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FBI Releases Images of Bombing Suspects

Aired April 18, 2013 - 19:00   ET


ERIN BURNETT, CNN ANCHOR: OUTFRONT next, manhunt. After breaking the case in the Boston terror attack, the FBI late today releasing a video of two possible suspects, two possible suspects. We are going to go through the images frame by frame.

Plus, we're learning more tonight about the massive explosion at a fertilizer plant in Texas. More than 160 people injured. The death toll continues to rise. There's a lot to cover tonight. Let's go OUTFRONT.

Good evening, everyone. I'm Erin Burnett live in Boston tonight. OUTFRONT tonight, we begin with breaking news. Suspects, plural, revealed. Today FBI officials released video and photos of two male suspects in the Boston marathon bombings.

We want to show that you video right now. We're going to show it to you a lot during this program. We're going to be going through it frame by frame. Suspect one is in the dark hat, walking in front of suspect two in the white hat.

They're walking in the direction of the marathon finish line right before the blast went off. Suspect one, we'll show you the photos. They have still photos of each of them. Again, you see that dark hat. You see he was also wearing a dark colored backpack.

You see the close-up of that backpack. We're going to look at that again in a moment. There could be something very important there. Now suspect two, we'll show you again. He is the one wearing the white hat with the cap backwards.

Authorities say he left a bag believed to contain one of the explosives outside a restaurant called "The Forum" here in Boston on Boylston Street. As FBI official said, quote, "within minutes of the explosion."

That was, of course, the site of the second blast. Now the FBI is asking for your help in trying to find these men. That's why they put the video out there.


RICHARD DESLAURIERS, FBI SPECIAL AGENT IN CHARGE: We consider them to be armed and extremely dangerous. No one should approach them. No one should attempt to ever apprehend them except law enforcement. Let me reiterate that caution. Do not take any action on your own. If you see these men, contact law enforcement.


BURNETT: Anyone with information is asked to call 800-call-fbi. Now to spell those numbers out, 800-225-5324 or go to their website, Drew Griffin was at the FBI press conference today and has been working his sources on the story all day. So Drew, what have you learned? I mean, there were some real surprises in there.

DREW GRIFFIN, CNN INVESTIGATIVE CORRESPONDENT: Erin, when they announced that there was going to be a suspect, but when they got to suspect two, there was an audible gasp in the room because that told a lot of us many things.

That number one this was not just a lone wolf coup who wanted to get some attention, but there was a plan going on. And this crowd was in the news conference as well. They're bothering things. Two people thought it was a good idea to make these bombs together to deliver the bombs together and then possibly have a getaway plan.

I think that's what a lot of the investigators really will be looking at calmly they did it. They weren't suicide bombers. Whatever cause they had, they weren't looking to die for that cause. So we'll have to figure out exactly what was going on. There are two suspects that are outstanding.

BURNETT: Right. That made you feel that there is just the two of them.

GRIFFIN: You know what? I'm going to go ahead and step away from this.

BURNETT: All right. We would like to ask you -- will you please leave our spot. We would appreciate it.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You report the real news.

BURNETT: Drew is dealing with that. That person was causing some issues during the press conference today. I want to bring in FBI profiler John Douglas in the conversation and counter-terrorism expert Jeff Beatty. Thanks to both for taking the time.

Jeff, I want you to take a look at the pictures again. You've been looking at them again and again and again. What stands out about these men in particular? They are young. They're white. They're very confident. They kind of look like college kids.

JEFF BEATTY, COUNTER TERRORISM EXPERT: I hate to say it, but you know, the possibility always exists that's perhaps they're former military who have some experience with these pressure cooker bombs because they've been to Afghanistan, et cetera.

So I think it's wide open as to who exactly they are. One thing that stood out to me, I want to re-emphasize what the FBI said, I saw images with people with their hands in their pockets. It could have been a weapon they had, a hand gun.

So they're right. Stay away. Don't try to apprehend them, armed and dangerous like Timothy McVeigh. But then we came to the backpacks I think that we were talking about a little bit earlier.

BURNETT: Let me just -- we're going to talk about that. We're going to put up a split screen because they talked about suspect number one as you all may now understand with the black backpack.

