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Face Used for Manti Te`o Hoax Speaks Out; First Lady Fashion Secrets; Hollywood and Scientology; Controversy Over Youngest Oscar Nominee; Top 5 Buzzmakers of the Day; Sex-Themed Movies at Sundance

Aired January 22, 2013 - 23:00   ET



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And why do people do these things like this? I don`t know. Why do you we anything? We`re going to tie you up and we`re going to spank you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Because it feels good.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Porn Dance? Well, that`s what some people are actually calling the Sundance Film Festival this year. So many big stars are making sexually graphic movies. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is on location at Sundance, where everyone`s asking has Hollywood gone too far this time?

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And we begin with our first big SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. The top three incredible secrets revealed today.

Kicking off the countdown at No. 3, the face of the Manti Te`o dating hoax revealed. Yes, today for the first time we finally got to hear from the woman who the Notre Dame football star believed was his online girlfriend who died from leukemia.


DIANE O`MEARA, PHOTO USED IN HOAX: I`ve never met Manti Te`o in my entire life. I`ve never spoken with him. I`ve never exchanged words, tweets.


HAMMER: It`s just so crazy.

That woman`s name is actually Diane O`Meara. And this morning on "The Today Show," she talked about how she and Te`o were both victims of an elaborate hoax.

Well, digging into this with me tonight is "Inside Edition" correspondent Megan Alexander, who is in New York, and Syleena Johnson is in Atlanta, starring in TV-1`s "R&B Divas".

So whenever Manti Te`o communicated on Twitter with the made-up woman, he saw a picture. And today Diane O`Meara revealed was that it was actually a picture of her. Imagine that.

She claims it was taken from her Facebook page by an old high-school classmate of hers, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, who is the guy accused of creating this whole hoax. Megan, I`ve got to tell you, I think it is time this guy comes out of hiding and explains what really happened here. I mean, enough already.

MEGAN ALEXANDER, CORRESPONDENT, "INSIDE EDITION": Oh, yes. He is the puzzle piece that we need to put this puzzle together. I think even more confusing is how to say his name, Tuiasosopo. I was saying it all day today. I don`t even know if I`ve still got it right.

But A.J., you know, in different interviews, Manti says at one point he never met this woman. And then in other interviews, at one point they did meet and go on a vacation together. Things continue to just not add up here.

Manti Te`o has spoken. This woman now spoken, saying that she`s never met him. Tuiasosopo, the missing link. We have to hear from him.

HAMMER: Right. And Manti Te`o says he`s heard from Tuiasosopo saying that he`s called Manti to apologize. This morning on "The Today Show," Diane O`Meara revealed that he also called her. Let`s watch this.


O`MEARA: Ronaiah has called and not only confessed, but he has also apologized. But I don`t think there`s anything he could say to me that would fix this.


HAMMER: OK. Syleena, I want you to put yourself in this woman`s shoes for a moment. And I think a lot of people have in the course of this story busting out. How would you feel if something like this happened to you? I mean, it is so despicable.

SYLEENA JOHNSON, "R&B DIVAS": It`s just ridiculous. I mean -- you know, you think that the social media would be used for a positive, you know, outlet. But it`s just -- it`s just gotten ridiculous. I mean, from bullying to now escalating to this. Like, how are you just going to take somebody`s life and just put two people together that don`t even know each other? That`s crazy.

HAMMER: Yes, and the truth is, OK, so this is going on now. Where is it all going? Because I think social media, like life, will just get more and more confusing. And more things like this will tend to happen.

But Manti Te`o will finally be doing his first TV interview on Thursday with Katie Couric. Megan, I`m thinking there is no way he walks away from this unscathed. Right? I mean, he`ll always have his doubters, no matter what really happened.

ALEXANDER: Absolutely. And we need to hear quite a few things in this interview that`s coming up with Katie Couric. I hope she asks those hard- hitting questions, A.J., in terms of what is the real story. Did you ever meet her; did you not; why did you ever say you did? We need to put all those pieces together.

And A.J., the other story here is the glorified world of college sports. And why the media never fact-checked this story.

HAMMER: It is stunning. It`s amazing. And it`s going to be very interesting to see what she asks and what he actually spills.

But we move now from one secret identity revealed to another big secret revealed about first ladies` gorgeous fashion choices on Inauguration Day.

Look at her, come on. This is No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown, the lady in red. It turns out that designer Jason Wu created Michelle Obama`s jaw- dropping red inaugural dress. And CNN`s Alina Cho just found out some pretty big secrets about that dress from Jason Wu, including why he chose red. Watch.


JASON WU, FASHION DESIGNER: I had Mrs. Obama in mind. You can`t think about everything else. You start second guessing yourself. My first image was red. I feel like red was so confident. And it was -- you know, it`s commanding. And it`s beautiful and passionate. And all those things describe Michelle Obama.


COOPER: Yes, they do. I couldn`t agree with Jason any more. Syleena, I mean, I thought the First Lady looked amazing in red. Can anybody even question that today?

