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Lindsay Lohan Charged on Both Coasts; Demi Moore Dating Art Dealer, 26; Gwen Stefani`s Husband Photo Flap; Special Takes Personal Look at HIV/AIDS; The Top Five Showbiz Secrets Revealed

Aired November 29, 2012 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, big dancing secrets from "Dancing with the Stars." We are right there on set with Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough. And we`re taking you with us.

Plus, confessions of a paparazzo. A star shutterbug reveals his secrets to catching that money shot. Which SHOWBIZ secret will top our SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight?

Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. We`re going to get to those "SHOWBIZ Secrets" in just a bit.

But we begin with our first SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. It`s the top five SHOWBIZ bombshells of the day.

And kicking us off at No. 5, Lindsay Lohan doing something she`s never done before. Getting arrested on the East Coast, and having criminal charges filed against her on the West Coast in the same day.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there this morning as this scene was playing out. Lindsay coming out of a station in New York City after being arrested for allegedly punching a woman this morning in a nightclub. But wait: there`s more.

Just hours later, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT finds out a criminal complaint was filed against Lindsay in Santa Monica, California. That`s related to that accident that happened last June when she slammed her Porsche into a big truck.

Police say that she lied when she told cops she wasn`t driving the car, and she`s now facing charges of giving false information, obstructing or resisting police, and reckless driving.

So, you know, if Lindsay has been upset and worried about her lifetime movie "Liz & Dick" just getting trashed, she ain`t seen nothing yet.

With me tonight, our good friend, Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of "DR. DREW ON CALL" right here on HLN. Drew also has this must-see special that airs on MTV on World AIDS Day this Saturday. It`s called "I`m Positive." The special goes inside the lives of three young people from around the country who are HIV positive. It`s a great show, Drew, and I`m so happy you`re here with us tonight.

DREW PINSKY, HLN ANCHOR: Thanks, A.J. But this is going to be a tough topic to tackle, as well. Poor, poor Lindsay.


PINSKY: Yes. Let me just start off by saying, we`re going to talk about her, but please, everybody, we need to be praying for Lindsay and not laughing at her and not pointing fingers at her. This is serious business, and she is going down fast.

HAMMER: Well, let`s get to that. Because one of our SHOWBIZ TONIGHT producers said today, Dr. Drew, "How many times do you have to be put in the back of a police car before you learn your lesson?"

And to be clear, we haven`t heard the whole story yet of what happened in the nightclub, but it sounds to me like you`re really worried about her right now, when you see such a familiar screen playing out like this.

PINSKY: Right. Let`s remember now that she was treated for addiction many years ago at Cirque Lodge. So she has to have a diagnosis of addiction in order to have been -- and also at the Betty Ford. To have been admitted to either one of those programs, she formally must have a diagnosis of addiction. So we know she is an addict.

Where you see someone with addiction start to have consequences -- legal, financial, health, work, relationships -- that`s the disease of addiction progressing. And as you asked, A.J., how far down is it going to go? I have the sneaking suspicion that it`s either going to be prison, like she may find some clarity in prison, like in a long-term lockdown, or some horrible physical problem develops. That might get through to her.

Right now she seems in massive and complete denial about why her life is in tatters.

HAMMER: And denial has to play into this next question I have for you, because here`s the thing that we also ask over and over again. What the heck is a woman who has been to rehab as many times as she has doing in a nightclub at 4 a.m. in the morning? She has to have figured it out by now. Obviously, she hasn`t.

PINSKY: She`s practicing her disease. That`s what she`s doing. And she`s rejected recovery.

You know, we`ve seen her get into recovery a few times. Remember back -- it was about a year and a half ago, she was spending time in her apartment in Venice and really sort of locked down and going to meetings? And you really see the real Lindsay come out there, and she`s going to be a wonderful, lovely recovering person someday if she survives this.

But when she`s in her disease, bad stuff happens, as it does with anyone. The only thing different about a celebrity is, well, first of all, we all watch it happen. And secondly, they don`t have the same consequences that the rest of us do.

The rest of us might have an employer or we wouldn`t have all that legal representation to get us out of our messes we put ourselves in, and we would be brought to bear. We would be called to the carpet much sooner and required to change, while celebrities can go further with their disease. And unfortunately, they`re the ones that suffer as a result.

HAMMER: So Drew, what about Lindsay`s estranged dad, Michael, getting in on this today, sounding like a broken record. Continuing to blame Lindsay`s mom, Dina, and trying to portray himself as a parent who can make a difference. I mean, this at Lindsay`s stage and age, is not an issue of parenting, is it?

