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Celebrities Going to Extremes; Matt Damon`s Mock Protest Goes Viral; Valentine`s Day Countdown

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UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think she has the ability, the talent, the passion, fans that she can, quite frankly, go wherever she`d like to go.


A.J. HAMMER, HOST: Tonight, SHOWBIZ investigates the real story about Beyonce that you haven`t heard before, including the emotional breakup with her father and manager. And we`re revealing the shocking challenges that Beyonce faced. How did she overcome them all? It`s a must-see SHOWBIZ investigation.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer, and our brand- new revelations about Beyonce are coming up. You do not want to miss that.

But we begin with our first big SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night. It`s the top three stories today of celebrities going to extremes. Did they go too far?

Let`s kick off the countdown with No. 3, the startling Kimye security alert. An all-out investigation today into why an American Airlines worker whisked Kim Kardashian and Kanye West onto an airplane at New York City`s JFK Airport without making them go through security.

Hey, we all know the annoying drill, right? You take off your Guccis and your coat, and you prepare to be frisked, or at least hold your hands over your head. But no, not Kim and Kanye in this instance.

When airport security discovered that Kimye had escaped the tedium of the screening, they pulled the power couple off the plane and rescreened them and that delayed the flight. Well, the airline blames the worker who cleared them through and not Kim and Kanye, but did they take advantage of their superstardom?

Well, I`ve got two stars in Hollywood with us tonight to chew on this. There he is, Mark McGrath, of course, the front man for the legendary group Sugar Ray. His Under the Sun tour, along with Sugar Ray, will be announced very soon. Tickets go on sale in April.

Shirley Ralph also with us. She, of course, is starring in the NBC hit show, "Smash." A

And happy Valentine`s Day to you, Sheryl Lee.


HAMMER: Well, listen, so many people are outraged today, saying that Kim and Kanye should have to suffer through those long airport lines, just like everybody else. And they`re saying they took advantage of the situation. So let me float out our countdown question.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West airport security breach. Who`s to blame: Kimye, airport security? Sheryl Lee, what do you think?

RALPH: Baby, I was shocked to know that they were flying commercial.


RALPH: Why did they not ask Jay-Z for that private plane? Come on, cut through all of this. You all must really want some attention.

HAMMER: Yes, I was thinking, the moment I heard this story, that either they themselves or at least the security who travels with them should have known better than to accept an invitation. I spoke to a security guy who handles high-profile clients today who said you don`t want any sense of impropriety.

Mark, I`m sure it is -- you`ve gotten attention in airports and maybe people want to give the special treatment. You can`t do that.

MARK MCGRATH, SINGER: Well, you know how it is, A.J. You know, I just can`t walk into an airport without getting harassed.

But what I don`t understand is -- is why it took 50 minutes to secure these two. I mean, I guess that was pictures and talking to daughters on cell phones and things like that.

So yes, there was definitely a breach on some end.

You know, but it`s Kanye. People get their one shot at saying hello, and they`re going to maximize it. I don`t care who you are, celebrities get preferential treatment, people. News flash.

HAMMER: Yes, big news flash. And all of this, of course, got the ladies on "The View" debating what actually happened, and this morning they were talking about justice, how celebrities do get special treatment at the airport. It`s really more common than most people might think. Let`s watch how that played out.


WHOOPI GOLDBERG, CO-HOST, ABC`S "THE VIEW": If you have a greeter, sometimes they`re getting -- they`re trying to get you through for your -- for your safety and the safety of the people at the airport. I`m sure they`re going to find that.

In the end it was an inconvenience, because I`m sure, you know -- I don`t think they should have come on the plane maybe the way that they did to take them off. I think that was a little much, but, you know.


HAMMER: You know, you`ve got to screen people. I don`t care who they are, Sheryl.


HAMMER: Do you think that Kim and Kanye have really just become easy targets to criticize, they really can`t win no matter what they do?

RALPH: Look, any time you have cameras in on every bit of your life, you are an easy target. And I think sometimes they make themselves the target, so that somebody can have a bull`s eye and we can all be talking about it.

HAMMER: Yes, I mean, Mark, it just comes with the territory, right?

MCGRATH: Let`s not forget how Kim makes her money, people. It`s just another great story. She`s keeping herself in the name -- you know, in the spotlight. We`re talking about her, so well done, Kim.

HAMMER: Well, I should mention that we did reach out to American Airlines today. A spokesman told us, "This was a lapse in judgment by one of our employees. We are working closely with the TSA to get a better understanding of what happened." And there you have it.

MCGRATH: That solves it. That solves it.

HAMMER: From Kim and Kanye -- yes, right there, it`s done.

All right. No. 2 now, from Kim and Kanye to Ken. This is a guy who`s trying to become a real-life Ken doll. He`s next on our countdown of SHOWBIZ extremes tonight.

