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Guilty: Jodi Arias on Trial

Aired May 8, 2013 - 21:00   ET



DR. DREW PINSKY, HOST (voice-over): Tonight, Jodi Arias, guilty of first-degree murder, reaction from his closest friends. They are here exclusively.

Plus, never before seen video of Travis Alexander`s last words. See him, hear him tell us who meant the most to him.

Let`s get started.


PINSKY: Good evening, everybody.

My co-host this week, of course, HLN`s Christi Paul.

In seconds, we`ve got an interview with Jodi Arias which has aired. It`s a reaction she gives to her own conviction. And I saw some stunning things in that interview. Christi, she plops down in front of a television camera within minutes of a murder conviction.

Can you believe it?

CHRISTI PAUL, HLN ANCHOR: It`s unbelievable. I have so many people on Twitter and Facebook, one asking me how this could happen. And I have to tell you, Dr. Drew, I try so hard not to show how I`m feeling before a verdict, because I don`t want people to think I am biased.

But I will be honest with you. I am really relieved for the Travis Alexander family with this. One of the things that I know you`re going to talk about that Jodi says in this interview I think is so stunning, is that she would rather die than be sentenced to natural life.

The first thing I thought of was, OK, wait a minute. I post this on my Facebook and Twitter pages and have all kinds of responses. But Is that just another one of her tactics to avoid the death penalty?

PINSKY: Yes. Well, it`s more complicated than that. She`s slipperier than that, Christi. Everything she says is deeply unsatisfying. We`ll show you some of it. Sit tight. I agree with you. That part of this interview is fascinating.

There is another part that caught my eye I will air later that I think was in the realm of the manifesto category. Lots of stuff to talk about tonight.

But, of course, Jodi Arias murdered Travis Alexander. A jury convicted her four hours ago. Take a look at this tape.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: The state of Arizona versus Jodi Arias, verdict, count 1. We the jury, duly impaneled and sworn, in the above entitled action upon our oath do find the defendant guilty as to count 1, first- degree murder -- guilty. Five jurors find premeditated, zero find felony murder, seven find both premeditated and felony. Signed, foreperson.


PINSKY: All 12 jurors. Jodi planned the murder of Travis Alexander. Now, this has been 57 days in the court. It took 15 hours to find her guilty but there is a lot more left to this trial.

HLN`s Jane Velez-Mitchell is outside the courthouse in Phoenix.

So, Jane, a lot to talk about. What is going to happen tomorrow?

JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL, HLN HOST: OK. The aggravation phase kicks in, Dr. Drew. And it`s in essence a mini trial. And essentially the state, the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, who is a hero in this town tonight, is going to try to prove to the jury that the murder was cruel. That is the aggravator.

And prove it beyond a reasonable doubt. So there will be a witness that`s expected to be the medical examiner, Dr. Kevin Horn (ph), he will testify to try to show how cruel it was -- 29 stab wounds, a slit throat ear to ear 3 1/2 inches deep. I mean, it sounds pretty cruel but he still has to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

And that is a key phase if the jury comes back, yes, it`s cruel -- then it goes into the mitigation phase where essentially Jodi please pleads for her life. Of course, that`s been complicated by her statement to a local TV station she`d prefer death over life. But that`s their job. And the defense`s job is to try to save her life.

PINSKY: Very interesting, and again, so unsatisfying, that Jodi set this whole thing up by saying I`d rather die than have natural life in prison. And really difficult part of this, you don`t know if that`s a manipulation or if we`re feeding into her -- so unsatisfying to be around Jodi Arias and deal with her.

OK, guys. Thank you, Jane, very much.

Joining us, Mark Eiglarsh, attorney at, attorney Lauren Lake, Travis Alexander`s dear friend Chris Hughes. We also got former prosecutor Marcia Clark, author of "Guilt by Degrees."

First, now Jodi Arias spoke to the FOX affiliate of Phoenix, KSAZ in her first and only interview, as we said, minutes after conviction, I want you to see a piece of this. Take a look.


JODI ARIAS, CONVICTED MURDERER: I said years ago that I`d rather get death than life and that still is true today. I believe death is the ultimate freedom. So, I`d rather have my freedom as soon as I can get it.

REPORTER: So, you`re saying you actually prefer getting the death penalty than being in prison for life?



PINSKY: Think how unsatisfying that is, guys. Give me my freedom through death. Please give me my freedom, please, I`m begging you.

And we actually asked if Jodi was compensated for that interview and the sheriff`s department told us no.

Lauren Lake, oh, my goodness, how do we make sense of this? How do -- what do you do with this?

LAUREN LAKE, ATTORNEY: This girl is a piece of work. We heard, Dr. Drew, that she was having an argument with her attorney shortly after the verdict. I bet it was about this interview. How was she going to skip off and start giving interviews after I spent the last four months trying to defend you, now you sit down and say I`d just rather die than go to jail for the rest of her life.

