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Oxygen Pulls Plug on `All My Babies` Mamas`; Lady Gaga`s Gun Bra Controversy; Kardashians to Swap Breast-Feeding Duties?; Celeb Lookalikes Get Their 15 Minutes; Cheesecake Factory Dish Tops `Food Porn` List; Top 5 Stunning Star Revelations; On the Set of `Nashville`

Aired January 16, 2013 - 23:00   ET



KIM KARDASHIAN, REALITY TV STAR: She said all the kids -- like one sister, she babysat all the kids and then -- you know, so I can go out and then -- or vice versa and, you know, whichever sister is babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids that are there.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Kardashian sisters` breastfeeding confession. Are they taking things too far, or will another star confession top the SHOWBIZ Countdown? The top five "Stunning Star Revelations".

Hello. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And our SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s top five "Stunning Star Revelations" is coming up. But we begin with our first big SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. Three big stories breaking today, all about outrage, like the outrageous reality show Oxygen was planning called "All My Babies` Mamas," which was to follow rapper Shawty Lo juggling the 11 children that he had with 10 different women.

That kicks off our countdown at No. 3, because Oxygen is pulling the plug on the show after getting slammed for it. Watch what Wendy Williams said on her show today after the news broke.


WENDY WILLIAMS, TALK SHOW HOST: There are nearly 40,000 smart people who signed a petition demanding that the show not be aired, because it`s so stereotypical of my people.

Thank you, Oxygen, for caving into the pressure and note deciding to move forward with this show.


HAMMER: I am right there with you, Wendy. The 40,000 people or so that Wendy was referring to did sign an online petition on, demanding Oxygen cancel the show.

And perhaps I`m thinking nobody is applauding more loudly than this woman, famed author Sabrina Lamb, who created that petition. Sabrina, who`s also the CEO of, with me tonight in New York.

Sabrina, welcome back, first of all. Congratulations, second of all. And I must ask you right off the top, now that victory is yours, now that you`ve won, what message do you think that canceling "All My Babies` Mamas" really sends?

SABRINA LAMB, STARTED PETITION: Well, the first message is that your voice matters and that these corporations have a duty, a fiduciary and responsibility to create programming that is compassionate and does not whittle away the spirits of children, young women and young men and is inspirational.

As many media outlets reported, Oxygen media has lost its way. Remember a decade ago or so ago, A.J., when it was the network to uplift young women? If you tune in right now, they`re probably fist fighting and cat calling and so forth.

HAMMER: Right.

LAMB: But we have, you know, heard from young people who have said, thank you for being the adults in the room and saying no to this show.

HAMMER: And I`m smiling just because I imagine the little victory dance that you did when you heard this news. It was a pretty big deal when we were first speaking about it a short time ago.

But it`s not how Oxygen is spinning it. We did ask Oxygen what they had to say about canceling the show. I want to read a little bit about what they told us: "As part of our development process, we reviewed casting and decided not to move forward with the special. We will continue to develop compelling content that resonates with our young female viewers and drives the cultural conversation."

Now, Sabrina, I mean, come on. We know this was just not about a development process. I`m guessing you would have preferred, perhaps, that they put out a statement that simply said something, I know, more along the lines of, "Sorry, we screwed up. We apologize. Let`s move forward."

LAMB: But they`re not going to do that. And that`s fine. We have -- our demands were secured. We reached out to them and said, "Hey, we have wonderful producers to provide the programming that your network was founded upon, that every advertiser would love."

And so we`re waiting for a call back. And I just say call me, call me. But they have to save face. I get that. But we`re still expecting the call.

HAMMER: Well, you know, there was so much anger over "All My Babies` Mamas" they didn`t even release a single clip of the planned special. Shawty Low has been lying low, although he did one interview pretty recently with New York radio station Hot 97. And I want to play what he said in that. Let`s roll that.


SHAWTY LO, RAPPER (via phone): I`ve been hearing a lot of people saying like, you know -- talking about me and the kids or whatever. But like I say, a lot of fathers that don`t take care of one. You know? I take care of 11. I`m hands on with my kids, you know, before people were even talking about a show. Before show or after the show, you know, just check my Instagram. I`m hands on with my kids.




HAMMER: Go ahead.

LAMB: Well, first of all, today, according to (ph), he`s petitioning or wanting people to support him, because he feels it`s "either I have a TV show or we`re going on welfare." So, you know, I don`t know.

I know you have a TV show. But if you weren`t on the air, A.J., would you be on welfare? Most of us would have a job or have a business.

HAMMER: Well, you certainly got a lot of attention for getting this petition going, demanding that Oxygen pull the plug on "All My Babies` Mamas." And we even saw Wendy Williams had your back on her show. Let listen to what Wendy said.


WILLIAMS: There are nearly 40,000 smart people who signed a petition, demanding that the show not be aired because it`s so stereotypical of my people.

