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Hot Spots in Paris

Aired June 12, 2013 - 05:30:00   ET



GREGORY MARCHAND, CHEF AND OWNER, FRENCHIE RESTAURANT: All right. This is Frenchie (inaudible). This is my restaurant and here is when I take you to my favorite places in Paris.


MARCHAND: So the (inaudible) best bread in Paris. It's the one we use for the restaurant and it does amazing (inaudible). Let's go.


MARCHAND: (Speaking French.)

Hello, Greg (ph). Ca va?

GREG (PH): (Inaudible).

MARCHAND: How are you doing?

GREG (PH): Fine.

MARCHAND: So, we're hungry.


MARCHAND: And then the bread for the restaurant.

GREG (PH): Sure because I'm the only baker in Paris.

MARCHAND: Who doesn't deliver.


MARCHAND: And I choose him (ph).

So, Christophe (ph), what makes your bread so special?

CHRISTOPHE (PH): The crust's half a centimeter thick. Crust and (inaudible), it's just (inaudible) --


CHRISTOPHE (PH): -- without being burned. This is the key.

MARCHAND: It's on the edge, always.

CHRISTOPHE (PH): Yes. Like when you do a (inaudible) de boeuf (ph), you want to be warm inside and --

MARCHAND: And very crusty on the outside.

CHRISTOPHE (PH): Yes, outside. And it's just an art to reach to that.


CHRISTOPHE (PH): It's the magic of banking.

MARCHAND: Thank you, Christophe (ph).

CHRISTOPHE (PH): You're welcome.


MARCHAND: All right, guys. Let's go to La Tete dans les Olives and (inaudible).

So I love going to this place because Cedric Casanova (ph), the owner of La Tete dans les Olives, which literally means "The Head in the Olives," walks with specific people in Sicily. And every product you're going to see here, there's a real human story behind it.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Inaudible). Ca va. What's up? (Inaudible)?

MARCHAND: You can sample all of the product (inaudible) because it's (inaudible) sort of (inaudible) as well as, you know, sun-dried tomatoes, (inaudible), dried tuna.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: That's another oil we made with -- made (inaudible). That's made with actually (inaudible).

MARCHAND: (Inaudible).

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Have you tasted it (inaudible)?

MARCHAND: I haven't tasted that.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Inaudible). (Inaudible).

MARCHAND: Now you are much less hit on the back of your throat. It's got a good consistency in the mouth, it's nicely -- cut (ph) nicely, your palate, without this like greasy sensation which (inaudible) really nice.


MARCHAND: Ok. So this is Workshop Isse. It's a Japanese epicerie. For me, the top Japanese epicerie in Paris with only top hand product, super selected to emphasize and let's also do lunch. So let's go and buy some Japanese food.


MARCHAND: Sometime you like inspiration, you know, in your kitchen and I come here and Mr. Kuhuda (ph), which is the owner, you know, if we can try a few things, you know, I mean you have beautiful sauces (ph), a lot of different vinegar. And I work a lot on acidity. So I like all that balance. So he always brings new perspectives to a dish, new layers.

MR. KUHUDA (PH): (Speaking French.)

MARCHAND: (Speaking French.) MARCHAND (from captions): Fourteen percent? That's a lot.


MARCHAND: As Mr. Kuhuda (ph) says, this is what we cook at home. That's what I love about the place because when you come here, and then you eat like in someone's home in Kyoto, for a chef, it's very special. You know? We like simplicity.

And you never know what you're going to eat.

(Inaudible)? No. Just come and then just view the dish of the day, you know, the (inaudible). And that's it.

And you have nice sake. So you go for a siesta.



ADAM ROBERTS, BLOGGER: Paris for me is more about what I call the invisible areas. It's not literally places that you come to, but places that we don't notice because many think we're too busy looking elsewhere. So I spend a lot of my time just walking around, finding these places, trying to learn as much as possible about them and then telling the stories.

Anywhere at the bottom of Beldin (ph) until 1860, there was a big wall that ran along here, which separated Paris over here from the suburbs of Beldin (ph) on that side.

It was also a way to collect taxes, which meant that all of the goods inside of Paris were more expensive than on the outside. So Beldin (ph) became very well known as a place where people could go and drink alcohol and party. There are over 160 different nationalities that live here today.

Up here is the Rue Denoyez. What this street has become well known for is street arts (ph). This is constantly changing. So each time you come, you'll see different works of art. There's nothing that stays here for very long.

Technically it would be illegal, but there are certain places where its tolerated. But here, it's encouraged.


ROBERTS: This is the Rue Saint Blaise in the village of Charonne. When you look up at the perspective actually you (inaudible), which is from the 11th century, the perspective hasn't changed in hundreds of years.


ROBERTS: So we're in the 13th Baron Dislaugh (ph). It doesn't look like very much, but this is one of my favorite spots in Paris.

Over here, we have the first skyscraper that was built in the 1960s. At the time it was quite a revelation. It's the first really tall building that was built in the city.

So behind me is one of my favorite buildings in Paris, which is Auguste Perret's Mobilier National (ph) building. Is where they store all of the furniture and equipment for official government buildings. It's somewhere that we can never visit, where somebody's just going in now.





NICOLAS FOURNIER, TOUR GUIDE: Hi, I'm Nic (ph) from (inaudible). We are just making tours of Paris amid (inaudible) French car, (inaudible). Let's go for a tour and meet my (inaudible).


MARIAMA (PH): Hi, I'm Mariama (ph). I was born in (inaudible). I grew up (inaudible) Paris, France. And I'm (inaudible) songwriter.

I wanted to take you to this area of Paris (inaudible), because it's my favorite. They have a whole lot of (inaudible) stuff here. And this is the most fun of all of them, because you can wear your clothes when you pay them by the (inaudible). That's why it's called the Kiosh (ph).


