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Jodie Foster Comes Out; Golden Globe Hosts Deliver Zingers; Underdog Wins Golden Globe; Jennifer Lawrence Takes Dig at Meryl Streep; Ben Affleck Nabs Globe for Best Director; Top Golden Globes Fashion

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: I want to know what you thought. We all know of course she was acquitted of killing her daughter. But did you think she did it?


HAMMER: Rob Lowe`s controversial new role, starring in the Casey Anthony movie. Does he think Casey is guilty or innocent? And will Rob`s Casey confessions to me top the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top five newsmakers of the day?

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching.

We begin with our first big SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. It`s the top five shockers from the Golden Globes that are creating the biggest buzz today.

Let`s get right to it. Kicking it off at No. 5, Jodie Foster`s coming out. Fifty-year-old Jodie, accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award and boldly confirming what had been whispered about for years. She is a proud gay parent of two with a modern family. Watch this.


JODIE FOSTER, ACTRESS: There is no way I could ever stand here without acknowledging one of the deepest loves of my life, my heroic co-parent, my ex-partner in love but righteous soul sister in life, my confessor, ski buddy, consigliore, most beloved, BFF of 20 years, Sydney Bernard. Thank you, Syd. I am so proud of our modern family. Our amazing sons, Charlie and Kit, who are my reason to breath and to evolve. My blood and soul.


HAMMER: Good for her. And she looked terrific, obviously, and had so much passion in that speech. Former "Star Trek" star George Takei with me exclusively tonight from Hollywood.

Always great having you here, George.

GEORGE TAKEI, ACTOR: Great to be here, A.J.

HAMMER: So you led the way for other stars to come out. You came out in 2005. You`re married to your longtime partner, Brad. I got to know what you were thinking as you watched Jodie Foster last night.

TAKEI: Well, first of all, she looked fantastic. But it was kind of rambling and it was -- she was eloquently awkward. It was very difficult to follow. But each one of the moments that she hit were deeply moving.

Coming out is a very awkward process, anyway, and it comes in many stages. I identified with her, because you know, you first come out to your friends and family. And then, to a bit larger circle of friends. And when I came out, I talked to one journalist. So it wasn`t that difficult.

But there she was, speaking to the cream of Hollywood, and millions of eyes watching her on television. It was a very nerve-wracking process.


TAKEI: And beyond that, she was not only coming out, but she talked about being single. So there`s another layer of emotion. And she was eloquent with each of that.

And particularly, I identified with the last part, where she talked about her mother. Losing her to dementia. My mother passed of Alzheimer`s, and it was a very moving experience to hear her sharing that. She is a very brave woman.

HAMMER: It`s great to see her -- yes, great to see her doing it all on her own terms. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, of course, was right there backstage at Golden Globes last night. And Jodie talked about her big moment. Let`s watch what she said backstage.

TAKEI: The speech kind of speaks for itself. It`s a big long career. And it`s not just a career, it`s friendships and relationships.

And you know, I guess this is really is one of the first lifetime achievement awards I`ve ever gotten, and it does feel like it`s a graduation. I feel like I`m graduating from something. I`m graduating from high school or college or something. It`s a big moment. And I wanted to say, you know, what`s most on my heart.

HAMMER: Of course, George, a lot of people will say, Jodie being gay was the worst-kept secret in Hollywood, anyway. But George, as a guy man who`s very famous, living much of his life in the public eye, why do you think it was important for Jodie to choose this moment to publicly acknowledge her sexuality?

TAKEI: Well, because she`d been living most of her life very publicly, I mean, 99 percent of her life from the time she was a child, she wanted privacy. And that was the opportunity to talk to the press and to the public and to the world that she deserves some private life. And I respect -- respect her for that. She is an impressive woman.

HAMMER: So George, here`s what I find unfortunate, though. Jodie has been criticized by some today for taking so long and not actually saying flat out that she`s gay in that speech. But as she pointed out in her speech, she never ascribed to the idea that she had to do something like a magazine cover to make it official. And I get that. I never made a big public declaration about my sexuality, but I have nothing to hide. I just live my life.

And I know, George, when you came out, I have to believe the only script you are following was your own. Not what some people`s expectations might have been. Shouldn`t that be enough?

TAKEI: Absolutely. And I applaud her. She should not be criticized or picked at or sniped at. She did a very brave thing, and I embrace her with open arms, and that what the public should do. And to respect her appeal for privacy.

HAMMER: George Takei, always great to see you, my friend. Thanks so much for being here tonight.

TAKEI: Good to be with you.

HAMMER: All right, we move now from Jodie Foster`s shocking Golden Globe moment to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler`s shocking zingers, coming in at No. 4 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. The ladies, they were terrific, weren`t they? They hosted the Globes last night. It was the first time they`ve ever done it. And no star was safe from their zingers. Let`s watch.