JOHNSON: No. Absolutely not. The fact that Michelle Obama is so statuesque and so tall and beautiful, I pretty much think she can pull off any kind of dress in any color. But the red is so beautiful. And like he said, it`s confident, it`s demanding, and it`s romantic. And, you know, that`s the first thing that we think about when we think of the -- you know, the president and his wife: romance. They`re always eluding (ph) so much romance.

HAMMER: Yes. And that makes sense. But what Jason said made sense, but red, let`s face it, still a pretty bold and daring choice, Megan. Were you surprised that that`s the choice she went with?

ALEXANDER: No, because this First Lady has never been afraid to take fashion risks. She`s had so much fun with her wardrobe. And I think every woman can relate to her in terms of her trying new things and seeming not to care.

She gave an interview, A.J., earlier in the week and said that she didn`t even know what dress she was going to wear. She`d probably make that decision a few hours before. Because she said, "I`ll have to see what the weather`s like, how I`m feeling."

So relaxed about it. You know, the president said it best. You may not agree with his politics, but like Laura Bush, everyone feels Michelle Obama is an excellent First Lady.

HAMMER: Of course. And I have to tell you, running into Jason today here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT world headquarters in New York you could tell the guy is simply on cloud nine right now. And he`s not the only designer today who`s feeling that way, because we`ve also learned that Thom Browne designed her stunning coat.

He told Alina Cho how men`s silk ties had a lot to do with that look. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I had an idea that the president would be wearing navy so I wanted to do something that would -- that she would look good with him. And I chose a dark navy fabric which is actually a silk jacquard fabric that I have used in my men`s collection.


COOPER: You never know where inspiration is going to come from.

The First Lady, of course, also added a belt from J. Crew. But I`m sorry to report, you can`t buy it. I actually love that J. Crew is doing this. They`re retiring everything the first family wore for the inauguration out of respect to them.

Syleena, you have Thom Browne. You have Jason Wu. You have J. Crew, all American designers, of course. All very accessible. I think -- and I don`t think anybody can dispute this -- Michelle Obama has really raised the bar for how future first ladies should choose their clothes, hasn`t she?

JOHNSON: Yes, she absolutely has. And like Megan says, she`s just a style icon. She`s not afraid to -- you know, to push the envelope.

And at the end of the day I know that she`s the First Lady. But she`s also a woman. And she`s young and beautiful. And I mean, while she`s not young, young, but she`s young enough. And it`s OK for her to dress as such. And she looks so professional still but classy. And I think that most women -- you know, I think that we like to see that.

HAMMER: And I think that is a bipartisan opinion today. That leaves us at No. 1 of our countdown. I got to tell you, the new book that claims to blow the lid off scientology and shocking connections to celebrities is making big buzz today. So do not go anywhere. Because I am about to reveal some very big secrets about that.

Well, Beyonce certainly stole the show at President Obama`s inauguration, right?


BEYONCE, SINGER (SINGING): Oh does that star spangled banner yet wave


HAMMER: Well, Beyonce certainly stole the show at President Obama`s inauguration, right? Who wouldn`t love that version of the national anthem, right?

But tonight new reports claim Beyonce`s show-stopper may have been prerecorded. That`s right.

Also my favorite part, inaugural photo bombs. President Clinton checking out Kelly Clarkson, Malia Obama, photo bombing her little sister. And now Michelle Obama`s now-famous eye roll at John Boehner. Wait until you see this as we count down the biggest buzz makers of the day.

But who will take the top spot?



HAMMER: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the top three SHOWBIZ secrets revealed today. And coming in at No. 3 the woman who unwittingly became the face of Manti Te`o`s fake girlfriend speaks out. Diane O`Meara reveals that she`s the victim of scandal carried out by a Facebook friend.

In at No. 2, First Lady fashion secrets. Michelle Obama`s designers, Jason Wu and Thom Browne, confess how they dressed the First Lady for Inauguration Day.

That takes us to No. 1 on our "SHOWBIZ Secrets Revealed." The brand-new book that claims to blow the lid off of scientology and its links to Hollywood. It`s called "Going Clear." That`s a scientology reference, and it takes on some of the biggest names in Hollywood and their deep connections to the controversial religion. Here`s CNN`s Miguel Marquez for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You are a being, an intelligence, a consciousness.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: "Going clear" in scientology is reaching a higher level of consciousness and clearing oneself of past subconscious events. Scientologists believe going clear gives them access to a life force, and they become what they call OTs, or operating Thetans.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You have a body. You have a mind. You are a Thetan.

MARQUEZ: Lawrence Wright, in his new book "Going Clear: Scientology, Hollywood and the Prison of Belief," the author puts scientology and its status as a religion under a microscope.

Among other things, Wright focuses on scientology`s obsession with celebrity, through its most famous defector, writer/director Paul Haggis. He won two Oscars for his film "Crash." Haggis says he left the church after his daughter`s coming out as lesbian forced him to take a hard look at scientology. He discovered accounts on anti-scientologist Web sites about children working for hours on end. This from NBC`s "Rock Center."

