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Calvin Klein Model Creates Buzz; Lady Gaga Asking for Ridiculous Backstage Perks?; Did Chris Brown Fake Community Service?; Trump Suing Maher Over Joke; New Slogan for Kentucky?; Interview with Beyonce`s Designer; Interview with Denzel Washington; Interview with Grammy Nominee Ed Sheeran

Aired February 5, 2013 - 23:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ News Makers," the man behind Beyonce`s barely-there Super Bowl costume is right here, to tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT about his gravity-defying design secrets that made sure Beyonce and her outfit didn`t miss a beat.

But does fashion`s newest "it" guy have what it takes to top tonight`s SHOWBIZ Countdown?

Hello, I`m A.J. Hammer. And our "SHOWBIZ News Maker" countdown, including the man who will reveal the secrets to dressing Beyonce, is coming up.

But, we begin with our first big countdown of the night, the top five stories that just blew up today.

And kicking it off at No. 5, good-bye, GoDaddy guy. Hello, Calvin Klein guy.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT can tell you there was remarkable aftershock today following the Super Bowl Calvin Klein ad that features a male model in his underwear flashing his six-pack abs. The guy`s name, Matthew Terry. There he is, right here in New York tonight.

MATTHEW TERRY, MODEL: Hey, how are you guys doing?

HAMMER: Excellent to have you here. And he`s with us to reveal all on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, reveal all so to speak, anyway. Matthew, I want you to sit tight for just a second, because we much -- must watch the spot once again that has put you firmly in the spotlight. Roll it.

TERRY: Sounds good.




HAMMER: And there you go. OK, Matthew, I don`t know if you`ve been poking around on the Internet since the Super Bowl, but I Googled "Matthew Terry model Calvin Klein" this afternoon. It got 1 million 965 thousand hits.


HAMMER: Is that about how many women have hit on you since the ad aired?

TERRY: I -- no. I`m not even going to go near that number, but, no, not so far.

HAMMER: But this has to be just a wild ride for you in just the barely 48 hours that have passed, right?

TERRY: Absolutely. Like, I -- I had zero expectations going into this. I had no idea what the aftershock would be like. So this is just all amazing what`s going on right now.

HAMMER: So I don`t know if you`ve been watching the Twitter. But I was checking it out today, and I couldn`t keep up with all the celebrities that have been tweeting about you, in addition to just regular fans.

But as far as celebs, you have a big fan in Maria Shriver, who tweeted, "Who was that guy in the Calvin Klein commercial? Just saying."

And "CBS This Morning" host Nora O`Donnell tweeted this: "I like the Calvin Klein ad, just saying."

Actress and comedy writer Paula Pell tweeted, "I could have grated cheese on that Calvin Klein model`s belly and probably pressed a Panini in his buttocks."

And look what you did to poor Ryan Seacrest, Matthew. He tweeted, "Thanks, Calvin Klein, for making me quickly put down that fourth slice of pizza I was eating."

All right. So, Matthew, I think even Ryan would like to know how did you get those abs?

TERRY: You know, just a regimented workout, you know, five days a week kind of thing, and, you know, a good group of, you know, people to work with always helps, too. You know, and I`ve been training since, like, you know, seventh, eighth grade because of football and wrestling in high school definitely helped with all that. So I give credit to that, and, you know, to my friends and stuff.

HAMMER: And I know you spent some time as a personal trainer, as well. And in addition to knowing that about you, I do have some key questions from the ladies. I hope you don`t mind if I just float these your way.

TERRY: Absolutely.

HAMMER: How old are you now? You`re 21?

TERRY: I`m 21.

HAMMER: OK, 21. So he is legal, ladies. Not that that matters to many of them.

Are you single? Will you reveal that?

TERRY: Yes, I am single.

HAMMER: OK, he`s single. I just heard a big applause from the control room down at the other block.

It was your mom, I understand, who got you into modeling by sending a video of you to a modeling agency, and you didn`t even know that she did it. But how did you get the Calvin Klein gig? Why did they come to you?

TERRY: Well, it was -- I was going on just a normal casting, and I was sent over to the Calvin office in New York and went in. They saw me and I ended up getting called back, like, you know, four more times. And they -- I finally got the call to say, you know, "You`re -- you`re going to be doing this underwear campaign." So it was, you know, absolutely amazing experience.

HAMMER: And next thing you know, you`re in front of millions of people on the Super Bowl. Congratulations on the success of the ad and congrats to Calvin Klein, too. It`s going to be a wild ride, so enjoy it, Matthew.

TERRY: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

HAMMER: NO problem. Thanks for being here.

Well, another Super Bowl ad that features an uncomfortably long kiss is No. 4 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories that blew up today. It stars Will Ferrell. Now, this is kind of a strange ad for, of all things, Old Milwaukee beer, one of my college favorites.

