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Countdown of Top 3 Body Image Buzzmakers; Carton`s Insight About Killing The Bomber On Boston Marathon; Joe Jonas Found A Date On His Concert On July; Kim Kardashian Envy Her Little Sister`s Body; The New Superman, "Man Of Steel"

Aired April 17, 2013 - 23:00   ET



A.J. HAMMER, HOST OF SHOWBIZ TONIGHT: Right now on the showbiz countdown, terror outrage. NFL legend Boomer Esiason won`t back down after he agreed with his radio co-host, Craig Carton, who said the Boston marathon bomber should be killed without a trial.


CRAIG CARTON, AMERICAN RADIO PERSONALITY: I have very strong beliefs that if you catch someone who did it, there`s no trial, and you kill him and then you dealt with it.

HAMMER (voice-over): And Seth McFarlane takes on the conspiracy theorists who say an episode of "Family Guy" predicted the horrific bombings. Big stars fighting back over Boston marathon backlash. "Showbiz Tonight" starts right now.


HAMMER: Hello. I`m A.J. Hammer. Thank you for watching. Tonight in the "Showbiz Countdown," terror outrage. We`re counting down the top three stories of outrage that are breaking today about the Boston Marathon terror bombing.

Kicking off the countdown at number three. The outrage over the bombing from the hosts of one of the biggest sports talk radio shows in the country, the Boomer and Carton show, hosted by football legend and CBS NFL commentator Boomer Esiason along with Craig Carton, taking calls from Boston on their New York radio show. And, Craig saying, forget a trial for whoever might be behind the bombings, just kill him. Watch this.


CARTON: I don`t want any of this to be political. I have very strong beliefs that if you catch someone who did it, there`s no trial, and you kill them and then you dealt with it. That`s just how I feel, though. I know that goes against the way a lot of people believe, but it`s my own personal sensibilities.

Find out the person who did it. If you know 100 percent complete sure that`s the person who did it, you end that person, and that`s it. It`s very simple to me but that`s me. And, then you get off on a whole different tangent, and I don`t want to go in that direction, and I know that angers a lot of people.


HAMMER: Yes. Well, there is no doubt how Craig feels about it, but kill a suspect before being brought to trial? I want to take this to John Fugelsang, who is the host "Viewpoint" on Current T.V. He`s in New York tonight.

Pat Lalama is in Hollywood. Pat is correspondent for investigation discovery. And, to be clear Craig made those comments before today`s reports of a suspect. And, while we do have to let the justice system obviously do its thing, pat, emotions are running very high right now and I`m guessing he is saying what a lot of people may be thinking, as harsh as that seems.

PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATION DISCOVERY CORRESPONDENT: I don`t think it`s outrageous to feel this way. I`m not saying it should be executed, vigilantism, not a good thing. But, I think that there`s an overall sense of helplessness. We were this great nation.

We didn`t have to worry about these sorts of things. Now, it feels like even the authorities can`t keep everything in check. It`s helplessness. It`s one guy who says, it`s not hopefully ever going to be executed. But, in a way, we can understand the sense of helplessness.

HAMMER: John, what do you think? Because that`s not how my brain works. As angry as I am about what happened, like everybody else, I just don`t think that way and would never suggest something like that. But, I know that there are a lot of people who do feel that way?

JOHN FUGELSANG, HOST OF VIEWPOINT: Well, A.J., it`s good to see you again, and of course, no one is more shocked than me when a couple of jocks rush to a testosterone-driven conclusion like this.

However, you do have a right to free speech in this country, but you also have the right to not say the first emotion driven thing that pops into your head. Unfortunately, our legal system and Jesus go completely against what these guys are talking about.

HAMMER: Yes. And, look, there`s a lot of -- a lot to be said, john, as you`ve implied there, about just being responsible about what you say. And, that`s the reason that Craig Carton is getting a lot of heat today online. There`s one blogger named John Amato. I want to read what he wrote, in part.

"I run this to remind Boomer & Carton and others populating our airwaves that you have to do a better job at not inflaming hatred and revenge. Our justice system is sacrosanct and should not be dismissed as an annoyance to getting what one believes is their own form of justice." That`s where I`m coming from, Pat. Do you think that blogger really speaks for most people?

LALAMA: Yes. Look, I mean here`s the thing. Let`s make it clear. I don`t promote vigilantism in any way, shape, or form. I`m only just trying to understand what inspires someone to speak like this. We may perceive this as irresponsible. It does feel irresponsible. He has a right to say it. This is America but, please, for heaven`s sakes, that`s where it should end. Let`s not take it to the next level.

