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Amazing Flashbacks: Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Miley Cyrus, Lindsay Lohan, Katie Holmes; Countdown of the Top Five Showbiz Secrets

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on a special edition of the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Amazing SHOWBIZ Flashbacks." Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Miley Cyrus. The incredible lost interviews, the stunning transformations. But who will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of "Amazing Flashbacks"?

Hello and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, it`s the top five most remarkable lost interviews that we have uncovered from deep within the SHOWBIZ vault. Wait until you see what we`ve got in store for you.

We`re going to kick things off with a flashback that goes all the way back to 1988 when Brad Pitt was basically Brad Who? Coming in at No. 5, a very young 25-year-old Brad Pitt when he was appearing in small roles on TV shows like "Dallas" and "Growing Pains."

I`m talking about a fresh-faced, slightly awkward Brad opening up about his dreams, which included fame and fortune and lying to his parents about moving from a small town in Missouri to Hollywood. You`ve got to watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Two years ago, 22-year-old Brad Pitt left Missouri and told his parents he was heading west.

BRAD PITT, ACTOR: I told them I was coming to finish my education.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: What he had in mind, of course, was stardom and not school.

PITT: A lot of the attraction before I came out was fame, the lifestyle. What really counts was, you know, the people you care for, and now -- and now my motivation is more, like, I want to be good.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: His first job, a regular on "Dallas."

PITT: I`m Randy. Nice to meet you, sir.

I`ve got to admit, I was like this: "Uh, uh, uh." You know, I used to watch these people. I`m still a little star-struck, to be honest. You know, I just watched them. Six months ago, I was sitting home in Missouri watching these people on TV.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And soon people will be watching him on the big screen in his first starring role in the movie "Cutting Class."

PITT: I have a lot more to find out about Mr. Brian Woods.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The actor admits he`s gotten a lot quickly, but he says he`s also got a foundation that show business can`t shake.

PITT: I have to give credit to -- because, you know, I told myself before I got out here that the only way I was going to make it was to keep my head straight.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Which can be hard sometimes in a town where most heads are in the clouds.


HAMMER: Wow. It`s just amazing seeing Brad Pitt so young and apparently so naive.

With me in New York tonight, Nikki Boyer, who`s the host of "Daytime in No Time" on Yahoo! TV. From Hollywood, Hal Sparks. He`s the host of "Politishock with Hal Sparks" on Sirius XM. He is also the star of Disney XD`s "Lab Rats."

We just saw Brad pretty bravely admitting that he went to Hollywood seeking the fame and fortune, but you know, once he got there, he realized he really wanted to be a good actor.

Nikki, he pretty much got all of those things. A lot of fame, fortune, great career, big family with his fiance, Angelina Jolie. So when you see Brad then compared to the Brad that we know now, what goes through your head?

NIKKI BOYER, HOST, YAHOO! TV`S "DAYTIME IN NO TIME": The first thing that comes to mind, because I`m also from Missouri, is I`m like bless his sweet little heart. Right? Oh, gosh.

And as much as I want to say that, you know, he -- he put it in motion and he made it happen, sometimes I think it`s like playing the lottery.


BOYER: And he just got super, super lucky...


BOYER: ... and had the winning numbers. So...

HAMMER: The right place at the right time has a lot to do with it. I`m guessing he never could have imagined one day he`d be paid millions to do a Chanel No. 5 ad, that he would become a philanthropist helping rebuild homes in New Orleans with his Make it Right Foundation. He`s become a furniture designer.

Hal, in 1988 in that flashback we just saw, he talked about how important acting was, but given all he does now, do you see that maybe one day he`ll just focus on the other stuff and give up the acting?

HAL SPARKS, HOST, SIRIUS XM`S "POLITISHOCK WITH HAL SPARKS": No. I don`t see that coming. Actually, it`s interesting to me that he actually said he came out for fame and then wanting to be a good actor happened later. That`s exactly how it worked out for him, ultimately.

I think the nicest thing about it is that he still maintains a mullet on occasion, which I think is -- I think that`s -- Talk about not forgetting your roots.

HAMMER: Every now and then, he works it back into the repertoire.

Got to move on to our next "Amazing SHOWBIZ Flashback" in our countdown tonight. It`s another superstar actor. It`s Bond, James Bond. And of course, in this case, I`m talking about the great Daniel Craig.

