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Abducted Kids Returned; Parents Tracked in Cuba; North Korea to Test Fire Missile?; Bubba Watson Breaks Down

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ZORAIDA SAMBOLIN, CNN ANCHOR: New this morning, two kids abducted to Cuba by sailboat, they are returned to the United States by plane. Their parents, right there, those are their mug shots. They're in jail.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: A crazed attacker armed with a knife taken down by a group of college students. We're going to have a live report from campus coming up.

SAMBOLIN: The world on watch over North Korea. The U.S. expecting a missile launch, they say, at any time.

Welcome back to EARLY START. Nice to have you with us this morning. I'm Zoraida Sambolin.

BERMAN: And I'm John Berman. It is Wednesday morning right now, 28 minutes past the hour.

The lead news right now the parents accused of abducting their two young sons and sailing off to Cuba are back on U.S. soil this morning. And they are under arrest. Cuban officials turned the Hakken family back over to the United States after they were spotted Tuesday by a CNN reporter at a marina in Havana. Florida authorities sent a plane to Havana to bring them back to Tampa overnight. They have arrived.

CNN's Victor Blackwell is live in Tampa with the latest. Good morning, Victor.

VICTOR BLACKWELL, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, John. And those parents now facing state charges. Joshua Hakken, the father, facing a federal charge in jail here in Hillsboro County in Florida. The boys, Chase and Cole, are safe at home with their grandparents who now have paternal rights.

The parents lost their paternal rights the day before this alleged kidnapping. Now it was the State Department that originally received information that the Hakkens had arrived in Cuba. They shared that information with the Hillsboro County Sheriff's Office. Also with the FBI. And last night, after the arrest, as the parents and the boys were in U.S. air space, there was a news conference here and we heard from the boy's grandparents, Robert and Patricia Hauser.

Robert spoke for the pair and he talked about the anticipation of having those boys back at home. Listen.


ROBERT HAUSER, GRANDFATHER: Right now we're just looking forward to sitting, getting them in our arms and hugging them and being with them, getting them home where they'll be safe again.


BLACKWELL: Now we're told that medically and physically they're fine. It will take some time to determine if there are any psychological scars of what happened over the last week. But we also know that there was a question yesterday after Patrick Oppmann of CNN spotted and spoke with the Hakkens. What now? Will the Cuban government extradite them, send them back to the U.S., because the extradition between the U.S. and Cuba, inconsistent, unpredictable. Well, he also talked about the cooperation of the government.


DAVE COUVERTIER, SPECIAL AGENTS, TAMPA BAY: In talking to the State Department and our coordination, you know, with the U.S. officials with the government of Cuba, they've been very supportive and they were very cooperative, and all our requests in trying to make sure that we got the family back safely.


BLACKWELL: Of course there are more questions in this story. We're hoping to get those answers. We're told that the grandparents will make themselves, as well as the boys, Chase and Cole, available to answer questions about the ordeal of the last week -- John.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR: Interesting to hear from them.

Victor Blackwell live in Tampa for us this morning. Thanks, Victor.

Yesterday a CNN crew spotted the Hakkens' boat at that marina in Havana. CNN's Patrick Oppman has more.


PATRICK OPPMANN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (on camera): This is how we started our search for American fugitives Joshua and Sharyn Hakken. Right now we're heading out to the Marina Hemingway just west of Havana. It's one of the larger marinas in Cuba. It's also where a lot of foreigners go to keep their boats here and where they stay when they're coming to Cuba.

(Voice-over): To get past the marina security, it helps to keep your camera out of view. The guards soon tell me to leave.

(On camera): We're being bothered now by the security they're asking us to leave.

We're outside the Marina Hemingway where there's a lot more security than when we were here earlier. Then we were just able to drive in and immediately start looking for the Hakkens' boat. We went back up in this area here and there are dozens of boats from the United States but none that match the description that we've gotten from police.

