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Paparazzo Sues Bieber for Assault; Michael Jackson's Son Testifies; Senate Looks to Pass Immigration Bill; Chris Christie Slams Hillary Clinton's Sports Loyalties

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CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: Hope the morning is going well four. Welcome back to NEW DAY, everyday. I'm Chris Cuomo.

KATE BOLDUAN, CNN ANCHOR: I love the song.

I'm Kate Bolduan. Where is our news reader, Michaela Pereira? I'm sorry, Michaela.



PEREIRA: Good morning, everybody.

BOLDUAN: It's June 27th. And coming up this half hour, Michael Jackson's son gives powerful testimony about his father's final days and biggest fears about his concert series.

CUOMO: And you heard his sweet little voice coming in there, Justin Bieber love to listen to him. But one paparazzo says he got attacked by the Biebs using martial arts move. What's going on? We're going to take you through the allegations.

Lots of other news here on NEW DAY. So, let's get to Michaela with the top stories.

Good morning, my friend.

PEREIRA: Good morning, my friend. Good morning to you both.

Good morning to you at home.

Making news -- same sex marriage getting a major boost from two historic decisions. There are still many questions however surrounding the rulings. The high court striking down part of the Defense of Marriage Act which will extend more than 1,000 federal benefits to married same-sex couples.

The Proposition 8 ruling in California clears the way for gay marriage in that state but lacks a national mandate, meaning gay marriage fights will continue through ballot initiatives, legislative battles and, of course, courts.

In George Zimmerman's second degree murder trial -- cross-examination of Trayvon Martin's friend, Rachel Jeantel continues this morning. Zimmerman's defense expected to keep bringing her honesty and credibility into question. Jeantel was on the phone with Martin the night Zimmerman shot and killed the teen. In testimony yesterday, she said Martin described Zimmerman as creepy.

Kimberly McCarthy earned a dubious distinction in Texas. She is the 500th inmate the state has executed since it reinstated the death penalty back in1976. McCarthy was put to death last night. She was convicted 16 years ago of killing her elderly neighbor.

A funeral service for "Soprano" star James Gandolfini will be held this morning in New York City. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will be there. Family members held a private wake last night at a funeral home in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

And in the ultimate tribute to the actor last night, at 8:00 Eastern the lights on Broadway went dark to honor James Gandolfini.

Justin Bieber sued by a paparazzo. TMZ says the photographer accuses the Biebs of attacking him last year as he tried to snap his picture, saying Bieber delivered a martial arts type kick to the gut and punched him in the face. The suit claims his then-girlfriend Selena Gomez and a woman standing nearby urged Bieber to stop the attack. Bieber's camp, for their part, has not commented.

CUOMO: It's tough. The reason I say he has a sweet voice, because he does. There's a lot of young people, I got them in my house, who look up to them. I know it's pressure, he's young. He's growing up in the spotlight and all that. But he's got to remember, people looking up to him, he's got kids who want to be him.

BOLDUAN: I'm not saying anyone should be violent with anybody. Could you do it? I could not grow up with the cameras in-your-face all the time.

PEREIRA: That is a challenge. Saw it time and time again in Los Angeles. How close the paparazzi are getting close to family and friends of these stars. It's an odd relationship to say the least.

BOLDUAN: But still, you have to be in control.

CUOMO: Paparazzi are tough. But he's a role model, he's got to deal with that.

So, we hope there's better news coming out of that.

Moving on now, Prince Jackson has testified in his father's wrongful death trial. The pop star's eldest son says he was afraid the "This Is It" concerts would kill Michael Jackson. The Jackson family is suing the promoter saying they pressured Jackson's doctor to take risks with his health.

CNN's Miguel Marquez has more on Prince's emotional day in court. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)

MIGUEL MARQUEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): "They are going to kill me, they are going to kill me," Prince Jackson a wrapped (ph) Los Angeles courtroom. The words spoken about his famous father in tears he claimed after speaking with AEG Live executives.

