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Road to Gold: Post-Oscars

Aired February 24, 2013 - 23:30   ET


NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Good evening, I'm Nischelle Turner and welcome to Hollywood's biggest night, THE ROAD TO GOLD.

I am right outside the Governors Ball here at the 85th Oscars where we are awaiting the end of the ceremony. This is what they call Hollywood's biggest night. And on Hollywood's biggest night, I have got the best and brightest with me here.

With me tonight is Alina Cho from the "Vanity Fair" party. We've got Elle's creative director Joe Zee, and also HLN SHOWBIZ TONIGHT host, A.J. Hammer at the Elton John party.

We're going to run down some of the best moments of the 85th Oscars for you tonight, catch you up on everything to get ready for Piers Morgan and company who will have a very special "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT" in just a few minutes.

But first of all, we want to talk about some of the special moments from the ceremony and actually before. Because this pageantry started way early today. This afternoon, on the red carpet. And the question that we all like to talk about, other than who won what, is who wore what. So I want to bring in Joe Zee and also Alina Cho who have been running down all the fashion for us today, guys.

I know you've had a little time to marinate on this and there were some spectacular looking women and men for that matter on the red carpet this afternoon. Who did it right tonight?

Joe, Alina -- I want to go to you first, Joe, because this is your bag. This is what you do for a living. So who do you think did it right tonight?


JOE ZEE, CREATIVE DIRECTOR, ELLE MAGAZINE, "ALL ON THE LINE WITH JOE ZEE": Well, I have to -- first of all, I have to tell you that this is indeed the world's biggest fashion show and everybody is on the world stage with all eyes on them.

You know, for me, I really have to say Jennifer Lawrence, you know. It's been a big awards season for her, but she really hit it out of the ballpark tonight with that Dior gown. It was just so spectacular.

TURNER: Yes. She looked like Cinderella, I thought. Alina, what about you? I heard you talking earlier, doing the broadcast, that you thought Jessica Chastain just looked fantastic. Was she one of your top choices?

ALINA CHO, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: I did. She was. I absolutely loved her in that copper strapless form fitting Giorgio Armani gown. I also loved Jennifer Lawrence in Dior. And I loved Halle Berry in custom Versace, apparently she went to the atelier and told them she wanted to look like a Bond girl and boy, did she tonight.

Some of the stars who are here tonight are Reese Witherspoon and Lilly Collins, the actress just arrived. Seth Rogan and Amy Poehler.

I always like to say about this party, Nischelle, that if a bomb, God forbid, were to blow up this building, there'd be nobody left in Hollywood.


TURNER: You're right.

CHO: The other great thing about this -- the other great thing about the "Vanity Fair" party is that at the end of the night, if you've ever been inside, as I've lucky -- been lucky enough to go -- to have been, they serve In and Out burgers, and after actresses have been starving themselves for two months straight, they can finally have something good to eat -- Nischelle.

TURNER: I was just about to say, Alina, please, snag one of those In and Out burgers, a double-double animal style for me.


Because I'm waiting for it --

CHO: And French fries.

TURNER: I'm waiting for it as well.

Guys, I have to tell you, there is a lot of people that I really thought looked beautiful on the red carpet. But I'm going to go a little bit to the left. I thought Sally Field looked gorgeous in Valentino. Throughout this awards season, I really think that she's been doing it right. I mean I remember talking to her at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, she had on this purple Jay Mendel, that I thought was very age appropriate and pretty.

But tonight I thought she looked just like a movie star. So she was definitely one of my favorites. But I want to take a look at what A.J. Hammer is doing over at the Elton John party.

Now, A.J., that is one of the best parties as well in Hollywood. One of my favorites, because Elton John, not only does he put on a good show, he raises a lot of money for a good cause every single year.

A.J. HAMMER, HOST, HLN'S "SHOWBIZ TONIGHT": Over $300 million over the time they have been doing it which is just unbelievable, all for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Yes, I mean, you have a lot of choices on Oscar night in Hollywood as to where you're going to watch the show. Are you going to sit at home in your jammies and eat some popcorn or are you going to go out to the Elton John party, which is really one of the most coveted tickets in town.