It`s the human Ken doll, Justin Jedlica, who has had so many surgical procedures, 90-plus at last count, he`s been dubbed the human Ken doll. So I had to ask him, why does he go to such extremes to achieve what he thinks is physical perfection?


HAMMER: So let`s get right to it and take a look at what you looked like when you were 17, before you had any procedures done, along with what you look like now. Here we go. On the left, there you are at 17 years old. And this is 100 percent from surgery and procedures from what I understand. No gym, no working out. Nothing. So...

JUSTIN JEDLICA, HUMAN KEN DOLL: No, you`re right, I haven`t been to the gym in over three years now.

HAMMER: That`s remarkable. Run through everything you`ve had done.

JEDLICA: Yes, so I`ve had five nose jobs at this point. I did a cranial brow bone shave to flatten the forehead. Went and had a brow lift. I`ve done a fat transfer to my face. I`ve done cheek augmentation, lip augmentation and chin augmentation. And then ended up moving on to my body, and went ahead and did pec implants, bicep implants and put them in here, and triceps. I went ahead and I just did my shoulder implants not too long ago and also did my buttock implants, as well.

HAMMER: I`ve completely lost count at this point. You know, anybody who hears that, myself included, you know, the first question, obviously, is why? Is it something that you`re doing for how others see you, how you want others to see you, or is it for how you see yourself?

JEDLICA: Sure, right. The question of motivation always is a huge key factor in this. I mean, for me, when I was in my teens, my nose, my original nose, my natural nose, was something that always gave me a lot of angst. I mean, it was really problematic for me, and it was something that always hindered me mentally. I was always thinking about that. So that was a need for me.

And then at a certain point after I had that first surgery, I didn`t really feel like I needed it. I thought I was fine. I had taken out the hump and reduced my tip. But what ended up happening was that it was a want. And it was like, well, if I had the time and I had the money, who wouldn`t go ahead and try to fix themselves or tweak themselves a bit more?

And it became a bit more artistic for me. And over time, especially now at this point in my life, I don`t think I need anything. I think I`m a very attractive individual. But just the fact that I can create, that I can use this as like an artistry for myself, that part of it`s really exciting to me to work in tandem with a doctor and try to continue to sculpt my body.

HAMMER: The number that I have seen reported is that you spent somewhere in the neighborhood of $100,000 on all these procedures.

JEDLICA: I`m over it at that point, yes. At this point over $110,000, actually, at this point.

HAMMER: Where is that money coming from?

JEDLICA: To me, this is something that was very important, so I always made sure that I set aside the funds that I needed to be able to do this.

And at this point in my life I`m blessed that I have a partner who does well. And so my number of procedures has increased since our relationship has sort of come together, and, you know, he does fairly well. So the finances are a bit freer, even than they were before. So I don`t have to struggle quite so much to just do one surgery a year. I could up it a bit if I wanted.

HAMMER: Are you worried at all about the long-term side effects of all of the surgeries that you`ve had, particularly, you know, how things were -- are going to look when you get older?

JEDLICA: I don`t see anything with the longevity of these implants. They`re not going to disintegrate or fall apart. I mean, if I take care of my body and continue to follow the instructions of my doctors with future surgeries, I don`t foresee any problems.

HAMMER: There are a lot of people who would say anybody who would do this to their body must have some serious body image issues. So please tell me you have had some counseling about all of this.

JEDLICA: I haven`t had any counseling to this effect. I mean, to me, I laugh because this is sort of like -- I give the -- this equation all the time. You know, it`s like asking Picasso not to paint. I mean, this is my hobby. This is my passion. I mean, how could you take that away from someone?

Someone who`s a body builder and a fitness trainer, they love what they do, and they go to the gym every day and push a max amount of weight, and can tear their muscles. I don`t see how that`s different from what I`m actually doing.


HAMMER: OK. So there you have it. I see the looks on your faces, guys.

The human Ken doll considers his body to be a piece of art. He was adamant, as you heard, to me that there was nothing psychologically wrong with somebody who undergoes 90 cosmetic procedures, pays more than 100,000 bucks to do it, and uses his body as a constant art project.

Sheryl, you know, here`s the thing. For me, I don`t understand it, but it`s not for me to judge. Do you get how he can be so obsessed?

RALPH: I do not get it at all. But then again, it`s like asking Picasso not to paint. Oh, my God. And you`ve got a sugar daddy that`s going to give you the money to just go on nipping and tucking any time you choose? Oh, baby! Ah-ha!

HAMMER: All right, Sheryl Lee.

Listen, Mark. Justin told me he`s no different from people like yourselves who obsessively work out to improve their bodies. What do you think?

MCGRATH: Yes, you know, working out, I get called a Ken doll all the time. So it`s tough; I know what he`s going through.