HAMMER: Well said. There is, obviously, a great deal of sensitivity to everything that`s going on in Boston and the marathon bombing and that takes us to number two on our showbiz terror outreach countdown.

A British T.V. network has just revealed it`s yanking a 3-year-old comedy called "Four Lions." The reason for that is the plot revolves around a terrorist plan to bomb a marathon. In this case, it`s the London marathon.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE (1): Two, three, action.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (2): I know you don`t in busters. I`m going to tell you - -

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (3): No, no, no.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (2): What`s with the gun? It`s too small, man.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (3): Not too small.


HAMMER: All right, these inept terrorist wannabes in the movie are played for laughs. But, the British network, I think, wisely decided that no one would find it someone funny, so they cancelled this week`s airing. John, my friend, you`ve been doing all kinds of comedy for a long time. How do you decide when it`s OK to be funny again about sensitive topics like this? Obviously, we`re well away from that as far as Boston is concerned right now.

FUGELSANG: Well, on the surface, you know, it`s when your humor wouldn`t upset or hurt anybody. But, let`s be honest, this was a business decision and it was a smart business decision. This would have led to boycotts. It`s a very funny show and I`m all for using humor as a weapon against godless imbeciles like terrorists.

But, for example on my show, "Viewpoint, we close every evening with a commentary called "The F-bomb." It`s in the F block and my last name -- my horrible last name begins with that letter. And, I let my staff know on Monday afternoon we would not be using that graphic again on the show. it`s really just a matter of one`s own individual sensitivity and hopefully as in the case with the Brits` friends over here. They knew that this was not a right time, and I`m sure no one`s going to be too shocked by it.

HAMMER: Well, John, you and I have known each other for, what 15 years or so, I`ve always enjoyed saying Fugelsang. You need a break.

FUGELSANG: Thank you.

HAMMER: You`re welcome.

FUGELSANG: It`s not quite Hammer, but I`ll take the compliment where I can. Thanks.

HAMMER: As we move on. There`s another comedy with a questionable question to the Boston marathon that is number one tonight on our "Showbiz Countdown" of the big stories breaking today over terror outrage. The "Family Guy" conspiracy theory. A radio host just suggested Fox`s "Family Guy" predicted the Boston bombing, even suggesting that the media knew about it in advance.

And, he`s circulating a deceptively edited video clip from a "Family Guy" episode that aired last month, where Peter Griffin appears to detonate bombs at the Boston marathon. The problem is, that clip originally posted by a conspiracy site, was edited in a way that totally distorts what really happened in the original episode of "Family Guy" and in a big way.

And, we want people to know that, so in case you do see it, this is not how it played out on the show. And this, of course, has really upset so many people, including the guy who created "Family Guy," Seth McFarlane, who`s publicly slamming what these people did, I think obviously, for very good reason. Pat, this is just crazy, isn`t it?

LALAMA: But, A.J., listen. Here`s the deal. One doofus, one knucklehead, uses the weapon of the internet at his fingertips and, you know, takes this episode out of context and I believe it`s the mainstream media that`s creating the hysteria over this.

Why not worry more, mainstream media, of which I am a member, and have been for many decades, why not worry more about who is the correct person being arrested or not arrested in the Boston, you know, horror that just happened. Why don`t we worry about another network that took the Trayvon Martin 911 call? Doctored it, took it out of context, and threw a racial firestorm.

Why don`t we worry about the things that really matter instead of giving this guy the attention. And, by the way, maybe I`m not hip enough to understand today`s humor, but why is Seth McFarlane even including mowing down people in his episode and terrorism. I`m sorry, I guess I`m just not cool enough to understand where that humor lies.

HAMMER: Separate from Seth McFarlane`s type of humor, you know, these are the types of things that people are really talking about and talking about them strongly. Well, let me read to you the reaction from "Family Guy" creator Seth McFarlane, who is slamming the "Family Guy" conspiracy theorists with something he just tweeted.

He said, "The edited `Family Guy` clip currently circulating is abhorrent. The event was a crime and a tragedy and my thoughts are with the victims." I mean, john, you can`t blame Seth for being so upset.

FUGELSANG: No. If you want me to be mad at Seth, you can still be mad about his boo song at the Oscars, but this is an insult to Seth and all the others who worked on this cartoon --

LALAMA: Yes. That too.

FUGELSANG: Now, A.J., there`s different levels of exploitation. You can exploit a disaster to promote a political cause completely unrelated and that`s disgusting. You can exploit a disaster to have a tacky joke on Twitter and that`s disgusting.

