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NSA's Keith Alexander to Testify Today; Women in Combat; Jury Selection Continues in Zimmerman Trial; Do or Die for Miami Heat in Game Six of NBA Finals; Aaliyah as a Backup Dancer?; "Cap'n Crunch" Scandal

Aired June 18, 2013 - 08:30   ET



CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Welcome back, everybody. Here we are at NEW DAY. I'm Chris Cuomo.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: I'm Kate Bolduan joined by Michaela Pereira of course. It's Tuesday, June 18th. Coming up on this half-hour, we'll show you how we, the anchors, have been bonding, beginning with Chris's favorite pastime, which you're seeing right there. He loves to kiss fish.

CUOMO: That's what I do. It was weird. I said it was fishing, but it wasn't.

Plus, John Berman is here with what he's learned on the Internet. And it's definitely rough if you ship something lately.

But first, a lot of news. The five things you need to know, only Michaela knows them now. So let's get them to everybody else.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: I will share it now. At No. 1, the NSA's chief, General Keith Alexander, scheduled to testify before the House Intelligence Committee at 10:00 a.m. Should shed light on the scope of the NSA's secret surveillance programs.

At No. 2, women will soon be allowed to train in the elite special forces, that includes Navy SEALs and Army Rangers. It says the Pentagon will announce today that women will be allowed to train for the front lines as soon as 2015.

Another day of jury selection in the George Zimmerman trial. A group of potential jurors will return for more questioning, and a critical issue remains undecided -- whether 911 calls will be allowed as evidence.

At No. 4, you remember this bizarre video of a naked man running wild at the San Francisco subway station. That suspect in court today facing charges today connected with the incident.

And then No. 5, Game Six of the NBA finals is scheduled for South Beach tonight. The Miami Heat down three games to two against the San Antonio Spurs. Spurs in six. And for everything you need to know for your NEW DAY, go to

CUOMO: See, it's not easy?

BOLDUAN: The two of you are confusing viewers.

CUOMO: It's not easy. There's something tricky about it.

BOLDUAN: There is not so much so.

CUOMO: Best shot LeBron hit, by the way? Was from half court. Just in case you were picking up on that.

BOLDUAN: I was watching it in awe.

Also, now time to go to Indra in the Weather Center for what you need to know before you head out the door.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Absolutely. We're talking about a lot of rain. Where the heaviest rain today is going to really be in Texas. Look at the eastern portions of Texas. Some heavy thunderstorms could bring three to five inches of rain. So we're going to be watching out for flooding there. One and two inches pretty much anywhere up and along the Gulf there. Two to four inches in the Carolinas. Some heavy rain for you there as well.

As far as where the thunderstorms are, we're talking about the slight risk areas. Well, no surprise. We're talking about right along the Plains, a little bit in Montana. And of course in the Ohio Valley, some scattered showers for you.

But unfortunately still talking about that fire threat. It's out in the west. A ridge of high pressure building in. And by tomorrow, it looks like temperatures are only going to get hotter, drier and windier. But today a tiny chance for thunderstorms, so it's the last chance they have in Colorado to kind of get a little bit of gain on those fires.

And of course your local weather, bottom of the screen, guys.

CUOMO: Thank you very much, Indra.

BOLDUAN: How'd we get over here so fast?

CUOMO: I'll give you a little insight, what's actually going on. When Indra's doing the weather, this is what I do. But now we're here.

PEREIRA: I move pretty fast.

BOLDUAN: I'm like sweating right now. Oh my god. All right, thanks Indra. We've got ourselves together.

CUOMO: So, get to know me, Kate and Michaela. That's what we're doing here, a little bit of the anchor bonding process. So we're going to start off this here. We each have our own story. Mine probably the least interesting so we'll begin with it.

I love fishing. I love my friends. And to put the two together was beautiful. So that's what we did. Take a look and a listen.


CUOMO (voice-over): We all have a happy place. Mine is the sea. Specifically, fishing in the ocean. It is at once exciting and relaxing. And for me, it's all about family.