You know, the whole thing about having multiple children, not marrying any of your babies` mothers, having more babies` mothers than should be legally allowed. You know, my people, my people -- thank you, Oxygen, for caving into the pressure and deciding not to move forward with this special. Thank you so much. Thank you.


HAMMER: Sabrina, I`m wondering now, though, is this going to be a game changer? Do you think that maybe it`s more than just "All My Babies` Mamas," that`s not the whole story? Do you think it really shows that people are fed up with this kind of outrageous reality TV?

LAMB: They`re absolutely fed up. We`re remaining vigilant. We are planning our next steps in terms of opening the doors for compassionate children`s programming. It`s almost like, you know, the monster that rises up in the horror movie, when you think it`s dead...

HAMMER: Right.

LAMB: ... but we have to continue to pay attention so this never, ever happens again. Our children deserve better, A.J.

HAMMER: No question about that, Sabrina. If I were wearing a hat, I`d tip it to you right now. Great job. And thank you for being here.

LAMB: Thank you.

HAMMER: We move now from reality TV outrage to brand-new outrage today over Lady Gaga`s explosive fashion misfire. This is at No. 2 on our "SHOWBIZ Outrage Countdown."

It`s the Lady Gaga gun bra controversy. A Columbine survivor is blasting Gaga tonight for wearing a bra during a concert adorned with plastic assault rifles.

Now, given the gun outrage right now, following the Sandy Hook massacre, Richard Castaldo, who barely survived the Columbine massacre, is just furious. Here`s what he told "She should apologize if she upset people. Because the climate surrounding guns is highly emotional right now. It is in poor taste and does not seem like the best time to do something like that."

David Begnaud joins me from Hollywood tonight. He`s the host of "News Breaker" on Ora TV. Egypt Sherrod is also with us. She`s a radio personality on V-103 in Atlanta and also host of HGTV`s "Property Virgins."

So guys, here is our countdown question. Should Lady Gaga apologize for her gun bra and wearing this? Egypt, what do you think?

EGYPT SHERROD, RADIO PERSONALITY, V-103 IN ATLANTA: I think Lady Gaga is known for -- it`s what she`s loved for -- going for that shock factor.

But I do think it was -- it was very insensitive of her, you know, when you think about the timing of it. That`s like telling her fans in Newtown, Connecticut, or in Aurora, that she doesn`t care what they`re going through right now.

I know there are many different outfits she could have worn and got the same shock factor. So yes, swallow it and just apologize. It`s just a sensitive issue.

HAMMER: Yes. Yes, see, it`s a delicate issue, too. Because so many of us never want to see artistry stifled, and I`m sure whatever she was doing was in the interest of her artistry, but that doesn`t mean you can`t have sensitivity. And I certainly don`t think she exercised it here.

Sharon Osbourne certainly thinks that Lady Gaga has a lot of apologizing to do. I want to show you how she ripped Gaga on guns on her show "The Talk." Roll it.


SHARON OSBOURNE, CO-HOST, CBS`s "THE TALK": Everything is guns, guns, guns. Cut to her first performance on this new tour. She`s wearing two guns coming out of her breasts.

Now on her Web site, if anybody had the time to pick out how many times guns, guns, guns were mentioned, this is not right, and she should be stopped.


HAMMER: So Sharon pretty emphatic there. She happens to also be in the middle of another feud with Gaga about some of Mama Monster`s fans, who have been ripping Sharon`s family online.

But David, aside from whatever anger that other feud might be bringing on here, do you think Sharon makes a good point?

DAVID BEGNAUD, HOST, ORA TV`S "NEWS BREAKER": I think she makes a great point. Look, here is the thing. Lady Gaga is a role model to even some of the kids who were at the school when the shooting happened. Of course it was in poor taste.

And of course, this is part of her shtick.

You know what I think she should do? She should go to her Twitter account, because she loves to tweet and just tweet something that says, "Look, I love being colorful. I love being outrageous, but it was the wrong time. I apologize." Not going to stop wearing dresses similar to that kind of outrage, but, you know, send out a tweet or something. It was in horrible taste.

SHERROD: Bad move.

HAMMER: And it should be pointed out, you know, Gaga`s always been a vocal supporter of gun control. With that in mind SHOWBIZ TONIGHT did reach out to Lay Gaga. We wanted a response from her on all the outrage about the gun bra. Didn`t hear back from her by our deadline. Hopefully she`ll do what a lot of people think would be the right thing and apologize.

We move on from bras and stuff like that to bikes and the story that`s sparking the most outrage in tonight`s SHOWBIZ Countdown. It comes in at No. 1, brand new fallout over Lance Armstrong`s doping confession.

So tonight, we`ve got your very first look During Oprah`s epic 2 1/2 hour interview with Armstrong where, yes, he admits for the first time he has been lying. Roll it.


OPRAH WINFREY, MEDIA MOGUL: We agreed that there would be no conditions on this interview and that this would be an open field. So here we go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE, Lance Armstrong. No holds barred.