AMY POEHLER, ACTRESS: I haven`t really been following the controversy over "Zero Dark Thirty." But when it comes to torture, I trust the lady who spent three years married to James Cameron.

POEHLER: It`s getting sloppy in here, everybody.

TINA FEY, ACTRESES: Look how drunk Glenn Close is. You know what, Taylor Swift, you stay away from Michael J. Fox`s son.

Or go for it. Or go for it.

No, she needs some "me time" to learn about herself.


HAMMER: I just thought they were terrific last night. You got to love that Amy and Tina were going there nonstop, and a lot of people watched. We learned today the ratings for the Golden Globes, the highest in six years. That`s pretty big.

Stuart Brazell is in Hollywood tonight, co-founder of Here in New York, Megan Meany, who`s a lifestyle and pop culture expert.

And to you first, Megan, I thought they were terrific. They were funny. They were smart. They didn`t alienate anybody. Were you at all shocked, though, to see that they would make fun of Taylor Swift right to her face? I thought it was perfect.

MEGAN MEANY, LIFESTYLE AND POP CULTURE EXPERT: No, not at all. That`s what they do; they`re comedians. That`s what they`re up there for. That`s why they were put there. They were so good.

I love that there were two chicks up there, kind of throwing back drinks and making us all giggle. Because it`s such a girl`s night at home for so many women. A lot of them have their own BFFs gathered on the couch, so I just thought it was so perfect to have them up there.

And, you know, nothing wrong with, you know, the hosts of the past, all the guys, Gervais and all the other comedians, Steve Martin, et cetera. But I just love that there are two chicks up there.

And I loved the Taylor swift comment.


MEANY: And if she can`t laugh at it, then, you know, she shouldn`t be there. I mean, everyone got a little zing. And you got to just take it when you`re at the Golden Globes. But I thought the gals were good.

HAMMER: All right, Stuart. How can you give these ladies anything but a grade A?

STUART BRAZELL, FOUNDER, DIRTYAND30.COM: Oh, my goodness. These two ladies together, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, are comedic genius. They were mentioning how they didn`t want to be too snarky, because then you have to come back and host the golden Globes year after year. Well, Tina and Amy, you guys are in trouble, because you are definitely going to be asked back. I would love to see them back again.

HAMMER: Yes, they did a good job, and they`re going to be asked back. They didn`t ruffle any feathers at all, as Ricky Gervais has done so famously in the past.

But we move from the funny hosts of the night to Hollywood`s new funny girl and now award winner. And I was so thrilled to see "Girls" creator Lena Dunham, not only snagging a best actress Globe for her starring role in her hit HBO show, but she also beat out monster hit shows like the "Big Bang Theory" and "Modern Family." You`ve got to watch what she told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about winning the globe and actually getting one of her own here.


LENA DUNHAM, ACTRESS: It actually is quite a chunker (ph). I couldn`t believe it. I was scared I`d fall over. I hoped I`d make it to the stage. I hoped I`d remember everything I had to remember. I just -- I felt great and intensely confused.


HAMMER: Megan, how do you not love that, No. 1, she`s so enthusiastic, and No. 2, that she won on the very same night that the second season of her show premiered on HBO. Did it shock you, though, that she beat out the much bigger shows?

MEANY: No, it didn`t. I think the No. 3 about her is also that she`s so vulnerable. I mean, the fact that she couldn`t walk in her high heels, like so many women, and the fact that she said she was terrified and she had written down some notes because she was going to forget things. I mean, you go, girl, with your girls.

I mean, she is so young and so successful. You know, she wrote this indie film that is so hot. She`s writing this. She`s starring in it. She blew away the other big shows.

I mean, talk about -- when you think of the Lindsay Lohans out there and the other young actresses and what`s happening with them. And then you see this girl, you know, Lena, she`s taking it home. And it`s awesome. And she`s so real about it.

HAMMER: Stuart, I know you agree here, but I have to wonder, was I the only one worried when she was up on stage that she was going to have a wardrobe malfunction?

BRAZELL: No, that waddle will go down in history like the Lena Dunham waddle. But I have to tell you, A.J., I was cracking up because you have Tina and Amy saying, "Lena, if they make you do nudity, call us." I switched over to watch "Girls" right after the Globes. She was naked within minutes at the premiere of the show.

HAMMER: Perfect. Perfect. Well, no shortage of shockers from the Globes, of course, and the big reveal of numbers two and one coming up next.

But we move now to porn stars, Lindsay Lohan and the wildest behind-the- scenes movie drama that you ever could imagine. And then some.


LINDSAY LOHAN, ACTRESS: Please, James, say your line as you`re walking over, because we are doing rehearsal with the lines, are we not? Do your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) job!

JAMES DEEN, ACTOR: I was until you started talking over me.

LOHAN: I didn`t say anything. I just walked over. Do your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) job!


