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Police Return To NFL Player's Home; Gandolfini Autopsy Tomorrow; FBI Drone Surveillance; Politics Isn't Pretty; Ricin Suspect Expected In Court; Man Grabs Bull By The Horns, For Real; Lebron On Game Six Comeback; Stocks Hit By Fed Fears; Dolce & Gabbana Found Guilty

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KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOHR: And you will be here.


BOLDUAN: Jeffrey Toobin, always I want to remind our viewers the author of the book "The Oath: The Obama White House Versus the Supreme Court." Jeff, thank you.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Thank you very much.

BOLDUAN: Another big story we're watching, police investigating a possible homicide in Massachusetts, made a second stop Wednesday at the home of a New England Patriot, a body was found this week less than a mile away from the home of tight end Aaron Hernandez and police reportedly questioned him, but he's currently not a suspect. Bit confusing but our John Berman is here with more on really what's going on, John?

JOHN BERMAN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: You know, Kate, it is confusing. There are reports the two men may have been seen together at the Boston nightclub the night before and now there are questions for Aaron Hernandez that pro bowl tight end, in two separate incidents, each resulting in someone being shot, and one of them fatally.


BERMAN (voice-over): This is the first time we're seeing the New England Patriots tight end, Aaron Hernandez, outside his Massachusetts home, as investigators search for answers to a mysterious murder. Media, neighbors and tourists flood the streets outside his North Attleboro home while nearby, police sift through the woods for clues, clues that could shed some light on what happened to 27-year-old Oden Lloyd, a victim of homicide, found dead in this industrial park less than a mile away from the 23-year-old's star football player's home.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Kid came up knocking on the window saying he saw somebody laying down, not moving. My boss and I went down there and saw a guy dead there.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: He was not buried. He was just lying there as if he was either dropped there or killed there. BERMAN: "The Boston Globe" quotes sources that say Hernandez and the victim may have been seen together at a Boston club the night before Lloyd's body was found. Police have not released the cause of Lloyd's death, but according to Boston's WBZ, law enforcement sources say he was shot, his death leaving his family and friends reeling with grief.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: My son is a wonderful child. He's a family guy, and he has not done anything to hurt anyone.

OLIVIA THIBOU, VICTIM'S SISTER: My brother's my keeper, that's all I can say. He's always had my back through anything and you know, it's just tough that he's not here. I hope that we find out who did it.

BERMAN: Police visited the home of Hernandez twice this week but "Sports Illustrated" reports they have not named him as a suspect. An attorney for Hernandez provided this statement to CNN, "Out of respect for that ongoing investigation process, neither we nor Aaron will have any comment about the substance of that investigation until it has come to a conclusion."

This murder mystery unfolding in Massachusetts while down in Miami another man, Alexander Bradley, has filed a lawsuit against the Patriots player, alleging Hernandez shot him after they left a strip club together in February.


BERMAN: Now that lawsuit was dismissed Monday over an error in the initial paperwork, but Bradley's attorney told CNN it will be re- filed. Now in the current investigation, the police are asking for the public's help in locating a silver mirror cover, which is believed to have been broken off a vehicle and may be visible along the route of travel between Dorchester, that's in Boston, and North Attleboro, that's allegedly where the murder took place. Hernandez is of course headed into his second year of a five-year, $40 million contract.

BOLDUAN: I'm still confused about how this all goes together.

BERMAN: Police are saying -- police not saying he is a suspect but I don't think he's been ruled out yet. There are a lot of questions left.

BOLDUAN: All right, don't judge until we get more of the facts.

CUOMO: Coming up on NEW DAY, we'll go back to a regular sports story. Rachel Nichols goes one on one with Lebron James on the eve of his biggest game of his career, game seven and his signature head band.

BOLDUAN: And also coming up, there's a little bit of bull fighter in all of us, right? You are wrong and you may not believe what one guy did when he came face-to-face with a bull, where else, in the street.

CUOMO: As usual the words run away come to mind.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) CUOMO: Alicia Keys singing about the best city in the world. Here we are back on NEW DAY. You're looking at New York City, I'm drinking out of my NEW DAY, cup which you could have too.