HAMMER: It will be interesting to see what a hit Lance takes after the first part of the interview airs tomorrow night on Oxygen.

Doesn`t seem like he could be doing much worse. But tonight, interestingly enough, Lance`s Q score, that measures a star`s popularity, shows as you see that 27 percent view him negatively. Forty-three percent have a negative view of Tiger Woods. Egypt, do you agree with that?

SHERROD: That he`s worse than tiger woods? I`m not going to be judgmental. But I`m watching this whole thing unfold like everybody else.

The one thing I haven`t heard yet, A.J., is the curveball that`s coming next. If he`s admitting that he was on drugs, what about all the people over the years Lance Armstrong has sued for defamation for saying that very thing? Do they get their money back?

HAMMER: That`s a great point. It`s going to be interesting to see what the major fallout that I`m sure is coming will be from this big interview. Egypt, David, thank you both so much.

Well tonight, wait till you see this other explosive SHOWBIZ Countdown we`ve got, top five "Stunning Star Revelations of the Day."

Kim Kardashian says she would consider sharing breastfeeding duties with her sisters. (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP)

KIM KARDASHIAN: She said, all the kids -- like one sister should babysit all the kids and then, you know -- so I can go out and then -- or vice versa and, you know, whichever sister is babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids that are there.


HAMMER: Well, alrighty then. But is Kim`s confession bigger than J. Lo`s on how her 25-year-old boyfriend helped her heal after her divorce? Is Jennifer Lopez worried about how long this love is going to ask? You will find out which stunning star revelation will top our SHOWBIZ Countdown, coming up.



HAMMER: Now on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, Geico`s "15 Minutes of Fame." Tonight, Jennifer Lopez look-alike Jessica Burciaga is enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. Jessica is a model from California who just happens to be a dead ringer for one of the hottest superstars on the planet. Take a look at that uncanny resemblance, Jessica on the left and the real deal J. Lo on the right. You can see why Jessica has set the Twittersphere on fire.

Let me bring in entertainment journalist Jill Simonian, who`s founder of, Jill joining me from Hollywood. So Jill, Jessica is already a model. She has posed for magazines in the past. But it`s those Twitter pictures that she just sent out resembling J. Lo that really launched her into the fame game. Do you see her extending her 15 minutes or are we pretty much looking at it right here?

JILL SIMONIAN, THEFABMOM.COM: I don`t know. I can`t help but think that this 15 minutes is going to go on for a little while longer.

I mean, we`ve already been talking about this for a few days now. I have to wonder if, you know, maybe she`s going to get some ads like the Kim Kardashian lookalike did for Old Navy. What was it, a year, two years ago?

This resemblance is unbelievable to J. Lo. And Jennifer Lopez, of course, one of the hugest stars on the planet. I see us paying a little bit more attention to Jessica as the days go by.

HAMMER: All right. And the big coincidence here, this J. Lo look-alike happens to be good friends with that Kim Kardashian look-alike you were talking about.

SIMONIAN: Exactly. Exactly.

HAMMER: Another celebrity look-alike is also enjoying 15 minutes of fame tonight is a Justin Bieber clone who`s making a name for himself after, you know, those recent pictures of Justin appearing to smoke pot.

Robin Verrecas is his name. He`s from Belgium. He`s shooting down these conspiracy theories that are floating around from Justin`s fans that he was the one in those pot-smoking pictures posing as the Biebs, and he`s actually begging the believers to believe him.

Jill, do you think this look-alike is actually sweating the backlash from Bieber fans, which we know can be quite harsh, or is this a guy who`s maybe riding his claim to fame right now to get even more attention?

SIMONIAN: You know, there`s no way to tell for sure, honestly. I mean, the fact that this guy -- everyone is saying that -- the Bieber fans are saying that it was this guy in the pot-smoking photos, because there was a blond woman in the photo that looked like this guy`s girlfriend, and no one could see Justin`s tattoos, and this, that and the other.

Perhaps he`s extending it. I don`t know for sure. I don`t have a good answer for you on this one, A.J., because frankly, the celebrities that Twitter makes still goes above my head every now and then.

HAMMER: But you have to be amazed by the fact that the Bieber fans, and you`ve got to love them, do their own kind of "CSI" investigation, trying to get to the bottom of this. And perhaps they don`t love the idea that Justin was, perhaps, caught, you know, red-handed.

SIMONIAN: Exactly. Exactly. The Bieber fans definitely can sway any public opinion in terms of what their Justin is doing in the real world. You`re definitely right about that.

HAMMER: Yes. I love this next one. From the same look to the same name. You`ve got to wonder if we`ve actually seen the last of the Kelly Hildebrandts. The couple gained their fame, their 15 minutes, when it was revealed that they had met online because they share the same names, first and last.

Let`s look back at "The Today Show" from 2009 when the female Kelly revealed how they met on Facebook. Roll it.