But, to exploit a disaster, just to doctor someone else`s work for sheer titillation. The particular radio host you were discussing, and I`m glad we`re not saying this individual`s name. It might be offensive to others at his outpatient clinic, is a guy who likes to advance all kinds of tinfoil hat conspiracy theories.

And, this is just, you know, another example of how appalling it is. He`s using this doctored footage to suggest there`s a new world order conspiracy. We`re on our day where the democratic party has proven they can`t even get background checks with 91 percent of support from the American people. It`s a joke and I`m gladly you calling in on it.

HAMMER: We`re going to leave it there. Pat, John, thank you both very much. And, now we are going to completely shift gears. There is a lot more going on today. And, still ahead tonight on "Showbiz Tonight." The new Kim Kardashian video that`s got everybody talking.


KIM KARDASHIAN, HOLLYWOOD PERSONALITY: Look at this body, on my little sister, Kendall Jenner -- it`s a joke.


HAMMER: Wow! This is seriously uncomfortable. Tonight, on "Showbiz Tonight," The new Kim Kardashian video that got everybody talking.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Look at this body, on my little sister`s Kendall Jenner --


KIM KARDASHIAN: It is just a joke.



HAMMER: Wow! This is seriously uncomfortable. Tonight, in another Showbiz Countdown, did Kim`s envy over her teenage sister`s body just make her a full-fledged creeper? I mean, come on. Is that shocking enough to top our countdown or will this take the number one slot?

Some of Hollywood`s biggest actresses just revealed it all in a brand new nude photo shoot. Which body image buzz maker will take the top slot? This is SBT, "Showbiz Tonight."



HAMMER: Now on "Showbiz Tonight," Geico`s 15 minutes of fame.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (1): Because she`s athletic!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (2): Because she`s a vixen.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (3): Because she`s got rocking dance moves.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (4): Did you hear about Shanna?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE (5): At least it`s not a high school prom.

HAMMER: That is Pepperdine University students who made a wild plea to convince pop star Joe Jonas to take her to her senior formal. What an invite. Well, Joe turned down the request, but he offered up one of the best response videos ever with an unexpected twist.


JOE JONAS, HOLLYWOOD ARTIST: So, I have a proposition for you. On July 10th, in Chicago, Illinois, I would like to fly you out, escort you to my concert. What do you think? I know, it`s going to be great. I want you front row or on stage, your choice. We will have an amazing time together. What do you think?


HAMMER: Wow, how amazing is Joe Jonas. And is that invite the real deal? Shanna Coley gave me the inside story straight from Hollywood.

HAMMER: Did you accept this invite from Joe Jonas? Are you going to the big concert?

SHANNA COLEY: No, I`m not going -- No, of course I`m going! I`m so excited! of course, of course!

HAMMER: I mean that`s pretty amazing that he turned around and did this for you. Let me show everybody, how much of a Joe Jonas fan you really are because he tried to trick you on the "Today" show. You`re so good, you didn`t miss a beat. Let`s look at that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: But, you know what? I noticed this sign over here, did you see this guy is looking for a date for the concert in July. Come on over, can you -- What`s your name?

JONAS: My name is Ned.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Ned. Where you from, Ned?

COLEY: Oh, my God!

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Why are you screaming?

COLEY: Because it`s Joe Jonas.


HAMMER: I can`t believe you totally recognized him. But, it may have taken you a moment. What was going through your mind when you finally met Joe in person?

COLEY: When I finally met him -- well, first of all, I just want to clarify, when I watched that clip, I realized that it kind of sounded like I was dissing the makeup artist when I said, "Oh I can tell by the makeup." And, really when he started to getting closer to me, I can tell that there was a beard kind of stuck on him. And, I was like, "Wait a second. This is Joe Jonas, isn`t it?" I don`t even know what was going through my head. Honestly, it was just crazy. It was awesome, though.

HAMMER: Certainly, not something you expected when you showed up there at the "Today" show, I imagine.

COLEY: No, not at all.

HAMMER: So, tell me what it`s been like for you because there`s a whole lot of craziness that`s been surrounding you since Joe made his big counteroffer to you. What`s that been like?

COLEY: It`s crazy. It`s really, really fun, though, just having the support of my friends and family to help me out with all of this. But, it`s also pretty strange hearing people from high school that haven`t talked to in years, thinks that I`m someone who`s like famous or whatever. But, I mean it`s cool. All of this is really awesome.

HAMMER: Before we went on the air, I checked the YouTube, and nearly a quarter million people who have watched your video. You are a bona fide star. Has anybody recognized you outside of people that you know?

