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Supreme Court to Rule on Major Cases; Week Two of Zimmerman Jury Selection; Hakkens Due in Court This Morning; British Royals Expected at Order of the Garter Service; Update on NBA, NHL Finals; Pop Four; What I Learned on the Internet

Aired June 17, 2013 - 08:30   ET



CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome back, everybody, to NEW DAY. This is the first day of NEW DAY and this is the only day that I can say that. I'm Chris Cuomo.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: And the first day of the rest of our lives. How many more times can we say "day" today? I'm Kate Bolduan. It's Monday, June 17. Great to see you. It's about 8:35 in the East this morning.

Good morning, everybody. Let's get straight to Michaela with the five things you need to know for your NEW DAY.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: Yes, people are heading out the door, want to reduce it down to a slow boil, what they need to know as they head out the door so they can impress their friends that they're well informed and knowledgeable, right?

So here we go. In about one hour, we expect the Supreme Court to issue some potentially historic decisions. We're watching to see if they issue rulings high-profile cases involving same-sex marriage, affirmative action, voting rights, and gene patents.

Number two, it is week two of jury selection at the George Zimmerman trial. So far, 29 potential jurors have passed an initial screening by the prosecution and defense. Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, charged with second degree murder for shooting and killing unarmed Florida teenager, Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman insists it was in self-defense.

At number three, the couple accused of kidnapping their own children and sailing away to Cuba are due in a Florida courtroom this morning. Josh and Sharyn Hakken had lost custody of the two young boys because of drug and weapons charges. The Hakkens, for their part, have pleaded not guilty.

At number four, the queen and senior members of the British royal family gather at Windsor Castle later this morning for an Order of the Garter service. Membership in the order is a personal gift of the queen usually given to someone who has served the public or the majesty herself personally. The Duchess of Cambridge, who is expecting, is also expected to attend.

At number five, the Heat heading home with their backs to the wall. The San Antonio Spurs, who took Game Five 114-104, are now a win away from an NBA title.

And to hockey, the Stanley Cup Final resumes tonight in Boston. The series is Bruins and Chicago Blackhawks. They're both tied at a game apiece. You know where I'll be, Indra, watching that game. Wait, it's past bedtime.

Indra Petersons here is in the Weather Center taking a look at the picture of what we can expect for the NEW DAY and a new week.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: That's so true. Well, we definitely have some good news, finally, yes, in Colorado, where it's been such a tough last couple weeks. Still a threat for thunderstorms in the forecast, and that is good news because it brings the humidity up, not to mention the obvious part, the rain. But currently the overnight hours, about 57 percent, that is great, yes. The sun comes out and things go a little bit farther down, we'll see. But the numbers go not as low as the single digits or teens.

So no critical fire danger today and it's going to stay that way for the next two days. But after that, a change in the forecast. Watch this. A dome of high pressure builds in, which is not good news. That means temperatures are going to go up and it make things worse. We're going to talk about a low and a high close to each other. When that happens, we start to kick up the winds. We're going to see low humidity there, as well.

We're going to give you a little bit more on what's going on in the rest of the country coming up in a little bit.

BOLDUAN: All right, all right. Stay with us. We could just sit and listen to this for the next few minutes.

CUOMO: No, because the people will get in our ears and yell at us. Those people.

So, why are we sitting on this couch? Because we like it and it's new and also because we want to talk about ourselves. This is our first day of NEW DAY, but the good folks here at CNN of course wanted us to spend time together, get to know each other. We want to do that too.

PEREIRA: We're lucky to have that opportunity.

BOLDUAN: Too much time together?

CUOMO: No it was very nice. We got a little -- how are we going to set this up? We each did a story about what our passions are but first got together at a barbecue. There was some boigas (ph), a beer.


CUOMO: That was just me, by the way. And a little gunfire.

BOLDUAN: Play that.

CUOMO: Take a look.


CUOMO: Who wants the cheeseburger that's not cooked to death?

BOLDUAN (voice-over): Nothing says nice to meet you better than a barbecue. That's are where the NEW DAY family got together to share some food and some of ourselves.


CUOMO (voice-over): We come from different places. I'm from New York. Kate, Indiana, and Michaela, California, where she was the No. 1 morning anchor in L.A., you know.

(on camera): You believe in fate?

PEREIRA: I do, I really do, because my life has only ever been that way. But when I look back on my life, everything has been leading me to this.

PERIERA (voice-over): As for Chris, his time as a lawyer led him to journalism fighting on behalf of the little guy.

