abilities?

Well, CNN`s Suzanne Kelly is busting the biggest Bond myths of all time in this special SHOWBIZ Countdown right now.


SUZANNE KELLY, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): "Skyfall" delivers the heart-thumping scenes you`d expect from Bond, but how many men Bond`s age can follow a car chase with a fist fight on top of a moving train, ducking through tunnels, only to be shot and fall to what appears to be certain death?

Marty Martin and Robert Grenier are both former CIA spies. Both served in dangerous posts, places where it would have been meant certain death if they were discovered. CIA got both men to talk and help us bust some of the myths of Bond.

Bond myth No. 1: spies have superhuman abilities.

MARTY MARTIN, FORMER CIA OFFICER: False. But oftentimes, all it takes is a jump off an eight-foot wall and next thing you know, you`re seeing a doctor for recuperation.

KELLY: Bond myth two: style is spy`s a best weapon.

ROBERT GRENIER, FORMER CIA OFFICER: It can be, and it may not necessarily conform to other people`s sense of style. You have to know how to wear a challa (ph) chemise if you`re going to be meeting with Afghan tribal elders in Kandahar. You`re dressing in a bit different way, and you have a different set of style if you`re in the court of the king of morocco.

KELLY: Bond Myth No. 3: it`s easier to work alone.

GRENIER: To the extent that you can limit the points of failure, the better off you are. But in the last ten years or so when we`ve been working disproportionately in war zones, we`ve had to rely on other people and we`ve had to work as teams.

KELLY: Bond Myth No. 4: breaking the rules makes you bad.

MARTIN: Sometimes down range you`ve got to break the rules.

GRENIER: And there are times when in order to accomplish the mission in the right way, you`ve got to be willing to break the rules. And that gets dodgy in a world that is more and more controlled by lawyers.

KELLY (on camera): I have never seen James Bond stop in the middle of a mission to call a lawyer.

MARTIN: You don`t have to worry about that. Oftentimes when you`re down range, you do what you think is best. And then after the fact, you know you`re going to be having to answer that and get second-guessed all the way through after the fact.

KELLY (voice-over): Bond myth No. 5: technology always makes the job easier.

MARTIN: Well, the whole Google and biometrics tracking, it`s going to be real tough to be a different person all the time and not get called out on it.

KELLY: Bond Myth No. 6: sophisticated drinks and theme songs make you cooler. OK. This one`s tough to argue with.

GRENIER: It`s either going to be the Rolling Stones or it`s going to be Frank Sinatra lounge music.

KELLY (on camera): Not Justin Bieber?

GRENIER: Probably not Justin Bieber.

MARTIN: I will ask you, drink four martinis, shaken not stirred, and tell me how coherent you`ll be.

KELLY: And that`s the real intel into the life of a real spy.


HAMMER: You know, I`m thinking I need to have my own theme song. That was CNN`s Suzanne Kelly for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And we have another incredible SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight. Who`s getting a bad rap?


STRONG: Creating an Afghan national army that can take the field against the Taliban is the primary focus of U.S. Military policy in the region. And after two years of training, the men of Afghanistan`s Fifth Division appeared up to the task, standing proudly at attention on the tarmac of Bagram Air Base, eyes front. They barely seemed to notice as General Petraeus and I went at it like rutting baboons behind a Jeep just 50 feet away.


HAMMER: "SNL" spoofing Paula Broadwell, the lover of ex-CIA chief David Petraeus, but is it fair that she`s taking so much more heat than Petraeus?

Plus, everyone loves to hate Taylor Swift for writing all those break-up songs about her ex-boyfriends, but if they`ve done her wrong, doesn`t she have a right to fire back?

Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT counting down the top five stars we think are getting a bad rap. Who will be No. 1 on the countdown? This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.

Tonight, SHOWBIZ at the American Music Awards. We`re right there backstage with pop phenom Carly Rae Jepsen, who took home the Best New Artist award. Watch what she told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about her incredible win.


CARLY RAE JEPSEN, SINGER: The fact that it comes from the fans is, I think, the part that is really, really moving. And yes, it was a special night for me. Everyone that I love and my crew was backstage squealing and excited, and I can`t wait to call my parents. That will be phone call No. 1 as soon as all of this is wrapped up.