PAUL HAGGIS, FILM DIRECTOR: This horrible treatment these kids had. Terrible. I mean, to work so often and all day long in these terrible conditions. (EXPLETIVE DELETED) them for that. Yes. They should be taken down for that.

MARQUEZ: In a statement the church says it "diligently followed and continues to follow all child labor laws in every state or country in which it operates." The church says complaints about children being forced to perform chores for long hours are unfounded.

In Wright`s book, Haggis said he found himself in trouble with the church when he crossed its biggest celebrity, Tom Cruise, who had worked for years to recruit director Steven Spielberg into the church. Haggis says Cruise blamed him for foiling his efforts.

The book delves into the tight relationship between Cruise and David Miscavige, the organization`s leader. In 2004, Miscavige awarded the actor scientology`s Freedom Medal of Valor.

TOM CRUISE, ACTOR: These are the times, now people. OK? These are the times we will all remember. Were you there? What did you do?

MARQUEZ: Karen Presley worked in Hollywood`s Celebrity Center in the 1980s and was part of scientology`s vanguard or Sea Org.

KAREN PRESLEY, FORMER SCIENTOLOGIST: When David Miscavige took over the leadership of the church, he decided to focus on celebrities, because the name of scientology had lost so much power. He felt that bringing big names into scientology was the way to build credibility back.

MARQUEZ: Before Cruise, John Travolta was scientology`s biggest star. Joining the church before his breakout role as Vinny Barbarino...

JOHN TRAVOLTA, ACTOR: You made that up.

MARQUEZ: ... in the 1970s sit-com, "Welcome Back Kotter."

Researching and writing the book over three years, Wright found Travolta had a troubled relationship with the church, threatening to be outed as gay if he didn`t fall into line. In the book, Miscavige is quoted as using a gay slur when speaking privately of Travolta. The church calls that a scurrilous lie from an unreliable source. Travolta has never publicly addressed his sexual orientation. been married to Kelly Preston since 1991.

The church`s lawyer told CNN it adamantly denies it has or would ever disclose or threaten to disclose a member`s private information. But Presley says she experienced Miscavige`s abuse herself. She left the church in 1998 after being deemed S.P., or suppressive person. She says she had been sent for punishment in 1990 at the church`s sprawling Gold Base in the desert east of Los Angeles.

PRESLEY: We were made to do hard labor half of every day. And then the other half of the day we were spent on our rehabilitation program. Where we were to confront our treasonous actions to scientology.

MARQUEZ: In a statement the church says the rehabilitation workforce is a completely voluntary program of spiritual rehabilitation and the claims of abuse while participating in the program are false. It even included a waiver that Karen Presley, then Karen Schless (ph), signed in 1990, indicating she entered the program voluntarily. She told CNN she signed the document under duress.

Wright follows Miscavige`s rise to scientology`s top spot after the death of its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, in 1986. Miscavige is portrayed as a ruthless and cruel leader, at times using physical violence to get his way and punish subordinates. Claims again church leaders vigorously denied in the book and to CNN in 2009.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The allegations are absolutely untrue. There was nothing of the sort as they`re describing by Mr. Miscavige.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Never kicked somebody? Never punched somebody? Never strangled somebody?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No, never. Never, never, never.

MARQUEZ: The Church of Scientology says Wright`s book is "full of many mistakes, unfounded statements, and utterly false facts. It is infused with religious bigotry." The church says it is evaluating all its legal options. So far publishers in the U.K. and Canada have shied away from publishing the book.

The church has launched this Web site, a point-for-point rebuttal to each chapter. Still, sales are soaring. Today, "Going Clear" is in its second printing.


HAMMER: That was CNN`s Miguel Marquez.

And I do want to point out that the church told CNN that Paul Haggis [SIC] based his research on a small groupof ex-scientologists who had attended scientology boarding schools as children.

All right, I hope you`re ready, because I`m about ready to fire up a second jaw-dropping SHOWBIZ Countdown. It`s our amazing countdown of today`s "Biggest Buzz Makers," including Beyonce`s inaugural scandal.


BEYONCE (singing): Oh say does that star spangled banner yet wave?


HAMMER: Well, that rendition of the national anthem certainly had all of America cheering, but was Beyonce actually lip syncing? The brand-new claims Beyonce`s amazing anthem performance was recorded.

And TLC`s T-Boz has battled a brain tumor, foreclosure, and the death of her friend Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez. Well, now T-Boz is back with a new reality show. T-Box is right here tonight to reveal what her life is like now.




QUVENZHANE WALLIS, ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE: One day, the ground`s going to cede (ph), and the water`s going to rise up so high, ain`t going to be no bathtub. Just a whole bunch of water.


HAMMER: Such an amazing performance. There`s Quvenzhane Wallis, the youngest ever Oscar nominee for her performance in "Beasts of the Southern Wild." But at just nine years old, is Wallis too young to go head to head with some of the top actresses in Hollywood?