(on camera): My brother, he taught me all about this growing up, about respecting the water and understanding how to catch fish. Now I'm passing it on to my son. It's just such a great way to just get away from things.

(voice-over): And so it was deep sea fishing that I decided to share with my new sisters, Kate and Michaela. The day was perfect. The sun in our faces. The wind at our backs. At one with nature.

(on camera): Tight lines, tight lines That's what we say when we're fishing. That means you're going to have a fish on it.

(voice-over): We talked about family.

BOLDUAN: Have I told you the story about my baby sister?

CUOMO (voice-over): Fun was being had by all.

(on camera): That's pirates.

PEREIRA: That's fantastic.

CUOMO (voice-over): Everything seemed exciting. Even birds.

PEREIRA: They're like those whatever sea birds.

CUOMO (voice-over): Then we got down to the business of fishing. Starting with bait.

(on camera): Want to do what they call match the hatch. You want to use what is being born and coming into an area at that time.

PEREIRA: And the good thing is if we don't catch anything, lovely grilled with a little lemon juice.

BOLDUAN: No, we're not eating our bait.

PEREIRA: Squid is fantastic.

CUOMO: This is going to be the highest quality calamari you've ever seen in your life.

(voice over): Before we knew it, lines were ready. And whammo, tight lines.

PEREIRA: Oh my god I got a fish! Oh my god, two fish! I want to hang on to it. Touch it, grab it. What's that? It's so beautiful!

CUOMO (on camera): It's called a fish.

PEREIRA: Is that red snapper?

BOLDUAN: Are the eyes really supposed to do that?

PEREIRA: The way the pole's bending? It's not a very big fish, though.

CUOMO (voice-over): We were anchored in a hot spot. Little tugs kept coming, lighting up Michaela's face.

BOLDUAN: Do you have another fish? For crying out loud.

PEREIRA: Not that we're keeping score or anything, but I think that's five. It's my lucky number.

CUOMO: And this is where it got a little salty, and I don't mean the ocean.

BOLDUAN: Fish hate me.

CUOMO: We're all competitive. And one of us was, well, fishless.

PEREIRA: You want this fish, Kate? She can fish in the bucket.

CUOMO: The happy tide started to turn.

CUOMO (on camera): Let's have our special shake as people who catch fish. Let's make something up. We'll do it like this.

PEREIRA: Wow, I got another one. Look, I got another inconsequential (ph).

CUOMO: Wow, everybody's catching fish. Everybody, that is, except "I always win, that's what I do."

(voice-over): So to lighten spirits, I pulled an old fishing trick out of my bag.

(on camera): As a superstition when I'm fishing with squid, I will bite one of the squid in half.

BOLDUAN: No, no, you can't. These are, they said --

PEREIRA: They're not restaurant quality.

CUOMO: But I'm just going to bite it just for the novelty of it. I do it every time.

(voice-over): That's a lie. I never bite into raw squid. But I will bite into a cheese stick pretending that it is.

BOLDUAN: Ew, you did it!

CUOMO (on camera): You don't have what it takes to do it. You don't have what it takes, do you?

BOLDUAN: How much do I bite?

CUOMO: I don't think you should do it.

BOLDUAN: I'm going to do it. What do I do? Just bite a little bit off and spit it out? Did you really do it or are you just making me do it?

CUOMO: What do you think that was, my tooth? Do you have what it takes to do that?

BOLDUAN: Yes. I can't overthink this. How gross is it?

CUOMO: No, it's all right. You don't have to do it. No, I don't want you to do it.

(voice-over): Who knew Kate was so tough? So I had to fess up.

(on camera): Imagine if you had done it.

BOLDUAN: I hate you so much!

CUOMO (voice-over): Maybe it was Kate's bravery on the high seas or just her complete disregard for her health. Whatever it was, the sea god Poseidon finally smiled on her.

BOLDUAN: Thank you, God.

CUOMO: And then, the fish threw up on her.