She`s basically saying to the jury, go ahead and kill me, or like you said, is she or is she on stage attempting to control the media and the people at large and the jury again?

PINSKY: Yes, Chris, I want to go to you, you`re watching the reaction as the verdict was read, And I wonder what you`re feeling and I saw your wife, Sky, having a very profound reaction. I`ll talk to you later.

This business of give me my freedom through death, what do we make of that for you?

CHRIS HUGHES, TRAVIS ALEXANDER`S FRIEND: Well, that`s Jodi being Jodi, you know? I mean, she can say whatever she wants to say. She was convicted today of premeditated murder one. So, you know what? It`s a great day for the Alexander family and the Alexander camp for sure.

But that`s just -- you know, what do you expect from Jodi? She butchered somebody.

PINSKY: Yes, you`re right. Mark, I always tell people, look at those pictures if you want to know what really went on here. It speaks volumes about what happened.

But, Mark, one of the things that troubles is in that interview, she said, well, I hope the sisters have peace now. Not -- I`m so sorry, I don`t know what to say. There was no remorse, no guilt at all on her part.

MARK EIGLARSH, ATTORNEY: I don`t expect anything from her. I don`t know what it`s like to be a person who can savagely kill someone the way she did. I expect nothing from her.

I also know that when I was 6 and my 6-year-old also learned something called reverse psychology. She can say all she wants, she wants to die. She is full of it.

If she really wants to prove it, there`s a way to do it. There`s plenty of people lining up back where she`s going to spend the rest of her life or somewhere on death row who`d be willing to do it to be the hero in person. I don`t buy it, Drew.

PINSKY: And, Marcia Clark, I haven`t heard from you yet. What are your thoughts?

MARCIA CLARK, FORMER PROSECUTOR: Well, I agree with Mark, I think that may there will be that she`s got reverse psychology going. And if she really wants to accomplish her goal death being the final release, then, yes, she can certainly find somebody who will help her out in prison. Just choose the wrong person to piss off and I`m sure she knows how to that.

I don`t expect anything of her either. She`s a psychopath. What -- do you expect to see remorse from someone like this? . She doesn`t have a clue what that is.

So, you know, I`m very glad the jury reached the right verdict. I`m very relieved. And, Drew and I were talking about we thought the jury would come in on the verdict on Tuesday.


MARCIA: But you know what, we were right, because they came in early this morning and said we have our verdict. I think what they did, a very responsible thing. They had their verdict last night and say everybody come home and sleep on it. If you`re still sure, we`re going to turn it in tomorrow. I think that`s what happened.

So we got it right!

PINSKY: Christi, you have something to add here?

PAUL: I want to ask either Marcia or Mark, when we`re talking about legal. I think what`s been so infuriating for everybody is Jodi never takes responsibility. So when we think about what she`s going to do from this point out, it doesn`t serve her at all to get up there in front of jurors to own it to save her life and finally show some remorse, whether they believe it or not.

Or do you think she`s going to get up there and just say, you know what, go ahead and kill me?

EIGLARSH: I guess she`s unpredictable. You don`t know. But I do need to bring out one point.

Jane laid out what`s coming up next. After we get through the first aggravation phase, then you have the penalty phase just like she talked about. Here`s the thing that concerns me the most, the jury has to be unanimous, meaning they all must agree whether she lives or dies.

Capital punishment is very controversial. They couldn`t even agree on whether this was felony murder or not. I don`t know whether they can agree whether it`s life or death. If that happens, Drew, get ready, you now need to put together a new jury panel. These ones go away and you bring in a whole other jury just to decide the penalty phase until they all agree unanimously. Oy vey, as my grandmother used to say.

PINSKY: Oy vey and, of course, HLN will continue to cover all that and, of course, the Arizona taxpayers will continue to belly up. Goodness gracious.

Chris, I want to finish up with you, my friend. Thank you for joining us again. Again, I look forward to talking to Sky later tonight.

I saw you shaking your head vigorously when Marcia was talking about how we don`t expect anything from Jodi, she`s such a psychopath. Finish this up here.

HUGHES: Well, that said, you know, I just got to tell you -- who knows what`s going to happen next? This is a major hurdle and we`re over that. So, it`s a good day.

PINSKY: Well, thank you, Chris. I said, your wife, Sky, was also in court today and here for her first interviews that will be later on. But thank you for the panel.

Next up, we`re going to hear from a man who you heard from before on the show. I`ll be interested to hear his take, Abe Abdelhadi, with us exclusively, now that this thing has meld through the courts.

And later, is there a way Jodi can cash in on all this? I get very upset when I think about that.

Be back after this.



INVESTIGATOR: I know if you never met him, he`d probably still be alive.

ARIAS: That`s true. If I hurt Travis, if I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty.