HAMMER: Almost too legit to be true. Korean rap star Psy and the legend, my cousin, M.C. Hammer, doing a "Gangnam Style/2 Legit 2 Quit" mash up. Happened last night at the American Music Awards. These guys stole the show. Look at this. Today this went crazy viral.

Tonight SHOWBIZ on location at the AMAs. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there last night and we captured all the action, from the red carpet to the amazing performances, to one-on-one interviews with the top stars. But it was Psy and blast-from-the-past M.C. Hammer who were too legit to quit.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is in Hollywood tonight. Nischelle, they were just unbelievable and pulled off as a total surprise, didn`t it?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: It really did, A.J. It was Psy and your cousin, M.C. Hammer, in their Hammer pants who rocked the house and owned the night at the AMAs.

It`s the very first time that they`ve ever performed together. And the man who had the world dancing 20 years ago with "Stop! Hammer Time," joined the man who got the world dancing "Gangnam Style" right now. Watch.




HAMMER: Definitely the highlight of the night right there. What did they say about it after the show, Nischelle?

TURNER: Well, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went one on one with him, and M.C. Hammer was really complimentary. He gave it up for Psy.


M.C. HAMMER, HIP-HOP PERFORMER: I said, of course, Psy is fantastic. He`s shifted the planet. He`s got the whole world dancing and it`s a rare thing in this world. Only four people made that happen in history: James Brown, Michael Jackson, your truly, and Psy made the whole world dance. Not local dance, the whole world. And so it`s an honor to collaborate and dance with him and perform, and we had a great time together.


HAMMER: All right. So did they spill it? Was this a one-time deal or are we going to see this again?

TURNER: Oh, I think we`re going to see it again. Psy said it`s a must.


PSY, SINGER: That`s what we talked about the last four days. Becausem you know, when we practiced together, and when he put his idea on the table, and when I put my idea on the table, and it was so well mixed all the time, and we just experienced it tonight. One plus one can be everything. We just experienced a miracle tonight. What else can we do?


HAMMER: A miracle indeed. Everybody went wild, as we saw. Got to imagine if they actually record together, it will be an instant hit.


HAMMER: So nice, Nischelle Turner. Thank you so much.

And while Psy and Hammer are basking in the limelight, a ton of celebrities are getting slammed today for bad performances and some general bad moves.


LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: Do you have your pictures? Can`t you leave us alone?

I`m a huge Elizabeth Taylor fan, and I relate to her on a lot of levels.


HAMMER: OK. Well, haters are calling Lindsay Lohan`s comeback movie a train wreck. Also, Khloe Kardashian getting blamed for pulling down "The X Factor`s" ratings big time as the show`s new co-host, but are they getting a bad rap?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top five celebrities we think might be getting slammed undeservedly.




STRONG: Creating an Afghan national army that can take the field against the Taliban is the primary focus of U.S. military policy in the region. After two years of training, the men of Afghanistan`s Fifth Division appeared up to the task. Standing proudly at attention on a tarmac at Bagram Air Base, eyes front, they barely seemed to notice as General Petraeus and I went at it like rutting baboons behind a Jeep just 50 feet away.


HAMMER: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, who`s getting a bad rap? The mistress of General David Petraeus is mercilessly spoofed on "Saturday Night Live," but is Paula Broadwell actually getting a bad rap?

Death threats aimed at Taylor Swift because she is reportedly dating One Direction`s Harry Styles. Hey, just because she writes songs about breakups doesn`t mean she can`t date, right? So is Taylor getting a bad rap?

The top five SHOWBIZ Countdown and the baddest rap of them revealed as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Thank you for watching. I am A.J. Hammer. And there is no shortage of celebrities who got slammed today for bad performances. Stupid statements and general foolishness, and sometimes people get slammed undeservedly by the haters who drank way too much of the haterade.