BOLDUAN: There's nothing in there, I'm kidding.

CUOMO: I'm a beautiful actor, a glass of nothing.

BOLDUAN: And humble.

CUOMO: I'm Chris Cuomo and I drink nothing.

BOLDUAN: I'm Kate Bolduan. I'm not going to tell you what I drink. Of course, we're here with Michaela Pereira. It is Thursday, June 20th.

MICHAELA PEREIRA, CNN ANCHOR: All the revelation this is morning.

BOLDUAN: A lot is coming out today. Coming up in the next half hour, Lebron James getting ready for one of the biggest games of his career. He talks one on one with our Rachel Nichols about tonight's NBA finals game seven.

CUOMO: Beautiful. Do you have a pulse? Yes. Then you are going to care about this story, a deaf toddler hearing his father's voice for the first time. Listen when he hears it. Can you imagine? Can you imagine what it is for that boy for his family? We're going to talk with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the fascinating science of how this was made possible, lots of news for you this morning. Let's get to it right now -- Michaela Pereira.

PEREIRA: Such a moving story. All right, in our headlines now, updating you on the sudden death of Emmy and Golden Globe Award winner James Gandolfini, an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow. The Italian hospital where "The Sopranos" star rushed for treatment saying he was dead on arrival. The hospital says neither diplomatic authorities nor family members have contacted the morgue. Gandolfini's manager says he likely died of a heart attack. At the top of the hour, we're going to talk with Larry King about James Gandolfini.

FBI Director Robert Mueller confirms his agency is using drone surveillance aircraft within the United States. Mueller told the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday that the FBI uses drones in a very minimal way in certain difficult cases. The FBI director didn't say how many drones the bureau has or how often they're used.

The 2003, Miss America Erika Harold is the target of harsh words from a local Republican Party chairman in Central Illinois. Harold is a Republican candidate for Congress there. In a letter to a conservative web site Jim Allen called Harold a streetwalker whose pimps are, quote, "The Democratic Party and Rhino Republicans." Allen also Harold the love child of the DNC and took shots at her platform, which advocates against school bullying.

The pregnant actress accused of sending ricin-tainted letters to President Obama and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg expected in court today. Shannon Richardson initially told FBI that her husband did it and then allegedly said he made her mail the letters. Her husband says, however, he has forgiven her for trying to frame him, but still going to divorce her.

Here is the story, a Spanish man wearing red takes down a 450-pound bull only he's not a matador and it didn't happen at a bull fight. It happened in the middle of a busy street. The story from CNN's Erin McLaughlin.


ERIN MCLAUGHLIN, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): They may charge through the streets of Pamplona for the annual running of the bulls. What's less common a bull that was supposed to be shipped to the slaughterhouse wandering down the streets of Malaga, Spain. At one point the animal charged into the tire of the moving car.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE (through translator): The bull lunged at a car and the bull was already a bit dazed.

MCLAUGHLIN: Believe it or not he's not the only bull that has gone wild this year.


MCLAUGHLIN: Dash cam video shows the moment a state trooper jumped onto the hood of a cruiser to avoid a bull on the loose in Florida. The bull didn't tap horns and no one was seriously hurt. The bystanders in Malaga were also lucky. The bull makes one final charge, this time at its owner.

That's the guy in the red shirt who pulls it to the ground, small crowd piles on top of the animal. "Tie its feet, tie its feet," he screams. Local media reports two police officers sustained minor injuries during the ordeal. Erin McLaughlin, CNN, London.


PEREIRA: Apparently, there's a school nearby so it's very fortunate there weren't kids on the street at the time. That could have been more catastrophic for sure but pretty terrifying. Bull on the loose.

BOLDUAN: I think the state trooper had it right, jumping on the hood of the car and get out of there.

CUOMO: Should not have let it known it was on its way to the slaughterhouse. That's why it got angry.

BOLDUAN: I think it might be angry all the time though.

PEREIRA: I think so.

CUOMO: I have to do bull some research after this.

It is winner take all tonight for the NBA title. Lebron James says game seven against the Spurs will be all about heart. Rachel Nichols sat down with the Heat star. She joins us live from Miami. It's all about heart. Does he believe his team has it and why, Rachel?