JUAN MARTINEZ, PROSECUTOR: No one can dispute those are the truest words that are spoken in this case and they`re spoken by Mr. Alexander.

"You, Jodi Arias, are the worst thing that ever happened to me."


PINSKY: He got that one right.

Back with my co-host, Christi Paul, author of "Love isn`t Supposed to Hurt."

Jodi`s guilty, but the trial is far from over. Tomorrow, they will begin the aggravation phase and I assure you HLN will be covering all of this. You will not miss a minute.

My panel, the behavior bureau will continue to mull through these materials as they present themselves.

Speaking of panels, I`ve got a panel still with us. Abe Abdelhadi joins us. He had dated Jodi Arias.

Abe, I guess we go to you first. Looks like her positive mental attitude, the secret didn`t work so well for Jodi, huh?

ABE ABDELHADI, DATED JODI: No. Apparently not. She might be working on the sequel called the obvious means, you know?

PINSKY: Do you feel differently now that this woman is confirmed as a murderess? Did you ever have any doubts about it and does it feel differently to you knowing you were sharing a stroll through a Barnes & Noble one time?

ABDELHADI: No. In fact, the two years that we -- the entire two years I knew her led up to what happened. When I read the police report I knew she did it. There was no doubt in my mind. The last five years was knowing she did it.

And now, all it is just everyone is catching up to everyone who knew she did it. This was not a big mystery, this whole whodunit nonsense and the defense team of hers acting like Tom Cruise and "A Few Good Men" and her so cut and dried and her arrogance and her snarky little smug attitude.

I mean, that little smug got wiped off her face today, it was so wildly satisfying, I can`t begin to tell you.

PINSKY: There you go. I was wondering about that. Now, the attorneys for Travis` family announced that they are filing a civil suit against Jodi. Take a look at this.


JAY BECKSTEAD, ATTORNEY FOR ALEXANDER FAMILY: We represent the Travis Alexander surviving siblings, including Samantha, Gerry, Dennis, Tenisha (ph), Hillary, Steven and Ali. My firm will be filing, a wrongful, a civil wrongful death suit against the defendant.


PINSKY: Now, she doesn`t have any money. I wonder, is this a move to prevent her from making money behind bars.

Lauren, what do you say?

LAKE: Well, there`s a Son of Sam law in Arizona. So, we know we have that. But those laws, Dr. Drew, sometimes have been struck down for being overbroad.

So, I think this is a protective measure. I think it`s right to do so because I think potentially, Jodi could start talking through friends, family members. We see her already on Facebook, Twitter and all the other things she`s doing. So, I think this is the right thing to do for the victims.

PINSKY: And, Marcia, you`ve been through this very high profile sort of trials everyone has focused on. Is she likely -- if she`s able to do this, is there a lot of money she`s going to make?

CLARK: Yes, yes. People will be chasing after her to get her story, to get her side of it. There`s a salacious factor to it. It doesn`t matter that she`s a vicious killer. They want that -- there`s a big --

PINSKY: The dollar. The buck.

CLARK: There`s a value to it. I would love for everyone to turn off their sets and refuse to buy things and not give air play to this kind of thing, essentially punish the people who will give her an outlet.

But it won`t happen. People will buy the magazines and books and et cetera, the only way the family can make sure she doesn`t profit for sure is to file the civil suit and make sure any profits that come her way are deflected.

PINSKY: So, this is a good thing. Let`s subsidize Jodi, so Travis` family can get the money.

CLARK: Essentially --

PINSKY: That`s OK with me.

CLARK: That is OK. If they can make that part of the presentation and say, go ahead, buy her book and buy her nonsense because it`s going to be in our pocket. Then, when people buy it, they don`t feel as bad.


CLARK: At the same time, drew, you`re still disseminating garbage spewing from a psychopath and I just wouldn`t like to see our airways polluted that way.


PINSKY: Mark, I know you`re going to feel similar to that. But before you say anything, Mark, I want you to know. I thought of you today, in her interview that she did just after the conviction, she sat down with a television camera, unbelievably, and the first thing she said was, made me think of you, the guy said -- how did you feel about this when they first came out with the verdict, what do you think? She went -- a fog, my mind went blank.

I thought, Mark will want to hear about this. My mind went blank.

EIGLARSH: Yes, yes, that`s so typical. I don`t really care what she has to say. My focus isn`t on her. I`m done.

This was a very satisfying outcome for me, it is bittersweet because while I didn`t know Travis, I came to know him through this trial and nothing will replace the impact he was going to have continuously on his family and the numerous people that he would have came in contact with throughout his life and how those people would have positively impacted people. I`m sad. I`m still very sad for the loss.

PINSKY: Abe, did you know Travis` family or have you come know them, and how they`re doing?