BOLDUAN: Chris! Get that off my hand quickly. Get that off my hand.

CUOMO: A perfect end to a perfect day.


PEREIRA (on camera): Did we ever determine what that was?

CUOMO (on camera): It was sea lice.

BOLDUAN (on camera): It was sea lice. It was two inches long. It was white. It looked like a cockroach and it latched onto my finger.

CUOMO: It was alive.

BOLDUAN: It was definitely alive. I don't freak out over anything.

PEREIRA: No, you don't.

BOLDUAN: That is an embarrassing piece for me.

PEREIRA: Can I also take issue with the fact that you threw my fish back in the water before I could even take a picture of it.

CUOMO: It was slippery and it fell and it was like this (inaudible) right there. It slid right through. I got right to it in the piece. Kind of let it go.

BOLDUAN: I am a sucker.

CUOMO: No, you were great.

PEREIRA: That was so good, Kate.

CUOMO: You were both great.


CUOMO: First of all, you were like tiger tough, which I respect. Give me some knuckle now.

BOLDUAN: You know what I was thinking throughout that piece? What's Cheney's first name?

CUOMO: Nice. We'll let that part go. But I will say this -- I love that you guys tried so hard to enjoy something because you knew it was important to me.

BOLDUAN: I mean, it was a beautiful day. A day on the water.

CUOMO: It was nice with the raw bait and sitting there with the waves up and down.

PEREIRA: But the good thing is now we're going to get a chance to see some of the things you and I do. Yours far more adventurous than mine.

BOLDUAN: Not that much. So Chris took us fishing. You also see -- this is my pastime that I enjoy doing. I'll explain why. Get afraid. Be very afraid. Michaela?

PEREIRA: Well, I had a chance to introduce you to one of the programs that I love, a program, an after school program in Los Angeles called "L.A.'s Best". We'll meet some of the kids. Some of them have their front teeth.

BOLDUAN: Very few of them had their front teeth.

PEREIRA: That's coming up in the next few days.

CUOMO: Their stories are fun and beautiful. I love it. Get to know us.

Coming up next on NEW DAY, it's tough being Tonto. Actor Johnny Depp nearly trampled by his own horse on the set of the new Disney flick, "The Lone Ranger." What? True. And we've got the heart-pounding video to prove it.

BOLDUAN: Plus, what John Berman learned on the Internet this morning. The benefits of carry-on luggage? Yes.

You're watching NEW DAY on CNN.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY.


CUOMO: I'm trying to show off my designer hose. What do you think they told me I had boring socks?

TURNER: They're "Cat in a Hat" socks.

CUOMO: I bought these yesterday. Last time I saw socks like that, they were trapped under a house in Oz.

TURNER: I like that.

BOLDUAN: Nischelle Turner is here with the "Pop 4" take it away tonight.

TURNER: I like this conversation. But let's get to the "Pop 4". Let's look at this. This is the late R&B star Aaliyah. She is acting as a Chris Brown's backup singer there in his new music video for "Don't think they know yes". This hologram Aaliyah, it's crazy.

It's our number four story this morning. The musical songstress is featured heavily on the track -- I want to kind of hear it -- of his upcoming album. Brown actually pays tribute to her at the end of the video.

So my question to you guys is, is it creepy or cool?


TURNER: Because I thought the Tupac hologram that they did, remember that a few months ago -- I didn't love that.

BOLDUAN: There was a lot of strong reaction to the Tupac thing. As you can see it is it's honoring her, but it's also --

PEREIRA: Some people forget the way that Tupac (inaudible).


PEREIRA: For whatever reason, I don't know why.

TURNER: Me neither.

PEREIRA: It's two to one.

BOLDUAN: The advances in technology maybe or a better hologram, I guess.

PEREIRA: It could be a better hologram. You knew that we'll be talking about better hologram. This is CNN.

