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Presidential Inauguration: The Inaugural Balls

Aired January 21, 2013 - 21:00   ET



ANNOUNCER: Joining the first couple are Staff Sergeant Bria Nelson and Gunnery Sergeant Timothy Easterly.


ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: And there you see Michelle Obama for the first time. Looking amazing in red. A lot of folks trying to figure out who the designer is. We don't yet know exactly who the designer is, but I imagine we will very quickly. A lot of folks making phone calls right now, I can tell you that, to find out.

President Obama speaking to troops in Kandahar who could not be at the Commander-in-Chief's ball, and here the first couple will also go to the inaugural ball downstairs in the same complex with some tens of thousands of people, I think about 30,000 or so people are in attendance, waiting eager to see the first couple do their first dance at the inaugural ball.

Sally Quinn, you've been watching along. Do you like what you saw?

SALLY QUINN, COLUMNIST, THE WASHINGTON POST: I like the dress very much. It's very understated. The design of it is very understated, but she's been wearing quite somber colors over the last few days. Navies and dark colors, and it seemed that she was making a statement. And so when she comes out in the bright red, it's sort of like, here I am, you know?

I think -- you know, I think it's not quite what I would have expected. I thought that she might wear something that had sort of flowing chiffon, you know, sort of a Diana Ross kind of fairy princess thing. Yes.


MARGARET HOOVER, REPUBLICAN CONSULTANT: I know. Another hand. Exactly right. Michelle Obama is known for her extraordinarily cut arms.


HOOVER: And of course -- yes, showing off the arms, I think the red was beautiful.

QUINN: Yes. HOOVER: It was a bit -- has a texture of chiffon in the sense that it was very flowing --

QUINN: Right. Right. Yes.

HOOVER: -- gown. I thought it was quite lovely. I --

QUINN: She -- she always looks good in dresses that flow. You know?

COOPER: I think -- you know, we got Alina Cho joining us now.

Alina, do you know who the designer was on that?

ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, I do. I do, I do, Anderson. I'm just on the phone now with the PR representative for Jason Wu. And can you tell me about the gown? And tell me -- hi, Anne, it's Alina Cho from CNN. OK.

She's sending me a description of the gown right now, but as you saw, it is Jason Wu. This is -- Anderson, I have to tell you, I'm shocked. This is remarkable. That four years later, she would choose Jason Wu again. She looked radiant in that red gown. I have been speaking, as you might imagine, to many designers about this. And what is interesting is actually when I was putting my piece together and talking about the process of selecting the gown, I, of course, naturally reached out to Jason Wu personally and to his representatives.

And I was told in no uncertain terms that this time around, Jason actually didn't want to speak about the process and what it has meant to him. And so I guess now we know why. It is an extraordinary decision on the first lady's part. A little surprising, I have to say, but as always, the first lady does look beautiful. And I have to say, as a woman who has bangs, I like the new haircut as well.


COOPER: Well, Alina, it's interesting because you did interview Jason recently. And my understanding is that the first lady has as many as 15 dresses to choose from. Four years ago when she wore Jason Wu outfit, I think it was a -- a white dress. You -- as Jason told you he didn't know that she was going to wear it, and he ended up kind of screaming when he saw it on the TV, kind of running around his apartment in excitement. And it really made a huge difference in his business.

CHO: It most certainly did, and you can bet that he's probably screaming in his apartment right now. I remember, actually, when I interviewed him shortly after, I think it was the day after she wore that gown, and he said, you know, I was inside my apartment eating a Domino's Pizza, and there she walked out in my white gown, and I was screaming, it's me, it's me. Can you believe it's me?

And, you know, it's that same level of surprise tonight. What a -- what a shock. Honestly, as someone who has covered fashion for a very long time, Anderson, I have to tell you, I really did think that she was going to give someone else a chance this time. But at the end of the day, she's a woman who wants to look and feel great on an important day in history, And so she chose the gown that made her feel that way. And that's why she came out tonight in Jason Wu.

COOPER: And in terms of his business, I mean, he's now -- he's designed furniture, he's designed, I think, stuff for Target, I saw in your piece, and really, both very kind of high fashion and also more fashion that's accessible.

CHO: He most certainly did. He did an extremely successful collection for Target. That was a one-shot deal, but it was extremely lucrative. There was a huge launch party in New York. It sold out immediately. He's done a collection of candles. He's designed furniture. He even did a collaboration for a camera.