HAMMER: Wow, tonight, an explosive insider`s look at what it`s really like to work with Lindsay. Blowing $600 on lunch. Partying with Gaga until 5:30 in the morning when she was supposed to be at work at 6. Lindsay`s co-star, James Deen, right here tonight. This is a not-to-be-missed "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview.

Plus, I`ve got another huge "Newsmaker" interview with Rob Lowe.


HAMMER: I want to know what you thought. We all know, of course, she was acquitted of killing her daughter, but do you think she did it?


HAMMER: I talked to Rob about his controversial role in the Casey Anthony movie on Lifetime. The question is: did this film change his views on Casey`s verdict?


And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was backstage at the Golden Globes with all of the big winners, like Hugh Jackman. This was his very first Golden Globe. He won for Best Actor for "Les Miserables."


HUGH JACKMAN, ACTOR: It is the most -- it`s the Mount Everest of filmmaking, making a movie musical. These guys are crazy enough to do it. Universal Working Title were crazy enough to give us a go at it. And I think Tom Hooper and the gang have redefined the movie musical, and to just be a part of that is unbelievable.

And I honestly, how will we celebrate? I`m Australian, come on.



HAMMER: We`re counting down the top five shockers from the Golden Globes that are creating the biggest buzz today.

Coming in at No. 5, 50-year-old Jodie Foster comes out while accepting a lifetime achievement award.

No. 5, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler`s shocking zingers. Their hilarious jests and jabs at Taylor Swift and James Cameron, among others, had us rolling with laughter.

At No. 3, "Girls" creator, Lena Dunham, steals the night. She captures not one but two Golden Globes for her hit HBO show.

That leads to No. 2 on our countdown of the top five shockers from the Globes. And it was really something. I was caught by surprise when "Hunger Games`s" Jennifer -- "Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence got on stage. She starts her acceptance speech for winning best actress for "Silver Linings Playbook," and she appeared to be taking a dig at Meryl Streep. Let`s watch that.


JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTOR: Oh, what does it say? I beat Meryl. Jokes aside, I am so honored to be a part of a film like this.


HAMMER: OK, a little uncomfortable laughter there. And quite frankly, in my home where I was watching.

But in reality, Lawrence wasn`t taking a dig at Meryl. She was actually quoting a line from the movie "The First Wives Club." Now, if you don`t remember this scene, in the movie, Bette Midler`s character says to Goldie Hawn`s character, "Once you were a terrific actress. You even got an Oscar to prove it."

And then Bette`s character sees and touches the golden statue in the scene, saying, "I beat Meryl Streep. That`s what it says."

But I think that was lost on a lot of people last night.

Lifestyle and pop culture expert Megan Meany back with us. Megan, all right, so we know now it was just a joke. I think it was a bad call anyway.

MEANY: Right.

HAMMER: But when you first heard Jennifer say that, did you think, like I did and like many people did, that she was dissing Meryl Streep?

MEANY: No, actually, I blurted out loud laughing. I thought it was very funny. I mean, I think we`ve gotten way too sensitive. Even if she wasn`t trying to make that geek movie reference, I thought it was a funny line. And I didn`t think that she really meant it as a dig, so I laughed personally.

But now that I`ve heard the back story, I don`t know how she thought anyone was going to pick up on that. It certainly flew over everyone`s head. So it was a gutsy thing for a young actress to say. But I thought it was funny.

HAMMER: Well, and it was at the Golden Globes and not at the Oscars. I think there`s something to that. But I didn`t think for a moment she was actually taking a dig at Meryl Streep. I just thought, oh, maybe not the best thing to say.

But let me bring in Stuart Brazell in Hollywood, the co-founder of What did you think was going on there?

BRAZELL: Listen, I love Jennifer Lawrence. At the end of the day, this girl is a total goofball. I thought that the reaction on Twitter was totally ridiculous. People need to calm down, getting in a huff and a puff. She`s amazing. She was funny. I thought it was gutsy, and I thought it was entertaining. Look, we`re talking about it today.

HAMMER: Yes, and I`ll agree with you 100 percent. I think she is amazing, and I think she`s a terrific actress with an enormous future ahead. Hopefully people will understand what was really going on if they did take umbrage with it and possibly an insult to the great Meryl Streep.

But that takes us to No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of top Golden Globes shockers. Ben Affleck, big applause for Ben. Best Director for "Argo." Of course, this coming just days after the Oscars snubbed him and didn`t nominate him for best director. Even his buddy George Clooney had to seize the moment and acknowledge Ben`s big win when George hit the Globes stage. Watch.


GEORGE CLOONEY, ACTOR/DIRECTOR: I would like to congratulate Ben Affleck on his win.


HAMMER: And of course the big question to Ben last night backstage after he won his Golden Globe was about that big old Oscar snub. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there backstage. You`ve got to see what Ben said about that.