ABDELHADI: As cliche as it is, I came to know them a little bit through Facebook and through the trial. I never reached out to them. I didn`t know Travis that well. I knew Jodi, which is why I went to the prosecutor in the first place. I called her the next day after they found his body. She lied to me.

So, I went to the prosecutor first, but getting the notes that I`ve gotten from his different brothers and sisters and his brother-in-law, they`re incredibly sweet people and they`ve been through an awful lot.

And so, today, honestly, I choked up when I saw the verdict, because I have a brother about Travis` age. I can only imagine what they`ve gone to and now finally have some sense of closure to begin healing.

You`re never going to get over this. This isn`t like cancer or a car accident. This was a murder, the kid was gutted. Now, they can at least know that there is a sense of fairness or a sense of justice that his name isn`t sullied anymore because the jury did not believe her story. That, to me, was the biggest dig, you know? So --

PINSKY: Yes, I get you. Christi, you want to document here?

PAUL: Yes. Abe, you know, somebody on Twitter said, she doesn`t want to die, she`s terrified of meeting God -- which I thought was really interesting.

You know her better than any of us sitting here. Do you think that`s true? Could she be terrified of meeting God?

ABDELHADI: No. It`s the same person who told she`s dabbling in Mormonism a month after getting baptized into the Mormon faith. She`s a liar. She`s a liar and a sociopath. There`s nothing redeeming about her.

PINSKY: Slow down, Abe. Jodi lied, are you kidding? I`m shock. What are you talking about?

ABDELHADI: Yes, I know, it`s like the IRS not making mistakes, I get it. But the shock is there.

PINSKY: It is so unsatisfying to try to feel as though Jodi`s been affected by justice or that she`s learned something or that she`s feeling bad for the family, you see none of that. It`s terribly unsatisfying.

But I have something I have to admit to after the break in spite of all that. And we`ve got Travis Alexander`s friend, Michael and David Hughes. They will share their thoughts on the verdict.

Thank you to my panel.

And later, exclusive video of Travis` -- let`s put in quotes -- "last words".

Back after this.



ARIAS: No jury is going to convict me. I did say that.


ARIAS: At the time, I had plans to commit suicide.

JUDGE: Whether you had plans to commit suicide or not, why even mention no jury will ever convict me?

ARIAS: By the time this interview came along, it came out, I thought more eloquently and more forcefully and more assuredly.

JUDGE: Do you consider someone who says no jury will ever convict me to be a person with low self-esteem?


PINSKY: Back to my co-host, HLN`s Christi Paul. We can now call Jodi a murderer. But her trial continues tomorrow and a reminder you will not miss a minute of it on HLN. We will continue to cover it here. Our bureaus, the behavior bureau, our panel will go through the material tomorrow.

And there is breaking news, Jodi`s family has just arrived at the jail to visit Jodi. We will have video for you as soon as we get it.

Christi, now, I said I was going to admit something here. It`s going to be hard for people to understand. Maybe you can bring Mark and Jenny on my screen here too because they`ve been through me with this whole thing and want to react.

PAUL: This will be a big one.

PINSKY: Well, not a big one. I will get killed on Twitter for this.

I deal with sick people all the time and I feel deep empathy for sick people even when they do bad things. This whole situation is so horrible. I feel satisfied with the verdict and don`t disagree for anything we`ve said so far on this show.

But I feel bad. I feel bad for Jodi Arias and I feel bad this whole circumstance. I can see this poor young woman who is ill and sick and sort of disgusting. But I feel bad. This is not all fun. I`m not a huge fan of the death penalty. It just feels awful.

Mark, anybody. Christi first. Hang on.

PAUL: You know what I think people have a hard time understanding, so many people said how can they not -- why didn`t they go for insanity? That`s really hard thing for us to understand. Anybody who could do this we think has to be insane. You say they`re psychopathic. If they`re psychopathic, how are they not insane?

PINSKY: Well, she knew right from wrong. If she`s psychopathic, she needs to be kept away from the rest of us. It`s the borderline Jodi I feel bad for. That is -- all this suicidality and stuff.

PAUL: Because they (INAUDIBLE) borderline Jodi?

PINSKY: She`s sick. The psychopath part I don`t understand, I want to put away. The borderline Jodi, I feel bad for.

Mark, go ahead.

EIGLARSH: Drew, the only one I feel bad for is you. You are going to take a lot of heat candidly for saying what you just said. I love you for it.

But nobody feels bad for Jodi. She is not clucking like a chicken and which is what it will take for society to feel bad for her. She is not sick.

I mean --

PINSKY: She is sick.

EIGLARSH: I disagree.



PINSKY: Jenny, go. Help me out, because I`m not saying --

EIGLARSH: She`s disturbed. She knows right from wrong. I`ve had sick clients?

HUTT: She`s not criminally insane. She`s not criminally insane, we get that.


