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Screen Actors' Guild Awards

Aired January 27, 2013 - 18:30   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HLN HOST: Hello. I'm A.J. Hammer live at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN CORRESPONDENT: And I'm Nischelle Turner live on the red carpet right outside of the ceremony. And speaking of the red carpet, we have got all 15,872 square feet of red carpet covered for you. Every single angle. Anything you can imagine we will show it to you tonight.

In fact, A.J., we have got an exclusive camera in the grand stands where 300 of the luckiest television and film fans will get to see their favorite Hollywood stars up close and personal. It's going to be a good night here. I can't wait. I don't know about you.

HAMMER: Are you kidding me? It's going to be great night. It's a beautiful day here in Southern California. The sun is shining now but the stars are lining up on that red carpet and tonight we shine a spotlight on the award that is given only to actors and it's judged only by actors, and we won't just talk about how good they are, of course, but we've got talk about how great they look.

All evening long I'm going to have a fashion expert and a film critic right by my side, Nischelle, to take it all in.

TURNER: Speaking of how great they look, A.J., there's a couple of people that I have my eye out that I'm looking forward to seeing here on the red carpet. One of them, Anne Hathaway, who just looked phenomenal in Chanel at the Golden Globes. And by the way, she had the exclusive on Chanel. Nobody else had it on on the red carpet.

And also Julianne Moore who I thought was the best dressed at the Golden Globes in black and white in Tom Ford. Cannot wait to see what they have on on the red carpet here tonight. But there's going to be anyone who's anyone in Hollywood.

I have already spotted a couple of people here on the red carpet, A.J. Jim Parsons and Alec Baldwin who are both nominated for best actor in a comedy series. They have already arrived and I definitely hope to snag them for you. Back to you.

HAMMER: And you want to keep watching because these are faces and names you will know, Nischelle. And tonight the 100,000 or so members of the Actors Union are going to be giving you their say on the very best acting of 2012. But we want you to get involved as well. I would love to get your take. Here's what you need to do, we're making it easy. You can sound off by heading to and participating in our poll.

Now you can pick which cast members performed the best in your mind in 2012. We're doing it in these categories, film, TV comedy and TV drama, and the nominees are listed for you to select from. We're making it simple. Stay with us because we will give you updated results of your voting throughout the hour.

It may be a very great hint, Nischelle, as to who's going to walk away with some awards tonight.

TURNER: This is tough for me, A.J., because I'm one of those people who feel like it was a very good year for film and I also think television stepped it up a notch because there were so many times people could stretch the limit on cable. The network said we got to get into this game, too. So I think it was a good year all around for Hollywood.

Now when you go into these award seasons you think, is there a frontrunner? Sometimes there is. Sometimes there isn't. So what we wanted to do was break it all down for everybody in plain English, give you an overview of the 19th Annual Screen Actor Guild Awarding. Take a look.


TURNER (voice-over): In the pantheon of Hollywood honors where the Oscars is grand daddy, you might call the SAG Awards a sassy teenager.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

JON WEISMAN, DAILY VARIETY: It's a big deal. It's film and TV mixing together and it's the recognition of your peers, unlike sort of any other ceremony in Hollywood.

TURNER: And like other teens, this one has strong opinions and is often a trend setter.

WEISMAN: The actors are the biggest branch of the Academy. So very much what happens at the Screen Actors Guild Awards can be a precursor for what's going to happen at the Oscars.

TURNER: "Daily Variety's" Jon Weisman says earlier awards this season have given some SAG nominees momentum.

WEISMAN: The performances were great in so many of these movies. Anne Hathaway in "Les Mis." Jennifer Lawrence in "Silver Linings Playbook." Of course Daniel Day Lewis in "Lincoln."

TURNER: But tonight's biggest prize of all, Cast in a Motion Picture, is still a horse race.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is what I do and I've never left anyone behind. WEISMAN: We have terrific movies nominated including "Argo," "Lincoln," "Les Miserables," "Silver Linings Playbook", plus "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", any one of those cast are deserving of victories. It is what everyone is talking about right now.

TURNER: When they're not talking about TV dramas.

WEISMAN: The flavor of the month or of the year right now is "Homeland." "Homeland" has been winning everything in sight. But not maybe the ensemble in the way "Boardwalk Empire" is and then of course you've got "Mad Men" and "Breaking Bad" and "Downton Abbey," just sort of lurking there, going, "What about us?"

TURNER: As for the comedy de jure?

WEISMAN: "Girls." That's sort of the hot new show of late but that's not nominated at the SAG, so and that takes away one potential rival for "The Modern Family."

TURNER: Seen as the frontrunner for its third straight win.


TURNER: And "Modern Family" leads the way in the television category with four nominations. On the movie side, "Lincoln," "Silver linings Playbook" and "Argo" all come in with four nominations as well. So it could be a really fun. Very interesting night but, A.J., I was talking about the people that I wanted to see on the red carpet. One of the people that I wanted to talk to on the red carpet leads the way in nominations for the actors and that is Dame Maggie Smith.

I'm a big "Downton Abbey" fan so I got my eye out for her tonight.

HAMMER: Yes. It's going to be a great night for "Downton Abbey" I have a feeling. And it's going to be a lot of tough competition in a lot of the categories. Who are the top contenders at the SAG Awards?

Well, I want to bring in Dave Karger. Dave is the chief correspondent for "Fandango." It's the online ticket seller for movies.

And, Dave, before we talk about who you expect to win what, the SAG Awards, not a show among all the awards during award season that gets a ton of attention, but it really should. And one of the reasons people should be paying close attention to tonight is because this is all about the actors and it is unusual for an actor to walk away with a trophy tonight and then not win something come Oscar night.

DAVE KARGER, FANDANGO CHIEF CORRESPONDENT: You're right. About 75 percent of the time someone who wins an acting award in the film categories at the Screen Actors Guild then ends up winning the Oscar. Now last year Viola Davis won Best Actress for "The Help" but then Meryl Streep won the Oscars so that was an exception.

But you're right. Most of the time that happens. That's because there's actual significant overlap between the voting bodies of the Screen Actors Guild and the Academy Awards. So everyone talks about how the Golden Globes are a good predictor.

HAMMER: Right.

KARGER: This is the best predictor.

HAMMER: Well, and the really cool thing that they do as well and it's really the only award show just like this to do this is they honor the collective collaborative art of acting and that is why there's no best picture, there's no best show it. It's the ensemble.

KARGER: That's right. And of the movie category, the ensemble category is the one that matches up with the Oscar the least. So you'll see movies like "Little Miss Sunshine" or "The Fully Monty" or "The Help" win an Ensemble Award even if they don't have that great of a chance to win the Oscar.

HAMMER: Well, I'm pulling for "Downton Abbey" tonight but I don't think anybody is pulling for the show and the cast any more than the cast and I understand, Nischelle, you have them with you on the red carpet.

TURNER: You know, somebody was listening to me, A.J. Because just -- I swear -- 30 seconds ago, guys, I said I'm really looking forward to talking to the folks from "Downton Abbey." I'm a big fan of Dame Maggie Smith and a huge fan of the show. I'm new to the show like a lot of people. But once you watch it you just fall for it? Why do you think that is?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don't know. I think it was -- what can we say?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think it comes down to the writing. Julian has written really incredible scripts and done an amazing job to keep 22 characters interesting and always in story which is pretty amazing.

TURNER: And, you know, I understand you guys told me this is everyone's first time at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. What do you think so far?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It is absolutely incredible.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes. It's really exciting.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We're having a ball. It's great.


TURNER: Well, you all look good. You do -- you clean up well.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, don't we? We scrub up well.

TURNER: Yes, you do. My mother always calls it putting on a lip and a lash. Except for you, darling. You don't have to put --


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. I did both. I did both. You know, I didn't want to feel left out.

TURNER: All right. Well, so what does it mean when the other actors say, we want to honor your work, we think you're just that good?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (INAUDIBLE). It really is. It's fantastic. It's -- you know, that's almost better than anything really.

TURNER: And who would have thought this little PBS show would do what it's doing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I know, I know. But just -- and being here with all the other shows that we all adore and are completely in awe of everyone else, it's just amazing to be a part of.