His third Bond film, "Skyfall," another smash hit. He comes in at No. 4 on our flashback countdown.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT now brings you the lost interview from back in 2004. This was when Craig`s name was just being tossed around to perhaps become the next James Bond to replace Pierce Brosnan. And as you`ll see, he was neither shaken nor stirred at the mere mention of being considered for such an iconic role.


DANIEL CRAIG, ACTOR: It all has hit back home, and it`s all a bit "news to me."

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Has anyone approached you with the possibility?

CRAIG: No. There`s nothing really to tell. I mean, it`s -- it`s JUST sort of one of those. It`s one of -- there`s a lot of names being thrown into the mix, and my name happens to be one of them. So, you know, I mean, I can`t -- it`s a privileged position to be in. But I mean, there`s nothing happening at the moment. It`s all sort of hot air.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s it like? What`s it been like for you personally being -- having your name brought up in this?

CRAIG: Well, as I said, I mean, I`ve been here. So it filtered through very quickly, and I was on set with people sort of congratulating me. And I was a bit perplexed about the whole thing, because it`s the first I heard. So -- but you know, there are worse things.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: People walking up to you, saying, "Please say the `my name is Bond, James Bond` thing."

DANIEL: They haven`t, no, but I won`t.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, let`s talk. Does -- is international stardom, like the kind that would accompany playing such an icon, is that something that would appeal to you?

CRAIG: I think there is -- there`s a lot -- there`s a lot that goes with playing a part like that. Obviously, there`s a lot of money to be made in playing a part like that, but there`s also a lot to lose. So you have to - - I mean, if something like that were to come along, I would give it careful thought. But, you know, it hasn`t as yet come along. So it`s all -- it`s all a lot of, you know, British tabloid press have sort of gone for it, which is quite exciting, I suppose. But it`s -- it`s all kind of strange for me, really.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I would imagine so. You`ve made a career out of, you know, having a very long, diverse, very well-celebrated filmography. And to go from that to being identified with one particular role, that would be kind of incongruous with the career you`ve cut.

CRAIG: I suppose it would. But you know, you should, you know -- if things like that come along, you have to consider them. Bond is an incredibly iconographic, you know, figure in film. And those are sort of, you know -- I mean, I`ve always loved the movies, but like I said, there`s -- you know, there`s no -- there`s no decision to be made at the moment. I mean, there`s just -- you know, there`s a lot of noise about it, but that`s it.


HAMMER: The decision was made. And I love that Craig said there are worse things than being considered as the next Bond. Hal, when you saw what he said, you know, that was then, this is now. Now doubt he has a little more than warmed up to being James Bond.

SPARKS: No question. I am noticing a trend, though, as a brunette American with cold, dark eyes, that the blonder and blue eye-dier you get, the luckier you seem to get when big parts come along.

I`m not saying Hollywood completely leans in that direction, but I have to say, as a Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, you know, Roger Moore fan across the board, Craig has done great things with the Bond character and franchise. I think "Skyfall" is actually the most Bond-like movie of all. It`s the most Sean Connery one, anyways. And I think there`s -- there`s, you know, a gruntiness that he brings to it that`s kind of -- I think a lot of people appreciate. It`s good work.

HAMMER: Yes, it is pretty amazing, considering, you know, everybody was making fun of the fact that he had blond hair back then, and now a lot of people are saying best Bond ever.

So if a young Brad Pitt and Daniel Craig on the verge of Bond superstardom aren`t in the top three of our "SHOWBIZ Flashbacks," which stars top our SHOWBIZ Countdown? Well, how about a young Miley Cyrus before she was famous?


HAMMER: You`ve lived in Tennessee on a ranch. You`ve now moved to Los Angeles. But here you are in New York City. So what are your impressions of our fair town?

MILEY CYRUS, SINGER: I like it. It`s different. It`s very different than Nashville, but so is L.A. And I`m just -- keep going, but I love it.


HAMMER: It is unbelievable how young she was then and how she`s transformed into who she is today. But how does Miley compare to Katie Holmes before Tom Cruise and after? Who will count the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Amazing SHOWBIZ Flashbacks"? We are revealing our top three coming up.




CYRUS: Hello? Great. Lily alert in 19 seconds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She`s your best friend, Miley. Sooner or later you`re going to have to tell her you`re Hannah Montana.

CYRUS: I pick later.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Five seconds! Get the juice.

CYRUS: Got it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Good. Three, two...


