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Victim Of Serial Bully Speaks; Russia To Expel American AS Spy; O.J. Simpson Set To Testify; Prince Harry Visits Harlem; What Will And Won't Be On TV This Fall

Aired May 14, 2013 - 14:30   ET


BROOKE BALDWIN, CNN ANCHOR: Aria, I just -- my final question to you. Beyond all this legal talk, you talk about how, you know, you're going to be home schooled, but this young woman, who you say attacked you, what do you think should happen to her?

ARIA JEWETT, VICTIM OF BULLY BANNED FROM FLORIDA COUNTY SCHOOLS: I believe everyone should get their learning education, but I think that it goes to a certain content because if she started harming other people and stopping them from learning, I think she should get taken out. And, I don't know.

BALDWIN: So you think this school she's at now, you think she does deserve a second chance or perhaps this is a third or fourth chance for her?

JEWETT: She's used all her chances.

BALDWIN: Aria Jewett and T.C. Roberts, thanks to both of you and, of course, Joey Jackson. Appreciate it.

Now to this, sounds like a story straight from the cold war, Russia claims it caught an American spy red-handed and it is expelling him now from the country. He's identified by Moscow as Ryan Fogle, the third secretary of the political department of the U.S. Embassy in the Russian capital.

The Russians say he's actually a CIA agent who was trying to recruit a staff member of one of the Russian special services. The Russians say he was caught with wigs, cash, a knife and dark glasses. Phil Black live in Moscow. Wow. Phil, tell me more about this spying claim there.

PHIL BLACK, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Sure, Brooke. Russia's leading spy agency, the FSB, says it picked up Ryan Fogle, detained him on the streets of Moscow, overnight, and they videotaped the whole encounter. That's where we got the pictures we can show you now.

It shows this man who is said to be Ryan Fogle, initially in a pretty unconvincing blonde wig, when he's first detained and then taken into the FSB Building and questioned and they said they found him carrying as you described essentially a spy kit as well as all those little technical devices you described. He's also said to be carrying a big pile of cash and a written letter that the Russians say were instructions and a financial offer to the man, the Russian agent, that he was trying to turn, he was trying to recruit on behalf of the United States. He was later released to the U.S. Embassy and he's now been ordered to leave the country by the Russian government.

But the FSB, that spy agency, says this is the latest in a series of recent attempts by the Americans to recruit Russian agents in its security and law enforcement agencies. But they say they have been watching and monitoring these all along -- Brooke.

BALDWIN: So then what is the U.S. government, if anything, saying about all this?

BLACK: So far no comment from the U.S. government, from the U.S. Embassy here in Moscow, no comment at all. The Russian Foreign Ministry says that this is provocative, this is all in the spirit of the cold war, and it raises serious questions about America's intentions and they have summoned the U.S. ambassador to the foreign ministry to explain precisely what was going on.

It takes place in an environment where U.S.-Russian relations had been improving in recent weeks. The last 18 months had been very cold, very chilly. The last few weeks or so, Russia and the U.S. have been talking about working closely together again on counterterrorism, finding a solution for Syria, so forth. Now remains to be seen if the continued reaction to this one embarrassed spy is enough to derail some of that recent progress -- Brooke.

BALDWIN: Phil Black for us in Moscow. Phil, thank you.

Next, O.J. Simpson smiling as he entered the court today. Take a look. Four years in jail, he will take the stand, to try to convince a judge he deserves a whole new trial and that could happen as soon as today. We're live in Vegas next.


BALDWIN: O.J. Simpson is back in court today. Now 65, his megawatt smile reduced to a grimace there. O.J. Simpson is trying to earn a shot at a new robbery trial based on the fact that he had a lousy lawyer, so says O.J. Simpson.

Ted Rowlands is live us with from Las Vegas. Ted, I know it's been 17, 18 years, but I cannot get over the difference in the O.J. Simpson, you know, the way he looks in court today there versus how he looked in court during his double murder trial back in '95. Back then, there he is in the fancy suit, animated. Today, prison blues and, I mean, is he shackled to his chair today?

TED ROWLANDS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Yes, actually, he is. He's shackled. He has his right arm is unshackled and they had to fight this morning with the judge to allow him not to be completely shackled. So his right arm is free so he can put his glasses on and take notes. But otherwise, he's locked in that chair much different than seeing O.J. Simpson in a courtroom normally, during every break he would jump up and look around and talk to everybody, as you mentioned, much different O.J. than 19 years ago and also four years ago here in this courthouse.