Kicking us off at number five on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stars who might be getting a bad rap, it`s General Petraeus` former mistress, Paula Broadwell, getting a lot of flack as we all know for the affair she had with the former CIA chief. And "Saturday Night Live" just had a field day with this, Cecill Strong playing Paula Broadwell reading an imaginary steamy version of the biography Broadwell wrote about Petraeus. Let us watch it.


STRONG: The general reached into his desk drawer and pulled something out. "Put this on, Paula," and it was a synthetic wig, cut Louise Brook style in cotton candy pink.

"No, David, it makes me feel like a dirty girl," I whispered.

"But you are a dirty girl, Paula," he replied. "You`re my dirty girl. Now get up on that couch."


HAMMER: Now, if only biography read that way, it certainly is hysterical. Not everybody is laughing, though. A lot of people saying that Broadwell is the victim of a double standard. She is being portrayed as the cunning temptress and Petraeus as the unwitting victim.

With me in New York tonight, Tanisha Thomas, host of Oxygen dating competition series, "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too" which is true. And in Hollywood, Skyler Stone, comedian and star of the terrific sitcom, "Razing Hope."

Great having you both here. And let me play for you now what was just written about Broadwell in "New York Magazine". I want to read this to you. "Broadwell`s action certainly fit neatly into the media narrative of an aggressive, obsessive woman whose access to a powerful man went to her head. Meanwhile, Petraeus is somehow coming across as the perfect gentleman."

Let me begin with you, Tanisha. Do you think that Paula Broadwell is getting a bad rap here?

TANISHA THOMAS, HOST, "LOVE GAMES": I think she definitely is getting a bad rap. Honestly, you know, listen, in this day and age no one has respect for relationships anymore, no one values a relationship and people are just doing what they want. And sometimes they are getting hard, sometimes people are feeling like it is necessary to grab who is already taken. It is a sign of the times.

HAMMER: It does seem to be what`s going on. What do you think, Skyler? You know, she does seem to be getting the bulk of the grief here.

STONE: I think this Broadwell is getting everything she deserves, all right? She is -- come on. She writes for Penguin Press, not Vivid. All right, she should have known better. And if you`re going to write a story about an important man, don`t sleep with an important man. Did Marilyn Monroe and Monica Lewinski teach us nothing? Like, go after the guy the works at 7-11, because the wife going to find out and go, "I was about to give him anyway. I don`t care if you slept with him, you know." You`re going after the wrong guys. Don`t sleep with important men.

HAMMER: All right, not a bad rap according to Skyler. So Paula Broadwell, not the only one who is getting a bad rap or deservedly so. Number 4 on the countdown, Khloe Kardashian. Have you seen all of this, her getting slammed as co-host of "The X Factor"?


KHLOE KARDASHIAN ODOM, HOST, X FACTOR: I am Khloe Kardashian Odom. Tonight, the Top 12 take the stage hoping they will blow your minds so much you will vote for them.


HAMMER: OK, now Khloe has won some fans for her "X Factor" gig. Some critics are saying she is a natural. A lot of critics are saying she is stiff, she is amateurish and she is boring. "The Washington Post" actually said, and this is a quote, "she came across like the novice that she is."

Tanisha, what do you think? Is she getting a bad rap?

THOMAS: I think Khloe is getting a bad rap. Honestly, you can`t help but to love these girls. They`re making money. They are doing their thing and honestly, you know what I`m saying, you know, it doesn`t matter what everyone else thinks. She has the job. So, people, just get over it and have several seats. As a matter of fact, don`t have several seats, just lay down.


HAMMER: I won`t disagree with you. But here is the problem and I am loath to criticize another host on television -- however, you know, she is not great at it.

THOMAS: Well, you know, it is going to take practice. It is the first time.

HAMMER: This is a national gig and this is Simon Cowell who seems like a smart guy when it comes to making the decisions, and I don`t get it. You know, Khloe admits to the fact that she has never done this before and told people that coming. You know what, I have never hosted a show like this and it will get better.

Skyler, do you think she is getting a bad rap? I don`t think the national stage is the place to get the practice in.

STONE: Well, A.J., I recently have begun some therapy, and I decided to die a New Year`s resolution early. My therapy said I need to get in touch with my anger and stop talking about the Kardashians, so I am supposed to say I love the Kardashians. They are very talented.