KELLY HILDEBRANDT, WIFE: I just told him that we -- I saw that we had the same name and I thought it was kind of cool, and I just wanted to say hi. And it was -- it was a sentence. The whole thing was only one sentence.


HAMMER: Well, the Hildebrandts married in `09. Now they`ve just announced plans to divorce. Jill, I think it`s a no-brainer here. Their 15 minutes of fame is over.

SIMONIAN: It is over, no brainer, absolutely. The only thing is that maybe people are going to start taking sides on Facebook and request one of them. We`ll see who ends up with the most friends on Facebook after this.

HAMMER: But how will we know? They have the same name. I guess they have their own pages and probably their pictures on it. All right, Jill. Thank you so much. Great to see you.

SIMONIAN: To be determined.

HAMMER: Well, tonight the dramatic move that Honey Boo-Boo`s mom just made to protect her reality star daughter.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s what we do down here. Country killing right here. If they`re still alive, we knock them in the head. Watch.


HAMMER: All right. Why Crazy Tony might be too crazy for TV, but will Mama June`s big news top the SHOWBIZ Countdown of "Star Revelations," or will it be Jessica Simpson, mom, mogul, and now Jess is breaking news about the NBC sitcom based on her life. You`ve got to see this.




ROBIN MEADE, HLN NEWS ANCHOR: NASCAR has its pit crews, but they don`t compare to anything to this makeup crew.


HAMMER: Well, Robin had a rough morning. And "SHOWBIZ Trending" tonight, find out Robin Meade`s big confession about why you almost didn`t see her shining face when you turned on HLN yesterday. We`re going to have more on that in just a moment.

But first, the Cheesecake Factory, pushing porn? No. It`s not exactly what you`re thinking. A pasta dish from the restaurant chain is topping a consumer group`s annual food porn list which is out today.

Look at that. That`s the winner. The Bistro Shrimp Pasta it`s made with butter and cream sauce and is topped with fried shrimp. And guess what? It packs a whopping 3,120 calories. By my estimate, that`s about what you should eat over a day and a half, not in one meal.

Entertainment journalist Sarah Bernard is with me in New York. Sarah, this thing trending like crazy everywhere today. It`s a mind-boggling dish, but does this food porn look so delicious that people will be more turned on than off? I mean, you`re talking to a guy right now who eats spinach for lunch. So it doesn`t really appeal to me. But what about you?

SARAH BERNARD, ENTERTAINMENT JOURNALIST: You know what? It`s a funny thing. Because of all the things on their list -- I mean, there was chicken-fried steak, there were ribs -- this pasta dish was actually double the calories of a lot of the other choices that you might think if you go to a restaurant -- you know, "Oh, let me avoid the chicken-fried steak. I`ll get this pasta instead."

But actually, just to give you some context, a Big Mac is about 550 calories, right? So this is just off the charts. I don`t actually think it looks that appetizing. Maybe upsetting.

HAMMER: Six Big Macs. Nice. Quick math there. And by the way, I`m here to inform you that you can pretty much get this all over the planet because the world`s largest Cheesecake Factory just opened on New Year`s Eve. Sarah, do you know where it is?


HAMMER: Dubai.


HAMMER: You can now fly to Dubai, get yourself 3,000 calories worth of pasta. So to the people of Dubai, we`re here to say, you`re welcome.

BERNARD: Good luck to you.


Another big story that`s trending tonight is at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s home base, HLN. Robin Meade, of course, our lovely morning show host, she hosts "MORNING EXPRESS." And she overslept today. But she did make it on air in the nick of time, and here`s what happened.


MEADE: I woke up at 5:20. This really is bedhead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Five-twenty. So you got here -- you got here and on the air...

MEADE: It`s a good thing I don`t live far.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s very good.

MEADE: Hey, you know what? In 20 years of television, I swear it`s the first time that`s happened!


MEADE: But you know what? Let the record show I was on the air.


HAMMER: Yes. She made it. And they did some quick work on her, Sarah. You`ve been on camera for years. I know you can probably relate to that.

BERNARD: She`s got some pretty good bedhead, I`ve got to say. That is some nice looking hair. And I mean, let`s face it. She must have started out pretty beautiful, but I am so impressed at how she put on those fake eyelashes so fast. That is not easy to do.

HAMMER: You know, I`ve seen Robin with not too much makeup on, and she doesn`t need a thing. It`s all for show.

BERNARD: I love that she admitted it, right?

HAMMER: She shared it with the world.

BERNARD: She made it into a really fun thing.

HAMMER: Nice going. Sarah, thank you so much.

Well, we know that the Kardashian sisters are all very close. But their latest breastfeeding confession might be taking things too far, even for them.


KIM KARDASHIAN: She said one sister should babysit all the kids, and then, you know, and so I can go out and then -- or vice versa and, you know, whichever sister is babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids that are there.


