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Top Grammy Show Stoppers; Today`s Top 5 Jaw Droppers

Aired February 11, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, "SHOWBIZ Jaw Droppers." Duped by David Beckham? The uproar over a body double in Beckham`s hottest new ad. We have his reaction to the sexy scandal. But what will be the No. 1 "SHOWBIZ Jaw Dropper" of the day?

Hello and thanks for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

Our SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s top five "Jaw Droppers" is coming up. But we begin with our first big countdown of the night as SHOWBIZ TONIGHT dares to name the top five "Grammy Show Stoppers."

And we are literally kicking it off tonight with some leg. Oh, yes. Jennifer Lopez`s leg. And a lot of thigh thrown in for good measure, if you`re really looking.

J. Lo gave the boots to that dress code that CBS put out, asking stars to keep it modest at the Grammys last night. Like that was ever going to happen, right? And the reaction today, it was off the charts.

I mean, look at what LeBron James tweeted: "Damn, J. Lo, that`s how you feel."

With me tonight in New York is Amanda Seales from VH1`s "Best Week Ever."

Amanda, I`m thinking that, if you can get an NBA star to tweet about Grammy red-carpet fashion, you`ve got to be doing something right.

AMANDA SEALES, VH1`S "BEST WEEK EVER": Well, I mean J. Lo has been doing something right at the Grammys for a really long time. I mean, I feel like we expect her to do something, you know, pushing the envelope with fashion. And she delivered this go-around.

HAMMER: Yes. And first of all, I`m calling B.S. on the whole memo thing not being a publicity stunt. After all, when J. Lo took the stage to present the first award last night, they showed a picture of her in that Versace dress from a decade ago, which was the reason they didn`t want people dressing showing too much to begin with.

I think it really worked. We tuned in to see what everybody, including J. Lo would be looking like. And J. Lo`s leg today being compared by everything to Angelina Jolie`s leg.

SEALES: Oh, yes.

HAMMER: Look at this. It`s a pretty similar look there. That was at the Oscars last year for Angelina Jolie.

SEALES: She`s putting Angelina`s leg to shame. I mean, it`s just the facts. Angelina`s leg is rolling in its grave.

HAMMER: Megan Alexander is a correspondent for "Inside Edition." She is with us tonight. So is entertainment reporter Kelley Carter.

Kelley, you were at the Grammys last night. Who has the leg there, J. Lo or Jolie? And let`s put that still up one more time as we compare and contrast?

KELLEY CARTER, ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: I don`t think there is any question. I think J. Lo clearly, clearly has a leg up here over Angelina. I love Angelina, but J. Lo just rocked that thigh.

I heard someone on the radio out here talk about "A Christmas Story" and the leg lamp. And they basically said that that leg lamp was J. Lo last night, you know, that kind of iconic leg. And I thought that was so funny and kind of fitting.

COOPER: You know what I want to ask J. Lo the next time I see her: "OK, did you have Angelina`s picture up, and then you said to your stylist, OK you have to raise the bar or literally the hammer, or whatever you would call it, just a little higher."

Not only is J. Lo in red-carpet competition with Angelina Jolie, she`s probably happy that she`s competing with herself. This is that green Versace dress back in the 2000 Grammys. That`s a red-carpet classic right now.

Well, last night J. Lo told SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`S Nischelle Turner her red- carpet looks are a big deal to her.


NISCHELLE TURNER, HLN CORRESPONDENT: You are one of my red-carpet favorites.


TURNER: Because I just feel like you take chances, but you always get it right.

LOPEZ: Thank you.

TURNER: Is there any pressure coming off here?

LOPEZ: You know what? We really do have a lot of fun with it, which I think is not fair, because I think people want to hear, "Oh, I`m so stressed out!"

I actually have a really good time. And my team, they enjoy it, too, you know. It`s like playing Barbie for them.


HAMMER: Yes. Nice -- nice job if you can get it.

Megan, I`m now thinking, and we`ve been talking about this Versace dress on the right side of your screen for a decade.


HAMMER: I think the leg is going to replace it as the more iconic look for her.

ALEXANDER: No way. Am I the only person that did not care for this black dress?

HAMMER: Apparently.

ALEXANDER: I really didn`t. And I don`t think that it will ever top that green number that everyone remembers so well.

And, you know, am I the only person that thought maybe the memo was for real, and that people can be sexy without showing a lot of skin? Maybe Carrie Underwood does it ever time.

HAMMER: Yes. Listen, I don`t doubt that the memo was for real. I was just pretty suspect, No. 1, that it got out and got so much attention. And No. 2, that, you know, right at the beginning of the Grammy show showed that Versace dress.


HAMMER: With all of the stuff going on there.

But let me move off of this to our No. 4 "Grammy "Show Stopper" on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. This is a shocking sight, Chris Brown and Rihanna.