And what is interesting about what Jason Wu has done, more than any other inaugural designer, is that he took advantage of the moment, and that is because Jason Wu was extremely savvy, business wise, he was surrounded by people who were very smart business wise, and also very savvy in social media.

And all of those things play into a designer's success these days. You look at some of the other designers who have designed inaugural gowns and outfits. Some of them, Anderson, are actually out of business now, and some of them had a big burst of fame and then faded away. Jason Wu is unique in that he really did take advantage of that moment.

COOPER: Well, it's certainly a huge evening for him, as it's been a very big day for Thom Browne who designed the dress and the coat worn by Michelle Obama earlier today. Thom Browne, probably more well known as a men's wear designer, but has been designing women's wear and certainly got a huge boost from the first lady today.

For that, Alina, appreciate it. I know you're going to get some specifics on the dress. We'll talk to you about that shortly.

Let's go back now to Erin and Piers.

ERIN BURNETT, CNN ANCHOR: Hey, you know, I think you can hear what Anderson is saying. You know, you get this huge opportunity if she wears your outfit. But If you're not GAP or J. Crew, if you're a a designer, a single named designer into an empire, like Jason Wu, successfully done, it's really hard.

PIERS MORGAN, CNN ANCHOR: Right. But here's what's happened today. Everyone was assuming she would choose somebody else. I don't know a woman in the world who would wear more than one designer at a huge event and everyone is going crazy for that dress like last time. If, in the back of their mind, going to thinking he's my guy, he's my -- he's my go-to designer.

And I think Princess Diana had her favorite, the Duchess of Cambridge had hers. Jackie Kennedy had hers. When they find somebody who makes then look sensational at an amazing event that go back. And I thought Mrs. Obama looked absolutely stunning in that red dress. I really did. What do you think?

JOE ZEE, ELLE MAGAZINE: I mean, I have to be honest, I'm surprised and not surprised. I'm surprised because I disagree with the fact that I think Mrs. Obama has really championed different designers by giving everybody an opportunity. I thought this was a great platform for her to really sort of debut a new name, but at the same time, Michelle always knew exactly what works for her, and she's doing it again.

MORGAN: There's only two inaugural balls.

ZEE: Yes.

MORGAN: They're only going to go to. And she's gone for the tried and tested and safe guy who has designed, again, I think, like last time, a stunning dress. And in the end, that's all that matters. We'll all be jabbering away for days about, well, she should have given someone else a chance. She knows, because she's smart about her fashion, every magazine cover in the world right now is switching to that red dress, and it's going to go down very, very well. I defy anyone to look at it and say that isn't a great choice.


ZEE: I think it's fantastic. I mean, it really enhanced every feature that she's known for, I mean, her arms, the cross halter.

BURNETT: Her shoulders --


ZEE: You know the -- absolutely. Her shoulders, her back.

BURNETT: Yes. Yes.

ZEE: And even that really sort of lightweight fabric with the chiffon overlay is really flattering. And I think the color was the bigger news for me.


ZEE: You know, it really is like a sign of optimism. It's really like it's a new era, it's a new term. I'm coming out here and it's going to be like a ray of light.

MORGAN: And Jennifer Hudson singing "Let's Stay Together" which was of course the great Al Green song that Barack Obama sang in the election campaign so brilliantly. I could see him there just mouthing the words again, getting in the groove.



MORGAN: He's -- he loves that stuff, and Al Green, Al Green (INAUDIBLE) rocked his world tonight, as well Jennifer Hudson. It's big business, I mean, Jason Wu is going to be facing cha-ching after this because he's got the advantage today, the upper ring and the lower ring. He got the clothes in Target and the higher end as well.

ZEE: Absolutely.

MORGAN: And he's going to be making a lot of dresses like that and a lot of money.

ZEE: Absolutely.

MORGAN: And well done. Good luck to him.

BURNETT: He's made the transition, also, from ready to wear for work, things like that.

ZEE: Absolutely.

BURNETT: To dresses to the knee. I mean --

ZEE: I think what he's really done is capitalize on this entire opportunity and done it in a way without really selling out.

BURNETT: And now I know that you couldn't see, everybody, her shoes, but she wore Jimmy Choo.


ZEE: She did wear Jimmy Choo.

BURNETT: Which she has become a go-to and it's known as a very sexy shoe that you can wear and walk in.

MORGAN: Jimmy -- Jimmy Choo, best shoe maker in the world, in my opinion.