CUOMO (on camera): The reason that people from lower socioeconomic groups wind up getting jammed up is they don't have somebody to work the system.

(voice-over): And Kate patrolled Congress working her Capitol Hill sources.

BOLDUAN (on camera): Working in the bubble of Washington, right? My gut check is when I go home to Indiana and it gives you a good gut check about what people are talking about.

Family always brings you right back to earth.

CUOMO: Our biggest shared belief -- yes, it is all about family.

PEREIRA: Let me see the ring.

BOLDUAN: Married.

PEREIRA: Good lord.

BOLDUAN: We were so yin and yang. I'm like kooky, loud. I walk into a room like, "Hey, everybody, I'm here! Everybody look at me." He can be very cool as a cucumber.

(voice-over): Michaela has the most unique family, one her family built through the love of adoption.

PEREIRA: My parents are cool people and they adopted five girls in the '70s. BOLDUAN: All adopted?

Tell us about your kids. I've only met them on your iPhone.

CUOMO: Bella is my oldest, love of my life. There's nothing like a daddy with a daughter, you know? The 7-year-old is Mario. He is the golden boy because he is the only boy in my entire family. And the baby is Catalina, who we call ChaCha.

BOLDUAN (on-camera): ChaCha. I think I love her already.

(voice-over): We learned about the many sides and musical tastes of our new family.

Here's what we know so far. We can be courageous.

BOLDUAN (on camera): You see a green target, shoot it.

CUOMO (voice-over): Compassionate.

PEREIRA (on camera): Look at these smiles. I can't take it.

PEREIRA(voice-over): And very competitive.

CUOMO (on camera): Let's have our special shake as people who catch fish.

(voice-over): And one thing is for sure the best is yet to come.


PEREIRA: I got your back.

BOLDUAN: We did have fun. That was a fun weekend.

PEREIRA: It was a really good weekend.

And this is the thing, what's been interesting watching is that watching the friendship develop, she and I are going to gang up on you because it needs two of us to take on one of you.

CUOMO: That is true.


CUOMO: There's something about me that draws in the criticism.

BOLDUAN: I've got something for you, Christopher.

CUOMO: What've you got?

BOLDUAN: This is a very exciting day for Chris, obviously, the NEW DAY, first day of NEW DAY. But also a tough day -- he could not take his oldest, Bella, who you saw in that piece, to camp today, which was very tough for him. But we've got something that is a close second.

Take a listen, buddy.


BELLA CUOMO: Hi, Daddy. I just wanted to wish you, Michaela and Kate good luck on your new show, NEW DAY. Bye!

MARIO CUOMO: Action! Daddy, good luck on NEW DAY. Happy Father's Day. Goodbye.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Say it, again. Ready? One, two, three.

CATALINA CUOMO: I love you, Daddy, because I said don't like you.


CUOMO: What?

PEREIRA: She doesn't like you?

BOLDUAN: Wait, tell them what ChaCha says when she gets mad at you about something.

CUOMO: She goes, "I bite your face."

BOLDUAN: I bite your face. There you go.

CUOMO: That was very sweet. You're not getting the tears out of me on day one though. You know, look, I'm so excited to start the show, but my baby, the 10-year-old, is going to camp for the first time. For three weeks, she's gone. And I didn't get to take her up there. So that is tough. But she was the first one to say, "Dad, you've to start the show. How are you going to pay for camp?" Good point.

BOLDUAN: Well done, Bella. And we have to tell everybody, that those little snippets that you saw? You're going to see a lot more. We're going to have them all throughout the week for you.

PEREIRA: We had a chance to sort of see each one of us in the best light and perhaps each one of us in our worst light, too. Don't you think?

BOLDUAN: As you said in that piece, we're very competitive. As you'll see throughout the week.

PEREIRA: And you've got three wall flowers who really don't have much personality. So, yes, it's going to be fun. Tune in for this during the rest of the week.

BOLDUAN: Stay tuned. bucket up, America.

CUOMO: You're going to enjoy it. This is the funnest process I've had in a long time.

BOLDUAN: Other than when he had a root canal last week. Next up on NEW DAY, a war of words over Willy Wonka. Why the original candyman has some not so sweet things to say about the remake of the classic movie.

CUOMO: A convenience store caper gone wrong. This guy definitely don't have the moves like Jagger. There it is right there.


PEREIRA: We love pickles. A lot of good music today. A lot of good music today. Welcome back everybody to NEW DAY.

