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Jodi Arias Rewind

Aired March 11, 2013 - 21:00   ET



NARRATOR: Tonight on DR. DREW ON CALL, Jodi Arias, toxic or turn on? We heard those X-rated sex tapes.

TRAVIS ALEXANDER, VICTIM: You sound like you`re a 12-year-old girl having her first orgasm.

NARRATOR: But now, we`re hearing Travis Alexander didn`t watch R- rated movies or curse. His friend is here to explain.

Plus, did Jodi steal her story about Travis` death from the victim himself?

ALEXANDER: Pull the trigger.

JODI ARIAS, MURDER DEFENDANT: He pulled the trigger.

NARRATOR: Then, what are the foggy memory problems all about?

ARIAS: Things began to get really foggy after the gun went off.

NARRATOR: And from one court to another, a Los Angeles Lakers superstar wants the scoop on Jodi from Dr. Drew.

Let`s get started.



DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST: Welcome to the program. Toxic or turn on? I want to talk to the guy who thinks anything this woman is doing is a turn on.

This week, joining me, attorney Lisa Bloom as my co-host. She is with

We`re also joined by criminal profiler Casey Jordan. And attorney at, Mark Eiglarsh.

Now, in case you guys missed it, a look at some of the highlights and the bizarre moments, the Jodi moments from last week. Take a look.


JUDGE: If you shot Travis first, how candidate casing land on blood?

ARIAS: I don`t believe it landed on blood when the gunshot went off.

JUDGE: Why didn`t you call for help after you shot Travis?

ARIAS: I can`t really explain my state of mind following, immediately following, when I`m under a stressful situation it`s as if my mind, if you imagine a computer that freezes.

JUDGE: Why is it that you have no memory of stabbing Travis?

ARIAS: I can`t really explain why my mind did what it did.

JUDGE: Did you ever see a doctor for your memory issues?

ARIAS: I don`t believe that I have memory issues that are really persistent.

JUDGE: When did you realize that you had memory loss? The approximate date?

ARIAS: I mean, I had memory loss one time when I was 19?

JUDGE: Is there anyone else who knows about your memory issues?

ARIAS: Well, I mean, again, I think I have a really excellent memory, I think actually that I have a very good memory. I can remember tons of things. Yes, and to be clear, foggy falls under that.

The fog or the confusion only begins when he starts screaming. As far as the fog goes, it`s more, again, words that are being spoken. When I sort of came out of the fog I realized oh crap -- something bad had happened.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Are shaking? Are you in a fog?

ARIAS: Things begin to get really foggy after the gun went off.

MARK EIGLARSH, ATTORNEY: No, but what about the stabbing, the slitting of the throat? No, we`re going to go with fog on that.

JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: Now something else happens, right?

ARIAS: Yes, many somethings later, something is now happening.

MARTINEZ: Well, something happens now.

ARIAS: In the next life where I believe that, you know, God is the ultimate judge, that he would understand the circumstances of that day.


PINSKY: Well, hmm, confusing. Bet --


PINSKY: Lisa, I don`t know, when she says. It`s, again, the world according to Jodi, which is -- how do you explain the gun casing as being in the -- no, I don`t think, no -- according to Jodi, it landed on the blood. Oh, wait -- hold on, got some fog coming in.

BLOOM: I don`t know. Don`t ask me hard questions. Those are all in the fog, it`s like the cloud but it`s the fog. It`s all in the fog. I don`t want to talk about that. I only want to talk about the things I want to talk about.

PINSKY: And, by the way, Beth Karas -- fog does not say complete brownout, redout, whiteout, the things we`re accustomed to hearing from law enforcement or mental health patients who do lose memory because they`re in an extreme situation.

Beth, for "In Session", is at the courthouse. Court dark today, but plenty of activity.

Beth, what`s going on there?

BETH KARAS, "IN SESSION" CORRESPONDENT: Well, first of all, when you`re talking about critical incident, amnesia, maybe we`ll hear the experts take about whenever they take the stand. I don`t even know if it will be this week or next week probably.

In any event, the latest information we`re all abuzz about is that a criminal record has surfaced from 2002 that has Travis Victor Alexander, the very man Jodi Arias killed in 2008, getting arrested for shoplifting and assault, a battery. It was at a grocery store called Stator (ph) Brothers in southern California. And there`s a man named Fred Lopez, he apparently got in a fisticuffs with.

And whoever identified himself as Travis Victor Alexander actually pled guilty to what looks like two misdemeanors four days later and got an additional five days in jail, $500 fine, plus restitution and three years probation to expire March 11th, 2005.