TURNER: Well, speaking of adoring everyone else beside "Downton Abbey," what do you love? What do you --



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "Breaking Mad", "Mad Men", all of them. Around those dinner tables. In between takes, we talk about the shows that we're nominated against which is absolutely incredible.

TURNER: Well, I don't know if you know this, but I got a little backstage sneak peek before the show and you guys are sitting right next to the cast of "Breaking Bad" so it could be a fun night for you guys. If you love that show you'll be hanging with them all night.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: "Breaking Abby." Good.

TURNER: "Breaking Abbey." Good luck to you guys. Thanks for joining with me tonight, OK?


TURNER: Well, guys, we're just getting started. That was a lot of fun. Please stay with us right here on CNN for more live red carpet coverage of the Screen Actor Guild Awards.


TURNER: Welcome back to CNN's live red carpet coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. I'm Nischelle Turner and I told you guys we've got a lot going on here this afternoon. And with me now is a nominee for Best Actress is a Mini Series or Television Program, Alfre Woodard. You played Ouiser in the remake of "Steal Magnolia." And I tell you, when I saw that this was going to be a remake, and I saw that you were playing Ouiser, I said, yes, that's it, because I don't think anybody can bring that sass other than Shirley MacLaine but you.

ALFRE WOODARD, "STEEL MAGNOLIA": Come on. I try to bring sassy when I can.


TURNER: When need be.


TURNER: When the time is right.


TURNER: You know, one of the things I want to ask you about as well is, does this ever get old for you because this -- the pageantry of it, I kind of like it. But I think maybe it's just me and maybe I'm a little, I don't know, corny and naive.

WOODARD: It doesn't get old really because this isn't a part of our lives ever.


So every time we come, what we really do is the same with everybody else. They get up, they put their pants on, they go to work, they shlog around. And, you know, with actors, they don't care if you're bleeding from the nostrils and the ears. It's like, they prop your butt up and dust you off and say, roll them. So this is like party time and it happens so seldom that it never gets old.

TURNER: Now one of the things that I read about you. I read a headline from an article and it said, "Alfre Woodard, The Activist Who Happens to be an Actress?" Does that fit?


TURNER: Because you were a surrogate not only in 2008 but this election season for President Obama. And when I say that, what -- tell people what that means.

WOODARD: Well, surrogate means in a campaign you go where the president can't be. So I didn't have a lot of high-flying wonderful times, hanging out with the president. You go to -- you know, I'm in a car --

TURNER: You're on the ground. You work --

WOODARD: I'm in a car, town to town, in the battleground states, cheek by jaw, book club by mission board and all the ushers, but it was lovely.

TURNER: When you knock on someone's door and they open it up and see Alfre Woodard standing there, what's the reaction?

WOODARD: Well, OK, so I don't look like this when I come knocking on the door, right? I look like somebody's mama, which I am. They say, hey, hey, there's somebody in a red shirt. So, you know, at first they kind of go like.

TURNER: Are we who you think you are?

WOODARD: And they go, what you doing? I said, I came to make sure, then -- and then it goes from there. It goes right the same way that any of the thousands of volunteers in Organizing for America that was -- are going to talk the issues.

TURNER: Well, congratulations to you on the president's win and congratulations on your nomination tonight. I appreciate it.

WOODARD: Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

TURNER: Thank you for talking to me. All right.

WOODARD: All right, my darling.

TURNER: Thank you. We can do this because --

WOODARD: See, if I do it with my Caucasian sisters, I leave brown girl all over them.

TURNER: Well, we can both -- we don't -- we don't -- we have the same brown girl. All right. OK.

And Alfre Woodard is passing Aaron Paul from "Breaking Bad."

Come on in here, sir.


TURNER: Hello.

PAUL: How are you?

TURNER: Nominee for Best Cast Ensemble.

PAUL: Yes.

TURNER: Tonight for the show. You guys are finishing. There's a lot of people like me out there that are saying why?

PAUL: I don't know. It's very sad, depressing. But, yes -- no, you know, we can't stretch out the storyline but it's been a fun ride.

TURNER: Now the thing that kind of puzzles me sometimes about the fellows. You guys don't get too many fashion choices but this is good. You're mixing it up a little bit. Who are you wearing?

PAUL: Thank you, Nischelle. This is Burberry. They always set me up, make me look -- make me look good. TURNER: Well, you do. The cut is very good.

PAUL: Thank you.

TURNER: I look at the cut in a man's suit. Is that what we're supposed to look at?

PAUL: I think so. You've got -- you know, something that you feel comfortable in. And yes, I think that's really all that matters.

TURNER: Now I had the cast of "Downton Abbey" here.

PAUL: Yes.

TURNER: And they said besides their show "Breaking Bad" is the show that they love.

PAUL: I love them.

TURNER: And you guys are going to be sitting next to each other.

PAUL: Yes. We're next to each other. Yes.

TURNER: Tonight at the table. So what do you love besides "Breaking Bad?"

PAUL: God. I love -- they're such good, it's really the golden age of television right now. Such good TV. "Homeland," "Downton Abbey,"" American Horror Story," obsessed with, "Modern Family", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", there's so much good stuff.

TURNER: And I love this because actors are honoring actors. And even though we think you guys are these big confident people it's kind of good to give validation from your peers, yes?

PAUL: Yes. Yes. It's great. It's always nice to be invited to these, you know, parties, get dressed up stuff, and just run around and have some free booze.

TURNER: Well, have a little free booze tonight.

PAUL: Yes. Thank you.

TURNER: And have a little fun at the same time. Thank you for talking to me, Aaron.

PAUL: Sure.

TURNER: Just to -- again, we're just getting started here on CNN's live coverage of the red carpet and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Don't go away. We'll be right back.


TURNER: And welcome back to CNN's live red carpet coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Award. With me is one of the honorees tonight -- nominees tonight.


TURNER: Bryan Cranston for "Breaking Bad."

I just had Aaron Paul here and I was talking to him. And one of the things I asked him was, why. Why get rid of the show now? We're all tuned in. We're all so invested in Walter and what's happening. Why?

CRANSTON: I don't know. I thought that maybe we can go another season, but it really came down to Vince Gilligan, the creator of the show, who decided that he didn't want to dilute the stories at all. He wanted to have them as potent as always, and he felt that this was the right amount of episodes to finish it off and so I trust his judgment.

TURNER: I would be remiss because I said you're a nominee for "Breaking Bad," but you're also a nominee for "Argo".

CRANSTON: That's right.

TURNER: For Best Ensemble Cast. This movie is making moves, Bryan.


TURNER: Now at first coming in in award season we thought "Lincoln" would come in as a heavy favorite, but "Argo" has really been coming in and taking the awards.

CRANSTON: We're really excited.

TURNER: People are starting to recognize this.

CRANSTON: It's a terrific film. We're very excited about it. I knew when we were making it it was going to be something special. But we don't know if it's going to be successful. We just have to focus on telling the best story we can, and Ben Affleck did a fantastic job directing, Chris Terrio with a wonderful script. And yes, if you haven't seen "Argo," go see it. The T is silent, by the way.


TURNER: I felt for you in that whole movie because you were like the personification of angst.


TURNER: Like frustration and angst.

CRANSTON: Yes. I was tightly wound. I was up into a ball, yes.

TURNER: You know, it seems like a lot of movies and television are being made ripped straight from the headlines. A lot of true life stories. What's the next true-to-life story that you would like to see made? CRANSTON: Well, I mean, I -- even though I'm, you know, partial to "Argo," I was a real -- I'm a real big man of "Lincoln." I was taken in by the dilemma that the 16th president faced, that historical importance that it presented, and Daniel Day Lewis is -- Daniel Day Lewis, by the way, I haven't met him until recently, and I -- I was -- happened to be in the bathroom, and I'm leaving the urinal to go to the sink.

He was washing his hands, and he said, Bryan, it's an inopportune time for me to meet you, but I would like to shake your hand at some day. You know, I went OK, yes, well, OK. Yes. Yes.