We want to put that next to the picture that everyone had seen before of the black backpack when they seen it exploded when the pictures they had released - earlier this week. Now, Jeff, you think that that is very important. Here it is. We're looking at that.

BEATTY: Exactly. And, you know it's close, but it doesn't exactly seem to be a match, color wise. And so one of the things that people need to be aware of and the public needs to be aware of when you're at a location is the possibility, heck, even shoplifters use this technique. It is a Trojan horse where you could come into some place, some surveillance camera's view, and you are carrying a backpack --

BURNETT: We have one here. This is a light colored nylon backpack.

BEATTY: Like number two had and then it's easy enough for you to go ahead and take out the actual device that may house the weapon and put that down where you want to put it down and then you can just close it up and you continue your walk through the area.

So that when you next come into the view of the surveillance cameras, you're still carrying the same backpack and you decrease the possibility that you would be considered a suspect because here you are you got what you walked into the frame with.

BURNETT: John, let me ask you about that point that Jeff just made. That you would still have the backpack you walked into the frame with. These young men are confident. Given what Jeff just said, they could be very well aware. You have to assume that they were. That they were going to be on surveillance video.

JOHN DOUGLAS, FORMER FBI PROFILER: Well, the one thing that struck me is they weren't wearing any unique disguise, for example, of the cases I worked or particularly if you recall the una-bomber, he had a hooded sweatshirt and he had sunglasses on.

They didn't wear any unique disguise here. I was really impressed by the type of surveillance photographs they got. And what I really like as an investigator is any time I have two individuals, I have two suspects involved, to me in law enforcement, I can now develop, if I was asked like in my old unit, OK, what can you say?

We're going to do some pro active techniques. We have to release. We're going to release certain types of information to the media because what I want to work on is the dynamics of these two individuals. At some point, we're going to identify them. I'm pretty confident that law enforcement will identify them. Once we identify them, what we're going to do is we would do an assessment of them. To see perhaps maybe this one leader and one is more of a passive follower.

And what I've done in other cases, I was able to predict oftentimes where they will go next, where they will travel next. And what part of the country or -- now if they're known, if they're from the area, what you want to let out to the public, at some point in the investigation is that they have to feel forced to stay in that area.

It would arouse too much suspicion if they would leave. So they're forced to stay there, but now they're seeing themselves on television and my goodness, they have our pictures. You are going to see probably a change in their facial description. One person appeared to have a beard. It looked like he had facial hair.

You can just assume that's going to be gone as well and because you have two, they just did not operate in the vacuum. They had to talk to each other. Had to talk to someone else, someone else in the SAC is exactly right.

The special agent in charge, someone knows something. Someone knows these people. They've overheard them talking in the past. So what they've done is you make the media, you make the public our ally in this investigation.

BURNETT: And Drew, that's an interesting point. Because, you know, Drew was talking about the audible kind of whether it was a gasp or a pause in the room when they said suspects. So now you know that there are two.


BURNETT: That opens the door to more.

GRIFFIN: And not only do you know this guy or that guy, you have ever seen these two guys together? They increase the amount of people who may have known them. Two sets of families, two sets of friends, two sets of neighbors, who are these two guys together? All of those things could spark the one clue they need to find them.

BURNETT: Now, another thing, Jeff, when we talk about how they would have known they were under surveillance, they were so confident, which makes you think, first of all, I would assume, right, they had canvassed this. They had done dry runs. They knew what they were doing. One of the guys, suspect number two, that backpack was thrown over one shoulder.

BEATTY: Right.

BURNETT: Just completely casual.

BEATTY: It was completely casual. It was also in a position where it would be the easy to lay it down if it's slung over one shoulder. So exact location of the placement of the weapons, I got believe was mitigated by the Boston police presence there, the intense presence of the Boston Police Department there.

I'm sure impacted where they put these weapons down and I know there is another image where somebody had it on the forearm. So it's either they are ready to lay it down and continue to move on. It's a lot easier to do that, draws less attention than when taking it off your back.

BURNETT: Do you think, though, because they knew they would have been filmed and so confident, that they could be far away? That is a concern they have, right?

GRIFFIN: You know what? All I'm saying is when two people involved, there is a plan. They thought about it. They talked about it. They sat and thought through it. They didn't just sit and think through it in my mind to the point where they placed it and walked away.

