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Blade Runner Murder Mysteries; Was Mindy McCready`s Final Song Her Suicide Note?; Investigation Looks into Alleged Baldwin Racial Remark; Top 5 SHOWBIZ Must-Sees; Interview with Jennifer Lawrence

Aired February 19, 2013 - 23:00:00   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, HOST: Tonight, on the SHOWBIZ Countdown, the top five "SHOWBIZ Must-Sees." We`re counting the most head-turning, eye-popping moments of the day. Like the duchess and the baby bump. Kate Middleton reveals her baby bump today for the first -- very first time in public. But is England`s future prince or princess bigger than our first lady`s midlife crisis confession? And which moment will top the SHOWBIZ Countdown?

Hello, I`m Nischelle Turner, in for A.J. Hammer. And our SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s top five must-sees is coming up.

But we begin with our first big SHOWBIZ Countdown of the night: today`s big three "Blade Runner Murder Mysteries."

And kicking it off at No. 3. Olympic star Oscar Pistorius is in a South African court today, as we learn chilling new information about why he allegedly shot to death his model girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

It was a big mystery today. What would he claim at his bail hearing? How would he explain shooting his girlfriend through a bathroom door, and then putting on his prosthetic legs, supposedly to try and save her?

CNN`s Robyn Curnow is in South African for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Robyn joins us from Johannesburg. So Robyn, Oscar Pistorius finally gave his side of the story today. What exactly did he say happened?

ROBYN CURNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Well, he basically stuck with that story that he said very early on, that this was a tragic mistake. That he had woken up in the middle of the night. That he thought there was an intruder in the house.

There`s an affidavit here, 11 pages long. You can see it`s pretty dog- eared. But what you get from this, is a sense of terror, horror, fear, those words he uses in here, describing how he felt of intruders, he thought being in his house, in particular in his bathroom, which is a bathroom window he knew had been left open.

What he did, he said, was that he got out of bed, and he got his gun. He didn`t put on his prosthetic legs. He said he hobbled on his stumps as he went to the bathroom and shot at what he thought was this intruder in the toilet cubicle of his bathroom.

As he was doing that, he said he yelled to his girlfriend, Reeva, to phone the police. When she didn`t reply, he didn`t get anything from her, he went back into the bedroom, saw she wasn`t there and then sort of went, "Ah," and went, bashed down this door and realized he had shot Reeva.

Now, this is all according to Oscar. He then said he carried her, picked her up and took her downstairs, ostensibly to try and get her to a hospital as quick as possible. But he said she died in his arms downstairs.

TURNER: You know, Robyn, prosecutors made it clear today that they don`t think he could have possibly mistaken her for a burglar. So why do they think that he`s lying about this?

CURNOW: Well, this is all going to come out in court. I think the big issue when he put on his prosthetic legs. He says that the shooting was done, ostensibly ,without his legs on.

The state is arguing that it was premeditated, that it was planned. Because he put on his legs, which I`ve seen. I know Oscar, and I`ve been in that bedroom, and it takes a while for you -- for him to sort of adhere these legs to his body. So that in a way, the time spent doing that, getting his .9 millimeter pistol, walking seven meters to this bathroom and then shooting four times, they say.

And also, they say why was the bathroom door locked? What burglar locks a bathroom door?

TURNER: Right.

CURNOW: So their theory is that he chased her, and she was hiding in the bathroom. He on the other hand said, "No, that`s not the case. You know, as I`ve told you, I thought there was someone in there."

So who believes who in this? And the key is the magistrate. And then, you know...


CURNOW: ... and then, of course, some sort of judge in a trial later down the line.

TURNER: Well, this will be very interesting to see how it plays out. CNN`s Robyn Curnow in Johannesburg, South Africa, tonight for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. Thank you so much for being with us, Robyn.

So Oscar Pistorius`s claim that he accidentally shot his girlfriend, thinking she was an intruder, takes us to No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of the "Blade Runner Mysteries." How could the Olympic star mistake his girlfriend going to the bathroom for an intruder?

We`re joined now by Charlie Moore from the NBC Sports Network show, "Charlie Moore: No Offense." Charlie is with us in New York, and so is HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell, whose show, "JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL," is seen every weeknight at 7 p.m. Eastern right here on HLN.

So guys, Pistorius` claim that this tragic shooting was just a big accident. That`s what he says. He says he didn`t know his girlfriend in the bathroom when he started shooting.

Jane, how does someone mistake their girlfriend for an intruder?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN ANCHOR: Very good question. There are only two people who were in the house that night. One is dead. The other is saying, "Oh, it was an intruder."

But we do know that neighbors heard shouting before the shots rang out, which could dovetail with the prosecutor`s claims that there was a heated argument.

Additionally, authorities made a cryptic statement, saying there had been previously incidents of a domestic nature. Of a domestic nature. What does that mean?

