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Grammy Gatecrasher Explains the Moment; What Did Adele Say to Chris Brown at Grammys?; Bieber Apologizes for Technical Difficulties; Beyonce`s Untold Story; Interview with Kate Upton; Interview with Tina Fey

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A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Another person in the news a lot lately, and partially because of you and all the accolades she`s getting, is Lena Dunham. You had...

TINA FEY, ACTRESS/WRITER: Yes, I take full credit for Lena Dunham.


HAMMER: My must-see "News Maker" interview with the great Tina Fey on passing the torch and Bieber fever.

Kate`s double take. Model Kate Upton nabs the coveted "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit cover for the second time in a row. Well, now she`s right here with me to spill the secrets of that freezing cold photo shoot. Did she really get frostbite?

Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer.

And tonight on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down today`s "Biggest Buzz Makers."

And we`re getting right to it, kicking it off with No. 3 with this guy, the Grammy gate crasher. Vitalii Sediuk is with us tonight from Hollywood. "Vitalii who?" you say. Well, he is the real-life Borat, the Ukrainian TV journalist who had the nerve to not only crash the Grammys two nights ago but to also manage to trot on stage while Jennifer Lopez and Pit Bull were presenting Adele with the Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance.

Vitalii, thanks for being with us tonight.

VITALII SEDIUK, UKRAINIAN TV JOURNALIST: Hello. I`m good. I`m good. I`m feeling like Kim Kardashian doing all this interviews.

HAMMER: I`m glad they let you loose to do this. I want to take a look now with everybody at what you did on Sunday night in front of the world`s biggest music stars and, of course, some 30 million people who were watching on TV. Roll that.


SEDIUK: Such an honor to receive this award. Thank you Adele, you`re my inspiration.


HAMMER: The camera wasn`t on him at the time. And if you had a tough time hearing him, he said, "Such an honor to receive this award. Thank you Adele, you`re my inspiration."

OK, Vitalii, first of all, man, I`ve got to know what the heck were you thinking doing that?

SEDIUK: It`s just feelings. It`s just what first came to my mind, you know. And I`ll be honest with you: I had a dream once maybe months ago as I slept in the night. And I had a dream that I`m coming onstage and receiving Oscar on behalf of that girl.

So it happened that I`m in the Grammy, as well, and I`m sitting next to the stage, and I`m crazy enough and I went on stage. Oh, gosh. I feel sorry for that, but I know what I did. And it`s crazy.

HAMMER: Well, I got to know was it your specific plan to go up at that time? Did you know going into the Grammy show when you got inside, "I`m going to go up when Adele gets called"? Or did you just kind of seize the moment and dash up there?

SEDIUK: No, no, no. Adele is my favorite singer. So I could go on only when it was Adele. It was Adele. And she was, like, in the beginning. And I thought, well, I`m sitting in my place and if I stay here for a while and, like, organize this every time so they will ask me to leave because I set probably not in my seat. And it belonged maybe allegedly to Adam Levine. So I try to do that as fast as possible, and then I was kicked out and arrested.

HAMMER: Yes. I mean, you`re out of your mind, man. So you didn`t know when you sat down that you were sitting in Adam Levine of Maroon 5`s seat. Right behind -- you know, look at you. You`re by Beyonce and Jessica -- Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel.

SEDIUK: I don`t -- I don`t have this picture. Share with me. And yes. And there was Adam Levine, who sat next to them on the box. And I think that seat belonged to him. Because the woman who sat next to me, she was typing, and she kind of invited him. But I`m not sure. Just -- I`m thinking that it was his place. But still, you know.

I don`t know. It happens sometimes when I sit on the floor. But -- and reporter sits somewhere not in appropriate place. Not supposed to be.

HAMMER: It`s pretty organized there. But here`s the thing. You didn`t have a ticket to get in that night. You didn`t have credentials to get in that night. And we know that security was extra tight on Grammy night. So please tell me how in the world you got into the show.

SEDIUK: Well, I kind of officially had ticket. I didn`t have one on hand, you know. It was a friend of mine who I know and who had tickets. We went on cars. We had the pass to drop-off point on red carpet. And then, like, a friend showed a pack of tickets. And security didn`t really check how many we have. So, and like one group we came into.

And then I did everything on my own. I went all the way to media line. I polled first Adele and with people who surrounded Adele. It was easier to go through the media line. I shoot -- I shot interview on my iPhone. Because I`m reporter I need to get some exclusive. I did, so you know.

And then people told me, "All right, go inside." And I follow first Nicole Kidman. But then to stop for interview or something so I had to find different girls. And there was one girl in a red or blue, with -- a really attractive one. She was treated kind of like a celebrity.

HAMMER: Vitalii, I guess -- let me interrupt...

SEDIUK: And she was -- she happened to be Katy Perry!

HAMMER: All right. Vitalii Sediuk, thank you so much. We`ve got to leave it there, man. Thank you.

SEDIUK: Thank you.