Now these controversial love birds raised a lot of eyebrows last night, sitting side by side at the Grammys. Keep in mind it is almost four years to the day that Chris beat up Rihanna just before the Grammys, putting her in the hospital.

Amanda, it seemed to me quite obvious, as they`ve been doing in a more private way, but now very publicly, they`re giving this very public middle finger to everybody out there who might be outraged that she`s back with him.

SEALES: I mean, if they like it; I love it. You know, I can`t even really concern myself at this point with it, because it`s very clear that they both have issues.


SEALES: And that`s what`s drawing them together. And hopefully, you know, there won`t be a repeat of the past. That`s the best that we can hope for.

HAMMER: You know, we`re talking about what people were wearing last night. A lot of people out there today saying Rihanna`s most offensive accessory was Chris Brown.

But Chris also making headlines, too, for sitting down and staying quiet. Watch this moment here.




HAMMER: OK. Frank Ocean wins right there. And we`re going to see what happens when Chris Brown is in the audience. Everybody on their feet, cheering him on. They went head to head in the Best Urban Contemporary Album category just a couple of weeks after they got into a fight over a parking space.

Well, when Frank got that call to the stage, as you see, everybody on their feet. But let`s take a look at Chris, if we can. Oh, somebody tired? Somebody just unable -- maybe the shoes felt a little tight? He was sitting there in his chair. I see this has a total intentional dis, Megan. What about you?

ALEXANDER: Yes, I do. I mean, look, we don`t know exactly what went down between Frank Ocean and Chris Brown. For somebody who knows they`re despised by the entertainment industry, and I would say the public right now, trying to bring back his image, I don`t think you go and be disrespectful and sit down when it`s very obvious everyone else is standing up. I think it shows a lack of respect.

And -- but honestly, as was just shared by my fellow colleagues here, I don`t know if he cares any more, A.J. He doesn`t seem to care.

HAMMER: Yes, and you know what? I think a lot of people don`t really care about him anymore. I hate to say it. I was really -- I was trying to get on his team and let him evolve and everything. But at this point, like you said, Amanda, it is what it is. And we`ll all just have to move on.

There was a showstopper at the Grammys last night because of a no-show. This is No. 3 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. A lot of people thrilled for Kanye West, winning three Grammys last night for his collaborations with Jay-Z. But where in the world was Kanye? Answer in Rio de Janeiro. He was there with the mother of his baby to be, Kim Kardashian.

Now look at this picture. Here they are striking a Jesus-like pose at Rio`s famous Christ the Redeemer statue.

Kelley, they had a real choice last night between striking controversial Jesus poses with famous statues, or hitting the red carpet for the first time since they announced Kim`s pregnancy. Did they make the right choice?

CARTER: I mean, kind of, because how many Instagram photos and wire photos went out of the two of them in Rio de Janeiro? Almost more than probably all the celebrities combined that were actually at the Grammys last night. This probably was, you know, the better choice for them if you`re thinking about imprints and all that good stuff.

That said, I would imagine they want to make her bump probably a bigger red carpet moment than they would have gotten at the Grammys last night. I would expect that we would see them maybe in the next couple of months kind of gracing the red carpet.

HAMMER: I was going to say, Grammys next year, it`s going to be a little too late to show off the bump.

CARTER: It will.

HAMMER: Kim also uploaded video from their vacation that we`re seeing right here. They`re living it up in Rio. But they were aware of Kanye`s wins. Kim tweeted "Awww, just waking up in Brazil, seeing Kanye win three Grammys last night, a total of 21. That`s so insane. So proud."

What do you think, Megan? Right choice here?

ALEXANDER: No, I always think it`s not a good idea when somebody win and they`re not there. Lack of respect, and look out. You may not be winning the awards in the future. Who wants to stand up to the Grammys? All those artists, A.J., that would love to be nominated and would love to be there. Nominate them instead, then, if Kanye doesn`t care.

HAMMER: Kanye got wind of the fact that Taylor Swift was going to jump on stage if he won and cut him off.

Who are our No. 2 and No. 1 "Grammy Show Stoppers" tonight? Kelley, Megan, Amanda, stay right where you are. You might be surprised who we picked as No. 1 tonight.

Well, Taylor Swift certainly wowed Grammy audiences with her big opening carnival-like number. But tonight reports of a Swift sex tape are taking a dangerous turn. I don`t know about that one. But we`re going to get to the bottom of that "SHOWBIZ Jaw Dropper" in minutes.

Also, this...


BILL MAHER, HOST, HBO`S "REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER": Just like we`re the gun country. We`re the joke country. We love our free speech, and we love celebrities getting taken down a peg. So Don, just suck it up like everybody else.


HAMMER: Yes, Bill Maher just handing to it Donald Trump in a feud over a $5 million joke. So will this squash the big beef between them? Something tells me that Maher may have just stoked Trump`s flames just a little bit.