And I think the other interesting thing is that a couple of years ago, he was accused of assault. The charges were dropped, but nonetheless, it was alleged that he slammed a door so hard a piece of it fell off. Did he have a temper problem?

TURNER: You know, those are all good questions, Jane. Charlie, why don`t you jump in there, because I want to know what you think about this, too?

MOORE: Well, I think anybody that uses a gun in America -- and there`s a lot of people who have guns in America, and they use them correctly. I think that, when you have a gun and you hear a noise, you just don`t shoot. I think that there needs to be accountability.

I think that, you know, the fact that you shoot through a wall in the middle of the night, everyone knows the cardinal rule is you never shoot at something to kill unless you know what you`re shooting at. You have to identify. Let the intruder know that you have a gun, and that, if you don`t -- you know, if you don`t say who you are or get out of the house, then I`m going to shoot you dead. I think it`s pretty clear that the story stinks.

TURNER: Yes. Yes, that`s a good point. Why just blindly shoot into a door? That doesn`t really jive with me, as well.

Let`s look at what Pistorius says about the night, though, guys. And a different take on what the prosecutors have.

Pistorius says the night of the killing, he and his girlfriend had a very quiet evening of yoga, TV and exchanging Valentine`s gifts. But prosecutors say that the couple had a heated argument, like Jane was alluding to.

Pistorius claims that he awoke in the middle of the night and thought that a burglar had entered the bathroom window, but prosecutors wonder why a burglar would hide in the locked bathroom.

And you know, Pistorius says that he only armed himself because he felt vulnerable. He said that he didn`t have his prosthetic legs on. But prosecutors say, no -- yes, he did. That he attached his prosthetics, walked to the bathroom and shot his girlfriend through the door.

Jane, it seems like the only thing that both sides agree on here is that Reeva Steenkamp is dead.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Yes. And why? Was she -- we know, she was in the bathroom, and she had locked herself in the bathroom. What do women do when they have an argument? They go into the bathroom and they look the door. That is a classic move on the part of females.

Now, I think the devil is going to come down to the details. Prosecutors say he methodically put on his prosthetic legs, grabbed his gun, went to the bathroom and shot, allegedly knowing she was behind that door in the bathroom. He claims he was on his stumps, so the trajectory is going to be different. The devil is in the details.

Charlie, I wonder, how could they see this so differently? I mean, there is really nothing here that either side agrees happened. Like we said, except for the fact that she`s now not with us anymore.

MOORE: Well, when there`s two versions to the story. There`s always people who aren`t going to agree. Obviously, you know, I mean, I can`t make a judgment on what he did.

But you know, if we`re talking about a guy with no arms, then I`d be concerned. He`s got -- you know, his legs are an issue, but he`s shooting a gun. I mean, I totally agree with Jane: it`s going to be all about the projection. We`re going to hear about how he, you know, put on his legs and he crawled over. I mean, he`s blowing shots through a wall.

And when you`re an outdoorsman. And I have guns, and I`ve been in the outdoors. And you have to establish the fact -- cardinal rule No. 1. Don`t shoot unless you know what you`re shooting at.

And this guy blasted through a wall. Imagine walking through the street and shooting at every noise that you hear?

HAMMER: Right.

MOORE: You can`t do that. You have to be held accountable. And now he`s going to drag all these other things into it. My legs -- I put on my legs, I heard this. The prior this, the prior that.

No, no, no. Let`s deal with the facts. The facts are your girlfriend`s dead, and you`re blowing holes through a wall. Anyone who knows anything about guns, that story stinks.

VELEZ-MITCHELL: Guys, these are all good points, and that takes us now to the No. 1 mystery in the SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s "Blade Runner Murder Mysteries."

Will a judge believe Oscar Pistorius` story if this goes to trial? It`s very important to remember that there is no jury system in South Africa. So Pistorius will have to explain himself to a judge.

Jane, what do you think? How do you think that`s going to go?

VELEZ-MITCHELL: I think they are going to listen to all the facts, which still haven`t come out. Let`s just hope his celebrity doesn`t cause the judge to go easy on him.

TURNER: Well, so far, it seems like that they`re going pretty hard. Premeditated murder is a pretty serious charge. Jane, Charlie, I thank you guys very much. Appreciate your time today.


TURNER: Switching gears now to the first lady`s big switch-up. Michelle Obama cut those gorgeous bangs of hers because of a midlife crisis?


MICHELLE OBAMA, FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES: This is my midlife crisis, the bangs. I couldn`t get a sports car. They won`t let me bungee jump. So instead, I cut my bangs.


TURNER: It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown of the Top 5 "SHOWBIZ Must-See" stories. But is Michelle O.`s confession bigger than the bump seen around the world? Mom-to-be Duchess Catherine stepped out. So what is the fashion icon rocking in royal maternity wear? We`re in London with the latest. But what will be No. 1?






