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Report: Britain Tracked G-20 Leaders; Minnesota Man Alleged to Be Nazi; More Rain for the Northeast; New Miss USA Crowned; Bullying By Siblings Just As Damaging; Samsung Buys 1 Mil. Jay-Z Albums

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I'm Kate Bolduan. It's Monday, June 17, coming up on this fine half hour. Thank you all for joining us.

Is this 94-year-old man, who has lived in Minnesota for decades, a former Nazi commander? One report says yes, his family is fighting back this morning.

CUOMO: Plus, the Internet blew up last night after Miss Utah, a contestant in the Miss USA pageant, gave a long, some would say fumbling, not many but some would, answer to a question. Is it fair to beat up on her like that? We're going to get into it this morning.

A lot of news always on NEWS DAY.

So, let's get to Michaela Pereira with the top stories right now.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: All right. Kate and Chris, good morning to you both.

Good morning.

President Obama's approval numbers in a free fall. They have fallen eight points in just the last month. For the first time, a majority of Americans do not believe he is honest and trustworthy. A new poll numbers suggest revelations about NSA surveillance programs and the IRS's scrutiny of Tea Party reforms are taking their toll?

A new revelation from NSA leaker Edward Snowden -- "The Guardian" says documents he provided show Britain's electronic intel agency tracked delegates at the G-20 Economic Summit back in 2009. At the same meetings, "The Guardian" says the U.S. was trying to listen in on leaders as well. "The Guardian" reports analysts received round the clock summaries of calls and set up Internet cafes for delegates in order to intercept e-mails and key strokes.

New this morning, England's Prince Philip out of the hospital. He has been recovering from abdominal surgery he received earlier this month. CNN senior international correspondent Matthew Chance standing by in London with the latest.

Welcome to NEW DAY, Matthew.

I understand --


PEREIRA: I understand the prince was able to leave under his own power.

CHANCE: That's right. It was very good news for people who have been watching this very closely. He looked a lot better coming out of the hospital than when he went in 11 days ago. We were expecting perhaps to come out in a wheelchair, something like that, had abdominal surgery.

But he walked out under his own steam. He was smiling. He was thanking people. He was shaking hands. He was thanking people. He got in the car and drove off to Windsor castle.

One of the reasons, say doctors said, even though he's had surgery, he's had 11 nights of rest, important for a man of his age. He's 92 years old. Buckingham Palace telling us he had convalesce for a further two months. So, a very good news for the Duke of Edinburgh and people who have been watching his conditions very closely, Michaela.

PEREIRA: Well, he certainly looks well given what he's been through.

Matthew Chance reporting for us from London -- thank you so very much. Again, great to have you on NEW DAY.

A 9/11 operator from New York City being hailed at a hero. Let me explain: Joanne Hilman-Payne spent eight hours on the phone with a woman who had a stroke. That woman had trouble telling the dispatcher where she was because her speech was slurred. He managed to keep her on the line and conscious from about 1:00 in the morning until 8:30 that night. They were able to track her to an apartment on the east side. We're told she remains hospitalized this morning.

BOLDUAN: Talk about going above and beyond.

PEREIRA: And so calm. A voice in a storm. Really helped that woman stay focused and stay conscious.


CUOMO: -- the story, because, you know, 911 operators too often wind up on the bad side and what they did wrong.

BOLDUAN: They often only make news when it's something bad. This one is a hero for sure.

CUOMO: It's good. It's good to hear.

Now to shocking allegations that a former Nazi commander has been living secretly in the U.S. for over six decades. "The Associated Press" claims 94-year-old Minnesota man Michael Karkoc managed to conceal his past and enter the U.S. in 1949.

CNN's Miguel Marquez is in Los Angeles.

Miguel, my good old friend, always great to have you, especially on the first day of NEW DAY.

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It's very, very nice to be here. Good morning to you guys. Good morning to you all. Congratulations on the new show.

Look, "The A.P." says it has it right on this. The family says it is dead wrong. It is incredibly emotional, obviously. The stakes and the outcome could not be higher.


MARQUEZ (voice-over): Is he or isn't he? The allegation that 94- year-old Michael Karkoc hid his Nazi past for nearly 70 years has shocked this Minneapolis suburb.

GORDON GNASDONSKY, NEIGHBOR: The Nazi thing was big. I would feel differently about him.