PINSKY: No, listen, we all should not disdain either Dina nor Michael. The fact is, these are -- they both have a daughter who is not well. An adult child with mental illness is extremely painful. Both of them are suffering as they watch their daughter unravel. And they can`t do anything about it.

Of course, parents want to -- they don`t want to blame themselves. It`s easier to blame the other parent. It happens all the time. But the fact is, these are two parents who are suffering just the way their child is suffering.


PINSKY: Michael tried to do an intervention a couple weeks ago. It didn`t work. So they are helpless. And the only thing you really ever can do is what Britney Spears` parents did, which is get a conservatorship.

HAMMER: Right.

PINSKY: And they should be applauded for having done that. I don`t know if they could ever get that for Lindsay, because addiction, it`s hard to get a conservatorship for.

HAMMER: Well, Drew, I have to say, I appreciate your sympathetic tone, and I think more people should be taking it...

PINSKY: Hope so.

HAMMER: ... because it obviously is a bad, bad situation. Doctor, always great having you.

I`m going to be back with you in a few minutes. Because we have to hear all about your fascinating new special, "I`m positive." Again, it airs on MTV, World AIDS Day this Saturday.

But now we`re going to move on from Lindsay`s arrest bombshell to our next bombshell in the SHOWBIZ Countdown. It comes in at No. 4. It`s a brand- new report that, while Demi Moore may not have Ashton Kutcher any more, she is not done with younger men.

With me from Hollywood, Sheryl Lee Ralph. Sheryl can be seen on the new season of the hit NBC show, "Smash." This Saturday in L.A., Sheryl`s doing a great thing. Her Diva Foundation kicking off its 22nd annual HIV/AIDS benefit concert, an 2012 World AIDS Day event. It`s called Divas Simply Singing on World AIDS Day.

With me in New York, Jenny Hutt. Jenny is the host of the fantastic Sirius XM show, "Just Jenny."

So OK, "The New York Post" is reporting that 50-year-old Demi has been quietly dating 26-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel, who is the son of legendary director Julian Schnabel.

Sheryl, to you first. If this is true, I did a little math, this actually means that Demi is now dating someone younger than Ashton`s new girlfriend, Mila Kunis. Mila is 29. Are you thinking maybe it`s just a bit of revenge going on here?

SHERYL LEE RALPH, ACTRESS: I hope it`s not revenge. But I`m sure she`s thinking age is just a number. But Demi, must it be so small? Darling. At some point you need an age-appropriate man, like 30. Come on now. Isn`t your daughter 24? Please, cougar, come on.

HAMMER: Regardless of age, though, I think it`s great that Demi is moving on, Jenny. What about you?

JENNY HUTT, HOST, SIRIUS XM`S "JUST JENNY": Yes, I`m just happy she`s moving on. When we last saw her, things seemed a little bit tragic for her. So I`m thrilled she`s out and about.

I don`t really care that the guy`s young. This is not somebody who seems like a naive sort of 26-year-old. This looks like a -- like a kid...


HUTT: ... who`s been around the block. So the whole age thing.

RALPH: He`s young.

HUTT: Yes, he`s very young and eww, but -- I`m just glad that she`s not having some sort of breakdown.


HUTT: That`s all.

HAMMER: We`ll just be happy for her at the moment...

HUTT: Right.

HAMMER: ... and see where this relationship goes.

And we`ll move from Demi dating news to Gwen Stefani`s hubby, Gavin Rossdale, and his tongue-wagging photo. You`ve got to see this. It`s coming in at No. 3 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five bombshells today.

A paparazzi photo of Gavin, his kids and a mystery blonde, all out hiking. So of course, when this happened and there`s a mystery blonde involved, the rumor mill went into overdrive, after it seemed that he was touching the woman`s butt in the photo.

So a lot of people assumed that the blonde was maybe the kids` nanny. But we`ve just learned she`s no nanny. She`s Gavin`s sister.

See, Sheryl, people are just rushing to judgment. I do hope that Gavin and Gwen are able to have a little sense of humor about this.

RALPH: Absolutely. In the words of my grandmother, you are to believe none of what you hear, and half of what you see.

So all the man was doing was protecting his sister. What`s a little pat on the butt between brother and sister? Leave him alone with his fabulous head of hair. Look at him.

HAMMER: Yes, but it -- I mean, it really does, Jenny, bring up a reminder how tough it can be. Oh, poor celebrities, I know. But seriously, the moment you are snapped at dinner with a member of the opposite sex or somebody who doesn`t look familiar to people, all of a sudden, it`s an affair. It`s something bad going on.

HUTT: I have to tell you, normally I`m on that bandwagon. When I saw this picture -- and I`m a mom with a husband and my kids, and I -- when I saw the picture I thought, he`s just helping somebody go up the mountain. He`s just guiding. It was the lower back. It wasn`t a pinch of the tuckus. It was the lower back.

