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Granny Get Your Gun; Child Day Care Worker Charged; Will Clinton and Christie Run in 2016; Cummings Releases IRS Hearing Transcripts; Obesity Now Official Disease

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KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: We'll look at why she says it was all just a misunderstanding.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: And take a look at this, really, something you got to see. How does this guy nail every one of his trick throws?

BOLDUAN: I love this stuff.

CUOMO: Throw -- they're shots.

BOLDUAN: They're shots.

CUOMO: It's coming up in our "Bleacher Report."

BOLDUAN: That's kind of a throw.

CUOMO: They're big shots.

Anyway, lot of news this morning. Let's get to Michaela for all the top stories.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: All right, Chris. Good morning, Kate.

In the headlines right now, FBI agents north of Detroit once again busy this morning digging for Jimmy Hoffa. For a third day, investigators are searching this field in hopes of discovering the remains of the former Teamsters Union president who disappeared back in 1975. Their search warrant was obtained base in part of information provided by alleged former mobster Tony Zerilli.

Less than a month after the old bridge collapse, a temporary Interstate 5 Bridge over Washington's Skagit River opens today. One section of the original bridge crumbled, when a truckload hit the north edge. It also sent a car and pick up plummeting into the river. Three people were rescued. A permanent bridge should be finished this fall.

Passengers of a diverted Boeing 787 Dreamliner will head to their destinations today. The Tokyo bound United jet had to land in Seattle Sea-Tac Airport, because of an oil filter problem. United put 787s back in service a month ago after regulators investigated two cases of smoldering batteries.

He made news for dropping his drawers during a bizarre meltdown at a San Francisco BART station. But the naked acrobat was thankfully wearing a standard jump suit when he appeared in court. Yeiner Garicibalo (ph) pleaded not guilty yesterday to all of the charges against him. He was caught on camera completely naked attacking passengers and doing gymnastics.

CUOMO: Round off.

PEREIRA: Finally, one Oregon grandmother fed up with neighborhood crimes took matters into her own hands. She organized a community watch group. Difference is they pack their own heat and they're not afraid to use it.


PEREIRA (voice-over): Despite her name, 65-year-old grandmother Coy Tolonen is anything but.

COY TOLONEN, GRANDMOTHER: When I was a child, they called me a pit bull.

PEREIRA: It's that fierce spirit that she says helped her beat breast cancer and drove her to chase an alleged thief off her property.

TOLONEN: I was having a cup of coffee at my window looking out and I noticed this fellow.

PEREIRA: Tolonen insists she saw the man steal a beloved statue that her husband had given her when her mother died, leaving only this broken plate behind.

TOLONEN: He didn't just come to my yard and steal a statue, he tried to get in my front door and that alarms me.

PEREIRA: That concern now igniting her into action. She's organizing a watchdog group in her Jennings Lodge neighborhood near Milwaukee, Oregon, calling it Glock Block. Their motto? We don't call 911.

The group is now posting flyers in their windows as a warning that they are armed.

TOLONEN: I think it's time to let these criminals know not to come into our neighborhood.

PEREIRA: Local police, however, say they're wary of vigilante justice.

DEPUTY ROBERT WURPS, CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE: Essentially you're bringing a firearm into a situation where maybe there wasn't one before. You can get disarmed, the weapon used against you.

PEREIRA: But pistol packing Tolonen says she's prepared.

TOLONEN: We are a tight knit neighborhood and we are armed and we won't tolerate this nonsense because if it doesn't stop, they're going to find someone at home.


PEREIRA: Coy is serious. She says she owns her own gun and is applying for a concealed handgun permit.

CUOMO: A block to be careful on.

PEREIRA: Absolutely.

CUOMO: Michaela, thank you very much.

An Ohio day care worker is charged with drugging children to get them to sleep. Police slapped Tammy Eppley with six counts of child endangerment, but she says it's a misunderstanding.

So, let's bring in John Berman here with more.

This is some story.

BOLDUAN: It was a misunderstanding.

JOHN BERMAN, CNN ANCHOR/CORRESPONDENT: I think anyone who sends their kids to day care or with a nanny to preschool anywhere, you put so much trust in the care worker. And I think that's why this is so alarming to so many people. An Ohio day care worker charged with giving drug laced pancakes to young kids to make them drowsy.


BERMAN (voice-over): Shocking charges against a day care worker in Westerville, Ohio. Tammy Eppley is accused of drugging six children ages 2 to 5, including her own 2-year-old child at the day care center she ran out of her home.