BEN AFFLECK, ACTOR/DIRECTOR: I`m really grateful. We got nominated for seven Oscars, including Best Actor. I was thrilled. I mean, if you can`t be happy with that, your future -- your prospects for, like, long-term happiness are probably pretty dim. You know, I`m elated. I`m elated tonight. I feel like the luckiest -- luckiest guy in the world.


HAMMER: Megan, I go off to you first. I think this is nothing but good for Ben Affleck. I think it`s unfortunate he didn`t get the Oscar nomination, but are you any surprised at all that Ben kept it so cool?

MEANY: Let me first say, huge celebrity crush on Ben Affleck. He can do no wrong in my book. This is so great for him. I mean, he had that little rough period. I loved this guy from the minute he got on stage with his buddy and they won for "Good Will Hunting." To see him back, you know, he was quiet for a while. Everyone worried. He was gambling, he was drinking. You know. Then the J. Lo blow up. This is great to see.

HAMMER: We`ll all just applaud and leave it at that. Stuart Brazell, Megan Meany, great to have you both here. Thank you so much.

We have big royal baby news tonight on two fronts. We now know when Duchess Catherine and Prince William are expecting their little prince or princess to arrive.

But also making big news, look at this. There`s a king-size uproar over Duchess Catherine`s official portrait. Are we looking at Catherine the Great or what were they thinking? The debate is on tonight. It`s SHOWBIZ COUNTDOWN`S top five newsmakers of the day.

Plus another countdown contender, Lindsay loses it.


LOHAN: Please, James, say your line as you`re walking over, because we are doing rehearsal with the lines, are we not? Do your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) job!

DEEN: I was until you started talking over me.

LOHAN: I didn`t say anything. I just walked over. Do your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) job!


HAMMER: Nice. Insider secrets on set with Lindsay Lohan. Her caught-on- tape freak-out. Partying with Lady Gaga till just a half hour before she`s supposed to be at work. That`s not even the half of it. But will Lindsay`s antics lands her at No. 1 on the SHOWBIZ Countdown?



HAMMER: Well, if you think for a second the biggest winners of the night went home with Golden Globes, I`m here to tell you you`re so wrong. Some of the biggest winners of the night weren`t even nominated for a thing.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner is back with me now from Hollywood. Nischelle, it was all about what they were wearing, really, wasn`t it?

NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely, A.J. You know, you don`t have to be nominated for an award to be a winner at the Golden Globes. The most anticipated face-off of the night starts on the red carpet. It`s the fierce fashion face-off, and I have to say, this year the A-listers seriously brought their "A" games.



TURNER: Who are you wearing?


TURNER: Sparkling.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m wearing Marquesa and jewels by Tiffany`s. So it is...

TURNER: Let me check out the sparklers.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Right here, darling.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And that pretty smile, Megan. One more.


TURNER: First of all, who is this?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Right there, please.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Jennifer, right here.


TURNER: Who are you wearing?

HELEN HUNT, ACTRESS: A vintage Dolce Gabbana dress.

TURNER: Vintage, how did you find it?

HUNT: Well, they said I could wear it.

TURNER: So that`s how it works when you`re Helen Hunt?


HAMMER: Now Nischelle, I think Taylor Swift looked more spectacular than I`ve ever seen her before. She really was radiating, glowing, all of the cliches.

TURNER: Smoking in maroon, yes she was. But A.J., fix this in your head because it`s going to sound a little bit like I took a big old swig of haterade. I thought that she looked a little old for her age. And she can do that. She does that sometimes on the red carpet. It was stunning. Her body was fantastic. But it was a little old for me.

I have to say, I had a couple of favorites. I had a couple stand-outs. Amy Adams looked sweet and gorgeous in Marquesa with that nude lace overlay. I thought she was beautiful. Thought Juliann Moore looked phenomenal. I thought she shut it down in her black and white color bloc dress. But I have to tell you, some people will say it was a little simple for them.

But I thought Amy Poehler was so daring in that Stella McCartney tuxedo with the three quarter-length pants. My grandmother used to call them pickin` pants. I thought she was a star in that. I loved it.

HAMMER: What about J. Lo?

TURNER: I love that she took a chance because they don`t do it anymore.

HAMMER: What about J. Lo?

TURNER: You know, she looked gorgeous but J -- there`s not a time when J. Lo doesn`t look gorgeous. I just kind of felt like I`ve seen that before from her. The kind of nude look. So I wanted something different. I wanted something different from her, and I wanted something different from Halle Berry. Although both of them run circles around me. I mean, I look like...

HAMMER: You look fantastic, no matter what. But listen, the truth is, I know you`ve been up for, like, two days straight now. We totally appreciate it. Go home, get some rest. Great job. Thanks, Nischelle.

TURNER: All right, A.J.

HAMMER: Well, the SHOWBIZ star power does not stop at our Golden Globes coverage. Oh, no, we`ve got an incredible SHOWBIZ Countdown of the top five newsmakers of the day.