HAMMER: Just giving a little hiking assistance.

HUTT: Right.

HAMMER: I guess -- I guess that is true.

HUTT: Right. Some happy (ph) assistance there. Right?

HAMMER: We are, too. And that leaves us with our No. 2 and No. 1 in our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five "SHOWBIZ Bombshells" of the day. Will it be Jessica Simpson`s reported pregnancy, possibly torpedoing her Weight Watchers deal?

Or could it be the shocking news and the war of words between Steven Tyler and Nicki Minaj, who called him a racist.

So Sheryl Lee, Jenny, don`t go anywhere. We`ve got another big countdown tonight of SHOWBIZ "Secrets Revealed". This is so cool. The stars of "Dancing with the Stars" take us on set and behind the scenes.




JOHNSON: I completely forgot about the whole not a day off thing.


BLITZER: Yes. Well, tonight we`re going inside "Dancing with the Stars" with dance pro Derek Hough and Shawn Johnson to see what it really takes to put this hit show together.

Also, more secrets from the set of a sitcom. Stars of the exes revealing to us exactly what it takes to be a sitcom star. But what "SHOWBIZ Secret" is going to top our countdown tonight?



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, it`s the top five blockbusters today.

Coming in at No. 5, Lindsay Lohan getting arrested again, in New York City. It happened earlier today. She was accused of hitting a woman in a nightclub. Hours later, authorities in California filing a criminal complaint, accusing her of lying about what happened during a car accident last June.

At No. 4, Demi Moore reportedly dating 26-year-old Vito Schnabel. Is this her form of revenge?

At No. 3, Gwen Stefani`s hubby, Gavin Rossdale, and his tongue-wagging photo with his supposed nanny. Only, it wasn`t his nanny. We learned today it was his sister.

That takes us to No. 2 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five bombshells today. Aerosmith front man and former "American Idol" judge Steven Tyler ending his war of words with new "Idol" judge Nicki Minaj. Because today we learned that Tyler has apologized.

Now, all of this began with an MTV interview with Tyler. He dissed Nicki over her now-infamous blowup with Mariah Carey while they were auditioning candidates for the new season of "Idol." During the interview, Tyler said that, if Bob Dylan was an unknown and had auditioned for "Idol," she would have never picked him.

Nicki responded by calling Tyler`s remarks racist. But now, he`s giving a brand-new interview to CTV`s entertainment show, "E Talk" in Canada, and Tyler has apologized.


STEVEN TYLER, MUSICIAN: You know, it was a moment, you know. I apologize if it was taken wrong, Nicki. But I`m the furthest from -- what did she say I was?


TYLER: A racist. I`m the last thing on this planet as far as being a racist. I don`t know where she got that out of me saying, I`m not sure how she would have judged Bob Dylan, you know. I was just saying that if Bob Dylan came on the show, he would have been thrown off. You know, so -- I spoke out of turn, so -- but a racist, I`m not, Nicki.


HAMMER: I`m sure he`s glad to have cleared that up. There you have it.

That also got me thinking, could you imagine what "American Idol" would have been like if Steven Tyler had stayed on the show and Nicki was also a judge? There`s your reality show fireworks right there.

But out of all the bombshells, of course, only one can be No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown. The fallout today, following reports that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again.

Now, we say all the best to her, whatever the deal is, but here`s the question. Such a big deal was made about her 60-plus-pound post-baby weight loss and her becoming the multimillion-dollar spokesperson for Weight Watchers. Could this ruin the deal?

Back out to Sheryl Lee Ralph in Hollywood. Sheryl, would it be OK for Jessica to be pregnant, and gaining weight and still be the spokesperson for Weight Watchers?

RALPH: Absolutely. They bought in for her weight loss. She lost the first weight. They did not buy in for her first or second child. Leave the woman alone.

I love this Jessica Simpson. You go, girl. My first baby, it took a year to gain the weight. It took me a year to lose the weight. She did it in seven months with Weight Watchers. Yes. They`re ahead of the game as far as I`m concerned.

HAMMER: Jenny, what do you think? Is there a chance that Weight Watchers, though, as much as Sheryl thinks they`re ahead of the game, could be a bit nervous about this? Or perhaps should they engage in some out-of-the-box thinking on where to take something like this if it`s true?

HUTT: Well, first of all, I`m going to put on my lawyer hat, because I`m also a lawyer. It depends on what her contract says. So if there`s nothing in her contract that claims she can`t conceive a child while she`s their spokesperson, then I think we`re good to go.

