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New Years Eve Live

Aired December 31, 2012 - 23:00   ET


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN HOST: Hey, welcome back. We are live in Times Square. You are looking at live 11 p.m. and it's midnight in Canada's maritime providences, down in Eastport, Maine. On the American side of the border, they are dropping a large maple leaf in honor of their Canadian neighbors.

KATHY GRIFFIN, CNN HOST: We can't top that people.

COOPER: It's the lowering of the maple leaf.

GRIFFIN: And you were lowering your Christmas presents earlier --

COOPER: An hour from now --

GRIFFIN: -- sticky taffy, whatever you call it.

COOPER: An hour from now they're obviously going to drop the giant sardine when 2013 arrives on the American side up there. And down here obviously in Time Square it's a huge crystal ball.

GRIFFIN: My picture? All right. Oh hi Psy, how are you? Come on up.

COOPER: Oh look it's Psy. Psy's over here.

PSY: You got to cover (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: Hi how are you?

COOPER: Hey, How's it going? Nice to see you.


COOPER: Hey hello.

GRIFFIN: Hey, turn around. Say hi to the camera.

COOPER: Well, I almost wore this, Psy. I was this close to wearing this.

GRIFFIN: This is not awkward at all.

COOPER: No, it's not awkward at all.

GRIFFIN: Hi, you guys did a fantastic performance. Anderson didn't mean those things. Wasn't it great to be here? COOPER: Happy New Year.

PSY: Yeah, happy New Year.

COOPER: Happy New Year. We wish you the best. All right.

GRIFFIN: Thank you. I met you before.

PSY: I know it.

GRIFFIN: Nice to see you again. Keep doing your Gangnam style or any style you choose. Any style, you can't lose. You're really printing -- there's money just coming out your butt at this point isn't there. You're printing money everywhere you go.

PSY: That means a lot. Thank you.

GRIFFIN: Well, that's what it's all about.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year, you guys.

PSY: Okay.

GRIFFIN: Happy New Year.

COOPER: Did you just (INAUDIBLE)?

GRIFFIN: I just accused Psy of printing money out his butt.

COOPER: I'm sorry what? Yeah, I saw it, I saw it.

GRIFFIN: He loved it. He loves me.

COOPER: We're basic cable, it's okay.

GRIFFIN: Welcome to my act.

COOPER: Wait a minute OK --

GRIFFIN: Wait a minute --


GRIFFIN: I really hope you're watching us right now.

COOPER: That didn't happen on Ryan Seacrest.

GRIFFIN: Okay, you know --

COOPER: Okay, did you just say to Psy that money is coming out of his butt?


COOPER: And you may not have been able to hear what Psy said in response. He said "that means so much coming from you." GRIFFIN: Yes. I said you have so much money, printing so much money, you basically have money coming out of your butt at this point. And then Psy lovingly looks at us, after I've been talking smack about him and said "that means a lot coming from you." And then I said "I'm sorry Anderson has been saying such nasty things about you during the broadcast."

COOPER: Oh goodness. If you are just joining us welcome to CNN's New Year's celebration.

GRIFFIN: You don't think that Ryan Seacrest didn't send Psy and MC Hammer to get into our head?

COOPER: That wasn't really MC, who was that?

GRIFFIN: That was MC Hammer.

COOPER: No. Was it really?


COOPER: I had no idea.


COOPER: He's now hooked up with Psy?

GRIFFIN: Who hasn't. I'm going to go on tour with Psy, get me a glittery headband.

COOPER: Wow I thought MC Hammer was a preacher last I heard.

GRIFFIN: Who isn't. So is (INAUDIBLE). I'm a preacher now. And your good friend Ed Henry over there in Fox.

COOPER: We are going to bring you New Year's celebration ..

GRIFFIN: Why do you and my mom love Sean Hannity so much?

COOPER: From all over the world (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: I miss Crystal Ball and Poppy Harlow.

COOPER: I said down the street level alone a hundred of thousand partiers. Let's check in with Isha. Isha how is everybody going, we are less than an hour away.

Isha Sesay, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We are less than an hour away. Are you guys still having fun? It may be cold but these people don't care. You know, I've done this gig three years in a row and what always gets me is that people from all around the world gather to be in Times Square or (INAUDIBLE). I have a family here from Peru. Anderson and Kathy. Why are you here?

FEUNIDENTIFIED MALE: Just to be a part of this. It's amazing so far it's incredible. SESAY: Is it as good as you thought it would be, being here in Times Square?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It's amazing, the lights, the people, the shows. It's crazy.

SESAY: Okay, they told me earlier on the reason they're here in Time Square is because they're crazy. Thank you guys, happy New Year. Everyone is in really good spirits. I mean people don't care that they've been here since noon. They don't care that they're crammed like sardines. They just want to be here in Times Square. Make some noise, guys, make some noise. You see they're in good spirits. And as they're in good spirits they're wrapped up. They're bundled warm but they don't care. Where are you from?


SESAY: Why are you here?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because I love New Year's eve and I love New York.

SESAY: And has everyone been really friendly? Is it as good as you thought it would be?


SESAY: Some felt it was better than they thought it would be. Thank you very much. Happy new year. The party goes on down here at street level, Anderson and Kathy back to you.

COOPER: Alright Isha thank you. We're going to check in later on. (INAUDIBLE) with you.

GRIFFIN: OK I just want to be in the moment with you.


GRIFFIN: If that wasn't MC Hammer and I just made some horrible career ending racial slur --

COOPER: I don't know who that was.

GRIFFIN: -- what if I just picked like the wrong African-American person?

COOPER: That's on you.

GRIFFIN: No, this is on you.

COOPER: They did -- Psy did perform with MC Hammer --

GRIFFIN: Okay, but -- yes.

COOPER: Tonight they did perform. Yes, and that was the guy who was performing with him.

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) was that MC Hammer?

COOPER: I don't know. I don't know. Yes, it was MC Hammer.

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) you're white --

COOPER: Speak for yourself. All right.

GRIFFIN: Actually (INAUDIBLE) a beige.

COOPER: Speak for yourself.

GRIFFIN: That was MC Hammer, I've met him.

COOPER: Okay, I've never met him.


COOPER: I haven't seen him since he had the big workout pants. Remember those big --

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) pants. Of course we loved the workout pants.


GRIFFIN: Oh, my gosh.