HAMMER: So Rob, if Casey does watch this movie, what would you hope that she takes away from it?


HAMMER: Rob Lowe telling me about his controversial role, starring in a highly-anticipated movie about Casey Anthony. Did the movie change Rob`s view of Casey?

And then there`s Britney`s bombshell. Britney Spears calls off her engagement. Which story is going to top our SHOWBIZ Countdown?




LOHAN: Please, James, say your line as you`re walking over, because we are doing rehearsal with the lines, are we not? Do your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) job!

DEEN: I was until you started talking over me.

LOHAN: I didn`t say anything. I just walked over. Do your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) job!


HAMMER: Caught on tape, Lindsay Lohan`s on-set tirade. The meltdowns, the late night partying. We`ve got the guy right here who blew the lid off Lindsay`s movie madness.

Plus, the target of Lindsay`s caught on tape rage, Lindsay`s co-star James Deen. He is also right here to tell us his side of the story. It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown top five newsmakers.

So Rob, if Casey does watch this movie, what would you hope that she takes away from it?

Rob Lowe`s startling Casey Anthony revelations. His controversial new movie. Tonight, his candid confessions to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about the headline making case. But who will be the number one SHOWBIZ news maker of the day? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and tonight we are kicking off our SHOWBIZ countdown of today`s top five news makers with a bang. I`m talking about the truly stunning just revealed details of what Lindsay Lohan is really like on a movie set.

Now, we have all heard these rumors for years, but now we know the truth. And I can tell you, Lindsay`s on-set antics are more shocking than you ever could have imagined. All this is in the brand-new "New York Times Magazine" cover story called, "How to Catch a Falling Star." This chronicles the chaos of Lindsay`s life as she made a super low budget sexual thriller called "The Canyons."

Her co-star in that move is porn start James Deen. He`s right here tonight. And so is Stephen Rodrick. Stephen is the writer of the "Times" story that reveals what happens when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie.

We`re going to start off with our special SHOWBIZ Newsmaker countdown with Stephen. Great having you here.

And Stephen, I must say, the headlines from your terrific piece read like they are kind of ripped from the tabloids, but in this case, we`re seeing them in "The New York Times." And you saw much of it with your own eyes. I want to reveal what you told us, really happens, when you cast Lindsay Lohan in your movie. You said that Lindsay gets fired on the first day of shooting for not showing up, and then has a meltdown begging to get rehired. You said Lindsay parties with Lady Gaga until dawn and then isn`t able to perform the next day. You say Lindsay yells at her co-star on-set and shows up late again and again. And Stephen, I`ve got to wonder, after what you revealed, why would anybody want to hire her?

STEPHEN RODRICK, CONTRIBUTOR, "NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE": Well, because I think she is immensely talented, and I think James would tell you the same. I mean, she has troubles, and I was able to witness some of them. But in the end, I think she gives a pretty good performance in the film, and I think that`s always the push and pull with artists is whether or not you can put up with the madness enough to get a great performance out of her. And I think in the end, Paul got a pretty good performance out of her.

HAMMER: Yeah, I mean, that is it in the end. What is it actually worth to the people who are making the film? The producers, the people spending the money and putting up all the money? And look, it`s no secret and it hasn`t been for years that Lindsay is a very troubled star. But the level of desperation that you document is just astonishing. Now, TMZ just revealed audio of her getting into it with her co-star James Deen on-set. I`m going to be speaking with James in just a minute. But I want to listen to this tape with you. Roll that, Charles.


LOHAN: OK, well, because you are hugging me. Let`s actually do the scene. You`re like this, yeah, but you`re holding me, no, OK, let`s act. I know it`s fun for you, but let`s do it.


HAMMER: OK, Stephen, you saw these kinds of fits firsthand. And when the director of "The Canyons" fired Lindsay for not showing up on the very first day of shooting, you watched her have n absolute meltdown. What exactly did she do in that melt down?

RODRICK: Which one? I`m not sure which one you are referring to.

HAMMER: Well, after she - after she was fired on the first day for her antics, then she had a meltdown begging for the director to keep her on the film.

RODRICK: Right. Right. I think, you know, she was realizing what was possibly slipping away. That this was a great opportunity for her and that she `d screwed up, and as strange as it sounds, I almost credit her for going to his hotel and knocking on doors until she found him. Because that really showed how much she wanted to be part of this process. And yeah, like I said, I think she felt like I`ve blown it, and if there is anything I can do to kind of get this back on track, I will go ahead and do it.

HAMMER: Well, really, it`s fascinating and look, I can only hope, actually, that by you putting out this stuff that has never really been this public before, this level of details, you know, maybe she will get the message and actually witness what she`s really like. Stephen, from "The New York Times," great to have you here. Stephen Rodrick, I appreciate it.