And from Adele`s Grammy crasher to another Adele Grammy moment that`s got everybody buzzing. It`s at No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s "Biggest Buzz Makers."

Adele, Chris Brown, and this Grammy photo that`s spreading like wildfire around the world. So cameras captured this moment with the two superstars. This happened just after Frank Ocean topped Chris Brown to win his first Grammy. And Chris, as you see, just sat in his seat while everybody else was giving Frank Ocean a very deserved standing ovation.

But it`s what the cameras didn`t capture that`s got everybody talking about today. Nobody was able to hear what Adele was saying to Chris Brown at that time.

Still, the photo has been enough to get everybody guessing. In fact, I want to show you how the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT team captioned the shot. They suggested that Adele said, "Snub Frank Ocean again and you`ll be rolling in the deep." Yes.

Michelle Buteau with me in New York. Michelle is a comedian and a cast member of VH1`s "Best Week Ever." She`s also a pop culture correspondent on the new "Jenny McCarthy Show," which is just terrific.

All right, Michelle. So we know that Frank and Chris had some kind of an altercation in Hollywood in a parking lot a few weeks back. And they`re anything but best friends. I`m sure a lot of people out there would love to know what was Adele doing here? Was she letting Chris have it for disrespecting Frank? What do you think, what do you hope that she was telling this guy?

MICHELLE BUTEAU, VH1`s "BEST WEEK EVER": Are you kidding? I`m hoping she said what everybody else wants to say: "Get over yourself." She`s not congratulating him for not winning. She`s like, "Damn, man, you stand up and get over yourself, because we`re not on the playground anymore."

I love Adele. I want to high five her. I want to make out with her. I hope she read him his rights with that cute English accent and a Grammy in her hand. OK?

HAMMER: OK. Now wouldn`t it have been funny if she was actually saying, "Who are you and why are you coming up to me to talk to me?"

BUTEAU: What if she`s like, "I`ll buy your pamphlet for $1. What are you buying, sir? What are you selling?"

HAMMER: There you go. Hey now. Let me bring in Sean Kanan in Hollywood. He stars on "General Hospital." He`s the co-host of the UBN radio show, "Kanan`s Rules." And Sean, I`ve got to know: You`re looking at this photo and are you with me that it appears Chris is saying, "What? What`d I do?"

SEAN KANAN, CO-HOST, UBN`S "KANAN`S RULES": Why are they speaking of the playground? She`s asking where he left the Good Humor truck. Probably reminding him you don`t wear white after September.

I don`t know. Obviously, somebody needs to give this kid a lesson in some manners. You know, whatever his thoughts are about Frankie Ocean, somebody wins, everyone around you is standing up, probably a good idea to follow the pack on that one.

BUTEAU: Yes. Get over it.

HAMMER: And by the way, I just want to prepare you both. Sean and Michelle, you`re going to be receiving a lot of angry tweets for whatever you say about Chris Brown, if it`s not nice. They`re just coming after us.

BUTEAU: I`m hoping Adele supporters will back me up.

KANAN: Bring it.

HAMMER: There you go. And to be fair, can we bring up this other picture that was taken a few moments later? Look at the two of them. They appear to be happy. They`re posing together. And maybe Adele was saying, "OH, look at this nice fan who wanted to pose with me." Michelle, do you think they kissed and made up for that?

BUTEAU: They probably didn`t air kiss and high five and tweet each other. I mean, what else can you do when you`re that famous?

HAMMER: Yes. Exactly. All right. I doubt that Chris Brown is going to offer Frank Ocean an apology.

But Justin Bieber is making an apology tonight. This takes us to the big reveal of our No. 1 on our countdown of the day`s top three "Biggest Buzz Makers."

Justin is sorry. Now, Justin Bieber didn`t go to the Grammy Awards, apparently bailing because he wasn`t nominated. So he planned this special live show to air on live while the Grammys were taking place, and he was going to be taking questions from fans. He was going to be sharing some new music.

But the live stream crashed. I don`t know if it`s because too many people wanted in on this thing. The whole thing never got off the ground. So watch this video apology that Justin just released.


JUSTIN BIEBER, SINGER: So I`m sorry that my uStream didn`t work or my Livestream didn`t work. But I`m going to do a video right now so that I can play you guys some of my new music. And maybe get my little brother and sister out here, because they`re with me right now.

I`m on vacation. That`s one of the reasons why I have really slow Internet. And I wish that I could have fast Internet so that I could be on live stream, but it`s just not working. And my fans are just overpopulating the sites. And it`s just -- I don`t know. I just don`t think it`s going to work. So I`m just going to make a video of me playing some new music.


HAMMER: Video of him playing some new music, no shirt. Seemingly heartfelt apology going on there. Somebody feed the boy some pasta.

Sean, did it seem to you like sour grapes that Justin was trying to do a show at the same time as the Grammys? I actually thought it was a pretty clever idea if he wasn`t going to be there.