HAMMER: Good. Well done. The paycheck is on the way, I am sure.


HAMMER: Number three on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stars who might be getting a bad rap, it is Heidi Klum who is just getting slammed for confessing she is in love with her bodyguard, Martin Kristin, who was hired while Klum was still married to Seal.

Now, Seal has accused Klum of, quote, "fornicating with the help." That could actually be the quote of the year. Fornicating with the help.

Wendy Williams just blasted Heidi Klum saying on the show Seal should get even. Let`s watch.


WENDY WILLIAMS, ACTRESS: It such to pains me to report stories like this when the woman in my mind is clearly in the wrong and I am advising a man on how to get her. Seal, I know it is hard to take especially knowing the next man sleeping on your side of the bed probably and your kids are this close probably to calling him daddy. This is how you get back at her, Seal. You don`t let the finances go with this divorce. I don`t know how much you`re worth, but she is worth more. You need half. And even, look.


HAMMER: Wendy never afraid to call exactly how she sees it and how she thinks it should get done. So Klum insists that nothing happened with the bodyguard while she and Seal were together. This whole story just bummed me and a lot of people out over the year.

But Tanisha, do you think that Klum is getting a bad rap for what everybody is saying about her?

THOMAS: I don`t know. This is a tough one because, you know, first Britney Spears and then Kim Kardashian. It`s like -- but, then again, who knows the body like a bodyguard, honey? I mean, come on.

After everything that Heidi and Seal have been through, honestly, it doesn`t really surprise me that she would probably end up with someone else. So you know what, I think she is getting a bad rap. I think people need to mind their business and leave her alone. And Wendy, let`s keep it "G". You had some dirt back in the days. So please have several seats.

HAMMER: Nice. She just, like I said, calls it like she sees it.


HAMMER: And I think she feels retribution is in order here.

But Skyler, I realize now that there is a moratorium on you saying anything bad about the Kardashians. Let`s talk Heidi klum here. Do you feel she is getting a bad rap?

STONE: All I am going to say is you can only watch "Scarface" so many times before you want to watch "The Bodyguard".

HAMMER: Skyler, going deep there. I love it. Deep thoughts with Skyler.

So Heidi Klum`s romantic exploits not enough to make her number one on the countdown of celebrities getting a bad rap. So who is number one? We`re down to the last two contenders and could it be Lindsay Lohan, whose nasty reviews for her new Elizabeth Taylor bio-pic may be actually be even more entertaining than the movie itself? Or is it the bad rap that Taylor Swift is getting for possibly being the world`s worst ex-girlfriend?

Out big number one reveal coming up next.


And tonight, it is SHOWBIZ at the American Music Awards right there, backstage with the one and only Stevie Wonder and paid tribute to the late Dick Clark. And Stevie opened up to us about staying young and staying relevant to showbiz.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT counting down the top five stars we think might be getting a bad rap. Let me run them down for you.

Coming in at number five, Paula Broadwell, who is become the butt of jokes after the affair with former CIA chief David Petraeus and including "Saturday Night Live" just targeting her.

At number four, Khloe Kardashian getting slammed for how she is handling the new gig as co-host of "The X Factor."

And in number three, Heidi Klum getting slammed after just publicly confessing she is in love with the guy who was her bodyguard during her marriage to Seal.

And that leads to us number two on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five stars we think might be getting a bad rap. And we have to give this spot to Lindsay Lohan. She is being just ridiculed for her performance in the highly anticipated Lifetime movie, "Liz and Dick". It will debut on Lifetime this coming weekend. Watch this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are screwing that wench.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That woman knows how to make an entrance.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Elizabeth Taylor and Mr. Richard --

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They drink. They fight. They fornicate.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You just ended your fourth marriage?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Look who`s counting.


HAMMER: Yes, OK. Let`s take this to Tanisha Thomas, the host of Oxygen`s dating competition series "Love Games: Bad Girls Need Love Too", and Hollywood comedian Skyler Stone, who stars in the hit TV show, "Raising Hope."