HAMMER: Ah, good times. That`s a young Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, of course, the role that launched her into superstardom.

Who knew? I mean, really, who knew Miley was on the verge of worldwide fame all those years ago?

Welcome back to a special edition of SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And tonight, we`re here to count down the top five "Amazing Flashbacks," bringing you the lost incredible star interviews that we`ve uncovered, revealing the most amazing transformations.

We`re No. 3 on the countdown. It`s me with Miley Cyrus all the way back in 2006. This was when she was not famous. We had just heard that she had signed onto this new show nobody knew about called "Hannah Montana."

And I had with her one of the first big interviews she had ever done in her life. She came to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT with her already-famous dad, Billy Ray, and I`ve got to tell you, I never could have imagined when I spoke with her back then what a worldwide phenomenon she`d soon become.


HAMMER: You seem very excited, Miley.

M. CYRUS: I am.

BILLY RAY CYRUS, COUNTRY MUSIC STAR: A.J., it`s great to be with you.

HAMMER: Has she been buzzing all day?

B. CYRUS: She`s been working her tail off. I mean, we`ve been in New York for three days now, and this has just been very exciting. This is her first trip to New York City. And...

HAMMER: It`s your very first time here? You`ve lived in Tennessee on a ranch. You`ve now moved to Los Angeles, but here you are in New York City. So what are your impressions of our fair town?

M. CYRUS: I like it. It`s different. It`s very different than Nashville, but so is L.A. And I`m just -- keep going, but I love it.

HAMMER: What`s the strangest thing you saw during your stay here in New York? There are some freaks here, you know.

M. CYRUS: Well, mostly just all the buildings. I`ve see them in movies. They look a lot smaller than they do in person.

HAMMER: They are really big.

M. CYRUS: Yes. Really big.

HAMMER: Well, we got you a little gift.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

HAMMER: You can open up that, and a little souvenir to take home from our town. This new show, "Hannah Montana," and we`ll talk as you`re opening. Don`t want to take away from gift opening.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

B. CYRUS: Awesome. Great.

HAMMER: A little New York love.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

HAMMER: Enjoy that very much.

And in this new show, this -- as I said, it`s such a cool premise. You`re playing a pop star, but the only one who knows you are the pop star are your two friends, because you have certain costumes that allow you to go and be, like, one of the world`s biggest pop stars, but then you are able to sort of keep your anonymity. Only your best friends in school now.

Billy Ray, wouldn`t that be nice? Did you ever kind of wish, you know -- you`ve seen both sides of it. Did you ever wish you could just walk off the stage and just go about your business and not be the star all the time?

B. CYRUS: I`ve just always loved making music, you know, and one of the thing that`s the funnest [SIC] about this show is we tape in front of a live audience. And so it`s the best of both worlds getting to be with that audience and -- and acting at the same time and still getting to make some music.

And I don`t know if you`ve heard about her singing. She just signed a record deal with Hollywood Records.

HAMMER: Congratulations. Not a bad deal.

M. CYRUS: Thank you.

B. CYRUS: She writes her own songs. She`s the real deal. She`s got some great music ahead of her. And again, it`s just a lot of fun.

HAMMER: And as I said, this character you`re playing, Hannah Montana, one of the world`s biggest pop stars. Is it somebody that you`re emulating? Because the premise is, you know, if Britney Spears were in high school but nobody knew it was Britney Spears. That`s what the deal is. So is there a pop star that you sort of looked up to, to prepare for this?

M. CYRUS: I kind of thought of Hilary Duff when I was doing this, because she actually started doing Disney at the same time as I did and then she went off to music. So I kind of watched her concerts and saw some of the footage that she`s done and kind of took some of her style and used it towards Hannah.

HAMMER: Now, is this your big -- your big debut here?

M. CYRUS: It is.

HAMMER: And we`re happy to have you. Miley, a pleasure to meet you.

M. CYRUS: Thank you very much.

HAMMER: Billy Ray, always good to see you.

B. CYRUS: Thank you, A.J. You do such a great job on the show.

HAMMER: Thank you.

B. CYRUS: Congratulations on your success.


HAMMER: She was just so adorable six years ago and clearly no clue about what would happen in the years ahead, becoming a TV and a music superstar.

I want to bring back Nikki Boyer, host of "Daytime in No Time" on Yahoo! TV. Nikki is here in New York, along with Hal Sparks, host of "Politishock with Hal Sparks" on Sirius XM radio. Hal`s in Hollywood tonight.