What happens the next day, day two, day three, day four? There is a plan whether they're sitting in a basement somewhere enjoying all this news coverage or whether they took off to another country, another state, we don't know. All I'm saying is there is a plan.

The other thing that struck me is they're casually walking with huge bombs. They're casually walking with bombs in a backpack, which means they had some level of confidence in their ability to place that backpack and it wouldn't explode.

If this was a suicide bomber, they're sweating and saying prayers. None of that was visible. They're casually strolling in, casually strolling out.

BEATTY: And it talks to a level of experience, probably not the first time that they handled explosives, which makes, I'm sure, the FBI consider, well, who is that population that has experience in carrying explosives on regular bases.

BURNETT: So all sorts of possible trails. All right, well, thanks very much to all three of you. We're going to continue to go through this video. There are many questions that we have tonight.

Still to come, more on these now suspects. That's what they're called, suspects. They don't know if they're more than. The chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee is going to come OUTFRONT to talk about this video and the very latest that he knows as well.

And what they might be doing to disguise themselves for an escape, if that's what they're trying to do right now.

And also tonight, social media is trying to track down the suspects using a very specific piece of clothing on each of the men. We'll be right back.


BURNETT: Breaking news. Two suspects tonight in the Boston bombings have now been revealed. Police want help in identifying them. The FBI released images today of two men. We're going to show them again to you in the video that we have.

It is riveting. I just want to keep watching it and watching it and watching it. Basically one is walking not far behind the other. You've got the black baseball cap and the white baseball cap. Both have backpacks, walking together, not far behind the finish line of the Boston marathon.

Now authorities say suspect number two, that's the one in the white hat you see, was -- left a bag containing explosives at the site of the second blast. Congressman Mike McCaul, Chairman of the House Homeland Security joins me again tonight.

Sir, thank you very much. We appreciate you're taking the time. What is your understanding of how authorities came to identify here two men? Our Drew Griffin was in the room during the press conference. He described sort of a palpable pause and a shock when people understood that there were two people involved.

REPRESENTATIVE MICHAEL MCCAUL, CHAIR, HOMELAND SECURITY COMMITTEE: Precisely. I think as you and I talked over the last several evenings, this videotape and the explosive forensics are really the key to this case. And now the videotape has come out.

I want to first of all, commend the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, Boston Police Department for doing -- making significant progress in this case. Remember, these images are going to go viral over the world to millions of people and this is where they obviously can apprehend them on their own.

This is where the American people can really make a difference and I hope that that will happen soon. But as you mentioned, I think a very important point to all of this is this is not a lone wolf case. There are two. And where there are two, there may be more.

This is a conspiracy now. You have two actors working together. We probably have a terrorist cell now. Other individuals may have worked to plot and plan and prepare for this terrorist attack. And so I think again it's good news. I'm concerned about the flight risk here, but it's significant progress in this case.

BURNETT: I want to ask you about the flight risk and more in a moment, but first, something you just said. You said we now know we have a terrorist cell. My question to you is, is it from your briefings? Are you concerned that there could be other attacks being planned or was this really done on the day of the Boston marathon? How much more fear should there be?

MCCAUL: I think it's more like the '93 bombing, World Trade Center on a less scale, which is a one-time event. I think they have plotted this, prepared it. You can see the trade craft of these two individuals in sort of ordinary clothes, walking very methodically.

They knew what they were doing and so they clearly prepared this. And there are two, but I would argue that there could be a bigger conspiracy out there. I think the FBI is very interested in having the American people help apprehend these two individuals so that if there are other actors out there they can get to them as well.

BURNETT: And in terms of the flight risk, you know, we're now more than 72 hours after the blast. Obviously, this is a significant breakthrough, but these men, we all are under the belief knew that they would be filmed. They're very confident. Do you think that they're long gone or are you certain at this point that law enforcement will be able to apprehend them?

MCCAUL: Well, it's certainly our hope they're apprehended. I think as every day goes by, certainly it's more difficult. The first 24 hours are important. Their images can be screened through TSA video to see if they've already departed, which I'm sure the FBI has already done, or if they're entering airports as we speak.

On the other hand, you know, the Canadian border is not very far from Boston and the idea of them getting in a car and driving across the border into Canada is another flight risk that I would be very concerned about.