I can`t do the ad justice, so, Phil, can you roll that for me, please?




HAMMER: OK. And they actually do show the beer at one point. The ad goes on and on like this. And if you don`t remember it from the Super Bowl, the reason is it only aired in several small TV markets. Oklahoma, Texas, Montana are where those markets were.

Will isn`t even paid for this and some other ads he`s done for Old Milwaukee. He does them for fun and presumably for the long make-out sessions, perhaps some free beer, as well.

Well, there is no kissing in our No. 3 story in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, but it`s just as bizarre.

Lady Gaga, she, of the meat dress and strange onstage antics, reportedly makes some pretty strange demands of the places where she performs and the hotels where she stays.

Joining me now from is Hyla. He`s in Hollywood tonight. Hyla, I see that CelebBuzz has gotten a hold of some documents from a lawsuit that Lady Gaga is involved in that details the demands that she reportedly made during her incredibly successful Monsters Ball tour. Tell us what some of the stranger items were that she requested.

HYLA, CELEBBUZZ.COM: First of all, thank you for putting me on with the Calvin Klein kid and destroying my self-esteem before I come on with you. I appreciate that.

HAMMER: No problem.

HYLA: But yes. Let`s speak about this rider. This is interesting what we got our hands on here. There seems to be some normal things in this rider that you expect from big rock stars. You know, she wants her room to feel like a rock glam room. She wants posters of some of her favorite artists, that include David Bowie, and Queen and Elton John. She wants white leather couches, lavender towels, organic fruits and cereals, and whatnot.

And then there`s one that is a little strange. That is the mannequin that has to have pink pubic hair. Can you explain that one to me, A.J.?

HAMMER: I don`t even really want to discuss that one. That is very, very strange. Some of the other stuff, obviously, is pretty normal for rock stars.

But Hyla, look, we know that there are some stars who intentionally put some pretty weird stuff in their riders to make sure the concert venues are paying attention.

However, with Gaga being Gaga, I actually wouldn`t be surprised if she was dead serious and that`s just what she wanted.

I mean, why not? Yes. I think it would be more strange if she wasn`t demanding strange things like this mannequin. Other artists in the past, I can bring up Kanye West who wanted Versace towels sent to him while he was touring in Australia. Mary J. Blige, I heard that she wanted her toilet seats replaced for every single venue that she was performing at on her tour.

And then you have guys like the Foo Fighters who purposely put in jokes and funny stuff in their riders, demanding coloring books at one point or another.

Again, a rider is just a suggestion. It`s a question. We would like these things. People don`t have to get them, but, you know what? If you`re a star, why not push the limits? And she`s trying to do this here.

HAMMER: Wow. I have to say I`ve never seen such a mannequin in my life, and I`ve been in a lot of dressing rooms backstage at concerts. That would have been a first for me.

So what are the two top stories that blew up today? It`s not that mannequin. Well, our SHOWBIZ Countdown continues in a moment.

And we all know Beyonce certainly worked her butt off for the Super Bowl performance, literally.


BEYONCE (singing): So crazy right now...


HAMMER: Beyonce`s costume designer reveals that the singer was working so hard, she was actually shrinking by the day in rehearsals. That had him working overtime, of course, making her fit just right, but that`s not the only big secret that Rubin Singer is sharing with us tonight. No, he is right here to reveal what he would dream up for an Oscar-nominated actress.

And it`s "SHOWBIZ Road to Gold," the countdown to the Academy Awards. We catch up with the incomparable Denzel Washington at the annual Oscar luncheon. You`re not going to believe the hard lesson that Denzel says that he learned about acting while drunk.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and our countdown of the top five stories that just blew up today. Here`s what we have so far.

No. 5, the Calvin Klein model who melted TV screens in this year`s Super Bowl ads, Matthew Terry, who was right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT moments ago and, yes, he brought along his six-pack abs.

No. 4 is Will Ferrell, locking lips in this Super Bowl commercial for Old Milwaukee in an ad he was reportedly not even paid for. It only aired in three small markets.

No. 3, Lady Gaga and what she apparently demands backstage at her concerts. All of it is in documents that Celeb Buzz got a hold of involving a suit with Lady Gaga.

That brings us to No. 2 on our countdown of stories that blew up today. It`s a Chris Brown bombshell. Listen to this.

Los Angeles prosecutors said today that the hot-headed singer may have violated probation by faking his community service. Now, Brown was sentenced to 180 days of community service for beating up Rihanna the weekend before the Grammys back in 2009. That`s almost exactly four years ago. It will be on Friday. And now this just days before the Grammys, this Sunday.

I want to bring in David Begnaud, who is the executive producer of "NewsBreaker" on Ore TV.