COOPER: So we've got New Year's celebrations New Orleans, we've got Nashville, and we've got the Canadian provinces, we've got Maine --

GRIFFIN: We've got Boo Boo, go ahead. Go ahead --

COOPER: No, no.

GRIFFIN: ... (INAUDIBLE) star, your big marquee value star.

COOPER: We've got John Zarella down in Key West, Florida where Grand Prix needs (INAUDIBLE)--

GRIFFIN: We have (INAUDIBLE) coming up. (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: Let's check in with -- let's check in with Gary Tuchman, who is in Eastport, Maine. So Gary, they just celebrated on The Canadian side but less another -- than an hour before they celebrate on the American side, right?

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's a Christmas miracle.

GRIFFIN: They're laughing more than we are.

COOPER: I think they've been drinking.

GRIFFIN: Gary Tuchman's drunk. We lost him.

COOPER: We've lost him?

GRIFFIN: This show is Gary Tuchman's intervention. COOPER: Gary, we'll go back to Gary a little bit later on. What else -- what else you got?

GRIFFIN: First of all -- here's what I got -- I have a -- I have a --

COOPER: Who (INAUDIBLE) a celebrity this year. (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE). I have a photo I want to show you.

COOPER: Okay, fine.

GRIFFIN: And this is a group that I -- and this is a photo, someone hit me over the head with a rock. It is the back of my head. I'm almost -- I was on vacation and I saw your profile and I saw Ryan Seacrest's and I saw Oprah's.

Now I can't prove it but I Believe, Ryan Seacrest and Oprah are trying to kill me and that's what happened.

COOPER: You now are roping me in on this? GRIFFIN: Yes. Because I think you are in cahoots with them to ruin me. And look it there's your handiwork. Congratulations.

COOPER: Yeah, that's the kind of picture You tweet me. Kathy Griffin is a serial tweeter and she tweets --

GRIFFIN: Oh, wait a minute. I think it's time. I think it's time.


GRIFFIN: Wait I have to find -- oh, I have to find this tweet --

COOPER: I love that you have a lot of cards.

GRIFFIN: I have so many cards but have to find the tweet. Oh, no. Okay, wait, I'll find it.

COOPER: No this is good TV. Because we should keep this going.

GRIFFIN: Where's the crazy text you sent me?

COOPER: I did not send you a crazy text? We've got hundreds of thousands of people here in the crowd in Times Square. In Nashville they also have huge crowds, in New Orleans as well. Key West, Florida, but really this is the major celebration in the United States. And of course we want you to stay with us, we've got Marines dancing --

GRIFFIN: Did know I took a picture in the White House bathroom?

COOPER: Yeah we saw the picture in the --

GRIFFIN: Did you know that Psy was here with MC Hammer?

COOPER: We've got hundreds of thousands of people who have been here for hours. And if you've never actually been here it is kind of amazing --

GRIFFIN: I just want to say if anyone was watching earlier I did drop one card into the crowd --

COOPER: That was the card you --

GRIFFIN: And I actually think it was a very embarrassing text that Anderson sent me that I was so looking forward --

COOPER: Wait Kathy the guy from Univision wants to say hello. There is a guy in a mink coat wants to say hello.

GRIFFIN: There is a guy saying I heart you and he gets me.

COOPER: Oh he does get you.

GRIFFIN: Alright. I'm going to go on my phone and I'm going to find --

COOPER: You too? Thank you.

GRIFFIN: Was that Psy or am I being racist?

COOPER: No, he said he hearts me, too.

GRIFFIN: Oh whatever, get in line. You saw me first, you saw my hair. All right, so first of all --

COOPER: You know there's a lot of tradition here. And always we're right very close to the Univision people and they're always having a good time.

GRIFFIN: And they always out rate us.

COOPER: No, no, no.

GRIFFIN: Isn't Spanish the most spoken language in the world?

COOPER: I don't know the answer to that question.


COOPER: No I can't do an arms up. I don't know the answer to that question.

GRIFFIN: Okay, you know -- can you answer this question, who are the first guests on season two of Kathy on Bravo Live January 10th.

COOPER: Oh wow, I don't know.

GRIFFIN: How about Jane Lynch, Lisa Kudrow and Liza freaking Minnelli?

COOPER: All together really?


COOPER: Very impressive, okay.

GRIFFIN: All together on the couch.

COOPER: You're going to be live this year, aren't you?

GRIFFIN: We are live this year.

COOPER: Very nice.

GRIFFIN: It's going to be like this but looser.

COOPER: Well it could not be any looser. Because when I was on your show, it was very like a wizard's sleeve, honey.

GRIFFIN: OK first of all I have a picture of you on my show and you literally made this face. And then I came into your dressing room to hug you and you went like that. What is it that you think you're going to catch from me? Adorable?

COOPER: If you want to join the conversation on Twitter, the hash tag you use #cnnnye. (INAUDIBLE) your questions we'll try to answer as many as we can a little bit later in the program.

GRIFFIN: I have a question.


GRIFFIN: Where is Ryan Seacrest's favorite place to have sex? In front of the mirror.



COOPER: You probably actually like Ryan -- I mean Ryan's a decent guy in real life, right?

GRIFFIN: I'm not going to -- I don't have to answer that question.

COOPER: You sent him an obnoxious tweet -- text earlier. How you have his phone number, I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Oh can I read the -- do we have the email that I sent Ryan? Do we have the email I sent Ryan.

COOPER: You can always follow me on Twitter @andersoncooperkathygriffin, @Kathy Griffin, our producer here on the riser is Jack Grey, @jackgreycnn right?


COOPER: Yes, so she sent an obnoxious Twitter note to Ryan so we'll see -- I was like (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: Who is hotter, Ryan Lochte or Michael Phelps? Did you ever meet Lochte? COOPER: I did. I have interviewed them both.

GRIFFIN: OK Lochte dresses cool. I met him one time, I'm not kidding he ridiculous. First of all, he has a clothing line where he dresses like Michael Jackson in the Thriller video. And I turn to him and I said who dress you? And you know what his answer was? Yeah.


GRIFFIN: He has like a catch phrase where he goes (INAUDIBLE). Why would Lochte be a champion (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: He seems like nice decent guy.

GRIFFIN: Oh you know what I know this game. The minute we go to commercial break, you're going to be like I can't stand that fool. Ryan Lochte is a tool, I'm going on record.