EIGLARSH: That`s all that matters.

HUTT: The whole circumstance is sad.

PINSKY: It`s awful, it`s sad.

HUTT: It`s horrible.

PINSKY: It`s sad, that`s right. Yes.

HUTT: It`s sad. But I tell you what the verdicts felt like to me. It felt bittersweet because thank goodness they got it right.


HUTT: Thank goodness the justice system worked.


HUTT: But sad because Travis is gone and never come back. The whole thing is a horror show.

PINSKY: It is a horror show. People are suffering all over the place. She`s responsible and she`s to be held accountable. She`s not getting it, though, that`s what`s sicker about it.

But I`m looking at this person, I go, this is sad. This is just sad. This is human misery across the board.

EIGLARSH: Well, feeling sad. Drew, feeling sad and feeling bad are two different things. I feel sad for the Alexander family.

I don`t feel bad for Jodi. In fact, quite frankly, I want something worse to happen to her.

PINSKY: It`s going to. Don`t worry. It`s going to. She`s going to beg us for it, I remind you. She said she is.

I want to bring in the twins, David and Mike Hughes, who knew Jodi and Travis.

David, you were in the courtroom for the verdict. Describe what it was like for you and go ahead and respond to what I was saying -- my conflicted, crazy feelings that I`m having. Please go have it.

DAVID HUGHES, INTRODUCED JODI TO TRAVIS: Well, I can tell you when I was in the courtroom, it just seemed like the first few minutes after the jury came in, everything was in slow motion. When they heard those words, everything went so fast. I couldn`t have been more pleased today. It was a happy day.

PINSKY: And, Michael?

MICHAEL HUGHES, KNEW JODI AND TRAVIS: I agree. I mean, it was tense in there. And I am so happy for the Alexander family, we love them so much. We`re never going to get Travis back, but you know what, the family got exactly what they wanted today. It was a great day.

PINSKY: I got to say -- Mike, I got to agree with you. To me, as sad as this whole circumstance was, that was, to me, the solace, to see the family feeling relief and satisfaction. Not happy. No one`s happy.

By the way, I saw glee outside the courtroom. That made me upset. This is not a gleeful situation. This is a sick horrible, awful, disgusting, sad situation.

But this family got justice.

Christi, you have something to say here?

PAUL: Well, I just want to ask either one of them, I mean, now that she`s been convicted, does it really a matter to you whether she gets the death penalty or is this enough for you?

D. HUGHES: It doesn`t a matter me. I`m happy with either. I tell you what I`m happy about is what happened today in that courtroom.

PINSKY: And, by the way, here`s somebody --

M. HUGHES: Dr. Drew --

PINSKY: Michael, go.

M. HUGHES: I have a question for you. I was wondering, not that I believe that she believes these lies in her head. But is it possible sometimes you hear when somebody tells a lie long enough, they start to believe it?

PINSKY: She --

M. HUGHES: Do you think it has any truth to her or is she living this lie?

PINSKY: Michael, it`s why it`s so unsatisfying. Her version of reality begs no alternative. And she`s like slippery, stuff just slides past her. It doesn`t stick. You can`t go, oh, she feels bad for what she did. She`s asking for forgiveness from the family. No, she goes, I hope the family finds peace. Are you kidding? Are you kidding? That`s so unsatisfying. That`s a version of the world that begs no alternative. Hang on, I got to tell you something.

EIGLARSH: So, why do you feel bad for her then?

PINSKY: Mark, somebody better than you set me straight on Twitter. Hold on a second. This is from Natalie --


EIGLARSH: A lot better than me on Twitter.

PINSKY: Well, here you go. She says, "Oh, my God, Dr. Drew, look at the photos again and tell me if you still feel bad for Jodi Arias."

EIGLARSH: Atta girl.

PINSKY: That`s right. That brings things back in alignment. Thank you. I agree with that. OK.

JENNY HUTT, SIRIUS XM RADIO HOST: You`re just a compassionate guy, Dr. Drew.

PINSKY: I`m used to being empath for people that are in pain -- or not well and maybe not good things. Jenny, you have a question for the twins?

HUTT: I do. Do you feel like tonight you`ll finally get a good night`s sleep?

MICHAEL HUGHES, KNEW JODI AND TRAVIS: Yes. Tonight is going to be a good night. It`s a lot of decompressing going on right now. So --

DAVID HUGHES, KNEW JODI AND TRAVIS: I can`t tell if it`s a lack of sleep or too many tears, but my eyes have been bloodshot for too many days.

PINSKY: Have you been with the family? Because, you know, as we`ve all been saying here tonight, that is our main source of -- if there is joy to be found in this, it is on their behalf. How are they feeling?

MICHAEL HUGHES: You know, I was in the victim`s room right after the verdict. And they were, they were so happy. They were hugging and embracing and crying. There`s just tears of joy. And -- but the family couldn`t be happier based on what happened today. We`re not done yet but, you know, it was a good day.