Plus, another hot "SHOWBIZ at the Grammys" moment. A star-studded tribute to the late, great Levon Helm. It was Elton and Mavis Staples bringing down the house with the Zac Brown Band, Mumford and Sons, the Alabama Shakes` lead singer, Brittany Howard, along with T-Bone Burnett.


HAMMER: Tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the top five "Show Stoppers" at last night`s Grammy Awards. Let me run back what we have so far.

No. 5, Grammy showstopper Jennifer Lopez and her very leggy look on the red carpet.

No. 4, Chris Brown and Rihanna. They sat side by side at the Grammys four years after a pre-Grammys domestic violence case sent both of their lives into a tailspin.

Our No. 3 "Grammy Show Stopper" is a Grammy no-show. Kanye West wasn`t there to pick up his three Grammy Awards last night because he was in Rio with his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian. Both of them, as you see, striking a Jesus pose in front of a Jesus statue.

That brings us to our No. 2 "Grammy Show Stopper." Lena Dunham`s fun night. While the show that she stars in, "Girls," was airing last night on HBO, well, Lena wasn`t at home watching it on her couch. She was at the Grammys supporting the band fun. That`s because she is dating the band`s guitarist, Jack Antonoff. And the band won two big awards last night, Song of the Year and Best New Artist.

And as it was happening, you saw Lena and her bright yellow dress celebrating right along with them. That dress does stand out.

Let me bring back Amanda Seales from VH1`s "Best Week Ever." She is in New York. In Hollywood, I have entertainment journalist Kelley Carter, and also in New York, "Inside Edition`s" Megan Alexander.

So first we saw Lena Dunham winning two Golden Globes last month. Great for her. Love the show. And now she`s one half of one of the hot couples at the Grammy Awards, Amanda. I think it`s official. Lena Dunham has gone Hollywood.

SEALES: Yes. She is, in the immortal words of Charlie Sheen, winning, literally. And she is wearing the right dress to really show everybody. Because you could not miss her last night.

HAMMER: Yes. I think we all kind of had the same reaction.

Megan, tell me about you. Look, we knew that they were dating. But you weren`t really thinking about that at a Grammy show. And then all of the sudden they cut to the band fun. in the audience, even before they won anything. And you`re like, "Oh, there`s Lena Dunham. Oh, that`s right."

ALEXANDER: And it makes a huge statement, I think, who you bring as your date to these award shows.


ALEXANDER: Putting it on display for all the world to see.

You know, Lena has said in an interview that she and Jack are very compatible in terms of their work ethic. They inspire each other. They`re able to balance the music world and the television world. She`s a writer, as well. So it sounds like they`re good -- a good team. Congratulations to both of them.

HAMMER: Yes. Maybe she was bringing good luck. She obviously has been having a great deal of it herself. So I`m very happy for fun. and I`m happy for Lena.

And this brings us to our No. 1 "Grammy Show Stopper" on the SHOWBIZ Countdown. The "American Idol" women ruling at the Grammys.


KELLY CLARKSON, SINGER (singing): I remember the night of the Tennessee Waltz, now I know just how much I`ve lost.


HAMMER: Kelly Clarkson singing Patti Page. Former "Idol" winners with huge roles at the Grammys. Kelly, who won for Best Pop Album last night, sang two songs.

Fourth season "Idol" winner Carrie underwood also won a Grammy. And she had a huge Grammy performance, complete with that great dress. It doubled as a screen for all these cool multicolored projections while she was singing.

Kelley, we have Underwood, and we have Clarkson, who in my mind gave the best solo performance last night. They both just killed it at the Grammys.

CARTER: Kelly Clarkson was fantastic last night. I`d tell you this much. If she puts out both of those singles that she sang last night at the Grammys, they would instantly go platinum. I mean, she absolutely killed it.

And even though I think we`ve all kind of been on the board that "American Idol" has put out these really great performers over the years, I think that last night was like a further kind of check in that category. Like "American Idol," you know, it`s the real deal. It`s really grooming and growing some of our most talented vocalists out there. And we got to see again last night why that`s so.

HAMMER: Yes, that was a great reminder. It hasn`t really been the case lately. But we were right there last night, as well, as Carrie Underwood revealed that she still watches the show that made her famous. Watch this.


CARRIE UNDERWOOD, SINGER: I watch every opportunity that I possibly can. I think I`ve only missed one episode this season so far. And not just "American Idol." I mean there`s a lot of shows that are like that that give people like me opportunities to do something they never thought they could do before.

I think the judges are doing a really great job. It`s cool to see them. And I think there is an interesting balance that`s going on, on the judges panel.


HAMMER: I even saw Randy Jackson tweeting his pride last night.

Amanda, look, you had Kelly and Carrie, front and center at the Grammys. I think we need the take this moment and acknowledge a proud moment for "American Idol," because it`s a pretty rare moment these days.