Of course, we have the red carpet, there's all the stars walk down on their way to the big Academy Awards show to get under way tonight, as Piers was greeting them all, and Piers will be with us very shortly tonight to wrap everything up.

But when you come to the Elton John party, you have the white carpet. And as you can see, it's actually held up pretty well, Nischelle. I think they must -- forbid any red wine glass from being able to, you know, come down the red carpet because perhaps they used some kind of really good stain resistant. I'm not exactly sure.

But a lot of stars have been walking through tonight, including Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian who is also here, Nicki Minaj just walking by and looking spectacular. Because this is a viewing party. This is where people come to watch the show, Nischelle. This is where they come to actually check it out and be among their friends, have some great food. Gordon Ramsey doing the food here tonight.


HAMMER: But this is the place they're going to come, hang out, see the show and then participate in a big auction afterwards, Nischelle, to raise a lot of money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. It really is incredible. Twenty-one years this has been going on.

TURNER: You know what, A.J., I want to clue you guys in on one of the biggest upsets of the night so far. We just got word that Ang Lee has won Best Director for "Life of Pi ." Now most people thought that Steven Spielberg would win Best Director here at the Oscars, mainly because Ben Affleck was not nominated and of course he did a great job directing the movie "Lincoln ."

But Ang Lee has won. Ang Lee becomes the first director to ever win for directing a 3-D movie with this win tonight and he is one of the foremost and Best Directors in the business. This is a little bit of a surprise.

Another one of the surprises tonight, I think, was Christophe Waltz beating out Tommy Lee Jones for Best Supporting Actor. Now I don't want to pat myself on the back, but I did call this a couple of days ago. I thought that he would win. I thought he made that movie "Django Unchained", although Tommy Lee Jones was really good. So that was another surprise of the surprises.

We saw also Anne Hathaway winning for Best Supporting Actress. She gave a really heartfelt speech with a quiver in her voice. So a lot of good things going on at the Oscars tonight but there's still a lot of awards to be handed out.

When we come back, we're going to recount some of the other big moments from tonight's show. Stay with us.


TURNER: Welcome back to Hollywood's biggest night, THE ROAD TO GOLD. I'm Nischelle Turner right outside the Governors Ball where we are awaiting the 85th Annual Oscars to end.

We are waiting people -- to talk to people here like Anne Hathaway and Christoph Waltz, people who've already won tonight and also Best Director, Ang Lee, who just won for "Life of Pi." Again, we were talking about how this is a bit of an upset. A lot of people thought Steven Spielberg would take this Oscar for "Lincoln." But Ang Lee has won over over Spielberg for yet the second time. First time was back in 2010 when Ang Lee won for "Brokeback Mountain" and Steven Spielberg was nominated for "Munich."

But I want to get back over to A.J. Hammer at the Elton John party, who has a very special guest. One of my favorite singers, A.J., Michael Buble, maybe he can --


TURNER: -- whistle a little Dixie for me or sing me a little tune.


HAMMER: I don't know -- I don't know if Michael is going to be whistling Dixie. He's asking me where the restroom is because apparently he needs to get there and quick.

I came looking for trouble tonight, Michael. Have I come to the right place?

MICHAEL BUBLE, SINGER: If you came looking for trouble, you came to the right place. No, it was great. What a beautiful night it was.

HAMMER: Yes. Give us a little insight. I wanted to get the first report, as you're walking out of the red carpet, or the white carpet here, but to know exactly what was happening inside, what was the highlight of being a part of this annual event, 21 years.

BUBLE: Well, the highlight was coming and being part of something that for charity that means so much. And also the beef was amazing.

HAMMER: You can't go wrong if you have good beef at a party, right?

BUBLE: Like a pulled porkish kind of beef. It was really, really -- wasn't it good?


HAMMER: This is Dean and Dan, by the way, the designers. You know them, D Squared. And you guys were probably paying very close attention to all of the red carpet fashion tonight. There has to be a highlight for each of you. I'm curious if you agree. But you go first. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. I (INAUDIBLE) amazing.


HAMMER: What was that? Charlize?