KANAN: Either that or he`s nosing around for an Internet endorsement. I don`t know. It seemed like, you know, little Timmy stomping his feet because he didn`t get invited to the big party, you know, to sit at the grownups` table. And so to spite everybody, he -- you know, he`s having a simulcast during the Grammys.

I think if he should be apologizing to anybody, it`s probably the people who put the Grammys on. Because I can`t imagine they`re going to take too kindly to that in the future.

HAMMER: Well, yes, imagine how this will affect voting in future years for the Grammys.


HAMMER: Sean Kanan and Michelle Buteau, thank you both so much for being here.

Well, Bieber is saying he`s sorry. And I`m betting some of the people who bullied Beyonce are sorry now.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In school, you know, there was some jealousy, because she was beginning to be a local star. So there was some jealousy of girls. And they said some mean things to her.


HAMMER: Well, tonight SHOWBIZ investigates the untold story behind Beyonce`s rise to fame. We`re talking to the people who knew her best.

Also, up close with Kate. Can`t wait for this. "S.I." swimsuit cover girl Kate Upton spilling her secrets to me on her second "S.I." cover in a row.

Kate, did you really get frostbite? Well, she`s right here to tell me in a must-see "SHOWBIZ News Maker" interview.




NAOMI CAMPBELL, SUPERMODEL: I say yes, you`re going to go through to the next round.




UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I think we`re going to be fighting over this one.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s a good one. A great energy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I definitely feel there is tension between myself, Naomi, and Coco.

CAMPBELL: This isn`t a competition just between the models. It`s also between the coaches. So Coco, Carolina, watch out.


HAMMER: Yes, watch out. Supermodel Naomi Campbell showed us another side of herself on her new show "The Face." It just premiered tonight on Oxygen.

Campbell, along with fellow models Carolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha coach wannabe models. Only one will win the title "The Face" and a contract with a national beauty brand.

But will reality TV help Naomi shed her phone-throwing hot-tempered image? Well, Naomi says she has grown up a lot since making headlines for her bad attitude. And now she`s ready to prove it. SHOWBIZ is on location at New York Fashion Week with CNN`s Alina Cho and Naomi herself.


ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Naomi Campbell puts the "super" in "supermodel." Her legendary career, the face, that body, the diva reputation. Through it all, Campbell manages to make virtually every appearance...

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You look gorgeous!

CHO: ... look like a catwalk.

CAMPBELL: I`ve had a very colorful life, I could say.

CHO: A professional life that started at age five, as an extra in this Bob Marley video.

Discovered as a face at age 14, she soon started modeling and in short order landed a series of firsts. First black model on the cover of "TIME," "French Vogue," "British Vogue," and most recently seen here on the cover of "Italian Vogue."

(on camera): You`ve also, of course, built a reputation. Sometimes being a little difficult to work with.

CAMPBELL: My lateness was terrible. But I get there and I get the job done. So I never believed in giving an excuse.

CHO (voice-over): No excuses, no regrets.

(on camera): Does it upset you that people still bring up...

CAMPBELL: Not at all.

CHO: ... the cell phone.

CAMPBELL: Not at all. I do feel I`ve grown from it, but it doesn`t upset me.

CHO (voice-over): So much so after 26 years in the modeling business, fabulous at 42, Campbell is now taking on another role. Star and executive producer of a new reality TV show.

CAMPBELL: I don`t want any fights amongst you.

CHO: Part "America`s Next Top Model," part "The Voice," "The Face," debuting on the Oxygen network, pits Campbell`s team of aspiring models against two other teams coached by supermodels Carolina Kurkova and Coco Rocha. The winner lands a national beauty contract.

Like any good reality show, there is drama.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Don`t even talk to me right now. Do not talk to me.

CAMPBELL: I wanted this to be authentic, so that meant picking up the phone and asking for these favors.

CHO: From?

CAMPBELL: People like Patrick Imochalier (ph), Stefen Atoli (ph).

CHO: The editor-in-chief of "W" magazine.

(on camera): How is it that we get older and she stays the same?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Well, she has the right genes, I would say.

CHO (voice-over): Some say "The Face" shows the Naomi her friends know.

(on camera): How does the new Naomi differ from the old Naomi, do you think? The older, wiser Naomi.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I love the older, wiser Naomi. I loved the young, wild Naomi. I love Naomi. I know her, her heart and soul.

CHO (voice-over): In an industry that`s fickle, Campbell is both a supermodel and a survivor.


HAMMER: That is CNN`s Alina Cho on location for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at New York Fashion week. And Alina`s got a lot more from her exciting time behind the scenes with the biggest names in the fashion world. You can see Alina`s special, "Fashion: Backstage Pass," this Saturday at 2:30 on CNN.

From fashion to Fey, Tina Fey. What does she think of "Girls" creator and star, Lena Dunham? I asked her.


HAMMER: Another person in the news lately, and partially because of you and all the accolades she`s getting, is Lena Dunham.

FEY: Yes, I take full credit for Lena Dunham.


HAMMER: Tina Fey getting real with me in a must-see "SHOWBIZ News Maker interview."