This is disappointing to me, David. The L.A. D.A.`s office says today there is no evidence that Brown completed his community service in his home state of Virginia, and they suggested that documents may have been faked.

I`m thinking if this turns out to be true, there at this point is nothing that can help save Chris`s image and his rehab efforts to make his image better, wouldn`t you agree?

DAVID BEGNAUD, EXECUTIVE PRODUCER, ORE TV`S "NEWSBREAK": A.J., who is this guy? Who is this guy? It`s like who does he think he is? Above the law? I mean, I cannot take any more of what Chris Brown is. Even as an artist. Community service or Cancun? Now prosecutors say he went to Cancun. Really?

You know, I hope they do revoke his probation, and I hope he does go to jail.


BEGNAUD: Sorry, send the hate mail. Send the guy to jail.

HAMMER: Listen, if this does turn out to be true, I`m right there with you. And it`s disappointing, because this was at a time when a lot of people, quite frankly, were starting to say, "OK, you`ve done your time. We`re going to let you move on." But he may not be letting himself move on.

Right now, I want to reveal the big No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of stories that just blew up today. Donald Trump suing Bill Maher over a joke. Oh, yes, here we go again.

Donald is suing the comedian for 5 million bucks over this joke that Bill told on "The Tonight Show," spoofing Trump`s obsession with President Obama`s birth certificate. Watch this.


BILL MAHER, COMEDIAN: The color of his hair...


MAHER: ... and the color of an orange orangutan is the only two things in nature of the same color. So...

LENO: Is that what this...

MAHER: Yes. I`m not saying it`s true.

LENO: Right.

MAHER: I hope it`s not true. But unless he comes up with proof, I`m willing to -- I`m willing to offer $5 million to Donald Trump...

LENO: Five million dollars.

MAHER: ... if he will come -- that he can donate to a charity of his choice...

LENO: A charity of his choice.

MAHER: Hair Club for Men, the Institute for Incorrigible Douchebaggery, whatever charity...


HAMMER: OK. Obviously, making a joke there.

Trump did release his birth certificate and demanded that Maher pay the 5 million bucks. Well, Maher didn`t exactly whip out his checkbook, so now Trump is suing him.

With me tonight in New York, comedian Heather McDonald, author of "My Inappropriate Life."

So Heather, Trump has said and done very ridiculous things very often, but suing over a joke, I mean, come on, this takes the cake.

HEATHER MCDONALD, COMEDIAN: I mean, of course, clearly it was a joke.

But, you know, any way that he can get some press. And he`s probably thinking, well, Bill Maher gave Obama a million dollars to help win his campaign. I would like some of that money for my charities and of course, he, you know -- he really doesn`t like jokes about him that much, obviously, because he`s taking this to the next level and actually filing a lawsuit...


MCDONALD: ... that now everyone has to deal with. And, of course, we`re talking about it and he`s getting the press. And I mean, it makes him look ridiculous. He should just laugh along with it and ignore it.

HAMMER: Yes. And a lawyer friend of mine said Bill Maher is protected as a satirist. And let`s not forget: there is a "Celebrity Apprentice" season coming up. I`m just saying.

Heather, David, stay right there. Much more SHOWBIZ TONIGHT to come.

Grammy nominee for song of the year, Ed Sheeran must be a star already, because he`s already fighting off rumors about dating Taylor Swift.


HAMMER: You had to actually deny that the two of you were dating. Are you prepared for all of that attention? I mean, you`re at the cusp now of that stratosphere.

(voice-over): Tonight, the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the day`s biggest newsmakers.

So will Ed`s big Grammy debut this weekend be bigger than the newly-minted superstardom of Beyonce`s Super Bowl costume designer?

His name is Rubin Singer. He`s the man behind Beyonce`s barely-there Super Bowl costume. He`s going to tell SHOWBIZ TONIGHT all the secrets to making sure Beyonce and her outfit did not miss a beat.

But, who will come out on top on tonight`s SHOWBIZ Countdown?


It is time now for the "SHOWBIZ Buzz List." It`s what the "SHOWBIZ" staff is buzzing about this week. We are feeling the song "Feel This Moment." Pit Bull teams up with Christina Aguilera, and we are loving the sample from A-ha`s "Take on Me."

Well, we just cannot put down "Searching for Zion" by Emily Raboteau, her global journey to find her roots as a biracial woman born -- born in America. It`s just transformative.

The countdown is on. There`s a fantastic app for "Star Trek: Into Darkness." Now, this gives Trekkies special access in anticipation of the new movie. Best of all, users can buy advanced tickets to the movie, which comes out in May.

And we are sucked into NBC`s "Deception." We can`t stop buzzing about the lives of the rich and suspicious.

You can bring Denzel Washington home. The Oscar-nominated film "Flight" out on DVD and Blu-Ray.