Well, we`re now just weeks away from Hollywood`s biggest awards night, but there is a brewing controversy about the Oscar`s youngest ever nominee. Is Wallis a one-hit wonder? And does she deserve a chance to take the stage and walk away with Oscar gold?

I want to bring in Thelma Adams. Thelma is a contributing editor to Yahoo! Movies, and she`s just written an explosive article about this secret controversy that is stirring among some of the other big Oscar nominees. Thelma joining me in New York tonight. So Thelma, you actually spoke with a current Oscar nominee who doesn`t think that Quvenzhane should qualify for a nomination at all. Why don`t they think that?

THELMA ADAMS, CONTRIBUTING EDITOR, YAHOO! MOVIES: Well, I was talking to an Oscar winner, actually, and they -- the main point is this: that acting takes a lot of craft and skill and time. And there`s nothing wrong. This is a lovely performance that Quvenzhane makes as Hush Puppy. There`s nothing wrong with this performance. But is it a Best Actress Oscar winner?

And when she got put in as a nominee, good-bye Rachel Weisz, good-bye Marion Cotillard, good-bye Keira Knightley. All these wonderful, experienced actresses got pushed out of the race.

HAMMER: But isn`t it based, as you say, on the actual performance? I finally just saw the movie the other night, and it is extraordinary. Even though it`s the first thing she`s ever been in, it is quite a performance. It`s not based on the person.

ADAMS: Well, it`s quite a performance. Is it acting is another question.

HAMMER: Got it.

ADAMS: I think that`s the controversy.

HAMMER: OK. And the director did go with a bunch of local non-pros to do this movie. So...

ADAMS: Right. Exactly. And that`s why it`s not in the SAG running, the Screen Actors Guild, because he used non-union.

HAMMER: OK. Well, that`s not the only controversy that`s brewing. There`s another one with nominee Jennifer Lawrence.

ADAMS: J. Law.

HAMMER: Just this weekend, yes, she had a little fun. She was taking pot shots at her fellow nominees, including Quvenzhane, on "Saturday Night Live." Let`s watch that.


JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: Jessica Chastain, more like Jessica Chas- ain`t-winning-no Oscar-on-my-watch. If it isn`t my friend Naomi Watts. You were in "The Impossible." You know what else is impossible? You beating me on Oscar night. It`s 9-year-old Quvenzhane Wallis. You think you can beat me? Whatchu talking about, Wallis? An 85-year-old French lady, yes. I think I can take you.


HAMMER: OK. All very funny.

ADAMS: Do you think it was funny?

HAMMER: I thought it was funny, Thelma, but do you think it was a mistake for Jennifer, who`s up for an Oscar?

ADAMS: Yes, you know what? The thing was I think the "Saturday Night Live" writers didn`t rise to the occasion. The jokes were not funny enough...


ADAMS: ... to really support her. I think that J. Law, as we`re calling her at Yahoo! Movies, I think she was totally game. But I wish the writing had been pushed up, bumped up a bit.

HAMMER: I actually wish that for the whole show on Saturday night. But that`s another story.

All right. Thelma Adams, I appreciate you being here. Thank you so much.

ADAMS: Sure.

HAMMER: I want you to get ready for this SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight, "Biggest Buzz Makers." We count down the day`s top five buzziest stories.

So will the inauguration photo bombs take the No. 1 spot? You know, everybody was getting in on the action. Bill Clinton checking out Kelly Clarkson. Michelle Obama seemingly giving shade to big-time Republican John Boehner. These are priceless.

But are they good enough to beat out Sheryl Crowe finally weighing in on Lance Armstrong`s doping allegation. Sheryl is speaking out for the first time about her ex and his scandal.

But which SHOWBIZ buzz maker will top the countdown?


And now for the "SHOWBIZ Buzz List." Here`s what SHOWBIZ staff is buzzing about this week.

We are following Kevin Bacon`s brand-new show, "The Following." It is a brilliant serial-killer thriller, and its premiere just slayed in the ratings.

Sundance isn`t even over, but we can`t wait for the Santa Barbara Film Festival. That starts on Thursday. It features even more than 200 film from nearly 50 countries.

Grammy alert. 2013 Grammy nominees album drops today. Twenty-two amazing hits from this year`s best artists. And I am just loving the track, in particular, from Adele and one of my favorites, Mumford and Sons.

Well, with all the attention Abe got with the movie, it is time to shift the focus to Mary Todd Lincoln and Mrs. Lincoln`s dress maker. A brand-new novel that takes a remarkable look at a woman`s rise from slavery.

And the season finale of "American Horror Story" on FX tomorrow.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You think he`s responsible for the deaths of at least five people.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Evil`s going to look right back at you.




BEYONCE (singing): Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave?