RACHEL NICHOLS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Absolutely. No question. He's got heart and he's got a head band. The must have part of Lebron James' look, but late in game six Lebron's Heat team was losing, his head band fell off and suddenly actually it was the opposite of Samson and his hair.

Lebron's game kicked into another level. He saved his team from elimination. Love those kinds of stories, right. So we talked about that and just what it felt like the other night when the Spurs still had a lead with 30 seconds to go, and the NBA started getting ready to give them the trophy.


NICHOLS: With about a minute to go in game six, security guards come out, they start putting that yellow tape around the floor. They get ready to wheel that championship trophy in and give it to the Spurs. Lot of your guys on the team said that clicked with them, gave them extra motivation.

LEBRON JAMES, MIAMI HEAT: We felt like that was basically burying us alive, throwing dirt on us before it was over. At that point, it was nine months down the drain. All those thoughts and feelings creep into you as a human being, I mean, everyone. At the end of the day, let's finish this game out and see what happens. We felt we still had an opportunity to make a game out of it, and you know, a couple mistakes here, a couple plays, a couple breaks, a little bit of luck, forced overtime.

NICHOLS: Does it really feel if you don't win a title, it is nine months down the drain?

JAMES: Yes, absolutely. I understand it's a process and you know, I try to get better each and every day, but I'm here for one reason, that's to win championships.

NICHOLS: And we have to talk about the head band, of course. I have one here for you. I don't know if you recognize this. This is your old friend. You usually keep this guy next to you at all times. You wear him.

JAMES: He's a little mad at me right now. We haven't talked to him in a few hours so I haven't played with it in so long.

NICHOLS: Dwyane Wade said am I going to talk him into not wearing it in game seven, can you give us the exclusive here?

JAMES: I don't know. I don't know. It's a very tough decision. I got to decide if I'm going to wear it or not wear it. I think I will. He's been a part of this journey, the ups and downs of my career so far, so we'll see what happens.

NICHOLS: No man left behind?

JAMES: No man left behind. NICHOLS: How much of a game seven is about Xs and Os? And how much is about heart?

JAMES: I think it's all heart. At the end of the day, Xs and Os, coaches put you in position to succeed, but you have to go out there and do it. We know what they're running. They know what we're running. We know all of their strengths and weaknesses and everything. It's about hard determination at this point and which team is going to win the victory.

NICHOLS: And reunite you with your friend.

JAMES: Sorry, buddy. I still love you.


NICHOLS: You see Lebron having some fun there. It's really been interesting to see his evolution up close the past few years. We saw him on the NBA finals stage two years ago, he was so worried about the criticism he faced by Cleveland uptight. After he lost that series, he just decided it's a game. He was going to have a good time.

So accordingly last night he said he was going to watch "Spongebob Squarepants" with his two sons and just try to appreciate game seven for what it is. He said "The moment will be grand."

CUOMO: I like that. Did he mention Slick Watts? The guy who brought the head band into fashion in the '70s in the NBA?

NICHOLS: I don't think he was born then.

CUOMO: I'm telling you, you track this down, you're the sports reporter. You know all these guys. I'm telling you Slick Watts was his inspiration. He shaved his head and started wearing the head band. Remember I told you that, just saying.

NICHOLS: We will remember all of the things you tell us, Chris.

CUOMO: You will never remember. Rachel Nichols, thank you very much. Enjoy the game tonight.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, Rachel.

NICHOLS: Thank you, guys.

BOLDUAN: Coming up next on NEW DAY, a 13-year-old boy is facing murder charges in Louisiana for the death of his 5-year-old half sister. The boy says he was working on his WWE style wrestling moves.

CUOMO: And just in time for summer, watermelon Oreos. Sound good to you?


CUOMO: John Berman will try a few, may try them all. Milkshakes are good. (COMMERCIAL BREAK)

CUOMO: Welcome back to NEW DAY.

BOLDUAN: We're just going to steal each other's reads all day. All right, quickly, it's money time. Christine Romans is here with all the business news you need to know and there is a lot going on in business.