DENZEL WASHINGTON, ACTOR: We`re in an uncontrolled dive. We got a jammed stabilizer or something. Oh, lord, we`re going to 7,000.




UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kentucky and its Kentuckians have produced some of the greatest cultural influences of all time. We invented bourbon, bluegrass music, and the mother-(EXPLETIVE DELETED) Kentucky Derby.


HAMMER: And let`s not forget George Clooney. Kentucky has produced some of the most cherished icons of our great nation. And now there`s actually a move to create a state slogan that lives up to the state`s greatness.

"SHOWBIZ Trending," "Kentucky kicks ass." Yes, the guys behind the ads are getting a brand-new boost online. They have been working for years to replace Kentucky`s current tag line, which is "Kentucky, Unbridled Spirit. They want to replace it with something more sexy and a bit more memorable than that, kind of like their version of "Virginia is for lovers" or "I love New York."

The governor of Kentucky calls the idea fun, but these guys are serious.

Comedian Heather McDonald is back with me now. What do you think? "Kentucky kicks ass"?

MCDONALD: I think go for it. I think their whole goal when you watch the video is we want to bring people to the state: tourism, jobs. And, you know, maybe they`ll get a reality show out of it. You know, "Jersey Shore" is gone. Let`s have some Kentucky kick-ass 20-year-olds. Let`s see them party and get drunk.

HAMMER: Yes. That would be a show. I would tune in for that.

I want to bring back David Begnaud of "NewsBreaker" on Ore TV. What do you think, David, kick-ass or dumb-ass?

BEGNAUD: No, kick-ass. I love it.

Look, I mean, hell, Kentucky is great. Right? We all know it for horse racing, but it`s a beautiful state. I say go for it. I love it. And I think they should do it just to show. I mean, "Unbridled Spirit," yes, whatever, it sounds formal.


BEGNAUD: Kick-ass is so much better. Do it.

HAMMER: It`s 2013. By the way, the campaign is getting a lot of laughs, but the Kentucky Tourism Board apparently is not amused. I want to read you this brilliant statement that they released: "These guys are Kentucky natives, and they love the state, but they have a different constituency, which is no one."

Well, as Kentucky kicks ass, some kids in Buffalo, New York are giving some NFL players a little kick in the pants for their grammar. So their second- grade teacher made grammar lessons more interesting by having students correct the tweets of professional football players. Look at this. You`ve got to take a look at this. It`s fantastic.

Chris Culliver of the san Francisco 49ers misspelled the word "dying," spelling it as you see, "D-I-E-I-N-G" instead of with a y.

Wes Welker of the New England Patriots tweeted, "My God bless you all" instead of "May God bless you all." It was a Christmas wish.

The Detroit Lions` Titus Young failed both grammar and punctuation problems. Look at this. He`s misspelling "a lot" and leaving off a period at the end of the sentence. I mean, come on.

Heather, this has a lot of people weighing in online. You giving this a thumbs up or a thumbs down on the public grammar shame? I think it`s genius.

MCDONALD: I think it`s genius. I have kids. I have a first grader and a fourth grader. And they need to learn that when you put something on the Internet, it gets out there. And misspelled words is extremely embarrassing.

I have misspelled tweets. And I feel like a jerk. Luckily, someone usually corrects me right away, and I go and delete it. Because you do it so fast, you get sloppy.

But as long as the kids learn, because this is going to be their future, that it`s really important, I think it`s a great lesson.

HAMMER: Yay for the kids.

All right, Heather, David, thank you very much.

And make sure you get Heather`s brand-new book, "My Inappropriate Life," some material not suitable for small children, nuns or mature adults. It just came out today. Congrats on that.

Well, I can tell you that the Destiny`s Child reunion wasn`t the only huge surprise of the Super Bowl. Oh, no.


BEYONCE, SINGER (singing): Crazy right now.


HAMMER: Yes, the surprising new star power of Beyonce`s costume designer, it`s almost blinding. It`s our SHOWBIZ Countdown of "SHOWBIZ News Makers." Beyonce`s designer, Rubin Singer, right here tonight. Not only does he have new secrets about Beyonce`s outfit, but Rubin will also be revealing how he would dress one of the hottest Oscar-nominated actresses on the big night.

Speaking of the Oscars, we are one on one with Denzel Washington. Will Denzel`s revelations about why his Oscar-nominated movie "Flight" might be his best ever top the SHOWBIZ Countdown? Stick around to find out.




BEYONCE (singing): Crazy right now.


HAMMER: Right now, the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ News Makers." Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals the secrets behind Beyonce`s incredible Super Bowl outfit. It grabbed everyone`s attention. And I am going one-on-one with Rubin Singer, the man behind Beyonce`s sizzling Super Bowl costume.