Additionally, I happen to agree. That it`s fantastic that she lost that much weight in that little time. It took me 12 years to lose my baby weight.

HAMMER: You both look fantastic. Don`t worry about it. And once again, may we collectively applaud Jessica Simpson? She looks great, and she`s been doing great. And Weight Watchers should be happy to have her.


HAMMER: Sheryl Lee Ralph, Jenny Hutt, great to have you both.

Well, we`ve got another big SHOWBIZ Countdown on the way tonight. The top five biggest "SHOWBIZ Secrets", like how to cheat on your spouse.


ROBERT KELLY, COMEDIAN: You don`t have to learn to lie. Most men know how to lie. You`ve just got to -- you need to -- you have to learn how to lie like a woman.


HAMMER: Really? Lie like a woman? Well, you`ve got to meet these guys. They literally wrote the book of secrets of how to cheat. That`s coming up.

And inside secrets of how to be a sitcom star. We`re taking you with us onto the set of "The Exes," where the stars will reveal how a sitcom is really put together.

But which stories are going to top our countdown of SHOWBIZ "Secrets Revealed"? Stick around and you will find out.




So MTV is taking a big step in the battle against HIV and AIDS, and it`s getting help from a member of our own family here, HLN, Dr. Drew Pinsky, who of course, is the host of "DR. DREW ON CALL," seen here on HLN. He has co-produced a new MTV schedule called "I`m Positive." It takes a look at the lives of three young people who are HIV positive. Take a look.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, this is not going to take over my life. I`m going to get through this. This is not going to kill me.


HAMMER: "I`m Positive" airs on MTV on World AIDS Day, which is this Saturday, December 1. It`s going to air at 7 p.m. Eastern.

Dr. Drew joining me tonight from Washington for a "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview.

Drew, always good to see you.

PINSKY: Thank you. I do appreciate it.

HAMMER: I`m so happy that you`re doing this special. It is so important. And we get to see these three young people talking very frankly in it, about how they got infected with HIV, and how it has affected them. How it`s affected their families and their relationships. So what ultimately do you and MTV really hope to accomplish from the special?

PINSKY: Well, this was a collaborative effort of my production company, Octagon, and MTV. And HIV is something that got me involved in media years ago. People forget that, when I was a resident, we would sit people down after the first episode of pneumocystic pneumonia and say, "You have six months to live," and we were never wrong.

As the treatments have progressed, HIV is now a chronic illness that people live with for decades. And there are 1.2 million people out there living with it, and people have forgotten about it. Young people are disproportionately affected.

So what I wanted to do is go where young people are and give them a formatted -- kind of media they`re used to digesting, a reality show sort of format, to teach them once again about this condition which is affecting so many of them.

HAMMER: Yes. It`s amazing. We`ve come so far, but as a result of that, so many people are really unaware of what`s going on.

PINSKY: It sort of hit the back burner. I`ve been watching right now. I just, A.J., left the White House before -- believe it or not, the White House is -- has a -- had a symposium for World AIDS Day. They`re having a policy now, and they took one of these cast members and put them on a panel and congratulated us for being a part of the effort to raise awareness again. So the White House took notice, which was really quite nice.

HAMMER: And thank goodness for World AIDS Day, because it brings it to the forefront every year at this time.

And one of the people who were featured in "I`m Positive" is a HIV-positive 19-year-old named Stephanie. There`s a great moment I want to play. It`s when she shares how she hears that her struggles have inspired her mom. Let`s take a look at that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: When you first said, "Mom, I`ve been diagnosed, you know, with HIV," to me it was one word, "death."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I said, "Lord, why my daughter?"


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But I`m proud of who you are today, because you didn`t run from it. You`re standing facing it, looking at it face on, saying, "It`s not going to beat me. I`m going to beat it." I`m proud of you. Because you taught me a lot.


HAMMER: Wow. Just looks so powerful. Dr. Drew, I`m going to encourage everybody to check out this special. It`s called "I`m Positive." It airs on MTV, World AIDS Day this Saturday. Always good to see you.

PINSKY: Thanks, A.J. Appreciate it.

HAMMER: And as we move on tonight, secrets of a sitcom revealed.


DONALD FAISON, ACTOR: Before today we had a week`s worth of rehearsals starting last Thursday. And it all comes down to tonight.


HAMMER: The stars of TV Land`s "The Exes" are going to reveal to us the secrets of what it`s like to be a sitcom star.

And have you ever wondered what it`s like to be a photog in hot pursuit of a big star? Well, tonight a real-life paparazzo takes us inside the very competitive world of star snapshots. But which of these SHOWBIZ secrets is going to top our SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight?