HAMMER: Right now, the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "Biggest Buzz Makers." Beyonce exposed. Did she really lip-sync her scene-stealing inaugural performance? Could the uproar over Beyonce be overshadowed by royal revelations tonight? Prince Harry speaks out about his brother`s baby news. That`s not all he`s revealing today, but what is the No. 1 buzz maker of the day?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and we are ready to count down the top five buzzmakers making big news today.

Kicking it off at No. 5 is this perhaps the first scandal of the new Obama administration? Beyonce`s lipsync-gate.


HAMMER: Oh, yes. Late today SHOWBIZ TONIGHT confirmed that Beyonce lip- synced that incredible rendition of the national anthem that we all heard yesterday at President Obama`s inauguration. The U.S. Marine Band tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that Beyonce decided at the last minute to use a prerecorded track. But no one seems to know why.

But we can also tell you that Kellie Clarkson apparently did not lip sync her performance of "My Country `tis of Thee" at the inauguration, at least that is what TMZ reported today.

Joining me from Hollywood tonight, I`m so happy to have actor, comedian Gary Owen here. You can see Gary co-hosting the upcoming TruTV video (INAUDIBLE) series "Upload" with Shaquille O`Neal. In Atlanta tonight, singer Syleena Johnson, who stars on TV One`s "R&B Divas."

Great having you both here. And look, it`s not as if Beyonce was trying to hide the fact that she was recording some kind of track for the big day. Look at this, a day before the inauguration, she was posting these pictures to Instagram, which apparently show her in the studio with the Marine Corps Band recording the national anthem. I`m OK with this, but Gary, what do you think? Is this lipsync-gate or are you fine with it too?

GARY OWEN, CO-HOST, TRU TV`S UPLOAD": It sounded good to me. It doesn`t really matter. I actually felt bad for the poet that went in between Kellie Clarkson and Beyonce. Because he had to be like, yes, I`m going to be at the inauguration. You got to be kidding me, between Kellie and Beyonce?

HAMMER: You know what?

OWEN: Sounded good to me.

HAMMER: You make a great point. And it just occurred to me. Could somebody please reach out to see if the poet was actually lip syncing or reading for (INAUDIBLE) today?

And also we should be clear it`s not the first time that an artist has used a recording for a big live performance. We know that this happens. In fact, it`s happened at the inauguration. Cellist Yo-Yo Ma and violinist Yitzhak Perlman did it back in `09 at President Obama`s inauguration. And for a good reason. You know, they were afraid that the cold weather might mess with their instruments. And of course, we all remember Whitney Houston`s rendition of the national anthem at the Super Bowl in 1991. It actually was a chart hit, also lip synced. So I`m guessing really the comparisons of Beyonce`s performance to Whitney`s make even more sense today. But Syleena, does it bother you at all that Beyonce lip synced?

JOHNSON: No. It doesn`t bother me. I think that it`s a very important event. And you want to make sure that it`s right. So I`m not mad at her. Hey, I would have lip synced too. Hey, look here. I wouldn`t have wanted to mess up. It`s a big event.

HAMMER: Can you imagine had something gone wrong, had there been some kind of a big technical or massive screwup, that`s all we would be talking about today.

JOHNSON: Absolutely.

HAMMER: So I think it`s better that we`re talking about this.


HAMMER: Let`s get to our No. 4 buzzmaker on our SHOWBIZ countdown, and it`s also stemming from the inauguration. Namely what is a massive epidemic, photo bombing. You know, you`ve done it. People inserting themselves into someone else`s picture. And I want to start with my favorite one. First lady Michelle Obama stealing the spotlight at the inaugural luncheon. Look at this. She was sitting between the president and House Speaker John Boehner. She unleashed an epic eye roll. Kind of looked like she was saying oh, please, what`s with you guys? Gary, what do you make of this eye roll seen around the world?

OWEN: I think Michelle is saying, "You lucky I`m the First Lady. Because if I was back in my roots in Chicago, and this is before me and Barack was married, you was going to get it."

HAMMER: Yes. I`m actually thinking she`s there figuring she can do anything she darn well pleases now. He`s been re-elected. She wouldn`t have done that four years ago, Syleena.

JOHNSON: Well, I think she kicked him under the table after the cameras went home.

HAMMER: That`s where they need to put a camera, actually, right?

JOHNSON: Yes. I think she kicked him, because she gave him a sister girl side eye. Very strict. And I`m from Chicago, so I recognize that side eye. It was very, don`t do it. It was very, don`t do it.

HAMMER: I have a feeling there were a lot of Democrats yesterday possibly secretly going, all right. There were some other inaugural photo bombs that went crazy viral today. I want to show you this one. It`s Malia Obama photobombing Sasha`s picture of their parents while watching the inaugural parade. That`s fantastic. And there`s this one that had everybody going and I want you to get your mind out of the gutter when I am telling you what`s happening here. We have former President Clinton checking out Kellie Clarkson as she grabs the mic to begin her performance.

Gary, I don`t know what he possibly could have been looking at.