And he said it in that manner. I was like I wanted to call him Mr. President then, too. He's such a --

TURNER: That awkward moment when you meet Daniel Day-Lewis --

CRANSTON: In the bathroom.

TURNER: -- at the urinal. Exactly.

Bryan Cranston, good luck to you tonight. Thank you for joining us. We appreciate it.

CRANSTON: Thank you. Thank you, Nischelle.

TURNER: A.J., that's a good story. That's one to tell the grand kids.

HAMMER: You want to be careful about the bathroom handshaking. Congratulations, Bryan Cranston certainly one of the best actors of our generation. But count me among those heartbroken that "Breaking Bad" is going off the air.

Everybody tuning in, of course, tonight to see the stars as they show up particularly because of what they're wearing. And that is why I have a fashion and style expert Lawrence Zarian with me tonight.

L.Z., always great to see you. I know you live for these events. The fashion is on its way down the red carpet. It's a different flavor for what we see in other award shows. And let's dig right in and start with one woman who is nominated tonight for her performance in "Lincoln," Sally Field, who looks extraordinary.

LAWRENCE ZARIAN, STYLE EXPERT: She was on the red carpet at the SAG Awards in 2009 wearing Alberta Ferretti, and that was such an appropriate dress for that time. This year she went with one of the hottest colors of the season. It's beautiful rich plum chiffon gown, V-neck, hair down, age appropriate. And she's showing all of young Hollywood how to do it right and make a red carpet style statement.

HAMMER: Yes, in my mind she can do no wrong on screen with what she's wearing.

ZARIAN: If you think about it she could fly if she wanted to.

HAMMER: Well, she's done that before, at least on television.

Talk to me about Naomi Watts, who you've been following throughout the awards season. Of course nominated with "The Impossible" tonight.

ZARIAN: You know, just when you think that Naomi can't do the impossible on another red carpet, she's done it tonight. She's wearing a beautiful beaded gown. It's classic, it's sophisticated, and her hair has that nod towards old Hollywood glam. And she's got such a great body. This dress really features some of her great assets.

HAMMER: Let's talk about Jessica Chastain who has become one of the great young Hollywood stars out there who people are just probably clawing at the opportunity to dress. And you've learned what she's wearing tonight?

ZARIAN: You know, Jessica Chastain is the hottest commodity on the red carpet. At the Golden Globes she went with Calvin Klein. It was a hit or a miss depending on who you ask. Tonight I think she did everything right. And she does that look towards old Hollywood to make a fashion step forward. Tonight this look I like a lot.

HAMMER: And what's neat about tonight, you're talking about old Hollywood. The one thing, and you know this from being at other award shows at the shrine, the shrine itself is a beautiful shell that was built back in the 1920s but they have to reinvent the inside every time and it's a nod to classic Hollywood and those old palace theaters.

ZARIAN: And an actor should make a point that when she dresses for the red carpet, that picture is going to be around for a long time.

HAMMER: Well, before Sally Field flies away, let's go to Nischelle Turner on the red carpet with one of the nominees tonight.

TURNER: Well, you guys were talking about Sally Field and I just happen to have her here with me looking gorgeous in purple J. Mendel and friends.

SALLY FIELD, "LINCOLN": And friends. Because it's a beautiful dress then we had to make it fit.

TURNER: Well, congratulations on the nominee playing Mary Todd Lincoln. The Best Supporting Actress nominee. I read something about you earlier and it said, at the age of 65 you decided that you were going to rewrite the chapters of your life.

FIELD: No, I never said that.


FIELD: I'm not going to rewrite the chapters of my life. No. I can't -- I wouldn't rewrite anything. My life has been what my life is, and that's who -- that's what informs me as to who I am today. No, I mean, I would want to be able to have other chapters and to continue to have chapters in my life, but I would never want to rewrite any of the chapters of my life.

TURNER: Tell me this, what does it mean to you when you are honored by the other people in your field, the people you work side by side with every day and who know kind of what it means to have those long hours on the set and all of that?

FIELD: Well, I have always been so proud to be a member of this tribe, an actor, and I will never not be somewhere inside me sort of tickled every time I get to say, oh, well, I'm an actor. What do you do? I'm an actor.


Really? What's your profession? I'm an actor. So it will always just be just a kick.

TURNER: Yes, you know, for people like me who just love going to the movies, I think, wow, what is it like to be an actor?

FIELD: It's a lot of things, a whole lot of things. A lot of good, a lot of really painful things. But it's a magical world and I'm blessed to be a part of it.

TURNER: Well, good luck to you tonight. We'll be back.


TURNER: Welcome back to CNN's live red carpet coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Award. With me now a very dapper looking couple.


Naomi Watts tonight for Best Actress for "The Impossible." Her dashing husband, Liev Schrieber.

We were just talking in the break about how this never gets old. The pageantry of a night like this.

NAOMI WATTS, "THE IMPOSSIBLE": Yes, it's a -- it's a big deal. I haven't been in it in a long time and it's definitely gotten bigger.

TURNER: Yes. It definitely has. You said that it was bigger than you ever thought.

LIEV SCHREIBER, ACTOR: Well I always remember the SAG Awards as being slightly, you know, the Oscars little nephew; that it was sort of a smaller -- but certainly that seems to have changed.

TURNER: Absolutely it has. Now, you are nominated for "The Impossible" tonight and I understand this was a project that you also had to kind of face a personal demon when you were doing this role, yes?

WATTS: Yes, fear of water. I mean, I'm -- had an incident when I was about 14 and I nearly drowned and along with my mother and brother and it -- as a result I've always had a fear of waves. So I like water to be very still.

TURNER: And you had to play a woman surviving a tsunami. I can't even imagine.

WATTS: Yes. No, I can't either and I mean, I've come very close to it but still to actually go through that is impossible.

TURNER: How proud of her are you?

SCHREIBER: I'm very proud of her. I'm very proud of her. And I think it's one remarkable performance and a beautiful movie. So I hope --


TURNER: Yes because at the beginning of award season and I will admit we heard a lot of Jessica Chastain, we heard a lot of Jennifer Lawrence, but lately and I'll be honest, we've heard a lot of Naomi Watts and if you haven't seen this performance, you should see this performance. That's what I've been hearing lately.

WATTS: Thank you. That's really nice. I'm just happy that if it brings any extra focus to the film because the film has yet to be seen by larger audiences, so if it helps that, I'm very happy.

TURNER: Well, I saw it, and I think that the performance was fantastic.

Now, I understand you guys are going to have a little fun tonight. You're going to be hanging with your girlfriend, Nicole Kidman. You asked to sit together. I have been in and I saw the seating chart. You're sitting together.

WATTS: Good, good. It will be extra fun.

TURNER: Yes. All right. Well, thank you, guys, so much. Good luck to you. Thank you for joining us tonight.

We're going to send it back to you, A.J. Oh by the way, before we do, you look gorgeous. Who are you wearing?

WATTS: Marchesa.

TURNER: Marchesa. Yes that definitely looks like a Marchesa -- very detail oriented, fits like a glove. A.J., Naomi Watts beautiful in gray Marchesa.

HAMMER: Spectacular, indeed. And one of the reasons that I love this particular awards show, Nischelle, is because the SAG Awards are really one of the few honors that rate how a full ensemble cast has performed together.

You are telling us what group of actors that you think should get the top distinctions tonight? Now I want to read you some of the early results on the SAG poll which you can participate in on

For the best cast in a television comedy, right now we have "The Big Bang Theory" in the lead followed by "Modern Family." It's going to be a tight race when that happens tonight. For best cast in a television drama you have "Downton Abbey" leading with 36 percent of the votes. "Homeland" in second place in that category and for most outstanding performance by an ensemble in a motion picture "Lincoln" is in a tight race now. Second is "Argo", "Les Mis", "Silver Linings Playbook" all rounding it up.

But really we're only halfway through. Those are the early results. I would love for you to put in your two cents. All you have to do is surf on over to to take the SAG poll.

TURNER: And A.J., we are here on this side of the red carpet with the cast of "Modern Family." We're all kind of talking and joking around. So this is a live show and they threw to me and of course I wasn't ready live TV.