SEALES: Oh, yes. I mean, a lot of these reality shows, the competition shows, people just come and go, and it`s neither here nor there. But I mean, they were such a profound element of the show in terms of their actual vocal ability, you know. Like there wasn`t really much pageantry when it came to Kelley Clarkson at all. I mean, she was literally just standing there singing a song.

HAMMER: She didn`t need to do a thing. And by the way, even though we know that Aretha Franklin owns that Carole King classic, "Natural Woman," I think Kelly is right there and should release it.


HAMMER: Amanda, Kelley, Megan, thank you all.

Well, from "Show Stoppers" now to "Jaw Droppers." Breakout "Bridesmaids" star Melissa McCarthy with another hit on her hands. But not everybody is laughing.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: This is the criminal who stole your identity.

JASON BATEMAN, ACTOR: Boy, he`s -- is that a woman?

MELISSA MCCARTHY, ACTRESS: Sandy Bigelow Patterson.


HAMMER: Now McCarthy`s new role is at the center of a firestorm. A famous movie critic calling her out over her weight. What`s the real story behind this jaw-dropping controversy?

And were we duped by David Beckham? An uproar heating up tonight over a body double used in Beckham`s sexy new ads. But will the Beckham body double drama be the No. 1 "SHOWBIZ Jaw Dropper" of the day?


First, another hot "SHOWBIZ at the Grammys" moment. Taylor Swift got the Grammys jump-started with one of the biggest earworm songs of the year. Try and get this out of your head.


(MUSIC: "We are Never, Ever, Ever Getting Back Together")




JASON SUDEIKIS, CAST MEMBER, NBC`S "SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE": Decoys who all look exactly, and I mean exactly like you. Pretty uncanny, right?

JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: What? No. They look nothing like me. Half of them are girls.

SUDEIKIS: Yes. Yes, that`s our A-Team right there.

BIEBER: I mean, some of them are black. They`re not fooling anybody.

SUDEIKIS: Yes, well neither are you, Homie.


HAMMER: Justin Bieber was fortunately more than OK with all the jokes about him this weekend as he was the host of "Saturday Night Live." And Justin did not disappointment, as the jokes went to pot. He played the president of Miley Cyrus`s fan club. It was in a sketch about "The Miley Cyrus Show." And he was giving Miley a hard time for being friends with Justin Bieber, addressing those now infamous photos that circulated of Justin smoking pot. Watch.


BIEBER: I heard he still has his baby teeth.


BIEBER: I also heard he got busted for smoking weed, and he`s really sorry about it, and that people make mistakes and he`s never going to do it again.

BAYER: Yes, right. Me too. OK.


HAMMER: What a great sport he was.

And on the day of the show, I actually learned firsthand just how hard it was to get tickets to that "Saturday Night Live" episode from a true "SNL" legend, the great Tina Fey.

I spent some time speaking with Tina. She`s starring in the hilarious new comedy, "Admission." It opens on March 22. And when we spoke, Tina let me in on a big secret about just how big a belieber she is. Watch.


TINA FEY, ACTRESS: I tried to get some tickets for friends of friends, and they were like no.

HAMMER: They said no to you?

FEY: Yes. That`s how serious it is.

HAMMER: Nice. See what happens?

FEY: Yes.


FEY: But I totally understand Bieber fever, because I met Justin Bieber. He was the musical guest one of the times that I hosted "SNL," I think the first time. And he was so talented, and I did a sketch with him. And he was so ready. He was like not scared at all, knew exactly what to do, played it really funny.

Also, during his sound check -- and maybe once on the air -- he did -- he sang one of his songs to me. He like dedicated it to me.

HAMMER: How would that feel?

FEY: I felt it.


FEY: I felt -- I understand.

HAMMER: Right inside.

FEY: I felt it.


HAMMER: Fantastic. I for one believe her when she says Justin serenaded just her. So I`m sorry, Justin Bieber fans. He obviously only has got eyes for Tina.

Well, speaking of which, you`re definitely going to love watching even more of my interview with her. It is my must-see interview with Tina Fey. Don`t forget, tune in tomorrow for that.

All right. Right now it is the battle over "SHOWBIZ Jaw Droppers" just heating up tonight. John Mayer`s new love confessions are making a play for No. 1.


JOHN MAYER, MUSICIAN: I was just a jerk, you know. And it`s hard sometimes people to process that.


HAMMER: John getting real about how he wronged his famous exes. Taylor Swift was one of them. Will she write another broken-hearted love song about him now, or is she too busy with her own jaw dropper? Reports of a Taylor sex tape taking a dangerous turn. But could it be the No. 1 "Jaw Dropper" of the day?



HAMMER: Right now the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top five "Jaw Droppers" of the day.