So what was it like for Lindsay`s "Canyons" co-star, James Deen, to put up with her onset meltdowns and these unpredictable fits that she was doing? James Deen is with us tonight from Hollywood for another headline making SHOWBIZ news maker interview. James is currently at work on a new movie called "Cowboys and Engines."

I appreciate having you here, James, and I was amazed to see some of the things that you had to put up with when you were shooting this movie with Lindsay. We`re going to show you a little bit right now. At least relive the audio of it, thanks to this brand new tape, that TMZ just revealed of Lindsay tearing into you during rehearsals for "The Canyons", let`s listen to that.


LOHAN: What`s your lines. No, but can you do, please James, say your lines as you`re walking over, because we are doing rehearsal with the lines, are we not?


DEEN: I was until you started talking over me.

LOHAN: I didn`t say anything. I just walked over. Do your (EXPLETIVE DELETED) job.

DIRECTOR: All right, I`ve had enough already.

LOHAN: So have I, thank you.

DIRECTOR: All right. We are going to clear the set, guys.


HAMMER: Do your blank job. Do your blank job. Man, it is amazing to actually hear this happening. I have to know what it was like for you, James being the target of Lindsay`s tirade, and it was in front of the whole cast and crew on the set.

DEEN: Well, it wasn`t really so bad. Lindsay has -- Lindsay has a way of when she is not getting what she wants to push the envelope and try harder and harder and harder until she tries to get the reaction she wants. I did not respond, like if you listen to the tape, you can hear me laughing and stuff.

You know, usually when I mean she - this whole tape, this whole thing that happened pretty much, it spawned from a misunderstanding where earlier in the day she had asked me or a night rather, but she asked me why I was doing this movie. My response was, "For fun." Which is why she says," I know it`s just fun for you."

My reason of saying fun was, I was saying I`m doing this for my personal enjoyment, personal fulfillment, you know, just for self satisfaction and nothing more. Which I think is a great reason to do a movie. She took it as I don`t care and I just - you know, I`m just there, and it doesn`t make a difference to me. And who cares about the project. Which was not accurate, not my intention.

HAMMER: I want to tell people to make sure they check out your new mainstream project, "Cowboys and Engines." All the details are up at

DEEN: Yes, please.

HAMMER: Thanks again. Well, I`ve got to leave "The Canyons" drama behind, but not all the drama.

And we have to move on to number four in our SHOWBIZ Newsmaker Countdown. It`s the first royal portrait of Kate Middleton. It`s out and Duchess Catherine may be the most vibrant fashionable royal in decades. Think about it. She is barely in her 30s, but you`d never know that when you look at this brand new official portrait, and today critics are slamming this thing, saying she looks down right dowdy, even middle aged.

I want to bring a life style and pop culture expert Megan Meany, who`s with me tonight. Megan, Duchess Catherine making headlines with this portrait and with some other very big news. The palace just revealing Kate`s due date today. It is happening in July. It really begs the question, why does the soon to be young mother look 45 in her new royal portrait? This painting shows her with wrinkles and bags under her eyes. I see this as a huge fail.

MEANY: I`m with you. It`s bad, OK? I mean, was this painted when she was in the hospital with her acute morning sickness? Because that`s the look on her face. I mean when you`re going to have a royal portrait done, it has to be perfect. I mean I can find things about it that are OK. But that`s not going to work. It`s got to be gorgeous. I mean ...


MEANY: He is working with this great subject. The lines under the eyes. She needs some major air brushing and botox. At least that`s what it looks like ...


MEANY: But I don`t see that stuff in real life. So, I don`t know what this guy was going for, but poor Kate, she`s going to have to look at that thing hanging up on the walls for the rest of her life.

HAMMER: And you figure, they had to have given them - her -- the artist some direction on that. It`s very strange. But I want to move from a debate over British royalty to stunning new reports breaking today about American pop royalty.

Number three on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of newsmakers Britney Spears, shocking split with fiance Jason Trawick. This bums me out.

MEANY: That ...

HAMMER: Yeah, well, I thought they were going to make it. They`ve been together for more than three years. Of course Jason was her talent manager and they became engaged. They are calling it quits with Britney reportedly wanting more kids, Jason saying, not ready yet. Megan, this is a couple that seemed to work together very well as a team. Getting Britney`s career back on track. Are you surprised as I am by the split now that she seems to be fully back on her game?

MEANY: You know, I don`t know if she`s fully back on her game. I mean she was sort of a dim light on that show that she is now off of. I mean what we perceive to be back on her game might not be back on her game at all. Now, there were less dramatic headlines certainly with Jason in her life, but, you know, there is pros and cons to this relationship, I`m sure. Business and pleasure being mixed is always a tough one.


MEANY: They say that she wanted more kids, but they used to say that about Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt and who really knows if that was really what was going on. Maybe the lack of drama was also a lack of who knows what else. Passion - I don`t know. I did like that she was a little quieter. She wasn`t shaving her head, things seem to be stabilized, but, you know, she is Britney at end of the day and she is complicated.