TURNER: Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Rico Rodriguez and double nominee tonight Eric Stonestreet.

FERGUSON: Why are we even up here? We're having --

ERIC STONESTREET, ACTOR: Can we go actually?

REGUSON: We're having a -- yes exactly. We're having a -- who wore it best moment between the three of us.

TURNER: Let's see.

FERGUSON: I mean this never happens.

TURNER: You guys all have this --

FERGUSON: This never happens.

TURNER: Who would have thought three men in a black tux with a skinny tie.

FERGUSON: I guess Sofia is going to come in the same thing.

RICO RODRIGUEZ, ACTOR: Sofia is going to walk in black tux.

FERGUSON: She'll wear a vest, she'll wear a vest.

STONESTREET: And then it will be.

FERGUSON: It will be yes.

TURNER: Ok how fun is this? I think this is kind of, you know, a hoot, this whole pageantry of the night.

FERGUSON: It is a hoot. It is -- it is pageantry and it is a hoot. TURNER: Yes.


STONESTREET: It's relaxed, fun, fans are here. It's actors loving actors.

FERGUSON: Yes it's great.

TURNER: And "Modern Family" is the most nominated show in television tonight -- four nominations for you guys.

FERGUSON: Wow thank you, Eric, for putting us over the top.

STONESTREET: You're welcome. You're welcome.

TURNER: Has he been hard to deal with since this whole double nomination thing?

FERGUSON: Can we talk about this? I mean it has been -- all I hear is double nomination every day -- double nomination, double nomination, double nomination.

TURNER: So besides "Modern Family" what have you guys loved this year? What do you love to watch this year besides your own show?

STONESTREET: Oh well, I really like this show "Ben and Kate" that unfortunately got the plug pulled on it. And I thought it was really good. But you know "30 Rock" has been so solid this season. I know Jesse is a big fan of "30 Rock".


STONESTREET: And I don't know if you've ever seen "30 Rock" Rico. So it's probably not appropriate for you at all times.


TURNER: We've got a funny fellow that's here behind you and we want to bring him in. Come in Chris Tucker.

CHRIS TUCKER, "SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK": I'm part of the "Modern Family".

STONESTREET: Oh yes it is.

TURNER: We are a modern looking family with all of us. Aren't we?

TUCKER: It's a great show, a great show.

FERGUSON: You didn't get the long tie memo.

TUCKER: I didn't get the tie memo?

STONESTREET: The tie memo.

FERGUSON: The tie memo.

TURNER: What happened, Chris? What happened go home. Go home.

STONESTREET: Honestly, you do need to go home.

FERGUSON: Yes seriously wrong tie.

TUCKER: I don't know what happened. Right now, after the show, man. After the show. You guys are great, man.

FERGUSON: Thank you.

TURNER: You guys are awesome. Thank you very much. Let's talk to Chris because you're nominated tonight, best cast ensemble. Come on in. Thank you, guys. Good luck tonight. Nominated for best ensemble cast for "Silver Linings Playbook."

TUCKER: It's great being with such a great cast because there's no pressure on me working with Bradley Cooper, Robert De Niro, Jennifer Lawrence, Jackie Weaver, Dash.

TURNER: No pressure working with De Niro.

TUCKER: Oh man he was great. He is so famous. I just -- I just start looking at him and they said -- I'm sorry, I'm sorry I thought I was in "Godfather".

TURNER: Ok my favorite thing about the movie and I said I was going to ask you this if I got to talk to you. Who came up with this? It's a Wham kind of --

TUCKER: I stole it from Bradley because I saw him do it. He got a little cool, you know, I stole it from Bradley. I said I'm going to do what he's doing and we got it going on. Me, him and Jennifer we had a good time.

TURNER: I do that now, just so you know I lost all cool points but I love it. It's like Wham mixed with Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run". It's like really awkward odd but it's great.

TUCKER: I'm going to teach you jungle love. You know jungle love, yes, I think I'm going to love you, love you -- there it is jungle love.

TURNER: Ok, can we meet at the after party?

TUCKER: After party jungle love all night long.

TURNER: Good luck to you guys tonight. The movie is really, really good.

TUCKER: All right, thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you, thank you.

TURNER: Thank you. We're having fun. Did I just dance with Chris Tucker live on television? I think I did. Stay with us. More live coverage from the SAG Awards on CNN up next.


HAMMER: Welcome back. We are live on the red carpet at the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award and this time last year the legendary entertainer Dick Van Dyke stood on the stage right here at Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles honoring his long-time co-star and legend in her own right Mary Tyler Moore.

Well tonight it's Dick Van Dyke's turn to be honored. He's going to be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild and Van Dyke just sat down with us to share some of the highlights from his amazing career that has spanned seven incredible decades.


HAMMER: What would Dick Van Dyke be doing if he hadn't become an entertainer?

DICK VAN DYKE, ACTOR: Robbing a liquor store probably. I would have starved, I don't -- (inaudible) the living or anything.

HAMMER: For more than 60 years Van Dyke has made his living performing on stage, on TV and in films. And it's earned him a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Screen Actors Guild.

VAN DYKE: I never expected to be recognized by actors because actors have always referred to me as a singer and singers have always said, well, he's a dancer and the dancers didn't have any description of me at all. So then I've kind of found a home, at least I can call myself an actor now.

HAMMER: The award encompasses countless roles and projects but the veteran star has appeal he's particularly proud of.

VAN DYKE: "The Dick Van Dyke Show" the five years with Carl and Mary were the most fun I ever had, the most creative period in my life because it was just rewriting and it was a party every day. And, of course, "Mary Poppins" and "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" for some reason have lasted. They kind of have legs.

Everything that's happened to me has been a surprise. A bunch of just jumping off the cliff with my heart in my mouth, and one thing led to another just by pure luck.

HAMMER: And luck has been with him at the SAG Awards before. That's where he met his wife makeup artist Arlene Silver.

VAN DYKE: About six or seven years ago I was in the green room and I saw this beautiful girl walk by. And for the first time in my life I actually went up and introduced myself to a lady and we became friends over the years, and we got married last year. As a matter of fact, our anniversary is coming up. And I'm very happy.

(END VIDEO CLIP) HAMMER: Just an astonishing career and Nischelle Turner is live on the red carpet right with the legend himself.

TURNER: I am and we were just watching that piece that you did, A.J., and Mr. Van Dyke, you were getting a little bit of a kick out of that.

VAN DYKE: I was. It was making me tired just to look at it.

TURNER: Man you've been working. Do you think you've done a little work in your time?

VAN DYKE: Yes I have -- when I look at it altogether, it really is a lot.

TURNER: Are you ready to have everybody kind of fawn over you tonight?

VAN DYKE: You bet I am. I love it.

TURNER: Bring it on. I tell you. Now, you know, this is kind of personal to you because along with being -- getting the Lifetime Achievement Award, having 50 years in the business at the Screen Actors Guild Award this is also where you met your lovely wife Arlene.

VAN DYKE: Exactly. The first time I ever hit on a woman in my life.

TURNER: Really?

VAN DYKE: I just walked up and said, hi, I'm Dick. And that was --

TURNER: And what did she say? I love you?

VAN DYKE: No she said weren't you in Mary Poppins or something. She didn't even know who I was.

TURNER: Is that true?

ARLENE SILVER, DICK VAN DYKE'S WIFE: I knew who he was but I wasn't familiar with his work.

VAN DYKE: She's never seen me.

TURNER: Now, do you know who is presenting to you tonight?

VAN DYKE: Alec Baldwin.

TURNER: Alec Baldwin.

VAN DYKE: He volunteered. I'm so thrilled.

TURNER: I talked to him earlier and he said Dick Van Dyke was first person to come on the screen and show a real television star and show how it's done and show what it's like to be a professional actor --

SILVER: Oh wow.

VAN DYKE: Wow Alec said that?

TURNER: He said it.

VAN DYKE: Oh boy, he probably stole my whole act.

TURNER: You've got to hold him to it because he might get up there and say some pretty risque thing --

VAN DYKE: You don't know about Alec, that's right.