But it`s another form of addiction, to be serious. I mean, it`s kind of sad when you think about it. The guy looked perfectly fine in the "before." And to be honest with you, I thought the "before" picture looked better, man. It`s kind of sad actually, dude, you know.

And he was kind of losing me until he brought me back with the Picasso metaphor, as Sheryl Lee so articulately stated.

HAMMER: Yes. It is something -- especially, though, you look at the "before" picture, and you say, well, nothing wrong there, right?

RALPH: What was wrong with that? Right.

MCGRATH: I mean...

RALPH: He looked great.

MCGRATH: If you`re going to go -- yes, sad, man, it really is. But you know, more power to him. I`m not going to begrudge anybody what makes them feel good. But there`s got to be a danger in having that many plastic surgeries. There`s got to be.

HAMMER: Well, Justin, we wish you the best of luck and hope you stay healthy.

RALPH: Hopefully, he`ll never look just like Ken.

HAMMER: Well, yes.

RALPH: Hopefully, he won`t look just like Ken. Because you know what Ken really looks like.

HAMMER: Yes, let`s not go there, Sheryl.

We`re getting ready to reveal one thing on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. It`s what`s No. 1 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of going to extremes. A music superstar and the incredibly gross things we are about to see her do. So Mark, Sheryl, stay right where you are. That big reveal is a moment away.

And while some things are gross, there are other things that are just downright slick, like this. The absolutely remarkable Justin Timberlake music video revealed today with him and Jay-Z.


JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, SINGER (singing): You`re on my mind tonight.


HAMMER: Oh, yes, J.T. and Jay-Z. You think what they did at the Grammys was cool? Wait till you see this. And you will.

And SHOWBIZ investigates Jay-Z`s wife, Beyonce. Her rise to fame has not come easy.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think she has the ability, the talent, passion, fans, that she can, quite frankly, go wherever she`d like to go.


HAMMER: Her dramatic split with her manager dad, her break from Destiny`s Child. Wait until you see this, when SHOWBIZ TONIGHT reveals Beyonce`s secrets and challenges.




And in our SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the day`s top three stories of celebrities who are going to extremes.

No. 3, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West causing a security scare at New York`s JFK Airport when an airport worker took them to a plane without putting them through security.

No. 2 on our countdown, the human Ken doll, telling SHOWBIZ TONIGHT why he spent more than $100,000 to have 90 cosmetic procedures.

That brings us to the big reveal. What`s No. 1 in our countdown of SHOWBIZ going to extremes?

It`s superstar singer and song writer, Ke$ha. Wait until you hear this.

is already taking her already extreme reputation to brand-new heights, or you might say lows, with an outrageous new confession.


KE$HA, SINGER: Woo! It`s upstairs. Party for a living.


HAMMER: OK. Prepare yourself. Ke$ha tells BBC Radio in a brand-new interview out today that her upcoming new MTV documentary series "Ke$ha, My Crazy Beautiful Life," will show her -- how can I delicately put this -- drinking her own pee. Yes, you heard me right.

Ke$ha explains the gross-out moment for all the world to hear. She tells BBC Radio 1, quote, "I was told drinking my own pee was good. I was trying to be healthy. It was really gross, so I don`t do it anymore." Those pop stars can say the darnedest things, can`t they?

Back with us tonight from Hollywood, another superstar performer, Sugar Ray front man M ark McGrath. I don`t know if he`s laughing out of familiarity. We`ll find out, Mark.

Ke$ha, a notorious over-sharer. But I`ve got to say, this might be a little bit too much. Or am I off base here?

MCGRATH: I might have been down that road before, A.J.

HAMMER: No, no, no.


MCGRATH: No, I`m kidding. It was a late night in Tulsa one night, `96, `97 but it`s not about me. It`s about Ke$ha.

And let`s be honest: she hasn`t really hit that superstar stratosphere that Katy Perry has, so for her to get that shine in the media spotlight, she needs to hit you with a couple -- a couple headlining grabs, and certainly drinking your own urine is one of them. And let`s be honest: a documentary coming out, a good way to promote it.

HAMMER: Yes, I suppose so. It`s just I don`t know that anybody really wants to know that. But you make a good point that maybe she needs to say things to launch her further into the stratosphere. And she`s been known for saying some pretty shocking things over the years.

In fact, she once said that she had sex with a ghost. And all I could think today is I hope it remembered to send her a Valentine.

She startled the world by beginning this Tumblr titled "Put your beard in my mouth." It`s a bunch of pictures of her tasting long beards.

Oh, and this about teen star Justin Bieber. She has repeatedly said -- and this is a quote -- "I`d hit that."

Sheryl Lee Ralph from the hit show "Smash" with us tonight. Sheryl, Ke$ha, too extreme, or do we need to just allow Ke$ha to be Ke$ha?