Taylor Swift wowed at the Grammys, just as news came out about a reported sex tape. But is there a Taylor Swift sex tape out there, and could it be dangerous?

Duped by David? Outrage tonight over a body double. David Beckham`s hot new ads that have him running through the streets in his underwear.

Fat fury. Melissa McCarthy slammed by a famous movie critic over her weight on the same weekend her brand-new movie opens at No. 1.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the day`s top five jaw droppers. And we are kicking things off at number five with a real stunner.

Were we all duped by David? David Beckham`s hot new bodywear ad is stirring up a sexy scandal tonight with a all new revelation that the Becks used a body double. Yes, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that in the ad something wasn`t quite right. Let`s take a look.




HAMMER: OK. Did you catch the body double there? Sometimes there were tattoos, sometimes there weren`t. That was a big tell. Well H&M is saying this about that. "Due to his tight schedule, a body double was used in smaller parts of the video."

I`ll leave the joke out and get right to April Woodard. She is the host of :"Media Brew," joining me from Washington, D.C. So, April, I don`t know how you prepared for the segment tonight. But our producers had the very tough task of watching this video over and over and over, just trying to catch a glimpse of Beckham`s body double, trying to figure out which one was the body double. But they didn`t spot him, nor did they really seem to care.

This is our Countdown question tonight: does it matter if David Beckham used a body double?

APRIL WOODARD, HOST, THE MEDIA BREW: I don`t think it matters. I mean, I`m able to differentiate the body double from Becks. And I think that if they really need me to do it, I`ll take one for the team and do a press conference and have both of them stand in front of me and then decide which one is the body double and which one is Beckham. So.

HAMMER: All right. You would do a careful inspection.

WOODARD: Absolutely.

HAMMER: You would somehow come to a conclusion by that sort of deduction.

WOODARD: And I would do it, you know, at my own sacrifice, really.

HAMMER: And if you`d like at your own home, maybe we can arrange that.


HAMMER: Now this is just getting silly. David Beckham sent a tweet out to his fans about the ad. But this was before it was revealed that he used a body double. So I thought it was kind of funny that he wrote "I did pretty much all my own stunts. Was good fun." Now, he did say pretty much.

But Hyla from, joining me from Hollywood tonight. Hyla, that little tweet is a little misleading in a way. But hey, what about you, man, are you OK with a body double, wearing it like Beckham?

HYLA, HOST, DAILY BUZZ: Of course. I mean, first of all, he -- I mean, he, I don`t want to hate on the guy. He is killing it at life. He is killing it with his body, not to sound too weird. And the fact that he used a body double, he has earned that life, right? He has lived a healthy lifestyle. So he has had the body for so long, he`s like screw it, you know what -- have someone else do this scene. I don`t need to be a part of this.

HAMMER: OK, so Hyla, as a man, watching this ad, is this targeted towards men, believe it or not, or women who should be buying this underwear, it`s not going to stop you from going to H&M and buying the Beckham underwear?

WOODARD: Absolutely.

HYLA: I`m not going to shop at H&M in general, but I guess for other guys maybe not, it shouldn`t stop them.

HAMMER: OK. All right. Well, let`s move on, shall we? From Beckham`s body scandal to a Hollywood A-lister`s body backlash. This is number four on our countdown of the day`s top five jaw-droppers.

Melissa McCarthy, the very talented, the very funny Melissa McCarthy slammed for her weight, just as her new movie "Identity Thief" opens up at number one over the weekend.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Sandy Bigelow Paterson. We can do it the hard or either way.

MCCARTHY: I`d like to pick the easy way.


MCCARTHY: I love that guitar. I`m going to sue you.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That was not the easy way.


HAMMER: She loves the guitar. I love her. I`ve been so thrilled for all of her success. She is funny as always. But before this movie opened up, the very famous film critic Rex Reed made what I think so many people, including myself, thought were these jaw-dropping comments in his review, taking some serious shots at McCarthy`s weight, calling her a screeching humongous creep, a female hippo, and tractor-sized.

April, I read this and I just found it so completely outrageous. I think Rex Reed should be absolutely ashamed of himself.

WOODARD: I agree with you. It`s deplorable. It`s vile. It`s mean- spirited. And really, you know, you`re supposed to critique the movie. If you don`t like the movie, fine. But, you know, don`t take it personally against the artist. And artists are so sensitive. They already are upset if you criticize their movie. But then if you take a personal jab at them, how are they not supposed to take it personally? And I just think he really owes her an apology.

HAMMER: Am I missing something here, Hyla?

HYLA: No. I think it`s lazy. I mean, it sounds like a guy who didn`t even bother watching the film and critiquing that. The film is OK. It`s not good, it`s nod bad. I sat down with both stars and talked to them about the film. Melissa McCarthy is hilarious. She is laughing all the way to the bank, because I think the movie grossed more than actually "Bridesmaids". I think everyone can agree it`s a huge hit. She is a box office draw, she is a box office star.