TAMMY EPPLEY, DAY CARE WORKER ACCUSED OF DRUGGING KIDS SNACK: This is mortifying. I'm a very, very private person, and I'm very, very protective of my children and the children in my care.

BERMAN: According to the police report, Eppley allegedly crushed medications and supplements, including Benadryl and melatonin, a sleep aid, into pancake batter to make the children sleepy.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: She'd say something to the effect of -- yes, I just gave them their nappy time medicine.

BERMAN: It was a former friend who reported her to Child Protective Services after she received a series of text messages from Eppley joking about sedating the kids. CPS says they did not find enough evidence to support the allegation but after conducting their own investigation, police later charged her with six counts of child endangerment.

Eppley denies all charges, claiming she was just venting in the text messages.

EPPLEY: That it was just any frustrated parent would, that would say when they were frustrated, the kids are driving me crazy today, they're off the wall. I wish there was a drug that like in Sleeping Beauty, they would all go to sleep.

BERMAN: Though she doesn't meant giving medication in the past, she says she only gave anti-histamine, allergy medication with parental permission.

EPPLEY: Any time that I administered, I actually did administer medication to the children, I did have permission from the parents. I have text messages proving that, and I also have medical consent forms that they did sign upon enrolling the children into the day care.

BERMAN: None of the kids in the day care suffered any illness or injury related to the alleged drugging incident.


BERMAN: Again she does deny the charges. She will fight them in court. Court date is set for July 12th. In this interview, she said the day care is closed while this investigation and while the illegal issues go on.

BOLDUAN: It's actually a more involved case than just this person started drugging kids. If she really has the text messages and the OK from some of these parents, it presents a kind of a problem.

BERMAN: She has the OK to give them medication. You could say that if she was doing it for allergies and not just to make them drowsy.

CUOMO: But melatonin not so much for allergies, it's more for your natural sleep cycle but it's not a heavy duty sleeping aid either.

BERMAN: It's Valium. It's not like giving kids Valium.

PEREIRA: And how much was she giving, that's the other question, and the dose that's necessary.

BOLDUAN: That's a tough call.

BERMAN: Two to 5 years old these kids.

BOLDUAN: Very, very --

CUOMO: That's another important factor. You see this, this is what makes it complicated. It's why we need the justice system.

Coming up on NEW DAY: Paris Jackson testifying at her father's death trial. We have the videotape.

BOLDUAN: And the big three still alive and kicking -- how LeBron James lifted the Miami Heat to a game seven showdown against the Spurs.

And --

CUOMO: It's the block, though -- the Bosh block --

(CROSSTALK) BOLDUAN: The Bosh block, that should be trademarked.

CUOMO: He was very impressive. At a time he may have been passive, because the clock is running down. You don't want to foul.

BOLDUAN: You don't want to foul --


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY.

Time for a check of news happening around the world.

First in Brazil, protesters calling for a time-out. But earlier as many as 200,000 people took to the streets. CNN's Shasta Darlington is in Sao Paolo with that -- Shasta.


SHASTA DARLINGTON, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Another night of protest here in Sao Paolo. People are packing into the square just one night after more than 200,000 people across the country took to the streets. This is no longer just about higher bus fares. This is about people saying they're tired of paying into a system that no longer gives them what they need.


BOLDUAN: A huge, huge protest.

Now to South Korea. Mark Zuckerberg is there, holding meetings in Seoul to discuss new business opportunities.

Diana Magnay has more on that -- Diana.


DIANA MAGNAY, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Courtesy counts in South Korea and it's front page news if you shake hands with the president with one hand in your pocket like Bill Gates did back in April. But America's tech giant seemed to be learning from that mistake. Google's Larry Page came a few weeks later. He used both hands to shake hers.

And Mark Zuckerberg here, he went the whole way, went for a bow, critical stuff if you want to get a foot in the door of one of Asia's most wired economies.

Kate, back to you.


BOLDUAN: Talking about a huge business opportunity.

And here's a good one. Barbra Streisand is stirring up controversy in Israel. CNN's Elise Labott is in Jerusalem with more.


ELISE LABOTT, CNN INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: What better way to spend your birthday than to be serenaded by Barbra Streisand. Well, Israeli President Simon Peres can now count himself in that club. There are about 3,000 here at the Peres' 90th birthday celebration, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Robert de Niro, Sharon Stone, a lot of other entertainers.