OWEN: Hey, Kellie Clarkson`s thick. I`ve seen her in person, and Bill`s from the South. He`s from Arkansas. In the South, they like them thick.

HAMMER: Nice. Nice. Syleena, what do you think was going on there? That was a former president of the United States.

JOHNSON: Gary is out of control. And yes, he`s right.


JOHNSON: I think he was checking her out. I think -- it`s very sidish. I think he was checking her out. But I mean, he was probably just trying to see. I mean, somebody was in front of him. But you know, I`ve got to agree with Gary on this one.

HAMMER: Yeah, I didn`t happen to catch if Hillary was rolling her eyes in that particular photobomb situation, you know what I`m saying?

Well, Kellie, Beyonce, and Jennifer Hudson, some of the other superstars performers at the president`s inauguration. Four years ago, it was Sheryl Crow.

And Sheryl is no. 3 on our buzzmaker countdown tonight because she`s finally speaking out on the doping confession of her ex-fiance Lance Armstrong. Crow and Armstrong, of course, were together from 2003 to 2006, including during his final two Tour de France victories, when he now says he was doping.

Well, Crow is telling ET`s Nancy O`Dell that Lance`s big confession to Oprah was actually a good thing. Let`s watch this.


NANCY O`DELL, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT: What was your reaction to Lance`s doping confession to Oprah?

SHERYL CROW, SINGER: Well, I mean, I think that honesty is always the best bet. And that the truth will set you free. It`s got to be really hard walking around knowing that you`re not telling the truth about something. And so you know, I always contend that the truth is the best way to go.


HAMMER: The truth is the best way to go. And I think Sheryl right there doing the best she could to be completely diplomatic with her answer. And quite frankly, I am totally good with her saying as much or as little as she wants to say about Lance and about his whole scandal.

But Syleena, should Sheryl Crow reveal more of what she may or may not know about his doping? You know there are people out there thinking, gosh, she had to have known something about it at the time.

JOHNSON: Well, I absolutely think that she handled it the right way. I mean, that was her man, and she shouldn`t have -- I mean, I wouldn`t have told on my man. I mean, I think that she`s being supportive and being very politically correct. I think she`s handling it properly.

HAMMER: And there`s a part of it, Syleena, where why does she really want to drag herself into it? I think it`s inevitable that people are going to ask her the question, because they were together for so long. Obviously they split up, and there was a reason for that as well, and I think a lot of people are wondering, Syleena, if that had anything to do with it.

JOHNSON: I don`t think it`s any -- I mean, I understand that they`re public figures, but some things are just not people`s business. I mean, that was between the two of them. And the fact that he came out on his own was a decision that he made comfortably, and she`s being very supportive. And kind of you know, she`s politically correct. I think she`s having the right stand. You know? I think she`s doing well with it.

HAMMER: I do too. But Gary, what do you think, man? Because you know, very obviously people do want to hear from anybody who has any potential information here. It is one of the biggest scandals that the sports world has ever seen, and here you have a person who may have had a front row seat to at least his behavior at the time of this.

OWEN: In the end, it`s cycling. I mean, to me, it`s like my grandmother can still cycle. She`s 80. It`s not really that hard of a sport, it`s cycling. So any kind of scandal in cycling is good, just to keep cycling on the forefront. But it`s cycling, in the end it`s cycling.

HAMMER: OK. So as far as you are concerned, we`re talking about a frame, a couple of tubes and tires, and perhaps a seat and you just go as fast as you can.

OWEN: If it makes you happy, it can`t be that bad.


HAMMER: All right. Sheryl Crow would be very proud of you today for invoking her lyrics.

Well, speaking of confessions, the top two buzzmakers in our SHOWBIZ countdown are making some major ones today. And right here I`ve got a member of one of the biggest female groups ever. There she is. T-Boz from TLC. She is right here talking her new reality show and how she emerged from some pretty major problems that you may not have known about. I`m talking about serious illness, financial woes, an abusive marriage. T-Boz telling all right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Also --


PRINCE HARRY OF WALES: It`s very unfair they were forced to publicize it when they were, but that`s just the media for you.


HAMMER: We are ready to hear from Prince Harry, and guess what, he`s telling all about his Vegas nude picture scandal and how he feels about becoming a royal uncle. The question is, is fatherhood in store for him too? Can he find a date? What`s the trouble with finding romance for Harry? The SHOWBIZ countdown of the day`s biggest buzzmakers continues next.


HAMMER: Welcome back. Tonight on the SHOWBIZ countdown, we are counting down the day`s top five biggest buzzmakers.

Coming in at No. 5, an inauguration scandal. We`ve learned that Beyonce`s flawless inauguration performance was all lip synced. That marks a first in inauguration history, and guess what, we still loved it.

And no. 4, the absolute best photo bombs of the inauguration. Some truly classic moments that will now go down in history. You got to love them.

No. 3 for the first time, Sheryl Crow speaking out about her ex-fiance Lance Armstrong`s doping controversy, revealing it was tough to watch him confess on national television.