And this Rex Reed guy, I mean he is notorious for coming up with ridiculous reviews. I think he was also charged with trying to steal some CDs back in 2006.


HYLA: He just sounds like a really sad, pathetic human being.

HAMMER: Well, it`s, you know, it always brings up the double standard when something like this happens.

HYLA: Right.

HAMMER: And you have Melissa`s fans out there saying you know, a man would never get this kind of review ...

WOODARD: Absolutely.

HAMMER: ... focusing on a guy`s weight. So, April, I think -- I think Rex Reed -- I don`t know if he would do it. I don`t know if Melissa cares, but he should be apologizing to her.

WOODARD: He should. And someone should adjust his meds, because he is just being really mean right now.


HAMMER: Yeah, adjust the meds, if indeed that needs to happen.

But this takes us to number three on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the day`s top five jaw droppers. And I got to tell you, I was thrilled to see this. Bill`s bash of Trump. The great Bill Maher speaking out for the first time about Donald Trump`s ridiculous, outrageous, stupid $5 million lawsuit against him. This is after Bill Maher joked that Trump might be the son of an orangutan.

Let`s watch what Maher just said. It was on a brand-new episode of his fantastic HBO show that just aired. Roll that, Charles.


MAHER: Donald Trump must learn two things, what a joke is and what a contract is. That`s how we roll here in America. Just like we`re the gun country, we`re the joke country. We love our free speech, and we love celebrities getting taken down a peg. So Don, just suck it up like everybody else. The legal system in this country, it`s not a joke. It`s not a toy for rich idiots to play with.



HAMMER: It`s so funny. I don`t want to get all serious about it, but I can`t imagine a judge who would have looked at this thing and not gotten on the lawyer`s case who filed this thing, saying what are you doing? I mean, Hyla, I think Bill Maher, who I really have a great amount of admiration for, I think he just absolutely nailed it going after Trump.

HYLA: Absolutely. I was watching this in real-time, pardon the pun. I love Bill Maher. He absolutely took Trump to school on this. But more importantly, I think Trump wins, and I tell you why. Because he did this for publicity, right? Donald Trump ...

HAMMER: No, no, no. Hyla, Hyla, Hyla, he doesn`t do anything like that. What are you talking about?

WOODARD: Come on!

HYLA: Yeah, exactly. I know. And that`s the problem is that even though Bill Maher was right and he made a great point and the legal system is not something to joke around with, Donald Trump wins at the end of the day, because I didn`t even really know about this story until Bill Maher brought it up. Now we`re talking about it here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It perpetuates the story. It moves it forward for the next couple day, and Trump wins. And that`s what I hate about this.

HAMMER: But here is the thing -- I don`t think it does any good for Trump`s image. I don`t think anybody is tuning in to the new season of "The Apprentice" because of that.

HYLA: He doesn`t care.

WOODARD: Right, April? I mean, come on. There is a season of "The Apprentice? I didn`t know.

HAMMER: You see.

WOODARD: No, I mean I just feel like it`s ridiculousness. That`s what the judge would say, ridiculousness. I just think that, you know, him having his lawyer and sending over his birth certificate, I just think it`s a joke. You have to be able to take a joke ...


WOODARD: If you`re going to give out criticism, you need to be prepared to receive criticism as well. In the form of a joke.

HAMMER: In the words of Bill Maher, suck it up.

All right, (INAUDIBLE), pretty jaw-dropping, right? But still no match for our top two. Will it be John Mayer`s new confessions about his high- profile love life?


MAYER: I was just a jerk, you know? And it`s hard sometimes for people to process that.


HAMMER: I actually really enjoyed this interview. And it`s nice to see that John Mayer realizes this now. I wonder what one of his wronged exes, Taylor Swift, is going to think of what John is saying?

Taylor has got a jaw-dropper of her own tonight. We`re talking about reports of a sex tape that is sparking big warnings online. Could a Swift sex tape really be dangerous? Will it be the number one SHOWBIZ jaw-dropper of the night?

But first, another hot SHOWBIZ at the Grammies moment. Justin Timberlake just tore it up. And he got a little help from Jay-Z in Timberlake`s first Grammy`s performance in some four years.





HAMMER: Welcome back. Tonight in the SHOWBIZ Countdown we are counting down the day`s top five jaw-droppers.

Coming in at number five, were fans duped by Beckham? Well, it was just revealed today that soccer star`s sizzling bodywear ad included shots of a body double. Yes, that`s right.

At number four, Melissa McCarthy`s weight coming under attack with a famous film critic calling her a female hippo. Well, tonight fans are fired up, saying he went too far.

At number three, Bill Maher opens up about Donald Trump`s $5 million lawsuit against him, telling Trump to suck it up. And that`s a quote.