BRIAN PANISH, JACKSON FAMILY ATTORNEY: For a young man who lost a parent, who was so close, to come to the courtroom and testify under cross-examination of these lawyers I think it was miraculous. They did a fabulous job.

MARQUEZ: Prince, his siblings and grandmother are seeking billions for the wrongful death of the pop star in 2009. The 16-year-old testified he and his siblings found out about their father's death when Conrad Murray told them, "Sorry, kids. Dad's dead."

Jackson lawyers show the jury family videos and pictures of testifying his father put masks on them as kids so no one would know what they look like so they could have a normal childhood.

PRINCE JACKSON, MICHAEL JACKSON'S SON: My name is Prince Michael Jackson and I love my daddy.

MARQUEZ: The pictures meant to show how good a father Michael Jackson was and what his kids have lost.


JACKSON: Because I want to watch movies with my daddy.

MARQUEZ: The key issue, who hired and controlled Dr. Conrad Murray, convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson. Prince Michael only 12 when his father died testified he saw Murray paid in cash. AEG lawyers contend it was Michael Jackson paying the money.

MARVIN PUTNAM, AEG ATTORNEY: The only piece of critical evidence that came out that the only person paying for Dr. Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson.

MARQUEZ: AEG is expected to begin presenting its case next week.

Miguel Marquez, CNN, Los Angeles.


BOLDUAN: Coming up next on NEW DAY: We're inside the Moscow airport where NSA leaker Edward Snowden is still apparently hiding.

Plus, surprising new information about how Snowden reacted to whistle blowers who came before him.

CUOMO: And a new plan to get junk food out of schools. We're going to tell you which foods are flunking.


BOLDUAN: Welcome back to NEW DAY.

Let's take a quick trip around the world.

They are watching and waiting in South Africa where national hero Nelson Mandela is on life support this morning.

Isha Sesay is in Pretoria.


ISHA SESAY, CNN CORRESPONDENT: A memorial has sprung up outside Pretoria hospital where former South African President Nelson Mandela has been hospitalized for more than two weeks. Late Wednesday, CNN's Robin Curnow was able to confirm that the former leader is now on life support. These are anxious times for South Africans who have been laying out their feelings for their information leader throughout the past days, leaving pictures, balloons, cards and tributes telling him how much he means to them. They anxiously await any information on his condition.

We also know late Wednesday that current president, Jason Zuma, has cancelled a trip to neighboring Mozambique.

Kate, back to you.


BOLDUAN: Isha Sesay, thank you so much.

Now, let's go to Moscow where NSA leaker Edward Snowden is said to still be in an airport there but no one, I mean, no one, included our Jim Boulden, has found him yet.


JIM BOULDEN, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Is Edward Snowden here in the transit lounge of Moscow airport? Well, I haven't seen him and there have been a lot of reporters over the past couple of days. They haven't seen him either. He could be in a VIP lounge or diplomatic lounge if he's here. But if he does come out into the main transit lounge, which is quiet the moment, he could always use Burger King and get a taste of home.

Kate, back to you.


BOLDUAN: Jim, thanks so much.

And in Brazil, a soccer game was the scene of the latest violent clash between police and protesters. CNN's Pedro Pinto is there with more on the angry anti-government demonstrations.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) PEDRO PINTO, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It was supposed to be about the soccer. But once again, the federation's cup was marred by violation. Here in (INAUDIBLE), 50,000 protesters lining the streets and came to the stadium with some of them clashing with police had to use tear gas to disperse them.

Over the last few days, Brazilians have been protesting against the government, accusing them of spending too much money on the World Cup and not enough on health care and education.

Kate, back to you.

BOLDUAN: Pedro Pinto, thank you so much.

CUOMO: You know why I love Wimbledon.