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And Adele looks gorgeous, too. I mean, it was like giving a lot of, like, light and she was sparkling and looking beautiful and it was a nice performance.

HAMMER: And you can give your peer a review, our first review of her performance, incredible rendition of "Skyfall," perhaps the only time we'll see her perform it live.

BUBLE: I just -- I'm in love with the girl. I mean I e-mailed her before her record came out and just told her that I couldn't wait to see her on the red carpet, so I could give her a big hug because I'm such a huge fan. She really is the real deal and I was happy, not jealous. OK. I was a little bit jealous.

HAMMER: Maybe a little bit jealous?

BUBLE: Yes. A little bit. A little bit jealous of her greatness, but honestly, you know what, sometimes good things happen for good people and it gives you hope and -- it gives you hope in humanity.

HAMMER: And you cannot smile when you watch her on screen.

BUBLE: No. She's a keeper. And you know what, she's a good girl. She's real. She's humble. And, you know, God kissed her throat and now we're lucky enough to get to appreciate that as people listen.

HAMMER: So give me a handle on this night for you. You got invited to come here, not to perform, just to kind of hang out and eat their food and drink their booze, I guess.

BUBLE: No, the truth is I was -- I was invited by Dan and Dean. And they -- you know, I -- the truth is I get nervous sometimes coming to things like this, but coming with these boys, they're like my brothers, and it was -- it was a blast. They give me confidence --

HAMMER: Why do you get nervous? You perform in front of tens of thousands of people and more.

BUBLE: Because there's a difference between singers and actors, I think, and the deal is I work on my own. And sometimes, you know, those actors all work together, so they're all buddies. And I come as, like -- as a lone wolf. A lone wolf.

HAMMER: So you have wing men --

(CROSSTALK) BUBLE: And that's important.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Backup. Backup singers.


HAMMER: And what happens now? So you didn't even stay around until the very end of the show. Are you on your way to yet another party?

BUBLE: Yes. Another party. There is a singer named Madonna. She's going to be huge. And --

HAMMER: You think she's going places?

BUBLE: Yes, we're going to go to the party and hang out and do it again. It's really cool. I mean, it was great. This was Elton did such a great job and of course more importantly than all of this and all of the -- is the cause which is pretty amazing. It's great that we can come and be -- have fun and supportive.

HAMMER: Well, let me now keep you from that. I'm going to send it over to Nischelle Turner right now -- Nischelle.

BUBLE: All right. Nischelle, go for it.

TURNER: Yes, A.J., we don't want to wait. We want to let everyone at home know that Jennifer Lawrence has just won Best Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook" here at the Oscars tonight. A roar just went up here at the Governors Ball. Everyone very excited for her.

This was the second time she's been nominated. She's only 22 years old. Now of course, she played Tiffany, who was the recovering sex addict in the movie who falls in love with Pat Solitano, played by Bradley Cooper, who is -- has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. And they fall in love and they kind of make themselves whole again together.

So it's a really good movie. One of the movies that is nominated for Best Picture as well here at the Oscars tonight.

So once again, Jennifer Lawrence has won Best Actress for her role in "Silver Lings Playbook." Now when we come back, I want to go back to our fashion experts because with this win by Jennifer Lawrence, I want to know what this does for the House of Dior. Stay with us.


TURNER: Welcome back to Hollywood's biggest night, THE ROAD TO GOLD. This is Hollywood's biggest night. And I'm Nischelle Turner right outside the Governors Ball here where we are awaiting the end of the 85th Oscars.

Now when this show ends, we're going to join Piers Morgan and company for a very special show called the -- "AND THE WINNER IS: A SPECIAL PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT." If I could get that out, I'd be half dangerous. I have to tell you. Now we just saw Jennifer Lawrence win for Best Actress here at the Oscars and we heard Joe Zee earlier saying she was his best dressed in that Dior haute couture gown. So I want to go back to Joe Zee and also I want to talk to Alina Cho and talk about what they think about what this will do for the House of Dior. I mean, it's amazing what she looked like and this just has to up their ante even more.

What do you think, guys?