HAMMER: OK. Tonight, it`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top five "Stunning Star Revelations" of the day. Plus, J. Lo on how her 25-year-old boyfriend helped her heal after her divorce. And is Jennifer Lopez worried about him running off with a younger woman? Kim K. or J. Lo? Which star confession is going to top our SHOWBIZ Countdown?

It is time now for "SHOWBIZ Say What?" Take a look at new mom, Megan Fox, with her hubby, Brian Austin Green. And this is at the Golden Globes. This could have been a cozy romantic shot, but look at it. Kind of looks like something caught Megan`s eye at the very moment the picture was taken. What do you think Megan is thinking here? Please share your thought bubble with us at the Fill in the thought bubble. Let us know what you think she`s thinking, and we`re going to share our favorite answers tomorrow right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.



KIM KARDASHIAN: She said, all the kids -- one sister should babysit all the kids, and then, you know, and so I can go out, and then -- or vice versa. And, you know, whichever sister is babysitting should just breastfeed all the kids that are there.


HAMMER: Right now, the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Stunning Star Revelations." The Kardashian sisters push the envelope with this baby bombshell. Will Kourtney really breastfeed Kim`s baby?

But is Honey Boo Boo`s on-set drama stealing the reality TV spotlight tonight? A cast member is kicked off the show, but who and why? And what is number one on our countdown of "Stunning Star Revelations"?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Let us kick off the SHOWBIZ countdown of today`s top five stunning star revelations right with number five, a pregnant Kim Kardashian and her sister revealing in a brand new interview that they`re going to be sharing more than diaper duty between their kids. Why not breastfeed each other`s babies?

You`ve got to watch this exchange between the sisters on the "Today" show.


KIM KARDASHIAN: You know what she said to me on the way over here? She said that in the old days, and maybe we should try this. One sister ...


KIM KARDASHIAN: Yes, you did.


KIM KARDASHIAN: She said, all the kids -- like one sister should babysit all the kids, and then, you know, and so I can go out and then or vice versa, and, you know, whichever sister`s babysitting she just breastfeeds all the kids that are there.


KIM KARDASHIAN: And so -- and I was like ...


KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: I said that`s what they did back in the day. I didn`t say let`s try this. And she said does that not freak you out?

KIM KARDASHIAN: I said that just ...

KOURTNEY KARDASHIAN: And I said no, it doesn`t.


HAMMER: OK. Entertainment journalist Jill Simonian is joining me now, from Hollywood. Jill is the founder of the And Jill, look, I`m not even going to pretend to be an expert on breastfeeding. But I imagine you know a thing or two about it, considering you`re a mom of two. I know the Kardashian sisters share everything, but breast milk?

SIMONIAN: Well, yeah. I am a mom of two. And breastfeeding is, of course, a very, very hot topic in the mom community and in the mom blog community online. I made the choice to choose the less popular option, which was not to nurse. So I don`t have much experience.

But in terms of the Kardashians, nothing, nothing surprises me with these girls anymore. They are so savvy when it comes to making press and making announcements, live on the air of news shows like the "Today" show, things to get the mom blog community going, things to get the general public going. I can`t help but say this was just something that maybe Kris Jenner cooked up in the car ride over to the "Today" show to get a little bit more ...


SIMONIAN: Recognition for their upcoming shows. That`s just me.

HAMMER: Yeah. I realize we`re in this certain -- uncertain economic time right now, but sharing resources like that just seems like taking it a step too far. But Kim apparently is going to share even more stunning details about her own fertility problems on her new season of her reality show with Kourtney. "Kourtney and Kim Take Miami" is going to premiere this weekend.

And when the "Today" show hosts Hoda and Kathie Lee asked him about her divorce not being finalized with her ex Kris Humphries, she revealed how she really feels about the whole divorce versus baby bump. Watch.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: There are some detractors who say, wait till your divorce and let`s get this thing going.

KIM KARDASHIAN: You know, it`s been a year and a half since I filed. So I think that, you know, I definitely waited six months before I started a relationship. And, you know, I`m 32 years old and I`m facing -- you know, you`ll see in the season there`s been a lot of fertility issues that I haven`t really spoke about, you know, until this season. So it`s kind of a miracle that I did get pregnant. And I think God puts things in front of you and places things in your life for a reason. And as much as I would love to be divorced, and we`re working on it and I hope it`s sooner than later, but you can`t -- like what are you going to do?


HAMMER: I guess she`s saying sometimes things are not that simple. Let me go to Egypt Sherrod. Egypt is the host of HGTV`s Property Virgins and also a host on D103 radio. So, Egypt, it almost sounds like Kim is kind of resigned to whatever incredible frustration comes along with not yet being divorced from Kris Humphries going on 15 months after they split.

SHERROD: Yeah, I mean and AJ, let`s ask ourselves, why aren`t they divorced? It`s not for a lack of her trying. In my personal opinion, they`re not divorced yet because he`s using this to stay relevant. But why shouldn`t she be happy? Listen, she`s moved on with her life. She can be in a relationship. She`s not with him. Why shouldn`t she try to have a baby? Let`s not judge. And I love the way she answered that question. It was genuine and authentic and truthful.