TURNER: What does this mean to you though? I mean to get a Lifetime Achievement Award?

VAN DYKE: Well, the only thing that bothers me is they say after you get this award, you never work again. I want to make sure --

TURNER: You're like I'm not done.

VAN DYKE: Hey wait I'm available. No really it's the pinnacle of a career for me. I just never dreamed it. I have been here as a presenter. I presented to Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore last year and now I'm not a presenter.

TURNER: Now you're the honoree.

VAN DYKE: I'm the winner.

TURNER: You are the winner.


TURNER: Thank you, Mr. Van Dyke.

VAN DYKE: Thank you so much.

TURNER: I appreciate it. Have a good night.

VAN DYKE: I enjoyed the footage.

TURNER: Yes. All right.

We will be right back with more live coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Red Carpet. Mr. Van Dyke will make his way down the steps when CNN continues.


TURNER: And welcome back to CNN's live red carpet coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Award. I am with nominee, Jackie Weaver tonight for "Silver Linings Playbook". Now, Jackie, first of all, I just had Chris Tucker on here and he made me do a little dance with him. You're not going to make me dance with you are you?

JACKIE WEAVER, ACTRESS: I'm not going to make you dance, but isn't he divine? TURNER: He is just so fun and so funny. And you know what; all of these things came through with this movie. This is kind of like the little movie that could because I don't think anyone really saw it coming.

WEAVER: Well, I don't know. We knew when we were making it that we were doing a good job. It was a joy to work. We were such a team together, you know.

TURNER: And it's like you tackled the issue of bipolar and mental health issues -- it made it easy for us to watch. It wasn't so heavy but you still got the point across.

WEAVER: Well, you know, life is like that, hilarious one minute, tragic the next, and that's what it takes.

TURNER: Turn around and look who is behind you.


WEAVER: Isn't he ugly?

COOPER: I can't get enough of this woman.

WEAVER: He's so plain.

TURNER: I think she's so cute. Don't you just want to hug her?

COOPER: She's the best. She looks beautiful. You both look beautiful. You really look stunning.

TURNER: He likes me. Keep them coming. Keep those compliments coming. Congratulations to you on the movie, first of all, a double nominee tonight for the movie and also for your acting in the movie.

COOPER: Thank you, thank you. We're excited. We got the whole cast here pretty much. We've got Shea (inaudible) and John Ortiz couldn't be here, he's in Chicago, but it was a big family and they're all here which is great.

TURNER: You know, the issue of mental health and mental illness is so prevalent right now. When you were preparing for this role, what did you do? How did you kind of dive into this?

COOPER: Yes, it is very prevalent. In fact, the response to the movie has been so incredible and even actually with veterans that have come back that they've had screenings and, you know, people who have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder seem to really connect with Pat's plight in the movie. And that's way beyond what we ever could have thought or expected.

You know, I studied David's, you know, his -- he wrote this movie, it was very personal. He wrote about his son and that's why he wanted to make the movie. I just really made it my mission in life for that time to find the heartbeat of this guy and how he processes information neurologically and just make it real and become him so that I wouldn't have to act, and just make it real.

TURNER: And now this movie has become the darling of Hollywood. Everybody has embraced it and they love it.

COOPER: People seem to be really liking it, which is nice.


COOPER: You know, it's been out for a while, but it went wide a couple of weeks ago and people are going out to see it, which is great. And it's really due to in large part these shows which have given us accolades so that it spread the word of mouth.

TURNER: Chris Tucker just told me, guys, that when you all were filming the movie, Robert de Niro is so famous that there were times where he was just found himself kind of staring, like That's Robert de Niro.

COOPER: We were like that with Chris. That's what he doesn't realize.

TURNER: Jackie was saying that he's so much.

COOPER: We'd do like three takes before I'd stop staring at him in the back of that car.

TURNER: He told me he stole that kind of Wham "Wake Me Up before You Go-Go" dance from you. Is that your go-to move?

COOPER: I have a couple -- I have a couple stored away. That's like the Eddie Murphy impersonation of how a white man dances in raw. Yes, that's what that is.

TURNER: So you guys are going to have a good time tonight yes. I know you guys are all here as a cast. What does this mean to you though when other actors say, you were just that good?

WEAVER: It's kind of special when your peer group loves you, yes.

COOPER: I think it's the most exciting one, don't you, this one?

WEAVER: I like the other one, too.

COOPER: Yes, yes. Yes, that will probably be cool.

TURNER: Before I let you go, can you spill any "Hangover 3" secrets? Are you guys -- what's going on?

COOPER: Nothing except for the fact that Mr. Chow is back and we shoot it -- we shot it in Vegas and Mexico and L.A.

TURNER: Good stuff.

COOPER: And it's good. It's the last one. That's it.

TURNER: Got to go out with a bang. Thank you guys. Good luck to you tonight.

A.J., that was fun. Bradley Cooper, Jackie Weaver, doesn't get much better than that.

HAMMER: And we're all waiting for the next "Hangover" movie. But the real pressure here tonight I think Nischelle for so many people is what to wear, what to wear because you know everybody is going to be talking about it -- hopefully not ripping it apart.

And that's why I have a resident expert on red carpet fashion. Lawrence Zarian, he's right here. A former model himself -- he knows of what he speaks. L.Z., let's talk about some of the people who have been making a showing tonight, including Jenna Fischer. Big night for her not just because she's nominated, but because this is the last time she will be appearing here for "30 Rock"; you know she put a lot of thought into what she was wearing.

LAWRENCE ZARIAN, STYLE EXPERT: (inaudible) As a comedienne, everybody is always expecting something a little bit more fanciful. She played it very safe. It was black, there was beautiful beading. It was a lot more sophisticated than I'm used to seeing Jenna Fischer. For her last walk down the SAG red carpet, I think it was a home run. I really think it works.

HAMMER: It's been so much fun watching all of the stars from "The Office" come by one at a time.

ZARIAN: We have the best spot.

HAMMER: We really do.

ZARIAN: We get to see everybody.

HAMMER: It is one of the most terrific parts about this particular awards show because you see everybody. They're all here.

Kerry Washington showed up tonight. She actually showed up on the red carpet pretty early on, looking absolutely spectacular but give me your expert opinion.

ZARIAN: Well, she was wearing Rodarte. That's just in Pasadena, California. And you know, I really like it; I like the sophisticated hair and people are going to love it or hate. It was this built-in, very form-fitted sort of bustier type top. And then she had a lace detailing on the back when she walked.

I would say this, when you're as beautiful as Kerry Washington, less is more. For me she missed the mark slightly. It was too much going on when my attention should be right here.

HAMMER: Ok. Fair enough. Let's talk about Alfre Woodard because I know you were paying very close attention when Nischelle was speaking with her a few minutes ago.

ZARIAN: Ok. Let me tell you something. I loved Alfre Woodard's dress. First of all she's one of my favorite actresses in Hollywood; goes all the way back to "Heart and Souls". She's nominated tonight for "Steel Magnolias". She was wearing this beautiful chiffon gown from Kevin Hall. That beautiful Kelly green was beautiful against her skin tone, and it was age appropriate.

She had that gathered fabric right at the middle and that's perfect for women that want to camouflage certain troubled areas. She had nothing that was bad, but it was a perfect dress, age appropriate, little cap sleeve, higher on the bust line. Kevin draped that dress beautifully. He knows how to dress a woman. Thumbs up for me.

HAMMER: So she'll be getting a lot of attention on the hits list --

ZARIAN: Gorgeous in that green, gorgeous.

HAMMER: Thank you very much, L.Z.

ZARIAN: I'm going to keep looking.

HAMMER: And we're going to keep watching as we'll be back in just a moment from the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards live on the red carpet.


TURNER: We are back live on CNN with our red carpet coverage of the Screen Actors Guild Awards and I have my partner in crime Rainn Wilson here with me. And I said I needed you here the whole hour with me because we have just been standing here people-watching and kind of been in awe.

RAINN WILSON, "THE OFFICE": I know. I love it. I love looking around at the stars. Oh my God.

TURNER: You saw Mandy Patinkin and you said, "Hi, Mandy."