So it looks like maybe there`s some, some truth to a violent temper in Travis Victor Alexander. The problem is, I was just on a Jean Velez- Mitchell`s show, Shanna Hogan, the author whose book "Picture Perfect" shortly after the trial ends, says she`s already looked into this, and she`s investigated it. There`s a section in her book on it, and it`s not Travis Alexander. It`s someone who took his identity.

PINSKY: Someone who took his identity.

Mark, Lisa, how does that work? And is that something that`s likely to come up in court.

BLOOM: Well, you know, I`m an expert on this because I`ve been the victim of identity theft three times. Lisa Bloom is a relatively common name. Travis Alexander obviously a common name, even if you put the middle name in there, Victor.

This is very common. It happens. So I think Beth raises an important point. We can`t jump to conclusions.

PINSKY: Wait a minute. Hold on a second.

It`s common that somebody would get your identity, I understand that, and then go to jail, serve in jail and still be thought to be you without them identifying the proper person?

BLOOM: It could be. He could be using that ID at the grocery store.

PINSKY: Mark, I think it`s the fog here. I think it`s the fog, Mark. Help me out there. I`ll go with fog on that one.

EIGLARSH: Yes, go with it and Leon`s getting larger.

Yes, listen, it happens to me all the time. Mark Eiglarsh is a very common name and people are using it.

PINSKY: I don`t want to hear about you guys` problems. I want to talk about Jodi. What the heck? Is this going to make a difference or isn`t it?

EIGLARSH: This is -- no, absolutely not. And the only way this is relevant is if Jodi knew about his violent tendencies and thus had to act accordingly. She`s making up these whole stories about him being violent. So it doesn`t have any merit.

PINSKY: All right. Casey, what are some of the warning signs that Travis, you suspect -- I`m going to talk to a roommate of his later in the show who actually heard how things deteriorated. What do you think Travis, I guess what I`m asking for is in behalf out there who are freaked out by this woman, what warning, this woman -- you guys are laughing, but I`ll tell you, men do not like this woman.

What warning signs might he have seen but disregarded?

CASEY JORDAN, PH.D., CRIMINOLOGIST: Wow, apparently he didn`t really disregard them because of all the statements he made to his friends and the texts he sent her when he was trying to break up. He really did see her as a dangerous person who had this sociopathic, if you will, tendency, because mostly she would not go away.

I have to say, the number one sign is someone who doesn`t take no for an answer. If you say you don`t want to see them again and she goes, oh, yes, you will. You`ll see me again, that`s a huge, huge, huge red flag.

Someone who won`t say no take no for an answer and someone who really does have the pendulum swing of the moods, always watch for somebody who runs hot and cold and anyone who seems to be totally tunnel vision with regard to marriage if that`s not what you want from her.

PINSKY: Oh, that`s interesting. Really? That`s -- huh, you`ve given a lot of men a pause and kind of a scary thing.

And I -- but to sort of put a really simplistic kind of button on it, I always tell people that you`re going ya giddy, ya giddy, ya gaddy, when you were trying to be reasonable with somebody you have an unreasonable person, think about addiction, think about something like what we`re seeing, there`s something wrong when people are unreasonable.

But then, again, Casey, let`s not forget this is what the two of them created together, right? With a different relationship, it might have had a different outcome. It`s the alchemy of these two people, would you agree?

JORDAN: Yes. And to really -- and I don`t want to say anything in Jodi Arias` defense, butt bottom line is, every time she came back to him, he took her back.

PINSKY: Right.

JORDAN: So he was co-dependent as well.

PINSKY: Right. That`s right.

JORDAN: When he said no he needed to stick with it. And he did not.

BLOOM: And I got news for you, Drew.

PINSKY: Let her finish.

JORDAN: He had a green light to keep trying.

BLOOM: Women don`t like her either, OK, if I may speak for women.

PINSKY: I know that. I understand that.

BLOOM: Women are probably even harder on her than men are.

PINSKY: They have been at times. But whenever I hear sympathy, the men, we`re the sympathetic population. It`s interesting how it waxes and wanes.

But I got to take a break. Beth, thank you for joining us.

Next, they`re back. I`ve got the behavior bureau back with me. What do they see in Jodi that may impact the verdict?

And later, I`m calling Jodi -- I had called her the castrating kitty. Remember that video we saw of her. But we`re going to revisit begin the idea, the notion that she`s also a copycat.


ALEXANDER: He`s had a gun against my temple. He`s like doing this with his gun.

ARIAS: She was holding the gun at my forehead and I was on the ground, on my knees.




MARTINEZ: When he was performing oral sex on you, you said he sure knew what he was doing. Do you remember saying that on direct examination?

Do you remember that?


MARTINEZ: Well, doesn`t it take one to know one?