HAMMER: Yeah, I thought so, too. I really hope that there`s not still married because he`s trying to stay relevant. And I really want to put that out of my mind as a possibility, but ...

SHERROD: I have my own opinion, as I said.

HAMMER: You bring up a good conspiracy theory, that`s fine. Let`s move from Kim`s pregnancy revelations to a brand new revelation about a pregnant Jessica Simpson. We love Jessica. She comes in at number four. She is going to be starring in a sitcom on NBC and it`s going to be based on her life. She just told Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" what she`s looking forward to most about the show.


JESSICA SIMPSON, CELEBRITY: There`s lots of things that happen in my life. That I`m like -- people -- I mean people have to know about this. People have to experience this.

LENO: Like what are some things people have to know about in your life?

SIMPSON: You know. All the embarrassing things that happen behind closed doors. I always wish that they were filmed.

LENO: And I wish you would film this. I would have loved to have seen that.

SIMPSON: I don`t know if that`s because I`ve done reality before.

LENO: Yeah. Yes.


HAMMER: And when she did her reality show with her ex-husband, Nick Lachay, we were all very amused because, well, Jessica was quite frankly a train wreck a lot of the time. But it seems like she`s moved on from that. Do they need, Jill, to show her train wreck side to make it entertaining?

SIMONIAN: Well, in terms of being a train wreck, yes. I mean -- I mean Jessica Simpson fascinates me, particularly because she has unlimited lives, it seems. Just when you think she`s down, she`s back up again, she`s working, she has got more projects, more pregnancies, on and on and on. In terms of this show, I`m curious to see how they portray her. Because she is going to be much more grown up, she is going to be a mother of two. And with that comes a whole different set of train wrecks. Take it from me. But they`re more in a fun-loving way and more -- I think in a more endearing way. I think we`re going to get to see a much more evolved side of her.


SIMONIAN: So, it could be interesting to see how it plays out in a sitcom if she does, in fact, you know, pull off being in a sitcom.

HAMMER: Yeah, I think she can. And I think, hopefully, at least we`ll get to see the smart side of Jessica Simpson, because that`s a huge part of her appeal. And when Jay asked her about her surprise second pregnancy, well, she took it all in stride. I love what she said here. Roll it.


JAY LENO, HOST, "TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO": Was this part of the plan, to have another child so quickly?

SIMPSON: Oh, no.

LENO: No? No?

SIMPSON: No. Apparently, it was part of God`s plan for me, right?

LENO: Right. Apparently -- yeah. Yeah. So, good, all right.


LENO: So how was ...

SIMPSON: I was extremely shocked.

LENO: Yeah.


LENO: Really, you were shocked?

SIMPSON: I was shocked, because -- I mean, I was going through a lot of like hormonal changes, trying to get back to the old, vibrant Jessica.

LENO: Sure, right.

SIMPSON: And, you know, it was kind of like a one night stand.

LENO: Yeah.


SIMPSON: And it happened all over again.

LENO: Well, there you go. That would have been the vibrant Jessica night.



HAMMER: So, Egypt, I think comedy is actually perfect for her. Do you think, though, that most people will be laughing with her or laughing at her?

SHERROD: Listen, if you`re laughing at her, then you need a reality check. Last I checked she was a billionaire. She`s building an empire. So I love this girl! She laughs at herself. She`s unapologetic, comfortable in her own skin and despite all the blows the media has thrown her, you know, they`ve talked about her weight ...

HAMMER: Oh, yes.

SHERROD: ... she just keeps on growing -- wait a minute. I did not mean it as a double entendre.


HAMMER: OK. We`ll let you slide there.

SHERROD: I love her.

HAMMER: I think this is a great new chapter for her.

We move now from Jessica`s funny revelations to a number three on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, Honey Boo Boo`s Mama June`s brand-new revelation that she`s demanding family friend Crazy Tony be kept off the family reality show because of his wild behavior. Now, here is one of his finer moments from the show.


CRAZY TONY, FRIEND OF HONEY BOO-BOO FAMILY: That`s what we do down here. Country killing right here. If they`re still alive, we knock them in the head. Watch.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: No, don`t knock --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, God, put me down gently, please.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She said put her down gently. Bam!


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m coming up, not down. I`m down now.


HAMMER: All right, a classic television moment. I still haven`t gotten out my four-wheeler to re-enact that myself, and nobody ever accused the show of being classy. But surprisingly, that wasn`t the scene that got Crazy Tony booted from the show. Back in November, Tony was arrested after jumping in front of moving cars while wearing a gorilla suit, while allegedly drunk. And apparently Mama June doesn`t like that. She told TMZ that Tony is no longer welcome on the show.

Now, Jill, I think I`m liking Mama June more and more every day. First we hear she set up a trust fund for all the kids. So the money is really taken care of, the money they`re making off of the reality show. Now she`s trying to keep their show somewhat respectable, all things being relative. I think it`s great.