TURNER: That was the final song recorded by Mindy McCready before her tragic death, which was apparently a suicide. It`s called "I`ll See You Yesterday." It was released the day the troubled country star killed herself in her Arkansas home.

This is more than just McCready`s final song. Tonight, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT brings you Mindy`s friend and collaborator, who is now saying this song was her suicide note.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT.

We`ve heard plenty about Mindy McCready`s troubles in her final -- in her final days. The devastating apparent suicide of her boyfriend just weeks earlier, lingering custody battles over her two small boys, and of course, her lifelong struggles with addiction.

Now today, we`re hearing that the last song in her musical career may have actually been her suicide note. The sad irony? It was a song meant to raise awareness for suicide prevention.

Private investigator Danno Hanks of Backstreet Investigations worked with Mindy on that song and was a friend. He`s with us here tonight in Hollywood for a "SHOWBIZ News Maker" interview.

First of all, we are sorry for your loss, and thank you for joining us here today.

DANNO HANKS, FRIEND OF MINDY MCCREADY: Well, I`m glad to get the story about how Mindy really was out.

TURNER: Yes, yes.

HANKS: Because there is a lot of rumors and...

TURNER: Yes. There are a lot of stories.

HANKS: And so I`d like to, you know, let people know what she was really about.

TURNER: Let me ask you. Do you -- you helped Mindy release this song. And why do you think now that this could have been her suicide note or this was?

HANKS: Well, she said, "Well, let`s make this public service announcement. An anti-suicide announcement. I want you to put together a little video for me," because I had the software to do that. She said, "I`m going to send you some pictures of us together, and -- and then at the end I want you to put a -- put a frame on there, and I`ll send you a screen grab from a group called, and it will -- it will make people more aware of suicide."

TURNER: Um-hum.

HANKS: What I didn`t realize at the time is that -- is that, as she was having me assemble this, and make -- put this video together and it just -- and it hit me after her suicide is that she was already planning to commit suicide.

TURNER: This was her good-bye letter.

HANKS: And this was her good-bye letter and she felt -- she felt that the one way that this message would get all the publicity she ever wanted for it was when she killed herself.

TURNER: Now, you were one of the last people who talked to Mindy. You recorded the last call you had with her on Saturday, with her consent, by the way. And in it, she was still really broken up about finding her boyfriend, David Wilson, dead. Apparently, he took his own life, as well, just weeks earlier. So let`s listen to park of that. OK?



MINDY MCCREADY, COUNTRY SINGER (via phone): I miss David. None of this means anything. You don`t have to do this. Please don`t die. Now we`re all trying to heal. While everybody is trying to get over this, what`s so cruel is most awful situation I`ve ever seen. I just can`t imagine it.


TURNER: That`s actually really hard to hear and hard to listen to. You can hear the pain in her voice. Did she say anything else to you in that final conversation that makes you think maybe she knew this was the last time that you guys would talk?

HANKS: Well, the -- the thing of this is there are some conversations that are not on the tape, because I like ran out of room towards the last part of the conversation that I had with her. We talked about getting the video posted. You know, because I had uploaded it to YouTube as a private link, where only she could see it, and she had asked me to send a link to the songwriter, and to Shawn Carnes, who is a friend of hers that was helping her get the rights released and all that.

And I said, "So, when do you want to go ahead and release it? I mean, will I get notified by the rights people or whatever?"

And her response was "You`ll know when to release it."

And I thought what the hell does that mean?

TURNER: Can I ask you a quick question? Why tape that conversation? Is that just something you do as a private investigator?

HANKS: As an investigator, I work with a lot of attorneys, and I am terrible at taking notes.


HANKS: And to me it`s just much easier to tape record. And I always tell them, "I`m going to tape -- is it OK if I tape record this conversation?"


HANKS: Now, I didn`t tape every conversation.

TURNER: Well, thank you very much, Danno. We appreciate your time today. And again, we`re sorry about the loss of your friend. Very tragic.

HANKS: I am -- I am sorry, too. I hope the message gets out there, too.

TURNER: Me, too.

HANKS: Thank you.

TURNER: We`re moving on to some pretty exciting Kimye baby news. Yes. Kim Kardashian has new bikini baby bump photos out. The reality star strips down and even goes makeup free for her first pregnancy photo shoot, that was just revealed today.

It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s top five "SHOWBIZ Must-See Stories."

But is Kim`s big reveal more of a stunner than Boy George`s dramatic weight loss? I know I have my thoughts. You have to see the `80s icon and his stunning slim-down. But which head-turner will be No. 1?



ALEC BALDWIN, ACTOR: Don`t push me, please.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Can you set the record straight?

BALDWIN: Why would I bother doing that with you?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Did you use racial epithets?


TURNER: Tonight, a Baldwin bombshell. Alec Baldwin refusing to answer questions from a reporter from WABC-TV in New York City, about claims he yelled a racial slur at a newspaper reporter.