MORGAN: As a man -- as a man --

BURNETT: As a man who dresses in Jimmy Choo (INAUDIBLE)?

MORGAN: No, it's better than that. As a man who regularly buys Jimmy Choo, because I appreciate female, too.


MORGAN: Jimmy Choo --

BURNETT: Oh, lord.

MORGAN: He's the best in the world right now, another great choice.


ZEE: I agree with you. And Jimmy Choo get to chose for the first time around as well. So she's really sticking to something that's her.


ZEE: But I have to say, what I love was the stack bracelets on her arm. And if you look at it, she's been doing that a lot lately. And --

MORGAN: And by the way, the president wore the same tuxedo as last time, and no one is saying he's wearing the same tuxedo.

BURNETT: You know what? Who cares what he wears?


All right, thanks very much, Joe Zee.

ZEE: Thanks.

BURNETT: The creative director for "Elle" magazine.

Anderson, we'll send it back to you.

COOPER: I'm also told, I'm just reading a pool report actually, they actually put it on a pool report from the White House on what the first lady wore. It was a ruby colored chiffon and velvet gown with a handmade diamond embellished ring by jewelry designer named Kimberly McDonald.

As Erin said, she's wearing Jimmy Choo shoes and all of these will go or the dress will go to the National Archives after this evening. So a lot of disappointed designers and one very happy designer tonight.

VAN JONES, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: I mean, I have to say, I mean, this is somebody who just really believes in the underdog. That's certainly a very nice dress, it's a beautiful dress. People know more about dresses than I do, but I don't think it's such a great dress that the other dozen people shouldn't have had a shot.

BELCHER: Man, you're getting yourself in trouble.


COOPER: Van, why -- Van, why are you even going there?


BELCHER: Thanks a lot, Van. A lot.

COOPER: First --

JONES: I've got to tell you --



JONES: Give somebody else a chance. That's all I'm saying.

COOPER: First, though, Van, the fact that you say it's a nice dress.

JONES: Right. I know. I know. Right there.


COOPER: It cuts your (INAUDIBLE) right there. I mean --

JONES: It's a fabulous dress.

QUINN: You can wait for a couple of days before you say that.

COOPER: It was bad enough Piers Morgan talking about how great Jimmy Choo shoes are.

QUINN: Right.


COOPER: Revealing a side to him we never knew about.



QUINN: How do you feel about Jimmy Choo shoes?

JONES: Well, I -- I just -- I was --

HOOVER: Not the underdog.

JONES: I was excited about these underdog designers.

COOPER: He was hoping for Louis Vuitton.


JONES: For instance -- for instance -- anyway.

COOPER: All right. We -- we're going to see --

QUINN: And Anderson?


QUINN: It's Louis Vuitton.

COOPER: Whatever. I'm sorry.


Yes. I know.

BELCHER: Red bottoms. In the hood, we call them red bottoms.

COOPER: Yes, OK. Yes, exactly. I know they're very pricey. I really don't know much more about it than that.

We're going to take a quick break. We're going to see more of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as they attend the next ball momentarily, but we'll take a quick break before that. We'll be right back.


COOPER: Chris Cornell performing at the Commander-in-Chief ball. Let's listen for a moment.


CHRIS CORNELL, SINGER: Thank you so much.

COOPER: We anticipate Vice President Biden appearing at the Commander-in-Chief's Ball very, very soon. And also President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama appearing at the Inaugural Ball which is in the same complex as the Commander-in-Chief Ball. There is -- let's tune in to another performance. Right here.


NATE RUESS, FUN: Thank you.

COOPER: That was the band Fun, performing at the Inaugural Ball. We expect to see President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama really at any moment as well as Vice President Biden at the Commander-in-Chief Ball. We'll show them to you both, probably in a split screen.

JONES: That's my son's favorite band.

COOPER: Is that right?



JONES: That's a good band.

COOPER: Anything more you want to say about Michelle Obama?


JONES: Underdogs unite. That's all I have to say. That's all I have to say.

HOOVER: She did, in selecting Jason Wu, is really solidifying his claim now. I mean, he's -- he is no one-hit wonder.

COOPER: Fair enough.

HOOVER: He is now a two-timer and he's leveraged with the success he had with the first inaugural ball.

COOPER: Yes. HOOVER: He has a Target line, a couture line, and now he will have two dresses in the Obama presidential library. A big deal. And extraordinary.

JONES: I will -- that is true. It's a success story.

BELCHER: Van, are you still talking?