MARIAMA (PH): (Inaudible) now I want to buy everything.


MARIAMA (PH): So we go now here in the Manstra (ph). And I took (inaudible) because I'm fascinated with places that remain through time. This is the only medieval monastery that remains in Paris to this day.


MARIAMA (PH): We are now in a super place that's Guitare Collection. And what's special about this place is that it only has (inaudible). And you can be very, very happy if you can afford them.


MARIAMA (PH): Don't be mistaken. I'm not a guitarist. I'm a singer- songwriter (ph).



MARIAMA (PH): I am inspired here a lot. (Inaudible) really for writing songs but more for everything that's connected with it, so concerts or videos.

(Inaudible) Pigalle, not far from the famous Moulin Rouge. And we're heading towards the Pigalle Country Club, a little tiny bar with a lot of red inside. And they have a drink called the Beatles (ph) the Rolling Stones (ph) (inaudible). I'm going to play it tonight for the Mama (ph) Festival in Paris.



JEROME DREYFUSS, DESIGNER: (Inaudible) bohemian Paris. This is the area where all the writers and the artists were working and singing in the century and it's still an area where you get a lot of (inaudible) and things like that. And I really like the atmosphere.

You feel sometime you're living in (inaudible).

I think the best way to see the area is just to walk by in the street and to discover all the small tiny shops, small galleries.

So here we are finally at the Deyrolle. Let's go in.


DREYFUSS: Deyrolle is (inaudible) magic, you know. You feel that you are going somewhere where the time is stuck there and that you can be a child.

Here we have in the room where you can find all the butterflies, I think of the word and I like to come there very much because it's inspiring me a lot. And (inaudible) aspects I think I know where to go with my color (inaudible). I come here.

I watch the butterflies and I see some nice yellow (inaudible) and I'm like, oh, that's nice idea for colors. And the mixes of the colors you can find on those butterflies is incredible.


DREYFUSS: So here we are, (inaudible) in front of the (inaudible) Downtown (inaudible), a gallery (ph) that I especially like because they are showing the best part (inaudible).


DREYFUSS: (Inaudible) across the street and they are showing some really nice pieces of (inaudible) architect.

I like this (inaudible) very much because they are always (inaudible) like the best designer (inaudible) (inaudible) late '60s. They always mix old (ph) furniture pieces with one nice photographs, paintings. They can find like the most amazing people from all around the world and recreate a whole story of the designer of an architect's school of pieces he designed.


DREYFUSS: That's great and (inaudible) you can find a lot of people playing music at all the corner of the street for Saint Germain (ph) is also very famous for the -- all the jazz clubs at night. There are a lot of jazz men very famous playing there.


DREYFUSS: (Inaudible). That's the way (inaudible) I think it's the better work (inaudible).



LAURA SATANA, TATTOO ARTIST: My name is Laura Satana. I'm a tattoo artist. I have my own shop called (Inaudible) Tattoos in the (inaudible) district of Paris. There are really (inaudible) Paris. That's the city where I was born. I feel that there is a kind of darkness and the romanticism (ph) at the same time. So this makes it make something really different from other cities.


SATANA: So we are in (inaudible), another place I really, really like because I used to spend a lot of time here when I was a teenager. It was a place very famous for (inaudible), for finding music, clothing and meeting your friends. There is a lot of antiques. (Inaudible) T-shirts on the other side.

Here is the first place I want to bring you. It's called Quintessence Playground. It's a kind of antique shop but with a very special place, I can say. I think we can enter here.


SATANA: It was interesting to come to Saint Touant (ph) to the flea market because it's only open on the weekend.

I like this place because there is lots of different inspiration that I can link directly with a tattoo, with a, like, all the baroque pieces and that kind of stuff as well really creepy but nice to see (ph).

Now it's end of the day. It's time to have a drink with my husband. This is a really nice place. So let's go in.

When they open, Mama Shelter, it brought a totally new clientele to this district.

(Inaudible). Ca va?

All the topographies (ph) and calligraphies were done by the same guy who did the window of my shop. Tourists, they don't know much about (inaudible) district.

They are more about to hotel and the Champs-Elysees and the -- this is the -- another way of seeing Paris, like there is lots of street art, the result of poverty as well in the (inaudible) district. So it's a big mix between the different people, different social classes. And that's why I really love being here, you know.



MIRNI XU (PH), DJ AND SOUNDTRACK DESIGNER: (Inaudible) I'm going to take you (inaudible) as French people do to a place called (inaudible), which is a little (inaudible) bar in (inaudible) near the Pigalle area. So I hope you enjoy it.


XU (PH): It's winter now. Let's have some heat. Let's have a little island of joy and drink a little beautiful little bar and I love it.

(Inaudible) party in Paris to (inaudible). It's got (inaudible) like to go to many different places in one night. (Inaudible). (Inaudible) party, because you can.

The venue's called (Inaudible) la Mode and it's a new venue on the (inaudible). It's some party that's featuring many different artists, like Gwen Velvet, (ph) Black Strobe (ph), The Shoes. I do want to go see this band playing and it's going to be a fun party.


XU (PH): We are really going through a new eye-opening experience where, you know, rock bands (inaudible) from disco.


XU (PH): The Rex is historical technoclub. They always are well known for having the best sound system. The crowd there are music lovers and, you know, I love going there.

I'm really starting to take you (inaudible). (Inaudible) is a French DJ (inaudible). He's the one that brought rave to France and we're celebrating tonight his 25th year of a career. And he's going to be there for eight hours and it's going to be awesome. (Inaudible). So let's go.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: (Speaking French.)