Well, Miley has had a few setbacks here and there, Nikki, but nothing like we`ve seen from so many other child stars. How do you think she was able to pull it off and come through?

BOYER: You know, because she`s really, really cool. Let`s go ahead and just say that. I think that -- I think she`s just what you see is what you get. She`s unapologetic. She makes mistakes. She may do things that aren`t super, super bright, but she wears her heart on her sleeve, and I think she maintains that connection with her audience always. So she never has that sort of separate, you know, separate and better mentality.


BOYER: I really think she`s -- I really think she`s just true to who she is and who she was back in that video.

HAMMER: What do you think, Hal?

SPARKS: I think when you have showbiz parents that have actually been in showbiz, it`s a lot easier to make a transition into the public eye. You`ve seen the positive and, in some cases, the negative of her dad being essentially a one-hit wonder as a music artist and how welcoming they can be one day and how much they can shrug you off the next. And I think that`s actually a healthy perspective she may have gained.


SPARKS: Whether she learned from it early enough for everybody else is another question.

But the reality is, I think we put far too much pressure on girls her age to kind of act in a mature way that surpasses how most adults are behaving. It`s a little silly to pretend that a teenager won`t be a teenager.

HAMMER: Absolutely right. And I think her dad being by her side for it has probably only helped her in the long run.

Well, by the time that Miley was 19 she was already planning a wedding. Talk about growing up quickly. That`s the exact age that Lindsay Lohan was when we first talked to her before all of her really big troubles began.

That brings us to No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of "Amazing Flashbacks." Lindsay Lohan at 19. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went one on one with Lindsay. This was back in 2005. She was promoting her then-new flick "Herbie Fully Loaded." And we asked Lindsay how it felt then to be the focus of so much attention and to have the world watching her every move both on and off the screen.


LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: I`m flattered. You know, this is everything -- this is a blessing, what I do. And it comes with a lot of things. Nobody is -- nobody is perfect. Everyone has their ups and downs. Everyone has their own opinion, and they`re entitled to it. And, you know, you learn from everything, and I`m 19 years old. It`s a learning experience.

And I`ve been surrounding myself with fantastic people. And it`s a great - - it`s a great -- it`s a great time. I want to be a good role model to my sister and my brother. And that`s -- you really can`t ask for more. I mean, to ask for anything right now would be kind of -- I`m very thankful, and I feel very blessed.


HAMMER: That was Lindsay back then, but if Lindsay isn`t No. 1, who on earth could be the most "Amazing SHOWBIZ Flashback" ever? I`m going to give you a hint. She is the mom of perhaps one of the most famous toddlers on the planet.



HAMMER: Welcome back. We are counting down the top five "SHOWBIZ Flashbacks." The most amazing transformation of the biggest Hollywood stars: Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Miley Cyrus and Lindsay Lohan. Just amazing to see how these stars have simply catapulted into great fame.

But of course, there can only be one most amazing flashback on the SHOWBIZ Countdown. That takes us to Katie Holmes.

In 2005, a time when her budding romance with Tom Cruise seemed to be a fairy tale on the road to the perfect ending, well, Katie sat down with us while she was on tour promoting her new role in "Batman Begins." And of course, we had to ask her about her newfound love with Tom.


KATIE HOLMES, ACTRESS: Everyone has been so happy, so happy for us, and it`s just been so exciting. It`s -- I love him.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you surprised, though, at the scrutiny that you`ve -- you`ve experienced?

HOLMES: I don`t really care. I mean, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I`m happy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why do you think that there are people out there -- why are there naysayers?

HOLMES: Because there`s always going to be. You know, there`s just -- that happens. That -- I don`t really care. You know? I`m in love. I`m happy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You know, I know you once said that you dreamed of marrying him, and on the "Oprah" show he does talk about not disappointing you. He doesn`t want to disappoint you.

Have you thought that far ahead?



HOLMES: I mean, yes. When I was a little girl I did think that. Big dreamer.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You wanted to marry him. You still want to.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Have you spoken with him about that?



HOLMES: We`ll see.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You don`t want to let me know?

HOLMES: No, no. I mean, you know what? He`s the most amazing man. And we -- we will talk about that, and it makes me smile to think about.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He seems very adventurous. How are you keeping up with that? That man has got some serious energy.