RALPH: Listen. She is doing whatever it is she wants to do. Poor Ke$ha. I think she mistook the champagne for a little bit of pee-pee.

I mean, come on, baby! We don`t need to go to such lengths for attention. Or do we? Oh, lord.

Zee urine, is zee good for you, bay-bee, the pee-pee.

HAMMER: Gives bubbly a whole new meaning, doesn`t it?

Sheryl Lee Ralph, Mark McGrath, great having you both here to talk about this lovely subject. Mark and Sugar Ray about to go on tour with Smashmouth, Gin Blossoms, Vertical Horizon and Fastball. It`s the Under the Sun tour. Tickets will be on sale in April.

All right. You think Ke$ha`s confessions are shocking? Well, take a look at Matt Damon`s stunning personal protest.


MATT DAMON, ACTOR: Until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom.


HAMMER: Oh, boy. Yes, Matt is going on strike with "The Bathroom," bringing attention to the global water crisis. You`ve got to see this. SHOWBIZ trending and Matt`s viral video to save the world.

Plus, we`ve got the advice celebrities need on Valentine`s Day, like telling Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis if they`re breaking the dating rules by reportedly moving in together.

It`s our Valentine`s Day countdown, "Star Dating Rules." The authors of the classic dating guide, "The Rules" right here. They`ve got brand-new advice for Hollywood`s biggest stars.



HAMMER: SHOWBIZ trending tonight, Matt Damon refuses to use the bathroom? Well, Damon hosted a fake press conference to make a big announcement. And his very funny campaign is certainly getting a whole lot of attention. Watch this.


DAMON: For $25, you can give somebody clean water for life. Twenty-five bucks. I mean, sir, how much is the bottle of water you`re drinking? How much did that cost?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I shoplifted this.

DAMON: And so in protest of this global tragedy, until this issue is resolved, until everybody has access to clean water and sanitation, I will not go to the bathroom. Yes.


DAMON: I`m not going to go to the bathroom.


HAMMER: Perfect. With me tonight from Hollywood, Shira Lazar from

You`ve got to love the fake press conference, Shira.


HAMMER: It`s this whole idea that Matt came up with for his campaign for clean water. He`s hit on the secret to getting attention for a good cause, to be sure. But do you think there`s more to it than just his star power that`s getting people to click on this video?

LAZAR: Well, yes, I mean, he`s been really smart about this. He actually shot this video at the YouTube headquarters in Marina Del Ray. He`s partnered with Google. He`s gotten a ton of YouTube stars on board. That guy asking the question before was Shea Carl, a known YouTube star.

So not only is he using his own star power, but the star power of all these personalities who generate millions of views and engagement. They`ve already raised over $20,000 for this campaign that`s just starting and, of course, is leading up to World Water Day on March 2.

And you can join him right now at And so this is really smart. He`s not only doing these big videos that you see that are getting picked up with -- by outlets like this but he`s actually doing his individual videos with YouTube stars also you can find on their channel.

HAMMER: Yes. Great, great move by Matt. More power to him.

Another video that`s trending today we`ve got to talk about: a video of a guy named D.J. LaBelle, whose moved from New York to L.A. And he`s just looking to get lucky in love.


D.J. LABELLE, YOUTUBE STAR (singing): This is a story all about how I moved to Hollywood and get shot down by girls so hot that you can`t kiss when your face looks like Andy Dick and all the bars close at 1:30. They`re way too sober to sleep with me.


HAMMER: Shira, is this going to work for this guy?

LAZAR: I don`t know if it`s working. It`s getting him lots of views, and that is the new star power this day and age, so hopefully some L.A. guys and women will learn from this video, what to do to get some action.

HAMMER: Yes. Well, good luck to him. Thanks so much, Shira. Great having you here.

Also tonight, suit up. Justin Timberlake just released his racy new video for "Suit and Tie," just in time for Valentine`s Day.




HAMMER: Have you been waiting on this? J.T.`s first music video in years. It just may cement his path to total pop domination. Your SHOWBIZ first look is coming up.

Plus, we`re going to take a look inside this amazing palatial home of the man who`s one of Michelle Obama`s favorite designers.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: More of a design architect, less about a color or a shape. It`s more about how to bring things together and tell a story, whether it`s art or design.


HAMMER: That is design icon Reed Krakoff. He holds a multibillion-dollar fashion empire, and we`re going to show you why his amazing Manhattan townhouse just might be his ultimate inspiration.


Time now for "SHOWBIZ Say What?" I want you to check out Miley Cyrus, rapper Wiz Khalifa and their guests at the big Grammy awards pre-party. What do you think was on Miley`s mind as she got goofy with a pose at the Beverly Hilton.