Now I know that the Justice Department has requested the assistance of foreign countries in terms of foreign travel, which I think is very significant point here.

BURNETT: On foreign travel?

MCCAUL: Well, foreign travel and since there may be some sort of foreign connection here and the idea that they may have flown out of country to some other place. So, you know, this is all --

BURNETT: Wait. Let me make sure I understand. Sorry, I want to make you understand. So they're still looking into the possibility that even though these two kids look very, very stereotypically like they're from here that this may be linked to a foreign terror group?

MCCAUL: Well, it's unclear and the nationalities are very unclear from the images that you see. This particular device is very common in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I will say that the al Qaeda playbook is usually to hit sporting events. You read this all the time, sporting events, mass casualties.

It really -- this marathon bombing plays into the al Qaeda playbook. So I would not discount -- again, as I've said throughout your programs, we still at this point really don't know if this is a foreign or a domestic terror plot.

BURNETT: All right, very important point to still make tonight. Thank you very much. We appreciate your time as always, Chairman McCaul.

Still to come, we have more of our coverage of the Boston marathon bombings and the new video that we have tonight. The FBI video of the two possible suspects, we're going to go through it again.

As I said, it's riveting. You keep wanting to see it and see it and see it. Is there a clue in the hat that they're wearing specifically?

Plus, a desperate effort to save possible survivors in the West, Texas explosion. The latest from the scene.


BURNETT: Welcome back. This is OUTFRONT. We have new images showing the two men that FBI said may be behind the deadly explosions at the Boston marathon. These two men identified as suspects. Crucial word to use, suspects tonight. Pictures of suspect one and suspect two were released just a short time ago.

We're showing you both the video and the still frames released by the FBI. And while law enforcement officials wait for someone to call with information, to recognize one of these men and call in a tip because that's where they share the videos today. They wanted the help from the public.

These pictures are giving investigators fresh leads as they look at them in every single possible freeze framed way. Deb Feyerick is with me in Boston tonight. Deb, it's not just the clothes or the faces. When you start to look at a picture, you realize there are thousands of things about a person you could look at, but you see something in a hat.

DEBORAH FEYERICK, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely. The hats are very telling. That is one of the things that law enforcement is looking into. They're looking at the markings that are on the hats. They want to know, for example, the white hat has a golf marking and so, for that matter, has the black hat.

So they're looking at that very closely because somebody may know these people because they passed by some sort of a store or they attended some sort of an event, and so the hats are very telling. Now it may be that these guys are trying to throw investigators off.

But at the same time, you know, this has been planned so carefully and every detail is a chance. But that's one of the things that investigators are very, very interested in trying to find out where the face is and where the hats are.

So again every small thing is a clue. This may sound a bit naive, but in fact, the FBI gamble may have paid off and some calls are coming in we understand.

BURNETT: All right, we have to hope that it will and that they will find these people very quickly. Thank you, Deb. We have much more on the images as we go frame by frame of the two men that the FBI is calling suspects.

Our guest is an expert on analyzing these types of images. He's going to tell us how to spot clues that may not be obvious to any of us watching, the untrained eyes. Next, we're going to go to Texas for the latest on last night's horrific explosion at a fertilizer plant. We'll be right back.


BURNETT: Welcome back to OUTFRONT.

We are live tonight in Boston, following the breaking news of the FBI officials releasing video and photos of two male suspects in the Boston bombings -- a crucial breakthrough today.

And the men are described as, quote, "armed and extremely dangerous."

Suspect one is in the dark hat walking in front of suspect two in the white hat. They are headed in the direction of the marathon finish line before the blasts went off. Authorities say that suspect number two left a bag that was believed to contain one of the explosives outside the Forum restaurant on Boylston Street, quote, "within minutes of the actual explosion."

That was the site of the second blast. An FBI official asked anybody who was in that restaurant that day who is not yet contacted them to contact them. Now, that you can see a real profile of suspect number two.

We have a lot less information about suspect number one at this point, at least from the videos that had been publicly released. But we do know that he was seen wearing a dark colored backpack.

The FBI is asking for your help in finding these suspects, because keep in mind, they could be in anywhere, Boston, overseas, anywhere in the United States. Anyone with information is asked to call 800-CALL-FBI, which is 800-225-5324, or go to their Web site,

I want to bring in Drew Griffin now is who is at that press conference as we keep looking at that video, the more you look at it. In the sense, you learn more but you also have more and more questions. You start to look at the profile. What do these people really look like?