So listen to this. The first line in "The New York Daily News" review of Lindsay`s new Lifetime movie reads, "Elizabeth Taylor loved diamonds. This new movie about her life feels more like rhinestones."

Take a look at what "The Hollywood Reporter" wrote. "Lohan is woeful from start to finish. But whatever you do, don`t miss `Liz and Dick`. It is an instant classic of unintentional hilarity. Drinking games were made for movies like this."

All right, Skyler, let`s line up the shots. What do you think, is Lindsay getting a bad rap or does she have this coming to her?

STONE: No way is she getting a bad rap. I mean her playing somebody as respectable as Elizabeth Taylor makes about as much tension as Amanda Bynes playing Meryl Streep one day. This is a ridiculous choice. She had to know this going in. She needs to be a shut in and not go out any more. The wrong people are shut-ins. David Bowie should come out of his apartment and Lindsay Lohan should stay in hers.

HAMMER: You know what, I think we all secretly hoped or maybe virtually hoped that she would blow our minds with a spectacular performance. But the reviews just keep coming and none of them are good. One on E! Online today that suggested Lindsay`s voice doesn`t work at all in this. Listen to this.

"Lohan as Elizabeth Taylor is sometimes fun to watch and not hear, as you will see glimpses of life in Lohan`s big blue eyes when she is playing a sultry young silver screen goddess in the beginning of the film. But hearing Lohan`s raspy voice deliver lines does nothing for her portrayal."

The critics seem to enjoy ripping Lindsay apart in the reviews.

But Tanisha, one positive note that at least we`re sitting here, the three of us are talking about Lindsay the actress and not Lindsay the train wreck. That has to be good, right?

THOMAS: This is hard for me because I know Lindsay personally. She is a friend of mine. And we dance around the same circles in Hollywood. But you know, I will say this -- I knew Lindsay before the Lindsay that everyone knows.

HAMMER: Before the train went off the track.

THOMAS: Right, before the train went off the track. I will say that this was -- she really was looking forward to doing this movie. I don`t know what`s going on. And I feel like no matter what Lindsay does, she always gets a bad rap. Anyway, I will be watching. I am rooting for her and all the best.

HAMMER: OK. And let me just ask you quickly as somebody who knows her.

THOMAS: Yes, I do.

HAMMER: Is she surprised by this?

THOMAS: No. And she actually expected all of the backlash and knew that it was coming.

HAMMER: OK. It is just interesting. If she had really knocked it out of the park, I think people would have been quick to say that, too.

But -- and of all the stars who are getting a bad rap today, who is number one on the SHOWBIZ Countdown? Well, we are giving the top spot Taylor Swift. She has been getting a very bad rap for singing about all of her exes on her new album.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there at the American Music Awards in Los Angeles last night and we asked Taylor what all the success felt like. Here is what she told us.


TAYLOR SWIFT, SINGER: Look at me. It is unbelievable to have the album be out for three weeks and for the fans to have to be what they have done with it. I worked on the record to two years. So the fact they liked it was the biggest, most amazing thing for me.


HAMMER: And her album "Red" is doing so well.

Skyler, should she be getting a bad rap and be surprised at how well everything is going for her right now? Everyone is getting tired of the all the negativity towards the ex-boyfriends.

STONE: Look. I mean, you know, she is just taking a page from the book of Adele and just, you know, making millions out of heartache. It is a smart thing. It is good therapy, you know. I mean, I don`t understand what everyone is mad about. I know the One Direction fans are mad she may be dating one of them or something. And, I mean, I don`t see that as a big deal because, you know, everybody knows her favorite Tupac song is "I Get Around." So she is going to move on quickly. And if she moves on quickly and breaks his heart, he is more likely to turn a fan than into a backstage Betty. So what they are worried about?

HAMMER: Yes. We`re talking about Harry Styles and of course there are actually death threats to Taylor on the Internet, which is just wrong.

All right, Tanisha, Skyler, thank you both so much.


HAMMER: Well tonight, the big shocker on the set of "The Big Bang Theory."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, here we go. Action.


HAMMER: The cast looks baffled, the crew is dancing and you won`t believe what happens next in front of their live studio audience. I will show it to you coming up.