I`d like you to let us know. Share your thoughts over with us. Simply head to Fill in the thought bubble and we`ll share our favorite answers tomorrow right here on SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


HAMMER: Right now a SHOWBIZ first look. J.T. and Jay-Z. A remarkable new video revealed today that is one for the ages. Now, that`s how you make a comeback, Justin. Also, this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I think she has the ability, the talent, passion, fans that she can, quite frankly, go wherever she`d like to go.


HAMMER: SHOWBIZ investigates. Beyonce`s dad and former manager, Matthew Knowles, reveals to us the remarkable and incredible story behind Beyonce`s rise to superstardom. What really happened after Beyonce broke away from Destiny`s Child?

Taylor Swift`s kiss and tell test. Her string of famous exes. Her hit break-up revenge songs. But is she breaking all the rules of celebrity dating? The women who literally wrote the book, "The Rules" are right here with me, to put Hollywood`s biggest stars on notice.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you for watching, I`m A.J. Hammer. And tonight, he`s back. Late today, a big Justin Timberlake reveal. And we got him for you. Justin teaming up with Jay-Z, fresh, of course, from their jaw-dropping Grammy performance for a must-see music video that just set the blogosphere on fire today. It`s called "Suit and Tie"; it`s Justin`s first full-length music video in six years.

And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you this first look.





HAMMER: Call me old-school. I love it when a music video is actually about the performance of the song.

In Hollywood tonight, a superstar musician in his own right, Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath is here. Mark`s "Under the Sun" tour is soon to be announced, tickets are going on sale for that in April. Also, with us Sheryl Lee Ralph, who is starring in NBC`s hit musical drama, "Smash."

And to the music star first. Mark, what do you think? Thumbs up, thumbs down?

MCGRATH: Is there anything that man can`t do? He celebrates qualities of an old school entertainer. He writes, he produces. He`s the funniest guy on "Saturday Night Live" when he is on, he is a great actor, it kind of makes me disgusted, to tell you the truth. He is incredible.


MCGRATH: He does it all.

HAMMER: Nice. A little bit of jealousy. But isn`t it cool, Mark, don`t you agree with me? Isn`t it wonderful when a performer actually gets in their music video and performs?

MCGRATH: The guy, you know -- the dance moves, the eloquence of moves, the economy of moves, the guy just - there is nothing he can`t do, he has such charisma. When you see J.T. on stage, it`s all about him. There is nothing the guy can`t do. I can`t state enough how he is the premier entertainer of our generation, without a doubt.

HAMMER: Yes, Sheryl, Justin is really coming back with a vengeance, isn`t he?

RALPH: Baby, I love everything about that video. Yeah that`s right, he is so smooth, he is so fabulous. But I do know that Robin Thicke is sitting up there saying hold up, wait a minute.


RALPH: That`s my (INAUDIBLE). Love it, though.

HAMMER: I think it`s fantastic. And quite frankly, you know they are going to completely bring it when J.T. goes on tour and brings Jay-Z ...


HAMMER: ... along for the ride. Yeah, imagine that party backstage just for one moment. Sheryl Lee Ralph ...


HAMMER: Mark McGrath, great having you both here. Make sure you check out Sheryl Lee Ralph on NBC`s "Smash" and tickets for Mark`s "Under the Sun Tour" are set to go on sale in April.

Well, J.T. is on a roll with Jay-Z and Jay-Z`s wife Beyonce is certainly on a roll of her own. Her HBO documentary about her life is debuting this weekend, can`t wait for that, and she is getting ready for a world tour right now.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT investigates the real story tonight behind Beyonce`s superstardom. Her emotional break up with her dad/manager Matthew Knowles and even before that, of course, her break up from Destiny`s Child when she stepped out on her own. We all have seen that, her risks are clearly paying off.

With SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is Nischelle Turner.


NISCHELLE TURNER, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT CORRESPONDENT: Beyonce`s part two, the solo career begins with Jay-Z. He`s in her first solo hit, and he`s in her personal life. From their dating to their wedding to baby Blue, the public doesn`t learn a single detail until Beyonce is ready to spill it.

MATTHEW KNOWLES, BEYONCE`S FATHER: So, let me show you this.

TURNER: An approach she learned from her father.

KNOWLES: I`m not going to talk about Beyonce to mom ...

TURNER (on camera): What about Papa G, the granddad? What do you like to do with Blue?

KNOWLES: I`m not going to talk about that. You get nothing.

TURNER: I get nothing.

KNOWLES: You get nothing.

This is Beyonce ...

TURNER (voice over): It`s a philosophy that Beyonce would go on to apply to both her professional and private lives. Nobody learns anything about B until she`s ready to tell them.

(on camera): Let`s talk about "Dangerously in Love." The album did really well.


TURNER (voice over): That first solo album debuted at number one. And went on to sell more than 11 million copies.