DREW GRIFFIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Right. And we're guessing what ethnicity are they? Where did they come from?

The FBI was very specific. They planned this press conference. They took hardly any questions. They want you to judge who these people are based on these photographs.

You know what they didn't release, height, weight, skin color, eye color, none of that description. That was deliberate, Erin, the FBI because just wants people to focus narrowly on these two pictures. Who are they?

I wouldn't be surprised right now if they are working names right now based on people calling in. Whether they're the right names or not, that's what the FBI has to determine. But there was very deliberate in their lack of description.

BURNETT: And do you read anything into that? I'm simply saying, look, they knew they were under video surveillance. So, they could have disguised themselves then or that is the way they really looked and disguised now.

Is that a possibility of a change in appearance and perhaps why the FBI chose not to describe them in greater detail?

GRIFFIN: Perhaps. I could only be guessing. I think the FBI says, look, we don't want to make any judgments for the public. Do they speak with a foreign accent? Do they speak with a Southern accent? Who knows what kind of accent they might have.


GRIFFIN: So, they're trying to steer us towards what they know. They know these two guys are the suspects. That's what they know. So, public, please help us find them and identify them.

BURNETT: All right. Well, we know people are calling in as Deb Feyerick has reported. People are calling in now with information on these men.

As Drew said, careful to use the word at this point -- suspects. We don't yet know any more than that.

I want to get now to the other breaking story that we're following tonight briefly. The search and rescue in Texas, a horrific explosion. We have new images in tonight of the devastation in the town of West, Texas, tonight as rescue workers are continuing to search for survivors among the rubble. Some described this as a scene out of Baghdad. It's a small town, which is about 20 miles north of Waco, which is almost leveled by a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant.

Now, the blast, which was captured on cell phone video --






UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I can't hear. I can't hear.


BURNETT: I want to make sure you had a chance to hear. That it sort of captures the size, immensity and fear.

That explosion could be felt as far away as 50 miles. It flattened and damaged dozens of homes.

"USA Today" is reporting that about 35 people are believed to be dead. A much higher number than had been reported throughout the day, a horrible number. More than 160 are injured. At least three firefighters are still missing at this hour and the investigation is being treated as a crime scene, although I want to emphasize at this point, there's no proof that it is anything more than an accident.

Our Miguel Marquez is in West, Texas, tonight with the story.

And, Miguel, just when this was happening last night and we were here on the air, everything was dark. You couldn't see anything but the flames. But then in daylight, what did you see?

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: The destruction is massive across a very wide area. The Texas attorney general just said there was an apartment building next to the plant that blew up. He said it looks like a scene out of Baghdad. It is completely obliterated.

There is an elderly care facility next to that. That that also is destroyed. Very heavily damaged. Three schools in the blast zone also damaged.

And among the dead according to the mayor who talked to "USA Today", he says are 10 first responders. The fire department was there. All volunteer fire department in this small town was there putting out a fire when that explosion occurred. And they are still looking for many of them there, Erin.

BURNETT: And still looking and praying that some of those people who are missing will be found safely. What is happening there tonight, Miguel?

MARQUEZ: Right now, we are waiting for more information. We believe that the mayor will be speaking soon. And then other members of the city will be speaking at a press conference here.

It is very clear that people in this town are still trying to grapple with this horrible experience.


MARQUEZ (voice-over): The call came at dinner time, 7:29, a fire at the West Fertilizer Company.

Twenty-four minutes later, 7:53 p.m., firefighters on the scene, an explosion so big it registered as a 2.1 magnitude earthquake.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I was in my truck, you know, and then boom, the big explosion, fire everywhere. And just bodies on the ground, bloody bodies, people in panic.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: A bomb just went off. It's pretty bad.

MARQUEZ: Within the blast radius, a nursing home, a hospital, and a middle school.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The fire fighters that are missing were first responders. They were the ones that actually went to the scene on their call or page out. They responded to the scene and were actively fighting the fire at the time the explosion occurred.