It's time for the "Pop Four" with Nischelle Turner.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: The song says don't stop the party so we're not going to stop.

CUOMO: We don't.

TURNER: Ok we're going to keep on moving, the number four story this morning on our "Pop Four". Oh darling, Paul McCartney's eldest son, James, is speaking out in an uncharacteristically candid interview. He admits that after his mother, Linda, passed he slept in the same bed with his father thinking that it just would be too sad for Paul to sleep alone. And he also says he thinks of Nancy Shevell as his new mother and that she makes his father very, very happy.

What he also went on to say was that his first stepmother, not his favorite, Heather Mills, didn't love her.

BOLDUAN: Family matters we've got to be careful on that one.

TURNER: Exactly. Talked a little bit about that stuff. He said he felt little weird about talking about it because she is a good mother to Beatrice, but she wasn't the greatest stepmother.

All right our number three story this morning it's a bird, it's a plane, it's breaking box office numbers. That is our number three, yes. We are talking about Superman, super money haul. The "Man of Steel" has become the biggest earner, June opener of all-time making $196.7 million. I know Michaela was like --

PEREIRA: Jaw-dropping.

TURNER: Worldwide in it's first four days well it's on its way to becoming the most successful "Superman" film. The last of which "Superman Returns" totaled $391 million worldwide, it's going to kill them.

BOLDUAN: It got mixed reviews initial day.

PEREIRA: Everybody I know could not wait to go see it. It kind of signaled summer was coming, you know.

TURNER: Exactly the reviewers didn't give us a great review.


TURNER: But the viewers loved it and --

CUOMO: And the comic book people.

TURNER: Yes exactly.

PEREIRA: Proud too.

CUOMO: And I've heard, I have a good friend who's into the comic series and she liked how it was advanced.

TURNER: And Christopher Nolan was brought in he revitalized the Batman franchise he was brought in as kind of like a consultant and mentor on this to make it more edgy and he has done it.

CUOMO: All you needed was Henry Cavill. I knew I cut you off.

TURNER: Lot of close ups.

Our number two story this morning, Gene Wilder's harsh words for Director Tim Burton. Now the actor is best known for playing the original Willy Wonka in 1971 he didn't hold back in a recent interview with his thoughts on Burton's remake. Now he did praise Johnny Depp's performance for the 2000 flick. But he called Burton's film an insult.

Yes I preferred the first one. I liked Oompa Loompa and Veruca Salt.

BOLDUAN: But it's right in the line of Tim Burton. You've to love his take.

TURNER: You've got to love the weirdness and you've got to love the crazy mind and Gene Wilder apparently does not.

BOLDUAN: It is a celebration of weird.

TURNER: I know.

PEREIRA: It is a celebration of weird.

BOLDUAN: I love it.

CUOMO: I like that Gene Wilder got you to hate him for just a moment when he didn't give him the ticket. No sir you get nothing, in the contract it clearly says --

TURNER: They only drank the bubble soda. Give them the prize.

PEREIRA: Another thing we all love.

BOLDUAN: Oh, good.

TURNER: Well in the words of Veruca Salt, I want the number one story, now.


TURNER: It's Kim -- yes indeed -- Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed their first child on Saturday, a little girl. She was born five weeks early though. You know HLN's A.J. Hammer talked to Kim's mom Kris on the Daytime Emmys red carpet last night and she said that mama and baby are doing fine and that the baby is beautiful.

PEREIRA: No name yet?

TURNER: No name yet. But we hear that it will begin with a "k".

PEREIRA: A "k" -- shocker. They'll be running out of "k" names soon.

TURNER: Exactly so you think will -- the paparazzi will back off a little bit and leave them alone?


PEREIRA: Unfortunately that is not going to happen.

BOLDUAN: That's not going to happen.

CUOMO: That's the nature of their existence but thank God the baby is healthy.


PEREIRA: Welcome, welcome.

TURNER: And apparently Kanye was there for the birth and all is well in Kimye Land this morning.

BOLDUAN: Congratulations to the new mom and pop.

CUOMO: Thank you very much.

Coming up on NEW DAY a convenience store robbery gone very wrong -- this is definitely not how this guy thought it would go down.

BOLDUAN: And it's just one of the things John Berman learned on the Internet.


CUOMO: It's a crazy world, Jamiroquai singer -- and that is why we must bring in our man of the morning John Berman to tell us what it is that he learned on the Internet today.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: In the spirit of Jamiroquai, I am here.