BALDWIN: OK, so, tomorrow, Ted, tomorrow is the big day, that's the day we expect to see O.J. Simpson testifying and we know, Ted, the prisons are full of inmates who claim they had lousy lawyers. What is O.J. going to say?

ROWLANDS: Well, there are two things that the defense really wants O.J. to come through on. And that is two of their prongs why they believe he needs a new trial, because of ineffective counsel. The first is that he's going to say he didn't know that there was a deal on the table during this trial for two years in prison.

And he'll say that if he had known that, he would have taken it. They'll say that Yale Galanter denied the deal without consulting O.J. Now Yale Galanter I'm sure will tell a different story when he testifies.

The other important point will be that he will say that Yale Galanter, his lawyer, knew about this robbery before it happened, that he planned it with him, and that would make him a potential co- conspirator, surely a conflict of interest. If this judge believes that Yale Galanter knew about this going in then O.J. does have a real good shot at getting a new trial.

BALDWIN: We'll see if he can pull it off. We'll check back in with you tomorrow, Ted Rowlands in Las Vegas. Ted, thank you.

Coming up next, Prince Harry getting a little bit of heat for his football skills. See this? Well, any minute, we're back to see how he handles baseball in Harlem. We'll take you there live next.


BALDWIN: Britain's Prince Harry. Any minute now he'll be in Harlem taking in a little baseball, all part of this week-long tour of the U.S. Earlier, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie played royal tour guide to -- actually view damage to last year's Superstorm Sandy, meeting with survivors and first responders.

Today, even taking a little time to play some games on the boardwalk. CNN's Max Foster is now in Harlem. And, Max, I know this whole trip you've been surrounded by screaming women and I'm sure half the reason is because of you and half the reason because of Prince Harry. Tell me where he is right now.

MAX FOSTER, CNN ROYAL CORRESPONDENT: Well, he's about to arrive and no pressure, you know. This is a sport that he's never played before. The whole world's media is here. Just heard that the pitcher is going to be the New York Yankees Mark Teixeira so no pressure on him here, but he has been practicing, I'm told, confused about whether you spin the ball or throw it. You know more about that than me. You see behind me, it all being set up. So he's going to go to different stations around the field here and do some batting and pitching and all sorts of things. We'll see how he does. He's had a good day.

As you say, Hurricane Sandy, went to see the damage done down there and gave a few sound bites to the gathered media and talked about the American spirit very much being alive there.

And then he popped in on the prime minister. This is interesting, Brooke. Speaking to the foreign office, the prime minister struggling to get publicity on his tour of the U.S., but Prince Harry is not struggling at all.

BALDWIN: Not struggling at all. I see some little ones running behind you. Max Foster, listen, we'll come back to you as soon as we see Prince Harry take to the mound, maybe for a little batting practice. We kind of want to see that. Max, we'll be back to you momentarily.

Meantime, the fate of your favorite TV show being revealed right now in Hollywood, networks announcing which shows are canceled, which news shows are coming. You're about to get a special inside look as to how the pilots get approved in the first place. We will speak to a couple of special guests here coming up next.


BALDWIN: Can you hear it? Can you hear it? It is the sound of the ax falling over and over again in Hollywood as the networks are announcing which TV shows they plan to cancel. The list is so long. We actually tried to make a full screen graphic and couldn't fit all the titles on for you here.

According to "Entertainment Weekly," Deception, Animal Practice, Smash, Vegas, fringe, the ax, as networks are figuring out what to leave behind, they're also investing millions on what is ahead. TV's next big hit. All that in the fast changing medium when the competition nowadays doesn't even have commercials, house of cards, anyone?

All 13 episodes went straight to Netflix. To help us sort this out, we have two veterans of the industry, David Boreanis has pretty much starred on a TV show for, like, the last 17 years, Buffy the vampire slayer, angel, bones, you like that? That's a pretty good introduction for you.

DAVID BOREANAZ, ACTOR, "BONES": That's fantastic.

BALDWIN: Jarrod Moses, CEO, United Entertainment Group, which specializes in matching entertainers with advertisers, et cetera. So, guys, welcome.


BALDWIN: Jarrod, so many canceled shows, this go round. Why is that? What is happening?