SIMONIAN: Respectable, I`m loving that you used that word, respectable. I`m going to be totally honest with you, A.J., that clip right now, what we`re seeing, this is the longest clip that I`ve ever seen of Honey Boo Boo, and I probably shouldn`t admit that as an entertainment journalist. But I`m just going to put it out there. I`m happy to hear this news that Mama June is taking some responsibility. Yes, the show is wacky. We all have our wacky lives and wacky moments that we love to watch play out on reality TV. But to take a little bit of responsibility.

HAMMER: A little bit.

SIMONIAN: Makes me feel good.

HAMMER: Yeah, that pretty much does sum it up there for you, Jill. We`ve got even more "Stunning Star Revelations". Who`s going to be named number one tonight? Charlie Sheen perhaps for his stunning revelation about his new late night routine? Will it be Jennifer Lopez` new revelations about life after divorce? You`ve got to stick around to find out what these big stars said.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown we are counting down the top five stunning -- star revelations breaking today.

Here is where we are so far coming in at number five, Kardashian baby bombshells. Kim Kardashian reveals a July due date and admits to fertility issues, while sister Kourtney offers to breastfeed Kim`s baby. Talk about sisterly love.

Coming in at number four, yet another Jessica Simpson stunner. Jessica Simpson has just revealed she signed the deal with NBC for an all new sitcom based on her life. We cannot wait for that.

And number three, is Honey Boo Boo in danger? Well, there are new reports tonight that Mama June has just banned the cast member Crazy Tony from the family`s hit reality show. She doesn`t want him on "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" because of his reckless behavior.

And that slides us right into number two on our countdown of "Stunning Star Revelations" today. It`s Charlie Sheen.

Charlie appeared this morning on the "Good Morning America" on ABC for a full hour, and he revealed he is a changed man, even going to bed as early as your kids.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bright and early this morning.

CHARLIE SHEEN, ACTOR: I went to bed at 7:00 last night. Go figure.




HAMMER: And I ran into him this afternoon, and he was bright-eyed and bushy tailed. Charlie Sheen in bed at 7:00. Whoever would have thought we`d see the day?

Well, that takes us to the big reveal of number one on our Countdown of tonight`s top five "Stunning Star Revelations". It`s Jennifer Lopez. We`re getting remarkable revelations today about her divorce and her new life with Casper Smart. Jennifer opens up to "People" magazine about the big questions and the big transitions in her life and how she`s coped and moved on. The magazine will hit newsstands on Friday, but tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is bringing you a first look.

Raha Lewis is the staff writer for "People" magazine. She`s with us from Hollywood tonight.

Great having you here, Raha. And J.lo, who`s 42, doesn`t really talk all that much about her 25-year-old boyfriend, Casper Smart. But, wow, she really opened up to you.

A lot of people thought that J.Lo`s relationship with him would, you know, end quickly, just be a fling. But in her interview with "People," she really gives him a lot of credit for being much more than that to her. What did she reveal to you about that?

RAHA LEWIS, PEOPLE MAGAZINE: She was very open and honest with us, and she really said, look, he has helped me heal. She said it was the most devastating thing when she went through her divorce, and she said he basically held her hand through it and is still doing so, and they`re very, very happy together.

HAMMER: That`s great for her and great that she has that level of support, and quite frankly it`s surprising I think to a lot of people that this was the guy who was able to be the shoulder for her.

And there is, of course, the question -- and I think this is at the root of a lot of people`s issues with this particular relationship. There`s the 18-year age difference. So take us inside that relationship now. What did J.Lo reveal to you about whether or not age even matters to them?

LEWIS: It`s interesting. She was very open and honest about that, too. Look, there is an 18-year age gap. And she said she does actually ask him, what are you doing with me? Go and find a younger girlfriend, you know. And she said I do think about what will happen in 10 en years and he`ll be like this and I`ll be like that. But she said, you know what? Right now, we`re really happy and we`re enjoying the moment. So they`re both very open and honest about it.

HAMMER: So it`s more about her saying to him, what are you doing with me rather than people saying to her, what are you doing with this guy?

LEWIS: You know, I don`t think J.Lo ever thinks about what other people are thinking.


LEWIS: I think, like any and all of us, she`s going on her path and she`s doing her absolute best. And that really shows in her relationship with Casper, too. And she`s very happy with him, and her kids are her priority. She`s landing on her feet and then some, and embarking on a film career. So, it`s really quite an exciting time to be her.

HAMMER: And the one time I was in the same room with the two of them, you definitely could feel the energy, and, quite frankly, you know, you look at him looking at her and see how dedicated and, really, how in love he is with her. And the thing about it is we have now yet another public romance from Jennifer Lopez. We`ve seen so many of them play out in public, of course. P. Diddy, Ben Affleck, Marc Anthony. We all know how those went. Now again we have Casper. What did she tell you that she`s learned, if anything, from her past about putting her relationships out there for all to see?