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has learned today that the New York City police hate crimes unit is now officially investigating what happened. A "New York Post" reporter who is black is claiming Baldwin made a racially insulting remark and allegedly called him a drug dealer and a crack-head.

Attorney Darren Kavinoky is with me here in Hollywood tonight. He`s the host of "Deadly Sins" on Investigation Discovery. Thanks for joining us.

DARREN KAVINOKY, ATTORNEY: Thank you for having me.

TURNER: Now, Alec`s rep is calling these allegations completely false. But how serious is this, now that the NYPD hate crimes unit is investigating? Or is this just something that routinely happens when you have claims?

KAVINOKY: Well, yes -- well, sadly, it`s routinely happening to Alec Baldwin that he`s losing a case in the court of public opinion. It`s far more serious than a fun game of obscene Words with Friends.

This is something that, now that the hate crimes unit is involved in, they are specifically looking at crimes that have some racial component to it. So this isn`t something just to be blown off.

TURNER: Right.

KAVINOKY: Although, in Alec`s defense, one thing we know about Alec is that, when he does screw up publicly, as he`s done in the past, he`s a guy who is at least willing to own it.

TURNER: Right.

KAVINOKY: So the fact that he`s denying it, at least I have some -- some reason to believe that that`s a credible denial, although that`s person now making the accusation, this is somebody that`s a former New York City police officer, as well, who has credibility, too. So this is a really he said/he said.

TURNER: Right, exactly.

You know, Alec`s former "30 Rock" co-star, Tracy Morgan, who`s been accused himself of making some offensive remarks in the past, he spoke out today about all of this. He was on the -- the "Drex and Maney" radio show on WNKS in Charlotte, North Carolina. As a guy who has had to apologize himself in the past, listen to what Tracy said.


TRACY MORGAN, ACTOR (via phone): As he said, even from a black man, if you called somebody a (EXPLETIVE DELETED), you should apologize."


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I mean, he never said anything to you, right?

MORGAN: No, he never got really like that. Like that. I`m just saying if anybody calls anybody a derogatory statement like (EXPLETIVE DELETED), this is 2013. First of all, (EXPLETIVE DELETED) played out. I think he should be made to apologize.


TURNER: So Tracy Morgan stressing that, if Alec indeed used the racial epithet, that he should apologize. Darren, what do you think? Do you think this is going to happen?

KAVINOKY: Well -- well, if you want to win over the court of public opinion, a quick apology may be to your benefit. In a court of law, and when there`s a pending legal case, as a lawyer, I`d say may be better to keep your mouth shut.

TURNER: Yes. And you know, that`s -- this whole thing, I`m not really even sure what happened here.

Darren Kavinoky, thank you very much for joining us tonight.


TURNER: Michael Jackson`s kids spent most of their childhood shielded from the outside world, literally living under blankets, but now M.J.`s eldest son is coming out of the shadows with a bold new TV gig.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Sixteen years old, but you seem so much wiser.

PRINCE MICHAEL JACKSON, SON OF MICHAEL JACKSON: Well, thanks to my dad. He raised me right.


TURNER: It`s the SHOWBIZ Countdown top five "SHOWBIZ Must-See Stories." A Jackson family insider is here tonight with insight into Prince Michael`s TV debut.

But will a Prince bump a future princess`s baby bump? The must-see official global debut of Duchess Catherine as a mom-to-be. What will be No. 1?




OBAMA: This is my midlife crisis, the bangs. I couldn`t get a sports car. They won`t let me bungee jump, so instead I cut my bangs.


TURNER: Right now the SHOWBIZ Countdown, top five "SHOWBIZ Must-Sees," including the first lady`s confession about her bangs. Did she really just confess that she`s going through a midlife crisis?

Duchess Catherine finally reveals her baby bump, on display to the public for the first time today in London. And SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is in London tonight. But will the royal baby mania grab the No. 1 spot on our countdown of today`s must-see stories?

SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.


TURNER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. I`m Nischelle Turner in for A.J. Hammer.

And we are kicking off SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s top five SHOWBIZ must sees with royal baby mania. That growing baby bump that everybody finally got to see.

Coming in at number five, Kate Middleton finally reveals that royal baby belly. The duchess took her baby bump on its first official outing today, visiting a south London rehab center, making the first time the royal bump has been seen in public since the palace announced her pregnancy. And the coatless Kate did not disappoint. No, she did not.

Let`s take this straight to London tonight. Joining me now from London is for SHOWBIZ TONIGHT, is CNN royal correspondent Max Foster. Now, Max, I`m a royal watcher from afar. So, set the scene for us here. What was it like out there today when she stepped out for the first time?

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: It was an absolute frenzy, Nischelle. I`ve never seen so many cameras on the royal events since the royal wedding. I guess it`s the big royal event since the royal wedding, I guess is the big - since the royal wedding, isn`t it, this birth. But yeah, I mean basically there were pictures floating around of the duchess on holiday in a bikini pregnant, but they were paparazzi shots and they weren`t widely used. This was the first official outing of the bump if you would like. And enough to say, partly designed to take the market away from those paparazzi shots as well.