MARQUEZ: The firefighters, volunteers. The chemicals present, anhydrous ammonia, relatively harmless as a gas, toxic and explosive in concentrated form, adding water, a lethal mix.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Somebody asked me their firefighting methods, I have no clue. Other than to tell you that they were here. They knew it was a chemical issue. I'm still fairly confident to tell you those folks knew what they were doing. I don't know what apparatus they had.

MARQUEZ: West Fertilizer Company fined twice previously. Last year, the Department of Transportation fined the company after it failed to file a proper security plan for the transport of anhydrous ammonia. In 2006, the company was fined by the EPA for failing to file a risk management plan.

Most troubling, "The Dallas Morning News" reports West Fertilizer Company told the EPA its 54,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia presented no risk of fire or explosion.


BURNETT: OUTFRONT tonight, the Texas lieutenant governor, David Dewhurst.

Thank you very much, Lieutenant Governor. We appreciate you taking the time.

I want to begin with the report we just cited from "USA Today", that reported that 35 people have been confirmed dead. There could be others. This is significantly higher number than we all had been hoping and fearing to hear.

Do you know if that's true?

LT. GOVERNOR DAVID DEWHURST (R), TEXAS: We don't have any final numbers right now. We're still in the search and rescue mode, Erin, and we're trying to focus on trying to find people in all of that rubble. The apartment building which fell down, the 75 homes which were moved off their concrete slab, this was a horrific explosion.

BURNETT: And you still believe that can you find people alive, right? I mean, you'd be changing it from search and rescue. You wouldn't be using those terms if you didn't still believe people were alive.

DEWHURST: Well, we still hope that people are alive. That's why we're still using the term search and rescue. But we may be involved by tomorrow in a search and recovery.

But this was a terrific, terrific explosion and event that video that you showed, I saw that over and over again today. It's just -- it takes your breath away. It's awful. But I think the story here is the fact that small community of 2800 people had an emergency response plan. The mayor is a part time fireman. We're proud of our first responders in Texas. And those volunteer firemen who were standing there fighting the fire whether this explosion went off last night, it had a mushroom cloud that created a rain of steel coming down on houses and people all over around the city.

I can't say enough about the brave -- our brave first responders and our firemen and our police. But they had a plan. They implemented the plan. And the city was evacuated last night.

They're coming back in right now. There is no water. No power. But I've got to take my hat off to them.


DEWHURST: These are brave, brave people.

BURNETT: Amazing what they did. As we see these first responders doing going into the fire to try to save lives.

Sir, let me ask you, we have been reporting that people are treating this as an industrial accident. You just heard our Miguel Marquez talking about how the plant was fined last year, had issued with the risk management in 2006 and said its tanks had posed absolutely no risk of fire which seems a rather aggressive thing to say for ammonia, anhydrous ammonia, which is flammable.

Are you sure at this point that this was an accident?

DEWHURST: Right now, Erin, frankly, we don't know. We're not going to be able to know for several more weeks. But we're -- right now, we have all of our resources focused on trying to find people.

So, we're in a search and rescue. We may be in a search and recovery. But I promise you, Erin, that as soon as the search and recovery effort is over, we're going to be getting to the bottom of this from -- before we -- unless we know something else right now, it's an industrial accident. So we're looking at it as that.

But we're going to get to the bottom of this, find out what happened because we don't want to see this ever happen again.

BURNETT: Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst, we appreciate you taking the time.

DEWHURST: Thank you, Erin.

BURNETT: Lieutenant governor of Texas.

Still to come, the FBI video that has been released of the two suspects that they have right now in the Boston terror attack. What we're learning about the two men is OUTFRONT next.


BURNETT: All right. I want to check in with Anderson Cooper with a look at what's coming up on "A.C. 360". Anderson is in Texas tonight -- Anderson.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, we're in the town of West, Texas, which is just north of Waco.

Less than 24 hours ago, as you know, Erin, a massive explosion at a fertilizer plant rocked this community, leveled homes, injured dozens, leaving many dead. There is no official toll so far. It remains a search and rescue mission at this point.

Police continue to wade through the rubble looking for survivors. We're going to hear from rescue personnel, as well as eyewitnesses and Good Samaritans who rushed in to help the injured.

Also, tonight, as you know, as you've been reporting, we have new information on the Boston bombing. The FBI today is releasing both photos and video. Two men, they're calling suspects, warning these men may be armed and dangerous. We'll have all the very latest on that investigation.