HAMMER: "Jango Unchained," "Les Miserables," "Hitchcock," all films you haven`t even seen yet but chances are you haven`t stopped hearing about them. That`s because of the red hot battle for Oscar gold. So much Oscar buzz in this crop of films that it is really anyone`s guess which will come out on top.

So SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner called in the experts to get their pick.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I like our chances now.

TURNER (voice-over): The election isn`t until February, but "Lincoln`s" candidacy is already getting lots of support in the race for best picture.

PETE HAMMOND, MOVIE CRITIC, DEADLINE.COM: Lincoln is sensational and Steven Spielberg`s best in many years and looks like it will be a major contender.

TURNER: Movie critic Pete Hammond of is tracking all the early Oscar favorites.

HAMMOND: We`re starting to look at one, two, three, four, five, pecking orders already.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you revolutionary guards going door-to-door.

HAMMOND: Argo I think is really from the academy voters I have talked to love that movie.

TURNER: Also, on Hammond`s short list.

HAMMOND: Life of Pi, Ayy Lee`s(ph) movie which is extraordinary of silver lining, it is playful. It is just a wonderful comedy, drama, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert DeNiro, all of them will be nominated and some could win.

TURNER: Critic Ben Lyons tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Oscar voters may double down on 007.

BEN LYONS, MOVIE CRITIC: Now, with "Skyfall" people are starting to talk about James Bond being in the best picture race which I think there is a good possibility it will happen.

TURNER: If "Skyfall" gets a best picture nod it would be a first for a Bond movie. But the recognition may not end there, Lyons says.

LYONS: Javier Bardem is absolutely incredible in "Skyfall".

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Mommy was very bad.

LYONS: Also, Judy Dench in "Skyfall" is an academy favorite and might get a supporting actress nomination for her turn at M.

TURNER: But SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you the Oscar race is far from set. So possible contenders haven`t even opened net.

HAMMOND: "Les Miserables" from Universal is coming up Christmas Day.

TURNER: That`s Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway.

HAMMOND: And Russell Crowe and the big musical of the season.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I dreamed my life would be --

HAMMOND: Everybody is looking at that one, you know, I mean, the other rivals are looking at it like I hope it is not good, I hope it is not good.

TURNER: Are there any individual performance that is really jump out at you right about now?

HAMMOND: It is one of the tightest best actor races I have seen in years already.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Having you in the shower.

HAMMOND: There is Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock in "Hitchcock" and nails Hitchcock. You have got Daniel Day Lewis at Abraham Lincoln.

HAMMOND: Day Lewis could face competition from another ex president, Bill Murray as FDR in Hyde Park on the Hudson.

HAMMOND: Bill Murray is terrific and really nails this portrayal of Roosevelt. So we have the battle of the presidents all of a sudden.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I love him. I am his mistress.

TURNER: The Best Actress picture is still murky and could feature Keira Knightley in the legendary role of "Anna Karenina" and there is Helen Mirren as Alfred Hitchcock`s wife, Alma, in "Hitchcock". Add it all up, what do you have, a really competitive awards season.

Isn`t that why we love this time of year?

HAMMOND: We love it. We just wish it was a little shorter.



HAMMER: OK. So which of these films should you see first? Well, I can help with you that. It is a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, SHOWBIZ Movie Mania coming your way. We are going to preview the season`s best Wednesday at 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific and do it again on Thanksgiving Thursday at a special time, 7:00 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

Well, tonight, some strange things are happening on the set of the CBS hit show "The Big Bang Theory."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. Here we go. And action.


HAMMER: It is cool. The crew of "The Big Bang Theory" starts dancing while the cast is taping the show in front of the live studio audience. You have to see what happens next.



HAMMER: Did you see this? It is the big mob theory, flash mob that is. The gang from "The Big Bang Theory" stunned its studio audience during a recent taping of the show when they broke out into a Carly Rae Jepsen (INAUDIBLE). You got to check this out.


HAMMER: How cool was in that audience. Some (INAUDIBLE) tweeted that her sister choreographed the whole thing.

And that is it for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. You can catch us Monday through Thursday at 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

HLN continues right now.