PINSKY: As you said, it`s not done. We will continue to follow this. But I chose the word joy very specifically because joy is a shared experience that that family was having together and very satisfying to see that. Thank you to the Hughes twins for joining us.

Reminder, Chris Hughes` wife, Sky, burst into tears when she heard the verdict. She`s going to join us after the break.

And later, if Travis Alexander knew his life was about to end, what would he say? We actually have a videotape of him telling us after this.





JODI ARIAS, ACCUSED OF KILLING HER EX-BOYFRIEND: I don`t know, but if I am -- if I go to trial for this and if I`m convicted of this, whoever did this is going to be sitting very pretty somewhere, glad that it wasn`t them.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It`s my job to make sure an innocent person does not go to jail. But I don`t see an innocent person sitting in front of me.


ARIAS: Do you think he was shot?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Where were you?

ARIAS: I don`t really remember except Travis was screaming. I think I got knocked out, but I don`t think it was that long, so I turn around and two people there, one`s a guy and one`s a girl.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You feel responsible because you did this.

ARIAS: If -- if I had it anywhere in me to kill him, the least I could have done was make it humane as possible. I know that I didn`t take Travis` life.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You`re the one that did this, right?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: And you`re the same individual that lied about all this, right?




PINSKY: Back with my HLN co-host, anchor, Christi Paul. Please stay with HLN tomorrow for the next stage of the trial, the aggravation phase. We do have breaking news. First of all, Jodi`s Twitter account was just shut down seconds ago. I picked that up on Twitter and new information about Jodi`s mom. She told HLN that she is not sure if she will testify in the penalty phase.

Her husband is not coming to Phoenix. He is not well. We`ve been hearing he has chronic kidney disease. Joining Christi and -- Christi sounded very interested in that. Is that interesting news to you?

CHRISTI PAUL, HLN ANCHOR: Well, yes. But just to clarify, so Jodi`s mom may not get up in court to defend her daughter, is that what I`m hearing?

PINSKY: That`s what we heard. I wonder if that means in the aggravation phase or in the mitigation phase or both. I need some clarification from that. Control room, if you can get me that, we`re going to find out. I think we`re hearing the aggravation phase at this point. You would hope she would stand up in the mitigation phase, but who knows?

PAUL: Right.

PINSKY: All right. Joining us. Sky Hughes, she and her husband, Chris, very close to Travis Alexander. We come to know them over the last week. Sky, you`re getting emotional just sitting here with us. I saw you have a very emotional outburst in the courtroom, and it was one of the more -- I don`t know. You got me in the gut. I don`t know what it was. You really seemed to -- I think you know why.

You -- I think you get how sad this whole situation is and I just saw you having kind of an outburst. Did I get that right?

SKY HUGHES, CLOSE FRIEND OF TRAVIS: Yes. And you`re not helping right now either.

PINSKY: I`m sorry.

SKY HUGHES: To stop another one.


SKY HUGHES: It`s fine.

PINSKY: And again --


PINSKY: Go ahead, please.

SKY HUGHES: Oh, I was going to say, it was overwhelming, it really was. It was just a lot.

PINSKY: Yes. And how is his family doing?

SKY HUGHES: They`re doing good. You know, I think they`re really relieved. Sam`s best friends are here to support her and they said, you know, this is the first time that we`ve seen Sam have a real smile on her face in five years. So, that -- I mean, that can tell you how -- you know, what this has done for them.

PINSKY: How did you feel about Jodi, first, A, plopping down for a television interview seconds after a murder conviction and, secondly, saying that she is -- would prefer freedom through death. We have to give her her freedom.

SKY HUGHES: Yes. She -- I mean, she`s just disgusting, she really is. You know, she said in that interview that she wants the family to remember Travis, how they want to. Somehow, inferring, you know, that anything that she says has validity. And I think that, you know, the world made it clear and the jury made it especially clear today that they don`t believe these horrible things she`s saying about Travis. So, that was a huge relief.

PINSKY: Yes. OK. Sky, you brought up something we have not discussed yet. And Mark, I want to bring you into this, maybe Jenny, you, too, is that she literally, in that interview, was throwing barbs still at Travis. Did you get that, Mark? She said -- again -- this slippery nonsense that Jodi slides in, which is, you go ahead and remember him however you wish, I know the real evil of Travis. He had it coming.


EIGLARSH: Right. And I told you, unfortunately, it`s not going to end. We can`t allow our happiness to hinge upon what she says because whether she`s on death row or serving a life term, she`s going to continue to do these interviews and it`s going to get to us. We can`t let her do that.

PINSKY: Jenny, you agree

HUTT: Yes, I agree completely. And I just want to say again, I have tremendous pride today in the job that the prosecution did, because I think that anybody watching this case, invested in this case, waiting for this outcome, knows who the real Travis was. I think that the prosecution did their job. I loved that guy and I never met him.