HOLMES: Well, I`m very adventurous, too. Yes, for sure.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Who`s more adventurous?

HOLMES: Tom is definitely more adventurous.


HAMMER: To have those days to smile about. Just amazing, looking back at Katie, so in love, about to start this fresh chapter in her life. And now to see how that star-studded romance obviously came to a very sudden end.

Tonight, "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed." So I`ve got the two guys who literally wrote the book on how to cheat, really. And "SHOWBIZ Sitcom Secrets." We got on the set of one of the most hilarious shows on TV as the stars of "The Exes" reveal how they put their show together every day.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You look tired today.


SHAWN JOHNSON, "DANCING WITH THE STARS" COMPETITOR: I completely forgot about, like the whole "not a day off" thing.


HAMMER: Right now on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed." Stars from "Dancing with the Stars" reveal their secrets inside one of the biggest reality shows on TV. Shawn Johnson and dance pro Derek Hough take SHOWBIZ TONIGHT cameras behind the scenes to unlock ballroom secrets on "Dancing with the Stars."

And "Titanic" myths uncovered. I go one on one with "Titanic" director James Cameron about some shocking myths from the set. You won`t believe what he actually says is true.

But who will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of our top five "SHOWBIZ Secrets"?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and thanks for watching.

Tonight, it`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Secrets Revealed". We are here to countdown down the top five revelations about Hollywood`s most fascinating shows and show-stoppers. And we kick thing off at number five on our countdown secrets behind "Dancing with the Stars."

Former Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson and her dancing partner Derek Hough dazzled everyone with their incredible move, ending the all-star season as runners up for the big prize. But before all that drama unfolded, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got some amazing backstage access to Shawn and Derek. So, watch now.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner goes on location at "Dancing with the Stars."


NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: So, tell me so far, how has it been? You feel good?

SHAWN JOHNSON, OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALIST: Feel good. Feel good. I`m really tired today.


JOHNSON: I completely forgot about the whole not a day off thing.

TURNER: Wait. What is that? you don`t get any days off?


HOUGH: No days off.

JOHNSON: Because we finish on Tuesday and we start the next dance on Wednesday.

TURNER: What surprised you the most about the all-stars? Because I know coming in, you knew it was going to be more and better competition right off the bat. But what still surprised you the most about this competition?

JOHNSON: I think with the all-stars come in, you think there`s a few that are still clear cut. I won`t say underdogs, but may be go the first few weeks where as we saw in week one, everybody is really good. And there`s a lot of fan favorites and a lot of backing behind everyone.

TURNER: You were training to go back to the Olympics.


TURNER: You had injuries. So, you couldn`t go in the same day you got the call to do this. it is quite essential when one door close and another one open.

JOHNSON: I know. When I decided to retired from gymnastics, I was, me and my family, were just kind of ready to pack me up, move me off to college and start -- kind of start over. And the day that I retire, I got the call for "Dancing." It was, you know. It was needed. It was fun.

TURNER: And then, you heard you with be with Derek and you say --

JOHNSON: I know. It soils me out here another.

TURNER: Did you watch the girls and how proud of them were you?

JOHNSON: I couldn`t have been prouder, Gabby trained with me, and I feel like I grew up with them. And I felt like I was part of the team and sitting I the stand box --

HOUGH: Did you want to like just like go out there in the middle?


JOHNSON: I did though. It was so hard. I was like torn. I was like I want to be out there, but part of me is like OK, it was really nice just sitting, not doing anything. Because I knew they were doing millions of repetitions and stuff.

TURNER: That was a good follow-up question. Nice. I`m liking that.

I like the dynamics between the two of you. And I know that there is going to be because you both so cute and there is going to be the question, is it romantic or is it brother and sister?

HOUGH: Oh, no, it`s pure romance. It`s unbelievable. See this face here?

TURNER: You`re blushing. You`re like why me? Is he torturing you?

HOUGH: It`s pure romance. The way we gaze at each other`s eyes all day.

JOHNSON: I got to go.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner joins me now from Hollywood.

Nischelle, a lot of people wonder about the behind the scenes romances at " Dancing with the Stars." Did you see any sparks?

TURNER: Well, yes, A.J. They have great chemistry together. So, you know, these dances are so hot, I understand why people think they see more than just dance. But Derek did have a public romance with his season six partner, Shannon Elizabeth, and there was a lot of buzz about his very close friendship with season 14 partner Maria Manuno.