And that takes us to number two on the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the day`s top five jaw-droppers. It is Taylor Swift and Harry Styles caught up in a sex tape hoax. Now, let me read you the message that people have been getting on Facebook and they`ve been clicking on this.

"Taylor Swift`s iPhone hacked, sex tape leaked! The famous singer Taylor Swift had her iPhone hacked Monday and a sex tape between her and former boyfriend Harry Styles has been leaked on the Internet. Watch the video before it`s taken down. Click here."

But whatever you do, don`t click there, because SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned it is all one big hoax. The idea is to get you to reveal some private information. Now, if you click on it, you`re going to be asked to fill out form after form after form asking you for info about yourself, and you should never do anything like that anyway. So, please, do not click on the link. Don`t do it.

I think that`s the big reveal of number one on our countdown of day`s top five jaw-droppers. It`s confessions from Taylor Swift`s ex, John Mayer. We just saw him last night at the Grammy Awards front and center, along with his new love Katy Perry.

And now Mayer has just opened up to "CBS Sunday Morning" about why his other high profile relationships just didn`t work out. Let`s watch.


MAYER: I was just a jerk, you know. And it`s hard sometimes for people to process that.


MAYER: They would rather have a quick go-to, like oh, he was on -- he was popping x number of pills a day. No I wasn`t. I was just a jerk, you know.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So how does that happen?

MAYER: Taking every battle on, not taking a break, not looking at -- not being honest, not saying let`s admit that we don`t know the next step.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Most of all, what has changed?

MAYER: It`s very liberating when you finally realize that it`s impossible to make everyone like you.


HAMMER: You know what, good for John. I think he is figuring stuff out. He is making some pretty big changes in his life right now.

I want to bring back April Woodard, who is host of "Media Brew" and Hyla, who is the host of "The Daily Buzz", Hyla, do you first -- we know that John Mayer has put his foot in his mouth several times, infamously talking about all of his exes. Remember, he called Jessica Simpson sexual napalm. Of course, Taylor Swift ripped him apart in her song "Dear John." And I have to tell you, I sat there, and I watched this entire interview, and he has definitely disappointed me in the past, but now I think he is a changed man. What about you?

HYLA: Let`s see the body of work. Like you said, he loves to talk. We know that much about him. Is he actually going to put this in practice? I mean I kind of still want old John Mayer, because I mean he has produced so many great stuff. I mean Taylor Swift writing great songs because of John Mayer, you know? We`ve got lots of things to talk about because of John Mayer. Has he changed? I don`t know. He loves to talk about himself. He definitely did that in this interview a lot. I`m not convinced like you are, A.J., I`m sorry.

HAMMER: OK, well, he has said, and he said this on "CBS Sunday Morning" interview that he has a good stockpile of stuff that people don`t know about him because of how he has grown and changed and evolved in the past few years. He plans to record it. He moved up to Big Sky country. He is out there in Montana, getting away from everybody.

And he is still talk about his love life, by the way, which has gotten him in trouble in the past, but now he`s got a different approach, which I want to watch.


MAYER: I don`t feel like I`m in a celebrity relationship. I don`t feel -- for the first time in my life, I don`t feel like I`m in a celebrity relationship. I really don`t. I`m not in a high-profile -- I know it`s a high profile. It`s hard to explain.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It doesn`t feel like that to you?

MAYER: It doesn`t feel that way to me. And great. That`s how -- I`m glad. I know what you`re saying. I`m not denying it. I`m saying for me it feels like something that is very human.


HAMMER: Very human. OK. So April, moving forward, as Hyla said, we`ll have to wait and see what he does and says. But it sounds like he is finally getting it right, doesn`t it?

WOODARD: Well, you know, the first road to recovery is admitting there is a problem. So maybe he is on the road to recovery. But I mean it`s going to take some time. Let`s see how this relationship works out, and see if he kisses and tells afterwards. And that`s really the only way to find out that, you know, whether he is still a jerk or not. But I think that we all knew that he was being jerk-like.



WOODARD: I think based on what he was doing and how the people were responding. I think he was probably taken aback by the fact that people have the power to write music about how much of a jerk he was.

HAMMER: Yeah, it was pretty clear. All right, April, Hyla, we`ll leave it there. Thanks a lot.

HYLA: Sure.

HAMMER: Right now we`re going from Katy Perry`s love life to another Kate who everybody has fallen in love with, the supermodel of the moment, Kate Upton. She snagged the most coveted magazine cover, the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition.

nd tonight I`ve got your secrets: behind this famous cover coming to a straight from an "S.I." insider. Did somebody just turn up the heat? It`s getting hot in here.


But first, another hot "SHOWBIZ at the Grammys" moment. Rihanna and Ziggy Marley joining Bruno Mars and Sting on stage. What a great moment. It brought the crowd to their feet with a blowout tribute last night at the Grammies for the late Bob Marley.