PINSKY: Yes, you know what? We will remember Travis as we wish to remember him, because that`s the actual Travis. We actually will all remember him that way. Now, Janine, I want you to watch something. I`m going to show you a clip of Jodi`s, a little couple of minutes -- a couple of seconds of her post-conviction interview with the Fox affiliate, KSAZ.

And in here, she says something that caught my ear and I was stunned by it. You`ve got to see this. Take a look.


ARIAS: I believe the majority is against me.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What are your thoughts on that?

ARIAS: A psychologist once explained to me that society has this need to persecute people and get some sort of gratification from it. So, there might be something going on there.


PINSKY: Janine, this is her manifesto again. When society gets together --


PINSKY: Janine, I have to stop you. I have to stop you. I have to frame this and then I`ll let you run.


PINSKY: When society gets together and crucifies somebody, that person is very, very important, don`t you know? And that`s what she`s saying about herself. This is her thinking that has her writing a manifesto. It`s disgusting. Jeanine, go.

DRIVER: Right. And you`re hitting the nail on the head, Dr. Drew, because here`s the deal. When she found out today that she was found guilty of murder one, which I predicted earlier a month and a half ago, you predicted earlier today on Nancy Grace, I heard you, talking about the jurors coming in and out. There was an interesting emotion with Jodi.

I saw a little sadness in her jaw. I saw nose (ph) sadness and her eyebrows up here. So, there was sadness there. There was a micro- expression of fear. We saw her three (ph) whites of her eyes, but the fear eyebrows didn`t go up which are straight across. But here`s what`s interesting, on the left side of her mouth, she leaked contempt.

Contempt is the universal emotion of, I am better than you. It was as if she said to the jury, you people are so stupid. So, I`m not surprised she said this in the interview right afterwards. Contemptuous.

PINSKY: Very enlightening. And Sky, I`m going to let you finish this up. And then, she sort of stared down the jury as they left the room. I thought it was funny. She reminded me of beauty pageant contestants who are disappointed by the judges. It was weird. What do you say to that, Sky?

SKY HUGHES: Well, a lot of people -- I didn`t see it, but several people said that she was actually smirking at them as they walked out.

PINSKY: Wow. Sky, I want you to finish up. I got to finish with you here. Leave us with some thoughts about how these next few days are going to be for you and the family?

SKY HUGHES: You know, I think the next phase is the aggravation phase. And I think that`s going to be really hard because we`re going to have to hear what Travis went through, you know, detail by detail and that`s going to be really, really tough. And so, definitely not looking forward to that, but we are closer to this whole, you know, nightmare being over.

PINSKY: Mark, you have something to say here real quick? Mark.

EIGLARSH: Yes. I just -- I want to know if the family wants her to die. I`m wondering if they`re invested in that. Do they really want her to get the death penalty or not?

SKY HUGHES: Absolutely. Yes, they do. And it won`t bring Travis back and they know that. But they definitely want that, you know? And it`s like you said, Mark, if Jodi Arias wanted to die, she would be dead. You know, she`s had guns, she`s had knives. She`s -- yes.

PINSKY: And Sky, please, please send our words of support and love to this family and his friends because we all here are thinking of him constantly. And I hope this is not too much more excruciating discomfort for that family. It`s been enough already. Thank you so much, Sky. I hope you will come back and join us.

SKY HUGHES: They appreciate you. Thank you.

PINSKY: It`s very kind.

Now, if Travis Alexander thought he was about to die, what would his final words be? Christi, we have exclusive video, but first, we`re going to get a preview of "HLN After Dark" with Ryan Smith standing by in Atlanta. Ryan, what`s going to happen tonight?

RYAN SMITH, HLN ANCHOR: Thanks, Dr. Drew. A lot going on. Jodi Arias found guilty of first-degree murder by a jury of her peers. And you know what? It`s not even starting to be over. She`s got to face a death penalty hearing. Two other phases to come, and we`re going to talk about all that tonight. We`ve got our jury right here in Atlanta, our jury in Arizona all weighing in, and we`ve got all the experts on hand as well.

Death penalty qualified lawyers, Jose Baez from the Casey Anthony case, Yale Galanter O.J. Simpson`s former lawyer, and Linda Kenny Baden, all of them joining us. A lot to talk about. We`re going all night on "HLN After Dark."


PINSKY: Back with my co-host, HLN`s Christi Paul. Now, Jodi is guilty, but we have a long way to go. Again, we`ll be covering here at HLN. And our bureaus will be covering it as well. She still doesn`t know if she`ll live or die. We still don`t know what she really wants whether she must fight for her life or not.