So, out and about at an event. A charity that she supports, Action on Addiction, this is about dealing with addiction for women in a safe environment. And she was there, and she didn`t wear a coat. A lot of people thought she might wear a coat. But, you know, she was just showing off her bump. I think she wanted people to see it.

TURNER: Yes. Well, and that`s what we all wanted to see. I thought she looked just great. But you know - not everyone was thrilled to see her back in the spotlight, Max. English novelist Hilary Mantel causing quite a stir today calling Kate a shop window mannequin with a plastic smile. OK. Max, are people there outraged by these comments?

FOSTER: Well, it was quite a strong attack. It was a lecture, she is just very well regarded this author, she is award winning and she is - she is very well respected and she did really lay into Kate some of the things she said. A machine-made doll, as you say. A plastic smile. She`s taught about how she lacks the human frailty of her mother-in-law who died, of course, Princess Diana. She says she was not the same, she is not as real.

But it was a big attack, and the prime minister, David Cameron, actually stepped in to defend the Duchess of Cambridge during tour of India. So it became a really big story here, and people are very split. Pro-Kate, anti- Kate, but I think the general agreement was that it was a bit personal, this attack. If you don`t like her, that`s one thing. But it was a personal attack. Nice person ...


FOSTER: You may not agree with what she does or how she does it, but she`s a nice person.

TURNER: You know, I agree. Because sometimes you`ve just got to take a step back. I mean the lady is pregnant, I think she looks great, and she`s out there for the first time, let`s cut her a little slack. Max Foster, thank you.

Let me bring in now Entertainment reporter Stuart Brazell and celebrity publicist Kita Williams, both with me tonight here in Hollywood. Ladies, thank you for joining me, ladies. First of all, let`s just start off with this baby bump, Stuart. This was the reveal that everybody was waiting for, the moment everyone wanted to see. So, how do you think the duchess looked? Was it worth waiting for you?

STUART BRAZELL, ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER: It was the reveal of the world`s smallest baby bump ever.


BRAZELL: You know what? I have to say there, she looked fabulous. I thought the gray dress was stunning, but seriously, that is the smallest baby bump, but I`m still excited.

TURNER: You know? I see one, though, she is so skinny, I actually do see a baby bump.


TURNER: That baby bump is six pounds already.


TURNER: But I do think she looked fantastic. I`m sure a lot of ladies were searching on line for the gray dress you were talking about, that Max Mara dress that she wore today.

BRAZELL: It`s already sold out most likely.

TURNER: Well, it is good point. Kita, it`s from 2011, but it`s not in stores anymore, I`m thinking that the world of maternity fashion is just about to change forever when we see her looking like that.

KITA WILLIAMS, CELEBRITY PUBLICIST: I think it is. I think it`s going to be royalty fashion, if I can look that great and have a baby bump that`s invisible and still have people wanting to know whether the baby is kicking or not. I mean it`s invisible. I agree with Stuart. It`s the invisible royal baby bump. So that`s what it is right now.

BRAZELL: The draping was perfectly placed for a little some-some.

WILLIAMS: There was something.

BRAZELL: A little something-something.

TURNER: I`m going to defend Kate. Bring on the bangers and mash, although, because I do want her to eat a little bit more.

BRAZELL: Healthy royal baby.

TURNER: Exactly. Let`s talk about the battle of the baby bumps, though, guys. Because we are moving from British royalty to Reality TV royalty. Number four in our must-see SHOWBIZ Countdown tonight, a SHOWBIZ first look at Kim Kardashian`s first pregnancy photo shoot with "Du Jour" magazine. The pictures were just revealed today. Now, Kita, both Kim and Kate are due in July. I see the look from you. Whose baby bump do you think will cause more of a frenzy in the months ahead?

WILLIAMS: I mean to really say it - and I say it shamefully, we know that Kim Kardashian - that Kimye baby, is probably going to cause more frenzy, just because she thinks her baby is royal.

TURNER: Well, and in, I guess American reality TV world it is a bit of a royal baby.

BRAZELL: It`s kind of like the royal baby versus the reality baby.


BRAZELL: Who will win the baby-off? I`m going to go with the duchess` baby.

TURNER: OK, well, in Kim`s interview with Du Jour magazine she said that her boyfriend and the father of her baby, Kanye West, is teaching her to be more private. Stuart, do you see a contradiction here?

BRAZELL: You know what? This is interesting. I think Kanye wants her to be more private, because he`s seen his music career kind of go down since he`s been on the Kardashians. I think this is a selfish move on his part. Can Kim be private? No. Absolutely not. That`s ridiculous.