ZEE: I mean first of all --

CHO: You know, I have to tell you --


TURNER: OK, actually you know what, this is what live TV is all about. I want to stop you guys real quick because I want to tell you that Daniel Day-Lewis has just won for Best Actor here at the Oscars. Now this makes his third win for Best Actor. No other actor has done that.

And I tell you, when you talk to other actors here in Hollywood, here is what they say about him. He is the quintessential actor of our generation. Of course, he wins tonight for playing our 16th president, Abraham Lincoln. By most people's standards, he nailed it. I've heard people say, well, how did they really know that he nailed the role of Abraham Lincoln because who was around when Lincoln was alive?

But if you just look at him, you look at the makeup, you look at the mannerisms, the speech, the tone, all of the cadence even of how he spoke, you really get the sense of the 16th president. So Daniel Day- Lewis once again wins for Best Actor here at the Oscars tonight.

Now, A.J., I want to send it back over to you because you have yet another actor who can talk to just how great Daniel Day-Lewis is. You have John Leguizamo with you over at the Elton John party.

HAMMER: Yes, the great John Leguizamo is with me. And we were just watching Daniel Day-Lewis and his name being announced and you said, well, of course he has won.

JOHN LEGUIZAMO, ACTOR: Yes. Yes. Yes, like you said, he won it since the day he was cast. It was -- was a clean sweep. But you thought "Lincoln" was going to take all the awards, there are a lot of big surprises, "Life of Pi."

HAMMER: Yes. A couple of months ago, that was the story.

LEGUIZAMO: Yes. And then "Argo" --

HAMMER: It was going to be --

LEGUIZAMO: And then "Argo" started coming up. But I was so happy Ang Lee won. That was one of my favorite films. "Amour" and "Life of Pi" were my two favorite films all year. HAMMER: I want to go back to Daniel Day-Lewis for a second because this now makes him only the first actor --

LEGUIZAMO: To have three.

HAMMER: -- in history to have three Best Actor awards.


HAMMER: That just makes him the actor's actor. He's the guy.

LEGUIZAMO: He's incredible, man. He does -- that performance was like you were watching the actual Lincoln come to life. It was -- it was brilliant.

HAMMER: What is it about him? Because everybody always talks about his method and the fact that he gets so deeply into character and there was a great line from Seth MacFarlane earlier in the night. So what happens if you show up some place and there is a cell phone, do you yell that can't be real? What is that?

LEGUIZAMO: That's anachronistic. Yes, you can't do that. But that's the only way you create stuff like that. It such a (INAUDIBLE), Lee Strasburg thing, you're in character 24/7 and you got to, you know, disband with, you know, technology. You got to just be in that period and you got to be in that voice and that movement and that's how you create great work. It's the only way -- for it to happen.

HAMMER: And you mentioned your table got extraordinarily excited when Ang Lee, who was not favored to win Best Director, again.


HAMMER: Everybody really thought it was going to be Spielberg. He wins it. What happened inside the Elton John Oscar viewing party?

LEGUIZAMO: Well, you know, everybody's got their favorites. Not everybody is happy about every decision. But my table was John Waters and Naomi Campbell and they were, like, ecstatic. Because we all really thought that was one of the greatest movies. I mean, I'm not a big fan of CGI but that was the first time that I really believed it.

HAMMER: And was that the consensus? A guy like John Waters who is eclectic to say the least.

LEGUIZAMO: He's hilarious. He says such off color stuff. It's great.

HAMMER: Just give me -- give me a hint of something that he wouldn't mind you sharing with -- the kind of conversation that was happening at a table inside this party. Give us --


LEGUIZAMO: He says -- he said he was interviewing Quentin Tarantino in -- for the Spirit Awards once, and he asked him, what's the thing that makes you the happiest about success? And he said --


HAMMER: I really hope that didn't get picked up by my microphone. And actually --


HAMMER: It is a word that was said earlier on the Oscar telecast, but that's probably as far as I'm going to go in talking about that.

LEGUIZAMO: Yes. Yes. I can't. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.


HAMMER: Exactly. Exactly. Give us more of a sense of what it was like to be at this party, which is now and has been for many years such an institution, does amazing work raising so much money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. What was the vibe inside tonight?