ARIAS: You`re bad. You make me feel so dirty. You make me so horny. I`m seriously thinking about having sex with you every day. (INAUDIBLE)

ALEXANDER: I`m going to tie you to a tree and put it in your (EXPLETIVE DELETED).

ARIAS: Oh, my gosh. That is so debasing. I like it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There were occasions when you would come out under the porch, nude, perform oral sex upon him and he would (EXPLETIVE DELETED) on your face. Was that physically punishable to you?

ARIAS: I wouldn`t say there was any physical pleasure that I derived from it.

I like being handled. I like being handled. But yes, I will totally handle you. You have the most incredible stamina that I`ve ever, ever even dreamed of encountering. I have that constant renewable energy. I`m a giver.

ALEXANDER: I agree, honey.

ARIAS: But I don`t mind receiving while you`re doing the giving.

After gaining a sort of clarification from Travis and how he explained it then I came to understand that vaginal sex was the ultimate like place to not go until marriage.


PINSKY: Oh, yes, she is a giver.


PINSKY: So tender. So lovely. Debasing.

BLOOM: Stop. Make it stop.

PINSKY: Thank you. Well, I shall.

It`s time for behavior bureau. I`m back with my co-host this week, Lisa Bloom.

Joining us, attorney and criminologist Casey Jordan, forensic psychologist Cheryl Arutt, and the human lie detector, Janine Driver.

Janine, Cheryl, and then, Casey, your reactions to the clips we just saw -- starting with Janine.

JANINE DRIVER, HUMAN LIE DETECTOR: This is what I call teeter- tottering, Lisa and Dr. Drew. It`s like a seesaw going back and forth. She`s like a sex kitten, and then, all of a sudden, she`s this sweet soft victim.

We saw this with a similar case with the woman named Dahlia Depolido (ph). I don`t know if you remember. We covered it over here. We covered it on Headline News. It Dahlia Depolido hired an undercover police officer to kill her husband.

It was all staged. She thought it was just a murderer. And when she goes into be being arrested, just before she`s arrested, she says to the police officer, oh, my gosh, he`s dead. I`m so sorry. This is so terrible.

And he goes, who could have done this? And she says, well, I`m going to tell you, there were these people, A, B, C, they were after him for his money. He met them in jail.

And she became very confident.

We see that teeter-tottering here with Jodi Arias.

PINSKY: Right, that`s right. And, again, that flipping I call it. teeter-tottering is a good word, but I call it a flip.

Cheryl, would you agree?

BLOOM: How about we call it lying?

PINSKY: There is that. Let us not forget, there is that.

CHERYL ARUTT, PSY.D., FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGIST: It is lying as well. But this flipping, this characteristic of turning on a dime and going from what we call idealization to devaluation where --

PINSKY: That`s it.

ARUTT: -- someone is with you and your ally and the love of your life one second and then boom, they do something and it`s everything is out the window. All bets are off and they`re your mortal enemy. And this kind of flipping is so dangerous.

PINSKY: Yes, Cheryl, you have acknowledged that in the past. It`s sort of a -- what we call a borderline flipping, you and I have been discussing this. And it`s you`re either all good or all bad. And you`re never in between and you`re never both. You`re either all way one way.

And when you`re all bad, there`s nothing good about you, nothing redeemable. You should go to hell.

And when you`re all good, you should be an angel in heaven with me and we go to this idealized paradise together.

ARUTT: Exactly right.

PINSKY: Both crazy.

Casey, you`re up next, what do you say?

JORDAN: I agree with all of the above. And the bottom line is I think this jury`s got her number just like you guys have her number. That little sweet girl that you see on the stand, they know that`s the so-called good Jodi. And they hear these sex tapes and they are just blown away by the dichotomy, the complete flip as you call it of the sex kitten Jodi and the sweet little girl Jodi they`re seeing on the stand.

And they know the sex kitten Jodi, the manipulative Jodi is the real Jodi who I think they`re going to convict her, killed the Travis Alexander.

PINSKY: Yes, that is --

JORDAN: And the bottom line is -- I think the sweeter she acts, the more she drives this jury away. And their questions are really the architecture of a conviction. They don`t buy this at all.

BLOOM: But there`s a context for this behavioral change, Dr. Drew, and that is she`s on trial. So it`s not as if one day she`s behaving one way and another day it`s another way. She is on trial for her life. And so, for the very first time, she has this new persona with the stringy bangs and the glasses and the no makeup and, oh, I was so appalled by that behavior.

PINSKY: Lisa, I understand --

BLOOM: Even though I kind of seeing, I loved it.

PINSKY: I get what you`re saying but we`re going to talk to one of Travis` former roommates was there when she flipped a few times on him. That`s when he realized he was dealing with somebody that was troubled.