HAMMER: Yeah. Well, we`ll wish her the best. Breaking up is hard to do.

MEANY: Yes, we will.

HAMMER: So if Duchess Catherine`s bizarre new official portrait and Britney Spears shocking split with her fiancee aren`t number one on our SHOWBIZ Newsmaker Countdown, what could be? May be Rob Lowe`s confession to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about his controversial new Casey Anthony movie?


HAMMER: I want to know what she thought. We all know, of course, she was acquitted of killing her daughter, but did you think she did it?


HAMMER: I`m getting ready to reveal the answer to that question. We will find out if Rob made the top slot on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of tonight`s top five news makers. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown we are counting down tonight`s top five news makers.

And coming in at number five, Lindsay Lohan`s nightmarish on-set behavior. Just revealed for the very first time, the eyewitness accounts of crying fits, anthems, rants against her co-stars and allegations of drunk driving.

Number four, Duchess Catherine revealed today that her due date is in July and she also makes this revelation on the very same day of a heated debate over the young mother-to-be`s dowdy looking new official portrait.

Number three, the stunning reports that Britney Spears is splitting with her fiance Jason Trawick because she wants more children and apparently he doesn`t.

That takes us to number two on our SHOWBIZ newsmakers countdown. And this is such great news. Robin Roberts. Robin announcing this morning on "Good Morning, America" she is coming back to the anchor chair in a matter of weeks. Now it`s been more than four months since she went -- underwent her bone-marrow transplant. The doctors are finally, finally giving her the all-clear.


ROBIN ROBERTS, ABC: The last bone-marrow test showed no abnormalities.



ROBERTS: The majority of the marrow is my sister`s, and it is healthy. Praise God. And what all this means, my doctors are waiting for this information to be able to tell me that I can begin the process of returning to the anchor chair. I`m coming home.


HAMMER: Wow. That is the best news I`ve heard in a long time. Cannot wait to see Robin back at GMA, doing what she does best.

That takes us to the big reveal of who is number one on our countdown of tonight`s top five SHOWBIZ news makers. And it is Rob Lowe.

Tonight, I`ve got a startling reaction about playing the guy who prosecuted Casey Anthony. Now, Rob plays lead prosecutor Jeff Ashton in a brand new movie on Lifetime called "Prosecuting Casey Anthony." It`s going to debut on the Saturday, January 19th.

And tonight, he reveals to me what his reaction was to the shocking verdict. But wait, there`s more. He is also telling me if he thinks that Casey did in fact kill her little two-year-old girl Caylee. Here`s out number one news maker, the great Rob Lowe with his Casey Anthony revelation.


ROB LOWE, ACTOR: I was shocked by the verdict. I mean, I remember where I was when it came out. And I`d followed the trial because I watch, you know, Headline News and all cable news pretty religiously. And when I had the opportunity to play the prosecutor, you know, this guy - he devoted 30 years of his life for victims like little Caylee. He was 12 for 12 on death penalty cases. He is the first guy ever to use DNA to get a conviction. This was the last case he took before retirement, and he lost it.

HAMMER: Obviously there was a great deal of evidence that Jeff Ashton, who you played, presented to the jury. I want to take a look at you playing Jeff in the movie. Let`s roll that.


LOWE: A piece of carpet that we sent in from the trunk of her car. Positive for fatty acids, consistent with human decomp. That nasty grease on the paper towels from the trunk of the car? Chemically identical to adiposure (ph), or grave wax produced by human decomp.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You really get off on all this polysyllabic dirty talk?

LOWE: Could handle one more.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Lay it on me, baby.

LOWE: Chloroform.


HAMMER: Chloroform. I have to imagine you learned a great deal more about the case, despite the fact that you watched so much of it, and about the family. What did you learn about the Anthony family that might have surprised you?

LOWE: What is interesting, Jeff Ashton was a big fan of George Anthony, and George Anthony, who out of the blue was accused of doing terrible things to Casey to explain away the fact that Casey lied for 31 days about her daughter`s disappearance, without ever being a modicum of proof presented in court. What you realize that this was a circus. This movie I think is a really good look into, can you do a big important trial justice when the whole world is watching?

You know, A.J., what people forget, this was the first trial done in the age of Twitter. The very first trial done in the age of Facebook that was this big. And I think that had a lot to do with the outcome. I think the country communicated immediately in a way that was not being communicated in the courtroom, and the two never, ever intercepted.

HAMMER: And people, of course, weren`t shy at all, getting out there and sharing really quite a lot of vitriol for Casey Anthony. I mean, the feelings, the strong feelings were made so clear, and there have been reports that Casey herself is worried that this particular movie is actually going to spark renewed hate for her. So Rob, if Casey does watch this movie, what would you hope that she takes away from it?