MOSES: The networks are not patient anymore. It is very hard to maintain an audience, let alone build one. So nowadays, they are just putting shows out there, if it is not happening within a few episodes, they'll cross it off the list and try to replenish it with something new. They have a huge queue of pilots waiting to be aired.

BALDWIN: David, you've been through two decades of TV. You've seen all kinds of things. What is it you think that it takes now to get a TV show, not just to be on air, but to be a success?

BOREANAZ: It is the writing. It comes down to the writing, obviously. You come out with these huge pilots that cost a lot of money to do, and these shows they get picked up and all of a sudden, you start shooting episode one in the fall time and you have a quarter of the budget and have to shoot it in eight days versus 18 days.

And you see how fast those shows decline or fall off because they can't keep up with what they are trying to produce. So it really starts with the writing, and the quality in the cast, and what you put out there.

BALDWIN: OK, so then you, though, now, this isn't just all on network, as we pointed out. You have "House of Cards," which is this ginormous success now on Netflix. You have also "Walking Dead," not even on ABC or CBS, et cetera. Jarrod, what is a network executive to do at this moment?

MOSES: I mean, the playing field is so wide open now. As you said, house of cards, I mean, they have an audience of 30 million that they can market towards. They get 10% of the audience, which they have done, maybe even more, it is a successful show by any means, on any network.

I mean, the playing field is so wide open now. As you said, "House of Cards," I mean, they have an audience of 30 million that they can market towards. They get 10 percent of the audience, which they have done, maybe even more, it is a successful show by any means, on any network.

AMC, they stacked the deck with an amazing amount of shows with lead-ins and just continuing to build their content up and up. Now as an executive, on a network, you have to -- look at the quality of content, as David said, and really find a team of writers and actors that are going to deliver a great product.

And the advertisers will follow if the product is there instead of just looking for a short-term gain, look to build something for long-term growth for a network.

BALDWIN: David, what do you think is the next big hit? What do viewers want to see?

BOREANAZ: The next big hit, well, obviously something that has characters that are invested in a relationship with each other. Television, you go into people's homes and what happens is if they can identify with those characters, then they're going to welcome them back every week.

So there is an identification, identify with booth or Brennan because they're solving cases, but talking about life. For me it always has been relationship and the story. So the next big hit, I kind of like Michael J. Fox's news coming out on NBC. Subject matter for him that he's attacking right on, and I think it is going to be a very successful show.

BALDWIN: And maybe we'll just see a lot more zombies and CIA agents as well.

BOREANAZ: Lots of zombies yes.

BALDWIN: We keep watching TV. David Boreanaz and Jarrod Moses, thank you so much. Best of luck to all of you in your TV endeavors for years to come.

BOREANAZ: Yes, yes. And chrome girl, we got to get some CNN red nail polish to you, a new product, talking about social media, this is something we're launching that has been launched and we're going to get some to you.

BALDWIN: All right, sounds good. Guys, thank you so much.

Coming up here in next hour of NEWSROOM, a federal agency starts a new push to curb drinking and driving. Learn why it is being met with actually a lot of criticism.


BALDWIN: Now to some of the hottest videos of the day. Hit play.

A flight from New York to L.A. diverted because this woman would not stop singing Whitney, yes, still going even while they led her off the plane. The woman has since been released, no charges filed.

It is not quite grand theft auto. The cars at this Texas dealership are still there, but the wheels and tires gone, on 48 of them. Police say the thieves got away with parts worth more than $100,000.

Implosion fail, 220 pounds of explosives, not enough to bring down this Australian building, yes, the 4,000 ton silo not going down without a fight, a forklift brought in for the final nudge.

How's this for a catch, 69 pounds, four feet long, this striped bass, the largest ever caught in the world. It was reeled in from a river in Alabama back in February. The proud owner of the fish says he'll melt the prize at his favorite hangout shop, an auto shop, of course.

Boston strong, a comeback for history books last night. Down by three in a final period, the Bruins erupt for one, two, three scores to tie the game before sending Toronto home in overtime. Dwyane Wade, expect a call from the fashion police. The Heat star called out for last night's pregame outfit, a polka dot capri pantsuit. Well, Miami did go on to win despite six points from Wade. And that's today's hit play. Polka dot capri pants.

Coming up, much more on Angelina Jolie's decision to have her breasts removed. I'll speak live with Miss America contestant Ellen Rose who says she is also getting a double mastectomy.