COOPER: Van, just please stop, seriously.

QUINN: Well, I'd like to say something about the Commander-in-Chief Ball because there's all of this extolling of the military and the sacrifice and all of that. But the downside, the dark side of this is that more people were killed by suicide this year, died by suicide, than were killed in combat. And when the veterans come home, they are not treated well. They're not taken care of. They're not supported by the community. And I think this is a big issue.

COOPER: And there's the first couple at the Inaugural Ball. Let's listen in.

ANNOUNCER: And now, please welcome, Grammy and Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson.



MORGAN: Amazing moment there with the president of the United States and the first lady, Barack and Michelle Obama, coming into this absolutely, hard to describe how big this place is. Must be 40,000 people here going absolutely crackers for their president and first lady.

I don't know about you, Erin, but that was a spine-tingling thing.


MORGAN: I was also struck by the number of cameras. It was like everyone turned into a paparazzi. Everyone was videoing it.


MORGAN: I was videoing it. I have no idea what I was going to do with that video but I wanted to be a part of history.

Jennifer Hudson, too, looked absolutely amazing.

BURNETT: Stunning.

MORGAN: Sang beautifully, singing, the president, we know he loves Al Green. Know he loves "Let's Stay Together." Sang it himself. I thought that was a magical, magical moment. BURNETT: It was. And I have to say, for -- you know, all of you watching at home, you know, the president -- in the old days, they come to a ball and there's some the TV cameras. And -- I mean, this is the -- this is 40,000 people are here, they say it could be that many but it's certainly we've got to be near that.

MORGAN: Feels like it. Yes. Yes.

BURNETT: And you're up there on the stage and you're dancing.




BURNETT: For an entire song, alone. It's not like the first dance at your wedding.


MORGAN: I danced at my wedding in front of 52 people.

BURNETT: Staring at 40,000 people are sitting there with their screens up and you have to get through the whole song.


So you're thinking, they're probably whispering in each other's ears like, OK.

MORGAN: Well, you got -- you got married a few weeks ago. How many were watching your first dance?

BURNETT: We did it, we did kind of like --

MORGAN: First boogey --


MORGAN: Well, you're now you're going to go and see Vice President Joe Biden. He's upstairs on the Commander-in-Chief's Ball. He just arrived there with his lovely wife.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ladies and gentlemen, Oscar and Grammy winner Jamie Foxx.


JAMIE FOXX, SINGER: Please make some noise for an incredible day today, please.


Now I'm sure after this wonderful day today, you will probably whisper in your wife's ear something like -- (PERFORMANCE BY JAMIE FOXX)




MORGAN: Some great scenes there of the vice president and Jill Biden being serenaded by Jamie Foxx.

I have an even more exciting moment here. We have been joined by Chris Tucker, who has for the last five minutes been dancing to Michael Jackson and getting the whole crowd around us going absolutely crazy. This guy knows how to dance. He can't really move, but it's not stopping you, is it? Welcome, Chris.

CHRIS TUCKER, ACTOR: Thank you, Piers. I can't hear nothing.

MORGAN: The moment you heard Michael Jackson, we lost you for the moment.

TUCKER: That's my favorite. You put Michael on, I am dancing. I don't know how to control myself.

MORGAN: What did you make of the moment when the president and the First Lady were dancing there to Jennifer Hudson? I was getting goose bumps here. How did you feel?

TUCKER: I cannot hear, Piers, at all. It's so loud here. But I think you said something about the president. It was amazing to see him up there and Jennifer up there singing. It was magical. I'm here with my mama. It's a great night.

MORGAN: What does it mean to you? It's Martin Luther King Day today. The president, a black president being re-elected, second inauguration. What does that mean to you?

TUCKER: It's amazing. You know, it's Martin Luther King's holiday. And you know, it's incredible. I can hear it now. I got to turn it down.


TUCKER: I can hear everybody now. I don't know if I can hear that good after this. It's unbelievable. I went to the memorial yesterday, the Martin Luther King Memorial. I was with so many great people, Dick Gregory, sitting beside Dick Gregory. And it was incredible.

And today was just magical. It was magical because I felt the dream that our forefathers -- when they dreamed up the hope and freedom, I felt it. Every time you're in the Capitol, on the grass, you think about in the 1800s, they were doing the same thing. It's amazing.