MARQUEZ: The allegation begins with Mr. Karkoc's own memoir published in Ukraine in 1995. Karkoc admits he helped found the Ukrainian Self- Defense Legion, an offshoot of Hitler's brutal Nazi SS division. His son insists his father is innocent.

ANDRU KARKOC, SON: "The Associated Press" intentionally and maliciously defamed our father, Michael Karkoc.

MARQUEZ: "The Associated Press" alleges Mr. Karkoc lied about his military service when he entered the U.S. in 1949, was in charge of the Nazi directed division when it nearly wiped out the population of the Polish town Wanuf (ph), and the unit may have taken part in the ruthless oppression of Warsaw toward the end of the war.

Even "The Associated Press" admits there is no evidence Mr. Karkoc was directly involved in any of it.

KARKOCK: To quote "A.P.", "Records do not show that Karkoc had a direct hand in war crimes," end quote. My father was never a Nazi.

MARQUEZ: Still, "The A.P." says it sticks by its reporting, and the Department of Justice will only say it looks into all credible allegations of Nazi war crimes. If this one is found to be credible, trying Mr. Karkoc in court could be a long process.

DOUGLAS BURNS, FORMER FEDERAL PROSECUTOR: What they will try to do is try to strip him of his United States citizenship and then deport him.


MARQUEZ: So, what would have to happen, he would have to be denaturalized as a U.S. citizen, deported, and then tried eventually in either Germany or Poland. All of that could take a long time. At over 90 years old, it's not clear he would make it through that entire process.

Back to you guys.

CUOMO: Still quite a set of revelations. Miguel Marquez, thank you very much.


BOLDUAN: Still coming up on NEW DAY: a big league pitcher carried off the field after being struck in the head by a vicious line drive. Is it time for baseball to think more about safety?

CUOMO: Also an amazing recovery in there we'll tell you about.

And a beauty queen has a brain cramp. The morning Miss Utah would like to forget -- ahead on NEW DAY.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY. Hope you're having a good morning so far.

Let's go around the world now for the news happening around the globe, including North Korea proposing high level talks with the United States after, of course, months of threatening war.

Diana Magnay is in South Korea with the latest -- Diana.


DIANA MAGNAY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Two months ago, North Korea was threatening nuclear war. Now it says it wants direct talks with D.C., but it wants to keep its nuclear weapons until the U.S. gets rid of theirs.

Washington's response was cool. It says it's happy to talk but only if those talks are real, that North Korea can't talk its way out of sanctions. It has to prove with actions, not words, that it means business.

Back to you.


BOLDUAN: Diana, thank you so much.

Now, let's go to South Africa. Iconic leader Nelson Mandela continues to recover from a lung infection at a Pretoria hospital. Robyn Curnow is on the ground, of course, with the latest -- Robyn.


ROBYN CURNOW, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Today is a public holiday in South Africa commemorating the apartheid struggle. The very symbol of that struggle remains here in this hospital, it's the 10 day Nelson Mandela is being treated for recurring lung infection, essentially pneumonia. We understand from authorities that his condition that his condition is still serious. That we have heard from his wife Graca Machel who said that she thanks people for their love and generosity, saying it has lighten their burden of anxiety at this time.

Back to you.


BOLDUAN: Robyn, thank you.

Of course, everyone around the world wishes him well.

To Mexico now, where Nick Parker has been tracking a cat, who could become the next mayor of town called Chapala -- Nick.


NICK PARKER, CNN CORRESPONDENT: If you're a cat lover in the Mexican City of Chapala, there may be only one candidate for mayor. Morris the cat has exploded on social media as a candidate with more than 121,000 likes on Facebook. His nearest human rival, his campaign manager and owner, says many people are tired of the empty promises of politicians. Morris is not the only animal with dreams of political office. Also competing across Mexico, dogs, a chicken, and a donkey in Ciudad Juarez.


BOLDUAN: Sometimes I think cats and dogs could probably run government better.

CUOMO: That's good. I like it.

BOLDUAN: You like?

CUOMO: I like it enough.


CUOMO: I like it better than I liked the game last night. Sitting home, a little nervous about NEW DAY and all that, take my mind off it with the game.

BOLDUAN: Did not help you.

CUOMO: Watched the Heat get a beatdown. The Spurs are one win away from winning their fifth NBA title. Let's bring in our friend Andy Scholes joining us with more in "The Bleacher Report."

Andy, you said the Spurs were going to lose, and they crashed them. Man, you don't know about NBA Finals.

BOLDUAN: Yes, anything about sports.


ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: Whatever I pick, do the opposite.

CUOMO: What did you see last night?

SCHOLES: Right. Just when it looked like the Heat were going to take control of this series after winning game four in blowout fashion, the Spurs -- they changed things up and answered right back with a blowout of their own. You know, Spurs head coach, Gregg Popovich, he's looking for a way to get Manu Ginobili going. So, he put him in the starting lineup for the first time in over a year, and, boy, did it work.

Ginobili had a season high 24 points to go along with 10 assists. The guy -- this game was close in the fourth quarter, but that's when the Spurs went on a 19-1 run. Danny Green on fire once again. He smashed the NBA finals record for three-pointers, hitting six more while scoring 24 points.

Guys, as you said, Spurs -- they cruise for the win, 114-104 was the final. Series now going back to Miami for game six tomorrow night. San Antonio just needing one more win. The Heat, they're going to have to win back to back games now at home if they hope to win their second straight NBA title.

CUOMO: Big task. If they want to be a great team, they have to show it now because they have to do a very great feat.

Let's move on to something that matters a lot more. Alex Cobb, pitcher, what do we know?


SCHOLES: Yes, this is a scary moment on Saturday, guys. It's the fifth inning of Royals-Rays game. Eric Hosmer at the plate. He's just going to hit a screamer right back at Cobb. Take a look. It hits him in his head, right near his right ear.

He was down to quite a while. He was taken out on stretcher, conscious the whole way to the hospital. He actually tweeted once he got to the hospital that he was OK. He was diagnosed with a concussion.

There's no timetable for his return, guys. This has kind of rekindled the discussion about whether pitchers should wear some sort of protective gear on their head

CUOMO: Right.

Andy, quickly, give us the pro and con on it. What do you hear? About do it, why not to do it?

SCHOLES: There's talk maybe they could wear some sort of Kevlar hat or put some sort of metal protective piece inside the cap. But that makes the hat a lot heavier. People say pitchers would be uncomfortable with that and would affect the way they pitch in the game.

PEREIRA: What's more important, comfort or safety? Five times in five months. It's shocking when you see this happen. It's not going to end well for somebody.

CUOMO: Just like in football. They don't get paid to be safe.

PEREIRA: Exactly.

BOLDUAN: There's danger in the game.

CUOMO: It's tough. It's tough.

All right. So, lastly here, a nice prison visit story. This combines a lot of elements.

BOLDUAN: Who says nice prison visit?


CUOMO: You've got T.O. and Chad Johnson. This is like the Blues Brothers of football comedy. What do you got?

SCHOLES: Yes, guys. This two, they might not be in the NFL anymore, but they're still good buddies. And of course, Chad Johnson is in jail right now in Florida because of that butt slap he gave his lawyer when he was about to get his plea deal accepted. The judge didn't like that gesture.

Of course, she threw out the plea deal, and he's in jail right now for 30 days. And T.O. coming to visit him this weekend on Saturday. He actually tweeted about the visit, saying Johnson's in good spirits, but he does need a haircut.


BOLDUAN: Well, he's got 30 days to think about that haircut, and we can deal with it afterward, I guess.

CUOMO: All right. Andy, thank you very much. Welcome to the "New Day" family. Great to have you.

PEREIRA: Good to see you, Andy.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Andy.

SCHOLES: Good to be here. BOLDUAN: All right. Let's get back to our Indra Petersons in the weather center. She's tracking the weather across the country right now. Hey, Indra.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Yes. Good morning. You guys tell me to start with good news, but you know, it's tough. There's rain pretty much everywhere, you know? And I just moved to New York. I don't know what's going on. Look at the rain once again in the forecast today. Yes. Scattered showers, about a 30 percent chance. And you know what, what happened to a beautiful summer in New York?

Look at these totals for June out towards the northeast and mid- Atlantic. I mean, we're talking about five to seven inches above normal for this time of year, and yes, there's more in the forecast today. But the only hint of good news, well, it's not as bad as the south today. Look at the southeast. We're talking about anywhere from two to four inches right along the cold front where we are going to be seeing some of those thunderstorms.

But I do have a hint of good news, and of course, that goes through Colorado. Yes. Chances for thunderstorms still in the forecast. That is great. They need all the moisture they can get, and they're still looking for that threat of thunderstorms today. And in fact, they're going to have that for the next day or two. So, hopefully, that helps get containment on this fire. And of course, if you want the local news, it's right down there on the bottom of the screen.