But is our headline-making interview with Beyonce`s designer fierce enough to top our Oscar interview with the great Denzel Washington? We`re speaking with the legend just ahead on Hollywood`s biggest party night. Which news maker will be No. 1 on tonight`s SHOWBIZ Countdown?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

We`re firing up our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of today`s top three newsmakers. And let`s get things rolling with number three. It is the man behind Beyonce`s sizzling Super Bowl fashion. Leather, lace and, of course, attitude. It is the look that set the stage for that incredible half-time performance. What a wow moment that was.

The designer who pulled together that unique vision is with us tonight in New York. Rubin Singer joining us for the SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. And it`s great having you here, Rubin.

RUBIN SINGER, DESIGNER: Thank you for having me.

HAMMER: Absolutely. And congratulations because you did it. You brought that "it" factor with that costume. So I need to know, when she walked on stage for the very first time during the Super Bowl, were you out there on the field, watching right there, jumping for joy or were you glued to a TV monitor backstage watching it all go down and hoping everything stayed in place?

SINGER: Well, luckily I had the opportunity to be actually on the field in the front row looking at what was created and it was an amazing moment.

HAMMER: Was there ever a moment where you felt like I need to get up on stage and adjust that, but I can`t?

SINGER: No, no. Luckily not, no.

HAMMER: Everything stayed exactly where it was supposed to.

SINGER: Exactly yeah. Absolutely.

HAMMER : So, put us in your shoes. Give us an idea of what it was like working for the queen of pop. I`ve gotten to spend some time with Beyonce over the years, but never worked with her. So, I need to know if all the stories and rumors are true, that she`s just an absolute perfectionist about everything.

SINGER: Well, she`s a perfectionist and a total lady. I mean, when I first got the opportunity to present the concepts to her, you know, she was so responsive and so into what I was showing her that the dialogue got very, very intertwined with what she wanted and what I wanted and very quickly we clicked. And at the end of the meeting, it was basically clear that I had gotten the job.


SINGER: And she`s very friendly and very personable and easy to work with.

HAMMER: So, how does that opportunity even come to you? Because this obviously was the gig of a lifetime. Why did you get so lucky?

SINGER: Well, I had worked with her in the past on different things, but, you know, her stylist Ty Hunter and Raquel Smith came to me to pull pieces for Las Vegas for her New Year`s show, which I did a dress for her as well for, and when they came to see my story boards from my autumn/winter 2013 collection which I`m in the process of finishing right now, they were in love with what the concepts were and they asked me to present to her. And that`s kind of how the whole thing came about.

HAMMER: How cool is that? So, you were in the fold and you made it work. And Beyonce, as we all know, was under so much pressure to make this memorable right on the heels particularly of the inauguration. So, while you were working so closely together, did you feel that pressure at all yourself? Were you feeling it all around you?

SINGER: Of course. I mean this is one of the biggest, you know, performances that any artist can hope for. And you know, she was under pressure. You know, you have the NFL coming at you from their pressure points as well of what they need and what they expect, and, of course, for me it was tremendous amount of pressure as well. I mean I really had to kick it up to the highest notch possible.

HAMMER: Yeah, well, you certainly raised the bar. And congratulations for doing such an awesome job.

SINGER: Thank you.

HAMMER: But now, we find ourselves with the Super Bowl behind us, just weeks away from another huge fashion event, of course, the Oscars.

SINGER: Right.

HAMMER: And as long as I have you here, I want to get your take, your designer`s take on Jennifer Lawrence. Because we asked her what she would be wearing on that big night, you know she`s thinking about it. Here is what she told us.


JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: I`m going to wear sweat pants. Yeah, I`ve put -I`ve been thinking about it. We have got some sketches together, but nothing decided yet. Last time it was comfort. This year I`m like, I`m - suck it up, wear a corset.


LAWRENCE: So, yeah, I mean I`ll go for fashion this time.


HAMMER: All right. It still seems to me like she`s trying to figure it out. She`s, of course, likely to win that best Oscar, or the Oscar for Best Actress. So, how would you dress her on Oscar night?

SINGER: Well, of course, I would dress her in Rubin Singer and I think that anything that she would, you know, we could get her in and it would be amazing because she`s got such a beautiful figure and such a beautiful face that, you know, something corseted for sure, structured, sexy, and demure in its own right. So ...

HAMMER: Have you been getting any calls from people attending the Oscars since the Super Bowl?

SINGER: We have been getting a lot of calls for a lot of different things.

HAMMER: Do you expect to see your outfits on somebody that night?

SINGER: Possibly. You know, you never know until the very, very, very last minute with the Oscars. But potentially, yeah.

HAMMER: Well, congratulations again. Great having you here.

SINGER: Thank you.