CUOMO: Because you get that chance to see that face off between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

BOLDUAN: Yes, the great but --

CUOMO: Not this year. Can't believe it. They're both out. Can you imagine that? What's going on?

You know what the answers, of course. Mr. Andy Scholes with our "Bleacher Report."

Andy, why did you do this to me with Wimbledon? Why did you knock them both out?

BOLDUAN: You kicked them, didn't you?

ANDY SCHOLES, THE BLEACHER REPORT: Yes, the big names is dropping like flies this year at Wimbledon.

You know, just two days after Rafael Nadal lost in his opening match, Roger Federer, he was upset in the second round. The seventh-time Wimbledon champion fell in four sets to the 116th ranked player in the world, Sergei Stakhovsky. The guy snaps Federer's amazing streaks of reaching the quarterfinals, 36th consecutive major tournament.

And the upset, you know, it didn't stop there. They kept on coming. On the women side, third seeded Maria Sharapova had a hard time staying on her feet and had to receive medical treatment before losing her second round match to 131st ranked player in the world. You know what that means guys. We're not going to get to see that Sharapova/Serena Williams final we've been looking forward to after that spat right before Wimbledon.

BOLDUAN: We'll call it a spat.

CUOMO: Still young people. But, you know, you get old in sport fast and injuries take a toll. As athletes, as they age, you know, it gets harder for them. You've got to get them a nod to that, that they maintain excellence.

They are far superior to me but age matters in sports. That's why when you get the fresh crew in it's so important, switching to the NBA. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. We're going to find out who the next generation of stars could be, right?

SCHOLES: Yes, that's right. NBA draft is tonight. And ten years ago, the Cavs made Lebron James the number one pick. (INAUDIBLE) a Lebron James-type players in this draft. A lot of the guys, people have never heard of, could be going number one overall. You know, Alex Lynn out of Maryland, Indiana's Victor Oladipo, Kentucky's Nerlens Noel. Each one of those guys could be the first overall pick by the Cavs.

That's if they keep the pick. According to reports, Cavs shopping that pick around. They could make a trade. We could see quite a few trade at the top of this draft. And the coverage all gets going tonight at 7:00 eastern.

CUOMO: And tell us about the champagne finish that the NHL hockey MVP gets?

SCHOLES: Yes. You know what, you know, when you win a professional championship, you have to make the rounds on all the talk shows. And Blackhawks star and playoff MVP, Patrick Kane, you know, he was on David Letterman last night, brought the Stanley Cup to the show, then after the interview, Letterman told him to go ahead and parade the cup down Broadway.

Like here is the (ph) guy, walking it down. He's going to pose for the camera. Check out what happens to him.

BOLDUAN: That's awesome.



BOLDUAN: That's nice.

PEREIRA: Oh, man.

BOLDUAN: That Stanley Cup could use a little wash, anyway.


SCHOLES: I don't know what he was more upset about, the trophy getting wet or his fabulous mullet.



CUOMO: Business on the sides. Party out back.

PEREIRA: It's called hockey hair. It's called hockey hair. BOLDUAN: All right. Andy, thanks so much. Great to see you.


BOLDUAN: Coming up next on NEW DAY, Paula Deen's latest tearful apology may not be working. Find out which companies are kicking her to the curb now.

CUOMO: Plus, we have funny for you. Coming up, Steve Carell is here with us. We're going to talk to him about a couple of his big movies coming out, "Despicable Me" sequel and the "Anchorman" sequel. I hear that he actually modeled his character on my broadcasting --

BOLDUAN: Of course you would think that.

CUOMO: Very nice.




CONAN O'BRIEN, HOST, "CONAN": President Obama personally called and talked to the two lesbians who helped legalize gay marriage in California. It was operated (ph) first because the woman had to put Bill Clinton on hold.


O'BRIEN: And finally calls them constantly.

JIMMY KIMMEL, HOST, "JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE": Pre-sales of Paula Deen's upcoming cookbook have skyrocketed. Apparently, America's distaste for racism is trumped by its taste for bacon.