LEGUIZAMO: You know, everybody is there in great spirit. Everybody knows we're here for a cause. A beautiful cause. You know, try to find a cure for AIDS and help everybody who is -- who has a sickness. And it just the -- the camaraderie and everybody is in great spirits and it is just a beautiful vibe in there.

HAMMER: And Elton?

LEGUIZAMO: Elton is walking around, you know, being the king.

HAMMER: Is he the life of the party?

LEGUIZAMO: He's the life of the party. Loves getting photographed with everybody, you know, hugging and being photographed, and just, you know, it's the spirit of the whole thing.

HAMMER: And what's in store for you now? I cannot imagine for a second that your evening comes to an end after you walk out of this white carpet.

LEGUIZAMO: No, I'm going to the best party, the best after party, which is the "Vanity Fair" party and be over there and trying to get a photo with Michael Hineke, that's my goal.

HAMMER: Let me -- let me not keep you from that.


John Leguizamo, always great to see you.

LEGUIZAMO: Pleasure, man. Thank you.

HAMMER: Thank you so much.

So as the party is winding at the Dolby Theater, the party is winding down here as well. But as you can tell, Nischelle, they've got places to go and people to be with and big stars to take photographs with tonight.

TURNER: Apparently, A.J., you are doing it big. That's what the kids say. So I'm a little jealous of you.

Now from what I'm being told, the producers of the Oscars told me late on Friday that you don't want to miss the Best Picture announcement. They said you will see something here that you have never seen before.

I am being told right now that we are seeing the first lady of the United States on screen talking about the Best Picture right now. This is what they were talking about, what you will never see before. Michelle Obama on stage, talking -- or excuse me, Michelle Obama talking about the Best Picture award. Jack Nicholson was also on stage presenting this award.

So we are awaiting the winner of Best Picture here at the -- at the Academy Awards. There are nine pictures that are nominated here. The front runners most people believe are "Argo" and "Lincoln." So this could be a good head-to-head battle. We've already seen Daniel Day- Lewis win Best Actor for "Lincoln." We just saw Jennifer Lawrence win Best Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook." We saw Christoph Waltz win Best Supporting Actor for "Django Unchained" earlier this evening and also Anne Hathaway, Best Supporting Actress for "Les Miserables."

We also saw Ang Lee win Best Director tonight over Steven Spielberg for "Lincoln." Ang Lee of course winning for "Life of Pi." We also said that he becomes the first director to ever win a 3-D movie. So that is very interesting.

Now while we are awaiting the announcement for Best Actor, I do want to ask Joe Zee, because we've got interrupted last time, Joe.

I want to ask about Jennifer Lawrence. Because when we see the ladies nominated for Best Actress, usually they are the bell of the ball. Did she look like the bell of the ball to you?

ZEE: Oh, my gosh, she absolutely looked like the bell of the ball. I have to say, there is a saying that we have, that us fashion people like to say, that the Oscars is really your wedding day. Because all eyes are on you and you have to have the perfect dress.


ZEE: And the pictures of you live forever. So in a way, Jennifer Lawrence is really wearing her wedding dress. I mean, if you look at that Dior gown, it really is spectacular. And, you know what, worthy of the win.

TURNER: Now, Joe, I don't want to put you on the spot, but you're a fashion guy, so I'm going to do it.


TURNER: Is there anybody who missed the mark for you tonight? ZEE: Oh, you know there is always somebody who misses the mark. And I have to say, you know what it is? I have to say I give points to someone like Helena Bonham Carter because she always goes out there and does what she wants to do.

TURNER: That is true.

ZEE: And to me, tonight, she really looks like she came in costume from "Les Mis."


You know? But that's who she is. You know? And she doesn't really care and I kind of like that attitude.

TURNER: You know what, Joe Zee, I'm with you on that. So I want to give you guys an idea now of what has just happened here at the Oscars.

"Argo" has won Best Picture. It was just announced "Argo" wins Best Picture. This is only the fourth time this has happened when a director is not nominated for Best Director. Of course Ben Affleck not nominated for Best Director here tonight. But "Argo" did win Best Picture.