HAMMER: And good luck with the Oscars. I hope we`ll be talking about your fashions after that night.

SINGER: I hope so too. Thank you.

HAMMER: All right, Rubin Singer, thanks so much.

Well, Jennifer Lawrence will be hitting the red carpet along with so many other A-list nominees and this brings us to number two on our "SHOWBIZ Countdown" of the day`s top three newsmakers.

Denzel Washington, he, of course, is nominated for best actor for his role as the pilot in the action-packed film "Flight." And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT goes one on one with Denzel tonight.

want to bring in "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner who is in Hollywood. And, Nischelle, I got to know, when you sat down with Denzel, did you get the impression at all that he is expecting a big win on Oscar night?

NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Expecting, I don`t know, A.J. Because Denzel is as humble as ever. Just like the rest of us, he knows that the competition for best actor is really tough this year. He`s up against Bradley Cooper, Daniel Day-Lewis, Hugh Jackman and Joaquin Phoenix, all great actors with great performances. Now, we will have to wait a couple of weeks to see who will win gold, but I have to tell you, I think I won the big prize by getting the chance to sit down with Denzel just weeks before Hollywood`s biggest day. And you know, he let me in on a few secrets.

Let`s watch.


TURNER: The one thing I never thought I would say was that I thought you did better work than you did in "Malcolm X," but I really think Whip Whitaker may ...

WASHINGTON: Well, I`m older, I`m more mature, hopefully I`m a better actor. It`s - I won`t say it is a more complex role, but it is a complex role. I mean this guy has got, you know, it is a very well written, you know, what do you do?

TURNER: Right.

WASHINGTON: Is he a hero? Was he - I mean he killed people, but he saved the bunch of people.

TURNER: Right.

WASHINGTON: But he was drunk and then he spirals into this, you know, drunkenness and when I read it, I was, like, oh, I`m doing this one.

TURNER: How do you shake that at the end of the day? Because you ...

WASHINGTON: You don`t drink during the day. That`s how you shake it. You know. I learned that lesson 30 some odd years ago when I thought I would try to have a drink doing a scene and it didn`t -- me and this other young actor, we were in London, we were like, you know, let`s get into it, we`re method, man. Let`s like have some scotch and -- so we drank in the scene and we were -- the director is like what is wrong with you guys? You`re terrible. You`re terrible. So, you can`t do that.

TURNER: What does Denzel today say or what advice would you give the Denzel who is nominated for "Glory" all those years ago? What would you tell that guy?

WASHINGTON: What would I tell that guy?




WASHINGTON: Yeah, calm down. Yeah. I`m much more relaxed now.


WASHINGTON: Older and wiser.


TURNER: Showing off 32 teeth there, A.J.


TURNER: You know, Denzel, he is ageless, he really is.

HAMMER: Were you even listening? I know you were listening to him, but I could, you could tell you were enjoying the moment there. And he`s - he`s so chill. But, look ...


HAMMER: He`s won two Oscars in his life. He`s been at this party before. Do you get the sense at all that he`s still as excited as he was the first time he ever showed up at the Academy Awards?

TURNER: Well, you`re right. He`s such a cool customer that you really would never know, but I did get the impression that he was enjoying the moment. He was kind of glad handing, saying hello to everybody, he said he had a good time at the lunch. So, I think he`s enjoying the ride and he did say that he may just have to go to the Oscars by himself because his wife is doing a play in Atlanta, so if he can`t convince one of his daughters to go with him, he`ll be going solo that night.

HAMMER: Isn`t that where you`re supposed to say, I`m available, I can`t believe you didn`t just say that.


HAMMER: All right, Nischelle. Well, good luck with it. I`ll see if we could work it out for you. Oscar night, of course, happening on February 24th. We can`t wait. Now, stay right there because we`re coming right back with our number one newsmaker of the day. And from the nominees on the big screen to big buzz about a new show on your TV screen, which is really fantastic.

CNN`s Dr. Sanjay Gupta is getting a ton of well deserved attention for his brand-new medical drama "Monday Mornings." Tonight he takes us behind the scenes.


DR. SANJAY GUPTA, CNN CHIEF MEDICAL CORRESPONDENT: This is our writers room. Essentially - and it is funny because we brainstorm a lot in here and just come up with ideas. And I think we all sort of try the ideas off each other to sort of put them out there like trial balloons.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on location with Sanjay for an exclusive look inside the show, it is so real, it is ripped straight from the medical headlines.



HAMMER: Welcome back. We`re counting down the top three SHOWBIZ newsmakers of the day.

Here is where we are so far. Coming in at number three, Beyonce`s Super Bowl designer giving us the inside story behind Beyonce`s show stopping Super Bowl fashion.

Number two, Denzel`s road to gold. We`re one on one with best actor Oscar nominee Denzel Washington just weeks before Hollywood`s biggest night.