COLEY: No. Not, not really. While I was at a restaurant yesterday and I overheard some other Pepperdine students that I don`t know talking about it, and I just looked over at them and was like, "Hi, how are you? But, and then they were like, that was an awesome video and everything. But, no, not really, not anybody else. No.

HAMMER: So, explain to us, because I think tell me if I`m wrong, there are probably some people out there wondering why a Pepperdine University student is so obsessed with Joe Jonas. You don`t exactly fit the perfect profile. Why is it?

COLEY: Well, you know, if you said that to my friends in high school, they will do like, "You`re wrong, because she was obsessed with him in high school." But, however, when I was a sophomore in college, I thought it would be really fun to ask a celebrity to a formal my senior year.

HAMMER: Why not. And, what a wild ride it`s been. I thank you so much for being here Shanna. And, do me a favor.


HAMMER: Enjoy the concert and then come back and tell us all about your experience.

COLEY: Of course.

HAMMER: Well, I am really looking forward to having Shanna back on "Showbiz Tonight" to find out how everything went. How much fun is she going to have? Well, there is another video that everyone`s buzzing about tonight. Kim Kardashian`s strange bikini video of her teenage sister.


KIM KARDASHIAN: look at this body, on my little sister, Kendall Jenner.


KIM KARDASHIAN: I just said Kendall Jenner.



HAMMER: All right. Kim, we get it. You`re jealous of Kendall`s body. But did you really have to post this kind of creepy video for the whole world to see? This is one of the body image buzz makers in tonight`s showbiz countdown, but which will come out on top. Also, Gwyneth Paltrow`s image is taking a big hit tonight. Why would she was named the most hated star in Hollywood. We get to the bottom of that in "Showbiz Quick Hits." This is "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN.


HAMMER: Now, a Showbiz first look at the powerful new man of steel. I can tell you this is not your father`s superman. Yes, he flies to the air to save today, but there are some very dark moments first. You got to watch this epic new look at man of steel. It is truly putting the super in superman.


RUSSELL CROWE, AS JOR-EL: Goodbye my son. Our hopes and dreams travel with you.

AYELET ZURER, AS LARA LOR-VAN: He`ll be an outcast. They`ll kill him.

CROWE: How? He`ll be a God to them.

What if a child dream of becoming something other than what society had intended? What if a child aspire to something greater?

UNKNOWN FEMALE: My son was in the bus. He saw what Clark did.

KEVIN COSTNER, AS JONATHAN KENT: You`re the answer to `are we alone in the universe.`

DYLAN SPRAYBERRY, AS CLARK KENT AT AGE 13: Can I just keep pretending I`m your son?

COSTNER: You are my son. I have to believe that you were sent here for a reason, and even if it takes the rest of your like, you owe it to yourself to find out what that reason it.

AMY ADAMS, AS LOIS LANE: How do you find someone who has spent a lifetime covering his tracks. For some, he is the guardian angel. For others, a ghost. He never quite fit in.

CROWE: You will give the people of Earth an ideal to strive towards. They will race behind you. They will stumble. They will fall. But, in time, they will join you my son. In time, you will help them accomplish wonders.

MICHAEL SHANNON, AS GENERAL ZOD: Do you believe your son is safe. I will find him.

HENRY CAVILL, AS SUPERMAN: My father believe that if the world found who I really is, they would reject me. He was convinced that the world wasn`t ready. What do you think?

ADAMS: What the "S" stands for?

CAVILL: It`s not an "S". In my world it means hope.

ADAMS: Well, here it is an "S." How about Super --

CAVILL: Excuse me.


HAMMER: Very cool. "Man of Steel." Opens June 14. I know I will be leaving my quarters of solitude to check it out the moment it opens. Well, from your first look at "Man of Steel" to the revolutionary new ad that is trying to change the way women see their selves.


HAMMER: The viral dove ad that exposes women`s distorted images of themselves. This is going to give you a goose bumps. Watch for the big reveal on our stunning "Showbiz Countdown" body image buzz makers. But, could this body-bearing photo spread top the list. The new "Allure" photo shoot that`s revealing the naked truth about some of Hollywood`s biggest stars. Which body image buzz maker is going to grab the top spot on tonight`s showbiz countdown? This is "SBT," "Showbiz Tonight" on HLN.

It`s time now for showbiz say what. Here`s Harrison Ford. He`s throwing out the first pitch at the Padres/Dodgers game. What do you think Harrison is really thinking? Share your thought bubble with us by heading to Fill in the thought bubble, so we can share our favorite answers tomorrow on "Showbiz Tonight."