I want to show you, guys, a videotape. Christi, sit tight with me I`m going to show you this. Travis Alexander went skydiving five months before he was slaughtered. And just before he jumped, he was asked something which is now seemingly of great significance if you really watch this. Watch it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We`re about halfway there, sure you want to do this?


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That`s good. You can`t back out. You`re not allowed. It`s impossible.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: It will be all right.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: As long as we have a parachute with us.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: OK. You want to say goodbye to anybody just in case?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Bye-bye mom. I`m leaving everything in my will for you so it`s not that bad.


PINSKY: Except there he goes, oh my goodness, that`s scary. But, he left everything to his grandma and then the little doggy was to Deanna if you remember yesterday, Christi we learned that.

PAUL: Yes. Yes. That was sad. I have to ask you something, somebody tweeted me, Cassandra, and she said her goal, meaning Jodi, has been and is to be with Travis. Death is her ultimate freedom because she`ll be close to him. Wow, what do you think about that?

PINSKY: I`m not sure she`s going to the same place, you know, I`m just saying.

Back with us, Mark Eiglarsh, Jenny Hutt, Janine Driver. Joining us is Aaron Dewey. He was Travis Alexander`s friend and roommate. He was in the courtroom today. Aaron, I want to get your reaction to the verdict.

AARON DEWEY, DROVE WITH JODI TO TRAVIS` MEMORIAL SERVICE: I was ecstatic. You know, that`s what we were hoping for and that`s what we were counting on from the jury. Mr. Martinez presented an incredible case and the jury came through with the exact verdict that we were all expecting.

PINSKY: You were with the family this afternoon?

DEWEY: I was.

PINSKY: How are they doing?

DEWEY: They`re doing great. You know, as Sky was talking about a few minutes ago, this is the first time that we`ve really seen the family members smile in a really long time. And, they couldn`t be happier. Nothing will ever bring back their brother, but they can finally feel a sense of justice and know that the system worked and the right decision was made in court today.

PINSKY: And finally, tell me how you -- what it`s like to see Travis in that skydiving video we just aired?

DEWEY: You know, that video epitomizes the Travis Alexander that we all know to remember, not the one that Jodi wants us to remember. This is the guy that we knew. He had a love and a passion for life. He was always going out, exploring, doing crazy things, just to get everything he could out of his life. And, that video just brings back all those memories that I was able to share with him.

PINSKY: Thank you so much, Aaron. Also, thank you to my panel members. My jury weighs in on the verdict after this.



KATIE WICK, DR. DREW "JUROR": I think that she could have a chance if she continues to play this woe is me, I was abused, therefore, it justifies me killing, brutally murdering my boyfriend, I think it possibly could.

PINSKY: Katie, let me make sure I hear you. (INAUDIBLE) but let me sure I heard Katie. Are you saying not just that she won`t get the death penalty but she might basically walk?


PINSKY: That was one of our jurors. Time for Dr. Drew jurors. Back with my co-host, HLN`s Christi Paul. And again, a reminder, we are a long way from over in this trial. The jury has yet to decide life or death. There`ll be mitigation. We will be back with it tomorrow here at HLN and we`ll be covering it here with our panels.

Now, we just saw Katie Wicks very first appearance on our jury back in February. Joining us now is the veteran, Katie and Stacey Fairrington. Now, Katie, did you -- at what point did you modify your opinion?

WICK: Oh, my gosh, I think probably my second day, and then, it was really solidified when Jodi took the stand. And, I would say when the jury questions started coming in, I didn`t doubt the jury for one minute, Dr. Drew. It`s been an emotional day. We were just saying why are we even doing our makeup because we keep losing it every 20 minutes.

It`s coming in peaks. Yes. We keep crying. It`s right here. I`m so thankful this family finally -- they`re never going to have closure. Travis` family and friends will never have closure, but they`ll have some sort of solace, Dr. Drew, hopefully. The jury was spot on today. Bless their heart. We did not have another Casey Anthony. I am so thankful. And tomorrow morning, we`ll be back here for the penalty case.

PINSKY: Stacey, your thoughts?

STACEY FAIRRINGTON, DR. DREW "JUROR": You know, I am so proud of this jury for representing Arizona this way. I mean, think there was so much fear from people with -- from the Casey Anthony verdict.


FAIRRINGTON: You know, I just really think that -- you know, some people were worried about that, but I have nothing but the highest respect for every single one of those jurors. I think they showed up every day. They took their notes. They were serious about this. They knew the gravity of what this case was.

PINSKY: Thank you, ladies. Be right back.


PINSKY: Christi, I want to thank you so much for being a part of this today. It`s a very intense day.

PAUL: Thank you.

PINSKY: You were a fantastic contributor. And I want to thank you all for watching. I want to thank all my panelists for having joined us today. Of course, we`ll see you here next time. This goes on tomorrow, and I will meet you on "HLN After Dark" which begins right now.