I`m going to show a quick SOT. I hope I have time for this. It shows -- it shows Jodi taking deep inspiration. Do we have time to play that at least alongside with me here? OK, let`s play that.


JUDGE: Why didn`t you call 911?

ARIAS: I was very scared of what would happen to me. Of what would - - I was scared at that point of what was going to happen. I mean, I knew that -- well, I felt that I`d done something wrong. And I don`t have, really, an adequate explanation.


ARUTT: Well, that`s honest.

PINSKY: Janine, I notice she does that an awful lot on the stand, what do you make of it?

DRIVER: She does. It`s very interesting. I think she`s told the story so many times she believes it. So, you have the sighing as if it`s natural but it really isn`t.

This is why the jury, I gave them an A-plus last week, Dr. Drew, for their questions. Why? When you ask a state of being questioned, like they had asked her last week, you know, were you angry when you were stabbing him and she says I don`t remember feeling fear -- I mean, I don`t remember being angry. Those how questions are important.

Joran Vander Sloot most likely killed Natalee Holloway. He was asked, how is Natalee when you last saw her. He said she was walking along the beach, that`s a state of being. State of be being questions, I mean, that`s what she`d doing, not a state of being.

State of being questions are great here. That`s why the jury is rocking in their questions.

PINSKY: And, by the way, you know, whenever she`s talking about how he was when the murder went down, she has a very specific description, like you`re saying and then the fog sets in.

And, by the way, fog is not absence of memory. Foggy memory is not absence of memory. She has absence of memory because she`s lying.

Thank you, ladies.

My jury is back next, and they are waiting for fireworks on Wednesday.

We`re going to have later a new interview with tan mom. Question here, has she been driven out of our country? Her emotional answer, coming up.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Point to us again where in this closet the gun was.

ARIAS: He kept it up in this -- well, it was marked, it was in the corner. It wasn`t in the clothes necessarily. There`s a corner there. It was in the corner.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: But where was it?

ARIAS: It was sitting up there. I believe it had a holster.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Was in the gun in a case or just laying on the shelf?

ARIAS: I don`t remember how it was on June 4th when I first discovered it. I don`t recall seeing a holster of any kind.


PINSKY: It is time for Drew`s jury. The real jury might have two days off, but our jury never takes a break.

I`m back with my co-host this week, Lisa Bloom.

Joining us, jurors -- my jurors, Katie Wick and Stacy Fairrington.

All right, Katie. The jury was asked -- was able to ask questions to Jodi. My question to you, Katie, even sitting in that courtroom for a couple of weeks, what question would you ask Jodi?

KATIE WICK, DR. DREW`S JUROR: Oh, my goodness, probably, I will ask her when this is over and she`s sitting on death row if she will give the family some answers, as she said. Because she said in that video, Dr. Drew, and it`s something that really was upsetting to me, she said when the 40 hours interview, I believe it was, she said, we want to give, I just want the family to know -- Travis` family to know what really happened.

Well, Jodi, are you going to finally tell us what happened?

But based on the fact, Dr. Drew, that she`s lying -- what is -- she doesn`t seem to get it. These are the people that have her fate in her hands and she is lying directly to them. So --

PINSKY: Yes. Let`s remind ourselves -- this is the woman that thought it was a good idea to send irises, sympathy irises because she and Travis were going to call their first child iris, to the grandmother of the young man she just slaughtered and God knows what distress she caused that grandmother.

Stacy, I have a question for you, do you think focusing on the Mormon issue is helping or hurting the defense?

STACY FAIRRINGTON, DR. DREW`S JUROR: I think it`s definitely hurting her defense. I think there`s, I think there are a couple Mormon jurors on the jury. And I think by focusing on the religion aspect it`s turning them off, including the jury. I think everybody in the room -- I think at this point, it`s just a moot point.

There`s nothing really more to go with it. I don`t think that they`re proving, that Mormonism has anything to do with her bad choices.

PINSKY: Lisa, what would you ask Jodi if you had a chance to ask her a question? Give me one zinger.

BLOOM: Given all of the lies that you`ve told, how can we believe a single word out of your mouth now?

PINSKY: Yes. I mean, that`s what her own defense attorney asked her twice, because it`s so obvious that we shouldn`t be believing much of anything. There`s no good answer. That`s exactly right.

Katie, Stacy, thank you very much for your thoughts. Please stay in that courtroom with us. We`ll be checking back in with you all week long.

Next, we have an exclusive interview with Travis Alexander`s roommate. That`s right. This is one of the last roommates. He was there when all this stuff went down with Jodi. He says Travis was not a so-called x-rated guy. I want to know how he explains the sex tape and all the behavior there.