COOPER: I know Michael Phelps. I don't really --

GRIFFIN: And all of CNN supports me in that statement.

COOPER: -- I don't really -- I don't know him well but Michael Phelps I've interviewed --

GRIFFIN: What does that mean? You know your body language is so hard to read.

COOPER: I don't even know what you were saying?


COOPER: I don't know. I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Somebody is dressed all in red.

COOPER: It's Mario Lopez. I don't know.

GRIFFIN: People love Mario Lopez. Did I tell you?

COOPER: Of course, I'm sure.

GRIFFIN: There's a new show. Okay.

COOPER: This is what you tweeted --

GRIFFIN: Here's the e-mail -- would you like to read the email that we just sent to Ryan?

COOPER: I haven't seen it.

GRIFFIN: Go ahead. Read it aloud to America and Norway.

COOPER: Okay. With Anderson now as the subject --

GRIFFIN: Yeah. COOPER: ... [No audio] his words not mine. Love Seacrest. You actually sent that?

GRIFFIN: Yes. He's reading it and ignoring it right now.

COOPER: You think he's really -- I don't believe he actually checked it [no audio].

GRIFFIN: What if Oprah checks his email --

COOPER: I don't know what words you're using.

GRIFFIN: What if he's so --

COOPER: I'm not familiar with (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: -- what if Oprah is working for Ryan Seacrest?

COOPER: You think they're all in cahoots?

GRIFFIN: When is (INAUDIBLE)? When if anybody -- once again sorry Bravo ..

COOPER: Have you ever watched (INAUDIBLE) fix my life?


COOPER: Did you see the episode where she was the basketball wife and she kept saying --


COOPER: -- you are not your shoes?

GRIFFIN: No you have to your - you have to be yourself.

COOPER: I know the phrase.

GRIFFIN: It was picked by reality of life. What's the name of the chick That was married to Chad Ochocinco?

COOPER: I don't know -- it was a basketball diary wife.


COOPER: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Wasn't it? The movie was (INAUDIBLE).

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) first of all -- and it's called Basketball Wives.


GRIFFIN: Basketball Diary Wives.

COOPER: We're going to take a quick break. Know to thanks to the amazing overhead --


COOPER: -- the amazing overhead (INAUDIBLE) Times Square coming from the rooftop of the Marriott marquis hotel. We are very grateful for everyone there making -- for everyone there making that happen. Honey Boo Boo is coming up next, I think.


COOPER: That's right. That's right. We'll be right back.

HONEY BOO BOO: You better redneckonize, I'm Honey Boo Boo. Hey Times Square! Honey Boo Boo child. You better redneckonize (INAUDIBLE). Peace. (INAUDIBLE). I'm outta here.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) . PATRICIA WU, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Hi. I'm Patricia Wu and we're overlooking the Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong and it's almost midnight. And there you have it, ringing in 2013 with the fireworks display and it's spectacular.

It is the first time they've launched fireworks from both land and sea, so you can see how many people are out here enjoying it from the boats in the harbor to the crowds that are lining the harbor here.

We've got about 400,000 people lining both sides of the harbor. So wishing you all a happy, healthy new year. Back to you, Anderson.

COOPER: Hey, thanks very much. Amazing pictures there in Hong Kong.

GRIFFIN: They are amazing.

COOPER: Yeah it was.

GRIFFIN: Yes. Guess what I have?

COOPER: What do you have?

GRIFFIN: This is one of those moments -- don't touch me to try to make it better.


GRIFFIN: Because this is -- he did say -- he was like don't read any texts on the air. But there is one that I just want to read and I am -- or you can read it. It's up to you.

COOPER: Which one is it?

GRIFFIN: Do you want to cold read it?


GRIFFIN: You sent me this text and I did not change a word.

COOPER: Okay. GRIFFIN: Okay. Put on the Rachel Maddow glasses and let's go. This is a text I got from Anderson on my phone.

COOPER: I did not send you this.

GRIFFIN: I'll show you on my phone. Woke up from a bizarre dream in which Orson Wells was locked into negotiations on an island Xanadu with Ryan Seacrest for the future model of television.

First of all who else would reference Orson Wells except you. Seacrest won after exhausting Wells with his grandmother's homespun wisdom.


GRIFFIN: And as he left, he gave Seacrest the key to a financial model of TV that would earn him billions.

COOPER: Actually --

GRIFFIN: I've been hanging out with you too much I think.

COOPER: I actually do think I sent that to you, didn't I?

GRIFFIN: You sent it to me.

COOPER: I think I vaguely remember that dream. Yeah, that's the most --

GRIFFIN: Okay, so break it down because we're on the couch. There's some childhood trauma.

COOPER: I don't know what it means.

GRIFFIN: Orson Wells, who possibly your Mom had an affair with.

COOPER: No. Well there -- there's a story with Orson Wells and my mom and a friend of hers --

GRIFFIN: I went to the dinner party.

COOPER: Oh yeah, you met the guy.


COOPER: Okay, you know this story.

GRIFFIN: Sorry, we're talking very heady, cerebral. That's our crowd. Honey Boo Boo you're a big Orson Wells fan, Honey Boo Boo. Did you know that Honey Boo Boo is being dropped from a ball in McIntyre?

COOPER: No, she's not. McIntyre (INAUDIBLE). What I like about Honey Boo Boo is every time they show an exterior of the house, a train is going by. So we're going to actually check in now with Honey Boo Boo who is spending New year's eve with her family of course in McIntyre, Georgia. And her name is Alana Thompson, of course, most people know her by her nickname, Honey Boo Boo. She joins us along with her mom, mama June and her sister Lauren who is Pumpkin and Jessica a/k/a Chubbs. How's it going you guys?

June THOMPSON: Hi! Oh, my god.

COOPER: Happy new year.

THOMPSON: Happy New Year,

COOPER: Now what are you guys -- what do they do to celebrate in McIntyre?

THOMPSON: We invited a lot of our friends. We opened up our property (INAUDIBLE) and invite all of our fans and we also did a fund-raiser for a friends who got burned out of their home on Friday. So we celebrate with our fans, why not. So we did a little Times Square here in McIntyre.

COOPER: Why not? That's a nice thing to do. I know you're a big town booster. And is it a Christmas pageant or A Halloween display that is big for the town? Christmas display or --

THOMPSON: Yes, it's Christmas.