TURNER: He may have walked away because I know you guys love this. He may have walked away from a reported $50 million contract in 2005. You see this smile in my face? Dave Chappelle is back and it's our number three story. The former "Chappelle Show" host has been confirmed as headliner for Funny or Die's "Oddball Comedy and Curiosity Festival. It kicks off August 23rd.

It is a return to the spotlight for him. He's kept a relatively low profile since leaving the "Chappelle Show" -- get this -- eight years ago.

PEREIRA: It's been that long?

TURNER: Eight years -- can we all just have a collective -- that he comes back to television. Please. So funny.

CUOMO: One of my favorites. Come on NEW DAY, Chappelle.

BOLDUAN: Yes. Come back.

TURNER: Put that out there one more time, please.

CUOMO: Come on NEW DAY, Chappelle.

TURNER: You heard Chris Cuomo.

CUOMO: I'll give you a pair of my socks.

BOLDUAN: Please cancel that interview.

TURNER: No you know what; we would love that. And I need him back on television. We need Chappelle back.


TURNER: The number two story popping today guys, last night, I headed to the "World War Z" premiere right here in New York City in Times Square. It's my first time in Times Square mind you.

PEREIRA: Hey Brad.

TURNER: Snagged myself a little face time with the one and only Brad Pitt. Now we talked about "World War Z" being a big blockbuster. Look at that --

PEREIRA: He's so dreamy.


TURNER: We look good together there. Did that come out of my mouth?

We talked about the fact that this was a summer blockbuster. He is not a superhero, though. And I have to tell you guys, Brad Pitt and I are almost family. BOLDUAN: Really? How is that?

CUOMO: How so?

PEREIRA: Wait, what?

TURNER: Well, we're both proud Missourians. Both proud University of Missouri Tigers, both journalism students at the University of Missouri. My name could be Nischelle Pitt.

BOLDUAN: It could be.


TURNER: I'm just saying.

PEREIRA: You have to pick Superman or Brad, though. You can't have both.

TURNER: I think Brad has more staying power. And he's got all those children. I love kids. Nischelle loves the kids. So I'm picking Brad Pitt.

Ok the number one story this morning Johnny Depp getting trampled by a horse? I mean you can see this -- look at this, look at this -- taking a nasty fall. This is during the filming of "Lone Ranger". Now he wasn't seriously injured so we can show this over and over again, but it's a tense moment on the set. He walked away with some real bruises. This could have been a lot worse.

But you know I sat down with Armie Hammer, who plays the Lone Ranger, Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer and talked to them about the making of this movie. I asked Gore who is right there on the scale from one to 10, how hard was this movie to make? He said an 11. They said this was the most difficult movie they ever made and there was so many problems with it. I'm anxious to see it. It starts on July 3rd.

CUOMO: But there was some --

BOLDUAN: We're very excited about it.

TURNER: Yes, yes there were a couple times where Armie said he was really kind of afraid for his life.

PEREIRA: Oh really?

CUOMO: Looking forward to seeing it. Nischelle Turner, as always, it's awesome to have you here.

PEREIRA: She loves kids.

CUOMO: We're going to take a quick break.

Coming back on NEW DAY, what John Berman learned on the Internets. There's a scandal involving the sugary sweet "Cap'n Crunch". Oh no.

TURNER: That's my favorite cereal.

CUOMO: Say it isn't so.


CUOMO: Berman was a professional singer. Doesn't he sound great? It's that time of the morning. John Berman here to tell us what he learned on the Internet.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: I walk on music -- I'm already sitting, I sit down music. It's fantastic. This morning, I bring you scandal on the Internet. Hold on to your breakfast, ladies and gentlemen. Call it "Cap'n Crunch Gate". This was first published in Food Bee uncovering the truth about "Cap'n Crunch." I want you to take a look.

BOLDUAN: Ok. What are we looking at.

BERMAN: Take a look at the captain here. Do you notice anything wrong -- very, very wrong?

CUOMO: Missing a finger.