And later, guess who`s into the Jodi Arias trial? Little guy named Kobe Bryant. He came over and talk to me. I`ll tell you how I know after the break.



UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He put me down on my knees. And he said I had like five seconds to distribute. If I have a gun against my temple. He keeps going like this.

JODI ARIAS, ACCUSED OF KILLING HER EX-BOYFRIEND: He was holding the gun at my forehead, and I was on the ground, on my knees.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I see myself face down, blood. They say that your life flashes before your eyes. I can`t say that.

ARIAS: I just remember holding my head and closing my eyes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I wonder like will I be one of those tough people as I pull the trigger, you know?

ARIAS: He pulled the trigger and nothing happened.


DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST: That was old Jodi curled up like a kitty cat and behaving like a copycat. I`m back with my co-host, Lisa Bloom. MARK Eiglarsh, Cheryl Arutt remained back with us. Now my panel here, the three of you, I want you to be prepared. I may throw you some questions or give you an opportunity to ask questions of my next guest, because I think he`s very interesting.

His name is Dustin Sumner. Dustin, can you hear me? He was one of Travis Alexander`s roommates. Dustin, are we with you?


PINSKY: All right. There we are. Now, Dustin, you told -- well, I`ve got a million questions for you. Apparently, you told my producers that Jodi actually moved in with Travis and that the way he got her extracted from the house that you all lived in was to give her that BMW car. Is that accurate?


SUMNER: That is not true.

PINSKY: Not true. Set it straight. What happened?

SUMNER: Not true. She never lived at the house, actually. What I was explaining to the producer was that before she moved back to California, she was going through a little, some hardships and was having trouble finding a job. Her car had broke down or she sold it and or something of that nature. And Travis actually gave her his BMW as he bought a new Prius.

And, she was getting ready to move to California, put it up on a two wheel pull behind dolly on a U-Haul, and blew out the transmission and ruined his car. Pretty much said sorry. And --

PINSKY: That`s the way she treated him all the way along. You heard this relationship go bad. You actually shared a bedroom wall with him. You heard the fighting. What was it all about? How did it go down such a bad path as you describe it?

SUMNER: To be honest, I never really heard them argue or fight. If they did, it was -- it was quietly. It was done quietly. I mean, like I said, I shared a bedroom wall with him. I never really knew that they were having altercations outside of the stalking that he, you know, he had explained to me.

I also knew that she -- I was aware that she slashed his tires on two different occasions. So, things like that were going on.

PINSKY: You didn`t think that was maybe things were not going so well, there wasn`t a fight, this is a woman that we need to keep out of this house?


SUMNER: Well, I mean, I would say that you would probably not want to be around a person like that, absolutely.


SUMNER: But as far as like verbal confrontations, I never really heard anything like that.

PINSKY: All right. Mark, if you had Dustin up on the stand, what would you ask him?

MARK EIGLARSH, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: So Dustin, you didn`t see any acts of physical violence being committed by Travis nor hear of any nor know of any one who said that they saw any domestic violence between the two, correct?

SUMNER: Correct.

BLOOM: OK. I`ve got a question.

EIGLARSH: So, once again --



PINSKY: Go Lisa, go.

BLOOM: So. I got a question. OK. We have this outrageous new allegation in the trial that Travis Alexander was a pedophile. As his roommate, did you ever see him looking at child pornography or make any kind of indication that he`s interested in little boys?

PINSKY: And add to that this business that he may was arrested for, I don`t know, an altercation at a state or brother (ph) store. Either of those. Anything about either of those.

SUMNER: Absolutely not. Travis was a -- you know, he was way into personal development, and you know, was a student of personal development. He was a person that every morning would wake up and read his, you know, his scriptures and things like that. He would never even look at "Sports Illustrated" swimsuit magazine, let alone, look at pedophile or even pornography whether be a magazine or computer or anything like that.

PINSKY: Cheryl, a question for you.

ARUTT: Dustin, here`s my question. Jodi is claiming that what started the murder was a dropped camera and Travis freaking out about the camera falling on the ground. You`re saying that she destroyed his BMW car. How did he react when she destroyed his car?

SUMNER: Honestly, he was pretty calm about it. I mean, he, as patient as anybody could ever imagine to be is what he was. Like, he was like I can`t believe she freaking did that. And he never --


SUMNER: -- so, he was freaking --

PINSKY: So Mark and Lisa, aren`t you embarrassed that Cheryl, the therapist thought of the great legal question here.


PINSKY: That was a great, great, great question.

BLOOM: I`ve got one more. If he was so squeaky-clean, how do you explain the sex tape?