The last boat that we saw the salty really stood out because it was a much smaller boat, and as soon as we got there and started filming I saw Josh Hakken get out of the boat. You know, he asked me who I was. I said I was an American reporter. He confirmed who he was and then immediately got back in the boat.

Cuban authorities came out immediately, some of them packing pistols and told us that we needed to leave. But we were able to convince them before they kicked us out that allow me to go up without a camera and speak to Josh Hakken. They're obviously came very close eye on them but they let us go up to the boat and he wouldn't speak to me but his wife confirmed to us that both their sons are with them. And as she said, they're doing fine.

Patrick Oppmann, CNN, Havana.



BERMAN: Just terrific reporting from Patrick there.

SAMBOLIN: It really is incredible. All right. Thank you for that.

Thirty-two minutes past the hour. New developments this morning about a frightening scene on a college campus in Texas. A stabbing rampage. The suspect under arrest. Twenty-year-old Dylan Quick is accused of injuring 14 people in yesterday's attack. There he is. Officials say Quick told investigators that he planned the assault and that he had fantasized about stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school.

CNN's Ed Lavandera is live in Cypress, Texas. Good morning to you, Ed.

ED LAVANDERA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, Zoraida. Well, students are hoping that things get back to normal here today on the campus of Lone Star College, where the buildings will reopen as normal. But yesterday was far from normal, as a student, as you mentioned, went on this rampage and thanks to three students in particular, it was all brought to a close quickly.


LAVANDERA (voice-over): Investigators say Dylan Quick unleashed a rapid and frightening attack on 14 people as he walked through a hallway at the Lone Star College campus in Cypress, Texas.

Cassie Foe says it was surreal to watch the horrific scene unfold. She was in a classroom when she heard students screaming.

(On camera): How in the world did someone stab 14 people? CASSIE FOE, WITNESSED STABBING: Basically he used his backpack as a shield and he gets close to the person, kind of bumps into them and stabs them at the same time. So it's --

LAVANDERA: So it was that quick?

FOE: So it's that quick just -- and then out and down the other way.

LAVANDERA: So this guy is walking and he's just leaving this trail of pain behind him, right?

FOE: Basically. He was just stabbing anyone in his way. There was no pattern. There was no method. It was completely random.

LAVANDERA (voice-over): Fourteen people were wounded in the surprising assault. Four had to be airlifted to hospitals. For many, it was all over before they could figure out what had happened.

The wounds were gruesome, a piece of a blade broke off in one victim's cheek. Others were stabbed in the throat and face. As students ran from the chaos, a group of three students went after the attacker. One of them was Steven Maida.

STEVEN MAIDA, WITNESS STABBING: And the next thing was there was a guy stabbing girls in the face. I was like, all right, I've got to go in there, I got to go help, and see what I can do.

LAVANDERA: Maida says he and two other students started chasing Dylan Quick through the buildings and finally caught up with him outside by a parking lot.

MAIDA: I jumped back on him. And I didn't want to take a chance. So I put him on his stomach and put his hands behind his back, and that's when the first cop came and put the cuffs on him and started searching him.

LAVANDERA (on camera): And when you guy get on top of him, what did he say?

MAIDA: Well, he did -- he's like, I give up right away. I give up. And I was on top of him, it's like, why did you do this? What made you want to stab these girls?

LAVANDERA (voice-over): Maida says he didn't get an answer, but investigators say Dylan Quick said he's had fantasies of stabbing people since he was in elementary school and had planned this attack for some time.

Investigators also say Dylan Quick used a razor type knife and has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


LAVANDERA: Several witnesses did also tell us that they saw male victims that were wounded, as well, in all of this. And the last we heard, there are two of these victims that are still in critical condition, so, Zoraida, we'll continue to monitor those -- that situation throughout the day, as well.

SAMBOLIN: So scary that he said that he fantasized about this since he was in elementary school. Just incredible details.

Ed Lavandera live for us, thank you.