TURNER: I agree. I don`t think it`s in her nature, because in this new interview, though, she says that in the ninth season of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", it`s going it for her, guys. She`s done. The eighth season premieres in June. But I have to think, with a new baby on the way, a superstar baby father, shouldn`t the fans be saying, come on, we want a spinoff here?

WILLIAMS: Of course, they need to say they want a spinoff. I think that`s how she`s made her millions, she has not made her millions because she`s talented. I mean, she might be talented in the bedroom, that`s how she got that baby and that `s how she got her start on reality TV. That 100. But I think the crazy part, if she leaves the reality TV world, her whole empire will crash immediately.

TURNER: So, let`s move from Kim Kardashian`s life changing moves to a fashion trendsetter, number three on the SHOWBIZ Countdown today`s must-see story: Michelle Obama reveals the real reason she changed her hair. And is now wearing bangs. The first lady just talked about the famous cut in an all new interview with Rachel Ray set to air tomorrow on "The Rachel Ray Show." Let`s get a little preview, though.


MICHELLE OBAMA: This is my mid-life crisis, the bangs.


OBAMA: I couldn`t get a sports car, they won`t let me bungee jump, so instead I cut my bangs here.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So you went for the bangs?


TURNER: Now, she was joking, of course, hit up a joke or no joke. I`m thinking - if we`re going to have a midlife crisis, do some bangs. It`s the way to go.

WILLIAMS: Absolutely it`s the way to go. I mean I think what she bangs, she bangs, as the Ricky Martin song, it`s perfect for her right now, especially going through her mid-life crisis. I agree with Ms. Obama. I think the first lady definitely took the trend of bangs to a high level. I`m going to take this bun down and go get me some today.

BRAZELL: I can`t - I can`t do bangs, ladies.


BRAZELL: I can`t do them.

TURNER: I like the layers. I definitely like them.

BRAZELL: I have to find something else.

TURNER: You know, the president said he loves her bangs. And of course, we know he does, because he loves her. He says she looks good. She always looks good. So, Stuart, I would say to you, what you do you think? If the president likes the look, then ...

BRAZELL: If the president likes it, it`s a thumbs up. I will have to find something else for my personal midlife crisis.

TURNER: Here we go.


TURNER: All right, ladies. Stay right there. We`re going to talk a little bit more in just a couple of minutes.

So, if the celebrity baby mania and the first lady`s midlife crisis didn`t top our countdown of today`s five must-see stories, then, what will? Will it be Prince Michael`s brand new gig as an entertainment reporter? Yeah. The kid who spent his life in hiding is now sitting right in the spotlight. Or maybe it`s the legendary Boy George`s return to the spotlight after his brand new dramatic weight loss. This is "SBT", "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT" on HLN.


TURNER: Welcome back. Tonight, in the SHOWBIZ Countdown, we are counting down the top five must sees stories breaking chain that we just couldn`t wait to share with you.

Coming in at number five, the royal baby bump. Duchess Catherine revealed her baby bump for the very first time during an official outing today while visiting a rehab center in south London.

At number four, a Hollywood baby bump. Kim Kardashian, and showing off her baby bump in her very first pregnant photo shoot in a bikini revealed today by "Du Jour" magazine.

And number three, first lady Michelle Obama admits to Rachel Ray on her show that it was a midlife crisis that led to those new bangs.

And that leads us to number two on our SHOWBIZ Countdown. A must-see slim down. Culture Club lead singer Boy George`s amazing transformation has made us do a double take. Yeah. It has. Look at these new photos just released today of Boy George. Look at him! It`s almost as if we`re flashing back to the 1980s. He`s stunned his Twitter fans, when he tweeted the new photos saying that he`s on this new diet plan.

So, celebrity publicist Kita Williams is back with me tonight here in Hollywood. Obviously is working, Kita. This new diet of his. Can you believe that it`s Boy George? He`s 51 years old by the way.

WILLIAMS: Wow. He looks amazing. I`ll tell you, the new diet really is about slimming down. Every celebrity is really taking that to heed. And I think, Boy George, we all remember him, from `Cama, cama, cama, cama chameleon" ...

TURNER: God, I know you were going to sing that.

WILLIAMS: He looks great. I think it`s a good move for him. I think, you know, he didn`t have to go on a reality TV show or do Dancing with the Starts to resurrect his career. He lost some pounds.

TURNER: Well, and he is 51. I think he is wearing all of those years well. There have been some reports, though, that he is considering a tour with Culture Club for the group 30th anniversary, and the tour was actually the reason for the weight loss. So, entertainment reporter Stuart Brazell is back with us. Stuart, if true, what do you think? You`re lining up?

BRAZELL: I would be in the front row - come on. Those were some of the best, most enjoyable songs ever. And I got to tell you, when I saw the twit pic, I loved it, because it`s all like profile, like hollow cheeks, like.

TURNER: He was giving blue steel, wasn`t he?


TURNER: Yes, he was.

BRAZELL: He looks fierce.