I`m also up close tonight with Kate tonight. Oh, yes, model Kate Upton just snagged the coveted "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit cover for the second year in the row. And she`s right here with me. We`re going to talk about the secrets behind that big shoot. Did she really get frostbite?


It`s time now for the "SHOWBIZ Buzz List." This is what the SHOWBIZ staff is buzzing all about this week.

Just in time for Valentine`s Day, it`s the Renaissance Hotel`s love blossoms. Check this out. It`s a room completely made out of flowers. We also can`t wait for the film "Beautiful Creatures." The love story hits theaters on Thursday.

We`re buzzing about the biggest party on the planet. It`s that time again for "Rio`s Carnival. We`re also laughing all the way through Heather MacDonald`s new book, "My Inappropriate Life," some material not suitable for small children, nuns or mature adults.

and we`re totally loving "TV Guide`s" new watch list app. Find out what your latest stars are watching. And if you want to know what I`m watching, check this out.


HAMMER: I almost feel it`s cliche to say "Modern Family" is my favorite sitcom on TV because it`s the best sitcom on TV, and everybody says that. But it`s true. The writing is so smart and quite frankly, Phil Dunphy, he`s my hero.



HAMMER: Ever have one of those days when the weather wreaks havoc on your hair? Who doesn`t, right? Well, tonight, bad hair days are going to the dogs. Literally. The Westminster Dog Show is always a fierce competition, but now the battle for best in show has turned into a big battle with Mother Nature with CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


JEANNE MOOS, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): Who hasn`t had an important occasion when you want to look your very best, and you venture outside only to discover it`s a dreaded bad hair day?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Oh, it is. It was. We had to buy an umbrella and a poncho outside of the hotel to get him here.

MOOS (on camera): You put the poncho on him or you?


MOOS (voice-over): Day one of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York was rainy, foggy, slushy, enough to curl even a show dog`s hair.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: They can curl, they can go frizzy on you, just like you ladies that can have a bad hair day.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And his hair is going "chhhh," and soaking this up.

MOOS: Rain left this long-haired Dachshund with ridges. They blow-dried him, then used a special comb to try and smooth him out.

(on camera): Whose hair got it worse? His or yours?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Mine doesn`t count.

MOOS (voice-over): Sure, there are worse things that can happen than getting rained on. Your dog carrier could crash. But rainy weather is a big deal to a dog with dreadlocks.

(on camera): So they`re naturally occurring dreadlocks?


MOOS (voice-over): Or a bearded collie.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If you look good coming out of the shower, then come out of the shower, but if you don`t, then dry your hair.

MOOS: Denny, the cavalier King Charles Spaniel, required flat irons.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Everything wants to go the wrong direction.

MOOS (on camera): I just came from makeup, and they just did that to me.

(voice-over): But if rain makes for a bad dog hair day, this looks counterintuitive.

(on camera): What is this thing?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s actually a fog machine, but it gets them soaking wet. Sorry.

MOOS (voice-over): First, she soaked Beowulf, then she blow-dried and fluffed him to give him more volume.

Then there are dogs like Violet.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: A curling iron...

MOOS (on camera): The rain didn`t do this?


MOOS (voice-over): Violet never left the indoors.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She`s having a good hair day.

MOOS: Sure, the dog show pales next to world events.

(on camera): You ever met any dogs named Benedict or Pope?


MOOS: But news of the pope`s retirement penetrated Westminster.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: He`s going to the old folks` home.

MOOS: And just as his aides hold an umbrella to shield the pope, Rudy the English sheep dog got the same treatment on his way to the dog show.

When it`s a bad dog hair day, you can always get rid of the bad hair.

(on camera): Can I have it?


MOOS (voice-over): Jeanne Moos, CNN...


MOOS: ... New York.


HAMMER: That`s life. CNN`s Jeanne Moos for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

Well, still ahead, "SHOWBIZ Investigates," the untold story behind Beyonce`s rise to fame.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In school there was some jealousy because she was beginning to be a local star. So there was some jealousy of girls. And they said some mean things to her.


HAMMER: Beyonce`s highs and lows from the people who were with her along the way. A revealing look at the story few of us know about one of the biggest stars in the world.

And Tina Fey unplugged. Her revelations to me about passing the torch to another great female star, in my must-see "News Maker" interview.



(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: In school, you know, there was some jealousy because she was beginning to be a local star. So there was some jealousy of girls. And they said some mean things to her.


HAMMER: Right now, SHOWBIZ investigates the untold story behind Beyonce`s road to fame. The highs, the lows and the secrets behind her rocky road to super stardom from the people who know her best.

Kate`s double take. Model Kate Upton snags the coveted "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit cover for the second year in a row. Well, now she`s right here with me to reveal the secrets behind the freezing cold photo shoot. Did she really get frostbite? She gives us the answer tonight in my must-see "SHOWBIZ News Maker" interview with Kate Upton.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates. The remarkable untold story of Beyonce with the people who made Beyonce what she is today. This weekend Beyonce is debuting in herself made documentary about herself on HBO.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now revealing the incredible story of her rise to superstardom. Here`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner.


NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Before she was the diva, before she was the Queen Bee, she was just Beyonce Giselle Knowles. A little girl in suburban Houston.

MATTHEW KNOWLES, BEYONCE`S FATHER: Beyonce was really a quiet kid. Kind of to herself.

TURNER: Hoping to get Beyonce to come out of her shell, Matthew and Tina Knowles sent their seven-year-old daughter to Darlette Johnson`s dance studio.


TURNER (on camera): When you first saw her and she first came in, I mean did you even notice her?

JOHNSON: What I did notice about her that she was very shy. You would ask her what`s your name? Beyonce Knowles. You could barely hear her speak. I would say can you say your name again, sweetheart? Beyonce Knowles.

TURNER (voice over): But on the dance floor ...

JOHNSON: Beyonce would dance so hard that she would lose her costume pieces. Sometimes her hat would come off because she was fierce.

TURNER: It was here that Beyonce created her now-famous alter ego.

(on camera): Now, that`s Sasha Fierce.


TURNER: That`s who that is.

JOHNSON: And when she got on the stage, she became a different person.

TURNER (voice over): But no one knew Beyonce had a secret.

JOHNSON: I hummed the song and she finished it. And it blew me away. And I stopped. And I told her sing it again. And she wouldn`t sing again, because once again, she was very quiet, very shy. And I promised her a dollar and she sung it again. And I was just - I was floored. When her parents came to pick her up I told them she can sing. She can really sing!

TURNER: A multimillion dollar star was born.

JOHNSON: I remember her sitting on the floor and I`m telling her you`re going to be so big. And she - I remember she was looking up at me. I said you watch.


TURNER: At local talent pageants the pint-sized powerhouse quickly made a name for herself.

JUDY FOSTIN: Before Beyonce`s name was even called, the whole audience was rocking her name, sounding her name. Beyonce, Beyonce, Beyonce.


TURNER: Judy Fostin (ph) took Beyonce to many of these pageants.

FOSTIN: She always won the competitions. We may have had 500-plus junior talents and she always stood out.

BEYONCE: Thank you.

TURNER: Adorable. Now, are these all the trophies she won from doing the talent shows and the pageants?

MATTHEW KNOWLES: This is from the pageants, yeah.

TURNER: Yet no one imagined that at this young age Beyonce would already face the ugly side of fame.

JOHNSON: In school, you know, there was some jealousy because she was beginning to be a local star. So there was some jealousy of girls. And they said some mean things to her.

TURNER: But the bullying didn`t stop her. Fame came knocking at the door of her mother salon.

MATTHEW KNOWLES: Some ladies came and said you know what? En Vogue was hot at the time and they said, you know, we`d like to form a version of En Vogue, but a younger version of En Vogue. And we would like to have Beyonce be the lead singer of the group.

TURNER: "Girls Tyme" was born. Beyonce teamed up with a group of six girls including her cousin Kelly Rowland.

JOHNSON: Beyonce was kind of the pilot (ph) of the group. You know, take out her, she would encourage - I called her the energizer bunny. Because Beyonce keep going and going and going.


TURNER: From the local spotlight to the national stage.

MATTHEW KNOWLES: These girls, "Girls Tyme," ended up going to star search. Ended up competing against some 40-year-olds.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A perfect score, the challenger "Girls Tyme" receives.

MATTHEW KNOWLES: And they lose. And they`re crying their hearts out. And I go over to Ed McMahon and I say Mr. McMahon, the kids are crying. I`m a dad. What do I do? He says, well, all I know is those who lose they go back and they rededicate, refocus.

TURNER: And that`s what Matthew Knowles had them do. In 1995, he resigned from his corporate job at Xerox to manage the girls full-time.

MATTHEW KNOWLES: I couldn`t look them in the eye and say give it your all if I wasn`t doing it.

TURNER (on camera): So that`s a lesson that you taught Beyonce kind of by example, too. This is how you dedicate yourself to this craft.

MATTHEW KNOWLES: Yes. And it was difficult.

TURNER (voice over): All they wanted was a major record deal. And that meant lots of hard work. Here`s some rare footage of Beyonce working on some early recordings.

D`wayne Wiggins was their producer.

D`WAYINE WIGGINS: Beyonce automatically stood out. And I mean everybody would say that because she simply was a very focused young lady.

TURNER: That focus paid off with a big record contract. Michael Malden was an executive at Columbia Records.

MICHAEL MALDEN, FORMER EXEC. COLUMBIA BLACK MUSIC RECORDS: We could tell she had pipes. And we could tell, you know, again, they were young pipes. And - because that`s what you want to do is try to find groups that you can incubate her -put in the incubator and just kind of develop.

TURNER: The group settled on a name. "Destiny`s Child." And the hits started coming. Like "No, no, no." "Destiny`s Child" was on the express ride to the top. Until ...