SUMNER: I can`t really explain that. I mean, I guess, once you go down a path so far, I mean, what`s the next step after making out and heavy petting, I guess.

BLOOM: Sex tapes?

PINSKY: They went pretty far down that -- they were way down the path.

BLOOM: They went way down --

PINSKY: They were way down the path, and I think poor Travis had no one to turn to because it was not consistent with his self-concept and his belief system, his values. And that`s the real tragedy here that this could have been averted, I think, if he could have had somewhere to go with that.

Dustin, thank you so much for joining us. Thank you to my panel.

Next up, tan mom, she may be out of legal troubles, but she is not getting a free pass, at least, not from me. Yes. There she is.




PINSKY (voice-over): Tan mom, back in the spotlight, and apparently, basking in good news. All charges dropped for bringing her six-year-old daughter into a tanning booth.

PATRICIA KRENTCIL, "TAN MOM": My daughter never tanned.

PINSKY: Tan mom recently joined me with her outspoken ally and business advisor, Dana Ramos. They`re here to share details of her vindication and journey over the past year that has been anything but sunny.


BLOOM: Oh, boy.

PINSKY (on-camera): Back with my co-host, Lisa Bloom. Lisa, buckle in for this one, OK?


PINSKY: I`ll get you reaction after we look at the interview. Now, she looked a little -- a lot better, actually, and she sounded a little better, kind of, than the last time I talked to her. But I`m still quite concerned. And we addressed a lot. I started by asking her how it feels to be vindicated. Watch.


KRENTCIL: I`m ecstatic after ten months of misery over something I didn`t do. And I won. And I didn`t give in. I won.

DANA RAMOS, TAN MOM`S FRIEND: Yes. It`s great. It`s been a real happy few days. As soon as it was dismissed, the case was dismissed, it was immediate. You could hear in her voice. You could hear the laughter come back.

PINSKY: And Patricia, did your husband stand by you through all this? Was he OK with all this chaos?

KRENTCIL: He got really sick, too, as well as my children and make it short and sweet. It was ten months I had to hide in my house, literally, because no matter where I went to this day, I`m not tan anymore and, you know, autographs, signatures. My kids were made fun of at school.

PINSKY: You said your husband got sick during this ten-month period. What happened with your husband?

KRENTCIL: His stomach. It was hard to see his wife upset.

PINSKY: One thing that people keep saying about you, Patricia. Now, I`ve tried to explain this to people and I want to set this record straight. You have some abnormal movements of your mouth. Everyone keeps saying oh, she`s on meth, look at her mouth. This is not anything to do with substance abuse. This is about the effect, residual effects of medication. Are you aware that you have that problem?

KRENTCIL: No. I don`t do drugs.

PINSKY: No, I know that. And I`ve been your champion on that one. And I think people just don`t know what they`re looking at, don`t know what they`re talking about. So, just to clarify as a physician for you, you`ve had multiple head injuries, multiple facial fractures, the residual effects of medication, and that`s what people are looking at.

Now, I imagine that also makes it difficult to contain some behaviors. I imagine if you are exposed to, say, alcohol, you may have sort of extreme effects very readily. And perhaps, is that some of what people have seen out in public?

KRENTCIL: No, because I don`t even go out.

RAMOS: He`s talking about the one or two times that --

KRENTCIL: Oh, that nightclub nightmare?

PINSKY: We actually have a couple of pictures from the people have called into question. Now, what are we seeing here? What was this night? And --


KRENTCIL: Oh, you`re seeing a girl that has not gone out in five years. That`s me.

PINSKY: And is that alcohol related or not? That`s just you?

KRENTCIL: No. Not whatsoever.

RAMOS: I`m going to tell you what she told me --

KRENTCIL: I`m wild. I like to have fun.

RAMOS: That`s what she told me. When I called, I said, Patricia, what was that about? She says look, I have a wild side to me. I like to break loose when I go out. OK. You know, that, that doesn`t mean she`s a terrible person.

PINSKY: No. Not at all. Nor does it mean she`s using substances, but people draw assumptions about that. It`s not normal behavior. It may have something again to do with the head injuries that you don`t sort of see, perhaps, you know, the perception how people might perceive that behavior. So, fine.

KRENTCIL: You know, quite frankly, if I may, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Please, please.

KRENTCIL: Why doesn`t everyone that was in that bar or in the city and every city around the world look in the mirror and see that when they`re out doing exactly what I did maybe once a year, OK, it`s my children. That`s it.


KRENTCIL: OK. That`s my life and my friend.

PINSKY: Now, last time were you here, you responded to several callers questioning your sobriety. And again, this is something I wanted to address this time. So, let`s look at this tape.