TURNER: He definitely does. But here is what I have to say. Boy George, simmer down. Just hold right there. Don`t lose anymore weight. Because that`s just about perfection. We don`t want to see him get too skinny.

WILLIAMS: No. we want to keep it healthy.

TURNER: Exactly.

WILLIAMS: Lose weight the right way.

TURNER: Absolutely.


TURNER: All right, Stuart Brazell, Kita Williams, you guys are always fun. Thank you so much for joining me. I appreciate it. So, that takes us to number one on our SHOWBIZ Countdown of today`s must-see stories.

And we`re all cheering for Michael Jackson`s oldest son, Prince Michael. He just made his debut as an entertainment reporter on "Entertainment Tonight." Now, it`s hard to believe, that as a child, his late father Michael kept Prince, his brother Blanket and sister Paris in hiding most of the time away from the cameras. Because you will clearly see how much poise 16-year old Prince Michael has in front of the camera. Watch this.


PRINCE MICHAEL: As it`s my first time being the interviewer and not the interviewee.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are we your first interview?

PRINCE MICHAEL: Actually, yes you are.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Congratulations. It`s so cool.

PRINCE MICHAEL: I just turned 16. Do you have any advice for someone who is looking to get into the business?


TURNER: So, what does the family matriarch Katherine Jackson think about Prince Michael`s new adventure? Here with me now here in Hollywood is CNN "Wire" entertainment editor Alan Duke, who is an insider covering the Jackson family and has been doing this for a long time. He definitely knows the family.

Now, I can`t say that I would have pegged Prince Michael as the type of kid who would do something like this. I would have thought that maybe Michael`s daughter Paris would be the one to branch out and do something like this, but Alan, I tell you, when I saw him, I thought he was really good. What have you learned about how this happened?

ALAN DUKE, CNN WIRE ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR: Well, this was La Toya Jackson`s work. I can promise you she was very involved in arranging this. As someone close to La Toya explained to me, Prince Michael reached out to his aunt and asked for her help in starting his career. He`s done a few things before. We`ve seen him here and there. But this is the first real project that he`s worked on as a special guest correspondent. He turned 16 last Wednesday. So he is certainly old enough to be out there working and La Toya is the one helping him.

TURNER: You know, I think it`s so interesting, because when I first heard about this, I was concerned. But after I saw him, you know, I kind of think he`s a natural, and Prince`s legal guardian is still his grandmother, Katherine. So, are you in frequent contact with her? What does she think about Prince Michael becoming an entertainment reporter on TV? Just saying it is--

DUKE: Well, she`s very - she`s very proud of Prince, and I can tell you that she wants all of the children to do what they want to do, and Prince is his own man. 16 years old, he is a young man right now, and he is allowed to do these things, of course, Blanket is much younger and has some time to go. But Prince is calling some of his own shots, and one of the calls he made was to aunt La Toya, who certainly was in a position to help him.

TURNER: You know, I have to wonder, Alan, if Michael Jackson would have been OK with his son doing this, and having this big TV debut. You know, Prince Michael talked about his father`s influence in the early years. Take a look at this with me.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You have you a special connection to this story, don`t you?

PRINCE MICHAEL: Yeah, my dad was in "The Wiz."

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: You are 16 years old, but you seem so much wiser.

PRINCE MICHAEL: It`s all thanks to my dad, he raised me right.


TURNER: Raised him right, indeed, you know? Do you think if Michael were alive, though, Alan, would he approve?

DUKE: Well, actually, someone who was quite close to Michael talked to me about this today, and he said that not only - he would not be flipping in his grave, but he would be crawling out of his grave. That`s the quote from someone very close to the family, who knew Michael well, and who of course knows the children. So there is some opinion that he wouldn`t. But obviously La Toya thinks it is time for him to come out.

TURNER: Well, and obviously Prince is starting to find his own path, and from what we`re hearing, Alan, Prince Michael also wants to have a career like director Peter Jackson, and he`s watched, he said, "Lord of the Rings" with the sound down so that he could focus on Peter Jackson`s directing style. That floors me at 16 years old. Is this ultimately what he wants to do, though, direct?

DUKE: He is a serious young man. The times I`ve talked to him, I found him to be beyond his years. His father was encouraging him, I know, to get into production. And so it`s no surprise there. He`s not kept that a secret, and I think that he certainly has the connections to make it happen.

TURNER: Well, again, like I said, I thought that he was really good last night. I`m not just saying that and just kind of -- having the words come out of my mouth. Because I really was scared when I heard that he was becoming a special correspondent for them. But he`s a natural in front of the camera. He was reading the Teleprompter like -- better than I do a lot of times, Alan.

DUKE: Well, he has got good coaching with Brooke and his aunt, La Toya.

TURNER: Yes, absolutely. Alan Duke, thank you very much. We appreciate it.