COOPER: Now, isn't it a little late for -- Honey Boo Boo, isn't this past your bedtime, Alana?

THOMPSON: Is it past your bedtime?


THOMPSON: She said no.

COOPER: You know, I'm -- no, okay. Kathy, do you want to add anything? Kathy Griffin is here and wanted to wish you a happy new year as well.

GRIFFIN: I'm good.


COOPER: Hey you know what guys, I met Glitzy the pig a Little while ago and Glitzy's doing well.

THOMPSON: They met Glitzy. Anderson met glitzy. We heard about that. Actually Glitzy got stuck in New York in a storm.

COOPER: I know. We flew glitzy up for -- Glitzy go stuck for my daytime show.


COOPER: Kathy is speechless, Kathy is stunned speechless I think. But Glitzy was very sweet and her toenails were still painted pink. What are you guys --


COOPER: -- how late are you guys going to stay up tonight?

THOMPSON: Probably at midnight the girls will go to bed. We have a busy day tomorrow. We're still in production so -- and we're getting ready for our holiday premiere on Sunday at 9:00 (INAUDIBLE) -- Anderson, where are your glasses?

COOPER: I don't know, Kathy has them on.

GRIFFIN: I'm a big fan. I've been watching since toddlers and tiaras of course. And I want Honey Boo Boo to take Grand Supreme.

THOMPSON: Thank you.

COOPER: I think this is the year. All right well listen I know it's late -- happy new year. We wish you a very happy New Year to your family and the whole town and everybody in McIntyre. Thanks for staying up with us and we enjoyed watching this year. You take care.

THOMPSON FAMILY: Thank you. Bye.

COOPER: All right, bye. Bye. (INAUDIBLE). What? Open your heart. Open your heart.

GRIFFIN: You know what? You actually cut her off while saying you better redneckonize --

COOPER: I don't control that. They didn't -- clearly someone -- yes, they unfortunately did that.

GRIFFIN: When I think of all the years I have had what I think to be are creative ideas and I have been shut down and now Honey Boo Boo is going to come on with her Sketti and her better redneckonize and her head lice and now I'm the one without a heart?

COOPER: I'm just saying -- you know, at least they're a real family. You talk about the Kardashians all the time and all this --

GRIFFIN: That's it. We are making it rain people.

COOPER: You cannot --

GRIFFIN: We are making it rain.

COOPER: You cannot throw money into the crowd, seriously. Seriously you cannot.

GRIFFIN: Why not?

COOPER: Seriously, it will cause like a riot. (CROSS-TALK). No, no, no seriously. No, no absolutely not.

GRIFFIN: Who are you looking to? You're looking to -- COOPER: I'm looking for like a security guard or something.

GRIFFIN: Make it rain (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: How much money do you have? (CROSS-TALK). You should have just like given it to Psy. You know --

GRIFFIN: Oh, I don't think so.

COOPER: You cannot throw money into the crowd.

GRIFFIN: where's the law that said I can't make it rain?

COOPER: I just think -- you cannot. Should we take a break? Can we take a break?

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) can you not take a break. I'm trying to help America.

COOPER: A short break, we'll have more from Times Square in just a moment.


COOPER: We'll take a look at how people around the world are celebrating New Years. We'll be right back.


COOPER: Wow. That's the New Year's eve being rung in Australia. It's already afternoon there. They rang in the New Year right. That was certainly -- you spent a lot of time in Australia. I remember the episode where you --

GRIFFIN: Yes, the opera house.

COOPER: I remember you went there --

GRIFFIN: Do you remember when Oprah did the Australia show?

COOPER: Of course I do.

GRIFFIN: She almost killed poor Hugh Jackman.

COOPER: Hugh Jackman slid on that thing --


COOPER: -- he hit his head, yes.

GRIFFIN: And you're such a Hugh Jackman fan.

COOPER: Hugh Jackman is a lovely guy, a very nice guy.

GRIFFIN: Yes, very talented.

COOPER: He is. He's very --

GRIFFIN: Do you have some kind of a deal with him. Where is this going?

COOPER: No I like him, he's been on my show.

GRIFFIN: Are you scared of him?

COOPER: No, he's a lovely guy.

GRIFFIN: OK because after my (INAUDIBLE) where the mafia is like shaking him down --

COOPER: No I will not talk about that.

GRIFFIN: -- he might have something on you.

COOPER: Do you like Australia?

GRIFFIN: Of course, who doesn't like Australia?

COOPER: Were you in that whole Mardi Gras parade?

GRIFFIN: Yes. I was in the Mardi Gras parade.

COOPER: I think I remember an episode of your show.

GRIFFIN: I raised a little heck that actually --

COOPER: (Lance Bass) was there as I recall.

GRIFFIN: (Carson) (INAUDIBLE) was there, it was super gay and I crashed. I had to crash a gay parade. It was -- it has never happened before.

COOPER: No one knew who you were. But after this show --

GRIFFIN: OK you know what.

COOPER: Well know, you wanted to speak truth to the people.

GRIFFIN: I promised the audience that we would sing duets. Are you ready for our first one?


GRIFFIN: Okay. They say we're young and we don't know we won't find out until we grow.

COOPER: Babe. I got you babe. Oh I didn't know if that's --

GRIFFIN: I don't know --

COOPER: -- well I don't know if all that -- I don't sing.

GRIFFIN: I don't know if all that's true because you got me -- COOPER: And baby I've got you. Babe.

GRIFFIN: I got you babe.

COOPER: I got you babe.

GRIFFIN and COOPER: I got you babe.

COOPER: Babe. OK where do we go with this.

GRIFFIN: Okay, you know what, I apologize to Cher and Sonny's ghost because that is not called selling it.

COOPER: Well I don't know how to sing.

GRIFFIN: We're going to do you don't bring me flowers.

COOPER: I can't sing. You don't bring me what?

GRIFFIN: We're going to do you don't bring me flowers.

COOPER: I don't -- I don't sing. I've never done Karaoke, I don't do any of that. I'm boring, I can't sing.

GRIFFIN: Well you must have a karaoke song, everyone has one?

COOPER: No I don't.


COOPER: Did what?

GRIFFIN: Know scrubs.

COOPER: I don't know that song.