That takes us to No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ buzzmakers countdown. Prince Harry soon to become Uncle Harry. Well, Harry has just wrapped up his four-month military tour in Afghanistan, and for the first time he`s talking publicly about becoming an uncle to brother Prince William and Kate Middleton`s first child. Let`s watch that.


PRINCE HARRY: Can`t wait to be an uncle. I think it`s very unfair that they were forced to publicize it when they were, but that`s just the media for you. But I just only hope that she gets the necessary protection to allow her as a mother, mother-to-be, to enjoy the privacy that that comes with.


HAMMER: We can`t wait to see Harry taking on some new action, as uncle. The baby royal is said to be arriving in July. And while big brother Prince William is settling into his new life, we asked Harry about his own search for love. Here`s what he told us.


PRINCE HARRY: If you find the right person and everything feels right, then it takes time. Especially for myself and my brother. You`re never going to find someone who`s going to jump into the position they would, that it would hold. Simple as that.


HAMMER: I think you should hang in there, Harry. You know, if Prince William could find the duchess of his dreams, I think you can too.

That takes us to the big reveal of who is No. 1 on our countdown of tonight`s top 5 big buzzmakers. It is T-Boz. And tonight the singer turned reality star tells all to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Divorce, a brain tumor, sickle cell anemia, nothing at all is off limits in the reality series "Totally T-Boz." It`s on the TLC network, of course.

I`m thrilled to welcome T-Boz to the show, joining us tonight from Hollywood. Great to see you, T-Boz.

T-BOZ, REALITY TV STAR: Hey. How are you?

HAMMER: I`m great. You look fantastic. And I want to start off with a quick flashback. If we could roll this video. Look at this with me, T- Boz, and tell me what you think is going through 25-year-old T-Boz`s head during the time of that superstardom? Do you remember?

T-BOZ: I remember that day on the water. I was like, oh my God, I can`t swim, I hope I don`t drown.


HAMMER: But at that time, I have to imagine your head was just full of possibilities, of all the things -- already you guys were on your way, but you probably just thought the sky was the limit at this point and here we go?

T-BOZ: You know, honestly I never knew that we would become as big as we were. But you`re out there working, and then when you go out in the real world and see how people respond, that`s when it really hits home. And honestly, for me, it`s been in the last five years that I really recognized how much I really did back then.

HAMMER: Isn`t it amazing, you can never really appreciate it all while it`s all going on. And of course TLC went on to become iconic. The song "Waterfalls," so iconic. And it brings back so many memories for me, for all of your fans. And now we have the up-and-coming British group Stushie (ph) singing your praises with their fantastic cover of the song. I`m going to roll a bit of that.


HAMMER: Yes. I think that`s pretty good. And obviously, you approve. You and Chilli also appear in this video. Tell me how it feels to see that so many years after TLC made that song such an iconic hit.

T-BOZ: It`s an honor. Because you never think you`ll see the day where someone wants to do your music, and keep, you know, what we started going. I think it`s amazing. And I`m like taken back even 20 years later. We`ve been here two decades, and I`m still like oh my God, they want to do my song. So it makes me so happy.

HAMMER: It`s pretty cool to see how completely humbled you are by everything, and of course your group TLC now celebrating this 20-year anniversary, which of course is part of the focus of your reality show, called "Totally T-Boz." But the show is also about your very real life. Your recovery from brain surgery, your struggle to remain healthy while living with sickle cell anemia. I want to roll a bit of your show now. Charles (ph).


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re going to ask you to come with us to the gym.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Because the gym has the elliptical. You know, you got to get out of the house and do some stuff. Because people are oh, we`re going to the gym, going to get dressed, get cute. Show your big buns off in the tights, you know what I`m saying? And I think once you get --

T-BOZ: You look better, you do better.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Once you get confident. Like you got your body, you got your six-pack back, because it`s a keg right now.


HAMMER: T-Boz, that`s a lot of fun. But the truth is, you know, as I was sort of reflecting on you coming on the show today and reminding myself of your history, with everything you`ve been through, you have been tested. A lot of people want to know how are you doing now? And why did you want to put all this out there on reality TV?

T-BOZ: Honestly I`ve been very private for years. But when I had the episode with the brain tumor surgery -- I`ve dealt with sickle cell my whole life, was born with that, but this, they don`t have 10 years of technology to even tell you what to expect. So I was like, being that I made it through, it wasn`t an easy road, but I`m still here. Maybe I should share my story and then I can also have fun and some laughs along the way, and hope to potentially help someone else who`s going through what I went through.

HAMMER: There is no question. You are an inspiration. Got a great smile. It`s always great to see you, T-Boz. Thanks for being here.

T-BOZ: Thank you. Thanks.

HAMMER: And make sure you tune in for "Totally T-Boz" on of course TLC. It`s hard to mess that up.

Well, the group TLC was known for their hit album "Crazy Sexy Cool." Now the Sundance Film Festival is taking that theme to heart and pushing crazy sex to a whole new level.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Then why do people do these things?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know, why do we do anything?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re going to tie you up today.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are going to spank you. Because it feels good.