KRENTCIL: First of all, number one, you don`t know me. You see my mouth. No, I`m not on drugs. I don`t take drugs, I don`t like drugs, because first and foremost, you don`t even know me. What the drug is going to do to you. You don`t know me. Oh, this is what you say. I don`t care what you think. Don`t think. Think about yourself. Don`t waste your time on me.


PINSKY: Now, Patricia, that was you in the middle of the storm. Now, you`ve been with all that attention for ten months. What do you say to your critics now?


KRENTCIL: No. I can understand watching that that you would think something like that. But, the bottom line is the amount of stress and upset me. It`s my family and how dare you. So next --

RAMOS: And also, Dr. Drew, your producers know that she was sick and was on cold medication. You know that. Your producers knew that.

PINSKY: Yes, but Dana, Dana --

RAMOS: That`s a day before.


PINSKY: I`m not going to allow these things to pass as defenses for these behaviors. It`s just ridiculous. So, let`s deal with what`s real here. Let`s just deal with what`s real.

RAMOS: I know.


PINSKY: It does not explain that. Stop it. OK? Now, what does explain it is she`s struggled with -- this poor woman was a beautiful young woman who was beaten repeatedly and has severe head trauma from that. And people are attacking for it. They have no business doing that. That`s setting the record straight. Would you agree, Patricia?



PINSKY: Yes. That`s -- if we`re going to be real here, let`s be real. Let`s not blame things on cold medicine.


PINSKY: Let`s stop it. Stop it. Let`s stop with the cold medicine. Let`s stop with the I`m just wild. Let`s talk about what`s real here. Now, come on, if you want to set the record straight, I want you and I want to defend you, because I think people have been terribly, terribly, terribly unfair to you.

So, now, there`s another -- let`s set the record straight here. There`s been rumors circulating that you`re moving to the U.K. or London. Let set that record straight. Where did that come from? What`s that all about?

KRENTCIL: I have a lot of friends there. And I just want to get a flat. And there`s a couple of movies and stuff I got opportunities to do and just trying to move ahead and let the past be the past and let people understand -- I guess I`m sorry. But, you don`t know me. And I`m sorry.

PINSKY: Patricia, we`re trying to get the record straight and defend you here. Here`s the deal. Are you telling me that all this attention is chasing you overseas? That makes me very sad. Is that what`s happening? It`s been that bad?



PINSKY: Lisa, you get me on this? It`s been -- this woman is a head injury survivor. She -- they`re trying to gloss it with cold medicine. Please, stop it already with that. Let`s -- I mean, my God. But let`s talk about, you know, this woman has a liability. She has a disability from having been beaten repeatedly over the head.

Let`s talk about that and let`s talk about how people attack her for that and chasing her to the U.K. That`s sad.

BLOOM: Well, Dr. Drew, today and all days, I admire your compassion for people, people who are scorned by everyone else. I really do. It`s clear to me that tan mom`s problems are more than skin dip, but let`s get real for a moment. She`s got a business advisor? A business advisor? And she`s got film offers?

And she`s going to celebrity parties? I mean, what does that say about all of us as a culture that we`ve made her into this celebrity and now it`s Tan Mom Inc.?

PINSKY: Leaving us with something to think about. We`re going to hear more of what she told me when I come back.


PINSKY: Back with my co-host this week, Lisa Bloom. Now, Lisa, I asked tan mom in this interview if her days in the sun are over. I bet you can`t wait to hear the answer. Here it goes.

BLOOM: Oh boy.



RAMOS: No, you`re not. She calls me every few days says I`m going tanning. I`m going tanning. And I`m saying, you`re going to wreck all this gorgeousness that we worked so hard to do? But she says, well, maybe from the neck down she`ll tan, but --

PINSKY: Wait, wait. Hold on a second. That`s actually important. There are people out there that hypothesize that there`s such a thing as a tanning addiction. That you sort of -- maybe it`s even the light or the UV or what it does to our brain --

KRENTCIL: Now, that`s ridiculous.

RAMOS: She hasn`t tanned in --

KRENTCIL: If I can get over that, I`ve done it my whole life.

PINSKY: You could help other people if we talk about this again, realistically. Do you think you kind of had a tanning addiction? Was that part of what was going on there?

KRENTCIL: No. It`s like a major break from five kids screaming at you Saying I need this, I need that. I have to go here. Let`s basketball, let`s football. It`s this, it`s that. Clean the house, in the ball (ph). But, I will go back out, and I`ll wear sunscreen. I will never tan my face again but definitely my body. So, everyone get ready. And --

PINSKY: Please don`t overdo it.


KRENTCIL: Now, I`ve got a humongous. I`ll be right out there.

RAMOS: But she`ll be wearing sunscreen and her tan mom healthy glow cream.