HAMMER: Right now, the Showbiz Countdown. Body image buzz makers, including this controversial new video that Kim Kardashian just shot of her baby sister, Kendall.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Look at this body on my little sister, Kendall Jenner.


KIM KARDASHIAN: No, I just said Kendall Jenner?


HAMMER: It`s Kim K`s totally uncomfortable sister envy. Now we know she is jealous of Kendall`s body, but is this just seriously creepy? And, is this video bizarre enough to top another body image buzz maker? I`m talking about the naked truth. "Allure Magazine" brand new nude photo shoot of some of Hollywood biggest stars. Only one body image buzzmaker can top the countdown tonight. Which will it be? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT continues right now.

Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT and thank you for watching. I`m A.J. Hammer in New York.

And let`s get right to the SHOWBIZ countdown, the day`s top three body image buzzmakers. We begin at No. 3. This incredible new video that has women around the world doing a double take. It`s an all-new Dove Beauty campaign commercial that uses an FBI-trained sketch artist to get women to take a second look at themselves, and it really dramatically shows how so many women have disturbing, distorted views of what they really look like. It really is stunning. You`ve got to watch how this whole thing plays out.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m a forensic artist, worked for the San Jose Police Department from 1995 to 2011.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I showed up to a place I had never been, and there was a guy with a drafting board.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We couldn`t see them, they couldn`t see us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell me about your hair.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I didn`t know what he was doing. But then I could tell, after several questions, that he was drawing me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Tell me about your chin.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It kind of protrudes a little bit, especially when I smile.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My mom told me I had a big jaw.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What would be your most prominent feature?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I kind of have a fat, rounder face.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The older I`ve gotten, the more freckles I`ve gotten.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I would say I have a pretty big forehead.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Once I get a sketch, I say, thank you very much, and then they leave. I don`t see them.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: All I had been told before the sketch was to get friendly with this other woman, Khloe.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Today I`m going to ask you some questions about a person you met earlier, and I`m going to ask you some general questions about their face.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She was thin, so you could see her cheekbones. And her chin, it was a nice, thin, chin.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She had nice eyes. They lit up when she spoke.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She had blue eyes, very nice, blue eyes.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: So here we are. This is the sketch that you helped me create. And that`s a sketch that somebody described of you.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See, yes, that`s --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: She looks closed off and fatter, sadder, too. The second one looks more open, friendly and happy.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I should be more grateful of my natural beauty. It impacts the choices in the friends that we make, the jobs we apply for, how we treat our children. It impacts everything. It couldn`t be more critical to your happiness.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you think you`re more beautiful than you say?



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: We spend a lot of time as women analyzing and trying to fix the things that aren`t quite right, and we should spend more time appreciating the things that we do like.


HAMMER: Wow. Did you see that coming? So enlightening, so smartly done. Let me bring in actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, who`s with me tonight from Philadelphia. Sheryl is soon going to be starring in the new series, "Instant Mom," alongside Tia Mowry on Nick at Night. Can`t wait for that.

But Sheryl, I just thought this thing was fantastic, and obviously you did too, because I know when you first saw the video, you tweeted it right away to your some 40,000 Twitter followers. What struck you the most about it?

SHERYL LEE RALPH, ACTRESS: I just loved everything it said. Look, you are not loving yourself enough. You have got to be able to get up, look in the mirror, and love what you see. Because you are far more beautiful and perfect than you think. Oh, I loved that whole sentiment. And then, when the woman said, when you start to feel better about yourself, it changes how you see the world and how the world sees you. And it`s so true. It`s a simple little thing, but it is so true. As RuPaul would say, you`ve got to love yourself first. How in the hell do you think anybody else is going to do it?

HAMMER: It`s amazing how poignant it all is. Clearly, let`s not fool ourselves, it is a commercial to sell a product, but I think it`s gone viral for all the right reasons.

RALPH: That`s right.

HAMMER: A lot of people online are commenting on it, saying it`s gone viral because it sends just the right message.

I want to bring in Chrissy Teigen, who was a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and a TV host. All right, Chrissy, you work in an industry where, let`s face it, image is everything. Do you connect why this hits home for so many women?