But Babs sold the show when she sang "People" and (INAUDIBLE), a well- known Jewish prayer. It wasn't quite happy birthday, Mr. President, but this president seemed to like it.

Back to you, Kate.


BOLDUAN: All right. Elise, thanks so much.

Seemed like a raucous event right behind here.

CUOMO: Babs still has it.

BOLDUAN: Babs still has it, never lost it.

CUOMO: You see the bags I got here, you know what these are?

BOLDUAN: From lack of sleep. And what does that do?

CUOMO: These are overtime bags, Kate, because I was watching LeBron James and the heat play what he called the best game he's ever been in. Of course, that means Miami won, forcing the game seven winner- take-all tomorrow night.

Let's bring in our buddy Andy Scholes with this morning's "Bleacher Report."

Now, that was a game, my friend.

ANDY SCHOLES, BLEACHER REPORT: Oh, man, what a game that was. You know, after four straight blowouts finally treated to a nail biter last night in game six. The spurs were seconds away from winning it all but that's when the heat came up with a couple of clutch three- pointers. Miami down five with under 30 seconds to go, LeBron James without the head band knocks down the three right here, that cut the Spurs' lead to two and then down by three with the closing seconds, LeBron misses, Chris Bosh gets the offensive rebound, gives it to Ray Allen and he knocks it down. That ties the game.

We go to overtime, Heat take a three-point lead in the extra period.

CUOMO: That was the play, Andy.

BOLDUAN: That block. SCHOLES: Yes. What a block by Chris Bosh in the closing seconds.

CUOMO: Berman and I were just talking about that. You think if that happened in the first quarter they would have called a foul or do you think that was hand on ball?

SCHOLES: I think, Jeff said in the broadcast, that happens in the first 46 minutes of the game, that would have been a foul and Danny Green would have gotten three free-throws but in the closing seconds, they kind of let it a little more physical. They let it go.

BOLDUAN: I like it when the refs don't decide the game when it comes that close.

SCHOLES: Yes, you definitely don't want to see the refs got --


CUOMO: I see both sides.

BOLDUAN: You see both sides.

CUOMO: Good day for U.S. soccer. Tell us about it.

SCHOLES: Yes. You know, they were having another World Cup qualifying match, they take on Honduras. The game was scoreless all the way to the 73rd minute. That's when the U.S. would get on the board. Fabian Johnson here makes a nice cross to Jozy Altidore. He buries it into the net. Altidore now scored in four straight games for the U.S. and that lone goal was enough for the team. They went on to win by the final 1-0. They now sit on top of their group's standings and their next match September 6th against Costa Rica.

CUOMO: All right now, this is something we've been talking about all morning, Andy, whether these shots are real or not. Take us through this trick shot expert.

SCHOLES: Yeah you know, dude perfect, they guys have been around for a while --

CUOMO: Dude perfect.

BOLDUAN: Dude perfect.

SCHOLES: Yes, Texas A&M that's where they started this out at Kyle field making crazy shots from the upper deck. Now looks like they've taken it to the airport. The air traffic control tower.

BOLDUAN: Oh my goodness. Pound it.

SCHOLES: That's a football. And then he does it with a basketball as well. I want to know how many balls do you think they had to take up to that tower before they finally made it in?

BOLDUAN: Let's hope they made more than one.



PEREIRA: Really good eyesight. I don't know.

CUOMO: Do we know that they are making the shots, though, that this isn't CGI?

SCHOLES: They're not edited. They definitely make them. The question is how many times do they try it before they finally make it.

BOLDUAN: That was a good one.

SCHOLES: The rumor was the first time they ever did one of these videos from the upper deck at Kyle field is that the very first shot they took from the upper deck to the field he made. There's a rumor, not confirmed.

BOLDUAN: Is he just a trickster?

SCHOLES: That's all they do is the crazy trick shots all the tiMe.

CUOMO: Great stuff, Andy Scholes the Bleacher Report thank you so much.

BOLDUAN: Thanks so much, Andy. Well, let's get straight to Indra Petersons in the weather center with a check of today's forecast. Hey, Indra.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Hey, good morning, and no rain for the northeast today. They get points today. We had this huge blocking high, we call it a blocking high for a good reason. This thing is completely blocking out the rain in the northeast, but unfortunately it's also blocking out the chances for rain out on the west coast where they really need it. The four corners unfortunately we have the fire danger today.