KNOWLES: The album did really well and what am I thinking? Tour?


TURNER: Studio, tour, more singles now.

KNOWLES: Normally, when the album does very well, you do a tour.

TURNER: There`s a small tour, Beyonce`s first as a solo artist, followed by three more solo albums and a total of five solo number-one hits. Including 2008`s "Single Ladies."


BEYONCE: Because I`m foxy Cleopatra and I`m a whole lot of a woman!

TURNER: A fashion line.

BEYONCE: My mother would make all these beautiful clothes, and after so many years, my fans, they were like, OK, we have to buy these clothes somewhere.

TURNER: And numerous endorsements, including a new one with Pepsi, that will pay Beyonce to advertise its products and fund some of her creative projects.

GAIL MITCHELL, SENIOR EDITOR, BILLBOARD MAGAZINE: I think it`s a huge deal. I think it says a lot about her as a brand, her -- about her music. And that Pepsi would do something like that. For a black female music artist, that`s tremendous.

TURNER: It`s a deal that demonstrates she is as good a business woman as she is a performer.

BEYONCE: My father was such an incredible entrepreneur, and any and everything he said he would have, he worked until he had it. And he taught me, there`s no such thing as no.

MITCHELL: My personal opinion is, she watched. She watched her dad. She watched her mom. I mean, her mom ran a hair salon. She`s got this business savvy that a lot of people either -- a lot of creative types, they`re not -- they`re one side.

TURNER: Those two sides of Beyonce are more important than ever. She`s now on her own. Two years ago, she announced her father would no longer be her manager.

(on camera): I wonder where can she or where does she go from here?

KNOWLES: I think that`s a question you should ask Beyonce. I think she has the ability, the talent, passion, fans, that she can, quite frankly, go wherever she would like to go.

TURNER (voice over): Where she is going next is the documentary world. She is the director of the story of her life that airs this month on HBO.

BEYONCE: Power is not given to you. You have to take it. You`re playing a part in a much bigger show. And that`s what life is.

TURNER: Word is, we`ll learn more about the personal details she usually withholds, such as the miscarriage she suffered prior to Blue Ivy. But even before the documentary airs, she has become a little freer with personal information, thanks to a large and active Tumblr site.

JUNE AMBROISE, STYLIST: So if they`re posting it, you`re supposed to know it. Not posting it, you ain`t supposed to know it.

TURNER: What the online and documentary projects have in common is that Beyonce controls the content.

After the doc, there`s a world tour. Mrs. Carter? That`s Beyonce confirming four years later that she is married to Jay-Z, whose given name is Shawn Carter. And details on the next album, writer/producer Neo promises whatever music she produces in the future will push the edges creatively.

NE-YO, PRODUCER: She is not afraid to take a risk, she`s not afraid to take a shot. You know, she`s not afraid to do this. And if you hit, you hit and if you don`t, you don`t.

TURNER: But aside from admitting to some recording sessions with Beyonce, he won`t say anymore.

NE-YO: And I`m not going to be the one to let the cat out of the bag. You all are not going to get me in trouble, no, sir.

Nobody has the patience to wait for the greatness. They just want everything quick, quick, quick. And it`s like, if you actually take the time to wait for it, it just makes it that much better when you actually get it.

TURNER: Wait for it, world. The tour is coming. Her Web site is promoting it. The rest, she`ll tell you when she`s good and ready.


HAMMER: Yeah, no question about that. That was SHOWBIZ TONIGHT`s Nischelle Turner, and you can see Beyonce`s documentary, "Life is But a Dream", Saturday on HBO. A lot of people will be tuning in.

Well, tonight, are Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis really shacking up before Ashton`s divorce is final? This is our special Valentine`s Day countdown. The celebs who are making and breaking the rules of love. So, are Ashton and Mila on the right track?

Well, "The New York Times" best-selling authors of "The Rules" are right here tonight and they`re putting Hollywood`s love birds to the test.



HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Happy Valentine`s Day. And tonight, in another big SHOWBIZ Countdown, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is counting down the top three star dating rules.

With me tonight in New York, I am so pleased to welcome the experts who literally wrote the best-selling book, "The Rules," and now they have updated their rules in a brand-new book, called "Not Your Mother`s Rules: The New Secrets for Dating." Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider, thanks for being here, ladies.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Thanks for having us.

HAMMER: Of course. Let`s get right to our countdown. Kicking off with star dating rule No. 3. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. We just learned that they appear to be taking the romance to the next level. They`ve reportedly just moved in together, even before Ashton`s divorce from Demi Moore is final. Now, we`ve seen Ashton make two rules of his own.

First, move on before finalizing his divorce. And now it looks like another rule with him moving in before his divorce is final. So Ellen, what do you think, are Ashton and Mila breaking the rules here?