JOHNSON: I`m really tired today.

HOUGH: Are you tired?

JOHNSON: I literally forgot about the whole, like, not a day off thing.


HAMMER: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed." Stars from "Dancing with the Stars" reveal their secrets inside one of the biggest reality shows on TV. Shawn Johnson and dance pro Derek Hough take SHOWBIZ TONIGHT cameras behind the scenes to unlock ballroom secrets on "Dancing with the Stars."

And "Titanic" myths uncovered. I go one-on-one with "Titanic" director James Cameron about some shocking myths from the set. You won`t believe what he actually says is true.

But who will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of our top five showbiz secrets. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues, right now.


Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and thanks for watching. Tonight, it`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Secrets Revealed". We are here to count down the top five revelations about Hollywood`s most fascinating shows and show stoppers and we kick things off with No. 5 on our countdown, secrets behind "Dancing with the Stars."

Former Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and her dancing partner, Derek Hough, dazzled everyone with their incredible moves, ending the all-star season as runners up for the big prize, but before all that drama unfolded, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got some amazing backstage access to Shawn and Derek.

So, watch now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner goes on location at "Dancing with the Stars."


NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: So, tell me, so far, how`s it been? It`s been -- you feel good?

JOHNSON: Feel good.

HOUGH: Feel good.

JOHNSON: I`m a little tired today.

HOUGH: Are you tired?

JOHNSON: I completely forgot about, like, the whole not a day off thing. Like, we don`t get a day off.

TURNER: Wait, how does that work? You don`t get any days off?


HOUGH: No, no. No days off.

JOHNSON: Because, like, we finished Tuesday, and we start the next dance on Wednesday.

HOUGH: And basically it`s not a day off for 10 weeks straight.


TURNER: What surprised you the most about the all-stars? Because, I mean, I know coming in, you knew it was going to be more and better completion right off the bat, but what still surprised you the most about this competition?

JOHNSON: I`d say I still figured with an all-star season you`d come in and you`d be like, OK, there`s a few that, you know, are still clear cut -- I wouldn`t say underdogs, but would maybe go the first few weeks, were as we saw in week one everybody is really good and there`s a lot of fan favorites and a lot of backing behind everybody.

TURNER: You were training to go back to the Olympics, you had an injury, so you couldn`t go and the same day you got the call to do this, it`s quintessential when one door closes, another one opens.

JOHNSON: I know, when -- deciding to retire from gymnastics, I was -- me and my family were ready to just kind of pack up, move me off to college, start -- kind of start over, and the day that I retired and I got the call for dancing, it was -- I don`t know, it was need. It was fun.

TURNER: And then you heard you would be with Derek, and you said, "oh no."

JOHNSON: I know, it was one thing after the other.

TURNER: Did you watch the girls and how proud of them were you?

JOHNSON: I couldn`t have been prouder. Gabby trained with me and I`ve kind of just grown up with them, so I still felt I was part of the team and sitting there in the stands watching everybody.

HOUGH: Did you want like, just like, run out there in the middle of -- middle of -- and just like, I`m going to the (INAUDIBLE).

JOHNSON: Serious, I did, though. It was so hard, I was like torn, I was like, I want to be out there, but part of me is like, OK, it`s just really nice just sitting, not doing anything, because I knew they were doing like millions of repetitions and stuff.

TURNER: That was a good follow-up question, sir. Nice, I liking that.

HOUGH: I was just wondering.

TURNER: I like the dynamic between you two. Now, you know there`s going to be -- because you`re both so cute, and there`s going to be the questions, is it romantic or is it brother and sister?

HOUGH: Oh no, it`s pure romance. It`s pure romance. It`s unbelievable. This chemistry, here...

JOHNSON: She`s like blushing, you`re making her blush.

HOUGH: It`s true. It`s true. Look at that.


TURNER: You`re like, why me? Is he torturing you?

HOUGH: It`s pure romance. The way we gaze in each other`s eyes all day.

JOHNSON: I got to go.


HAMMER: Nischelle, it`s nice -- Nischelle Turner joins me now from Hollywood.

Nischelle, a lot of people wonder about the behind the scenes romances of "Dancing with the Stars." Did you see any sparks?

TURNER: Well yeah, I`ll say this, they had great chemistry together. So, you know, these dances are so hot, I understand why people think they see more than just dancing, but Derek did have a public romance with his season six partner, Shannon Elizabeth, and there`s a lot of buzz about his very close relationship with season 14 partner, Melina Menounos. But by far the biggest secret I can reveal from the set of "Dancing with the Stars" is that it is one of the most grueling audition shows on TV. These stars literally work their tails off.