But by far the biggest secret I can reveal from the set of "Dancing with the Stars" is that it is one of the most grueling competition shows on TV. These stars literally work their tails off.

But now, A.J., I want to take you from heating things up on the dance floor to sparking big laughs on the set.

Number four on the countdown on "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed", I`m taking you through a day in the life of a sitcom star. Check this out.


TURNER (voice-over): Meet the cast of "The Exes."

DONALD FAISON, STAR, "THE EXES": I`m Donald Faison. This is Kristine Johnson.

TURNER: Today they`ll spend 12 hours shooting an episode of their TV lens sitcom, just one of many days work.

FAISON: Before the day, we had a week`s worth of rehearsals, starting with last Thursday, and it all comes down to tonight. Everything that -- all the work that we have done through the week, you get to see the final product on your television screen.

TURNER: What you don`t get to see at home is what`s really happening as the sitcom is taped. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT got exclusive access behind the scenes.

The day begins with a full run through before the studio audience arrives.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re going to give it to her?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it semi-automatic graph.

TURNER: That gives the actors time to nail down their lives so they seem effortless on screen.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s a semi-automatic wrap up of the scene called dialogue from other.

FAISON: Camera not to that. The director is extraordinary.

HAMMER: Director Andy Cadiff studies the actions from the video village critiquing the performances.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I want the intense of the --



TURNER: As the day goes on, the script evolves as writers make improvements. This line from rehearsal becomes this in the final version.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m about to have a supermodel Sunday with fill on top.

TURNER: Laughs are authentic provided by the audience that loads into the bleachers at around 6:00 p.m., you never see them or that warm up guy that keeps them amped.

Some lines that get laughs wind up being cut for time. Viewers at home heard this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: If I wasn`t pregnant, it was a guy, I totally topped out.

TURNER: But this, got out. Between scenes the crew motors from set to set.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The cameras are moving into position.

TURNER: And the stars stay busy on their phones, in the middle of taping, they constantly hit social media.

FAISON: Either Instagraming or tweeting or facebooking to the people out there, to the people that follow me to tell them to please watch my show.

TURNER: The episode that airs on TV appears seamless, but on set, there are interruptions.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Here we go. And --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: All right, all right, here we go.

TURNER: Crackups are redone and this unscripted moment never made air.


TURNER: But maybe the biggest difference between what you see at home and what happens on set is the way an episode ends, on screen, you get tiny credits. On set, there`s a slightly bigger sendoff.


TURNER: You know, it`s a completely different feeling to be on the set as the sitcom is taping. These actors really feed off the audience and you really get a good sense of what jokes work and which ones, not so much. But there is no doubt that they put in a lot of work to make us all laugh, A.J.

That`s your number four "SHOWBIZ Secret Revealed".

HAMMER: Thanks. Nischelle. Yes, they do work hard.

All right, we got more "SHOWBIZ Secrets" to be revealed on our top three on the SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight like secrets of how to cheat.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t have to know how to lie. Most men know how to lie. You have to need to -- you have to learn know how to lie like a woman.


HAMMER: Lie like a woman, really?

Well, coming up, I talked to two guys who literally wrote the book on how to cheat on a woman.

Plus, the secrets of the paparazzi. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes inside the life of these star chasing shutterbugs. You got to see what we uncovered.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m A.J. Hammer. We are continuing our countdown of the top five "Secrets Revealed" with real insiders just blowing the lid off of Hollywood`s most mysterious story.

Now, we are up to number three, it`s remarkable, must see look at a day in the life of the paparazzi. So, just how do those photographers capture those amazing shots? Well, we hit the streets of L.A. with notable photographer Henry Flores who has shot picks of some of the most famous celebs in the world. And in a number three in our countdown, he reveals to us how he does it.


HENRY FLORES, PHOTOGRAPHER: My name is Henry Flores. I`m the owner of buzz photo, co-owner of buss photo. I`m also author of "A Day in the Life of the Paparazzi."

Photography was always a hobby of mine and I became really good at what I did. Eventually what ended up happening, my salary in photography went up high because back then we used to get paid decent money. I got laid off. And I jumped in full-time into the paparazzi industry.