ELLEN FEIN, AUTHOR, "NOT YOUR MOTHER`S RULES": Well, I think moving in before your divorce is finalized, it`s just papers. As long as you have separate keys, you can move in. As long as you`re not living with anybody else.

But we don`t really think that he and Mila should move in together quite yet.

HAMMER: OK. Take their time, maybe? Would be a better rule to follow? Kind of take it easy?

FEIN: Yes, they`re not -- well, we don`t know that they`re engaged, but they`re not engaged, and it`s just --

HAMMER: Well, that`s breaking a rule, though, right? Being engaged when your divorce isn`t final, you don`t want to do that.

FEIN: Probably not. They should wait. It`s not like money is a concern, so they can each keep their own place.

SHERRIE SCHNEIDER, AUTHOR, "NOT YOUR MOTHER`S RULES": We don`t believe in being with a guy 24/7 until you`re married.

HAMMER: Don`t be with a guy 24/7?

SCHNEIDER: No. And living together is being with him all the time, and there`s no challenge. It`s like he sees everything, you do everything -- like, there is no incentive for him to marry you if you`re living with him.

HAMMER: An excellent point, particularly on Valentine`s Day. Well, Mila just appeared on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show," and when talk turned to Ashton, I want to show you how she handled that. Roll that.


ELLEN DEGENERES, TALK SHOW HOST: Oh, remember that? That`s Ashton Kutcher. That`s--

MILA KUNIS, ACTRESS: Yes, I`ve worked with him. Yes.

DEGENERES: So how is he doing, I wonder? Have you talked to him at all?


HAMMER: Look at them, all those years ago from "That `70s Show." So, Sherrie, what do you think? Was Mila following a good rule of thumb there? Just kind of giggling?

SCHNEIDER: She was (INAUDIBLE) the rules with that. We don`t talk about the guy.

FEIN: It`s like she read our book.

SCHNEIDER: Yes, we don`t talk about guys to the media. We talk about our movie, our book or whatever. But not guys.

FEIN: She was fabulous. Ellen just kept trying to get it out of her and she didn`t say anything. You go, Mila.

HAMMER: OK. So giggling is OK.

FEIN: Giggling is good, yes.

HAMMER: All right. I guess better than saying too much.


HAMMER: And we know there are a lot of stars who have certainly done that.

Speaking of which, we`ll move from Ashton`s big move to Taylor Swift`s big rules of dating. Taylor coming in at No. 2 on our countdown. She sings about her breakups, but actually doesn`t talk about her boyfriends in interviews and she seems to move quickly from boyfriend to boyfriend.

Ellen, is Taylor breaking the rules?

FEIN: Every rule. Taylor is breaking every rule, except that she`s unbelievable with her songs. We think she is a marketing genius, and she`s just smart for herself. Because she can`t really believe in the way she is dating, right?

HAMMER: This is true. She did latch on to something that was working for her and certainly gets her no shortage of attention.

But somebody from Taylor Swift`s dating past is who comes in at No. 1 in our SHOWBIZ Countdown of star dating rules. It`s John Mayer, who is now with Katy Perry, and he`s revealing a big switch in his dating rules. Mayer, famous, of course, for saying some pretty cringe-worthy things about his exes, but now he is changing his tune. Watch what he just told "CBS Sunday Morning."


JOHN MAYER, SINGER: I was just a jerk, you know? And it`s hard sometimes for people to process that. They would rather have a quick go-to, like, oh, he was -- he was popping X number of pills a day. No, I wasn`t. I was just a jerk, you know.


HAMMER: All right, ladies, he basically changed the rules on himself, but Sherrie, should his new squeeze, Katy Perry, still be worried?

FEIN: She should be worried. He`s a buyer beware. And until he puts a ring on her finger, she should be worried.

SCHNEIDER: Very worried.

HAMMER: Proceed cautiously, Katy Perry, is what Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider are saying.

Well, ladies, thank you so much for joining us. Great advice to have from you on Valentine`s Day. And, of course, best of luck with your brand-new book. People very excited about "Not Your Mother`s Rules: The New Secrets for Dating."

And we`re about to take you inside the amazing world of another celebrity who is following all the right rules. I`m talking about the absolute American icon of design.


REED KRAKOFF, DEISNGER: I think of myself more as a brand architect. Less about a color or about a shape. It`s more about how to bring things together and tell a story. Whether it`s art or design.


HAMMER: It is the man who just dressed Michelle Obama for the inauguration. And we`re going to take you into his amazing, 18,000-square- foot home. You`ve got to see this. And you will.