We'll also take you inside the memorial that honored the victims and those injured. Today, all those stories at the top of the hour -- Erin.

BURNETT: All right. Anderson, thank you very much. We'll see new a few moments, as you said, from the town of West, Texas -- a town dealing with tragedy tonight.

We're back with the continuing coverage of our breaking news tonight with the FBI identifying two men as suspects in the bombings at the Boston marathon. They're now appealing to the public to help find these men.

The FBI is calling them suspect number one and suspect number two.

Now, let me just show you again suspect number one. That is the man wearing the dark hat.

Suspect number two is seen wearing a white hat. He is also the one the FBI says was observed planting one of the bombs and leaving it shortly before it went off.

Tom Foreman is OUTFRONT with more on the pictures and the video that was just released.

And, Tom, I have just been saying it's riveting. But I just want to keep watching it and watching it and watching it, because every time I do, I feel like I notice something else or I have another question. I know that you going through it again and again have got to feel the same way.

TOM FOREMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes. You know something, Erin, that's exactly what the FBI wants you to do. They want everybody to watch it again and again and see what can you figure out?

Let's roll and show you the actual sequence of it. This is where they come around the corner. There is suspect number one. Suspect number two.

The shots overlap a little bit. They cover in all about 50 feet of walking as they go down this way. There is the second shot in the sequence. You see the one with the green bag down here. That's how you know it's the same direction.

Then they continue this way and then there is a shot from behind as they go away.

Now, I want to give you a little context here so you can understand exactly where this all is. The running street is right over here. This is the direction they're coming.

So, I'm going to let this cycle back around here. You see them coming toward us again. And we're going to stop this for a moment. This is suspect number one, suspect number two here. This is the street.

So, the race is up here going this direction. These gentlemen are coming around and they are headed in a direction that is generally from the west to the east. They're also in the right sequence.

If this is number one, he is currently associated by the FBI with the first bomb. If this is number two, he is associated with the second bomb. And those bombs were on the route in this order. If he is in fact the person who is responsible for the bomb nearest the finish line, he had about three blocks to walk from this position. If he is the person responsible for the second one, he had about a block and a half to walk.

Look at this down here. The time stamp tells us that all of this is happening around 12 to 12 1/2 minutes before the bombs actually go off. So, that's one of the things people are looking at.

One of the other things being considered by authorities out there is simply this -- look at the shape of the backpacks and size of the backpacks. If we go with the notion that they found parts of this pressure cooker and where it might, if you outline the bag where you can see it clearly, yes, that is big enough to hold something. I'll move it so you can see what I'm talking about.

If we move down there, this is one of the packs that they believe they found that contained one of these explosives. Look at the color. It is generally black. We talked about that. And this is part of one of the pressure cookers. You can see the size of the glove here. So, you get a sense of scale.

Important to note as where he move back here, this pack is generally black. If I move the video on though, you can see that with the second pack here this is kind of interesting, that pack is not black. We really haven't heard that much about the second bomb. We've talked about the pieces of the bombs. We heard a great deal more about what happened with the bomb near the finish line, not so much the second one that was further away.

As can you see right there, Erin, I'm stopping it so you can get a good look at it, you can see this pack is really much more of a light gray or white color, whereas the one up ahead here, this is the one that is black.

So, Erin, it's just context. It doesn't necessarily tell us a whole lot but you're absolutely right. When you say you just want to watch it and watch it again, this is what the FBI wants people to do. Watch this and watch this and look at the individual pictures of these people and see if somehow in doing that, you can spot somebody or something that will help them make an arrest -- Erin.

BURNETT: Tom Foreman, thank you.

I want to bring in Jeff Smith now, the associate director of the National Center for Media Forensics, expert at analyzing video, and counterterrorism deputy is back.

All right. Good to have both of you.

Let me start with you, Jeff Smith.

When you look at this video, let me ask you one of the things we've talked about that was excluded when the FBI was talking about it was does any discussion at all of these men's physical attributes, their race, their ethnicity, their weight, their height? Why do you think that is?

JEFF M. SMITH, MEDIA FORENSICS EXPERT: I think there's a lot of factors that investigators can look at, in particular with this video. You have to keep in mind that there's very likely other images, other videos and obviously other pieces of evidence that investigators are looking to.