Right now we`re here at the country mart, at the Brent Wood country mart. This is a place of normally frequent. There`s a lot of restaurants. A lot of shops. It`s a very rich area. Some of the celebrities I easily find around here on typically the older type of celebrities, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Helen Hunt. Reece Witherspoon is another person I typically find in this area. Jennifer Gartner is another.

Back in the days, five or six years ago, I shot any shot, a lot of the shots used to sell from at about, you know, anywhere from two grand all the way up to 10 grand depending on where the placement was on the magazine. Nowadays, you`re basically fighting for pennies.

A lot of people always ask me, what is the most ideal shot that you can get? And I always tell them, well the Angelina-Brad Pitt. But then, you know, I have photographed Brad Pitt and Angelina before. I was able to sell individual photographs of them, you know, with the kids.

This is one the number one selling thing about there. One of my award winning shot, but that was like four years ago, Winona Ryder off my iPhone. And I made $3,000 of it because she said that he never going to get married and I was inside the restaurant taking a photo with my iPhone of her kissing her boyfriend. So, that was the story.

I just barter. I typically just have my eyes peeled for everything. People think that, you know, we`re running red lights all the time and, you know, doing crazy things, but the thing is I`m actually driving 15 miles an hour on this main street. Why? Because it gives me more time to look.

This is a perfect example of what you would do. You would drive into the alleyway, right? Take a couple of shots and then you`re off. And that was the end of the shot, it`s that simple.

One of the funniest things is that some celebrities have actually come out to say that some of the best photographs that they have ever had done is by paparazzi. It`s because we are able to capture those moments, the candid moments. And that s the thing that makes it valuable.


HAMMER: It is a crazy game. All the secrets reveal that how the paparazzi get those candid celebrity shots. That`s out number three tonight.

So, what big "SHOWBIZ Secret" will be revealed on our top two of the SHOWBIZ Countdown? How about the secrets of how to cheat?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You don`t have to learn to lie, most men know how to lie. You have to learn how to lie like a woman.


HAMMER: Wow. Well, tonight the two guys who actually wrote the book on cheating reveal their secrets.

Also secrets from the set of "Titanic," from director James Cameron. Did the crew really get food poisoning during the filming of one of the biggest movies ever?

The top two "SHOWBIZ Secrets" reveal next.



HAMMER: So tonight we`re counting down the top five "Secrets Revealed", the stories that have everybody asking, hey, what`s the real deal?

And in at number two, it is the making of a cheater. Now, if you`re married, dating or even friends with benefits and you cheat, chances are you`re going to get busted. But is it really more about how you do it than if you do it than if you do it?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you ever been caught red handed cheating on your girl? Do you watch porn when she`s at work. Do you visit whore houses when you`re away on a business trip.


HAMMER: OK. Well, these guys are joking there, but they are serious about this too. And they have written a book, complete with full step by step guidelines. Yes, it`s called "Cheat: A Man`s Guide to Infidelity," written by comedians Joe DeRosa and Robert Kelly. I spoke with them about the top three cheating tips that really jumped out at us here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: At number three, avoid girls who wear glitter. Now, Robert, I want to start with you. You realized, this is getting harder and harder to do these days. So many women have glitter. What in the world does that have to do with cheating?

ROBERT KELLY, AUTHOR, "CHEAT: A MAN`S GUIDE TO INFIDELITY": You are right. Every girl is dressing like stripper nowadays. Well, glitter is the worse. IT is the worst. The guy who invented glitter, he`s just a terrible human being to guys because it`s -- you can`t get it off. It`s like it`s there, you know, you have to -- with hair and other things that girls leave on. You can take a shower and get it off. You need to scrub like Dexter when you have glitter on you to get it off. You like you just murdered somebody.


KELLY: Or you are going to lie to your wife and tell her you had sex with the unicorn on the way home.

HAMMER: But, there`s that option as well. I men, Joe, you absolutely agree with this I`m sure. Because obviously, you know, you don`t need to be a CSI investigator to find that little speck of glitter that wasn`t able to be eradicated.

JOE DEROSA, AUTHOR, "CHEAT: A MAN`S GUIDE TO INFIDELITY": No, I totally agree. This in fact, this shirt that I`m wearing now has some glitter remnants on that I can`t get off. And it`s not biodegradable. It is not good for the environment, please, stop with this crap. Get away. No more glitter. If you`re stepping out and your other lady looks like she just slid down the rainbow, you better slam the door (INAUDIBLE). Do not let her in the house. They are dead bugs. Turn off.