GRIFFIN: I don't want no scrubs. (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: I've never heard that.



GRIFFIN: Wow. Well later on we're going to sing you don't bring me flowers.

COOPER: Is that don't bring me Waterfalls or --

GRIFFIN: Don't go chasing waterfalls.

COOPER: Is that TLC?

GRIFFIN: Yes. Of course it is.

COOPER: Well that's the only thing I remember. GRIFFIN: Big TLC fan?

COOPER: Yes, back in the day.

GRIFFIN: By the way, during the break, we turned around to see what the act was on one of the real shows and then Anderson said and I quote "I don't know anybody anymore, I'm old."

COOPER: It's true. It's very sad. I don't know any of the people.

GRIFFIN: What exactly is the demographic. Like who is watching right now.

COOPER: I have no idea.

GRIFFIN: My mom.

COOPER: Your mom, my mom. Yes. I don't know.

GRIFFIN: Who is drunker, my mom is drunker than your mom I hope.

COOPER: My mom is yes, not drinking.

GRIFFIN: My mom e-mailed me today in all caps, so like she's yelling at me even through her e-mail.

COOPER: Oh yeah.

GRIFFIN: And she wanted to make sure we don't get a cold. That was her only concern.

COOPER: Well I've been sniffling, I apologize if I'm rubbing my nose on the air. Let's check in with --

GRIFFIN: You look like a Lohan.

AC: Let's check in with -- what?

GRIFFIN: You look like a Lohan.

COOPER: Let's check in John Zarella I don't know what that means.

GRIFFIN: It's like a coke joke.

COOPER: I don't know what you're talking about. I enjoy soda as well. Let's go down to Key West. John Zarella is down there every year a drag queen named Sushi.


COOPER: Sushi -- hey John how is going down there. What Sushi descends in a giant red pump. There was one year John where I got very concerned because Sushi was on --

GRIFFIN: A technical nightmare.

COOPER: -- the roof and I was afraid Sushi was going to drop into the crowd. (CROSS-TALK).

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: We almost had a little accident a little while but the star of the show has arrived. Sushi is up in the shoe wearing lime green this year, Anderson and Kathy. Something to do with palm trees.

I'm not sure exactly what but this event gets bigger and bigger every year. At least 10,000 people here. Having fun? Yes. It is a great crowd. They are from all over the United states. Where are you from?


ZARRELLA: Minnesota?


ZARRELLA: Cold up there. You're better here. You like it better down here? It's nice and warm.


ZARRELLA: Anderson again, just tremendous crowd here on Duval Street here in Key West. Probably at least 10,000 people down here in Key West and we all have our little red stilettos to go with Sushi's red stiletto. Midnight Sushi coming down in the lime green dress. Anderson, Kathy?

COOPER: All right John, thanks very much. John has been doing that -- I'm not sure like --

GRIFFIN: Could you get a straighter guy to that scene?

COOPER: That's what I like about it. I like that John goes with his wife and (INAUDIBLE) --

GRIFFIN: Minnow out of water. Minnow out of water.

COOPER: No I like it. Yes and John --

GRIFFIN: But you don't even let Sushi talk anymore.

COOPER: Well no we've done interviews with Sushi in the past years.

GRIFFIN: I know but before you came out, Sushi every year would be like hey girl and it was awkward remember?

COOPER: I didn't think it was awkward.

GRIFFIN: Well you never did that was the whole issue. I was the only one that was uncomfortable with it. And Sushi would be like hey, girl, what's up, girl and then I would get nervous and then like an MC Hammer moment. Every year there is an MC Hammer moment you don't know about that later I think about.

COOPER: So you're less tense this year is that what you're saying?

GRIFFIN: Where are we going to go after this tonight? Let's see every year we've gone to --

COOPER: I'll tell you how this evening usually ends --

GRIFFIN: Oh my God this is going to be rich.

COOPER: -- this is one of the questions. Actually we've got viewer questions.

GRIFFIN: This is going to be rich.

COOPER: And this is one of the questions. From (Joanie Boys), do you and Kathy go out after midnight for hot chocolate or champagne. Kathy doesn't drink. We usually have ended up in her hotel room.

GRIFFIN: Which is fun because I'm a riot and we have free cookies.

COOPER: It's true, there's cookies and like --

GRIFFIN: And whatever guy I'm banging.

COOPER: Yes I'm -- yes whoever you're banging. And then I'm exhausted and I usually go home.

GRIFFIN: OK what really happens is --

COOPER: And you end up in a donut store somewhere at like 3 a.m., right

GRIFFIN: Well all right, that's true.

COOPER: All right, OK.

GRIFFIN: OK but what really happens is year after year, I assume he wants to hang out with me because I'm a superstar and a riot. He always has a ridiculous excuse. My favorite was oh, I'm going to hang out with my nieces and nephews and then I get an e-mail that he's at Andy Cohen's super exciting New Year's eve party. Yes, busted.

COOPER: Andy Cohen doesn't have a New Year's eve party.

GRIFFIN: One year he did and you were there.

COOPER: No I was not.

GRIFFIN: Where -- where are you going tonight?

COOPER: I don't have any plans.

GRIFFIN: Because I would like to go for a nice tuna melt.

COOPER: A nice tuna melt?

GRIFFIN: Yes, you and me.

COOPER: Where do you find a tuna melt on New Year's eve. Everything is closed. GRIFFIN: Well I'm famous I'm going to ask the chef --

COOPER: I've got a bunch of viewer questions for you. Do you or Kathy make New Year's resolutions, if so do you do a good job keeping them? Do you make New Year's resolutions?

GRIFFIN: I do make resolutions.

COOPER: Yes? What's your resolution this year?

GRIFFIN: My New Year's resolutions are -- shoot, I have some really funny ones. To sing with you you don't bring me flowers live on the air.

COOPER: Okay. Every year you ask me my New Year's resolutions and as soon as I start to tell you them, you fall asleep because they're so boring.

GRIFFIN: I would never do that.


GRIFFIN: I want to know.

COOPER: Well no because they're always the same. Like I want to get in better shape.


COOPER: I want to eat (INAUDIBLE) -- I'm not even going to say.

GRIFFIN: I miss Psy so much. I have a connection with him. He has money shooting out his butt.

COOPER: (Savannah Peck) wants to know would you ever switch roles on New Year's eve -- Anderson being the crazy one, Kathy being the serious one?