JOHNSON: What happened was the girls wanted new management, so that was pretty tough for Beyonce because her father is the manager.

TURNER: The two members who wanted Beyonce`s father out were quickly replaced.

MATTHEW KNOWLES: Beyonce was the, you know, the one who got the black eye for it. Very, very, very unjustly.

TURNER: Beyonce became public enemy number one with fans and the press. Even being called a blood sucking diva. The criticism was nothing new for the girl who was bullied at age nine for her talent, but now ten years older, Beyonce was stronger. Her song said it. She was a survivor.


TURNER: The publicity from the scandal was seemingly priceless. People couldn`t get enough of "Destiny`s Child." By the 2001 Grammies, "Destiny`s Child" seemed unstoppable. Or at least that`s what everyone thought.


HAMMER: And that was, of course, back in 2001 before Beyonce struck out on her own. Beyonce`s documentary "Life Is But a Dream" will debut this Saturday on HBO. Well, Beyonce is going to have to share the spotlight with our "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" tonight.

Model Kate Upton just snagged the coveted "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit cover for the second year in a row. And she`s right here with me to talk about the secret behind that big shoot. Did she really get frostbite? My headline making "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview with Kate Upton is next.



HAMMER: Well, tonight we have breaking news with supermodel Kate Upton who is right here tonight. Well, Kate has just joined a rare and special group. And wow. Did she have to suffer to get there? Kate on the cover of the just-revealed brand new annual "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition. She becomes the first model picked to do back-to-back swimsuit edition covers since Tyra Banks did it back in 1996 and 1997.

But I`m thinking that is cold comfort for Kate. She shot the cover in Antarctica. This is the first-ever fashion shoot that ever took place on that continent. And temps got to 35 below zero. And, of course, Kate had to lounge around in a bikini. And as we see with the new swimsuit issue from "Sports Illustrated," things certainly turned out very nicely.

Kate Upton is joining me in a relatively warmer New York for the "SHOWBIZ Newsmaker" interview. So nice to meet you.

KATE UPTON, SUPERMODEL: Nice to meet you too.

HAMMER: And I guess you`re prepared for any temps. I think it`s like 43 degrees outside right now. So nothing bothers you.

UPTON: Exactly. When I got back from Antarctica I was like walking around in my t-shirt in New York, and it was December. I was like I can`t see why everyone`s complaining.

HAMMER: Yes, what`s the big deal? So Antarctica, 35 below zero, for a swimsuit fashion shot. And don`t get me wrong, the pictures are beautiful, but did you tick somebody off at "Sports Illustrated"? How`d that happen?

UPTON: That`s what I was asking them the whole time. I mean it was amazing to go there, but I`m from Florida so I was thinking like, are you sure?

HAMMER: Yeah, you guys complain if it dips below 60, really.

UPTON: Exactly.


UPTON: I always complain about that, but now at least I have winter clothes. So ...

HAMMER: You`re all set.

UPTON: I`m all set.

HAMMER: Although I heard from somebody I spoke with at "Sports Illustrated" just yesterday, he told me that you were the model of professional. You didn`t complain about one thing. Was he being nice? I mean you had to complain a little bit, no?

UPTON: You know, I think that I was frozen and I couldn`t talk.


HAMMER: That`ll happen.

UPTON: Now I can complain

HAMMER: Well, the reports were that you actually did get frostbite and there were some health issues you had to be concerned about. So it was kind of dangerous, really, if you step back from it.

UPTON: It was. And, you know, my body was so worn down from trying to keep me warm. And my heart was always racing. So, luckily I lot cover and it was worth it.


HAMMER: How long were you there for?

UPTON: We were shooting there for six days, but we were on the boat for ten.

HAMMER: OK. Yes, so to clear things up. You weren`t staying in an igloo. Nothing like that.


HAMMER: You were in a nice, warm, comfort boat when you weren`t ...

UPTON: Exactly.

HAMMER: ... taking the pictures.

UPTON: Every time I went back to the boat the expedition leaders would be like, well, think of the explorers back in the day they didn`t have a nice ship to come back to. I was like, I`m not a explorer, I`m a bikini model.

HAMMER: And I have to ask you, how giddy were these expedition leaders to be on the boat with a super model taking these fashion photos. I mean they have to have been just red in the face.

UPTON: I think they thought we were crazy.

HAMMER: Yeah, well ...

There`s something to that. Now, I actually think that they owe you one at "Sports Illustrated." I`ve actually come up with a couple of ideas ...

UPTON: Oh, perfect.

HAMMER: ... of where, perhaps, you should do your next shoot should that come to pass. If we can put a couple of these up here. We`re thinking Tahiti. I just checked the temperature there is 77 degrees right now.

UPTON: Wow, amazing.

HAMMER: And it`s a pretty place. Beautiful place. Have you been to Tahiti?

UPTON: No, I haven`t. It`s perfect.

HAMMER: OK. What about Fiji?

UPTON: Oh, nice ...

HAMMER: Have you been to the South Pacific? You know, a lot of photo shoots happen there?