The last time this happened was 23 years ago and that movie was "Driving Miss Daisy." So we are going to see the folks from "Argo" come up to the stage, come up to the podium and accept their Oscar. Ben Affleck does win an Oscar, though, in this case, because he was nominated as a co-producer on this film, along with Grant Heslov and George Clooney. So we're also going to see George Clooney take home an Oscar tonight, too.

It wouldn't be an Oscars telecast without a little Clooney. And we actually did see him a lot during the telecast. Seth MacFarlane brought Clooney up and said he's about the only guy who wakes up camera ready. I thought that was a very funny moment.

A lot of other great moments here tonight. But of course the one that will be talked about a lot tomorrow morning is "Argo" winning Best Picture, which just happened.

Now I want to go over to Alina Cho at the "Vanity Fair" party.

Now, Alina, we also heard -- Joe Zee, I did the same thing that Piers did earlier, calling him Jay-Z. We have him on the brain. We heard Joe Zee talk about that the Oscars are kind of like a woman's wedding day. Do you agree with that? And so who was the beautiful bride for you tonight?

CHO: I do, as a matter of fact. I -- it's the Super Bowl of fashion. It's the most important red carpet on the planet. It is where you see the most glamorous, the most expensive, the most over-the-top fashion and jewelry on the planet.

Behind me is a glamorous woman herself, actress Emily Mortimer, tonight, gorgeous in Zach Posen.

"Argo" just won Best Picture. Were you surprised by that? What do you think?

EMILY MORTIMER, ACTRESS, "NEWSROOM": I felt like it was -- it was gathering momentum and it was kind of a snowball effect that was -- that was -- you could see it coming, yes. And I'm so pleased. I loved it. Me and my son watched it together, recently, on our sofa and we were just completely gripped.

CHO: And Jennifer Lawrence for "Silver Linings Playbook," Daniel Day- Lewis for "Lincoln," your thoughts on both of those?

MORTIMER: I approve wholeheartedly. Amazing performances and wonderful actors.

CHO: Because I cover fashion for CNN. One thing that I'm very interested in this, the whole process of when the cameras are on you and the world's press and the eyes are on you, how much pressure do you feel going into a night like this?

MORTIMER: Yes, there is a lot of pressure. You just have to keep remembering to hold your stomach in. In my case, I forgot the other Golden Globes so my aim for tonight was just never forget to hold my tummy in and I'll be all right.

CHO: Will you be able to eat In and Out burgers inside the party tonight? Will you feel better about doing that?


MORTIMER: Eat roast lamb today, which was really stupid, because it was a completely chaotic, trying to get ready while making lamb and with dogs and children and everything. So I'm not -- I'm not hungry at all.

CHO: Well, I'm a big fan of "Newsroom" and I know it's loosely, we'd like to say loosely, based on what we do at CNN. So thank you very much. We hope you're watching us as well.

MORTIMER: I'm a huge fan of you guys.

CHO: Well, thank you.

MORTIMER: I came to -- I came to visit the studio in New York and it's part of my research, and I just -- my admiration for what you do has just been -- boundless.

CHO: Thank you. Thank you for joining us and we'll be joining you inside the party later. Emily Mortimer, thank you. The star of -- one of the stars of "Newsroom."

And as I was saying before, Nischelle, some winners and some losers, a few losers on the red carpet tonight at the Oscars. Jennifer Lawrence, I thought, looked beautiful. And I think the clip that will be played around the world tomorrow is her tripping as she -- TURNER: Yes.

CHO: Up the stairs as she went to accept her award. But I have to say, from a fashion standpoint, you could see that gown laid out and, boy, was it a beautiful pale pink and white silk Dior haute couture gown. So I say more power to her.

Nischelle, back to you.

TURNER: You know -- you know what, Alina, it's funny because when I was watching the telecast tonight, I looked in the audience and I said, Jennifer Lawrence's dress takes up three seats. It was just that grand. But it was a beautiful dress and I think you're right for people at home who don't know, she did trip while walking up the stairs. But I would say that's almost just like her. I mean she's kind of just your regular average everyday girl. That is something I would do. So that actually makes me even relate to her even more. It makes her even more likable in my estimation.