And that brings us to number one on our SHOWBIZ countdown, it`s another big nominee, it`s my one on one with Grammy nominee Ed Sheeran.




HAMMER: You know the song. Sheeran is nominated for a Grammy for Song of the Year for that hit "The A-Team". That`s not the only thing that people are buzzing about when it comes to Ed. There are reports that he is dating Taylor Swift. It is true. Well, he and Taylor simply performed together at "Jingle Bell" concert here in New York and Ed is going to be opening for Taylor on her upcoming spring tour for her album "Red."

And when I spoke with Ed, he had nothing but praise for Taylor and how she handles all the speculation about her love life.

So here now my headline making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview with Ed Sheeran.


ED SHEERAN, GRAMMY NOMINEE: She`s the biggest artist, bar Adele -- and that was kind of void right now, that was - you can`t touch her, though, bar Adele, she is the biggest artist in the world right now, and she`s the only artist of her caliber, bar Adele, who writes her own songs. She`s not too out of reach, she is very approachable. If you saw Taylor Swift in the street, you wouldn`t think oh, like maybe I can`t go -- you would be like, hey, Taylor and she would be, like, hey, hi how are doing? Like as she usually goes where there are some answers out there that have that kind of barrier where you can`t - you can`t do that.

HAMMER: But you have also seen what I would call the downside to fame on that level, you know, the kind of attention, the unwanted attention that she may get, the things people may say, the things people may write and you certainly yourself have been the subject of, you know, a few things, I actually just saw where you had to actually deny that the two of you were dating, which is so silly to me, always, when two people are celebrities and one is male and one is female and they end up collaborating or having dinner together it automatically assumed that they`re dating, but are you prepared for all of that attention? I mean at the cusp now ...


HAMMER: ... of that stratosphere. You`ve seen it firsthand. Does that make you a little nervous?

SHEERAN: I think Taylor gets a pretty hard time with that. And I think it is only because that`s the only thing people can knock her on. You know, she is pretty much spot on in every way and that`s the only thing that the media can have a poke at. And as far as I`m concerned and she`s concerned, we get the best job in the world, we get to play music every day for a living.

HAMMER: Ed Sheeran, Grammy nominee, just hearing that, what does that mean to you?

SHEERAN: I, you know, it is quite nice to be accepted by the American industry in such a cool way. You know, it is not like -- it is not like any other awards show, is it? It is the biggest awards show on the planet. So, it is great to be able to be part of that and part of that kind of ilk as musician. It is quite humbling.

HAMMER: And you`re just 21 years old. So, what point in your life, and playing music for a long time, at what point did you become aware even of what a Grammy is and, hey, that`s something I want to get one day?

SHEERAN: The funniest thing, (INAUDIBLE) the Grammies in "The Simpsons," and every episode of "The Simpsons," that the Grammies are named in, it always seemed like, oh, Grammy ...


SHEERAN: ... and he throws it in the bin. So, yeah, that was the first time. And then seeing Michael Jackson`s "Thriller." And I think did he win 12 Grammies for that, I think?

HAMMER: He`s won a thousand Grammies.

SHEERAN: But like - but like for that album.


SHEERAN: And I remember seeing that on the ...


HAMMER: Yeah. As many as humanly possible, that was the big sweep that year. Absolutely.

SHEERAN: Yeah, so I remember seeing that and just being like, oof.

HAMMER: So you tweeted out recently buzzing to announce that I`m going to be performing live on the Grammies, cannot wait. Now, I can imagine you`re excited when you found that out. But describe how big you were buzzing when you found out that you were going to be performing with Elton John, the legendary Elton John.

SHEERAN: Well, yeah, I mean it was a very strange phone call to get, you know, get a phone call from Elton, just being, like, you know, I tried to get you on the Grammies to perform solo, but they prefer ..

HAMMER: He called you.

SHEERAN: Yeah. He called me. I tried to get you on the Grammies to perform solo. You know, but they would like you to perform with me. How would you feel about that? And I was, like, well, I`m sure I could fit that into my schedule somewhere.

HAMMER: Was that the first time you had ever spoken with him?

SHEERAN: No, no, I speak to him quite a lot, probably on a weekly basis.

HAMMER: Well, I imagine, though, it is still, to be able to perform with him and on the Grammy awards has a great significant importance. Because I think anybody who listens to your music and listens to what you do lyrically has to know that you grew up listening to this guy.

SHEERAN: Definitely. I mean, I think most people grew up listening to Elton John. He`s been able to, like, the people he`s dueted with at the Grammies have been Eminem and Lady Gaga. And ....

HAMMER: Pretty good company to be in.

SHEERAN: Good company to be in. Yeah.