UPTON: I haven`t. But Fiji, I heard there`s - they got sick last time they went down there. Food poisoning.

HAMMER: No frostbite though.

UPTON: No frostbite. So, that`s a plus. Yes.

HAMMER: And it was 85 degrees. Rio-de-Janeiro, 93 degrees today, Kate.

UPTON: This is what I was thinking. I was thinking like in Miami ...

HAMMER: Right.

UPTON: ... in a hotel room.

HAMMER: Well, there`s that or in a studio. That was a strange thing, because ...

UPTON: Or a studio, yeah ...

HAMMER: Because when they were (ph) in Antarctica, there`s nothing you can`t recreate digitally these days. Why not just put a green screen behind you and shoot it there?

UPTON: Well, that`s what`s so amazing about "Sports Illustrated" is they have the power to send all the girls to all seven continents ...


UPTON: ... and me to Antarctica.

HAMMER: And that was the point of doing all seven continents, and it really is a spectacular. I don`t think you`ll get that kind of light in a studio, but if you were to do this again, because I`m thinking three covers in a row, that would be a brand-new record, right? Where would you want to go and shoot that cover?

UPTON: I`m thinking the places you named.


UPTON: Right up my alley.

HAMMER: Fair enough.


HAMMER: Now, having done this a second time, you will put on the cover, and my understanding is, they don`t know that until they actually see the photographs. That`s when they decide who`s going on the cover.


HAMMER: So, you didn`t know this in advance. But now as a repeat cover girl if you don`t mind me using that expression, cover model, is what I prefer to say. Cheryl Tiegs has done this, Christie Brinkley, Elle Macpherson, Tyra Banks, my old friend Paulina Porizkova. Pretty good company to be in ...


HAMMER: ... and I mentioned women you`ve looked up to for sometime.

UPTON: I mean those were the women, exactly, I looked up to and saw them in the magazines and now I`m with the group. So, it`s amazing.

HAMMER: Pretty cool.


HAMMER: Well, you`ve certainly have had a busy year in addition to doing "The Sports Illustrated" issue, you did that great Mercedes-Benz commercial. I loved this commercial. There were a few people who thought it was too racy for television. Well, let`s remind people what that looked like. It was on at the Super Bowl. Roll that, Charles.



UPTON: You missed a spot.


HAMMER: You obviously had a lot of fun. Few people were critical of that. The Parents Television Council said that it was sort of a not good message to be sending. How did you respond to any criticism like that?

UPTON: Well, that actually wasn`t the commercial. It was the teaser video. And I don`t know what`s racy about it. I`m in jeans and a tank top. And ...

HAMMER: Having a good time.

UPTON: Well, I`m not even washing the car.

HAMMER: Right.

UPTON: Someone else is washing it for me.

HAMMER: Yeah, exactly.

UPTON: The car is for a younger generation, so ...

HAMMER: I think it`s perfect. I think the swimsuit issue obviously speaks for itself. And it`s so great having you here.

UPTON: Thank you so much.

HAMMER: Thanks so much. And make sure you check out Kate Upton on the cover of the "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit edition with the very own copy that is available on newsstands right now.

Another headline-making SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview is moments away. What does Tina Fey really think about "Girls" creator and star Lena Dunham? Well, I asked her.


HAMMER: Another person in the news a lot lately and partially because of you and all the accolades she`s getting is Lena Dunham. You have ...

FEY: Yes, I take full credit for Lena Dunham.


HAMMER : Tina Fey getting real with me in a monthly SHOWBIZ newsmaker interview. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Trying to crash or something here?


FEY: Hi. Hi. I`m, hi, everyone. I`m from admission, and we`d like to come in and check on our overnight high school visitors. So Jeremiah, are you warm enough? Do you have everything that you need?


HAMMER: That`s Tina Fey playing an admissions officer for Princeton University in her new movie "Admission."

Tina may have been the one asking the tough questions in her new movie, but I turned the tables on Tina in my interview with her. Because I wanted to tap into her experience from "SNL"`s weekend update, so I can get her take on some of today`s biggest buzzmakers. People that everybody`s talking about.

So, what does she really think about "Girls" creator and star Lena Dunham? People thought that she may have dissed her at SAG Awards. And is it really true? Does Tina Fey of all people, have Bieber fever? Well, she may be putting her 30 rock days behind her, but I can assure you, there`s a whole lot more coming from the great Tina Fey.


HAMMER: Being from a news network and an entertainment news show, it is my responsibility to mention a couple of people in the news now to get your reaction.

FEY: OK, I`ll try.

HAMMER: I know you follow everything that`s going on. I`m not going to be talking about Middle East politics, don`t worry. Let me start with the name Justin Bieber. Are you a part of Justin Bieber fever? Do you understand it?

FEY: I totally understand Bieber fever because I met Justin Bieber. He was the musical guest one of the times that I hosted "SNL." I think the first time. And he was so talented and he - I did a sketch with him. And he was so ready -- he was, like, not scared at all. And knew exactly what to do. Played it really funny. Also, during his sound check, and maybe once on air, he did - he sang one of his songs to me, he like dedicated it to me.