KIMMEL: The only N-word they use in the book is nutmeg. So --



CUOMO: What do you got?

BOLDUAN: And butter.

CUOMO: That's not an N-word.

BOLDUAN: I know. I was going for an N-word, but --

CUOMO: What do you got? Who did you like?


BOLDUAN: I'm not funny, so I'm not going to judge the funnies.

PEREIRA: I was going to enjoy them.

CUOMO: Look on both.

BOLDUAN: Yes. And I wasn't -- I was just sort of sitting there and just didn't giggle either.

CUOMO: I'll go with Jimmy. What do you think? Tweet me. We're kicking off 30 minutes of commercial free news for you. Let's start with our political gut check. All the stories you need to know coming out of Washington.

BOLDUAN: Yes. We're going to start with the Senate looking to finally pass an immigration bill by the end of this week, but, it's not the Senate people have been worried so much about. CNN's chief national correspondent, John King, is here to break this all down for us.

So, John, I keep hearing from people in the Senate, senators themselves, that what they're trying to do with racking up these big vote counts on these procedural votes is they're trying to build momentum when they send this to the House. Do you sense momentum?

JOHN KING, CNN CHIEF NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT: Yes and no. Kate, Chris, and Michaela, good morning to you. On the key test votes in the Senate, we've seen 67 votes, we've seen 69 votes. This may sound silly, but on final passage, it would be a huge boost for this bill if you support it. If they can get over 70 in the Senate. If they can get over 70, that means they're picking up one or two more of these conservative Republican senators who has, so far, have been objecting to provisions in the bill.

When it gets to the House, here's the big question. The National Republican Party's interest is to pass this bill, maybe make some improvements to their cause, but pass this bill so they can start to put behind them their problem with Latino voters.

But Kate, you know this from your days on the Hill, if you look at the map of the red Congressional districts, the red House districts in the United States of America, most Republicans, not all, but most Republicans represent White America. And they represent conservative White America. So, those individual House members don't feel the pressure to support this bill that many people who have to run statewide do in the Senate or people who are thinking maybe about running for president in 2016.

BOLDUAN: And to take -- you know, it's considered tough votes. The pressure needs to be there and it has to come from their districts. That's for sure.

So, let's talk future presidential politics. Governor Chris Christie doing a pretty interesting interview with a New Jersey radio station. Let's listen to this.

(BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) GOV. CHRIS CHRISTIE, (R) NEW JERSEY: Listen, I'm not going to be Hillary Clinton, OK? I'm not going to, you know, be a Cubs fan my whole life and then when I go to run for office in another state, you know, pretend I'm a Yankee fan, OK? I don't think there's anything in sports more reprehensible than that. You're a fan of who you're a fan of.

And I absolutely think that people can tell a lie about people who change their loyalties to sports teams. If they won't be loyal to sports teams, why the hell would they be loyal to you?


BOLDUAN: Ouch! I mean, I know this is a tough topic for a die-hard Red Sox fan like you, but what's the deal with the sports loyalty jab?

KING: Well, number one, if Christie runs for president, we're going to be doing this every morning, because he says what he thinks. You guys probably don't still have that front page from yesterday. Remember that the New York -- the Yankees general manager's response to A-Rod?


KING: That's what Hillary wishes she could say to Chris Christie this morning, but she can't, of course. Look, this is part of who this guy is and this is -- if you -- look, Christi/Hillary match-up would be fabulous, right? It'd be fabulous for our business. I don't know what the voters would think about it.

But he's just trying to get at the fact that you can't believe, you can't trust who she is, but he's also just being himself as a fan and this Christie being Christie, and he's an entertaining guy. Like him or not.

CUOMO: All right. So, let's go from the inside politics to the outside, the things that are going on that really affect people that have to be focused on. Student loans. We've been talking about it here on the show, John. We hear there may be a compromise. Give us the latest on this and the sense of whether or not people get what they're playing with here down in Washington?