HAMMER: This is amazing what`s going on. We`re talking big stars in sex- fueled films, sparking a frenzy at the Sundance Film Festival. We`re talking about Amanda Seyfried, James Franco, even Daniel Radcliffe. But do their sex-themed films go too far? We`re going straight to Sundance next.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And why do people do things these things?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don`t know, why do we do anything?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We`re going to tie you up.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are going to spank you. Because it feels good.


HAMMER: Would you believe that`s from the Sundance Film Festival? Yes, big stars, from James Franco to Daniel Radcliffe are sparking a frenzy at Sundance this year starring in some sex-fueled films. Some people are even called Sundance Porndance.

Tonight it`s SHOWBIZ at Sundance. And there may be snow on the mountaintops of Park City, Utah, today, but I can tell you, it is getting downright hot at the film festival. Big word out of Sundance so far is sex. Yes. Tons of this year`s standout movies are focused on sex. I mean, crazy wild stuff, and a lot of bigtime actors are showing their kinky side on the big screen.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Nischelle Turner is keeping track of all of the freakiness, and she is right there at Sundance to tell us what the heck is going on. Nischelle.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Hey there, AJ. Greetings from Park City, Utah. And we are on the balcony of the Treasure Mountain Inn here in Park City, where we`ve got the best vantage point. Such a beautiful view, you can`t get much better than this. But I have to tell you, it`s a little sexy here at Sundance this year, on the screen that is. Lots of movies that are being buzzed about are very sex-themed movies. It`s getting pretty hot here at Sundance this year.

First of all, let`s talk Daniel Radcliffe. Holy Harry Potter, Batman. Not anymore. I mean, he is playing a young Allen Ginsberg in "Kill Your Darlings." He`s getting rave reviews for this, but in this movie, not only is he naked, there is a gay sex scene, there is some other sex scenes, there is some drug use, and then there`s also some making out with his co- star, who happens to be a man. So Daniel Radcliffe is really going all out and really kind of trying to shed that whole Harry Potter image with this movie.

We`ve also got James Franco, another big name actor who`s exploring a little bit of his freak factor here at Sundance. First of all, he`s got two projects here.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We are going to spank you. Because it feels good.


TURNER: The No. 1, "Kink." It`s this movie about kinkiness. About kind of people`s sexual fantasies and the things that they desire, and showing them in a little bit of a different light. Not the seedy underworld that we think of, but just showing you that these people who have these fantasies are just like your next-door neighbor, everyday people.

Then there`s "Interior Leather Bar."


JAMES FRANCO, ACTOR: Don`t show gay sex.


TURNER: And this film, pretty darn interesting. It`s a documentary that kind of repurposes and reimagines the 40 minutes of lost footage from the 1980 movie "Cruising" with Al Pacino. This he made with director Travis Matthews, and it`s -- I have to say -- a very interesting look at what these 40 minutes of lost film may have.

Then of course we`ve got the biopic "Lovelace."


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: How to play (ph) sex.


TURNER: This is a look at arguably the most famous porn star of them all, Linda Lovelace. Amanda Seyfried plays the main character, and that is getting a lot of buzz here. And then there`s Joseph Gordon-Levitt`s directorial debut in his film that he also stars in, "Don Jon`s Addiction." It`s about a sex addict who is trying to change his life. This also has Scarlett Johansson and Julianne Moore. Lots of buzz about that here at Sundance too.

So if that`s not enough for you, I don`t know what is. Because like I said, getting pretty hot here at Sundance. Lots of sex going on. On the screen, that is, A.J.

HAMMER: I`m sure that`s the only place. Nischelle, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Nischelle Turner at a very steamy Sundance Film Festival. Thank you so much.

Well, there`s no turning away from this moment in SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. It`s our pick for the most awesome nugget in the SHOWBIZ universe today. Where else can you see adorable kittens playing 24/7? This is literally the cat`s meow.

We`re going to reveal our pick for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness next. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Right now it is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome SHOWBIZ moment of the day.

And today I`m so pleased that we`re putting the spotlight on this, an amazing live camera from our friends over at Animal Planet. You`ll want to drop everything you`re doing and check this out. Because, well, look at it. It`s just too cute, right? You`re watching kittens, live, getting frisky.

Animal Planet`s Too Cute, and the Washington Animal Rescue League have teamed up to bring you this live, 24/7 kitten cam. I`m telling you, you watch this thing long enough, it will change your life. I think it`s the new Zen garden. Can`t you just feel the calm taking hold? Every single one of those kittens, by the way, can be adopted.

So you better head over to Animal Planet`s Web site, click on the kitty cam, and figure out which kitten you love the most.

Right now the real life Benjamin Button. A woman who`s 20 years old living in a toddler`s body and with a toddler`s mind. "DR. DREW" is looking into this extraordinary and mysterious case right now.