LOWE: Geez, you know, A.J., I`ve never been able to understand her. I don`t know anything about her other than the evidence of the trial. And as I see it, I can`t understand her. So I couldn`t begin to answer that. There`s nothing in the movie that isn`t true. So I`m a big believer in personal responsibility.

HAMMER: Well, we also spoke when you did a movie about another notorious case, the Drew Peterson case, the former cop convicted of killing one of his wives. And now of course Rob, I know you know there`s a trial going on in Phoenix, another notorious case, Jodi Arias, the woman accused of brutally murdering her boyfriend, it seems to me that story is also destined to become a movie. So I got to ask you if you`d consider a role in that?

LOWE: You know what? I think my next role is a total departure, my friend. I needed a break from all this heavy stuff. My next role is with Steven Soderbergh and Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in "Liberace." And I promise to you, if Drew Peterson didn`t put me out of the business, this one will, because it is the most over the top, crazy, demented movie you`ve ever seen in your life. So I`m just giving you a little warning. This could be the end.

HAMMER: OK, all right, well, thank you for preparing us. It`s good that we have this time together then, Rob. Great seeing you, as always.

LOWE: Thank you, you too.


HAMMER: I don`t think he has to worry at all. Rob Lowe`s "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" will premiere this Saturday January 19th on Lifetime.

Also ahead, we have a mystery that sparked a frenzy at dozens of fast-food restaurants.



Hi, just a brownie?

Oh, my God.


HAMMER: I love it. Did you see this? An invisible driver stunning workers at more than 50 drive-through restaurants. Tonight we reveal the real ghost driver, and a caught on tape stunt that`s gotten more than 25 million views online.



HAMMER: Did you see this? Not since "Knight Rider" a talking car has gotten this much attention. A seemingly empty car pulls up to a drive- through window and proceeds to drive fast food workers crazy. The video of the wild gag getting crazy attention online. At last count, more than 25 million views. CNN`s Jeanne Moos with the real story behind the talking car seat.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In under five seconds, he can turn himself into a car seat.

RAHAD HUSSEIN, CREATED CAR SEAT COSTUME: I built this car seat costume.

MOOS: Now he`s riding his car seat to fame.

HUSSEIN: So this is how the costume looks.

MOOS: Twenty-four-year-old Rahad Hussein is the star of a prank sweeping the Internet called the drive-through invisible driver.


MOOS: Arriving like a ghost driver, he stunned workers at over 50 fast- food restaurants in Virginia and Maryland.


MOOS: Really.

HUSSEIN: I`m overwhelmed, you know?

MOOS: Overwhelmed at how an oddball prank has become a sensation. The last time we saw anyone turn himself into a car seat was when the Border Patrol released this photo of someone smuggled into the U.S. from Mexico, sewn into the upholstery. And now this.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Hello? Are you serious?

MOOS: He`s serious, all right. This criminal justice student is serious about becoming a magician.

(on camera): Originally, Rahad considered trying to get reactions from motorists on the open road, but his costume limited his sight so much that he figured it might be dangerous.

HUSSEIN: Basically, the eye hole is right here. It`s actually a mesh material, where you can actually see right through.

MOOS (voice-over): His handmade, mostly cardboard costume, topped with an actual car seat cover, consists of seat and head rest.

(on camera): I could almost sit in you.


MOOS (voice-over): He takes his hands off the wheel on the straight-away right before he pulls up to the window, leaving workers looking for the missing driver or calling for an Instagram photo.


MOOS (on camera): One thing the well-behaved car seat absolutely must not do is crack up laughing.

HUSSEIN: I was trying hard to keep a straight face. I was like, I thought I was going to shake.

MOOS: Though at the end, he did break character.

HUSSEIN: Just throw it in here. I`m a ghost.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Throw it in there?

HUSSEIN: Yes, I`m a ghost, just -- thank you!

MOOS (on camera): What, no seat belt?

HUSSEIN: No seat belt at all.

MOOS (voice-over): Double take, make way for the triple take at the takeout window.



HAMMER: That was CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, tonight, the battle is on for the top spot in SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is our pick for the most awesome showbiz moment of the day, is the blockbuster never-before-seen video, your favorite star caught in a compromising moment. Not telling you yet, but trust me, you don`t want to miss this showbiz moment in awesomeness.



HAMMER: Tonight in SHOWBIZ Awesomeness, a George Clooney cheating scandal? Not exactly. But this awesomely funny commercial does put George at the center of a love triangle of sorts. You can check it out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What`s going on?


CLOONEY: What`s up?




HAMMER: Oh, I love it. I am sure you love the soul groove going. A few lessons from his one -- always drink responsibly, and No. 2, George Clooney, he can do no wrong.

Well, we make a turn now to the Jodi Arias trial. The questions tonight about what really happened and when, such as how could a small woman possibly inflict the horrific fatal wound. "DR. DREW" starts right now.