GRIFFIN: You got it right honey. Let me tell you the real story behind the mask is he is on a Britney Spears 51-50 hold up here all the time. He might as well be on the gurney with the black negligee and the fireman because I am the sane one. I'm keeping the whole thing in order. I will e-mail -- but you know what --

COOPER: I love that you throw out a 51-50. Like you've been hanging out with --

GRIFFIN: If anyone is going to go on a 51-50 hold tonight, call any local hospital and ask for Andy Cooper and he's going to be there for three days.

COOPER: Oh yes.

GRIFFIN: What about when I sent an e-mail to the network and said can we rehearse more, can we get more PR and the response was we're counterprogramming. That was -- COOPER: Monica (INAUDIBLE) says I'd like to see both of you wear the same outfits like you were brother and sister twins.

GRIFFIN: I'm in. What do you want to wear?

COOPER: I'm fine with what I've got.

GRIFFIN: Do you want to take our clothes Off now?

COOPER: Matt wants us --

GRIFFIN: If we were naked, we'd be like twins.

COOPER: What else have we got. Marissa says for a New Year's present can Anderson get a word in edgewise every once in a while.

GRIFFIN: Ow you hit me. You're like Ike Turner.

COOPER: (INAUDIBLE) Turner. Oh gosh.

GRIFFIN: You love that movie what's love got to do with it?

COOPER: Oh that was a good movie.

GRIFFIN: We should watch that tonight.

COOPER: I just listened to Tina Turner again -- she's so good.

GRIFFIN: She's so amazing. And then when she crosses the freeway.

COOPER: She's going to call in.

GRIFFIN: She's performing live, Tina Turner, in seven minutes with Rihanna and General David Petraeus.

COOPER: She's not going to call any of this.

GRIFFIN: But the President is about to speak. Turn off the channel, the President --

COOPER: And actually Vice President Biden we thought was going to speak earlier on the fiscal cliff but he's not going to speak. So I know you're disappointed about that.

GRIFFIN: Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin singing the classic Neil Diamond and Barbara Streisand duet you don't bring me flowers.

COOPER: Really that -- that's --

GRIFFIN: You don't bring me flowers.

COOPER: No I'm not going to do that.

GRIFFIN: You don't sing me love songs. COOPER: Is that really a duet that they did? I didn't know that. You hardly talk to me anymore --

GRIFFIN: You hardly talk to me any more --

COOPER: I don't know --

GRIFFIN: -- when you come through the door.

COOPER: I don't know that.

GRIFFIN: At the end of the day.

COOPER: Let's check in with Gary Tuchman. Please in Eastport, Maine. Former sardine capital of the world, if you will. Do you like a sardine?

GRIFFIN: Really? Can you verify it's the sardine capital of the world?


GRIFFIN: Really.

COOPER: I said possibly.

GRIFFIN: I'm trying to reach out and talk about Streisand and look at Gary.

COOPER: Gary, how are you holding up?

GARY TUCHMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Anderson, Kathy, I'm holding up great. A rhetorical question. How many of our viewers have ever heard of a sardine drop before this very night? Well that's what's happening. That's why we're very glad to be here.

This is Eastport, Maine, tiny town, 1,300 people. They're so quiet right now. How come? They should not be quiet because this is a very unique place.

You see up there, put that sign down for a second so we can see the sardine. This used to be the sardine capital of the United States. That sardine, eight feet long made by a very nice man who is an artist will be lowered at the stroke of midnight.

Yes you have the ball in Times Square but we in Eastport, Connecticut -- I mean Eastport, Maine -- I'm sorry -- I know every state capital, you can quiz me. So I'm sorry about that but here in Eastport, Main this is the eastern most city in the united states.

One mile to that side is New Brunswick providence in Canada and it's a time machine. You walk a mile in that direction, it's 2013. One mile this way, it's 2012.

And just about 35 minutes ago, 36 Minutes ago from that very spot a maple leaf was lowered to honor the new year in eastern Canada, Caribbean, parts of South America.

But at 12:00 midnight that sardine will come down and it will be New Year here in Maine and the rest of the eastern time zone. Right, everybody? It is not Times Square but there are hundreds of people in this tiny town. It's a very hardy celebration. Anderson, Kathy, back to you.

COOPER: All right Gary thanks very much.

GRIFFIN: Thank you Gary.

COOPER: Obviously we're going to be breaking it down.

GRIFFIN: Can I -- Can I just say why --

COOPER: Yes, break it down.

GRIFFIN: This is a cool broadcast.

COOPER: Yes, okay. Because --

GRIFFIN: Because Gary is keeping it real with, you know, a minnow and a bucket. You and I are just here talking and behind us is Taylor Swift.


GRIFFIN: And up just said to me in the commercial break don't say anything bad about her.

COOPER: No I didn't say -- no --

GRIFFIN: I'm not saying she has an eating disorder.

COOPER: (INAUDIBLE) a lovely young girl.

GRIFFIN: I'm saying she's slender.

COOPER: She seems like a lovely young woman.

GRIFFIN: Okay, but what I'm saying is can she stop whining about her perfect life in all those songs?

COOPER: Does she whine about her perfect life?

GRIFFIN: Yes, she went out with Gyllenhaal and then the song is I will never, ever, ever, take your call again. Like never like seriously never, ever Jake Gyllenhaal, stop (INAUDIBLE). Who doesn't want Jake Gyllenhaal to call them.

COOPER: he seems like a nice guy.

GRIFFIN: Exactly.


GRIFFIN: So are we supposed to act like she's not behind us?

COOPER: No you can -- she's right there.

GRIFFIN: This is why you should watch us and not Taylor Swift because we are now going to sing the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers classic Islands in the Stream. Get ready?

COOPER: No I really don't know how to do that.

GRIFFIN: Islands in the stream that is what we are --

COOPER: No one in between, how can we be wrong?

GRIFFIN: Sail away with me to another world where we rely on each other --

COOPER: That whole singing thing is not working for me.

GRIFFIN: From one love to another.

COOPER: Let's move on. Yes, let's move on.

GRIFFIN: Do you think people would watch Taylor Swift over us singing Islands in the Steam?

COOPER: She's not doing anything. She's just standing there.

GRIFFIN: Thank you.

COOPER: Thank you.

GRIFFIN: We said it.