Red flag warning still up for very good reason, talking about higher temperatures with the ridge of high pressure building in and low humidities. We're talking single digits in the afternoon on top of that. We're talking about really strong gusting winds out there. Notice toward Yosemite where they're battling the fire 19 percent but single digits in Denver, also out towards New Mexico so a tough day.

People are asking is this going to stay this way? Well, unfortunately the three-month outlook for the National Weather Service says yes, above normal temperatures expected not only here, but in Alaska and look at the records they set in Alaska just yesterday. So the trend is going to be here to stay. Not great news.

CUOMO: Not great news but Indra, you speak the truth.


PETERSONS: Good thing. CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY what, really happened to TWA flight 800? Several top investigators breaking their silence after 17 years. Hear what they now say about the crash.

BOLDUAN: Plus Michael Jackson's daughter Paris, she takes center stage at his wrongful death trial. Could her testimony affect the outcome of this case?

CUOMO: And John Mayer has learned what I have learned, Prancercise is the way to go.


CUOMO: The Prancercise lady now in a video. You have to see it.

BOLDUAN: Life-changing, everyone.

CUOMO: It's a tough move, called the flamingo.

BOLDUAN: No, it's called the gallup.

PERIERA: The galluping flamingo.


CUOMO: It's good for the waist and the heart and the soul.

BOLDUAN: It's good for the soul. Little Prancercise to start your day.



JIMMY FALLON, COMEDIAN: This is crazy, it turns out the Senate's new immigration bill that's been in the news, it's over 1,000 pages long. Some critics say the bill is too long for the average American to read before it's approved, while some senators say that's the point. Thousand pages long weighs over 24 pounds. Doesn't sound like a bill, it sounds like a menu at the Cheesecake Factory.

JOHN OLIVER, COMEDIAN: Latino American Republicans responsible for the writing of this bill are now trying to water it down.

SEN. MARCO RUBIO, (R) FLORIDA: I filed an amendment to improve it even further. I'm saying that when you apply for that green card after the ten-year period and more has expired, you're going to have to prove that you're proficient in English.

OLIVER: Okay, so I think it's about to become official. The rules to become an American citizen are now more stringent than the rules to become Miss Utah.


BOLDUAN: Oh. Funny but still not so funny. CUOMO: He's funny but I say it's a no-go zone.

BOLDUAN: At least he said it.

CUOMO: Leave her alone.

BOLDUAN: I think you're right.

PERIERA: Agreed.

BOLDUAN: We're kicking off 30 minutes of uninterrupted news. Time now for our political gut check with the big stories coming out of Washington.

Yes. It's literally thousands of days away but there's speculation galore about potential nominees on both sides of the aisle for the 2016 presidential election. What does that mean? That means we go to our big guns, John King, CNN's chief national correspondent joining us from Washington. John, we've got new movement, if you will, in the speculation of Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie if they're going to run, if they're not going to run. And an interesting person jumping into this, the Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill coming out as a very early endorser of Hillary Clinton before she even jumps into the race. What's going on?

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: It's never too early, Kate, never too early for the next presidential campaign to begin. This is interesting for Claire McCaskill, she was just reelected, Democratic senator from Missouri, that's been a red state in presidential politics the last couple of cycles. Remember, this is important and it's interesting because of the history. She was an early Senator Barack Obama supporter back in 2008. She famously said back in that campaign that Bill Clinton was a great president but she wouldn't want her daughter around him. So a little bit of bad blood between Bill Clinton and Claire McCaskill and this is an effort.

Remember the women of the Senate admire Hillary Clinton, their former colleague. And they would be wither her, most of them, almost all of them, if she runs. Why get out there now? Claire McCaskill told the "St. Louis Post Dispatch" this is a nudge, she wants Hillary to know, she calls her by her first name, there are a lot of people wanting her to run. And she's going to help her run. Does it make a big difference? No. The history to try to encourage her in and try to make amends if you will.

BOLDUAN: Definitely needing some amends but in politics they have short memories, they can get over it if it helps their election. On the other side of the aisle, Chris Christie. Yes, we continue to wait to see if he's going to announce. He said yesterday that he'll hold off making a decision until 2015. I had a couple questions on that. Why the non-announcement announcement but also is 2015 too late to make that decision because a presidential campaign is a huge operation?

KING: It depends on how you define decision I guess, in the sense that to make an announcement, to make a public decision to let people know you're officially running, decisions only matter if the answer is no, if you're only getting out as long as you've done the work beforehand, and that's the interesting thing.