MORGAN: It doesn't actually matter, I don't think, if you're a Democrat or a Republican or an independent, on this day, for two reasons, Martin Luther King and Barack Obama, the president of the United States. It's a great day to celebrate being an American and the democratic system which has allowed Barack Obama to be re-elected, African-American man. It would have been almost unthinkable when Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968. But it has come true. His dream has come true.

TUCKER: Yes. Freedom is so important. And this country is all about freedom. That's why everybody wants to come here and live in America. And it was -- today, you felt that. You felt the dream and the hope and the people. That's what makes America so great. It's wonderful.


MORGAN: Keep dancing. The fans are loving you moving.

TUCKER: Thanks, Piers. Come dance with me later.

MORGAN: I will.


BURNETT: This is sort of like getting audio enema. You can feel it in your entire body. An audio enema. It's in your whole body.


BURNETT: Wow, on this lovely note, we will take a brief break.

MORGAN: Anderson Cooper, eat your heart out.

TUCKER: Let's do a dance.



JOHN ROBERTS, CHIEF JUSTICE OF THE SUPREME COURT: I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear.

OBAMA: I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear.

ROBERTS: That I will faithfully execute.

OBAMA: That I will faithfully execute.

ROBERTS: The office of the president of the United States.

OBAMA: The office of the president of the United States.

ROBERTS: And will, to the best of my ability --

OBAMA: And will, to the best of my ability --

ROBERTS: Preserve, protect and defend --

OBAMA: Preserve, protect and defend --

ROBERTS: -- the Constitution of the United States.

OBAMA: -- the Constitution of the United States.

ROBERTS: So help you, God?

OBAMA: So help me, God.

ROBERTS: Congratulations, Mr. President.



COOPER: The public swearing in ceremony earlier today, the fourth time President Obama has been sworn in to -- over the last four years -- four and a half years or so.

Let's bring in our panel, Van Jones, Sally Quinn, Margaret Hoover and also Cornell Belcher. It is really remarkable just to see them interact as a family, all throughout the day, with their kids, with Mrs. Robinson, Michelle Obama's mom, with her brother, and just the first couple, to see them interacting out on the dance floor.

For -- there are those critics who say they try to paint them as elitist and what not, but this is a couple which seems very accessible to many Americans.

CORNELL BELCHER, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: One of the things we picked up on focus groups, way back early, back in this sort of organic -- when we start talking about their relationship and how they sort of loved each other and how it was a partnership, and that was something that really helped draw women in. It was really important to their brand, that strong family, to black women, Hispanic women, also white women.

But the ideal of them being a strong family, a woman being a strong woman, a partner with the president, really drew in a lot of voters, especially women voters.

COOPER: It's clear that they make a lot of time in the White House to preserve and protect that family. I mean, the fact they're trying to eat dinner together every night, the fact they really try to spend time --

BELCHER: And some people beat up on them because the president doesn't schmooze enough because he's home with his family.

SALLY QUINN, "THE WASHINGTON POST": You see the two of them together, and from a woman's point of view, he really loves her. And that's a big deal, you know? When you look back at some of the other presidents, yeah, they don't. You see the Bidens, and they clearly love each other.

And they have -- they interact with each other in a way that you don't -- when I look back at the Nixons, for instance, you didn't get that feeling from them.


MARGARET HOOVER, REPUBLICAN STRATEGIST: You had it from the Reagans, clearly.

QUINN: You had it from the Reagans, but you didn't have the family thing. You see, the kids were always a problem.


QUINN: This one -- with the Obamas, you've got it all. You have a really healthy family. They stick together. They love each other. The mother is there. I mean, it's all --

VAN JONES, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: It's the Huxtables in the White House.

QUINN: Yes, it is.

HOOVER: I thought one of the things that was extraordinary today was looking at Sasha and Malia. Because they have done such a good job of sheltering them from the press, these girls have grown up. And you got a sense of their personalities. Sasha was the fun one and Malia was sort of more reserved, I felt like channeled her father a little bit more.

Sasha was playing around. It was fun. We'll see them grow up a little more.

MORGAN: Stevie Wonder is going to be performing very quickly. We want to show you that. So we're going to take a quick break and then we'll bring you Stevie Wonder performing live.

Plus, an exclusive, CNN has just received the first sketch, the first draft of Michelle Obama's dress, directly from Jason Wu. But first, Beyonce performing the National Anthem as we go to break.




BURNETT: All right, we want to bring in Alina Cho and Joe Zee, the creative director for "Elle. Alina, I know that you managed to get your hands on an exclusive drawing, one of the drawings that Jason Wu did as he made the dress for Michelle. Tell us about it.

ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: First of all, I have to tell you, it just took my breath away, this choice of Jason Wu to -- for Michelle Obama to choose Jason Wu again for this important moment in history. Wow, what a shock to the fashion world.

That is your very first look at the sketch that Jason Wu made of Michelle Obama's inaugural gown. If you cannot read the writing, I'll walk you through it here, top to bottom. "Gold embellished ring." As we have heard and seen from the notes, this was a diamond handmade ring by jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald, obviously used for the gown there, right at the top, at the halter portion. A draped chiffon with texture, red dye to match duchess satin belt and column skirt.

And as you can see there on the bottom, signed by Jason Wu. Really extraordinary. You know, when she walked out on that stage, I don't know how long President Obama's speech was beforehand, but it seemed like a very, very 10 to 15 minutes as the world was really waiting to watch Michelle Obama emerge, as he likes to call her, of course, his better half.

Boy, did she look spectacular tonight. This was a gown that was a mix of chiffon and velvet. Keeping in line, really, with the type of styles that she likes to wear for these occasions, fitted at the waist, obviously baring those famous First Lady arms, and a halter design, which she has worn before, most notably in London in a beautiful white gown similar in style that I believe was designed by Tom Ford.

What a moment. What a moment for Jason Wu. What a moment for American designers.

BURNETT: Pretty amazing. And Joe, let me ask you, because I know the Bidens are going to be coming here to this ball any second now. Jill Biden today had on -- what do you think of her outfit? Her dress this afternoon was rather beautiful.

JOE ZEE, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, "ELLE": I have to say, she's sort of the forgotten one in all this melee, but she looked beautiful in that Leo Rose (ph) outfit. I thought the coat was stunning. It was very elegant. The dress was beautiful. And I thought she looked fantastic.

MORGAN: By the way, have you ever known anybody to walk a room like Joe Biden?


MORGAN: He loves it. He's been up there giving them the whole thing. I love Joe Biden. I think he brings some character to the vice presidency.

BURNETT: Well, Piers, we were saying, you know how difficult it is to dance in front of 35,000 people when it's just you? Joe Biden goes, this is my big moment.

MORGAN: Chris Tucker and I were dancing to Michael Jackson to millions, just now. I know how he feels. His moves are better than me.

Put into context now the importance Jason Wu, Jimmy Chu, all the others. When they wake up tomorrow, the cash registers will be ringing. The orders will be coming in. Are they all geared up and ready to go? ZEE: I think they have to be ready to go. I think Jason is a specific case, because he dressed Michelle the first time around. And doing it again, he sort of is in American history. He became her sort of official designer of choice. And I think that's a really big title to take on. He has the world at his hands.

BURNETT: Thank you very much. Obviously we'll see it. It is a custom made dress. How quickly will he make it and the knock-offs?

MORGAN: I reckon he already has them made. Don't worry.

BURNETT: All right, we're going to take a brief break. We're expecting the vice president here in a moment.


MORGAN: -- amazing night, I think.

BURNETT: It has been a fun night and we couldn't even drink.

MORGAN: Absolutely. We will be very, very soon. But we go to Brooke Baldwin now, who is with a serviceman, I believe.

BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Hey, guys, the crowd is amazing. But I wanted to make sure I was getting in the crowd and I wanted to talk to people who were at this ball and why they wanted to stand in line and why they wanted to get tickets to be here tonight.

And I found someone who really appreciated the slow dance between the president and the First Lady, Lieutenant Colonel Curtis Hopkins. Good to see you, sir.

LT. COL. CURTIS HOPKINS, US ARMY: Good to see you too.

BALDWIN: So Lt. Col Hopkins here is based in Hampton Roads, Virginia. So you didn't have to travel too far to get here. What did you think of the slow dance?

HOPKINS: The slow dance was awesome. The dress was awesome as well.

BALDWIN: This is inaugural ball number two for you.

HOPKINS: Yes, it is.

BALDWIN: For people at home and they're watching and they're listening, how do you explain?

HOPKINS: Oh gosh, it is an awesome feeling. The energy is high. It's a great time. You should be here. Next year, the next four years, you need to come and be a part of it.

BALDWIN: Forgive me. Here's the president and the First Lady at another ball. Let's watch.


ANNOUNCER: Now please welcome Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson.


MORGAN: We're going to go live now. This is the moment of the night for me, the one and only, the great, my favorite singer, Stevie Wonder. Take it away.