BOLDUAN: Right on the bottom of the screen. Sixty-five percent contained. That's what George Howell said. We hope that number ticks up a lot more in Colorado.

PETERSONS: Absolutely.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Indra.

CUOMO: Important feature, local news, bottom of the screen, here on NEW DAY. Thinking national, thinking local, just want to let you know. It's our first day. Just so you know, in the bottom of the screen, see your local weather.

All right. Coming up next on the show, a new CNN poll shows the president's approval ratings are falling fast. We're going to tell you just how bad it is.

BOLDUAN: And, you hear that song? How a Super Bowl ring could rekindle the Cold War -- possibly or possibly not?

CUOMO: Was it a marriage proposal? I didn't hear that.

PEREIRA: That was not even something that I considered.



BILL MAHER, HOST, "REAL TIME WITH BILL MAHER": The NSA whistleblower revealed himself this week. You saw this guy all over the news, Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old high school dropout, computer nerd with the pole dancing girlfriend who says he could wiretap anyone in the world, including the president. I find this shocking. A computer nerd with a girlfriend?


JIMMY FALLON, HOST, "LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON": President Obama is traveling to Africa later this month. And people are upset. People are mad. People are upset because the trip is expected to cost taxpayers more than $60 million to go to Africa. Yes. Mostly for security, hotel accommodations, and Biden wants a giraffe.



BOLDUAN: I wasn't expecting that last one.


CUOMO: Yes. I think Jimmy wins.

BOLDUAN: I think Jimmy wins that one, too.

PEREIRA: I'm going with Jimmy.


PEREIRA: Absolutely.

BOLDUAN: That is the only time you're going to hear consensus.


PEREIRA: On the comedy.

BOLDUAN: On the comedy.

PEREIRA: We agree on other things.

BOLDUAN: We agree on other things. That's right. Welcome back, everybody, to our first day of NEW DAY. We're kicking off 30 minutes of commercial-free news, and we want to start with some of the stories that everyone will be talking about at one point or another today, including this.

New Miss USA -- a new Miss USA has been crowned, but it's not Miss Connecticut, the winner, everyone's talking about this morning. People are piling on for Miss Utah, Marisa Powell, after she fumbled her response to a pageant question on why women in the U.S. earn less than men. Listen.


MARISSA POWELL, MISS UTAH: I think you can relate this back to education and how we are continuing to try to strive to figure out how to create jobs right now. That is the biggest problem. And, I think, especially the men are seen as the leaders of this, and so, we need to try to figure out how to create education better.


BOLDUAN: Before you two, I'll get your reaction, this reminded us a lot of the similar flub that happened in the 2007 Miss USA pageant. Who could forget Miss South Carolina?


CAITLIN UPTON, MISS SOUTH CAROLINA TEEN: Some people out there in our nation don't have that, and I believe that our education, like such as South Africa and Iraq, everywhere like such as. And --


BOLDUAN: So, what do you think?

PEREIRA: It's tough to watch.

BOLDUAN: Be careful.

PEREIRA: You know, this is the thing. I'm never going to be an apologist for beauty queens.


PEREIRA: But I have a hard time that with everybody piling on her, because the fact is not everybody's forte is thinking fast, you know?

BOLDUAN: And some of the questions were harder than we want world peace questions.

PEREIRA: However, however, don't they know that these questions are coming?

BOLDUAN: Well, maybe not.

PEREIRA: General -- I mean, they know tough questions are going to be coming, don't they?

BOLDUAN: Are you going to be Switzerland on this one?

CUOMO: Yes, because that's who I am.


CUOMO: I have a hard time taking sides. It's hard for me to judge because I've done much worse.

BOLDUAN: Well, that's true. Have you seen him --


PEREIRA: I don't know if you notice. We live in a glass house right here.


BOLDUAN: Anyone who lives in a glass house, the old saying, should not throw stones.

PEREIRA: Absolutely.

BOLDUAN: And we live in a massive glass house. So, on our first day, I think we say, congratulations, Miss Connecticut.

CUOMO: You're not going to win the crown that way.

BOLDUAN: Everything's up from here.

PEREIRA: I don't think it was as bad as South Carolina.

BOLDUAN: I don't think it was as bad as people are making it out to be. And you know what, you try it. You try ad libbing an answer.


BOLDUAN: All right. Let us know what you guys think on this one.

PEREIRA: In heels.

BOLDUAN: In heels, walking backwards.

PEREIRA: I don't know.