CHRISSY TEIGEN, MODEL/TV HOST: 100 percent, definitely. I`ve actually loved Dove for all of their past campaigns as well for the last few years, especially the ones where they`re showing rolls and little dimples here and there. They`ve always gotten a pass from me. For years, I`ve loved them. But obviously, I work in an industry where, you know, maybe we are feeding into this ourselves, of course, but it just shows that we`re all our own most harsh critic. I know I`m extremely critical of myself and any photographs I take. And while campaigns like this are great, I do wish that the actual advertisers and brands and, you know, I wish they would hire, you know, say, curvier women or maybe do less photoshopping. That is something that would make, you know, make me feel a little bit better. These campaigns are great. They`re a little dramatic, and, you know --

HAMMER: Well, it`s the nature of the beast.

RALPH: We love the drama!


TEIGEN: That music. I was going to cry by the end.

HAMMER: We love the drama. I also applaud Dove for all that they`ve done. And some of the things you mentioned about putting more women on with less air brushing or more realistic body types. It`s happening, just not enough. Let`s take a closer look at some of the sketches of how the women see themselves and how others see them. I mean, they`re so stunningly different, Sheryl. Do you think that women really have such distorted images of themselves, by and large?

RALPH: Absolutely! Look, every time I smile, I am aware that my right tooth tilts a little bit too far out, and I always think, Invisalign (ph)! Absolutely. Women don`t really stop to really know, look, you look good, girl. You got up at 5:00 this morning, got four kids out to school, and your husband, too, then yourself, went to your first job, came home, went to the second shop. You look good. You are doing a great job. So smile and let the world see that, because you got it.

HAMMER: Everybody smile.

All right, from one eye-opening beauty campaign to another. We move to No. 2 on our SHOWBIZ body image buzzmakers countdown. It`s the women of Hollywood stripping down and posing without a stitch of clothing. "Allure" magazine revealed today its new "look better naked" issue. And Claire Bowen from the hit show, "Nashville," one of my favorites, is one of the women baring it all. She says, the whole thing is meant to inspire other women. Look at this.


CLAIRE BOWEN, ACTRESS: I think this is just supposed to be fun and make people feel better about themselves that someone can just go, OK, I`ll take it off, and here, look, these are my imperfections, and I think that the human body is perfectly imperfect.


HAMMER: So, these Hollywood actresses are saying, hey, you know what, we are all in the same boat, we have body image issues just like women who are not in the spotlight. And Chrissy, a moment ago you said, yes, I got issues with it all too. And that goes against the grain of what people might think, because you`re a swimsuit model. You have a perfect look. We would think, that`s not possible.

TEIGEN: Oh, gosh, no, just like Sheryl said, I find things that I am so fixated on. I`m like, I`ve got one little lazy eye here, oh no, I can`t do that pose, I`m all over the place, and I`m very critical.

What I love about this is that they are pretending they have imperfections. I mean, they look amazing. I don`t know if anyone`s going to feel better about themselves by seeing this.

RALPH: Thank you!

HAMMER: You all need to give yourselves a break. Out of all the body image buzzmakers on our countdown, no one can top our No. 1, it`s Kim Kardashian. The very pregnant Kim Kardashian, who has put out a new video. She shot this of her 17-year-old sister, Kendall, sunbathing in a bikini, making comments. And today this was being called really creepy.


KIM KARDASHIAN: Look at this body on my little sister, Kendall Jenner.


KARDASHIAN: I just said Kendall Jenner.


HAMMER: OK, Chrissy, Sheryl, you need to stay right where we are. We`ve got to get into this. And while we`re talking about buzzmakers, get a load of this one. A brand-new poll just named the lovely Gwyneth Paltrow the most hated star in Hollywood. She`s super talented, she`s super beautiful of course she is married to a famous rock star. So why all the hating on Gwen? SHOWBIZ is getting to the bottom of that in tonight`s SHOWBIZ quick hits.

And wait until you see what we named as our moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Welcome back to SHOWBIZ TONIGHT. And tonight in the SHOWBIZ countdown, we are counting down the day`s top three body image buzzmakers. Here`s where we are so far. At No. 3, the viral commercial by Dove that uses an FBI-trained sketch artist to show how women often have really distorted views of their own true beauty. It`s being called the best beauty campaign ever. No. 2, Hollywood`s biggest stars stripped down, posing without a stitch of clothing for "Allure`s" new "look better naked" issue, all to inspire women. And at No. 1 on the countdown, Kim Kardashian`s controversial video that she just shot of her 17-year-old sister lounging in a bikini, and the pregnant Kim commenting how she is jealous of her sister`s body.


KARDASHIAN: Look at this body on my little sister, Kendall Jenner.


KARDASHIAN: No, I just said Kendall Jenner. I said --

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: (inaudible) creepy.

KARDASHIAN: How jealous am I? I`m just saying, I`m so jealous.