LEWIS: You know, first of all, she has no regrets, and she said, like everyone else, she`s learned from her mistakes. And she is looking to the future. And it`s a bright, positive one.

She said that she has thrown caution to the wind in the past, and she even said she`s been super hasty, and she is not going to do that anymore. And that she deserves love and she deserves the best and she is going to make sure she has it.

HAMMER: Yes or no, is she going to marry him?

LEWIS: We don`t know that. Only she knows that.

HAMMER: All right. She obviously is not spilling that yet. Raha Lewis, thank you so much. Make sure you check out "People`s" exclusive photo shoot and sit-down with Jennifer Lopez. It`s on newsstands this Friday.

Well, from J.Lo`s revelations to ABC`s new show, one of my favorites, "Nashville Revealed." Tonight, SHOWBIZ is on location in Nashville, uncovering how the show re-creates some of country music`s iconic hot spots.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These photographs, they took every single one down, scanned it, and it is exactly in the same place.


HAMMER: I love this show. And we are bringing you secrets from the set of "Nashville" coming up next.



HAMMER: Well, millions of people just tuned in to catch my favorite new show this year, the hit ABC show "Nashville." Starring Hayden Panettiere, Connie Britton, and some would say the biggest star of the show, the city itself. Right now, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on location with the people who helped bring the show to life.

Here is SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Nischelle Turner on location in Nashville.


NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: ABC`s freshman drama "Nashville" nabbed a pair of Golden Globe nominations for Connie Britton, who plays a 40 something country star, and Hayden Panetierre, who portrays her ambitious young rival.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Get it over with. I`ll never have to do it again.


TURNER: But an equally high-profile character wasn`t eligible for a Golden Globe. The city of Nashville.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Callie kind of wanted to make the town, the city itself of Nashville as important a character as you can.

TURNER: While real landmarks like the Grand Ole Opry, Music Row and the Pancake Pantry often serve as sets, creator Callie Khouri called on production designer Jeff Nipp (ph) to painstakingly recreate some of music city`s iconic locations. This is the Bluebird Cafe, the legendary club that helped launch the careers of everyone from Garth Brooks to Taylor Swift. And this is the Bluebird set, re-created inside a Nashville soundstage. Even general manager Erika Nichols is impressed with its authenticity.

ERIKA NICHOLS, BLUEBIRD CAFE`S GM: These photographs, they took every single one down, scanned it, and it is exactly in the same place.

TURNER: The Bluebird isn`t the only location to be cloned by Nashville producers.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Right now we`re in the set that`s Rayna`s house, Rayna and Teddie`s house, and--

TURNER: But it`s really?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s really Sylvia Roberts, a re-creation of Sylvia Roberts` house.

TURNER: Sylvia`s house is the genteel, 20,000-square foot estate in Belmeade (ph) that serves as the home of Britton`s character.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We liked the feel and the texture and the warmth that her house had to offer.

TURNER: So Sylvia`s kitchen became Rayna`s kitchen.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: They copied the pot rack and they even copied this vase over here.

TURNER: And Sylvia`s bedroom suite became Rayna`s bedroom suite.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Instead of marble, we have painted wood to look like marble. Our floors, instead of being imported Traverteen (ph) are linoleum tiles.

TURNER: Sylvia`s home, the real one, is currently on the market.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s $19.5 million, worth every penny.

TURNER: Meanwhile the Bluebird is selling out several nights each week.

NICHOLS: We used to sell them out in a couple of hours, maybe even a day. Now a minute. They`re gone. But when you figure 6.5 million, 7 million people are watching the TV show.

TURNER: All this is good news for Bill Hagerty, Tennessee`s commissioner for economic and community development.


TURNER: Locals, who were initially weary of the production, now laud the series for its realistic portrayal of Nashville and its residents.

HAGERTY: They got into our DNA.

NICHOLS: People could be really turned off by a mistreatment. And too many hay bales and too many cowboy hats. We`re not just country music city. We`re really music city.


HAMMER: If you`re not watching the show, start. That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Nischelle Turner. "Nashville" definitely must-see TV for me, but I have got to shine the spotlight on another amazing performance tonight. It`s today`s SHOWBIZ Awesomeness, where we pick the most awesome moment of the day.


HAMMER: You don`t want to miss this phenomenal duet next, the song and story behind tonight`s SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, on HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness, where we name the most awesome SHOWBIZ moment of the day. And today, we`re putting the spotlight on an amazing duet. It features an elementary school chorus and its older brother choir. Here is Staten Island, New York`s PS-22 chorus and Ithacappella with their rendition of "Don`t You Worry Child" by Swedish House Mafia.


HAMMER: Now that was truly awesome. So much talent in that room.

Changing gears now, former boyfriend of accused killer Jodi Arias is speaking out, explaining why he isn`t surprised that she`s on trial for murder. "DR. DREW" starts right now.