So I should tell you, Chris, that our new CNN poll reveals that more than 60 percent of us are looking at videos each week on the worldwide web. And the reason -- I think it's because there's so much you can learn from the Internet.


BERMAN: Now, I've been up all night trying to educate myself and this is what I have learned on the Internet. First off, I learned that people really do very questionable things. For instance, do you think it is a good idea to jump over a fire pit?

BERMAN: So, I can report to you, I learned it is a bad idea to jump over a fire pit.

BOLDUAN: Don't leap two feet.

BERMAN: I just think why would you do that?

BOLDUAN: Because you don't like to face down a bet.

CUOMO: There it is -- doesn't get said any better than that.

BERMAN: And I don't think she's ever dunked a basketball before. I don't know that leaping is her skill.

PEREIRA: Alcohol consumption may be involved.

BERMAN: That's a great point.

CUOMO: I love you, honey, jump over the fire.

BERMAN: That's a great point.

And here is a bad idea. Check this out right now. You know that crime doesn't pay. Crime not a good idea. Look what happens to this guy who tries to rob a convenience store. If you lack basic coordination.

BOLDUAN: He's down, just stay down.

PEREIRA: Just call it a day.

CUOMO: You think he's down from pain or shame?

BERMAN: It's both. Its' just lack of general coordination.

BOLDUAN: I think someone's coming after him. He seems clearly confused.

CUOMO: Watch his legs kick.

PEREIRA: And then he just gives in. He's like what -- I'm just going to --

BOLDUAN: Maybe he fell ill the second he walked into that convenience store.

BERMAN: By the way, he slipped again, as he was trying to get out of there -- so walking not his strong point.

BOLDUAN: -- a day job. CUOMO: It's the hand of fate.

BERMAN: Criminals not the smartest group.

All right, the other thing I learned, let's talk about bad ideas, questionable activities. Do not argue with the wildlife.

PEREIRA: He's like he's going to lose an eye.

BOLDUAN: Wait, listen to the guy running the camera.

CUOMO: First, he's laughing, but he's getting a beat down.

BERMAN: Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, this has been on the Internet for a long time. But it's good no matter when you look at it. Bambi going nuts -- you might say Bambi laying down the thumper.

CUOMO: I think it's (inaudible) too.

PEREIRA: That's like you coming after me. I'd take you out.

CUOMO: You would take me out.

PEREIRA: Exactly. Just what they need.

CUOMO: I wouldn't be coming at you all crazy paws either. He's got to get his hands up. That was all wrong.

BOLDUAN: And you would be laughing like the camera guy.

CUOMO: No, I would have helped. I guarantee I would have helped him out.

BERMAN: He's delicate like the deer.

The last bad idea I want to show you I learned on the Internet right now. Check out the pants worn by golfer (inaudible) at the U.S. Open, all right.

CUOMO: Strong.

BERMAN: Octopus pants. Begging the question, you've got a tentacle on your pocket or you've got --

CUOMO: Oh, come on now.

BOLDUAN: Berman.

PEREIRA: Berman. This is a family show.

BERMAN: These are real pants. Ralph Lauren apparently makes them. You too can buy them. You two can have octopus on your leg.

PEREIRA: I'll pick the lobster --

BOLDUAN: Octopuses on your leg. CUOMO: You know who else has those pants?


CUOMO: Nobody.

BERMAN: Exactly. Ever.

CUOMO: I love those pants, said nobody ever.

BOLDUAN: I now know what we're getting for you next that.

BERMAN: That is what I learned on the Internet -- there is a treasure trove of information. All of it true, probably.

PEREIRA: Probably but always.

BERMAN: Always believe the Internet.

BOLDUAN: We will always bring it to you because that is what Berman does best.

BERMAN: That's right. That's happening.

BOLDUAN: Bring you relatively, factually, accurate.

CUOMO: How did day one feel?

PEREIRA: Good. Solid.

BOLDUAN: Is it over already? Who even knew? Let's do three more hours.

CUOMO: This is it. JB, how was it?

BERMAN: It was great, man. I don't think they're going to change the locks. Which is an upset victory --

BOLDUAN: We're going to talk about Berman after the show but we'll tell you guys about that later.

CUOMO: You can let us know online too. Go to our Web site which I'm not yet familiar with.

BOLDUAN: It's called

CUOMO: Thank you very much. We'll get us on the Twitter or the Facebook.

BOLDUAN: On Twitter or the Facebook, but now, I think we should take a break.

CUOMO: Carol Costello's show begins right now. See you tomorrow.