But in this particular video, the features aren't necessarily good enough to say ethnicity or race or details like that. But certainly, if the need arises, the persons' height could be ascertained at least relatively close to their height, and if suspects are brought in, then they can possibly match them in that way.

BURNETT: Jeff, you've been looking at this. I know early in the program you were talking about you had found something about the bags but now something very specific stands out to you with suspect number two.

We'll show you suspect number two again, the one with the white hat who was following behind the one with the black hat. What do you see about him?

JEFF BEATTY, COUNTERTERRORISM EXPERT: Well, one of the things I think that bears further examination is when we look at him, particularly when we have a shot of him from the rear, it appears that his right leg maybe points in a little bit, his right leg seems to be a little bit bowed out, so is this going to help the FBI narrow the field of people. Maybe he has a right leg injury or something. And so, as medical experts --

BURNETT: I see. BEATTY: -- as medical experts we'll look at him and look at these images. It's either a red herring, he's trying to use to throw people off, or when you see him, see how his right leg looked a little bowed there?

BURNETT: Yes, compared to the left leg, yes.

BEATTY: So this is someone who may have suffered an injury before and that, of course, is going to make it easier to narrow down who might this person be.

And, Erin, these images are really helping the FBI get tips. I spoke to a woman just in the last few minutes who is convinced after she saw the FBI imagery today that she saw these people. So she has made the call to the FBI and you know, the FBI will be the first to tell you that we have two suspects.

They haven't said that they've closed the door on there being any more people involved. And as they backtrack on these videos, they may find yet other people who were involved. But today, a great step forward for the FBI to be able to put these images out and have people, citizens, see them and come forward to assist.

BURNETT: Right. Still very unclear, as we've said, everyone was surprised. Lone wolf theory out the window when there are two. Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee saying this could be a broader conspiracy. It's very unclear at this point whether we're talking about two people or possibly more.

Jeff Smith, what about the way they are? We talked about this earlier. Very confident, very self-assured, not afraid to have you see their faces.

You know, the white baseball cap suspect is -- I mean, the cap's in the bag so you see everything. This man was not afraid to be filmed. What does that say to you?

SMITH: Yes. I think, unfortunately, I think their anonymity as they were walking through the crowd didn't stand in the way of executing the task that they were there to do. If in fact these are the gentlemen who caused the explosions. I think that's pretty sure. It also, you know, possibly there could be other people involved in this, obviously.

I think, you know, I think the best image out of all these that have been released, I think the best image is the profile, single image of the suspect two in the white cap, rather than the video itself. But the profile that we have of suspect two could be very useful later on when comparing eyewitness accounts to the picture that they have from that photo.

BURNETT: That's the very clear one and in part because of the angle they had, I guess, but also the way he was wearing his baseball cap.

BEATTY: Absolutely. And you know, you mentioned earlier, Erin, the comfort with which they seemed to carry these explosives.

BURNETT: Yes. Slung over one shoulder.

BEATTY: Easy to put down. They're comfortable with it.

That's the type of thing that a soldier -- now, that doesn't mean it's a U.S. soldier. That means it's someone who probably has experience, it could be a U.S. adversary, it could certainly be a foreign trained soldier or insurgent who is here to carry out such an attack.

So still, we have a broad spectrum of people we still have to consider and look at.

BURNETT: And when you look at these men, what about the fact that there's more than one? What do you take away from that?

To me, I find a level of organization. They haven't told anybody there's discipline there.

BEATTY: There's discipline. Absolutely.

Well, you know, that is not inconsistent with the observation you made about how comfortable they are holding on to the explosives and transporting these explosives.


BEATTY: You know, that strikes me as a discipline that the insurgent has great patience. The insurgent has great discipline, as do all professional soldiers.

So I think we're probably and the FBI is way ahead of us here, I think we're probably looking at someone who has had a little bit of history.



BURNETT: All right. Well, Jeff and Jeff, thank you both very much.

We'll be right back.


BURNETT: We're going to see you back here live at 11:00 from Boston as our coverage of the new FBI breakthrough continues here on CNN. And also, the coverage of the horrific explosion in West Texas which has claimed more lives than anyone thought.

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