PINSKY: All right. Fair enough, but again, for everyone else, melanoma, deadly cancer. Squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma is increasingly common in this country. I`m not suggesting that you should go out in the sun. I`m juts saying. You`ve done enough. You look great. Why risk it?

KRENTCIL: What are you doing tonight?

PINSKY: I`m not tanning.

KRENTCIL: Are you golfing?

PINSKY: No, I`m going to do a little show for HLN. I thought I do. It`s Dr. Drew On-Call thing.

KRENTCIL: All right. Well, next time, I`ll look you up. I mean (INAUDIBLE).

PINSKY: Absolutely. Absolutely. I look forward to that. So, listen, so we`ll look forward to your tan screen -- excuse me. We`ll look forward to your sunscreen or your indoor tanning cream.

RAMOS: Self-tanner.

PINSKY: Self-tanner. Right. We will look forward through --

KRENTCIL: Get it together.

PINSKY: I do need to get it together.

KRENTCIL: -- Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: Thank you, Patricia. I feel schooled.


PINSKY: Thanks to tan mom, Patricia Krentcil and Dana Ramos. Dana, Lisa, is the author of the "Skin Regime Boot Camp For Beautiful Skin." And there`s also -- and tan mom`s skin looks good. She has a new product called tan mom`s healthy glow. It`s going to hit the shelves in a few months. Listen, at least, it`s a self-tanner. It`s not something that people go out in the sun with.

And I want to be clear. I was talking about the different cancers you get from both indoor tanning, meaning the UV, the tanning booths and also from the sun. It`s a serious health problem in this country and it looks ridiculous. So, Lisa, what are your final thoughts.

BLOOM: I think she was wearing makeup and that dark, dark brown skin that you show in that clip. I don`t think that you would tan that dark even if you were in the tanning bed for hundred hours. I just think that`s fake (ph).

PINSKY: People have hypothesized that, but the point, it`s a chance to talk about excess -- and again, I`m worried that her head injury made her more predisposed to the endorphin (ph) release or --

BLOOM: Yes, maybe or maybe she`s just odd. Maybe she`s just a strange person, Dr. Drew. Isn`t that possible?

PINSKY: You have to explain odd, Lisa. It`s possible. But just like with Jodi Arias. Maybe -- Mark Geragos turned to me and said, I think she`s just psycho.


PINSKY: OK. Mark, yes. But I think we can get a little bit deeper that.


PINSKY: OK. I`m going to take another break. We`ll be right back in just a second.


PINSKY: Hey, Lisa, I want to share a little story with you before we wrap up tonight. It sort of was an example for me of how preoccupied people have become with Jodi Arias. I was at a Laker game on Friday night, and there was about six seconds left in the game, and this young man, you may have heard of him, Kobe Bryant?



PINSKY: He came over to me. And Kobe, -- oh, there I am at court side, and he came right over to talk to me about Jodi Arias. And Kobe, by the way, your secret is good between you and me. I will not -- should we actually get to chitchat about Jodi, that`s between you and me, man. But just the fact t it was just so illustrative to me that so -- by the way, he won the game with sheer will. It was unbelievable.


PINSKY: Yes. People were saying that he`s bad to the bone, shouldn`t (ph) have been playing as he walked off the court. But on his mind, apparently, was Jodi Arias.

BLOOM: With six seconds to go in the game, this is what he chose to do? That`s astounding.

PINSKY: That is -- listen, that`s beyond cool, frankly. And then he went won the game, like boom, no big deal. No big deal. I wish I had that kind of cool, even a piece of it. But be that as it may, it`s a sign of how much Jodi is preoccupying all of us.


PINSKY: Wouldn`t you say?


PINSKY: My question to you, Lisa, before we go is, what do you think the break is doing to the jury? Anything?

BLOOM: Well, you know, I`ve had trials that have had a big break in the middle. And it gives the jurors a chance to really sit and think and go over the evidence and kind of come to a deeper decision themselves. And, not only the jurors, but the lawyers as well. And I have a question from one of my Twitter followers. Would you have Jodi Arias take a plea deal right now if that was on the table? The answer would be yes, yes, any kind of --

PINSKY: Could that happen? Could that happen, all of a sudden?

BLOOM: Yes. It could happen in the middle of a trial. It could happen at any time. I tell you, if I represented her and anything other than the death penalty was offered, I would say take it, girl. You`ve got to take it.

PINSKY: Lisa, very interesting. So, maybe something will transpire. We will stay on top of this I guarantee with my great guests. Thanks, Lisa.

BLOOM: Thanks, Drew.

PINSKY: Thanks for watching. I will see you next time. Reminder, "Nancy Grace" begins right now.