But now, A.J., I want to take you from heating things up on the dance floor, to sparking big laughs on the set. No. 4 on the countdown, SHOWBIZ "Secrets Revealed", I`m taking you through a day in the life of a sitcom star. Check this out.


TURNER (voice-over): Meet the cast of "The Exes."

FAISON: I`m Donald Faison. This is Kristen Johnston, David Alan Basche, Wayne Knight.

TURNER: Today, they`ll spend 12 hours shooting an episode of their TV Land sitcom, just one of many days work.

FAISON: Before today, we had a week`s worth of rehearsals, starting last Thursday. And it all comes down to tonight.


FAISON: Everything -- all the work that we`ve done throughout the week, you get to see the final product on your television screen.

TURNER (on camera): What you don`t get to see at home is what`s really happening as the sitcom is taped. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got exclusive access behind the scenes.

(voice-over): The day begins with a full run-through before the studio audience arrives.

JOHNSTON: You`re going to give it to her? A (EXPLETIVE DELETED). One more time.

WAYNE KNIGHT, "THE EXES": It`s a semiautomatic (INAUDIBLE). It`s a semiautobiographical movie entitled...

TURNER: That gives the actors time to nail down their lines, so they seem effortless on screen.

TURNER: It`s a semiautobiographical film called, "Dial `M` for Mother."


FAISON: Educator, director extraordinaire.

TURNER: Director, Andy Cardiff, studies the action from a video village, tweaking the performances.

CARDIFF: I want the intensity in the bit. Yeah, you know.

DAVID ALAN BASCHE, "THE EXES": And they`re inviting a bunch of Victoria`s Secret models.



TURNER: As the day goes on, the script evolves as writers make improvements. This line from rehearsal.

FIASON: Well, I`m about to have me a supermodel sandwich.

TURNER: Becomes this in the final version.

FAISON: Oh yeah, well, I`m about to have me a supermodel sundae with Phil on top. Excuse me.

TURNER (on camera): Laughs are authentic, provided by the audience that loads into the bleachers at around 6:00 p.m. You never see them or that warm-up guy that keeps them amped.

(voice-over): Some lines that get laughs wind up being cut for time. Viewers at home heard this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I wasn`t pregnant and I was a guy, I`d totally tap that.

TURNER: But this got axed.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, yeah, I`d slap it up, flip it and rub it down.


TURNER: Between scenes, the crew motors from set to set.

KNIGHT: The cameras are moving into position -- that`s right.

TURNER: And the stars stay busy on their phones. In the middle of taping, they constantly hit social media.

FAISON: Either Instagramming or Tweeting or Facebooking to the people out there. To the people that follow me to tell them, please watch my show.

TURNER: The episode that airs on TV appears seamless, but on set, there are interruptions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Here we go. And...


FAISON: I know. All right. All right. All right. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go.

TURNER: Crackups are redone, and this unscripted moment never made air.


But maybe the biggest difference between what you see at home and what happens on set is the way an episode ends. On screen you get tiny credits, on set, there`s a slightly bigger sendoff.


TURNER: You know, it`s a completely different feeling to be on the set as the sitcom is taping. These actors really feed off the audience and you can really get a good sense of what jokes work and which ones, not so much. But there is no doubt they put in a lot of work to make us all laugh, A.J. That`s your No. 4 SHOWBIZ "Secrets Revealed".

HAMMER: Thanks Nischelle, yeah, they do work hard.

All right, we got more showbiz secrets to be revealed on our top three on the SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight, like secrets of how to cheat.


KELLY: But, you don`t have to learn to lie, most men know how to lie, you just how to -- you have to need to -- you have to learn to how to lie like a woman.


HAMMER: Lie like a woman? Really? Well, coming up, I talked to two guys who literally wrote the book on how to cheat on a woman. Plus, the secrets of the paparazzi. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes inside a day in the life of these star chasing shutterbugs. You`ve got to see what we uncovered.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. We are continuing our countdown of the top five "Secrets Revealed" with real insiders just blowing the lid off of Hollywood`s most mysterious stories.

Now, we`re up to No. 3, it`s a remarkable must-see look at a day in the life of the paparazzi. So, just how do photographers capture those amazing shots? Well, we hit the streets of L.A. with noted photographer, Henry Florez, who has shot pics of some of the most famous celebs in the world. And at No. 3 on our countdown, he reveals to us how he does it.


HENRY FLORES, BUZZ FOTO: My name is Henry Flores, I`m the owner of Buzz Foto, co-owner of Buzz Foto. I`m also author of, "A Day in the Life of the Paparazzi."

Photography was always a hobby of mine and I became really good at what I did. Eventually what ended up happening, my salary in photography went up high, because back then, we used to get paid decent money.