WILSON: I went "whee" like a little girl. I saw Mandy Patinkin. I love him so much.

TURNER: And you just had a moment where you met Julianne Moore. She came up to you and said, "I'm such a fan of yours. I feel like I know you."

WILSON: I know. That was so nice. I have loved her work for such a long time. I'm just thrilled to meet some actors -- actors get a bad rap, you know. There are some great human beings out there that are actors.

TURNER: Yes. You know, you guys have kind of made your mark in TV comedy in "The Office". And I kind of feel like you had no idea this was going to happen?

WILSON: No idea. We were almost canceled so many different times over the first year. We struggled to stay on the air for so long and now it's almost 200 episodes.

TURNER: Well, you know what? You just met Julianne Moore here, but now she's right here. Bring her on in. Julianne come on in.

WILSON: Julianne Moore.

TURNER: It's Julianne Moore.

WILSON: Look everybody.

TURNER: Looking gorgeous. Come on up, honey.



WILSON: Look at her.

TURNER: I love you have been having to walk sideways as have I all night.

WILSON: Amber waves. You know what? I have to go right now. I'm going to go do some crowd surfing but I know -- this is a really -- it's going to be a really cool interview.

MOORE: This is an important interview right.

WILSON: It's going to be really good.

MOORE: I'm going to try not to mess it up.

WILSON: Don't mess it up.


WILSON: So long America.

TURNER: You guys just met. We were just talking about you. You came up to him and you said "I'm such a fan, I think I know you."

MOORE: I feel like I know him because I have been watching him on "The Office" all these years. I love it. Oh, there's my friend -- Rainn Wilson, I know him. But then of course, I don't.

TURNER: You look gorgeous. So can you tell me head to toe?

MOORE: Yes. I'm wearing Chanel couture. Van Cleef & Arpel's jewelry.

TURNER: Now, you are nominated tonight for playing Sarah Palin.

MOORE: Beautiful eyes you have.

TURNER: Oh, thanks. Right back at you miss hazel green.

MOORE: My goodness. We've got Sarah Palin in "Game Change". Yes.

TURNER: They're kind of big. They just kind of pop out at you. Don't get disturbed. MOORE: Beautiful. They're beautiful.

TURNER: So I know that you kind of talked about this in the past. She wasn't really thrilled with your portrayal. She thought maybe you went a little off the rails.

MOORE: I think that she wasn't happy with the book "Game Change". And so I think she felt that the entire way the campaign was represented in the book and then subsequently in the movie was not something that she was happy with. That's what I understand.

TURNER: But apparently other people were happy with your portrayal of her because your peers said, you done good.

MOORE: We tried to be as accurate as possible in the story telling and the portrayals. That was very important to us, the actors.

TURNER: Not for nothing, you're one of my favorites on the red carpet. I said at the beginning of the show I was very excited to see what you would be wearing because I think you just do it right.


TURNER: You take chances sometimes and I think they always pay off. How much pressure is it because I'm sure there's lots of people out like me who are waiting to see what you're wearing.

MOORE: It's interesting because I'm like you, I'm just as interested as everybody is. If I'm at home, I'm watching to see what people are wearing. So there is a certain amount of pressure and if you do have a beautiful dress, you want to make sure you're standing properly and that your hair is ok and all of that. But it's also a great pleasure, too. I mean it's really a privilege to get to wear a dress like this.

TURNER: I think Hollywood had a good year this year.

MOORE: I think so, too.

TURNER: Besides like "Game Change" -- what did you love?

MOORE: I loved "The Sessions". I thought that was an amazing movie. I love "Django"; I thought "Django" was great. "Lincoln" is beautiful. There were so many -- "Argo" -- there were so many really great movies this year I have to say.

TURNER: All right. Well, thank you, Julianne. I appreciate it. Good luck to you tonight. And you look beautiful in Chanel.

MOORE: Thank you.

TURNER: Nice to see you again.

All right. Thank you very much.

Now, that was Julianne Moore, nominated for "Game Change" tonight, A.J. This has been a very, very good evening. HAMMER: And you mentioned she's wearing Chanel and my understanding from Lawrence Zarian, L.Z., who is with me, our fashion expert tonight, she's the only one wearing Chanel on the red carpet.

ZARIAN: Today, right now. So far we know Chanel. But I have to tell you she usually wears Tom Ford. So to see her wearing Chanel, slight departure.

HAMMER: Is Tom Ford at home saying "What happened"?

ZARIAN: Tom Ford is at home saying "Thank god, somebody else had to do it tonight." Julianne Moore, stunning, one of my favorites.

HAMMER: You've had such great reaction to so much of the fashion that we've seen. Let's take a good close-up look at Julia Stiles right now.

ZARIAN: Julia Stiles looked lovely on the red carpet. I love when a woman has blond hair and it goes with the different shades of blue. I thought that worked really well on her. Stunning dress. I love the sophistication of it. Love the beading. A.J., we're seeing so much beading on the S.A.G. red carpet this year. And again the Golden Globes and S.A.G. red carpet are a precursor of what we we're going to see come Oscar night. So this is like a fashion preview.

HAMMER: I always wonder how different particularly obviously with the film stars that we're seeing tonight, how different they approach a night like the S.A.G. awards versus what they're going to do for the Oscars which really are considered the granddaddy of all of the award shows.

ZARIAN: Well, when the S.A.G. started about 19 years ago, it was a much more casual event. People were just - men were just wearing suits and basic ties, but they've bumped it up, and they're really knocking it out. You could take all these looks from this red carpet and put it on the Oscar red carpet and you wouldn't know the difference.

HAMMER: Let's talk about one of the stars of "Homeland" who has walked the red carpet tonight. Did you see Damian Lewis?

ZARIAN: So handsome and the number one accessory for men on the red carpet from the Golden Globes to SAG Awards to the Oscars, it's all about the beautiful bow tie. Men (INAUDIBLE) doing bow ties and doing it right.

HAMMER: So I wondered about wearing a bow tie tonight and I had a couple of conversation and I said "I'm going to go with the tie. I'm going to go with a fat tie tonight."

ZARIAN: The fat tie and the John Barbados suit, home run, A.J..

HAMMER: All right. Let's talk about Helen Hunt. We just saw her walking by. Pretty extraordinary, and I don't know much.

ZARIAN: OK. Let me tell you something, A.J., you saw my mouth hit the floor. It is all about metallics on the red carpet. It was strapless. And I always say women should show off their best accessories. Her shoulders are spot on. It's age appropriate when you got a body like that and I really like that very sexy - I call it that California Malibu hair. It really plays against the casual and the sophisticated. One of my best dressed of the night.

HAMMER: Now one of the cool things about how connected you are in the fashion industry is you get the early heads up on some of the most anticipated dresses of the night. Anne Hathaway expected to walk away with an award tonight. What is she wearing?

ZARIAN: Let me tell you, nobody knows who Anne Hathaway is wearing yet. In 2009 she wore this beautiful goddess one shoulder drape gown from (INAUDIBLE). She was like a Grecian goddess in white. So tonight she might be doing Chanel because she did it at the Golden Globes but it's anybody's guess. And the thing that I love about Anne is Anne says she's the luckiest girl in the world because she gets to play dressup and she has the best time for awards season because it's a little girl's fantasy to wear the best of the best.

HAMMER: I always wonder as well when these award shows such as the S.A.G. and the Globes are taking place, if they're giving any consideration to the fact, you know, they're sitting around having dinner. It's like a big dinner party. They actually have to take some thought into the fact that they have to get up from their table, leave their vegan plate behind, and run up there on stage.

ZARIAN: Well, you know, A.J., it's all about that picture perfect moment. They think about what they're going to do, but if they look good, again, that picture is going to last a lifetime.

HAMMER: You said you thought Damian Lewis from "Homeland" looked spectacular.

ZARIAN: Bow tie.

HAMMER: Well, let's find out how his co-star Claire Danes is looking tonight because she is with Nischelle.

TURNER: She looks spectacular, A.J.. They were just talking about how your co-star Damian Lewis looks really good.


TURNER: On the red carpet tonight.

DANES: I'm excited to see all my buddies.