HAMMER: Michelle Obama`s fashion is once again taking center stage as her husband`s second term continues. And Reed Krakoff, the man who designed Michelle Obama`s dress and boots for the inauguration is center stage right here at New York City`s fashion week. So get this. He`s giving us an inside look at his stunning, 18,000-square-foot Manhattan townhouse. It`s the amazing home that inspires his amazing designs. SHOWBIZ goes on location with an American fashion icon. This is CNN`s Alina Cho for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.


ALINA CHO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: He`s the man with the golden touch. And two full-time jobs. Reed Krakoff, president of iconic American brand Coach, creative director of his own label. A man who likes to say he works not in fashion, but design.

REED KRAKOFF, DEISNGER: I think of myself more as a brand architect.

CHO (on camera): Do you spend a lot of time in here?


CHO (voice over): Take a look around Krakoff`s stunning Manhattan townhouse and it`s easy to see why. There is an endless staircase ...

(on camera ): A little like the Guggenheim, isn`t it?

KRAKOFF: A little bit. A little bit.

CHO (voice over): Museum quality art, like this Calder mobile.

KRAKOFF: I love the idea that he had his own world.

CHO: Furniture.

(on camera): How many people can you sit on that couch?

KRAKOFF: A lot. A lot.

CHO (voice over): And fixtures. It`s very special. Including this turn of the century tiffany lamp that serves as the centerpiece of Krakoff`s favorite room, a glossy gray-walled library that doubles as a dining room. For Krakoff and his interior designer wife Delphine, designing is intensely personal.

KRAKOFF: It`s a pleasure and a kind of a gift to be able to do it.

CHO: Undeniably spectacular, the home is also a laboratory of sorts. The designer takes inspiration from here and uses it here. And maybe even here.

KRAKOFF: Less about a color. Or about a shape. It`s more about how to bring things together and tell a story, whether it`s art or design. Photography. It creates a dialogue. And I think more of that dialogue and that relationship is what I would bring to fashion.

CHO: Colors in a painting can end up in a shoe or a bag. Stainless steel chairs in his home also seen here in his jewelry. But what about Krakoff`s blue cardigan sweater and dress First Lady Michelle Obama wore to the inauguration?

CHO (on camera): A lot of it was made about how the blue matched the drapes in the room.


CHO: So was that something you were thinking about?

KRAKOFF: You know, I can honestly say it wasn`t. It was sort of a happy accident.

CHO (voice over): One that has catapulted Reed Krakoff`s name and his three-year-old label from fashion-famous to world-famous. At a time when his other company, 72-year-old Coach, a $14 billion brand, is undergoing a global renovation.

(on camera): That means shoes?


CHO: More clothes.

KRAKOFF: More clothes. Jewelry. I wear watches.

CHO (voice over): Going beyond the duffel sack into a lifestyle brand. Krakoff jokes, he`s best suited to do one job, but has shown he can succeed at two.


HAMMER: Very cool. And CNN`s Alina Cho on location for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT at the home of iconic American designer Reed Krakoff, so many people just waiting to see what he`s going to come up with next. And Alina has got a whole lot more behind from her exciting time behind the scenes with the biggest names from the fashion world. You can see Alina`s special "Fashion, Backstage Pass" on Saturday, 2:30 p.m. on CNN.

We`re getting very close to our moment of SHOWBIZ Awesomeness today when we name the most awesome SHOWBIZ moment of the day. Here`s a little taste.


ALEX TREBEK, HOST, "JEOPARDY!": One of the things I love about the Teen Tournament, gentlemen, that these guys have marvelous senses of humor.


HAMMER: The "Jeopardy!" teen who just cracked up Alex Trebek. So what exactly did this kid do to trump Trebek`s legendary wit? I`ll reveal that in tonight`s SHOWBIZ moment of awesomeness.



HAMMER: It is time now for "SHOWBIZ Awesomeness." When we name the most awesome SHOWBIZ moment of the day. And tonight, it`s the ultimate Final Jeopardy moment. Yeah, that "Jeopardy!", the one with Alex Trebek.

Now, I know there have been a lot of dramatic cliff-hanging moments in the final round of Jeopardy over the years, but this moment from the Jeopardy teen tournaments is the funniest thing I have ever seen on the show. So watch now as Leonard Cooper, the kid who just trumped Alex Trebek`s famous wit, has at it.


TREBEK: Now we go to Leonard Cooper. He`s looking pretty happy. Why? Did he come up with Ike? Dwight David Eisenhower?


TREBEK: You didn`t. Some guy -- some guy in Normandy, but I just won $75,000.



TREBEK: You did indeed. Hey, come on over here. Oh. One of the things I love about the Teen Tournament, that these guys have marvelous senses of humor.


HAMMER: Nicely done. I think Leonard just earned Alex`s eternal respect with that answer and he also won a whopping 75,000 bucks. Not bad.

Well, thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York. Catch SHOWBIZ TONIGHT Monday through Thursday, at 11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific. HLN continues right now.