HAMMAER: So are they or aren`t they? Well, TMZ has been reporting that right after World Cup champion skier Lindsey Vonn`s horrible crash at the skiing competition in Austria last week, she was airlifted to a local hospital. And her good friend Tiger Woods had sent his personal jet to scoop Lindsey up and return her home to Colorado for surgery on her shattered knee. Well, now "People" magazine is reporting they are more than just good friends.

We`re going to get to Tiger and Lindsey in just a moment, but first we have a bombshell times two. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT bringing you the inside scoop on why "Sports Illustrated" decided to make supermodel Kate Upton the cover girl of their annual swimsuit issue for the second year in a row.

With me right now is Matt Bean, he is the managing editor of Always great having you here, Matt.


HAMMER: Your magazine has done this before. You`ve chosen the same supermodel to grace the cover of what is such a highly anticipated swimsuit issue. In the past, you did it with Christie Brinkley, you did it with Elle MacPherson. Obviously, Kate Upton is very beautiful but what is the story behind why you guys wanted to do it again with Kate?

BEAN: And, of course, most recently, Tyra Banks. But I`ve got to tell you that even though some of these covers may seem back-to-back, it really is not until the film comes home that we`re able to make this decision. There is a team of folks that sit around.

And look, the shots that we got of Kate are absolutely stunning, and that`s what drives this decision, particularly when a magazine like this does so well on the newsstand and is at the forefront of the American consciousness like this. So we really took a gamble with this shoot down in Antarctica, because we really didn`t know what we were going to get. I mean we`ve never tried something of this magnitude.

HAMMER: Well, it`s an amazing picture. So I kind of understand pretty easily why you guys chose it. But you mentioned that you shot it in Antarctica, and Kate actually tweeted earlier today "I look cold, LOL. Matt, how the heck do you keep a supermodel happy and smiling so brightly when she is wearing a bikini and certainly freezing?

BEAN: Sure, well, look, I know this issue comes out once a year, and a lot of folks don`t get to see all of the work that goes into it. But M.J. Day, the senior editor for swimsuit, and her staff are busy year-round preparing for exactly things like this. So when you go to Antarctica you`ve got to worry about the travel, the clothing, how are you going to carry all the cameras and all the equipment. So there is a lot of planning that goes into it. But with someone like Kate, and with a lot of our models quite frankly, they`re game for just about anything.

HAMMER: Yeah, but you still want to keep them happy. And we`re going to find out just how game she was because we`re going to learn more when Kate Upton herself is right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

It`s Wednesday, a must-see "SHOWBIZ" newsmaker interview. Definitely be here for that.

But now I want to move from Kate Upton`s new cover to Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods possibly keeping their relationship under cover. Now, Matt, TMZ first reported that Tiger flew Lindsey out of Austria in his private jet after that nasty ski crash. Now, "People" magazine is reporting that while they have been friends for a while, they`ve recently started growing closer and closer. So, I want to know what you`re hearing. What is really happening with these two?

BEAN: Well, being able to discern between the different dimensions of close and closer I think I`ll leave to our colleagues over at "People." But what I can tell you, for a guy like Tiger Woods, sending a jet across the continents to pick up a buddy is probably as easy as it is for the rest of us ...


BEAN: ... to loan somebody a packet of sugar. So, you know, we`re not really speculating on what that means for those two as far as romances concerns, but we`re definitely very focused on the fact that the ACL/MCL surgery that Lindsey had today could potentially put her back in competition for the Sochi Olympics coming up in 2014.

HAMMER: And if she needs a ride, I bet she knows where to find one.

BEAN: She knows where to call.

HAMMER: Matt Bean, thanks so much. Make sure you grab your copy of the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit issue on newsstands tomorrow.

Well, the excitement is building. Can you feel it? We are ready to reveal today`s moment in "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." Our pick for the most awesome "SHOWBIZ" moment of the day. And tonight we take it international.




HAMMER: It`s the Broadway sensation turn Oscar-nominated film "Les Miserables" as you`ve never seen it before. I`ve got the story behind this awesome parody, next.



HAMMER: It is time for "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." This is where we pick the most awesome "SHOWBIZ" moment of the day. And tonight it`s a "Les Mis" parody that has gone viral around the world, literally. South Korea`s military using a snowstorm as the backdrop for its version of the 19th century novel that, of course, became the Broadway sensation turned Oscar- nominated film. Now, you`ve got to read along with the subtitles in what is an awesome music video from the Korean Air Force and the Korean Air Force band.




HAMMER: A man torn between shoveling snow and the love of his life, but to a classic soundtrack. Not quite the plot of Les Mis, but still pretty awesome parody.

Coming up next on "DR. DREW ON CALL": Tonight, Dr. Drew talks to a man that says he is not Jodi Arias`s boyfriend, but visits her in jail every week. That starts right now.