I got laid off and I jumped in full time into the paparazzi industry.

Right now we`re here at the country mart, at the Brentwood Country Mart. This is a place I normally frequent. There`s a lot of restaurants, a lot of shops. It`s a very rich area. Some of the celebrities I usually find around here are typically the older type of celebrities, kind of like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Helen Hunt. Reese Witherspoon is another person that I typically find in this area. Jennifer Garner, is another.

Back in the day, five, six years ago, I shot any shot, a lot of the shots I used to sell for like about, you know, anywhere from two grand also way up to 10 grand, depending on where the placement was on the magazine. Nowadays, you`re basically fighting for pennies.

A lot of people always ask me, what is the most ideal shot that you can get? And I always tell them, well, Angelina and Brad Pitt. But then, you know, I photographed Angelina and Brad Pitt before, I was able to sell individual photos of them, you know, with the kids. Kids is one of the No. 1 selling things out there.

One of my award winning shots, but that was like four years ago, Winona Ryder off my iPhone and I made $3,000 off of it, because she said that she was never going to get married and I was inside the restaurant taking a photo with my iPhone of her kissing her boyfriend, so that was the story.

As a spotter, I typically just have my eyes peeled for everything. People think that, you know, we`re running red lights all the time and you know, doing crazy things, but the thing is, I`m actually driving 15 miles per hour, right now, on this main street. Why? Because it gives me more time to look.

This is a perfect example of what you would do. You would drive into the alleyway, Right? Take a couple shots and then you`re off. And then that was the end of the shot. It`s that simple.

One of the funniest things is that some celebrities have actually come out to say that some of the best photographs that they`ve ever had done were by paparazzi. It`s because we are able to capture those moments, the candid moments and that`s the thing that makes it valuable.


HAMMER: It is a crazy became. All the secrets revealed of how the paparazzi get the candid celebrity shots. That`s our No. 3, tonight. So, what big showbiz secret will be revealed in our top two in the SHOWBIZ Countdown? Well, how about the secrets of how to cheat?


KELLY: But, you don`t have to learn to lie, most men know how to lie. You just got to -- you have to need to -- you have to learn to lie like a woman.


HAMMER: Wow, well, tonight, the two guys who actually wrote the book on cheating reveal their secrets. Also, secrets from the set of "Titanic," directly from director, James Cameron. Did his crew really get food poisoning during the filming of one of the biggest movies ever? The top two SHOWBIZ "Secrets Revealed", next.



HAMMER: So, tonight we are counting down the top five "Secrets Revealed", the stories that have everybody asking, "Hey, what`s the real deal?" In at No. 2, it`s the making of a cheater. Now, if you`re married, dating or even friends with benefits and you cheat, chances are you`re going to get busted, but is it really more about how you do it than if you do it?


JOE DEROSA, COMEDIAN: Have you ever been caught red-handed cheating on your girl?

KELLY: Do you watch filthy disgusting porn when she`s at work?

DEROSA: Do you go to strip clubs and whorehouses and massage parlors when you`re away on a "business trip?"


HAMMER: OK, well, those guys are joking there, but they`re serious about this, too, and they`ve written a book complete with full step-by-step guidelines. Yes, it`s called "Cheat: A Man`s Guide to Infidelity" written by comedians Joe DeRosa and Robert Kelly. I spoke with them about the top three cheating tips that really jumped out at us, here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: At No. 3, avoid girls who wear glitter. Now Robert, I want to start with you. You realize this is getting harder and harder to do these days? So many women have glitter? What does that have to do with getting away with cheating?

KELLY: You`re right, every girl is dressing like a stripper, nowadays.


Well, glitter is the worst. It`s the worst. The guy who invented glitter, he`s just a terrible human being to guys, because you can`t get it off. It`s like -- you -- it`s there. I mean, you know, you have to -- you know, with hair or other things that girls leave on, you can take a shower and take it off, you have to scrub like Dexter when you have glitter on you to get it off you, like you just murdered somebody. Or you`re got to lie to your wife and tell her you had sex with a unicorn on the way home.

HAMMER: There`s that option, as well. I mean, Joe, you absolutely agree with this, I`m sure, because obviously, you know, you don`t need to be a CSI investigator to find that little spec of glitter that wasn`t able to be eradicated.

DEROSA: No, I totally agree with this. in fact, this jacket that I`m wearing now had some glitter remnants on it that I can`t get off. And it`s not biodegradable, it`s not good for the environment. Please, stop with this crap.

HAMMER: Yeah, get away. No more glitter.