HAMMER: That`s our number one SHOWBIZ newsmaker of the day. I can`t wait to see Ed and Elton performing on the Grammy stage. And we have so much in store for you, including even more with the man of the moment, Ed Sheeran.

Plus, we`re going one on one with best new artist Grammy nominee`s "Alabama Shakes." So cool. It is Grammies.

It is SHOWBIZ at the Grammies, Thursday 11:00 p.m. Eastern here on HLN. Something you definitely do not want to miss.

Also tonight, paging fans of Dr. Gupta.


GUPTA: The writers are - essentially, we - and it`s funny, because we brainstorm a lot in here and just come up with ideas. And I think we all sort of try ideas off each other to sort of put them out there like trial balloons.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT going on location with CNN`s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. He gives us an exclusive look at his brand-new very cool medical drama "Monday Mornings," the show so authentic you could probably use it to diagnose yourself. And tonight, Sanjay revealing his prescription for making those TV doctors incredibly real.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We have just demonstrated how easy it is to do this.

HAMMER: All right.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And how quick it is to do it. I mean that`s pretty amazing. You guys have a garden now.

Feed your papa.




HAMMER: Did you see this? That`s CNN`s Dr. Sanjay Gupta getting his gardening on with T.I. and the rapper`s kids. They were joined by singer Taja Sevelle, who runs a group urban farming. City gardens are a big new trend and really a great way to grow healthy, affordable food. And Sanjay was helping T.I. get the word out.

What isn`t Sanjay Gupta doing these days, right? I mean he`s gardening with T.I., he is reporting an important medical breakthroughs on CNN, even performing life saving surgery. And now, on top of all that, he`s the executive producer of the hot new show "Monday Mornings."

I caught the debut of the show last night. It is fantastic. It is all about the incredibly tough split second choices that doctors have to make every day. But how does Sanjay make sure "Monday Mornings" is absolutely true to life?

Well, SHOWBIZ is on location with Sanjay. He`s taking us right inside the writers room where every show gets its start.



GUPTA: This is our writers` room. And essentially we`re - and it`s funny, because we brainstorm a lot in here and just come up with ideas and I think we all sort of try ideas off each other and just sort of put them out there, like trial balloons.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, I`ll come up with a story and we`ll be, like, is that possible?


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We can do that, right? And then he`ll talk me through a lot. I`ll call him, be, like, how do I do this?

GUPTA: There was a story that we did for CNN about this doctor, Dr. Chung, who is down in Texas, a military doctor. And they have been focusing on trying to create a presence in really, really tough spots, war zones, areas that are difficult to get to.

And it could be here a controlling a robot in this hospital or controlling a robot really anywhere in the world, right?

This news story inspired one of the episodes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK, don`t hit the robot.

GUPTA: Got a 20-year-old medic, he`s never done anything like this before, who is basically going to be talked through, you know, a major brain operation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re going to need three packets of vital (ph) sutures (ph), ten blade (ph), and as many little clamps as you can find.

GUPTA: Even though it is scripted drama, you know, the authenticity and making sure the facts are right, and really spending so much time on that stuff is that important.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I joke with these guys a lot that like, because I don`t have any medical background, so not a doctor, but I research for ones on TV.


HAMMER: And this research really matters. The CDC says about a third of TV viewers take action on health issues after hearing about them on primetime shows. That`s one reason the government makes their medical experts available to consult with Hollywood studios free of charge.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We did that - we have actual medical technicians down on the set. We have several medical meetings and prep. We clear everything through you. You see everything.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is there anything else I could do?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think that we do the best we can to make sure that it is as close to the real deal as we can be.

GUPTA: You`ve got the other two steps (INAUDIBLE), looks perfect.


HAMMER: Pretty cool. And the show reflects it. You can catch Sanjay`s great new medical drama "Monday Mornings" every Monday night on TNT, it`s now at 10:00 p.m.

Well, while "Monday Mornings" is getting major buzz on TV, there is a new Internet odd couple that is going viral, big time.




HAMMER: Oh, yeah, it is the kitten and the hedgehog who meet for the very first time. And I am telling you, it is a meet cute for the ages. So get ready for your SHOWBIZ moment of Awesomeness. I dare you not to fall in love with these unlikely new YouTube stars.



HAMMER: Right now, it is time for SHOWBIZ Awesomeness. This is where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And today, we have an absolutely adorable meet cute. Loki (ph) the kitten meets Harley (ph) the hedgehog. Come on, you know this is almost too cute for words, right?

In fact, I want to run a disclaimer right now before this goes any further, this moment of SHOWBIZ aAesomeness is so adorable that it may cause you to ooh and aah uncontrollably.




HAMMER: How do you not love that? More than 3 million people have watched Harley and Loki`s first meeting. A lot of people rooting for those crazy kids to go the distance.

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