CUOMO: Next story is easier to take a side on, OK? Either really stupid or really daring. You decide. A Florida teenager out boating with friends off the coast of Captiva Island when they come across, what, a 30-foot, 50,000-pound whale shark. I don't think they're vicious. Who cares? He decides, what am I going to do here? I'm going to hop into the water with the 30-foot beast, and I'm going to ride around with it.

That's him grabbing the nose of a whale shark that could suck him in and not remember he did it 20 seconds later, which is how long the guy stayed on top. Obviously, you know, the whale shark didn't hurt him at all, but they did see a couple of other predators and got back into the boat. Now, let's take a little listen to this.


CHRIS KREIS, TEENAGER: There were two big bull sharks in the area. So, that's why I was kind of hauling it back to the boat really quickly.


CUOMO: Now, in defense of him, what he says is, he knows that it's a whale shark. He knows they're not vicious. BOLDUAN: Right. They're filter feeders. They're the largest fish and largest shark in the world. But their mouth can be five feet wide. I love whale sharks.

PEREIRA: You can look like plankton. I'm just saying.


PEREIRA: You don't want to be mistaken for a whale that doesn't have good eyesight.

BOLDUAN: It's not about being mistaken for a fish or a plankton or whatever. Look, actually, this is what I did on my honeymoon. We went to Belize.

CUOMO: You jumped on a whale shark?

BOLDUAN: No, I did not. We went scuba diving and had the great fortune of seeing whale sharks, kind of whale shark season. And -- but in Belize, if you touch a whale shark, you come too close, you're fined because they're such a pride of that country. And they're so beautiful. And they're vulnerable. They're not endangered, but they're vulnerable that you want to stay away and keep your distance.

PEREIRA: Stay in the boat. I was going to make an argument that you don't see teenage girls do this, although, a teenage girl, we saw chased a bear in her car an hour ago.

BOLDUAN: That should not apply this morning, Michaela.

PEREIRA: You're right.

BOLDUAN: But that was close.

CUOMO: Stay in the boat. What do you think? Tired of hearing us yap about it, yap about it yourself. Go to Let us know what you think about it.

BOLDUAN: You hear that music, everybody. That means we have something you like, will, the rock block, we call it. A quick trip through stories lighting up newspapers and blogs this morning and every morning. Michaela starts us off.

PEREIRA: All right. Here we go, First up, "USA Today," a disturbing study says bullying and aggressive behavior by siblings can be just as damaging to a child as bullying by his or her peers. That research says it can lead to anger, anxiety, and depression.

From the "New York Times" New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, wants to expand a composting program and turn food, table scraps into biofuel. Bloomberg says they can be used to power lights and appliances.

"The Wall Street Journal" has the U.S. and Europe apparently can't agree on standards for air traffic control. The disagreement could mean planes would be two different kinds of equipment for transatlantic flights. That's a burden for those airlines, to be certain.

CUOMO: Absolutely is. Absolutely is. Christine Romans joins us. She's got the business news that we need to know. What do you have?

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Many time, we're gearing up for a rally this morning, folks. The major average is up more than three-quarters of a percent this morning. Stocks have been volatile, selling off the past few weeks. The S&P 500, don't forget, up 14 percent so far this year. Futures are up right now.

Just thinking about money can corrupt you. A new study says people who have just seen images of money are more likely to do something unethical like steal or hire a candidate who says he's willing to share confidential insider information. I do a lot of thinking about money.

And Samsung plans to give away one million copies of Jay-Z's new album July 4th. It's only to Samsung galaxy users. The public can get it three days later.

BOLDUAN: Finally it pays to be an Android user, what?

CUOMO: Oh, boy. Here we go.


BOLDUAN: Finally, Indra is in the weather center with what you need to know before you head out the door this morning -- Indra.

PETERSONS: And I want everyone to make you feel like it's a Monday, because you know what, it's rain, rain, and more rain, pretty much don't matter where you go. Yes. Very bad news again today. Northeast, you're looking at, yes, about a 30 percent chance for scattered showers, not a big deal.

But you go to the southeast and ouch. I mean, one to two inches, some places even as much as two to four inches right along the cold front where you can see those heavier thunderstorms. But in one place, rain is actually good news, and that is in Colorado where they have a chance for some showers today. But unfortunately, we could see a change coming up. We're going to give you those details coming up in just a few minutes.

BOLDUAN: Details to come. Lots of weather going on. It's near the top of the hour, which means the top news is right now.