TURNER: Yes, everyone is here tonight but you are looking divine in Givenchy.

DANES: Thank you very much. Thank you. No, this was made for me. This was always, you know, lovely.

TURNER: Here's what I love about it. It fits to a T but it also looks very comfortable. DANES: It actually is. The heels are a little intense.

TURNER: Can we see them? Oh, baby.

DANES: I'm slightly wobbly in heels I have to confess but the rest of it is relatively comfortable.

TURNER: And the other thing I like is that you have a bold lip. I said when you walked up I said "That's nice."

DANES: Well, thank you. Thank you. We went with the kind of graphic deco theme here.

TURNER: Now everyone knows "Homeland" is a hit. It's a definite hit. We're on season three. Bodhi is a fugitive. He and Carey are really in love. What's going on?

DANES: You know, I know as little or as much as everyone else. I think the writers actually are not entirely sure where we're headed from here. So I mean, this is our downtime and we're just kind of recovering from the effort of putting last season together. So, you know, the imaginations are, you know, percolating.

TURNER: Yes, I like that word, percolating. We are just hanging out here live on CNN. We were doing an hour-long special but we're having so much fun we decided to hang out a little longer and talk to you because you are one of the nominees for "Homeland" and "Homeland" is cleaning up. What are you - you going in with four nominations for the show tonight?

DANES: We have done very well, but again, I mean, it's always nice to win but I'm just excited to see everybody.

TURNER: So where is the little bambino? The last time I talked to you at the Golden Globes he was just upstairs.

DANES: Yes, I know. We don't have that luxury this time. But he's with my parents in my hotel room, being adorable. And yes, I mean I kind of already miss him but it's good. It's good for me to have occasional ventures out into the world without him attached to my boob.

TURNER: I don't have any kids, but all of my girlfriends who do have kids say, "Yes, there's that immediate just love that you can't even describe."

DANES: Yes. No, it's wild. It's totally deep and great, but, you know, he's just starting to like wake up and come to and really see me and there are little smiles that creep in every so often and it's exciting.

TURNER: I'm not trying to rush you but more? Are you going to have more?

DANES: You know, I could use a little break. Yes, no, I need to recover and there's still plenty to do with Cyrus, but maybe one day, yes.

TURNER: Well, good luck tonight. Have a little fun.

DANES: Thank you.

TURNER: Without the baby.

DANES: Thank you, thank you.

TURNER: All right. We'll be right back, everyone.


TURNER: Welcome back to CNN's live coverage of the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. I'm here with my new friends, Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman.

HUGH JACKMAN, ACTOR: How are you? Nice to see you.

TURNER: Yes, Hugh Jackman. First of all, can we get this out of the way because I'm loving -- you guys look like you should be on a date like you should be here together.

JACKMAN: All right. Yes.

TURNER: You really should.

TURNER: What are you wearing?

ANNE HATHAWAY, ACTRESS: He hasn't asked me.


TURNER: You don't know when to ask a girl who looks good out for a proper date.


TURNER: That's why we like him.

HATHAWAY: I was just playing.

TURNER: Who are you wearing?

JACKMAN: I am wearing Prada.

TURNER: Prada. Cool.

JACKMAN: Yes. A little moment there. Very nice. Yes, thank you.

TURNER: And Anne.

HATHAWAY: I'm wearing Giambattista Valli.

TURNER: Beautiful. I told her she came up I started doing the little happy dance. JACKMAN: A little bling.

TURNER: Harry Winston.

I started doing the happy dance when I saw your dress because I really, really liked it. I thought it was so cute.

HATHAWAY: Thank you very, very much.

JACKMAN: And who are you wearing?

TURNER: I'm wearing a dress by Carrison (ph). A little known designer but she makes beautiful dresses for women.

JACKMAN: Good for you.

HATHAWAY: I like her name. It's a very harmonious name.

TURNER: One word.

JACKMAN: Good for you, (INAUDIBLE).

TURNER: So you guys are both nominated tonight, and I have been saying that really I think - you have both done some great work but these kind of roles were almost tailor made for you guys, do you think?

HATHAWAY: Well, no, because yours was tailor made for (INAUDIBLE) and mine was tailor made for (INAUDIBLE).

TURNER: Oh gosh. They're on Broadway.

JACKMAN: It did strike me tonight that, you know, we are, in a way carrying torches that have been carried for 27 years. But I think we should definitely mention that Anne's mom played the role she played. So one of the torches was carried by her mom. So you can say she's a second generation "Les Mis." And I'm just -

TURNER: I did not know that.

JACKMAN: I'm a newcomer.

HATHAWAY: My mom understudied Fontine in the first national tour when I was eight.

TURNER: How special is that for you?

HATHAWAY: Very special. This whole thing would have a surreal edge to it to begin with but when I consider that, sometimes it knocks me sideways.

TURNER: Holy cow.

JACKMAN: Day one of shooting she had a 1995 denim jacket with Kate, which is her mom's name, written on top. But it was very, very touching. HATHAWAY: The morning of the Oscar nominations I put it on.

JACKMAN: Did you really?


TURNER: That gives me goose bumps. It really does. I think it's really beautiful. You know, we don't know these things when you go in and we see you doing these amazing performances like when you just 3 1/2 minutes of you on the screen just singing. Crazy. We've got Ben Affleck coming. Bring him on in.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: These guys have to go.

JACKMAN: Let us go.

TURNER: I'm sorry. They're taking them away from me and bringing in Ben Affleck. It's a good night for me. Thank you, guys. Good luck. You look gorgeous.

Gosh, all right. Thank you.

Come on in.

Come on in, fellas. How are you?

BEN AFFLECK, ACTOR I'm great. What a great couple of actors you just had on there. Aren't they spectacular?

TURNER: I was just telling them I believe that those roles that they played were made for them and, of course, they say "No, it was made for the actors that did it on Broadway," but they were so good.

AFFLECK: The actors that did it on Broadway were great and they were, you know, every bit as great. They're incredible and that show was incredible. They got a great ensemble and I wouldn't be surprised at all if they were awarded for that. But it's really cool to get to run into really talented people like that when you come to these shows.

TURNER: Let's let the fawning continue because "Argo" has been kind of a movie that everybody loved but no one expected it would start just cleaning up. Last night you guys won the Producers Guild. Tonight you're up again for cast ensemble. Are you proud?

AFFLECK: Yes, I'm thrilled. I'm thrilled. I never thought I would get to this place in my career at this point. Particularly as a filmmaker and it's just a real honor and I appreciate the honor of being in the company of these people that I have always looked up to and always admired. It reminds me of sort of when I first started out here and the first time I ever came to the Oscars and that feeling I had of being humbled and being overwhelmed and seeing people who I thought were so great and I'm shocked every time we've gotten anything, and it's - but it always has felt incredible, you know.

TURNER: Wasn't that 15 years ago with "Good Will Hunting"?

AFFLECK: I think it was even more, I think it was like 16 years ago, something like that. I was this tall then. I grew a lot since then.

TURNER: You were a little Bennie.

AFFLECK: Yes, I was a little Bennie. They called me that around the way.

TURNER: Just a couple weeks ago, Ben, we got word that Iran was going to make a response movie to "Argo."


TURNER: I called "The General Staff" and what did you -

AFFLECK: I'm going to talk to them about that title because if they want to do a franchise with me, you know, I think we need to build in something a little better than like the general's shirt or whatever they're calling it. OK. I was actually quite disappointed about it when I heard Clooney was producing that movie so I think we're in good shape with the Iranian sequel.

TURNER: What do you think about that? You're kind of like, it's a free enterprise whatever you want -

AFFLECK: In truth, it's like sad. There were great people in Iran, many of them I know who we hope for nothing but peace toward and they're living under an totalitarian oppressive regime and it's a very difficult way to live. There are a lot of filmmakers I know and there are a lot of people that come from there and it's very hard and part of what regimes do who need to enforce their political authority in that way is create propaganda and that's what this is and they're just stepping on our movie to create propaganda.

I guess at least, you know, it's exciting in the sense that we've put some kind of a footprint out there in the world.