KING: That's a great question. It's a great way to put it, because we were just talking about the Republicans trying to make inroads, trying to put away their long history of problems in recent years with Latino voters. We also know that they've had a problem with younger voters. Both the House Republican leadership, the president of the United States, I should say all three, and the Senate Democratic leadership, say they want to get this done.

All they (ph) say they don't want these interest rates on young people to go up. The problem is, they all have different plans. And trying to work out the difference has been a problem right now. And the House has dug under heels saying our way is better than your way to the Senate which you're saying no, it isn't. There's a great urgency to get this done, but the devil is in the details. This is another one of those tests for who's going to blink? Who's going to blink in the sense of it? Will something temporary happen? The new senator from Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, she's not the new one anymore, I guess. Ed Markey is coming in. She has a one year Band-Aid fix to this.

Watch for something like that to come up if they can't figure this out. But this is another -- when people look at Washington, this is what frustrates with them. If everybody says they don't want these rates to go up, why can't they figure it out?

BOLDUAN: Could not have said it better.

CUOMO: Just as importantly, who's pushing to make them go up?


CUOMO: You know what I mean? Which is a little bit of the story behind the story. We got to dig on that. John, thank you very much.

BOLDUAN: Thanks, John.

You hear it? Yes. That music means it's time for the "Rock Block," a quick round up of stories you'll be talking about today. Let's start up with Michaela.

PEREIRA: Let's do it. Let's start with "The New York Times," Delta Airlines being fined $750,000 for its overbooking practices. Apparently, Delta bumped some passengers without asking for volunteers first.

In the "New York Daily News," the city council overriding Mayor Bloomberg's veto of paid sick leave. Businesses with 15 or more employees will now have to provide up to five paid six days a year.

And from the "L.A. Times," hundreds of chimpanzees that were used for biomedical research in the U.S. are being retired. They're expected to be released into the federal sanctuary system.

BOLDUAN: -- to the retirement. It was kind (ph) of hard. Kind of hard.

CUOMO: Very nice. Very nice. Time for the business news. Christine Romans here. How are you?

CHRISTINE ROMANS, CNN BUSINESS CORRESPONDENT: How are you? Look, this morning, we're looking for another rally in stocks following a strong performance Wednesday. Economic growth in the first quarter slowed, but that's a sign the fed might keep propping up the economy of stimulus. That's why stocks liked it.

Can a big desk and a big chair make you cheat? Apparently, yes. Marco Watch (ph) says a new Ivy League study says the bigger the chair, the more powerful people feel, the more likely they are to cheat and steal. BOLDUAN: What?


PEREIRA: Thank goodness my chair is smaller. I guess, it's not that big.

ROMANS: They buy us the chairs here, so they're all the same --


ROMANS: Yoplait is playing catch-up with the Greek yogurt competitors. Yogurt wars. Yoplait reportedly changing the way it makes Greek yogurt. They'll use the traditional straining recipe that its rivals already used. The yogurt wars --


BOLDUAN: Love me some yogurt and breakfast and I also love Indra, so let's go straight to Indra in the weather center with what you need to know before --


INDRA PETERSONS, AMS METEOROLOGIST: Before I give you the forecast, that always changes after I give the forecast. And it's all about highs and loss. What that means? Yes. When we see the jet stream look like a roller coaster, that is weather of extreme. So, what does that mean? Out in the northeast all the way to the southeast, we're going to be talking about rain, and yes, heavy rain as we go through the weekend.

And out towards the west, we're talking about huge heat wave. I mean, we're talking about temperatures that only happen once every ten years. We're talking about those temperatures soaring close to 130. I hope you still like me now.


BOLDUAN: We like you despite your forecast.

PETERSONS: Thank you.


BOLDUAN: Thank you so much. We are now at the top of the hour which means it's time for the top news.