DEROSA: If you`re stepping out and opening the door and your other lady looks like she just slid down a rainbow, you better slam the door and run, do not let her in the house (INAUDIBLE) bed bugs (INAUDIBLE).

HAMMER: Fair enough, we got that. Listen, I have to imagine, the book`s not going to earn you any points with the ladies when they hear what`s our next pick. It`s at No. 2 in our SHOWBIZ Countdown. You advise, "The nighttime is the right time to do the wrong thing." Now, that might seem counter intuitive to the afternoon delight crowd, Joe, why nighttime?

DEROSA: Well, I think all sneaky things are usually done at nighttime. I mean, there`s just a higher chance that you won`t be seen. When the government tries to do covert operations, they don`t do it at 6:00 in the morning, they wait until it`s nice and dark. And you know, you do shady things in the shade, so the dark is your friend.


HAMMER: The dark is your friend, ladies and gentlemen.

All right, well, out of all the outrageous cheating tips in your book. Here`s what we decided is No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown" -- learn to lie. Robert, I`m thinking you`re pushing men down a dark and dastardly path, here, and perhaps your book should really come with some emergency help line or something, but how should men -- as long as we`re going to go down the path -- learn to lie to their ladies?

KELLY: Well, you don`t have to learn to lie; most men know how to lie. You just go to -- you have need to -- you have learn how to lie like a woman.


You understand?

HAMMER: No, no, I don`t understand. No. I`m not getting involved with that conversation.

KELLY: They can lie -- guys actually -- we get nervous, we get angry, women are passive aggressive, they`re seductive, they`re very good at lying, we`re not, we show it in our face.

HAMMER: His words not mine. Thanks to Joe DeRosa, Robert Kelly. Be sure to check out their book, "Cheat: A Man`s Guide to Infidelity."

So, which will be biggest secret of all? Our No. 1 showbiz secret will be revealed, next.


HAMMER: We`ve counting down the top five "Secrets Revealed". With all new revelations about Hollywood`s most fascinating shows and show stoppers.

At No. 5, the secrets behind "Dancing with the Stars." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT giving you the inside scoop on the always fierce completion. And No. 4, secrets of a sitcom star with an insider`s look at how Hollywood keeps the laughs going even when the cameras aren`t rolling. And No. 3, a day in the life of the paparazzo, an insider`s look at how those remarkable shots of Hollywood fan favorites are captured. At No. 2, how to cheat, the authors of the hilarious how to cheat guide offering step-by-step tips on how not to get caught in the act.

So many great secrets revealed, but of course, there can only be one No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. Taking the top spot, one of the most amazing films in movie history. It`s hard to believe that it`s been 15 years since "Titanic" broke all kinds of records at the box office. I spoke with director, James Cameron, about the magic of the making of a movie classic and got some secrets from the set.


JAMES CAMERON, DIRECTOR: Well, the film was shot in a kind of a classic style and if it worked -- we always knew that if it worked, it might have that sort of classic potential. But until we rereleased the film back in April for the 100 year anniversary of the sinking, we didn`t know exactly - - we had no way to gauge that, and of course, what we found is that it`s still hugely popular, worldwide.

HAMMER: So, the -- at the end of the day then, what, to you, is the reason it is so enduring? You mention the epic style. Obviously, it`s a terrifically written story, it`s terrifically acted visually, it`s one of the most stunning films ever made, but from your perspective, as the guy who made it happen.

CAMERON: Yeah, I`ve thought about it a lot and you could say, well, the Titanic story itself is never going to go away, meaning the historical story, but I think that`s only a part of it. I really think it`s the love story, it`s the fact that it`s -- you`re guaranteed you`re going to have an emotional reaction when you watch this movie, whether you`ve seen it 20 times or whether you`ve never seen it before, you`re going to cry. And that`s why we released it in 3D so men could put the glasses on and their dates wouldn`t see them cry.


HAMMER: When did you last see it all the way through?

CAMERON: Right before we started the 3-D conversion, I wanted to watch it once just to -- because I knew I was going to go through every shot over and over and over and that would put me off watching it for about five years. So, you know, that was about, I guess, a year and a half ago.

HAMMER: But can you step back and be noncritical watching it, and just enjoy it for what it is, just as if you didn`t make it, yourself?

CAMERON: Yes, I mean, I watched it with my younger kids, my three younger ones, and they`d never seen the film. So, I got to enjoy them seeing it, you know.

HAMMER: And they said, "Daddy, you did that?"

CAMERON: Yeah, I don`t think they even processed that part of it.


HAMMER: My thanks to the great James Cameron. If you`ve seen "Titanic" even 10 times, you got to check it out on Blu-ray and Blu-ray 3D.

And thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. You can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Monday through Thursday, 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues, right now.