KARDASHIAN: I`m not trying to be creepy. Kendall, don`t worry, I won`t call you too skinny. I know you get offended, but I get called too fat, so I`m just saying this is -- yes, it is kind of creepy, but I`m just jealous, and she`s a model, and she`s so tall.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, so tall is what you`re really jealous about, please.


HAMMER: OK, Kim, a lot of people are asking today, did you really have to post that for the world to see? Chrissy Teigen is back with us in New York. She`s a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and a TV host. Sheryl Lee Ralph is in Philadelphia. She will soon be starring in a new series on Nick at Night called "Instant Mom." And Sheryl, to you first. Is there anything wrong with Kim putting Kendall`s body, bod out there like that, I say with a big smile on my face?

RALPH: Honey, you know I love it, and I feel Kim`s pain. When I was pregnant with my first child, my butt used to meet me five minutes after I got to the top of the stairs, too. So I understand why she has this long- legged butt envy of her sister. But, baby, that sister`s body is gorgeous. And some of the most beautiful legs shot from the very perfect angle.

HAMMER: She`s 17!

RALPH: I love it! That`s the way you`re supposed to look at 17.

HAMMER: Well, yes, I guess, I don`t know. We heard Kim right there, on the tape, talking about her body, Kendall`s body, and Khloe, their sister, calling this video of Kendall creepy. Kim`s pregnant, obviously --


HAMMER: We`re not going to see bikini pictures from Kim anytime soon. But Chrissy, do you find this creepy, cool, or is it just like she`s painfully jealous?

TEIGEN: I would like to consider myself pretty undisturbable, but I was a little disturbed upon seeing that. I think it was the look at my sister`s body, whoa! Like, I feel like a creepy old man. And that`s what`s disturbing to me is that a lot of creepy old men are going to be watching this. And, you know, I`m sorry, but everyone`s body is pretty banging at 17. I mean, there`s a lot of people, like, if I could go back and have the -- be able to like, how quickly I could get in shape at 17, but it`s funny, because Kim has such an enviable body for, you know, millions of Americans, and it`s just even interesting to me she would want that body, because I would love Kimmy curves.

HAMMER: The Kimmy curves. And listen, let`s be truthful, also, this is what the Kardashians do. They have let the cameras roll on their reality show lives for years, putting everything out there. So, I guess, Sheryl, this isn`t really any different from any of that, but I do think about the creepy old men factor.

RALPH: Oh, honey, please! This is light stuff compared to what started it all. Ooh. Now, that was creepy.

HAMMER: Now, we know that Kim has been made fun of by the tabloids for her pregnancy weight gain. Of course, that`s disgusting. Kim herself brings up her weight in the video, as we heard there, Chrissy. I`ve been saying all along and I`m sure you agree, everybody just needs to lay off of her about that and what she`s wearing and just let her be pregnant.

TEIGEN: Yes, oh, my God, as a pregnant woman, I can`t imagine.

RALPH: She`s pregnant! She is pregnant!


TEIGEN: I can`t believe people get this much flak for gaining a pound here and there, or people zooming in on cellulite now, that really disturbs me. I hate those beach photos.

RALPH: That`s creepy. That`s truly creepy.

TEIGEN: Paparazzi is kind of where they are going, where they`re taking it now is really bothersome.

HAMMER: I`m sorry, I was distracted. I`m sitting here just watching --


TEIGEN: Yes, what are you doing, AJ?

HAMMER: -- watching Kim`s handiwork with the camera right there.

TEIGEN: A.J., eyes up here.

HAMMER: All right, Chrissy, Sheryl, thank you both so much.

Now, from body image to just plain bad image? There`s a brand-new poll that just named Gwyneth Paltrow the most hated celebrity in Hollywood. I find this unbelievable. What is so terrible about Gwenny? Plus, wait until you see what we have named tonight as our moment of (r)MDNM_SHOWBIZ awesomeness? This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: Time for SHOWBIZ quick hits. This is where we fire through today`s hot topics with lightning speed. And first up, newly single star Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber`s ex, just got grilled by Ellen DeGeneres about what kinds of guys she likes. You got to watch this.


ELLEN DEGENERES: Now, what are you looking for? What do you like in a guy?

SELENA GOMEZ: Someone that can make me laugh.

DEGENERES: All right, funny.



GOMEZ: Great to my parents.

DEGENERES: Great to your parents. Meaning that they`re kind to your parents, not that they`re, in your parent`s eyes, they`re great.

GOMEZ: Yes, I guess.



DEGENERES: And it doesn`t matter if they`re in the business?


DEGENERES: OK. I have a cousin.