BERMAN: Let's do a close-up here. According to U.S. Navy's ranking system, three stripes indicate the ranking of a commander which Cap'n Crunch has. That's a lower rank than a captain, which you see on the left there. That is four stripes. He's been calling himself a captain, he's just a commander.

PEREIRA: He's not a captain. That's a scandal.

BOLDUAN: Commander Crunch doesn't have the same ring.

BERMAN: No. You want to know what's interesting? This is such a serious matter that Cap'n Crunch tweeted a response -- the real Cap'n Crunch as I like to call it or Cap'n Crunch.

He wrote that "Regarding today's rumors, of course I'm a Captain. It's the crunch, not the clothes that make a man, #paidmydues. See his stripes (inaudible) -- Cuomo.

CUOMO: Thank you very much.

BERMAN: If you want more scandal, I'm going to take you to Russia right now because what's the best way to get around traffic in Russia?

PEREIRA: A barka lounger.

BERMAN: That's China, come on guys. Stay with me, look at this.

BOLDUAN: See, I've wanted to do this on the 405 in Los Angeles.

PEREIRA: Always fantasized --

BERMAN: Can we listen for one second -- listen one second. This is the voice (inaudible) -- it's actually like a kid talking in the car to a woman -- it's like the Partridge Family -- the one filming this car in front of her right there. It's really amazing.

BOLDUAN: They're pretty calm about it.

CUOMO: Just as they're about to pass, you hear him say (inaudible) which I think means the same thing in any language.

BERMAN: You know so many languages, that's been so impressive, Chris.

BOLDUAN: I don't even know if you can (inaudible)

BERMAN: I have more scandal for you right now.


BERMAN: I want to take you to China right now. Look at China -- work ethic. This is a man after my own heart. This is how hard I work.

PEREIRA: Just stop it right now.

BOLDUAN: Anywhere even remotely close.

CUOMO: Nice, very nice.

BERMAN: His job, by the way, is to put boxes on the conveyer belt. This has actually been online for a year, if you can believe it. But Gawker pointed out. It just exploded virally right now for some reason. I think they're going to --

PEREIRA: This has got to be a joke.

BOLDUAN: You might actually be wrong. Maybe his job is not to load -- it's just to get them off.


BERMAN: The conveyer belt happened to be there. It's an extra added benefit.

I want to leave you -- finally on the subject of scandal. I have this. Really, this takes no explanation.

CUOMO: I hope these aren't men when the camera goes up. All right good.

BERMAN: These are women surfing in high heels. You know what I really like about this?

BOLDUAN: It's like Ginger Rogers.

BERMAN: They're very coordinated. This is an actual surfing competition in Bali. These are apparently Russian surfers and they are surfing in heels.

BOLDUAN: Because if you need further proof, women can do everything that men do, but we do it in heels.

PEREIRA: And lipstick.

CUOMO: Russian surfers. I didn't know that.

BERMAN: I'm inspired in a way.

CUOMO: Whoa. Hold on.

BOLDUAN: Well, that happens.

BERMAN: It was the heels.

CUOMO: Hold on. That will be a Cap'n Crunch idea. That's it. That's it for NEW DAY today. I'm Chris Cuomo.

BOLDUAN: I'm Kate Bolduan everybody.

PEREIRA: And I'm Michaela Pereira. Thanks for joining us today.

CUOMO: Let's bring you Carol Costello who's going to take it from us in "NEWSROOM" -- Carol.

CAROL COSTELLO, CNN ANCHOR: How can I go on after that? They were not only surfing in high heels. They were surfing in other stuff, too.

BOLDUAN: Exactly, you know.

CUOMO: I'm offended.

COSTELLO: How you guys feeling?

BOLDUAN: Good. Really good.

PEREIRA: We're feeling great.

BOLDUAN: Day two feels good.

CUOMO: Feels good, feels strong. Feels strong -- Carol.

COSTELLO: Thanks, guys. Have a great day.

PEREIRA: Thank you.

CUOMO: Thank you.

COSTELLO: "NEWSROOM" starts now.