BERMAN: Thirty-six minutes after the hour. The crisis in North Korea threatening to boil over this morning. According to one U.S. official, the White House believes the test firing of a mobile ballistic missile by the North could be imminent. The world's waiting anxiously to find out Kim Jong-Un's next move. With Reuters reporting South Korea is asking China to step in and help.

Jim Clancy monitoring the latest developments for us. He is in Seoul, South Korea.

Good morning, Jim.

JIM CLANCY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Good morning to you, John. You know, it's now a waiting game. I'm told that usually these missiles are launched during daylight hours. You can see behind me it is now past sundown here in Seoul. So it may be another 12 hours before the window opens up again.

But officials are convinced it is going ahead. Like Japan and South Korea, they have batteries of Patriot missiles to protect urban areas from the possibility of a missile coming down here, whether on purpose or whether by accident. Those have all been activated.

Also, they're on a higher state of alert. You know, there's long been a suspicion of sleeper cells. North Koreans who defected and came here but are still loyal to Pyongyang. We talked to the Unification minister today about that threat, and whether or not South Korea was prepared to deal with it. Here's what he had to say.


RYOO KIHL-JAE, SOUTH KOREAN UNIFICATION MINISTER (Through Translator): South Korea has been living under such threats in the past and we are always prepared for it. We are prepared for any kinds of complications, and we think this is an ordinary situation. We will deal with the situation wisely.


CLANCY: Now the South Koreans do not expect a frontal assault by the North Koreans. They don't expect this missile launch as anything more than a test. But they're worried about those smaller-scale provocations, sleeper cells, just one of their concerns -- John.

BERMAN: I imagine for both South Korea and the United States the first question will be, is it a successful test? And then the question will be, what kind of response to give to the North Koreans, Jim, and how quickly. CLANCY: Well, you know, a lot of people have asked about the response. Could there be more sanctions? Well, that is a possibility. I think what it really does is it makes more distant, North Korea's hopes of engagement, because this has been three relentless weeks of fiery rhetoric aimed at both Washington and Seoul, that has rattled the neighborhood, so to speak, here.

And it's not likely that many people on the Security Council, many people in Washington, are really willing to seriously engage the North right now. It has been wholly counterproductive for them. But they're not convinced of that, of course, John.

BERMAN: All right, Jim Clancy for us in Seoul, South Korea, this morning monitoring the situation there.

Thanks, Jim.

SAMBOLIN: Thirty-eight minutes past the hour. Trending online this morning, after taking heat from Florida lawmakers over their trip to Cuba, Beyonce and Jay-Z are getting some support from the U.S. Treasury. The Treasury Department confirms that Beyonce and Jay-Z's recent trip to Cuba was approved in advance by the U.S. government.

A travel embargo prohibits Americans from visiting Cuba for tourism, but a letter sent by Treasury officials to two members of Congress states that their visit was part of an educational exchange program which is allowed.

BERMAN: The White House paid tribute to Memphis soul music with an all-star concert last night. The president obviously impressed when Booker T. and the Memphis soul all-stars greeted him with the instrumental, "Green Onions."

Here's what he had to say about that.


BARACK OBAMA, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: Everybody, please have a seat. It is now my second term, so rather than hail to the chief, we're going with that.


BERMAN: Sam Moore of "Sam and Dave" was there to sing his Memphis anthem "Soul Man." Justin Timberlake sang "Dock of the Bay" with guitarist Steve Cropper who co-wrote the famous Ottis Redding classic.

SAMBOLIN: Can we just listen in? Apparently not, right?


BERMAN: I think that we have to pay. Do you have money in your wallet? Mavis Staples performed "I'll Take You There."

SAMBOLIN: I love that song.

BERMAN: Here's one note. Presidential favorite Al Green was supposed to perform but had to cancel because of a back injury.

Coming up later this morning on STARTING POINT we're going to hear all about last night from music director and legendary Memphis soul keyboardist Booker T.