TURNER: I would say to you and that's actually a really profound answer. But I would say to you you're going to be sitting next to the cast of "Les Mis" tonight so when Ann and Hugh if their names are called you can stand up, hoot, and do a little -

AFFLECK: I am going to stand up, stand for Bradley Cooper who I think is a genius. I mean there's so many great, all of "Silver Linings" is incredible, the "Lincoln" cast and really, the TV awards are full of like more talent than I have ever seen. It's exciting. It's fun.

TURNER: Well, good luck to you.

AFFLECK: All right.

TURNER: Appreciate the time.

AFFLECK: I appreciate it.

TURNER: Thank you so much. We're having so much fun here on the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild award. We're going to stay over a little bit longer. Stay with us. We'll be right back. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

HAMMER: Welcome back to red carpet. I'm A.J. Hammer and we are live at the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards here at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles.

I'm joined by Lawrence Zarian, fashion expert, L.Z. by my side watching some pretty amazing styles coming down the red carpet.

ZARIAN: It doesn't even have a shot this good. We get to see them all walk down the red carpet.

HAMMER: You know, I don't know if we have the shot up right now. Yes, we do. OK. We're seeing "Glee" cast members. Lea Michele is standing there in pink on the red carpet. So I'm just going to get your quick reaction to that.

ZARIAN: I love that.

HAMMER: I think she's so beautiful.

ZARIAN: You know, she's been really pushing it when it comes to high fashion dressing, but this is so sweet. It is so sophisticated. It's sexy and I love that you focus on the face and those drop earrings. Spectacular. Look at Alfre Woodard. Alfre Woodard also knows how to but looks beautiful.

HAMMER: Let's talk about one of the big nominees tonight, Jessica Chastain, of course, is nominated for "Zero Dark Thirty." She is young Hollywood right now and I have to imagine for all the fashion designers she's one of the most sought after actresses by every designer saying "I want to dress her." Talk to me about her look.

ZARIAN: Her favorite designer is Dior and she didn't disappoint. She's working out in the red carpet in this beautiful Dior Haute Couture gown. It just works with her body. Dior knows how to do it right. And when you have a style team like Jennifer Lawrence does, you have to pay attention. And I guarantee you she's making all the executive decisions. Nobody is telling her what to wear but they're giving her choice after choice after choice.

HAMMER: A lot of classic looks on the red carpet tonight. And as I mentioned earlier tonight inside what people are going to see is sort of a nod to old Hollywood and the classic movie theaters of the 1930s. Now, Julianna Marguiles to me has that old Hollywood vibe. She's been well represented here at the Screen Actors Guild Awards before. Tell me about what she's wearing tonight.

ZARIAN: Her entire look screams old Hollywood glam. And you know, I usually love seeing color on the red carpet but we're seeing lots of black and she did the blend of black and white. It's a perfect dress for her. And she's an ultimate fashionista. She knows how to work it and she always draws the attention up to frame the face. And she always knows how to work her hair. She's doing it right.

HAMMER: One of the greatest accessories anybody can show off at an after party with is one of the statues of the actor, as it's called. That's what you win, that's what you're awarded with if you win a Screen Actors Guild Award. Jennifer Lawrence likely to have one of those accessories in her hand tonight. Talk to me about how it will accentuate whatever she's wearing.

ZARIAN: You know what? When you walk around with a SAG award in your hand, it just gives you that confidence that you're doing the work and let me tell you something it's great to throw nice clothes and look pretty but when you get to walk home with that S.A.G. award it's really all about the work. That blue Dior dress on her, so stunning and the hair parted on the side. That's going to be a look that will stand the test of time. I love everything about it. I mean look at her. She's absolutely stunning.

HAMMER: And we always talk about how important the jewelry is, and obviously.

ZARIAN: Choppard. She's wearing Choppard necklace.

HAMMER: There are jewelry designers who are basically begging the actors and actresses to wear what they're offering, and it's such an essential decision when it comes to pairing it up what whatever they're wearing.

ZARIAN: A.J., it's the cherry on top of the sundae. You have the perfect shoes, that amazing dress and it's all about the perfect finish, the accessories with the earrings and the necklace.

HAMMER: All right. L.Z., stay right there. More fashion expertise on the way. We are live from the 19t annual Screen Actors Guild Awards and we'll be right back.


TURNER: Welcome back to CNN's live coverage of the 19th Annual Screen Actor's Guild red carpet. Now we can saw Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain walk the red carpet and I can tell you, when they go inside the Shrine Auditorium tonight, they will be sitting together at a table with Denzel Washington. I can tell you that because I got a little behind the scenes sneak peek of what you'll see play out on television. Take a look.


TURNER (on camera): We are just a couple of hours away from the beginning of the Screen Actors Guild Awards. We're actually in the show room here. The beautiful showroom here at the Shrine Auditorium. I'm with Kathy Connell who's the producer of this shindig. Take this winner's walk with me. Let me see how it feels.

My name is called, I walk up these stairs.

KATHY CONNELL, PRODUCER: And I would like to present you with the actor.

TURNER: Wow. This thing is heavy. When they stand here, they give their speech, they look out and this is what they see. Then what happens now?

CONNELL: Let me take you to the press room, my dear. You need to answer questions.

TURNER: I love this week. Can I take the actor with me? Thank you very much.

CONNELL: You're going right up here, my dear. And you are being photographed.

TURNER: And then I face the pesky media members.

Yay! Congratulations.

I never thought this day would come. Thank you, guys. Thank you so much.

OK. So we've given you a look at what goes on in the ballroom and what you will see on TV. Now let's go behind the scenes with executive producer and director Jeff Margolis.

Everyone says this is the awards show that they love because it's actors honoring actors.

JEFF MARGOLIS, DIRECTOR, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: There are lots of actors who get to meet for the first time in this room. We may put the cast of "Modern Family" at a table next to the cast of "Lincoln." You know, the cast of "Modern Family" they never met Daniel Day Lewis and Sally Field before.

TURNER: All of this will happen in just a couple of hours. The 19th annual Screen Actor's Guild. We gave you a little sneak peak look on CNN.


TURNER: And yes, I was rocking the sweat suit, A.J.. I like the look, I like the look.

HAMMER: If only you had kept that on for this show. But who's going to get the actor trophy tonight in all those categories from all of those tables. Well I have to find the results right now on who users believe should win the SAG Awards tonight.

Now for outstanding performance by a TV comedy ensemble, "Big Bang Theory" winning with 41 percent of the vote from our viewers. "Modern Family" in second with 30 percent. Best TV drama cast "Downton Abbey" collected 37 percent of the vote. "Homeland" in close second with 27 percent. And in one of the most highly anticipated categories, outstanding ensemble performance in a film, 30 percent of voters say "Lincoln," "Argo" has collected 22 percent of the vote. Now, we have to get ready to see just how well the poll predicts the winners. (INAUDIBLE) expert on film with me this year tonight. Now it is going to be tough race, our viewers feel, that it is "Lincoln" that is not who you think is going to win this trophy tonight.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: No "Lincoln" and "Argo" are the overall leaders in the awards seasons race right now who I think are the top contenders for the Oscars but for this award, Screen Actors Guild, I think it's going to be "Silver Linings," "Playbook," a smaller film, a film that's more cast and acting driven. I think it's going to have a very good night tonight.

HAMMER: And who would you pick as your second pick if it's not in fact going to be "Silver Linings"?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Maybe actually "Les Miserable" which is also driven s much by the performances. I think "Lincoln" and "Argo" as I say better chance for some of the directing and best picture awards down the line.

HAMMER: Interesting, because after the Golden Globes, of course, everybody thought, "Oh, maybe "Argo" now is going to be a sweep for the rest of the season," you don't think that's happening here at least tonight?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I don't think so.

HAMMER: All right. Dave Cargo (ph), thank you very much. The Screen Actors Guild Awards air live right now on our sister networks TNT and TBS.

TURNER: A.J., this has been a great night. I've had a lot of fun as I know you have. Thank you everyone at home for joining us here on CNN for the live red carpet coverage of the 19th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. "BLACK IN AMERICA" starts right now.