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: A global sell off around the world, the Asian markets down 1 percent to 3 percent this morning. Dow future is down 100 points right now. Oil is down more than $1 a barrel, a big commodity decline today. Bonds down. Bond yields down. The Dow, Nasdaq, S&P 500, all fell more than 1 percent.

Fed Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said the fed stimulus will keep flowing, but he gave a road map for when it will stop late this year and late next year. That's spooking the markets. Also a weak number out of China, expect big moves in your money today.

Two of the world's fashion darlings have been found guilty of evading taxes, guys. Dolce & Gabana were handed a 20-month prison sentence and a fine that could reach $13.5 million. The judge ruled the pair sold one of their brands to an overseas company to avoid paying taxes. Under Italian law, Dolce & Gabana, they might not have to serve time in prison, but they could do community service or house arrest.

BOLDUAN: All right, Christine. Thanks so much.

CUOMO: It's that time of the morning. J.B. is here, John Berman is here giving us his NEW DAY award of the day award.

BERMAN: We are making history again today. Our first award to inanimate object, ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Oreo. Not just any Oreo, folks. This is a watermelon Oreo, folks. A lot of controversy about this, you know, I should say, it's a watermelon flavored Oreo. It is a limited edition that just hit Target stores last week. It's generated huge discussion and debate online.

One person on Twitter wrote, I looked up abomination against nature in the dictionary and there was a picture of watermelon Oreos. That was one of the nice things people wrote. Other people do actually say they like it. Oreo says we choose watermelon because it is a fun summer flavor.

BOLDUAN: It is green and red.

BERMAN: It's just confusing. I don't understand how someone comes up with something like this. It's like peppermint beer or a musical version of battle star galactic. It just doesn't match right now. So our first award to Oreo is the why, why, award.

BOLDUAN: You know what this falls into, too many good things in a package maybe. I'm going to eat it because anything in a cookie is good.

PEREIRA: You have to eat it the proper Oreo way. I'm an Oreo purest.

BOLDUAN: After the first bite, I could get into this.

BERMAN: It's like eating a jolly rancher Oreo.

CUOMO: She likes it.

In the next hour of NEW DAY, more tributes to the late actor James Gandolfini, we're going to talk with someone who knew him personally, CNN legend, Larry King.

BOLDUAN: And Paula Dean under fire, the famous southern chef facing allegations of racism.


BOLDUAN: All right, you hear that music. It's time for the rock block, a quick trip tour of the interesting headlines topping the morning papers and the web. Start us off, Michaela Pereira.

PEREIRA: All right, let's begin, shall we? In the "USA Today," the mystery speaking of digging Jimmy Hoffa is still a mystery. A big dig in a field outside Detroit turned up nothing. The FBI says the former Teamster's boss will remain an open investigation.

In the "Anchorage Daily News," a Republican switching sides on the same-sex marriage issue. Senator Lisa Murkowski now says she supports it. She is the third GOP senator to flip on the issue in recent years.

And from "The L.A. Times" iPads for everyone, Los Angeles voted last night to provide every single student in the district an iPad. That's a deal for Apple worth $30 million.

CUOMO: I love seeing it. Love seeing the kids get a Lego. Time for Nischelle Turner. She's got what's going on in pop news. Hello, Nischelle.

NISCHELLE TURNER, CNN ENTERTAINMENT CORRESPONDENT: Hello, guys. She's no longer Hannah Montana. Miley Cyrus showing she is all grown up. Her new video for "We Can't Stop" premiered Wednesday. It has close to 500,000 views.

Black is back, heavy metal icons Black Sabbath scoring their first number album in the U.S. Billboard 200 Charts with their new record "Thirteen."

Director Sam Taylor Johnson has been chosen to helm "50 Shades of Gray," but no word yet in who is going to play Christian Grey.

CUOMO: So many women waiting for that movie to come out. Indra Petersons is in the weather center with what you need to know before you head out the door.

INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: It looks like it is about to make landfall moving to the west, which is good news. That means it will not be affecting the U.S. Unfortunately, heavy rains for Mexico today. North east down to the south east finally no rain. We're talking about sunshine --