HAMMER: How did that feel?

FEY: I felt it.


FEY: I felt. I understand it.

HAMMER: Right inside. Another person in the news a lot lately, and partially because of you and all the accolades she`s getting is Lena Dunham. You had ...


FEY: Yes, I take full credit for Lena Dunham.

HAMMER: It`s all you`re doing. You had one of the greatest nights - greatest lines of the SAG Award night when you said what you said to her in reference to her comment at the Golden Globes about your age, but you said I share this with my sweet friend Amy Polar. I`ve known you since you were pregnant with Lena Dunham. I mean that was just perfect. I have to imagine you are a big admirer of what she`s created, and what she`s done right now.

FEY: I am an admirer. I really like the show "Girls" a lot. I think she`s a really good writer. And - and one of the things I`ve been really pleased about is we just packed up our offices at "30 Rock" and some of the offices are being taken over by "Girls" ...

HAMMER: No kidding.

FEY: ... which I feel really nice about that.

HAMMER: Passing along.

FEY: Passing on, yeah.

HAMMER: So, congratulations on "Admission." It`s ...

FEY: Thank you.

HAMMER: Obviously it`s a really funny, fun movie. But it does cliche as this may sound, it has so much heart. And it definitely had I counted at least three or four of those moments where it kind of nails you right in the heart.

FEY: Good. I think that`s good.

HAMMER: And in this movie you get to play with the great Lily Tomlin ...

FEY: Yes.

HAMMER: ... who plays your mother, of course. And what`s terrific, when you see Lily take the scene, she steps in there. People just start laughing.

FEY: That`s OK.

HAMMER: I don`t know if you`ve seen the screening of the movie?

FEY: I haven`t seen the screening.

HAMMER: People start laughing before she opens her mouth.

FEY: Yeah. She has all these crazy difficult scenes that she embraced so fully. She`s just really good.


HAMMER: And the very funny Tina Fey is as lovely as you imagine her to be. "Admission" will be in theaters on March 22nd.

Well, we move now from the always awesome Tina Fey to the battle tonight for "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." This is when we name the most awesome SHOWBIZ moment of the day.


ZACH GALIFIANAKIS, ACTOR: I`ve read that you gained 25 pounds for the movie?


GALIFIANAKIS: How`d you do that? Eat Anne Hathaway?


HAMMER: It`s comedian Zach Galifianakis pushing the limits of hilarity with his latest Web series. Now, here`s a warning to Oscar nominees, a Zach attack is coming. Bradley Cooper, that means you too. "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness" is next.


HAMMER: And now it is time for "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." This is where we pick the most awesome SHOWBIZ moment of the day. And tonight, our good friends over funny or die are certainly giving us a lot to laugh about.

Comedian Zach Galifianakis does this hilarious talk show called "Between Two Ferns." And tonight, a new Oscar episode is sparking big buzz online. Zach sits down with some of the top Oscar nominees and leaves them speechless.

So, now check out Zach with "Zero Dark Thirty" start Jessica Chastain and Lincoln`s Sally Field.


GALIFIANAKIS: I would like to welcome my first guest Jessica Chastain.

JESSICA CHASTAIN: Jessica Chastain.

GALIFIANAKIS: Jessica is an actress. You`re nominated for "Zero Dark Thirty."

CHASTAIN: It`s correct.

GALIFIANAKIS: "Zero Dark Thirty." Is that a movie about Chris Brown?


GALIFIANAKIS: This is Sally Field, everyone.

FIELD: Yes, it is.

GALIFIANAKIS: I`ve read that you gained 25 pounds for the movie.

FIELD: Yeah, I did.

GALIFIANAKIS: How`d you do that? Eat Anne Hathaway?


HAMMER: Great. Zach knows how to stump even the best of them. But it was Zach`s sit-down with Bradley Cooper that took this video over the top to true "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." Now, Bradley, of course, nominated for Best Actor up against the heavily favored Daniel Day-Lewis. So Zach wrote an Oscar concession speech for Bradley to read after Daniel`s expected win on Oscar night. Watch how this one goes.


BRADLEY COOPER, ACTOR: You know you don`t make a concession speech.


COOPER: I just don`t understand. This is like - this is the first time in my life that I`m actually part of something. And you know, you know, what that means to me to be a part of something. That`s like my Achilles heel. Like I just want to be included.

GALIFIANAKIS: Well, why don`t you join the boy scouts? If you wanted to be part of something.


HAMMER: Well, the fight gets even more heated as they take parody to a whole new level of awesome. And don`t worry. They do make up in the end.

Next on "DR. DREW ON CALL," day five of the Jodi Arias trials with her on the stand. Dr. Drew talks to special guest Paul Stern (ph), the man who paid for Jodi`s trip to Arizona that ultimately ended Travis Alexander`s life.

"DR. DREW ON CALL" starts right now.