Well, before Prince Michael landed his brand new gig, he spent years avoiding the spotlight and dodging the paparazzi with his dad, and I can tell you, Oscar contender Jennifer Lawrence knows just how that felt.


JENNIFER LAWRENCE, ACTRESS: It`s horrible. And the worst part, they take away just your peace of mind. Even when I`m in my house, you still have like that feeling of like being watched.


TURNER: Tonight, I am one-on-one with the two-time Oscar nominee -- yes, we`re talking about Jennifer Lawrence. She is opening to me about the dark side of superstardom.

This is SBT, that`s SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.



LAWRENCE: What meds are you on?

BRADLEY COOPER, ACTOR: I used to be on lithium and (INAUDIBLE).

LAWRENCE: I was on Xanax.

COOPER: Ever take Klonopin?

LAWRENCE: Klonopin, yes.

COOPER: That is a buzz.

LAWRENCE: I`m tired. I want to go. You are going to walk me home or what?

COOPER: You have poor social schools. You have a problem.

LAWRENCE: I have a problem? You say more inappropriate things than appropriate things.


TURNER: Jennifer Lawrence is up for Oscar gold for her performance "Silver Linings Playbook." She was really just amazing with Bradley Cooper. This is her second Academy Award nomination, and get this, she`s just 22.

Well, right now, I am going one on one with Jennifer Lawrence. She is kicking butt in blockbusters, she`s getting major props for her acting in indies, and she`s going to be center stage at the Oscars. I`m wondering if there is anything this amazing young woman can`t do. Well, I just got off with Jennifer, and I asked her what it`s like being so supertalented. She also tells me about some of the brand new challenges of her incredible superstardom.


TURNER: So 22 years old. Second Oscar nomination. Do you ever just say this can`t be my life?

LAWRENCE: Yeah, big deal. Now it`s just -- I find it hilarious.

TURNER: And you`re at these things and you`re like --


TURNER: How did I get here?

LAWRENCE: I`m looking around at like all of these legends and my heroes, and I`m just like --

TURNER: I heard you on Piers Morgan the other night tell him that you were vulnerable. And when I heard that, I said no way, because you come off as such a confident, tough --


LAWRENCE: It`s just my voice. I have a very deep voice. It makes me sound very confident and tough.

TURNER: What are you vulnerable about?

LAWRENCE: Well, everything. There`s no way to feel like fully confident when you are photographed almost every day. I mean, you can`t read what anybody says, oh, my God. But I don`t know, just very, very watched and kind of looked under a microscope. It`s kind of impossible not to feel vulnerable.

TURNER: I remember interviewing you right when "The Hunger Games" was coming out. And we kind of talked about paparazzi were starting to figure you out and find you. Have you made peace with that? Because I know it`s a full-on issue.

LAWRENCE: No, it`s horrible. And the worst part is, they take away just your peace of mind. Even when I`m in the house, you still have that feeling of like being watched. It`s a horrible, horrible thing. I don`t think I`ll ever come to terms with it.

TURNER: When you are looking, not looking like you are today, with the gorgeous makeup and the great dress, what do you do when it`s just like Jennifer Lawrence`s day off?

LAWRENCE: I never wear makeup. I`m not good at putting on makeup. So I never wear makeup. And I look terrible, and I normally stay in my pajamas forever. Especially now, because I`m not leaving the house. My parents come over, they are like you have been wearing the same thing for like three days, and I`m like, hey.


TURNER: I`m sure Jennifer is going to look absolutely amazing on Oscar night. Now, I know a lot of people are rooting for her to take home the best actress Oscar. They sure are. And to help you get ready for all of the Oscar showdowns this Thursday, we`re bringing you our Oscar special. "SHOWBIZ: Road to Gold." Don`t miss our one-on-one interviews with Seth MacFarlane, and Oscar nominees Denzel Washington and Hugh Jackman. That is Thursday, 11:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific, right here on HLN.

Now from the gold to the green. I`m talking about the putting green. And tonight`s astonishing "SHOWBIZ" moment of awesomeness. It`s the college students who just made Tiger Woods jealous with a hole in one times nine. Your jaw is going to drop when you see what they pulled off.



TURNER: Right now, it`s time for "SHOWBIZ" awesomeness, where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And tonight`s most awesome moment is a true hole in one, or should I say hole in one times nine? A group of seniors at Campbell University just pulled off an incredible feat. Nine of them sunk nearly simultaneous putts, one right after the other, into the same hole. You got to watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Three, two, one. Oh!


TURNER: That is so cool. And get this. There is another incredible angle of those putts. I have got to show you that one too. Look at this.

OK. So full disclosure. It took those students 28 tries to pull off their trick shot. But come on, you have got to admit, it was definitely worth it. Nice job, guys.

Next, on "DR. DREW ON CALL," inside the mind of Mindy McCready. Dr. Drew talks with special guest Mackenzie Phillips, Mindy`s roommate on "Celebrity Rehab."

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