GOMEZ: I feel like I`m doing my eHarmony profile.

DEGENERES: There`s no need for that.

GOMEZ: I`ve got Ellen.

DEGENERES: I`ll fix you up.


HAMMER: Who needs eHarmony when you have got Ellen playing matchmaker for you. But we need a second opinion tonight, so back with me from Philadelphia, TV personality and actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, who appears on the excellent hit show, "Smash." OK, Sheryl, you heard Selena say that she would date someone in showbiz or a regular guy. Either. Which one would make a better boyfriend for Selena, you`ve got 30 seconds?

RALPH: Regular guy who treats his parents and her parents well, because she`s a respectful young woman who appreciates a person with good values. Love Selena Gomez.

HAMMER: So you don`t feel being in the business is important to remain relatable and to keep the relationship going without issues?

RALPH: Absolutely not important whatsoever. Love is where you find it, whether the spotlight is on it or not. But it`s much better when the spotlight is on your love.

HAMMER: OK. Let`s move from Selena`s next love to star hate. I`m not a huge fan of what`s going on here. "Star" magazine just revealed the results of its annual most hated celebrity poll, and this poll puts Gwyneth Paltrow right at the top. Coming in at No. 2, Kristen Stewart, who of course infamously cheated on her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. And No. 3, I don`t get this at all, Jennifer Lopez. Gwyneth takes so much flak for everything she does, from her pricy advice on her blog to her new cookbook. Critics always seem to be calling Gwyneth out of touch, Sheryl, but do you get all the hate? Thirty seconds on the clock.

RALPH: Don`t get all the hate at all. First of all, she did kind of tear it with me with the N-words in Paris, but anyway, I got over it. Lipstick and lashes, under the bridge. I love her. She looks good, she`s wealthy, she`s a great mother, don`t get the name Apple, but she is fine. Love her mother even more, and God bless her for her dad. Love her, don`t hate her.

HAMMER: And of course she`s got the big-time rock star husband. That`s pretty cool.


HAMMER: What do you think, Sheryl, should Gwyneth or any of these so-called most hated stars do anything to try and change it up, maybe to show people, hey, I`m not so bad, or should they just stick with what they`re doing and deal with all the haters that are inevitably going to be coming down the pike?

RALPH: I think you just said it, A.J. You`re going to have haters this side, that side. You can`t please all of the people all of the time. And no matter what anybody says, OK, we`re still mad at Anne Hathaway for that haircut, but we will forgive her. Matt Lauer, a little prickly, but it`s fine. Angelina Jolie, she does too much good for you to hate her. Ashton Kutcher, judge is out. Madonna, love her! 50-something and still hot! And Lindsay Lohan, we love her, and we must pray for her. Come on, people!

HAMMER: Hold on a second. Can we put 30 seconds back up on the clock, Charles. Because Jennifer Lopez, I think, look, she left "American Idol," we accepted that, we let her move on, she`s getting all the hate. Help me understand it.

RALPH: I don`t understand it. It`s just because baby`s got junk in her trunk, and she looks good, that hair, that body, that face, 49, 47, I don`t know, got those kids, got that young man named Casper, hot, baby, hot, that`s why you hate her, because you wish you were her. Go on, Jennifer Lopez.

HAMMER: When I hear about the haters, sometimes I just say, what`s wrong with people? Sheryl Lee Ralph, I thank you as always, great to see you.

Well, I can tell you that this 90-year-old grandma has no problem with popularity.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s so real, and it`s a picture in here, huh?


HAMMER: Grandma is a bona fide YouTube star. She just set the Internet aflutter with her reaction to the world of virtual reality. I mean, imagine her seeing that for the first time? You have got to see what else that grandma has to say. And I`m going to show you in tonight`s moment of SHOWBIZ awesomeness. This is SBT, SHOWBIZ TONIGHT on HLN.


HAMMER: It is time for SHOWBIZ awesomeness, where we name the most awesome moment of the day. And tonight, I bet you wish your grandma was this cool. This is 90-year-old Rachel McHassel (ph), and her grandson just introduced her to 3-D virtual reality. Her reaction, well, I`m pretty sure she really liked it. Watch this.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Is it too big for your head?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I`m holding it tight.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you get the picture of her doing that?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I`m taking a video. This is going on YouTube.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: It`s so real, and it`s, it`s a picture in here, huh?




HAMMER: Grandma`s tripping there. Rachel`s grandson did post it on YouTube, and now this grandma is also learning about Internet fame. She`s gotten more than a million hits, and is tonight`s hottest YouTube star.

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