This is Chris Christie being Chris Christie. He was asked a question, he answered the question on "Morning Joe." But listen, don't worry about the decision. What you want to worry about is what he does between now and then. Take the state of New Hampshire, for example. It would be important to chris Christie because independents can cross over and vote in the Republican primary. The Ohio Senator Rob Portman was up there just Friday, the Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has been up there, Rand Paul has been up there.

So watch his schedule. Does Chris Christie go to places like Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida to raise money for other Republicans when can he still say I haven't decided, he can do the legwork and build a team. That is much more important than any day on the calendar.

BOLDUAN: I want to turn for a moment to the politics, I guess, of the IRS scandal. Congressman Elijah Cummings released some transcripts with interviews with IRS staffers that the committee -- the House Oversight Committee had done as they were trying to investigate what's going on with the scandal. What do you think these transcripts are revealing?

KING: This is a political stunt if you will and I'm not belittling it but it's against committee rules to do this, or against tradition to do this. But Elijah Cummings, the raking member, and this is important, is responding to what he believes is a bigger political stunt and political misinformation by the chairman, Darrell Issa.

Why are they doing this? Because if you look at our own polling, Kate, Americans believe, a lot of Americans believe the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups started in the Obama White House. Now, there's zero evidence of that so Elijah Cummings just wants to put this statement out there because you have a man who describes himself in the Cincinnati IRS office as a rock solid Republican who says he started this, he was looking at a group and that he reached out to Washington IRS attorneys to get more help. Why are the Democrats doing this? Because they think Chairman Issa and other Republicans have had a campaign of innuendo and suggestion that this began in Washington. This is their counterpunch.

BOLDUAN: And they're trying to turn it around. We'll see if it works especially when you look at the polls we were releasing yesterday. John King in Washington for us thank you so much. We'll talk to you soon.

CUOMO: Hear the music? It means it's time for the "Rock Block," a quick tour of interesting headlines topping the morning papers the web, health, science, business and beyond. What do you have for is Michaela?

PERIERA: A little bit of everything. In the "L.A. Times" obesity now officially a disease. That declaration by the American Medical Association means 90 million Americans have a medical condition requiring immediate treatment.

If you really want to hit the beach this summer, check out the "Chicago Tribune." It says the Navy is auctioning off two slightly used landing craft. The bidding is above $6,000.

From "The Cleveland Plain Dealer" Captain America battling bad guys in Ohio. This week in the Cleveland Museum of Art they're shooting scenes for the superhero's newest movie, out April 2014.

BOLDUAN: All right. We'll watch for that. For now let's turn to Christine Romans with the business news you need to know right not.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: Good morning, you guys. Wall Street is all about one thing today, the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke, the fed chief needs to detail how soon he plans to pull back the fed's $85 billion stimulus program.

Chrysler caves and recalls 2.7 million Jeeps. The government asked for a recall two weeks ago. Chrysler initially said no. It still maintains the Jeeps are safe.

You may soon be able to buy a share of Candy Crush. "The Wall Street Journal" says Midas Player, which publishes that game, have been in talks with several banks about an initial public offering.

BOLDUAN: All right, all right.

CUOMO: Let's head over to Indra Petersons, what do people see when they walk outside?

PETERSONS: Today, it's good news. Mid-Atlantic and northeast at least, we're talking about sunshine, a ridge of high pressure building in. So, yes, no rain in the forecast but of course if you're down in the southeast along the Gulf, right along the (INAUDIBLE) we're talking about chances of rain, heaviest amounts look at Florida, two to four inches near Orlando, but unfortunately we're still talking about that hot, dry weather, the same high pressure building in the high heat, low humidity and stronger winds. We're talking about the fire danger in the four corners as well as California.

BOLDUAN: A lot to watch and track. Thanks so much, Indra.

CUOMO: All right we're getting right near the top of the hour. You know what that means? It's time for the top news.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The test at the lab was confirmatory that those were actual explosive residues.


CUOMO: Bombshell allegations. TWA flight 800 investigators speaking out for the first time, saying the full truth was never made public. Was the crash that killed 230 people not an accident? BOLDUAN: Held captive, another shocking case in Ohio. a mother and daughter held for two years allegedly forced to work as slaves. How did their alleged captors get away with it for so long.

PERIERA: Paris under oath, Michael Jackson's daughter testifying via videotape in court. Could her testimony swing the case against the giant concert promoter? We have the video.

CUOMO: Your NEW DAY starts right now.