COOPER: Yeah, we got we're about -- what are we about 30 minutes away from the ball drop? A check on the time here at the clock. Twenty- two -- we are 22 minutes away from the New Year.


COOPER: As you look to the New Year, what are you most excited about?

GRIFFIN: I'm most excited about having a positive new year and good things happening to people because I think it was kind of a rough year, let's cut the crap. And I think a lot of people -- a lot of my tweets were like I want to have a better year.


GRIFFIN: How about that. There's a real moment for you, Coop.

COOPER: No, that's nice. I appreciate that.

GRIFFIN: I'm glad we didn't have a drinking game of real moments because nobody would be drunk.

COOPER: No doubt a lot of drinking games. A lot of -- GRIFFIN: What do you want to be a drinking game?

COOPER: Well there have been a lot of them, if I giggle nervously, or anything --


COOPER: -- people drink. If --

GRIFFIN: I think I know how to get you there.


GRIFFIN: Because Taylor swift is on The big screen behind us --


GRIFFIN: You warned me not to make fun of Taylor Swift.

COOPER: I know I did say --

GRIFFIN: And I'm calling her a skinny whiner who needs to zip it and count her money (INAUDIBLE)

COOPER: I saw her on 60 minutes and she seemed like a lovely person.

GRIFFIN: Did you interview her?

COOPER: no, I didn't. Leslie Stahl did.

GRIFFIN: Do you have a rivalry with Leslie Stahl?

COOPER: No I don't.

GRIFFIN: Does she wear a wig?

COOPER: I don't -- how do you talk about --

GRIFFIN: It looks like she wears a wig.

COOPER: I don't know what you're talking about.

GRIFFIN: I'm all for it. Look, don't get me wrong.

COOPER: I don't -- I don't know - I know nothing about --

GRIFFIN: Have you never been in a fight with Morely Safer? Like a first fight?


GRIFFIN: Who do you think would win? You or Morely Safer?

COOPER: I think Morely Safer would take me. Yes.

GRIFFIN: I do too. COOPER: Because he's taken old schoolers fight, you know.

GRIFFIN: He's probably uses the word fisticuffs.

COOPER: Fisticuffs.

GRIFFIN: When was the last time you were in an actual physical alternation?

COOPER: I've only been -- I was punched only once and I was in Egypt during the revolution. I was punched in the head.

GRIFFIN: Well that wasn't really a fair fight.

COOPER: It was --

GRIFFIN: There was several people --

COOPER: There were many people just punching me in the head, yes.

GRIFFIN: What about at the diner and there was an altercation that almost happened?

COOPER: Oh yes, yes. We were at a diner together --


COOPER: And I can't even remember what happened.

GRIFFIN: I don't remember exactly what happened. First of all, he goes to this crappy diner because of course he doesn't care about food.

COOPER: It's not a crappy diner, it's a it's a diner in Westhampton called the luncheonette. And it's a lovely place and it's set in the 1950s.

GRIFFIN: Your chair accidentally hit the back of a chair of a woman from jersey who looked a little rough if you know what I'm saying. And then the woman turned and said "I'm sitting here" and then Anderson Cooper, who goes to the gym every day, turns to me and said, and I quote, "we're not going to win this one."

He actually thought we were going to throw down with a woman from Jersey and say we're not going to win this one.

COOPER: I got into an argument yesterday with a woman on the street or maybe it was two days ago, a tourist, a woman, was putting a banana peel in a mailbox. And something about it so angered me, I literally grabbed her hand, I've never seen this woman in my life, I grabbed her hand and was like you do not put banana peels --

GRIFFIN: Did she recognize you?

COOPER: No. I grab her hand -- GRIFFIN: That's the real thing. Wait, so what was her logic? Why was she --

COOPER: I don't know. I said you don't put a banana peel in a mailbox. And she looked at me and I grabbed the banana and took her hand and put the banana peel back in her hand and I said you go across the street and you put that --

GRIFFIN: Is the banana peel going to file charges? That's an assault on a banana peel.

COOPER: It annoyed me.

GRIFFIN: Your own crew is taping Taylor Swift. Unbelievable. You know what, Fox is down the hall, sweetheart. And so is MSNBC. And she's lip syncing. I'm going to go on record, I'm alleging Taylor swift might lip sync and I'm a Grammy nominee, by the way. I've been nominated for a Grammy.

COOPER: I know you are.

GRIFFIN: For the fifth year in a row, the only female to be nominated for best comedy album for five years in a row.

COOPER: Really. Congratulations that's great.

GRIFFIN: Well thank you.

COOPER: Have you won?


COOPER: You should.

GRIFFIN: Only two women have won in the history of the Grammys.

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: Lilly Tomlin and Whoopi Goldberg. It's my turn.

COOPER: It is your turn.

GRIFFIN: Can't I just win the volume award?

COOPER: Who are you up against?

GRIFFIN: I'm up against Jimmy Fallon. I know. I know. It makes you seem a little flat. It's a good group, what can I say.

COOPER: Yes, but you're in there.

GRIFFIN: I'm in there.


GRIFFIN: And by the way, what I do is real and authentic, not like Taylor Swift, who has some sort of (INAUDIBLE).

COOPER: I've met Jimmy Fallon a couple times this year, a lovely guy. He could not be nicer.

GRIFFIN: Why are you afraid I'm going to make fun of Taylor swift? Why is she untouchable out of everybody?



COOPER: OK, that's fine.

GRIFFIN: Did you see her at the Grammys? She owes an apology to Stevie Nicks.

COOPER: I don't know why.

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) duet. Taylor, turn it down. You know what?

COOPER: We're going to take a quick break. We'll have more from times Square in just a moment. And also places around the country and around the world. We'll be right back.

GRIFFIN: finally, Taylor swift Stopped.


GRIFFIN: Oh, I'm standing by. Trust me. I mean, first of all --

COOPER: You know what?

GRIFFIN: Stop it. CNN, stop it. Stop showing Taylor swift.

COOPER: We just got inundated with Taylor Swift confetti.

GRIFFIN: That's your girl friend you're so proud of.

COOPER: She seems like a nice person.

GRIFFIN: I know, our whole crew (INAUDIBLE) eating pizza.

COOPER: Yeah, I'm eating pizza and I have to put it away because there was some Taylor Swift confetti everywhere.