You know, the last time I sat down and spoke with her, I said to her, when she was on "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT" just a little while ago, she said to him that she was vulnerable. And I thought that was very interesting, because she comes off as this really kind of tough, confident girl. And she said no. Actually, when you're photographed every day and the paparazzi are on your trail at every hour, it's really not a good feeling. And it makes her really vulnerable. So I hope tonight she gets a lot of those beautiful shots of her looking really pretty and being the belle of the ball.

Now, the Governor's Ball, I don't know if you can hear, but the music is starting to play here behind me, and that means that the people will start to arrive very soon.

And I have got a little present here for you guys and show you what they're going to be drinking here at the Governor's Ball, and no, I did not drink any of this tonight. This is the Patron gold cosmopolitan. And if you can see the rim of this, these are actual 10 karat gold flakes. This is the official drink of the Governor's Ball here tonight. And all of the people that we were just talking about -- thank you very much there -- all of the people we were just talking about, Ang Lee for winning Best Director, we've got Jennifer Lawrence, she's 22, so she can have a sip of that. We have also got Daniel Day- Lewis, who won for Best Actor. Christoph Waltz for Best Supporting Actor. Anne Hathaway for Best Supporting Actress. All of those people will come here and maybe they'll have a sip of that Patron gold margarita.

Now, I want to go back over to AJ Hammer at the Elton John party. AJ, "Argo" wins Best Picture. Your thoughts.

HAMMER: Well, you know, as we were talking a few minutes ago with John Leguizamo, a couple of months ago after the nominations were first announced, the general consensus among all the experts was it was going to be "Lincoln."

And then throughout this awards season, we started seeing this incredible momentum with "Argo." And then you started hearing a lot of discussions among people, well, yes, "Lincoln," a phenomenal movie, but people had varying opinions. It was polarizing in many ways. Then a film like "Argo" is something that everybody -- I haven't spoken with one person who said, well, I didn't like that film. Not a single person.

What I loved, seeing Ben Affleck up on stage along with producer Grant Heslov, doing the acceptance speech for "Argo" taking Best Picture, and of course a trophy does go to Ben, because he's one of the producers on the film. He's up there speaking for a very long time, clearly getting very emotional, giving a very heartfelt speech, and not for a moment did they think of putting on that "Jaws" music to play him off. Because can you imagine, had that started up? It was something that the producers decided to do this year.

And I think that's going to be a bit of talk on I liked it and I didn't really like it so much when we're doing our Monday morning quarterbacking on the Oscar show tomorrow. But it was great to see the film win and great to see Ben get that recognition that quite frankly so many people thought he had been due. It was called the big snub of the Oscars this year. I don't think for a moment Ben, who said to us over and over again, I'm just happy to be invited to the party, I don't think for a moment he's feeling at all snubbed. So very happy to see "Argo" winning.

And also the big surprise for me was in that Best Supporting Actor category. Early on in the evening, seeing Christoph Waltz win in a category where he was really probably the among experts considered third. It was Robert De Niro and Tommy Lee Jones, Nischelle, taking on each other in that category. A lot of smiles and a lot of cheers seeing Christoph Waltz. Anybody who won in that category obviously would have been well deserved, but what a humbled and wonderful speech Christoph Waltz gave accepting that honor tonight, Nischelle.

TURNER: Absolutely. And you know, Christoph Waltz and Quentin Tarantino have become quite a tandem in movies, and we did see Quentin Tarantino win tonight for Best Original Screenplay for "Django Unchained," and of course we know that Christoph Waltz also won for "Inglorious Basterds," which he did as well with Quentin Tarantino.

AJ, I'm with you on the "Argo" thoughts. You know, coming into this awards season, we definitely thought Lincoln had the momentum, but "Argo" just swept through this awards season, and now it wins the big prize here at the 85th Oscars tonight. Once again, "Argo" wins Best Picture.

Good night, everyone. Now we'll send it over to Piers Morgan for a special "PIERS MORGAN TONIGHT."