HAMMER: We got that. Listen. I have to imagine, the book`s not going to earn you any points with the ladies when they hear what`s our next pick.

It is in our number two on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. You advise the nighttime is the right time to do the wrong thing. Now, that might seem counter intuitive to the afternoon delight crowd, Joe. Why nighttime?

DEROSA: Well, I think all sneaky things are usually done at nighttime. I mean, there is just that higher chance that you won`t be seen. When the government tries to do covert operations, they don`t do it at 6:00 in the morning. They wait until it is night and dark. And you know, you do shady things in the shade, so, the dark is your friend.

HAMMER: The dark is your friend, ladies and gentlemen.

All right, well, out of all the outrageous cheating tips in your book, here`s what we decided was number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, learn to lie.

Robert, I`m thinking you`re pushing men down a dark and dastardly path here. And perhaps, your book should really come to some emergency help liners, something. But, how should men, as long as we`re going to go down the path, learn to lie to their ladies?

KELLY: Well, you don`t have to learn to lie, most men know how to lie, you have to need to -- you have to learn to lie like a woman.


HAMMER: No, no. I don`t understand that.

KELLY: They can lie.

HAMMER: I`m not getting involved with that conversation.

KELLY: Guys actually, we get nervous, we get angry. Women are passive aggressive, they`re seductive, they`re very good at lying, we`re not, we show in our face.


HAMMER: His words, not mine.

Thanks to you, Joe Derosa, Robert Kelly. Be sure to check out their book, "Cheat: A Man`s Guide to Infidelity."

So, which will be the biggest secret of all? Our number one "SHOWBIZ Secret" will be revealed next.


HAMMER: We have been counting down the top five "Secrets Revealed" with all new rev likes about Hollywood`s hottest shows and show-stoppers.

Number five, the secrets behind "Dancing with the Stars." SHOWBIZ TONIGHT giving you the inside scoop on the always fears competition.

And number four, secrets of a sitcom star. With an inside look at how Hollywood keeps the laughs going even when the cameras aren`t rolling.

And number three, a day in the life of a paparazzi. An insider`s look at how those remarkable shots of Hollywood fan-favorites are captures.

And number two, how to cheat. The authors of the hilarious how to cheat guide give you step by step tips on how not to get caught in the act.

So many great secrets revealed. But of course there can only be one number one in our countdown. Taking the top spot, one of the most amazing films in movie history. It`s hard to believe that it`s been nearly 15 years since "Titanic" broke all kinds of records at the box office.

I spoke with James Cameron about the making of the movie classic and got some secrets from the set.


JAMES CAMERON, DIRECTOR: The film was shot in kind of a classic style. We always knew that if it worked, it would have that sort of classic potential. But until we reached the film back in April for the 100th anniversary of the sinking, we had no way to gauge that, and what we found is that it`s still hugely popular worldwide.

HAMMER: So, at the end of the day, then, what to you, is the reason it`s it is so enduring, you mentioned the epic. So, obviously, it is terrifically written story, it is terrifically acted visually. It is one of the most stunning films ever made. But from your perspective as the guy who made it happen?

CAMERON: Yes, I thought about it a lot. You could say, well, the "Titanic" story itself is never going to go away, meaning the historical story. But I think that is only a part of that. I really think it`s the love story. It is the fact that it`s you`re guaranteed you`re going to have an emotional reaction when you see this movie, whether you`ve seen it 20 times or whether you never seen it before, you are going to cry. And that is why we are releasing it in 3D, so men could put the glasses on and their dates wouldn`t see them cry.

HAMMER: When did you last see it all the way through?

CAMERON: Right before we started the 3D conversion, I wanted to watch it once, because I knew I was going to go through shots over and over and over and that would put me off watching it for about five years.

HAMMER: Right.

CAMERON: So, you know, that was about, I guess a year and a half ago.

HAMMER: But, can you step back and be non-critical watcher and just enjoy for what it is as if you didn`t even make it yourself?

CAMERON: Yes. I mean, I watched it with my younger kids, my three younger ones and they had never seen the film. So I got to enjoy them seeing it.

HAMMER: And as a dad, you did that?

CAMERON: Yes. Don`t think they processed that part of it.


HAMMER: My thanks to the great James Cameron. If you have seen "Titanic" even ten times, you`ve got to check it out on Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray 3D.

And thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York . You can catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Monday through Thursday 1 1:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

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