GRIFFIN: Yes. And then I warned him -- I said I'm going -- I know to get a hate tweet from Taylor Swifters. I'm going to be swift boated.

COOPER: I like her. She seems nice.

GRIFFIN: You're afraid of the hate tweets you'll get from her fans.

COOPER: I get plenty of hate tweets, but she just seems like a nice girl.

GRIFFIN: Who have you gotten the most hate tweets from? Like what groups?

COOPER: Oh wow.

GRIFFIN: Is it like right wingers or is it a certain celebrity?

COOPER: No I get pretty even, you know, if I --


COOPER: No, if I'm doing a tough interview with a democrat, I get a lot of hate tweets from liberals, if I'm doing a tough interview with a conservatives, I get, you know, angry tweets from --


COOPER: -- but, you know, I think as long as I get like 50/50 --

GRIFFIN: I get a lot of angry ones from people that love Demi Lovato.

COOPER: I don't know who that is.

GRIFFIN: They're called Lovatics. She's a singer and I made fun of her because she's had some legal problems that I find amusing. But her fans do not find me amusing.

COOPER: Now what happens when you poke fun of people and then you actually run into them?

GRIFFIN: Oh I ran into all of them. Jane Fonda had a birthday party last week --

COOPER: Jane Fonda is cool -- I like --

GRIFFIN: Jane Fonda is awesome.

COOPER: Yes, very nice.

GRIFFIN: And she was on my show and she had fun and Kathy returning on January 10th on Bravo.


GRIFFIN: So anyway I go to Fonda's birthday party and get this. Guess who is at the pool table? So I'm there with Longoria and she and I were kind of nervous --

COOPER: Eva Longoria?

GRIFFIN: Yes, Longoria.


GRIFFIN: Any way we're kind of nervous because Streisand freaking walks in.

COOPER: Nice. GRIFFIN: I said let me tell you something you're a big star, you've been on the cover of vanity fair, I get it. But you're not Streisand. Let's cut the crap. So Streisand comes in and there's like a hush in the room and Fonda goes Babs.

So I go up to Shriver right, and I go Shriver you're in that posse.

COOPER: Maria Shriver?

GRIFFIN: Maria Shriver.


GRIFFIN: I said try and go get Streisand (INAUDIBLE). I said play the Kennedy card from the bottom of the deck. She said I don't want to play the Kennedy card, why don't you play the Kennedy card. So then Bill (INAUDIBLE) walks up and I go Bill, you should date Maria Shriver she's available. And Shriver looked daggers at me. I thought I was making a love match. So anyway I'm sitting there with Longoria, Streisand walks up, then Beatty, then Penn.

COOPER: How many names can you drop in one conversation?

GRIFFIN: You're not impressed that it was your very own Sean Penn who you talked to about hating everyone?

COOPER: I like Sean Penn.

GRIFFIN: So he was there with a pony tail and talking about how when he first met warren Beatty, Beatty would Like hook him up with chicks.

COOPER: I lost the thread of that story like five minutes (CROSS- TALK). I don't know what you're talking about. I heard a lot of names but what was the point?

GRIFFIN: The point is that is a freaking cool table with Longoria and Streisand and Warren Beatty, and Sean Penn.

COOPER: Right. So you're all together.


COOPER: I got nothing. I don't --

GRIFFIN: Well guess what, I have a photo to show you.


GRIFFIN: This is a photo and you have to guess where I am.

COOPER: OK. Let's take a look.

GRIFFIN: I am in someone's home and you have to guess where I am.


GRIFFIN: That's actually not the photo I was referring to, however --

COOPER: What is going on in that photo? You got -- your dog -- is that your dog? I hope that -- I assume that's your dog because he seems pretty familiar with you.

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) just like -- okay, wait. Go back to the picture.

COOPER: Hanging out --

GRIFFIN: (INAUDIBLE) that is -- okay, I'm going to admit I started sexting George Stephanopoulos.

COOPER: Really?


COOPER: I'm not the only one you Sext.


COOPER: How does Lally Wentworth feel about that? Does Stephanopoulos respond?

GRIFFIN: No, he can't stand me. I'm friends -- I'm banned from that show, too.

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: I'm banned from every morning show now.

COOPER: Really?

GRIFFIN: Today, View, GMA --

COOPER: Really?


COOPER: They asked me about you on the View. I was on the view recently and they asked me about you.

GRIFFIN: Did you have my back or did you throw me under the bus?

COOPER: I said -- yes I totally had your back.

GRIFFIN: What did you say?

COOPER: They asked about us doing New Year's eve together. And I said I think we have the picture you were actually wanting. Is that the picture?

GRIFFIN: All right there is the clean picture.

COOPER: Oh I know that's my moms. Because that's my mom's paintings.

GRIFFIN: There you go. COOPER: There you go.

COOPER: What were you doing there?

GRIFFIN: I went to visit your mom and that's her studio --


GRIFFIN: And then your mom posed me like I'm a painting and that's a Ralph Lauren dress, because I know these like you know (INAUDIBLE) made these outfits from like scratch today.


GRIFFIN: I know there I am.

COOPER: That's very nice yeah. So that's my mom's new work back there. Very good.

GRIFFIN: I just might show up in your mom's basement.

COOPER: I love that you hang out with my mom more than you hang out with me.

GRIFFIN: She's way more fun, she was dancing all night with Michael Feinstein, which you certainly were not.

COOPER: I was not.

GRIFFIN: And she's very exciting and she has a lot of awesome stories.

COOPER: She has amazing stories.

GRIFFIN: And she gets me more than Rick Sanchez or (INAUDIBLE). The President is just about to speak.

COOPER: No that's not true. We're going to take a quick break, we'll be right back with the huge ball drop imagine all the rest, New York, New York (CROSS-TALK) all the stuff you love, all the stuff Kathy loves. We'll be right back.

GRIFFIN: I lost it.

COOPER: Another thank you to the people at Marriott for the great overhead shot we've been bring you all evening long. Thanks very much from their rooftop.


COOPER: Hey, welcome back. A look at midtown Manhattan from above. The lights in Times Square emerging from the forest of sky scrapers an amazing shot there. Look at how many people are here, hundreds of thousands of people down there with us, Kathy Griffin and I.

GRIFFIN: I'm excited about the party at your apartment afterwards.

COOPER: about five minutes, the giant ball --