SAMBOLIN: Cool. Maybe we'll find out if the president sang a little bit. Although I would imagine we'd have a little bit of that this morning.

So what's better than winning $40,000? Finding out you've actually won a heck of a lot more. You will be dancing like this woman if you did. We'll be right back.


CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Two lawmakers may have reached a deal on background checks. All this week, CNN look at all how those checks really work. And later we'll talk with the sister of one of the Newtown shooting victim. That's first grade teacher Vicki Soto. We're going to talk to her sister about this move for background checks.

Plus the White House got a little soul last night. The president and the first lady --


ROMANS: -- hosted a talented cast of musicians honoring Memphis soul. We're going to talk with the evening's band leader and music legend, Booker T. Jones.

And John Berman got a chance to sit down with Sir Richard Branson, the mogul's airline, Virgin America expanding in a big way and John played business reporter. I'm not jealous at all.

BERMAN: I got to sit in first class.


SAMBOLIN: Where were you headed?

BERMAN: In the front row. You know, we got all the way to Newark. We went from Newark to Newark.


BERMAN: So, it was an epic flight.

SAMBOLIN: Did you taxi?

BERMAN: We did not even move.



SAMBOLIN: I bet it was a fascinating interview, though.


BERMAN: The guy's very, very interesting guy. Look forward to seeing --

ROMANS: Very smart.

BERMAN: Thanks, Christine.

So, the monster storm that dumped several inches of snow out west, canceled almost 500 flights at Denver International, and dropped hail on Iowa and Nebraska, that storm is on the move. Jennifer Delgado --


BERMAN: It sure is. Jennifer Delgado watching the storm for us from the severe weather center. Jennifer, where is it going?

JENNIFER DELGADO, AMS METEOROLOGIST: You know, it's going very slowly right now, John and Zoraida. But it's going to be making its way over towards the east. And that means, eventually, we're going to see some showers and thunderstorms moving into the northeast. On the radar right now, there is a lot of action out there. We're getting a big workout this morning.

Look at the lightning from areas including Michigan through areas including Chicago, down towards Texas, a lot of lightning. And in the pink, that is that freezing rain, that sleet mix that's coming down through parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, even into Texas. This is going to make for dangerous commute on the roadways. So, take it slowly. And of course, this is going to cause a lot of cancellations with the flights today.

And down to Texas, you can see from Abilene into Dallas, getting hammered with the lightning. More of that is going to be on the way, because we're also talking severe weather as we go through the afternoon. But before that, more snow coming down, ice warnings, as well as winter storm warnings in place, even up towards regions like Minnesota, but they're expecting a foot or potentially more for areas like Minneapolis.

Even into Green Bay, the snow is not done, even though, it says April. As we go through the day, here's the setup. The snow is going to be up to the north. We're also going to be looking at a flood threat for parts of the upper Mississippi Valley. Severe storms from Texas, we're talking Houston all the way over towards Maryland. Warm air still in the south

And look what's going to be happening today with the temperatures. We're talking 80s and 90s. D.C., your first 90-degree weather. 30s and 40s out towards the west, and then the cold air will continue to progress from west to east. Watch those numbers drop from Wednesday as well as into Thursday. Say good-bye to those 80s, New York City.

SAMBOLIN: Oh. BERMAN: Thanks so much, Jennifer.

DELGADO: It was nice short lived.

BERMAN: I know.

SAMBOLIN: But we enjoyed it. Thank you.

Forty-seven minutes past the hour. A woman in Toronto, Canada was thrilled at winning $40,000 in the lottery. But, when Maria Carreiro took a closer look at the lotto ticket, she couldn't believe her eyes. You know what she won? $40 million! One of Maria's two daughters was simply overcome with emotion.


MANUELA CARREIRO, DAUGHTER OF LOTTO WINNER: It still hasn't sunk in. You know, my dad worked so hard, and we've been struggling so much. $40 million is so much money.


SAMBOLIN: Look at mom.



BERMAN: I just love the dance. That's the $40 million dance, by the way.

SAMBOLIN: Love it. Love it. Maria plans on buying herself and her daughters new homes and cars. You can be crying for joy little girl there. First, though, she'll take the entire family to Disney World.

BERMAN: The $40 million dance, by the way, is that much more exciting and active than say, like, $40,000 dance.

SAMBOLIN: Yes. No, that -- can you imagine? $40,000, $40 million.

BERMAN: I'd like it so much.

SAMBOLIN: Yes, I would like it, too. So, they say there's no crying in baseball, but Bubba Watson making it OK in golf. Oh, look at this.

BERMAN: This was wonderful. This was wonderful.

SAMBOLIN: Today's "Bleacher Report" -- and it was wonderful according to Berman -- headed your way next.


SAMBOLIN: One year later and he is still crying tears of joy. Masters champion, Bubba Watson, broke down yesterday, sharing a personal story about the green jacket. Joe Carter has more in the "Bleacher Report." That was quite a moment. JOE CARTER, BLEACHER REPORT: Yes. Yes, it was. And you know what, I like about Bubba is that he's real. That's what a lot of people attach to Bubba Watson. Last year, of course, the world watched him as he won the Masters like a man, and then shortly after, cried like a baby. There he is gushing tears of joy with mom.

One year later, Bubba's back in Augusta, recalling a story about what he did with his infant son, Caleb, after he won the green jacket.


BUBBA WATSON, DEFENDING MASTERS CHAMPION: I told him that I was going to go home and wrap Caleb up in it. But I --


WATSON: Me, too.


WATSON: Out of respect. Out of honor, I'll -- I'll finish. Try to. Out of respect and honor for Augusta National and one of the greatest clubs we have, one of the greatest tournaments, out of respect for them, I didn't do any of my funny antics that I normally would do. So, the only thing I did was wrap Caleb up in it.


CARTER: See, that's a sweet story. Very sweet. Now, since Bubba's the defending champion, he got to pick the menu for the champion's dinner. And Bubba, well he went Bubba. Chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, mac and cheese, comfort food. Now, Tiger Woods, of course, is a past champion. He's won the Masters four times before.

This year, watch out competition. He says he's feeling very balanced with his life and very comfortable with every aspect of his golf game. Now, coming into this tournament, he's won three tournaments, so far. He's ranked number one in the world again. So, he's obviously the favorite to win the Masters.

The annual Par 3 contest is this afternoon in Augusta. It's always a family affair. Current and past superstars bring out the kids and grandkids. Rory McIlroy, on the other hand, is bringing his girlfriend, tennis superstar, Caroline Wozniacki is going to be carrying his bag. Caroline should be in for a great day, which means maybe next year, Tiger and Lindsey Vonn will be pairing up for the Par 3contest.

You can also check out a complete guide to this year's Masters which starts tomorrow at

Louisville men's basketball coach, Rick Pitino, made the flight from Atlanta to New Orleans to watch the lady Cardinals take on UConn in the national championship game. But the women's team did not fare as well as the men. UConn dominated from start to finish. They cruised to a 93-60 win. It was the most lopsided win in women's final ever. It's also UConn's eighth national title. UConn's coach, Geno Auriemma, has won eight national titles with the team. He ties Pat Summitt for all-time national championships.

SAMBOLIN: Berman -- joy for the UConn girls this morning.

BERMAN: Bubba Watson-like tears of joy.


SAMBOLIN: Thank you, Joe.

BERMAN: Joe Carter, thank you so much.

And I did not cry during the Bubba Watson story. She was staring at me to see if I would mist up when Bubba Watson was talking about his son.

SAMBOLIN: You did. So sensitive.

EARLY START back after the break.


SAMBOLIN: That is it for EARLY START. Thanks for being with us today. I'm Zoraida Sambolin. "STARTING POINT" with John and Christine Romans starts right now.